The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1934
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Served by United I'resa VOL. XXXI—NO. K'i BLYTHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS T11J? DOMINANT NKWBPAl'KK OH NOKTHMST ARKANSAS AND BCUTHCA8T MI8BOURI Blythcvir.e Dilly Ncwi BlyOieville Ocnifcr Mississippi V»)lny 1-cnder lllytbevlllu Hernia BLYTHUVILI.K, ARKANSAS, SATUUDAY, SKl'TKMBKH 1, 193-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS PEflCE PLSGED mi (W Society Eve National l.ubor Board Suites Is \v Avert Strike «, j US' 10! WASHINGTON, S?pl. 1. (UP)—! A peace propu^.U lo avert the tii-. pie strike of cotton, textile, wool' and silk workers, established at one I million wns placed b-.-lore Hie, chieftains today liy Prv^ident llCh-v;- j elevlt's nalional hiljor ielali';ns board. SUike leade'-s did jiol give an | immediate answer and no details of j the plan were made public. Strike ! lenders, however, said there was a j might b? averted. j "distinct possibility'' ihal the strike '. At mid-afternoon he o: 1 .!;.':- calling cut '.sorters sliil sloorl. It will become elfective at 11:30 p.m. loclay. The sp'cia! .strike coinmUee surrounded ilsll wilh deep secrecy at- I ler rcnuuing to .'.eadquart-ers. Af-| ter a short session there tl:e union i men departed for :inoLiu-r ronfer- ence. Silk Wnrkcrs Out WASHINGTON. Sept. 1. (UP)— American silk and rayon vrorkers today were ordered to join textile Etrikcrs, bringing lo S50.000 LL'.C workers In lhe «r«i!csl lalxir uprising in American history. Slrike headquarters in announc- hiB thc or<l?r said 150.CCO men and woman in Ihe silk and artificial fabrics plains would cjiill jobs at r.Pr.clety wemcn set new precedents 11:30 p.m.. the hcur set for lhe lor daring ei.stumcs al Hie mid- walkout of 500,01)0 colton textile summer Beaux Arts Hall held a workers and 200.COO woollen and lie exclusive Atlantic Beai-ii Cluu The New Face in American Politics worated operators. Tile silk strike order came in t.;:e face of a warning from Lhe Patterson, N. J., Silk Manufacturers Association that il probably never would again sign a union contract with^workcrs. Workers in the Patterson area, one of the. largest silk manufacturing centers in thc country, signed a contract last year not to walk out until an industrial boarj hud ruled that -10 psr cent of tr.c industry was on a strike. British \Vunl Markets LONDON, Sept. 1. UJPI—T h c great British textile industry centering in Lancashire and Yorlahire pro pared --IrkJuy lo taVe advantage or Americ's textile strike by .seiz- iig every avuilable world ccuou market and even invading the Unil- ed Stales. Induslv'.'Al leaders forecast increased sales in e.e United States despite high lariir on mamifaclured lexliles' and planned to take orders Irom Latin American markets normally supplied by North American mills. If the strike lasts more than three or four weeks U was believed heie the dimunuion or lessening viiled the hiyhliyht of the occasioi [-ung IJcacli. Ii. f. Eva fihaw pro!>>• appearing as a blonde '.vigged in sandals an<l leaves. filmy lixaiuiiicr Caiinul Accept Picas j CHICAGO. Kepi. I (Ul')--l)r. | • V.')lli;jhi I.i.: 1 er and Or. HaroW' liernaid Cns^idy iralny p!i;uili-d j • •iillly hefme U. S. CominisMouer' Kdwili K. Walker to- r-lmri;e.s ol uiv piracy hi rliield John nHlin- er frinn llie^ linv. \ Their giiiliy pleas wcie made af- er their bunds had b;r:i fixed a'. •>:>mo. | Commissioner Walker informed I hv suri;cor.K Ihal he i-ould nol ac-, .'1>'. thr-ir pleas of I'.uili and in-; iitirlvd lueus vo waive cxamuv.i-' ^rvcn Arrested \VASIII.'