Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1957 · Page 32
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 32

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 32
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Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Triljune Poland Today Is Nation of Contrast and Contradictions Editor's Note: UP correspondent Russell Jones, who covered the Hungarian revolt, is behind the Iron Curtain again, this time in Poland. He has spent several weeks there after driving from Vienna across Czechoslovakia. Here are his first impressions. Off the Subject By RUSSELL JONES United Press Staff Correspondent POZNAN, Poland (UP; - This is Poland today: i Packed Catholic churches, a' Communist government, stomach- i wrenching poverty, a million dol-' lars worth of vodka drunk daily. People who make no bones of their dislike for their Russian neighbor to the east, but feel the black depths of haired toward their German neighbor to the Walton Patty Logan who has been attending Logansport Business Collage is now employed in the office of Montgomery Ward and Co. Mesdames Verne Conn. James UI . 1 _ 1UU1 _, I .. „ _ _ .Duckworth, Raymond Erhaugh, primate'of'Poland, is virtually as bccn"achleved"by use" of pep-up land Russell Peters, attended the west. A country whose own Communist leader himself so recently knew the "darkness at neon" ol a < DR. HERBERT BERGER (above) of New York said ho would make "no further comment" on his statement that super perform- Red prison. One where Josef Car-! anccs by athletes, such as un dinal Wyszynski, Roman Catnoiic dcr-four-minute miles, have Lost Waller Results In Prof it to Girl JERSEY CITY, N. J.—Eleven- year-old Janet Hoberman lost her wallet during the Christmas shopping season just past, but ended by making a $15 profit on the deal. The wallet was turned over to police who revealed that a note in it read: "Jewelry box for Mommy, socks for daddy? key chain or stretch socks for Robert. If I have a dollar left over, I can get something for myself." It also contained one doUar. Sympathetic readers began sending contributions to the youngster, hoping the police would locate her. When Janet, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Percy Hoberman, recently claimed the wallet, she was given an additional $15 in donations sent to police. free and influential as in pre-war days. Twenty-eight million people in University of California runner only 150,000 trucks and cars who recently became the first among all of them. Too poor to buy one suit in five years, but cooking in butter. Drunkenness so widespread all vodka shops are closed paydays so at least some money gets home. Steal To Live pills. His statement aroused a storm of protest. Don Bowclcn, American to do a mile in under four minutes, was among .those denying he ever used any »uch energizera. (International) "I make 200 zlotys 'eight dol summer conference of Home Demonstration clubs hc'.d Wecl- ne^day at Purdue. Mr, and Mrs. ' William Gunter have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gunler and son. Mrs. L. E. Fair, Mrs. Jane Fair, Steven Fair, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Beechy and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jump attended commencement exercises at on Indianapolis Uni- IKE'S 'COPTER PASSES NEW TEST "Trooping of Colors" Ceremony Marks 31st Birthday of Queen LONDON (UP) — Queen Elizabeth officially turned 31 years of age today with a brilliant state Thursday, Evening, June 13, 1957 cess, six years ago, it seemed al-. and happy mother. