The Chanute Daily Tribune from Chanute, Kansas on February 26, 1915 · Page 3
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The Chanute Daily Tribune from Chanute, Kansas · Page 3

Chanute, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1915
Page 3
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) PAGE TWO THE CHANUfE DAILY TRIBUNE FEBRUARY 26, 1915 V x AND THE SUN. - , -by THE TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY (Incorporated) . . .. ; Entered at the postoffice at Chanute, Kaa., as second class mail matter. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By carrier in Chanute: . ' One Week 10c One Month .. -. ....... 35c Issued every evening except Sunday. U NIP H 1 jjffi LA BE O TELEPHONE NO. 12. BfEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESST .( -A GLANCE BACKWARD. a From the Chanute Daily Tribune, February 26, 1894. ' The following is the correct list of jurors for the April term: Ira Jones, W. T. Peter, H. G. Clark, P. O. Bareis,' Chanute; S. D. Roy, R. S. Welch. Chetona: Henry Eisen- brandt, W. H. Bain, Ladore; Jas. McCaslin, Canville: Earnest Holfe, Thos. Bell, James Blanford, Geo. Mosley, Osage Mission; Wm. Dyson, Frank E. Barney, Erie; L. J Thomson, Earlton; John Older, Centerville. . C. E. Allison was up from Erie today. Kansas will soon be known' as the great gas and oil fields of the .West. ; Yesterday was in the Santa Fe a very busy yards. Over day 800 cars came in Miss Anna from Kansas she has been weeks. and went out. Cross returned home City yesterday where visiting a number of Ossie Buchanan, son of our city clerk, has a hound that is ''some' in size, anyway, lie measures in height 31 inches, around the body 32 inches,, length of body from head to tail 71 inches. Now if there is a larger hound in the country, trot him out. The lecture given by H. P. Far- relly of Chanute at the city hall on Pythiamsm Monday night was attentively listened to by a good au dience. Buffalo Advocate. Sevcnty'Scvcn Years Old. George W. Clough, Prentiss. Miss., who had suffered greatly with kidney trouble, writes: "Folev Kidney Pills , are the only remedy that ever did me any good at all." Just think of the relief and comfort that moans to him. Foley Kidney Pills are recommended for sleep disturbing bladder troubles, pain in sides or back, rheumatism, and kidney and bladder ailments. -The Brown Pharmacy. Adv. SAILORS GET EXTRA PAY FOR PERIL They Had to Sue lor Bonus Promised for Running Oil Cargo Past German Blockaders. . , London, Feb. 26. The crew of the oil tanker Carpathian have just won a victory at law agaiust the owners of the vessel, who tried to escape the payment of a bonus promised. by the captain for running the gauntlet of German cruisers in the Atlantic. The Carpathian was caught in a Texas port at the outbreak of the war. Her crew of seven men refused to sail unless paid risk money. The captain agreed to give them a bonus of $60 each in addition to their wages. Rumors of German cruisers destroying commerce were then numerous. But the men accepted the risk and the vessel sailed for Rotterdam with a cargo of oil. ; Although the ship was loaded with a dangerous cargo, which could be set afire by a shell, the crew agreed, in view of the bonus, to stick to the captain through thick and thin, as they testified in court. TJie journey was safely made, and .at its end the skipper offered the men $5 each instead of $60. Thereupon he crew brought suit. In court, the owners, the Petroleum Steamship Company, did not deny the allegations of the men and fell back on the technical defense that, under the merchant shipping act a seaman is not entitled to wages further than those stipulated in the articles he has' signed. " ' ' " BREAKS A COLD Ifl ,t ' FEW HOURS-TRY IT First Dose of Pane's Cold Compound Relieves All the Grippe Misery Contains No Quinine. Don't Hay stuff ed-up! .- Quit blowing, and snuffling! A dose of ,Pape's Cold Compound" taken .very 'two - hours until rthree doses are taken will end . grippe misery and. break up a severe cold either in the head, chest," body or limbs. - i - ; : . ;. - It promptlyopens cloggedup nostrils and air passages; stops rnasty discharge or nose running; relieves sick rheadache, dullness,1, feverish-ness, sore throat, sneezing, soreness and stiffness. - " - - "Pape's Cold Compound" is the quickest, surest ' relief known ' and costs only 25 cents at drug stores. It acts without assistance, tastes nice, and - causes no ; inconvenience. Don't accept a. .substitute. Adv. . Mrs. McCl&iiiV: lirperienoe With I ' -r Croup.