«:VION, aei>!. i. (UP)— Seven |)^rsons, Sujudiny a lav.VL". 1 an-J two doctors, have bMn arrc.-itert in th; 1 Cliicaso ar;-a Ji.rins th2 pas', few day.-:, on i-tniWi of harbarins; director of t: e l>epariment of Jus- .x-j Inves'.l^aiion Division, disclos- Two womi u ol U'.e nillingpr gang ar.rl Mr. ar.d Mrs. U r il'lam I-'innerty of Cuiiimal". Mich., ill whose hrsmr \\f agents sai:!, Homer Van Me.tor. 5'ialji Dilhiurer lir-uiiMKinl. stayed fi^r several week-.*. a!. [ :o sver? arrested. Tiic s'.juiu!. which arres:c-d Attorney Louis l»ir|lie!l. Dr. Williail Wilhelm ivjr.wr and Ur. Harold Hirraru ca.--si:!y wilh a clerk in Piqiielt's <j!l':r?. Arllnir W. O'Lsary. was led by Hoover. Hoover s:ixl Plquett. O'L-eary. L<n-scr nnd Cassidy are chargL'-.l with harborinn Dillinger while Ih? Indiana bandit wa.i eluding polie: the i!iaj chase whic'r, pivoerl;>:l tlayiiii;. "Our r.p| that iiur and ^oin yua is all S"i'i:iH!ri ^oinmuiii: jn. Hut VVL an- net in the IraM- uarrh'd." "All my lift- I have l>rlltvrd in lln 1 |'eo|ile. All my life 1 have hi- sistril that dt'lllcicrary i-uuhl IK: made lo work. 1 * "Ucllrvr nir, I shall not fall. UV tliall irivr a Jiili lu evvry L'ullfur- niu m.-in anil woman wlio IK able* ami wllllnc 1u wink." Mother and ! 2 Childre^ Asphyxiated FUANKFORT. 1ml,, Supl. 1 <UP) --Mrs. Kdllli Ihndiun, 3H, widuw ot i piouilnenl l-'riirikfort phjvleian. i phyxliilcd herself and Iwb children today. T.ielr bcdles were iouiul in lhe kitchen lying on :.u Improvised bed in Irani of i!ie mis slnvi 1 . All Jel.s on the Move WIT? 'Ihls will bi> the liuppli'.U Jamil \ cl my life sluiv my died," F.ilil a nut; 1 slu- lell. I'.vr e Uilii'ii wen 1 M.u«mvt Ann. I), and OeuiKC, 10. STnTETElERS GET FEBJ \pi:!icfilions {or $1,963.829 Received From 548 Arkansas Districts '° r Is plan to i ml poverty In alliliHlvs.i idler he had Ciililoinlii, Upton tlii: Deinocriiile fmncd wrln-r. here iioniliuitlon for jjovemor <>f C-ill- in one of the uiKSMl upheavals In lhe nation's hlslory. The pilmaiy vlctmy won he ill :tave fru- the ensi for a confciciice with President Doosuvelt, who senl word thai he' would glad to see ISuielnir on a buslnr.v,. bin nul u political, basis. 1ICE TUESDS! Brings Siring From New Orleans "Red Light" District to Testify MEW ORLEANS. ;3ept. 1. (UP) — From New Orleans 1 -'red light" dis.- Fimeral Services Heir] ' lrlct "" cy p lx>nt ' tcxllxj ' 1 "'"" i I uncial OtrVlLCi IIEIU I ...(I.IKS^ ,ft/.i- „ i;.^,^ in i,,,rf n lnr,,- i Rescues Scientists at Isolated Iceland Basel MOSCOW. Hl:pt. 1. i UP)—Nina j Jt-inme. commnmbr of the metro-; olutiical station in Kiimcnev. lee-j hind, in the Arctic, has been res- j cml with three mule companions LITTLE HOCK, Sept. 1 (Ul'l- \u)>licatlons fur lrc«i he Federal Kmestii'licy belief A'l- inlnlstratlon Imve liceii received friim !M Arkansas school dlslvldi (o Insure normtil times, Cleori-e C. Conclcmns Double Primary As Expensive and Asks Repeal o' I,aw By ii vote of 17 ID 12 Ihe Mi;sli- slli;:! counly IWtiocralip central , rnnmilil?:! went OM record ut,Os-. vf-nl-.i yf-iierilny a-; ciinrtill'lnliuj'.tho'. ._ i iin-olj pi Imary viiir.'leij.ify'ljie dutq'? " : | IcsHalure. Insl year (is being'h use- lui's fxiicitM' and falling to reflect . l::f void 01 UK people and urging its r:-p;Jl hy lhe next legislature. T.:c cost ol holding a •ectmU riiTilon \v:is given as the princlpJl ii'iiKjii lor dissatisfaction. The vote, at I'dwlar CiiniLT. In Iho run-orf, j p'.vni ns an ::x-.unp!e of the • xcefxlve c^.t o!