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Joe 19 Seybold street; Miss Haiel ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gray, .Walton, a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Mamie Surface, 1841 Erie avenue; Vernard Kaska, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Mrs. Myrtle Barringer, route 2, Winamac; ceremony marking the end of her most momentous year on the ' sterk route 3§ a daughlcr . throne ' Admitted: Mrs. lone Fiscel, j^ Patricia Gregory, 501 West West Linden avenue; Alvaj I Wearing a colonel's army uniform and sitting erect on her horse; Elizabeth paraded before an estimated 250,000 persons in the glorious "trooping of the colors." It was her last full -dress function before her visit rhis fall Conrad, 4-15 Nineteenth street; Earl S'nrader, Kewanna; Kenneth Dismissed: Mrs. Mildred Daniels, 504 Bates street; .Mrs. Opal Umbarger, Galveston; Sirs. Pearl j Spencer, 1811 Grant street. Marchand. 1006 Nineteenth street; John Guckien and son, routa Camden; Mrs. Ida Harless, Dismissed: Mrs. William Am- Burnettsville; Mi.ss Linda Alex- lo the United States and Caiada.' r j ne aIK j S0]li Walton; Mrs. Eve- ander, 2700 Stadium drive; Mrs. Hours before the colorful cere-:lyn Downs, 510 East Main street; mony, thousands of persons'Mrs. Herbert Ervin and son, (311 Marie Reutebuch. route 2, Wina- Master John Woodhouse, crowded the sidewalks outride of Bates street; Mrs. Abbie Endress,.route 2, Royal Center: Miss San Buckingham Palace along .the Flora; Harold Hall, route 2; Harry dra Brant, 1002 Eighteenth street: mall to the Admiralty Arcn and (Kile, Royal Center; Everett Ne- Mrs. Eslella Timmons, 1203 the Horse Guards parade grounds, j her, route 1; Mrs. Penrl SnyderJSmead street. ^ Many were there before dnwn, i WHILE WHITE HOUSE stafl members look on. one of President Eisenhower's two helicopters makes its first practice landing on the lawn of the Executive Mansion, just a few yards from the entrance. Previous landings have been in a park across the street. (International) berry Social, June 21; Men's Club Chicken Fry, Jur.e 2C; Children's Day, June 30, and Communion, July 14. Mrs. W. E. Fitzer was the week- church basement were accepted. Birthday collections were made by , Mrs. Audrey BlUz, Mrs. Blanche Walker and Mrs. Carrie Quinn. Meetings this summer will begin carrying huge picnic lunches. It was a glorious summer day. The temperature was in the 70s ] and the skies cloudless. The Queen actually turned 31 last April 21. But June is the month of good weather in London, so officially every ruler's birthday falls in June. " Britain and the commonwealth celebrated the Queen's birthday with a visible feeling the "young queen" is 1 now very grown up. To Britons who were thinking about her as "Lilibet," the Little Prin- end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harve |a , L 8 p m : ns ( e ad of 7:30 p.m. Fetrow of Macy. They attended'July meeting will be picnic din- People speaking with astonish- lor of thc-ir Communist: i. in«™<, «."•' - —_• ~ -. 0 --- — exercises at an iiiuuiutuuiiA un.- i - . „. .. „„ lars) a month more than then," jvnpsity Mondav for Calvin Fairjthe flower show in Indianapolis.ner at Kivotsi.ae pa DAD WILL APPRECIATE A NEW BILLFOLD Hundreds to choose from in the finest of leather!. $2.50 to $40.00 His name in gold free on each. Timberlake's Gift Shop Ing candor 01 iriL-ir ^uinmum.iL . . . . , , ,-,.,,, government and about the ltu *'low and it w dirf.cu.t lo live, .sians, yet a Parliament with no What tbout. now freedoms of electoral opposition to the Com- Press and speech? he said. "But wages are still too ! w ho received his degree in den- munists. A na'ion with an almost fully socialised economy, yet one Enjoys Conversation "Well, I don't read much, but , where 2 million dollars in goods 'it's a good