The News-Journal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1924 · 6
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The News-Journal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania · 6

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1924
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: SIX Tillie The Toiler Annual Reception at High School Will Be Held on Friday Night -- What promises to be the largest and finest social affair ever held in ., the history of the High Schools is is to take place in the gymnasium of the Boys' High school Friday even: ing. The gymnasium has been deorated in the colors of the senior ,-- class, maroon and white. The Belmont Orchestra will furnish music -t for dancing and for those who do not care to dance an excellent program of games has been arranged. Pinochle and "500" will be played 'ar and prizes will be awarded for the games. This is the first of the two social functions to be held under the ans., pices of the present Senior class (class of 1925) The affair is in - charge of the senior social commit, - tees of both schools consisting of Dorothy Adams (chairman); Aline Swift, Anna Buskwalter, Ivy Smith, , 1,- and Grace Schaum of Stevens High and Harry Banzhof (chairman); Richard Wood, George Custer, Roberts Appel, Herbert Poole and Ed-- gar Wallick of the Boys' High assisted and directed by the class deans, Mr. B. F. Winkleblech and - Miss Edith Mumma. The patrons and patronesses are: Mr. and Mrs. P. Stauffer, Mr. and - Mrs. Guy Steinford, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Arthur, Mrs. Florence Long, Mr. ! t A. M. Reeser, Mr. Leigh Wittell, Mr. .1-- NV. L. Atchley, Mrs. H. M. Watson, '7; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hertzler Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Appel, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Citsi ter. Mr! and Mrs. F. L. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Ebersole, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Herr. Mr. It Y. Grube, Mr. A. W. Rex, Mr. J. W. Armstrong L Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Wallick, Mr. and ...1kirs. G. Pfautz. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Binkle. Mr. - and Mrs. A. R. Hoenninger, Mr. and - e 1 ett 4 , AV ig 4;A -yr ..aoq HON M 40 KEI -rtiElzs 'a A. OM 1 Ir CALENT,AR i-THE WALL - ARE ou Too LAZY To 1 Toialo YOUR. t-lEAD AP-cum() Am D LOOK ) a sv f. ) Air t T r7AY, MAC - Is is Tilia m A HOLIDAY: HER 1311z7HDAy TILL iz 1eP BOSS ASKING wi-tAT DAY l'r iv PRwAte t -1.,--7-- ,- r 0 ,,,,r , ;7 1, z A, itTlyK itt; .,s t N.. Colds Headache Pain Neuralgia Toothache Lumbago Neuritis Rheumatism Mrs. C. E. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Parks, Mr. and Mrs. M. Nicklaus, Mrs. S. J. Beckley, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Rutter, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Eisen, Dr. and Mrs. D. G. McCaa, Mrs. E. AL Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. C. Travis, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Mattern, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dietrich, Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Rohrer, Mr. and Mrs. H. Banzhof, Mr. U. W. Seabo Id, Mr. A. L. Seltzer. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kontner, Mr. P. G. Gast. Mr. and Mrs. Johns, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hartranft, Dr. and Mrs. 11. E. Gress, Bev. and Mrs. A. E. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Haversack, Mr. and Mrs. A. IL Lowery, Mrs. Earl McMillen, Mr and Mrs. Harry Rohrer. Mr. and Mrs. 