-holding such' an •Irctlon. II wu-3 shown ihal only •lyht votes worev poled at' Poplar -orner at an excuse lo tre parly . il C7.M in judges nnil clerk's fees. Under lilt 1 run-ulf primary law 'ir.ictcd lail year tin slate held (is flist double primary this summer. ^lalo. district, and counly officc-3 were subject lo a run-oil' between the iwu highest, camlldales unless one received n imi]nrlly of the votes. :.| relict irt'clor, . Ircm a I wo year I wirelcis stalion al j f aid today. Alexander Atexlcv. n government ! aviator, lieu- '250 miles from Cii|K' Chcliuskin. Siberia, lo the rescue. the report said, and took oil not IL VUJILilil JIUJll.- ^ ^ f I I ' • isolation, tne. raculty ot University ot Tennessee Medical School to Be Guests Jesse Ray of Leachville In- ^.-° ft ^ ™' in stocks would bring crease in tracb ;o Ei a hiry land. toxicated While He Declaretl Voting, Sept Dec Sept Dec. Chicago Wheat open hish low close 101 1-2 102 1-2 101 1-2 1023-8 1033-8 1035-3 1031-8 103 t-2 Chicago Corn ripen high low close 11 M 78 1-2 77 1-2 78 3-8 79 1-2 80 1-4 79 1-4 80 nay of Leachville was fined SSO and given 30 days by Municipal .liidge C. A. Cunningham yesterday on a felony chaise of violation of election laws reduced to a misdemeanor by t!:e court. Fine ancl .sentence were suspended on good behavior. Election oflirials at Ix-achville and Carmi testified thai Kny voletl at both boxes in Tuesday'? nin-ofr primary. Ray did nnt lake the slan:i r.imself but Con^^lile \v. G. Ha- ii'jy of t/.-aehville testified that Iv took Ray into custody and that the If'tler was so tho:ongWy intoxi- atcd he probably had no idea of -at he was doing. The attitude of both the court n:i the prosecutor. W. Leon Smith s well as arrealinj ofTicers and "cclien officials .seemed to b? to Ray off as "light as possible" vilh a ivaniing not to :lo so again. An affidavit, sk'red bv Ray. ad- :iitting that he volvd at' t»L.: plac- ». was read al tl::- rentni! eum- niltee ineetin- b ' in G-rrola vector- lay. community after a weeks iltnsra of :nypertcnsion chroma nephritis uremia. The deceased was born Inly 12. 187fi nnd died August 30. 193-1. He was married lo Miss W. K. RICHMOND >t CO.'S AFTKRNOOX fiKAIN LETTER CHICAGO. Sept 1. -Wheat": It uas a typical pre-hniiday ni.ukei in wheat with commission houses an;l the local element slow in taking a stand cither way. A yocr part of the business in wheat, a; In oilier grains, consisted In changing between the various (ii'l iro indication future trend j,u£i:ested hy the markets action Routine news uttracted hUle al- entlnn. Good rains were reportei In parts of Kansas and Ncbrask which he (if inuch benefit ii ! witness after wliness lo hurl ehary- For Albert B. Denton' cs Ol al ' cc<l - »" lfl an(l corruption at LJ:e N'ev, p Orleans clt 1 (ration which he is tryi: frcm office. In a spectacular two hour scs- len in which proceedings were j i bl ' 0:lt ' cnst ovl ' r ^ ' l>: 'al radio slnlloil I i " J ' n;"-st!