-. r "When my boy, Ray, "was small he w subject to croup, and I waa always alarmed at such times. . Chamberlain's Cough Remedy proved far better than any other for thir trouble. 'It el wave relieved him quickly. I Mm never without it in the house for I know St is a positive cure for croup," writes Mrs. W. R. McClain, Blairsville.Pa. For s&lebj iill dealer. Advertisement . BOYS MUST BEAT PARSONS TONIGHT IF THKV IK) THEY 31 AY GET THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Teams Contending for League Trophy Will Clash Here in a Decisive Contest Both Have Yet to 3Ieet Coffey vi lie in Final Tests. The basket ball games oetween the Chanute and Parsons high school teams here tonight are. of more than ordinary importance, because tney will be "decisive." If the Chanute boys get by in good shape they will retain their preserffc leadership in the Southeastern Kansas High School Basket VBall League and be well along on the road to the championship. On the other hand, if the Parsons boys win the Channte boys will drop back-into second place and the Parsons boys vwill remain real con tenders for the title. The games will be played in the Senior high school gymnasium. The girls' game here this evening will not be so "decisive" for the rea son that the Parsons girls are in third place. Should they defeat Chanute, the result would be in fa vor of the Coffeyville girls, who are '.he runners-up. The Coffeyville teams will play in inaepenaence to night, and it is likely they will win both games from Montgomery county. The teams are entering the final stretch of the schedule bunched in a way tnat promises plenty or xnrius and is likely to leave the champion ship in doubt until the very last came. In the boys' division, Chanute, Parsons and Coffeyville lead in the order named. Chanute will have two scames to play after this evening, and Parsons will have but one left. The fact that both Chanute and Parsons have yet to meet Coffeyville is what makes the final result uncertain. Par sons will meet Coffeyville next week, :nd Chanute will have its final clash with Coffeyville the following week. "ihpnute's games a week from to February and March Bring Gut Un-Spots How to Remove Easily. sightly The woman with tender skin dreads February and March because they are likely to cover her face with ugly freckles. No matter how thick her veil, the sun and winds have a strong tendency to make her freckle. Fortunately for her peace of mind the recent discovery of a new prescription, othine double strength, makes it possible for even those most susceptible to freckles to keep their skin clear 'and white. No matter how stubborn a case Of freckles you have, the double remove Brown strength othine should them. Get an ounce from the Pharmacy and banish the freckles. Mpncy . back if it fails. Adv. Cham tor Iain's Cough. Remedy-Tht Mothers' Favorite. 'I give Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to my children when they haveTcolds or coughs," writes Jurs. V erne fehaner, V andergrift, Pa. fit always helps them and is far superior to nny other cough medicine I have used. I cdviss anyone in need of such a medicine to give it a trial." For sale by all dealers. Advertisement. - FOR SApDAYdpDAY 10 Bars Snow Flake Soap 30 c with each $1.00 order or other goods. REMEMBER and ph one 381 for your roast" or boil lor Sunday dinner. C. fi; IIYER J Grocery and Meats ; Phone 381 - 219 E. Main The Sanitary Safety (latch Incubator .' The Safety Hatch combines efficiency, simplicity and durability; its sanitary features are -far 'In 'advance of anything heretofore attempted in the line of Incubators, and the symetrical lines on which it is built. Sold by . J r v " G.C.DAVis, Corner Main and Highland. Only 2 Miles From Chariufe City Limits- An 80-acre river and creek bottom farm for sale at $40 per acre. Moderate improvements; some nice walnut, pecan and other native timber; rich soil. Non-resident owner says for us to sell. They need the money. No phone informa tion come to our office if you want land close to Chanute it will be to your interest. . Burrisr Bros nisrht will be in Fredonia, where