'P. II. Bergan, Mr. and Airs. A. ,Ray Freeman, Mr. and Airs. J. J. Binh le, Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Hoar, Mrs. Fryberger. Mr and Mrs. E. F. Slichter, Mr: and Mrs. M. Milk ley, Mrs. S. Bechtold, Miss Ann Schaeffer, Miss Lucy Ellmaker, Miss Sarah Bitner, Miss Laura Munson, Miss Lillian Rowe, Miss Mary E. Baker. The chaperones for the reception Will be: Professor and Mrs. B. F. Winklebiech, Miss Edith Mumma. Professor and Mrs. Stacy Peters and Professor B. W. Fisher. ART CLASS MEETS TODAY The Misses Saner, Charlotte street, will be hostesses for the meeting of the Art Class this afternoon. Miss Laura Watt will read a paper on "The Crusaders" and Mrs. Dwight Armstrong will lead the discussion. It is said, that Vie revised estimate for the fiscal year 192d for the post-office department will call for $638,860,000 for the postal service. vi WI ... SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN"udne Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved safe - by millions and prescribed by physicians 24 years for 3, 6,........wAcilciceip.itco,nntai ins' proven ' B a y "Bayer" r " directions. aC1C randy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets. . Also bottles of 24 and 100Druggist8. , Aspirin la the trade Emir of Bayer Manufacture of Monoacetteacideetet of Balicylltachl ESHELMAN'S LAYING MASH will boost and keep up your Egg Production p 1,0 Guaranteed to Contain 20 Dried Buttermilk, Meat & Fish Meal Your Dealer Can Supply YOU MANUFACTURED BY JOHN W. ESHELMAN & SONS Lancaster, Pa. CORN HUSKING IS ALMOST COMPLETED amommilmffm. Farmers In Northern End To Start Soon On Stripping Of Tobacco COLD WEATHER HINDERS Talmage, Dec. 3rd While probably one half of' the season's fodder is still in the, fields thruout West Earl township, corn husking In this section is a finished job; the farmers here being somewhat ahead of neighboring .townships in this respect. A continuance of cold weather will seriously handicap both husking and getting in the fodder. In a short time the long winter task of tobacco stripping will begin. Some crops are already sufficiently cured, but the weather le not favorable for removing the laths from the scaffolds. On Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stump of this place entertained a large number of guests at their home. An excellent dinner was served and the afternoon was spent In a delightful social way: the guests were: Mr. and Mrs. henry Zwally, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel IlarnNit. Miss Ruth Zwally, and Mr. and , Mrs. Chas. Mak., Hay Harnish, all of Brownstown; Mrs. Mary Helling- er, Miss Thelma Ilellinger, Misses Anna and Gertrude Slair and Mr. John Slair. all of this place and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wolf and family of Akron. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mumma of Lebanon, were Sunday guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Swartz. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Greybill spent Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lemon Witmyer, grandparents of the latter, at Ephrata. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mumma and daughter Mildred. were Sunday guests of the Samuel Raezer family on Sunday. Mrs. W. C. Frymyer spent Thanksgiving Day with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hecker, at Lititz. On Thanksgiving Day, Mr. and Mrs. John Brucicart entertained the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. Christian Tugsberger and children, Vera, Josephine, Robert and Rebecca, of Akron: Mr. and Mrs. W. IL Cooper and Mr. and Mrs. Yoke. of Lancaster, and Mrs. Walter Woidell of this place. An elaborate goose dinner was served. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Trimpey and daughter. Edris of York, were Sunday guests of the Glenn Bozart family on Sunday. Misses Helen Itimes and Ethel Smith of New Holland, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Cammauf and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey 3lantz, of Reading, visited Mrs. Mary Hellinger and daughter. Thelma, on Thanksgiving Day. Messers Luke Weidman and Walter Wiot, left on Saturday for Clear field, Pa., on a hunting trip. Mr. and Mrs. John Camtnauf and daughters, Emma and Lizzie and Edmund Cinder and Greybill 'Bucher, were Sunday guests of the James Kissinger family at Rothsville. Mr. and Mrs. John Enek and children of East Petersburg, were Sunday guests of the John Bruck-art. NEW PROVIDENCE New Providence, Dee. 3Miss Bernice Eckman. of Marietta, spent the week-end at the home of her sister, the Misses Eckman. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Strimble and family, of Palmyra, visited Mrs. Elizabeth Alowrer. on Sunday Mr. and Airs. Roy C. Wade and family, visited friends at Mount, ville, on Sunday. Alias Site E. Andrews, of Norwood. spent several days with her father, Jacob F. Andrews. , Mrs. Belle Bailer, of Harrisburg, spent Home time with Miss Mabel Baldwin. Airs. Lettie Eckman has moved to LaneaFter, following the sale of personal property held the pav week. Abram Reese, Jr., attended the Army-Navy football 'game, at Bab tlincre, on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Costello have returned from their wedding trip and on Monday evening we treated to several line selections by the serenaders. THE LANCASTER NEWS JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNINO, DECEMBER 4, 1924 I Instant 1101101 Don't btay stuffed up! Take "rape's Cold Compound" every two hours until,threo doses ere taken. The first dome Pens riogged-up nostrils and air passages of head; stops nese run. fling: relieves headache, dullness. feverishness, sneezing. The seeond I MOIMIlf SCHOOL DIRECTORS ELECT Name Present Officials For TermChange Vacation Period , USHER'S LEAGUE MEETS Mount Joy, Dec. 3The local Board of Public School directors met Monday evening in the director's room with President W. D. Chandler, Joseph T. M. Dreneman, Dr. E. W. Newcomer, Thomas J. Drown, Clyde Gerberich and Pro. lessor Grover C. BA-, present. Reorganization was held and the toll. lowing were elected officers for the coming year: president, Dr. W. D. Chandler; vice president, Joseph T. M. Dreneman; treasurer, Thomas J. Drown; secretary, Dr. E. W. Newcomer. While the first three members have served for two successive terms, the secretary has served for three terms. The Christmas vacation for the local schools was reconsidered. Instead of closing the schools on the 19th and opening them on the 29th, the schools will now be closed on the evening of the 23rd, and opened December 1. Professor Bair reported the enrollment for the past month as being 531 pupils. Bills were paid and the meeting adjourned. Presbyterian Church Holds Meeting The members of the local First Presbyterian church held a congregation and ecclesiastical meeting in the local church on Monday evening a trustee and elder was elected to servo the coming term of three years. Norman E. Garber, and Doctor James F. Zeigler were elected elders. The other trustees are: Dr. NV. D. Chandler, John Keener, Frank Brian and Dr. Wilfield M. Thome. The other elders are Dr. William Workman and A. N. Herman. Gabriel Moyer was the retiring elder. Dr. W. D. Chandler presided at the congregational meeting, while Bev. James M. Fisher presided at the ecclesiastical meeting. Frank Musser