<m«l wilnes s '""" l "» li:ld '- ouly sled clogs. FCic-ntisls, ut. 10 STEELE, Mo. — Mr. Alhei i B. Demon, pioneer ami life long res- th"™ Lr °. """ .; v " ' '' Thc r "'» t session was —- TO REVISE ftLL OF Floyd. eductilioniil nnnounccd today. A|i]illcatlon.'i will be forwarded late today to Washington when, they will be passed on hy federn iiiiLhiirlllr.i. The money will provide 4.710 teachers in the dlstricl-i Districts in the following cmm- llcs 'were ninoiig Iliusi 1 applyhiK foi loiins: Cralthead, $25.:i08 lor li teachers in ten districts; Hide pendencc, $l!>.0flfl for 70 lenchcis in eight districts; Mississippi county. S50.730 for 14S teachers In 10 districts. all Dona Cloven in 1310 and they, llc madc ;l liulc sjwcch al lad eleven children, two of wjioin -•receded him in Oealh. Mr. Denton ul one lime was yer cf Ihe Chevrolet |: opening of the investigation and he closed with anoirer little speech. lie inten'iiptcd witnesses (o make 11 " 10 speeches throuBhont the ses- Musi Include Maximum n rVlinimnm s, iviiniraum and Child Labor Ban More than 200 physicians from Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi mid Missouri nrc exacted lo al- icnil a barbecue al nig Lake nexl Tuesday, Sepl. t, given by Ihc Mississippi County Medical Society In honor of lhe. faculty ot the. University of Tennessee Medical school. Thc event will be in lhe nature I'of n reunion of faculty inemlMi-s }iow connected wilh lhe school, former fuculty members who were with lhe school before it consolidated In 1913, and many practicing physicians in the trl-slates who Ji I iiMi-~ <.ri Ul till 1 <*Iirv I UL'_ L IJIilllLi i ' ' »"-«"ti"-" 1 «' ---L ••«-•• VIT--III T'/^MJC/' CTniit hpr,\ bin for the pasl n voars hi-1 ston - At OIL- dose lie ndvisctl his NE\\ \OIIK Scpt. - . _ . , ' . : . infT=.-ioti,-« —.,,„,;<,„, , n ..™^i ,.« Comolclo revision 01 ::as run a [arm near his home. \ legislative commit!!™ to "get some lie look active part in .willing thish'" 1 <»'""? "ie '-"hor Day l-.oliday ' lo ™nlme all t> country. Funeral were held August 30. at 2:30 at the church, with interment Baptist al the rainrly cemetery, with Ihc German going plenty to do next week." TT.-3 commiltee will nexl Tn?sd,iy nl j pm. (UP>- Complclc revision of NliA so as the three maximum hours, Undcrtakim; Co. in charge of all; proceedings moved with clock-like arrangements. • precision afl'.'r a short delay caused Besides his wife he U survived (uy fn ,. llv r , ui | o con nec!ions. hy nine children. Henry. Harold. •\. R. Jr.. Airs. Helen Vickers. Mis. l.ois George. Alma. Billy. Reba. and James and several giandchildrcn. Baptist Revival Meeting Draws Crowd at Steele Tropical Disturbance STEELE. Mo.—Tlie Banlist revival meeting that has been in progress the past two weeks wiil close I Sunday. Trie Rev. A. B. Sadler, ipn-sior, ivas assisted by Ihe Rev. Mnvp« Infn Movlcn J - w Trcncnhnm. missionary in moves mtn mexico Ol ,, N , p . v Mailrill ^<.\u\ m . whose :ome is at Hayti. Up until Thursday morning l^eie were fifteen and one admit- preparation of the soil for tin lien- 'vinter crop. Western Kansas which has Iwen dry for. o ccnsid erablc period, receiver!/.as much a I'..