the boys expect a victory. In the first games between Par sons and Chanute the Chanute boys won bv a score of 21 to 17, and the Chanute girls by a score of 26 to 13. : Since that time, though, the Par sons boys have developed a winning streak and have not once been beaten, defeating Fredonia, Altamont and Independence. All of these, though, are second division teams, and the Parsons boys finished but one point ahead in the games with Altamont and Independence. The present standing of the teams, according to the best information The Tribune can obtain, is as follows: GIRLS. W. .4 .2 .2 .0 L. 0 1 o 4 - Pet. 1.000 .666 .500 .000 Chanute. . . Coffeyville . . Parsons.. . Independence , BOYS. W Chanute. . " 6 Parsons 6, Coffeyville. . . 4 Independence. . -.3 Fredonia 2 Altamont. ........... 0 That there is a chance L. 1 2 3 3 4 8 for Pet. .857 .750 .571 .500 .333 .000 the "dope" to be upset in the final stretch is shown by the fact that the Independence boys, now in third place, have beaten both Chanute and Parsons. The other defeat of the Parsons boys was by Chanute. After Many Years. J. L. Southers, Eau Claire, Wis., writes: ."Years ago I wrote you in regard to great resulta "obtained from Foley Kidney Pills. After all these years I have never had , a return of those terrible backaches or sleepless night; I am permanently cured." Men and women, young and old, find this reliable remedy re lieves rheumatism, backache, stiff joints and iils caused by weak or diseased kidneys or bladder. The Brown Pharmacy. Adv. LOCAL WEATHER 1 i -S Yesterday's temperatures as furnished by Chase W. Brown,, government observer: Maximum 52 Minimum 26 At 6 p. m. .................. .43 Prevailing wind in the northwest. Partly cloudy. The mean temperature was five degrees above normal. A year ago yesterday the maxi mum was 31 and the minimum 13. The highest temperature this date in seven years was 57 in 19 09 and the lowest was 8 in 1913. Five Cents Proves It. Generous Offer. Cut out this enclose with 5 cents to Foley ad. & Co., Chicago, 111., and they will send you our trial packages of Fol-ep's Honey and Tar Compound for coughs, "olds, croup, bronchial and la grippe coughs; Foley Kidney Pills and Foley Cathartic Tablets. For sale in your town by thd Brown Pharmacy. Adv. Stanley Shaw of Galesburg and Mr. McCarthy of Kansas City, who were here to attend the funeral of J. O. Byrne, returned to their homes yesterday. V , TAKES OFF DANDRUFF HAIR STOPS FALLING Girls!-Try This! 3Iakes Hair Thick, Glossy, Fluffy, -Beautiful No More Itching Scalp. Within ten minutes after an an- plication of Danderine you cannot find a single trace of dandruff or falling nair and your scalp will not Itch, but what will please you most after a few weeks' use, when you see new hair, fine and downy at first -yes but really new hair growing all over the scalp. A little Danderine immediately doubles the beauty of your hair. No difference how dull, faded, . brittle and scraggy; just moisten a cloth with Danderine and carefully draw-it 'through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. The effect is amazing your hair will be light, A.. r a .... uuiiy huq wavy, ana nave -an ap- pearance of abundance; parable lustre, softness .-an . and incom-luxur- lance. . Get a 25 cent bottle.of Knowl-ton's danderine from any drug store or toilet counter, and " prove that your hair is as pretty and soft as any that it has been neglected or injured by careless treatment that's all you surelr can have beautiful hair and lots of it if you will just try a little Danderine. Adv. FOR A NATION SANS SALOONS ADDRESS THIS EVENING IX THE METHODIST CHURCH. Dr. George y: Morrow Representing the Anti-Saloon League of America in Its Campaign for National Prohibition. Dr. George W. Morrow will speak this evening at' 8 o'clock in the Methodist " church. He appears here -wfider the auspices of the Anti-Saloon League of America. Over sixty rallies under its direction are being held - this month in Kansas. It amounts to a; big swing across the entire country in the interest, of a saloonless America. Everywhere large crowds greet the speakers and enthusiasm runs high. The meeting this evening is free to the public and those vwh avail themselves- of the opportunity of hearing- Dr. Morrow will' have no occasion to regret it. The speaker was born in Illinois and