Entertains The ETsher's League of the local United Brethren church held a social and business reeetng at the home of Frank Musser, three miles south-east of Mount Joy, on Tuesday evening. They left the church at 7:30 and arrived at their destination in a short time. There they were heartily greeted by their host. Prank Musser. The following program was given: reading of the scripture, by John Booth: prayer, by Mans Gainer; song, "When I See Jesus," quartette, E. W. Tientzel, Walter Greiner, Abram Stauffer and Albert Mumma: roll call and reading of the minutes of the last meeting, by Secretary Norman Sprecher; selection, by men's quartette, "Some of These Days"; address, by rev. S. Kieffer selection, by mop's quartette, "My' Childhood Home:" group singing, and serving of refreshments. Ellis Fe Benham and Christian Young were admitted to the organization as members. Treasure- Frank Musser reporter $48.98 in the treasury. Those who were present were: Rev. Jr. S. Kiefer, H. 11. Hauer, Albert Mumma, Harry Blemesderfer, Earl Myers, Raymond Nissley, E. W. 73entzel, Ellis Fellenbaum,, Landis Charles, Charles Carson, Norman Spreeher, Walter Greiner, Christ Young, John Booth, Mans Gainer,- William Weldon, Clayton Sprecher, Philip Greiner, Albert Campbell, T-rank Musser, Witmer Eberle, Abram Stauffer, Arthur Bryan, Mrs. Frank Mussed and Mrs. Earl Myers. SUES TO GET BACK "LOANED" PROPERTY A bill las been tiled in Equity Court by Harry Denlinger, Paradise township, against Noah Denlinger also of Paradise township, to recover property deeded to the latter by Harry Denlinger while poor health prevented him from being able to care for the same. In the bill Harry Denlinger claims that his brother, Leon, has refused to turn back this property now that the plaintiff's health has been restored. Break a Cold Right Up with "Pape's Cold Compound" to-oxamoo I and third doses usually break up tho cold completely and ' end all grippe mitierY. 'Tupelo Cold Compound' is the quickest, surest relief known and costs only thirty-five cents it drug tors. Tastes nice. Contains no quinine. Insist upon l'ape's.Ad v. TODAY'S RADIO WEAr. NEW Y011K-492 11 a. m,Music. 11:10 a. in. Every Eve of Us." 11;30 a. in.Music. 11;35 a. in."The Bride and the dal Procession," Lillian Eichler. 1.2"11,1.a-Mmar.kerMmituaned. weather reports. 4 p. m.Bob Schafer, tenor. 4:10 p. m."Book Talk." 4:20 p. m.M. Da La Fontaine, ukulele. 4:30 p. m.'Oriental Rug." 4;45. p. m.Bob Schafer, tenor. 4:55 p. m.--M. Da La Fontaine, ukulele. 6 P.. fn.FEAF Instrumental quer7 P. m.New York Federation of Churches mid-week services. 7:30 p. in.Hambone Male quartet. 8 D. in.Co Region Serenaders orchestra. 8:30 p. tn.Travelogue. 9 D. m."Hohner Harmony Four." 9:30 p. m.Musical program. 11-12 p. m.Lopes orchestra. WNYC, NEW YORK-520 7:15 p. m.Board of Estimate resume. 7;30 p. mPolice alarms. 7:35 p. tn.Hebrew Orphan Asylum band. 8 p. m.Saengerhund chorus. 8:20 p. m.Edward Mayo, whistler. 8:35 p. mSt. John's Boys' band. 9 p. m.Longi Grotto Glee club. 9:30 p, zn.Talk by Edward Riegelmann. 9:45 p. m.Florence Steele, contralto. 10 p. m.Weather forecasts. 10402 p. in.Enrico Marriguers, lin. 10:17 p. m.Herman Neuman, piano. 10:30 p. in.Police alarms. 10:35 p. m.---rEnights of Columbus Wee Club. 11:15 p. mElks Glee club. 11:15 p. in.Royal Novelty orchestra. 11:35 p. in.Elks Glee club. WM NEW YORK-455 10 a. in.Menu, Mrs. Julian Heath. 10:20 a. m."The Progress of the World." 10:30 a., m.nlousehold Equipment.' 10:40 a. m"How to Make Silk Lampshades." 10:50 a. mFashion talk. 41:3Dci Nl mp.--Hotel Pennsylvania orches- tra. 4 p. m.yrtie Curdy, contralto. 4:15 p. P. Fretre, baritone. . ntHotel Commodore tea music. 