feeling to talk to you. are stolen every day by people And anyone else, without thinking vho must steal to stay alive. hhat someone is listening and re- A strange country of contrasts porting. »nd contradictions. "You know, the change I like ' Tt was in this city of Poznan n ; best is films from the West. Bc- rear ago this monih— June 28 — ifore they were Soviet films and hat the workers ro.se against the lui> dull to sit through," year that lied regime. Fifty-throe were killed and more than 300 wounded. But the spark of Poznan brought Wlodi.slaw Gomulka, "Poland's Tito," back to pw/er from a prison cell. The spark jumped national boundaires — it helped Ignite the bloody revolt in Hungary. Would I,cnt7.ner dare to protest openly again? He smiled slightly. "One rnus'. remember," he said, Sunday. Mr. Contests were won by Mrs. Mary Mrs. J. T. S.lors and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. "en- iston and family, Mr. and Mrs.J.^, 20 members. Hobarl Turner and family, Don Logan, Bob Davis and Harvey 1 Birneil attended the district le-|Clinton Farm GfOUD fislry. Dr. and Mrs. Loyd Vogel of Fort Wayne are the parents of a son named Matl.hew IJaynes born June 3. The mother is the former Priscilla Troian of Walton. Mr. and Mr«. FJmer Shumar, attended the SUidebaker reunion hold Sunday at the Deer Creek Conservation cl'jb; Annual Small reunion will he held Sunday June 1(5 at Snencer Park. A basket dinner will be .nerved at noon. Nineteen young people of Shiloh Lutheran church have made plans tr> ai.lond Lutherwald Camp alj Devotions were given by Mrs. -| iLo( , an .. M Rcri . cs h mcn i s W6rc served gion meetir.g a'. Lafayette Sunday. June meeting of the King's daughters class of the Methodist church was held at the home of Mrs. Bca Layman with Marie EUton assisting. Mrs. Myrtle Snyrler pr- and had !.hc meeting opened with groups singing of .sacred songs. Will Meet Friday Speakers and special guests will be on hand at the Clinton township Farm Bureau meeting to be held al 8 o'ciock Friday eve- freshmenis will be served. The committee in charge con- Howe the last par', of Hie m»nlh. Ressie Bulx.. A liiblc verso, con- s i.sts of Mr, and Mrs. Robert S. that Poland is a .sm.-ii: country' Follow'nc events hnvc boon a.n-|laining the word David was givenl j lts | i j ci!i Mr. am | Mrs. W. W. with great neighbors. He obviously meant 'Russia and Wcs-t Germany). "We can not do exactly iwhat we want and when wo want. I drove here from Vienna across | we have made a start. Things are Czechoslovakia. On the trip you hettr:r than they were. Wu must can sen the full ranj;e !ruin free- go slowly." Austrian democracy to Czech Sta- Winamac Br&nda Hialt of Star City l.s visiting hor grandparents, Mr. and ocracy linLsm to the Polish "road to socialism." Afler Vienna, Us streets looming with cars and hardly a uni- lorm in sight, the C/.ech frontier •• •• ,,. • earn* as a brutal reminder that, M ™- Harvc y IllaU lhls wc:(:k •we still live in two worlds. Th - p K - antl C. club met Tne.'i- Poland A Co"traot d;jy aftormion at the home of Mrs. As I drove up to the C/eeh bor-' Stella Roading. d'.-r, soldiers trained their tommy-1 Mrs, William Mountain has re- #uns M my car from behind ac-1 turned to her ho.711; aRsr ,';pond- tordions of barbod wire. ;>i.ed ing a week in Gary at the home rail* burred the road to any of her .son and dau;;iiler-in-law would-be escapees. Mr. and -Mrs. K. II. Mountain, i-ler Not one Czech showed more',daughter, Mrs. Mary Schiill/ of nouncod for church wore annoi Keith Kinney: Shiloh Lulhorunjin roll call. T) lounccd by Pastor the poem, "Soi Die president read mcone Jiust Any- HitchoiTK, Mrs. Stella Fit/.er, Mr.s. Pearl Wellington and Mr. and