- inches of rain. There: war, ta ther heavy rain shown in parts o C'ar.ftd-.i, Inr. U \\.is ol little eficc at Winnipeg, that market remain iniT firm. Heavy frosts were indi ca'lr;! in norlhern Alberta by rail road reports. All north America grain exchanges will be closed Monday, but Liverpool and Buenos Aires will be opcir as usual. Corn: There was considerable confusion in the corn market mound the opening dlie to the inauguration of trading ill nc'.v and el<t style delivcrie-s. made necessary by lhe new federal grain grades. \ihlrh became effective • today. Tiadlng. however. <j,-s not heavy I tiii'J the market maintained a firm mi.-lcrumc. alllnujh cash prta-s win 1 lower. Futures closed un-! riinnscd to a fraction, higher than j j,>:erday. Cash circles were ruiiel. rnily 7,000 bushels being booked lo arrive and no cash sales reported. The action of Ihe market Tuesday will depend largely upon news over the holiday and weather In Caiuih. Provisions were somewhat firmer nn 'iMtlcrcd buying. WASHINGTON, Sept. 1. lUPl- Uie weather bureau repnrlr-d to- iay (hat the gulf Iropical disturb- nnce hud .crossed the Mexican co.ut hie some distance north of Tam- .lico. Mexico. At Ihe same time Ihe bureau an- rioimced tv.a'i another dlsHirbancc is developing about 475 miles cast of Canavera. Fla.. -.vith littlr movv- ni;nl at the present t'me. Closing Stock Fricet KEW YOSK, S.-pl. 1. (UPI — Sales on thc N'ev.- Yoik siock ex- chan;e toelay inlnlrcl 113.030 share.'. Hie sm.illeM Saturday busine*? since Aug. 17. W18. whrn 102.000 shares were traded. Sales en the curb market exchange toialea cniy 52.COO sliar- against shares a ted to ihe church by "etler. The >t-:'.in? will ly hclrl Sunday afternoon at 2:30 and the place announced lalnr. minimum wages and elimination ol | child lal-or was uraed on President reassemble Rcosevelt to;lay by Ihc shoe in- dvislry. Tre siireestions were cmitained in ! ^ '- lc "' ^ ^^; 'p^£ r D ] a resolution unanimously adop'.cd Mcm > toaslmaller. by. the membership of the Nattanal T1]( . cvcnt ^ Uoot and Shoe Manufacturers as-, bcc . lllw Qf |]1( , l|m|slml num of JCCIP Mv. Ginncr. your prosperity depends on the prosperity of the community. Are you using scrip in your payroll? it would be belter than havhn; a commute- 1 hound you for funds with which to feed ilu unfortunate, bury in--' dead and send sick children lo Ihe hospital. Think it over!- Members of thc entertainment ccnnnlti?c, said all physicians, whether (hey were gradualcs ol the- school or nol, are Invited to attend. The program will l)c largely of a social nature and will not any scientific lectures or pai,x>rs. The incellng will b;gln at 1:30 P. M. and will he railed I" m-d"' i by Dr. J. L. Tidwell. president of authority representing more 800 members. The present ce.des, said the re.w- hition. were "nullifying LSe real University of Tennessee Medlcn.: tchool graduates now practicing h this section. Dr. Husband said he believed n Wgher percentage and objective!, of trie na-, ari bv I... of the graduates of that schoo ,„ Mississippi coun tional industrial recovery act by ty ltllm ,„ „ on , cr COUMl „ retarding recovery, reducing sain- [lle i r [. sl;x tes. Born as Girl, Now She's Boy price structure." ; KHH- lhe :onomic! K\tcnds Auln Code HYDE PARK. N. Y.. (UU)—Ex- : lenslon of the automobile co:! 1 . 1 ; Bradley and Sudbury Pass Bar Examination Housing Program Going j Strong, Moffett Reports [ HYDE PARK. N. V.. SPlll. 1 lUI'i—Jamr.? A. Mcffett. federal i housing administrator, irixirteri toj r-rfsKi.'iH RooseveH today thnl his rro?ram was "goiuc strong." Mo.'rell str.pprd nl HvcK- Park for a few mimites to acnnaint President Hoosevelt with lhe pr?;rc;s o: IT n:wes! iv'ase in national rorovery efrnrts—honii' construction and rein f-i 12 1-1 ?n i-s 33 1-1 A. T. and T. Anaconda Copjirr ..Bnhlcl'crn Stci-1 . Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank 33 General Electric 133-4 General Motors '.!9 1-3 Harvester 27 Middlewest Ulilities 3-10 Montgomery Ward — 24 S'c<v Yoik Central .... 21 7-8. Packmd -. -I Phillips Petroleum 101-8 Hadio Corp 53-4 Simmons Beds 93-8 St. Louis San I-'rauci^co Standard og N. .1 -14 1-4 Texas Co 2:t 3--1 U. S. Steel 33 1-2 U. ,S. Smeltilii; Earth Shock Reported In San Francisco Area SAN FRANCISCO. Sent. 1. (UP> —A !.l-.shl earth shock 'rocked the thwcs: residential recticn Df San Francisro at 8rIS a.m.. Pacific coast time. without, change until November -3 ] C;ene E. Urndley and J. Gralmn was ordered today by President Sudburv of this city have been of Ucoscvelt. : fieially ,certincd to the' clerk o The extension was accomplished \ Ihc stale\.suprcme court' as success i through the ?i?ning of an ewcu- ] fill npplicanls for admission to Hi j i live order by Mr. Roosevelt based : slate bar bv (he board of cxamii ion Ire recommcndalion of General ers of lhe Wortcl judicial dLstrlc Hugh S. Johnson, recovery admin- |islrator. ft J ni UrderS Release Of 740 German Prisoners Mr. RranfayC son of John H Bradley, prominent Kennett. Mo attorney, has been In the law o fice of Claude V. Cooper here to several monlhy He will immed ately enter inlo active practice Sept. 1 i Mr. Sudbury ts n member of 11: (UP)—Prus- cc |it or i a ] s t»ff of the Courier Ncu argest Seizure ol Contraband Liquor Since Repeal Is Scored NEW ORLEANS, Scpl. 1. ftlD— he Inntest seizure of conlrabaiu o.i:or since re(>eal. one new run BSfr eljlil large trucks, eight au- mobiles nnd thc nrrcal of 2-1 'n-'i us reported hy local agents of thc ei:artinent of in ternal revenue oday. Value of Lhe seized lin,itor ant oiling stock was estimated b; sjents at nearly $200.000. 'I'he haul was m.ide by the »f;ent car the Chef Meiiteur bridge be ween New Orleans and Ihe Mls- L'.sipjil pulf const. The re>— "I" 1 «-ner of the ruin lugger, T. J. ,Vood. was amoiij those urresu-d. )ouglas Resigns Post Of Budget Director HYDE PARK. N. Y., Sept. 1. UP)—President Roosevelt lodny lonflrmed i-eporl.s ot Ihc reslgna- lon of Louis Douglas as director of the budget and announced ap- lointment of Daniel W. Bell us acllng dircclor. Clara Phillips 1 Mate Ts Freed Stale Employes Secure Double Labor Holiday LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 1 (Ul'i- Slatc employes asked today lor a double holiday. The request was •Hie proposer! transformation ol i BERLIN. Elan Premier Hermann Gocring i , Ic dc( , s , 10 ,. pi^, t 0 enter in tcday ordered thc release of 140 , ac t| V c practice ol law at Ihls lime. persons, moslly socisliits and com- ! Besides Mr. Bradley and Mr. munlsU. from Prussia's roiiccn- ; siidhury J. H. Siiears of Turrell • Iration camp In accordance with -,, lrt j nmi;s shaw of Marked Tvee I the Rcichfuehrer. Adolph Hitler's vcre thc ol j icr successful appli- 1 amnesty policy. Goering also or- , nnts olll 0 [ 21 taking Ihe cxam- dcrcd abolition of lhe hniiorlanl i, 1; iiion in this district. Oranienburg camp near Berlin. . . : ly tiiat s nio"e° ui ihnn '^iTi" of^the '. Havana Students in j prisoners in conccnlratlon camp; I had been released since thc am- Inesiy period started. • ' 1 i HAVANA. Sept. 1. (UP)—Armed i >T C ' i' rk : with machine guns, rifles and pls-j | lUmer Sprinting UVer itols a group of revolutionary stti-: : Pnnntrv •»* !?