wTas reared oh a farm. He attended school in Indiana ' after which he taught for a- number, of years and then attended the theological seminary in New Yorkr graduating as valedictorian of his class. . He served pastorates in New York and Vermont for ten years and later was called to the superintenden- cv of the Michigan State Anti-Sa-J loon League. For the past two years he has been on the staff of the national societies and lias addressed great audiences in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado and many other places in the West. - As a pubHc speaker he is forceful, logical, pleasing and effective. Under the aggressive work of the Anti-Saloon League and other prohibition forces the map of the United States is very rapidly being made white. SAXONS CLAIMED KINSHIP. English Soldiers Considered This No Reason for Armistice. London, Feb. 2 6. According to an othcer wno writes irom a uritisn trench in Flanders, tins sign was posted by the Germans in a nearby trench: We Are Saxons; You Are Anglo-Saxons. Keep Your Bullets for the Prussians Who Relieve Us Tonight. He says that immediately after sosting this notice the Saxons perched themselves on their . trench -,ops, lit their pipes and enjoyed their ease until a, volley over their neaas ent them' back to their trenches. PRETTY MTH OF BALL GAME INDIAN TRADITION TELL 'HISTORIC CONTEST. OF Animals and Birds Were on Oppos ing Teams, and- the Fowls "Won, ThiGUgh Aid of the Flying Squirrel and the Bat. Ada, Okla., Feb. 26. The ball game has been a sport among the aboriginees since prehistoric time, and today is played among many tribes even among the five civilized tribes. Its origin is shrouded in mystery as even the oldest extant even the Walam Olum of the Dela wares lays stress on the sport ' The myths of several tribes quite accurately describe the game, including the Chickasaws, Creeks, Cherokee, Sioux and Caddos, and it' is surprising how strikingly similar they are. - It is related that many, many years ago, before the removal of the Indians to Oklahoma, the animals challeneged the birds to a game. All arrangements relative to the rules that should govern were made. The game was to be "played at the tribal dance ground the animals to occupy a grassy strip along the river, and the birds the treetops. The animals were under the leadership of the Bear, whose strength was such that he was held invincible.. The Terrapin was with the animals not the Terrapin so common, but the great Terrapin. He was chosen on account of his hard shell, because heavy blows would not affect him. The Deer was also chosen be'Cause he could outran all other animals. The plans and arrangements were so complete that success fir the animals seemed assured. - The leader of the birds was the Eagle, chosen for his strength and j swiftness of flight The dance was held, and while awaiting the final arrangements - two strange animals appeared who asked to join the birds in the game. They stated that as. they had been made the butt of ridicule by the animals, and they desired to join the birds for revenge. , Neither had wings, so a council of the birds was held relative to permitting them to participate, and it was agreed that wings should be supplied them. Strips were cut from the dance drum and wings were made and fastened with cane splints to the forelegs of the smaller animal, and he was renamed the Bat. Not having time to prepare the other, the skin along the .side of the body was pulled out; by the . Eagle and the Hawk and stretched from the fore-front to the hind foot and he was renamed the Flying SquirreL Both former animals proved expert in the catching and carrying of the ball. -While these preparations were going .on the various animals had gathered along the river, bank and set up a great howl of derision, all confident of the successful result of the game. The . birds ' gathered from miles around to watch the sport, but none possessed the confidence that the animals . exhibited. When all was in readiness the signal for play was given and the strange and curious game began. The Flying Suqirrel succeeded in securing the ball at the first toss and carried it to the birds, who were in the -trees. Accidentally tiie ball was dropped before the birds were able to carry it between the two posts. The Martin, seeing the ball, about to be lost tothe