5:30 p. m.Farm reports; news. 7 p. in.Hotel Commodore orchestra. 8 p. in.Financial review. 8:10 p. m"Evolution:" 8:30 p. m.-1-U. S. Army Night program. 10:30 p. tn.Waldorf - Astoria orchestra. 1VEW YORK-403 7:30 P. m.French lesson. 8 p. tn.Same as WGY. 9:45 p. m.Organ recital. 10:45 p. m.Corinthians orchestra. -- WCale. NEW l'0RK-316 10 a. Tn.Timely talks. 10:10 a. m.--Nelson Van Horn, piano. 10:20 a. m.Talk. 10:30 a. m.Nelson Van Horn, piano. 1:30-2:30 p. m.Itussian dance or. chestra. 3 p. m.Interview. 3:10 p. m.Soprano. 3:20 p. m.-13eauty talk. 3:30 p. m.Jessica Dragonette, soprano. 3:40 p. m.Book reviews. 3:50 p. m.Jessica Dragonette, soprano. 6-6:20 P. Ceebee. 6:20-6:30 p. pl.Loretta Brady, stories. 6:30-7:30 p. m.Clifford Lodge orchestra. 8:30-9 p. m.European Plays. 9-9:45 P. m.Choral alety. 9:45-10:45 p. m.Dance orchestra. 10:45-11 p. m.Songs. P. rn.-1 a. tn.Piccadilly music. W HIM, NEW YORK-273 9:10 p. m.--Sunday school lesson. --- WOR, 7iiEWARK..403 7 a. mGym class. 2:30 p. tn.Catherine Angle, soprano. 2:45 p. m.Irving Rudin, piano. 3 p. m.Florence 14olle. reader. 3:15 p. m.Irving Rudin. piano. 3:30 p. m.Miami Rhythm Kings orchestra. 6:15 p. m.'Radio for the Layman." 6:30 p. meCountry Club orchestra. 7:15 p. m.Sports resume. NVIP, BUIL DELPII A-509 8 P. in.The Contribution of the Home to the School Objectives." 10:05 p. tn.Minstrel show. 10:30 p. tn.Vaudeville orchestra. PIIILARE- L1'IIIA-3a5 7:30 p. m.Dream Daddy. -- WEL PIIILADELPMA-395 (1:30 p. m.Meyer Davis orchestra. 7 p. m.Bedtime stories. 8 p. tn.Boy Scout meeting. 8:30 p. m.Talk by Dr. Leon Felder-man. 8;40 p. m.Melodlous trio. WOO, P1TILADELPHIA-1500 11 a. m.Organ recital. 11:30 a. m.Weather forecast. 11:55 a. m.---Time signals. 12 M. Tea Room orchestra. 6:10 p. ni.Sport results; police reports. 5:15 p. m.Organ; trumpets. 0:55 p. tn.Time signals; weather. !SPRINGFIELD. MASII.-337' 11:55 a. m.---Weatt3r and market reports. 6 p. m.Schrafft ensemble. 6:30 p. tn.Rotel Lenox ensemble. 7 p. tn.Bedtime story. I:15 p. m.New England 'Homestead Letter, At the Theatre." 7:45 p. m.St. James orchestra, 8:15 p. m.Coneert. 9:15 a. m.St. John's Congregational choir. 9:65 p. m.Time signals; weather reports. 10:01 P. Til.Milmtrni program. N VG V. aCli EXECT A DYR41510 1155 a. rn.Time signals. 12:30 p. ro.Stock market report. 1240 p. m.Itrodnee market report. 12:45 p. rn Weather report. 2 p. tn.Music and talk, "listing Vegetables the ReSult of Early Training." p. m..--Market quotations. 615 p. highweys report. 430 p. In.Dinner music. k745 p. m."Dooks," by L. IL Hop- ins. 8 p. rn,--entnod,,,, "A Woman's Way." 11:30 p. m.Organ recital. -- WEr.f. 110sTON-303 r. prNlansion Inn orchestra. 7 p. m.Itig Iirother Club meeting. 8-12 p. Iv Amt.. flosToN-27t; loRo a. tn.-1.Vomen's club talks. 12:15 p. tn.--1(lua's Chapel service. 1 p. m.Colon orchestra. 3 p. tri.Colen lei crebestra. 3:35 la. m.Talk, Edward Oreene. 3!45 p, tn.---Plta to Theatre music. 510 rt. m.--tUnner 735 p. tn.Lambert, Brothers orcbest re. 8 D. in.--Mu5icale program. SCOUTS TO CA311' Troop No. 1, Boy Scouts of America, of this city, will spend the week-end at their winter camp at Slackwater. Scoutmaster Emil Meyre and assistant Carl Fasnacht will be in charge of the camp. WItC, WASIIIN(PON-400 7 p. in.Child:Ties stories. 7:15 p. al.Willard Hotel orchestra. 8:15 p. rn.----Motoring talk. 8:45 D. m.--Smithsonian Institution talk. 9:20 p. m.--Lee House trio. 9:55 p. In.Time signals. 10:30 p. in.--4Saine us WJZ. WGR,IILPFALO--319- IV 1.11, IS U JILIA1,-;111 10:45 a. in.Weather forecast. 12 M.Market and weather reports. 12:2d p. tn.Organ recital. 2:30 p. 1I.Concert. 