Fathers Day, June IB; Straw- Articles were donated for the; Mrs. Fred McDowell. PoPular than a sullen curiosity at the new German-made car and its American driver on the 200 miles across Czechoslovakia. What a contrast once In Poland! Crown Point accompanied her and will :!tay several days. Mi.'i.s I.ucilli; Ranke rim! Wilbur Rankt have had :i.s guests in their homo thr; past wi;i!k, their xi.flc-r, The people wcro intcrc.'ited in | vir.i. Leonard Kilroy and their the car and its driver. What kind tl j,.,. r . ^t rs . Kurt Wmlw and chll- v/as it and how much fuel did it Jyjrn? Would It be possible to sit for a moment in the car. Would one dare to ask for a short drive? Where was I going and why? H«re in I'o/nan i rm;t Bronislaw I.cntzncr at his workbench at the Cexk-lnld factory. It used to be called the "Stalin work:;." LCI;!-/.- D';r is a machine tool operator, lie l.s one- of the men who went Into I'oznan's street a year ago, his arms linked with lho.<;i; of men, dren all tit Liburtyvilli;, Illinois. Linda Fror.'rrwn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman and Jimmic firown, .son of Mr. and Mr.s. Howard Drown, all of Winamac, underwent trmsillc'cUnriie.'i at W.arki; Memorial ho.spi.tal, Knox, on Wednesday. Mr. and Mr.s. Lowell Taylor vbili-rl ovf.T tiie weekend at Whilin;! with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Man and with Mrs. Mar;aret ., , « ,.,, „ women and students who braved I M / in; :"' d <""' ch .' M ™ " l ''i'^' ' ""•"= a : ! " m «""'«" where »™ "'« . C " tT '™ a ' hl! the rifle; and rnachincKun lire. Was i'oxnan worth it? I,i:nUnrr HolUs Kuliire Lcnt/ncr will decide that. The Mrs, Fred flim-cker tin; former future of Poland really resin oniMr.f, Vina Kw-lirr rctnrneil to. her hi.i shoulders and those of men i home at Mar;;lielHowri. Iowa, Mon- j,^ him. I day afl.er a vi-.it In the home of Li-nl/ner Is a thin, tired-looklni: her son and (!auxhlcr-in-law Mr. man of W. He supports III.H wife, »<"( Mr.s. Kenneth Keclf:r. She year-old son, daughters, 10 and 12, j expect* to return here to nwike and lii.s itged mother. I rnuan h:rn ; lier home later. Sport Shirts Sure to make Dad glad! why he staked his life in the up- riHing. "I just didn't care," he told me. J.S life any totter m/w? Mr. and M;vt. Dalf Lowery of Winaniai: and Mr. and M.r.'i. fiasil Jones of Lafayette are on a two week fiiihLn;! trip In Canada, Horo's your winning bot for Father's Day gifting . . . Sport shirts from our eyo-laklng collodion. Solid: and patterns to suit his tar,lo ... in light, summary fabrics to furthor his comfort. $1.95 to $5 REDUCED FROM 395 TO 180 LBS. •ffVt^T'-.'t I-X'-^ 180-POUND Vincent Iffimtownkl, 58, rtlnplayn a photo of himself at hlii former 30K poundu n» hl« tailor, W. Clplelu, jncttiiurwi tlio I^iu- towHlcl girth In Bultlmore. Tho girth In /dimmed down from 7^ to 88 InchMi. IpiatowMlcl got determined, npcnt two montlm In n ttoii- nltul. Hlo obcHlty In cuuwod by "Plckwl«Uliv> nyndromt), a (ionill- tlon named after a Dlckonn clmructcr. Ho'U have lo dtot tho rent «C his Ufa oc he'll lard rljiht up aguln. (International Uou.*dphotoJ. Air CondiHonocI For Your Shopping Comfort. RHUSHIDER L<a REGISTER NOW FOR PURITAN'S $75,000 CONTESTI Here's What You've Been Waiting For House Paint Sale EVER-KLEEN HOUSE PAINT EVER-KLEEN represents real economy In outside painting. This is a paint that has been tested and chocked, on jobs under every possible condition and has been proved to last longor and look belter. EVER-KLEEN WHITE will retain its bright freshness 'for years. It contains no lead and will not gray O'Ut. EVER-KLEEN cleans itself and stays white throughout it long life. 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