birds, darted after it and threw it to the Bat, who was flying close to the ground, and who by his doubling and dodging was able to keep . it from the Deer, the fleetest of all animals. At last the Bat succeeded in carrying it between the posts and the game was won bytthe birds. As a reward for the splendid work of the martin a gourd was grown, so that ever after he would have a place for his nest. The bat ever since has had wings and has had a place among the birds. The Flying Squirrel has ever since been loved and helped by the birds. The myth is often related and sev- held in highest veneration by eral tribes. PROGRAM SUNDAY CONCERT TlOLIN, FLUTE AM) VOCAL QUARTET NUMBERS. High School Quartet Will Sing the Number That Was Awarded I'rize at Southeastern Kansas Teachers' Association Contest? Songs by the Chanute high school quartet, violin music by Gale Brown and flute .selections by Ralph Hub-bell will be interspersed among the numbers that the band will give at its first concert of the year in the Hetrrck theater Sunday afternoon. The concert will begin at 3 o'clock. No charge will be made for admission. The high schcol quartet will sing the scng that gained a handsome trophy for the school at the music contest in connection with the annual meeting of the Southeastern Kansas Teachers' Association in Pittsburg recently. The following will be the program. March, "Vashti," Fillmore. "It's a Long Way to Tipperary." Waltz, "Vision," onJ3lon. Hungarian Fntasie, Tobani. Hungarian Themes by Doppler, violin, flute and piano. Vocal quartet, "Gypsy Life." Flute solos Bolero, Pessard; Andante in E, Briccidilli. "A Night in June," King. - March, "Our Comrades," Liekl. M. Somer - of the Chanute Wholesale Grocery Company, was called to Wilson, Kas., yesterday by the death of a friend, Joseph Tampier. PIMPLY? WELL, DON'T People Notice It. Drive Them Off With Dr. Hdwards' Olive Tablets A pimply face will not embarrass much longer if you set a pacKaf, you e or Dr. Edwards' Olive 'idUiots. should besin to clear aj-ter you hav-3 taken the tablets a few nigms. piocnco iii iiiocl. tho bowels ana tho liver with Olive Tablets. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are the successful substitute for calomel there's never any ciclmess or pain after taking them. . , , ,, . Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do that which calomel doc. asTJ just as cec-tivelv but their action is gentle ana safe 'instead of severe and irritating. No one who takes Olive Tablets i tver cursed with "a dark brown taste, a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no soo.1 eeMn?, constipation, ton-id liver, baa disposition or pimply face. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound mixed with olive oil. you will know them by their clive cc Dr. Edwards spent years anion? pent years v,ziiju io.- ifnts afflicted vith liver and uowei Olive Tablets are th3 ramnlairts and immensely eirective re sun. .cT- x ake one or two msuy , See how mucii better you leei a.-a iwo.. 10c and 25c per bos. All druggists. The Clive Tablet Company, Columbus. O. -.-...v ..v.t 'v: y?y rr.-: .t; :..;. tjs? - ill -'A ' rVSH- nnis We have just received our new Spring stock for Ladies, Misses, Children and Boys. These are fresh, crisp, new goods, quality grades of the best brands that time has proven the best so don't be misled by apparent bargains offered elsewhere as our prices are the very lowest at which the kinds you want can be sold. Price range 5uc, The Mammoth Racket H Phone 228 H. WILLIAM R. KNAPP A Colfax Township Pioneer, Answers Final Summons. William R. Knapp was born an Kcioto county, Ohio, October 20, 1S44, and when 5 years' of age moved with his parents to Illinois and there grew to manhood on his father's farm. Being a young man of sturdy qualities, he imbibed the Western spirit and came to Kansas in the '60s, seeking a home. He homesteaded a tract cf land in Colfax township, Wilson county, about nine miles northwest of Chanute where the Village Creek schoolhouse now stands. He proved up his claim and October 16t IS 73, he was united in marriage to Miss Lurinda C. Reeves, who survives him. As pioneers Mr. and Mrs. Knapp were every readj' to help those who made their wants known, always cheerful and ready to serve. To this union were born eleven children, five boys and six "girls, of whom all