6 p. tn.String quartet. , PITTSBUIRGH-320 9:45 a. m.--Market reports. 11:55 a. m.--Weather and market reports. 12:15 p. m.---Scalzo's orchestra. 3:30 p. in.--Closing market prices. 6:30 p. in.Dinner concert. 705 p..m.Cbildren's period. 7:30 p. m.Auto talk. 7:40 p. m.Market reports. 8 p. in.Farm program. 8:30 p. rmOrchestra. 9:55 p. m.--Time signals; weather forecast. 11 p. m.--Coneert. WCAE. PITTsnclIGII-402 g:30 p. m.Pennsylvanjans orchestra. WJAN, CLEVELANDWO 7 p. tn.Orchestra. g p. m.-1--Studio recital. 10-12 p. m.Orchestra. WTAM. 'MEV E LA ND-300 6-7 p. in.Dinner dance. WW3. DETROIT-510 830 p. m.Detrolt News orchestra. 10 p. m.--Goldhetto orchestra. 11 p. tn.Detroit News orchestra. , WM1L CINCINNATI-209 9 p. Tn.Organ; instrumental solos. 10 i. m.--Avon orchestra. WSAt CINCIN3INIT1-209 11 p. m.--Songs; music. VW. CIENCINNATI-423 11 p. m.--Civil service message. 11:03 p. m.Doherty's oTchestra. 11:30 p. m.Instrumental trio. 12 p. m.--Myrtle Leffler, soprano. 12:15 a. m.Orchestra; trio; songs. WHAS, LOUISVILLE-400 8:3.0-10 p. m.--Sunday school. lesson. WSIL ATLANTA-429 9-10 p. m.--Musical program. WEBIL CHICAGO-3TO 8-9 p. m.--Orchestra: songs. 10-11 p. m.--Orchestra; vocal solos. 7:30-8:15 p. m.---Organ; lullaby time. eltICAGo--.53o p. m.--Dinner concert. 9-9:20 p. m.--C. J. Pernin, reader. 9:20-11 p. m.--Music; talk. 12 p. m.-12;30 a. m.--Studlo program. AVGN. C1IICAGO-379 7:20-8 p. m.Dinner music. 9-10 p. m.--Vocal music. 11-12 p. m.--Chapman's orchestra. CIIICAGO-448 730 p. m.---La Salle orchestra. 10 p. In.University of Chicago lecture. 10 p. tn.University of Chicago lecture,. 10:15.p. m.Musical program. wenn. ZION. ILL.-343 9 p. m.Junior choir: quartet; vocal and instrumental solos. to a. 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No indeedy, I just spell "Window" another way. IN:4,00..". r1014 , ' 'grag:Weloolgt. .2PC,M2e.: 4,., , Z .VOtith bad old7obbc.r11 At this very moment, Bobbie Redvest had reached the Police Station in Rabbitville, and without waiting to take off his little feather cap. he flew right through the open window and into the room in which sat the kind Policeman Dog, at his desk, his big helmet on the hat rack and his stout hickory on the table. "Quick. quick!" cried the little messenger bird. "Danny Fox is breaking Into the Little Red School House. Little Jack Rabbit and all the scholars have locked the door and Professor Jim Crow has sharpened his fountain pen to use for a sword. But how can hd fight that wicked old fox? , Without taking time to answer, that noble Policeman Dog clapped his helmet on his head and, picking up his big hickory stick. dashed out of the Station House and across the Sunny Meadow, his silver shield glittering in the sun and his blue coatails trailing out behind him. Faster and faster he ran, the pretty TALMADGE Talmage, Dec. 3On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Strump entertained the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Harnish and son. Ray, Mr. and -Mrs. Charles Slair and daughter, Ph'.11is. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zwally and Ruth Zwelly, of Brownstown; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wolf and childrea, Mary Dorothy, Luella, Raymond and Samuel, of Akron; Mr. John Slair, Miss Anna Slair, Miss Gertrude Slair, Mrs. Mary Hellinger and daughter, Thal-ma, of this place, and Edgar Witmyer and Irwin Witmyer, of Denver. Dr. E. r. Witmer, of Neffsville, medical examiner of West Earl township made an examination of our local school on Monday. Msses Lydia Smoker, Mary Saloker and their brother, Simon, were the guests of their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Zook, of Honeybrook, on Sunda. Mr. and Mrs. Levi Steffy and daughters, Alice, Marie Alma and Fannie were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sweigart, near Brownstown. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beam and children, Elizabeth, Willis and Lester, and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ebersole were guests on Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Shaar, of Itheems. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Myer and children were entertained on Sun day at Bridgeport, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weaver. WomeAs Minor cometom one cause DR'. CALDWELL'S robin winging his way through the air , and in less time than I can take to tell it, they both came to the Little Red School House. Dear me, what a commotion was going On in the school house. Shrill cries and sounds of things striking the walls; bumperty bumps of chairs and stools and crasherty crash of ink bottles against the door. With a bound,my. it was a wonderful leap,the big Policeman Dog went right through the window and the next minute he had Danny Fox by the collar. Yes, he had him all right and all wrong for that wicked animal. "You bad old robber!" growled the Policeman Dog, twisting the collar until Danny Fox's eyes blinked and winked and his long bushy tail dropped to the floor, "you come along with me. How dare you break Into a school? And how dare you upset the furniture? Why, you've overturned the Arithmetic Table," and again the big policeman" dog shook the old fox until his teeth rattled. "Oh, I'm glad you arrived in time." gasped poor old Professor Crow, unscrewing his fountain pen and putting on the cap. "A fountain pen is a poor sword for a fighting man." By this time, seeing that Danny Fox was handcuffed, the little people of the Shady Forest crept out from beneath the desks and chairs to pick up their school books. "School is dismissed for the day." said Professor Crow, "I hope you'll lock up Danny Fox for a year and a day." he added, turning to the kind Police Dog. "Leave it to me," answered that kind protector of law and order as he dragged the old fox out of the door and away to Rabbitville. "Three cheers for Bobbie Red-vest," cried the little rabbit. "If it hadn't been for him I guess there'd be no school tomorrow." And the next minute the schoolroom was empty and all the furry and feather. ed coated little people were scurrying to their homes. Copyright 1921. David Corx, Miss Edna Steffy and Master Harry Bouder were Sunday guests of Mr. ad Mrs. Albert Houk, of Lititz. Mr .and Mrs. Harry Beam and family were week-end visitors ir the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacoll Ebersole, at Bare.ville.' Min Mary Dixon was a Sunday visitor in the home of Mr, and Mrs. Weidlor Bitzer, of Ephrata. George Wolfsk ill, of Ephrata, spent part of Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Martin Miss Gertrude Rupp and friend. Mr. and Mrs Isaac Bair, of Lancaster, took an auto trip to Buffalo and Niagara Falls during the week-end. Mr, and Mrs.- Hyman Solador daughter, Goldie. and son, David, spent part of the .Thanksgiving season with the family of Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Rupp. ' 0....- J. K. LANDA IMPROVED - - J. K. Landa, of Glen Moore, who has been confined to his home with a scalded leg was reported yesterday as being much Improved. ...............,Sw0W4S11-- Fitted with an airplane compass an altimeter and VatiOus other in.. struments, in automobile has been sent through southern Miami& to chart roads and make maps for the members of an auto club. ic,--"--7--- 1 ,,,,...7 i4;. Free Sample Bottle Coupon There am people who very rightly prefer to try a thing before they buy it. Let them clip this cote. pon, pin their tame and address to it, and tend it to ths Pepsin Syrup Co., 518 Waxhingtort Street. Monticello, Minnie, and free sample bottle of Ir. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin will be sent them postpaid by med. Do not inclose postage. It la fresh rxr health can be ascribed to Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. The other members of the family also use it as, being free from opiates aad narcotics, it is perfectly safe, even for infants. 1 More than ten million bottles of Dr. Caldwell' s Syrup Pepsin are sold annually, the largest sale in the world. If you have been in the habit of using strong cathartic pills, salt waters or "candy cathartics," which )ttle Coupon contain a coal.tar drug called phenolphthalein, we especially , nightly prefer to try -et them clIP www urge you to try this mildermeth od. You will have a better, freer dress to It, end aced Le passage and without strain or ,i3 Warhington street, free sample bottle of gripe. A bottle can be had at any In will be Sent tha drug store and the average cost lw lose pewees. Ms free. 15 less than a cent a doss. PIM I :01(7"sirP 11 I? P P ?he Family Laxative 0 , P . ., . ,. a a . , - WO9 : rlleftS minor 11,,,, , , . i , . o r ' come fiom one c t cause . , . , Chronic constipa:ion is the plague of their ',',ti lives, bui thousands keep healthy with , ifj f i , k 1.4 4111 , t ,,,,,, ,, , Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin . "1 i ,-':TT'''',$frA , 4e ' ; - - lid , (, 4 11 Tilsp-,Nirti.42 , ' ; a i ' I:1 . yit V med I 310MEN are so accusto to finding themselves constipated t. Pc I 0 V Ap, I, ;2,,,,,l'&,,,'4,174' , that they are apt to make matters worse ',01i411 I t lt b0,, i IF - z'ili by indifference. Unfortunat 1.3, many rl:',,,41 , . - et ,:ccit. ,,,,, 70, : seem to think that it is easier to give the -II ri, (4 0 ' .. y , 4 - - -.-- k. : ' I ff1 , appearance of health with cosmetics, or 1 ,!11r, .- 1 ii.f '' "''t ''t . stifle a headaohe with an opiate, than to it - ff----1 - ,,,,-;:?; A-s 4 , .',,,,,-I''.. remove the real cause by taking a good 1-;;--------r, irf-,,, 7 1 ' ,-,..--. - , The pill habit, of course, is not to be reo w.,',2:7 .-7't . q f?; . , ommended, but any woman can take ouch a mild -Ortr,74, akg t laxative as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin with rw- j , , '''SI E f,fp--", i,Rt,it'll,. 161-,,,, e 11' ' assurance that the dose can gradually be decreased '74;4111 W ,t, i Tot ' and that there will be no shock or weakening of , the system. - , 1 r Ai HAT DANvIn LALL iTH uresDA; j r:v-IATIS -1-1-1Efj HON NiloOKEI - Q.Ayo MAC- I. -n-itS -THIZ 17. ,,, v4GDS, MA:c. , .1j sHE:j - Go Amb BuY Hs n-ItS , 112. timple.,114sT, DAY DATE, MR. TtiERs,3 ,A. cALENtwbp oN 1 ATILHLOizLIDkAYe:ps HER BIRTHDAy BOSS ' tz KAlotAiZ HeP- - ,V, ' tit 5 V,IOR-114 OF r--------11 V P..0t 3 OPolOMS i erlecoloi rDtc.1154f91 ' - 4...''(.11). . C I 6c , sIMP -1714ouE-rowAjCLAL--z.AYRE1-0 ."1.166AskyINII.G1,1114114 AT TialaouluNDY1)Alz.m DHEALooDK ri6RIVATE ooliirlAr Is ,.; 4 10011000a- ,, ;,,, r II .,,,,--.. ... PRIVATE A,,- -7-17 - 7- , S . - ----7,..--N ,A, t4 4 k, . '. 1 C- )1 7- ' ,, - ' 1 . . :.:1.1!) ' . t..',,', . - AI ,',.'; 'i t , . t 4,0,. e; ' it ,,,t4 "1 OW ; 7 , ' - ',t, , . nr .. ir . , Op .- , ' V .. , , Pit 9 : 4 lr , . '-r-fr7--- "V" :', Ivy. ,4111 -- 7-,k ,, , - 4ta, At t i ta ''''1 , A -44' ' '',..,-' 4 intittgall- iv ,, vtgt I r 0 '1 ''' et 11 ktild'. p, ' --,:---- . FL', Ili , -,----4,00.1 pi I a, . 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