survive him except or.e son, who preceded him to the great beyond a few months ago. Of the ten remaining, three live at the parental home and the others reside in the immediate neighborhood. Mr. Knapp was early identified with the church and became a charter member of the Village Creek Congregational church, which was organized in IS 78 and the church was built on the farm he then owned, being a member of same until its dissolution. While he. "never affiliated -with any other church, he never forgot his Divine Father, aid repeated in his last moments that he was ready to gQ- On the morning of February 22 the summons came to him and he passed peacefully into Ins haven of rest, there to j'oin his i c:cn and these who had preceded him. He was the last one eight children. He three score and ten, at death 70 years, 4 of a family of had lived his his age being months and 2 days. Village Interment was made in the CTeek cemetery, located on the old homestead. METHODIST YEAR CLOSING. Rut Two Weeks Remain and "Round-Up" Is in Irogress. the The "Round Up Sunday," planned by the official board of the Methodist church is working in splendid shape. Tbe officials of this church close up their church year March 14. As is generally the case many of the subscribers to the s current expenses and benevolences of the hurch get behind. Sunday"' everybody is bring in all owing to and by so doing the "Round Up expected to the church, officials say thcy can meet every claim. Many are availing themselves of this op-portunty and are responding in a Look to New You will find them all here the new ... . i Military Lace Boots for women the styl-ish "Mary Pickford" for the dressy miss and the colored top Englishers for the young fellows. Every shoe dependable in every re spect and the price scheme arranged to allow a substantial saving for you. 120 EAST SIA1N STREET. OPEN SATURDAY EVEXIXGS. ri . i. - i 1 f -9 slippers i t ! f 4 rt3 L. FREEMAN & SON very gratifying way to the appeal. The office of the church treasurer, D. M. Kennedy, has been pretty busy since this day was announced, in receiving money from those who want 'to help the church make good. On Sunday the lists will all be gone over and those who are still in arrears will be solicited personally by a corps of workers very much after the fashion of the recent every-member canvass put on by this church. Mrs. J. C. Prentice is home from visiting a week i:i Joplir.. EXERCISE KKXKVICI A L WOMEN. TO Strength (M i r. May . he Judicious Activity on the Sick. Ciaincd by Fart of 60c, 65c Pp. The woman suffering from the ills of her sex often loses ambition and will not exert herself in the least, her muscles become flabby, f her circulation bad and nerves wrecked. Another woman suffering from the same ills will lay out for herself a system of convalescent ex-ervises of deep breathing even before leaving her bed. If the woman wi?i but write Dr. Pierce at the Invalis Hotel,4 Buffalo, N. Y., she can gt free medical advice in such cases, also a 1000-page book with advice- on Hygiene, How to care for the sick, Sex problems, Diseases of women, etc., ail for 3 dimes or 30 cts. in stamps to pay for mailing. Sick women thousands of them have been cured by the use of -Dr. Pierce's Favorite' Prescription. It is a woman's tonic that has a singleness of nurpose in curing the disease of women onlj It establishes regularity, heals inflamma tion and banishes pain. The dull, sunken eye with its dark circles which comes of suffering is banished so too is the sallow, sunken cheek, the shrunken form when this "Prescription" is used' It is a temperance remedy because made without alcohol of native roots and herbs. Women who suffer should not wait till a breakdown' causes prostration. If you are anxious to correct the derangement ' of the delicate feminine organs, to overcome irritability and nervousness, waste no time, but get Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription in liquid, or tablet form tis very day at any medicine dealers and tomorrow ou will know that you are on the highway to health and happiness. Write for free 13G-pagc book on diseases of women. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets reg- ulate and invigorate and" bowels. -Adv. ' stomac'i, liver . Us foi -the Styles r Jl i i 11:

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