•««* P /•/» dents barricaded themselves In thc i j v/uumry ai rasi race un i VC rslty today and defied thc an- ( , ~ 'thorities to oust them. '. ; CLEVELAND. Sept. 1 (UP)-Col-1 Ti -. e students cut nearby trolley • oncl Aoscoe Turner, attempttnf! a wu . cs before retreating to their record speed night from Los An-; "fortress" and all traffic was dl- -- lo New York, landed his rac-1 ver . e ,.i from ihs vicinity. A force Riots, Defy Officials granted nl) d D I( . Cil pj| 0 ) Monday. ue .„„„.„,. „. i'" g shl P '" fr ° nti nt «« "^o™i : ot"i5o"po'iiTO ,,...„...,...„ I'oiiasylvanla's Clnra Sclircckcu- |",. mccs B^andstanrt here today atjsurioundm^ tl'.c university. go«l Into a hoy has medical pro- „. p ' '"• '. ci'dciit as nils picture of Henri Ac- . Hls unofficial elapsed lime from WFATHFR f.ffs reveals. Through n series of : Los -Angeles was 8 hours and 20, ntniIlE.IV operations, llio child, born j minutes, slightly more than the Mica lltlirietle. has becomo llcuri. trophy race lime for thc ' The maximum temperalure here . . , Now 16 years old, In & ta\i more distance set In 1932 by Jlmmle j yesterday was 92, minimum 57. yoarj he will be alilo to marrj jHarzlip at 8 hours and 19 min- clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- «nj hocome a lather. I utes. Iris, olftclnl uealher observer. Philadelphia as a the flist. primary. Tj'.is ' enacrd Into law a 1 : lhe only method of clearly expressing the will -of lhe majority of the people, instead . ol LI minority, its sponsors said at the lime. The vo'.e yeslirKlsiy IndlcRWtl that t.! e committee was not In iinanl- • noi.s upproval of Hi; i-csohtt'.on • wlik-h mel vs-lth oi)[:asitlon Irom a • number or coiumllteemen. After cerlincntlon of Hugh Craig f OsCL'ola as winner of lhe run- II primary race with Addlson imllli of Blylhevlllc It was'rcvtal- d t'.ml the Courier News' unofll- clal tahultition represented more Menrly thc niarRln of Craig's vlc- ory than the totals on .which the committee based Us certification, low-ever, the certification d'.d not : go as to the number of votes but simply lo Craig as winner and nel- . Iher candidate sulfercd maicrially | is a rnsult. : Mi error In tabulation ot totals ' from t'dc ssvernl boxes that went • t'.nnctlccd by repvescntattvss of j both Craig nnd smith at the meet- ; Ing yesterday, accounts for th; ap- | liarcnlly itncxplsined 'discrepancy j between the official; and ths I Courier Ncwr,' tnbnlnllon. It wr\i I discovered by Mr. Smith after th» totals had already been announcsd. In listing U'.c totals cl boxes a v , West Hldrje and the Osccola Lum- - Iwr Yards lhe West Ridge total was .' Inadvertently listed twice, once for ; West nidne and once for the Osce- : ola Lumber Yard. This In effect : cut inii votes on* the total Crals ; would have received had the count been accurate and with absentee ' votes brings Craig's actual total i cad lo 304. (Including Manila) ap- >roximately tl:e same as the Cour- er News unofllclr.l tabulation \vpnlU lave given Craig \vllh Inclusion of il/Mntco votes. The Manila .vote was not included in thc official to- .al because the tabulation was not M'.closed in its sealed box. Officials indicated (hey would have gone to, more trouble to secure the tabulation If it would have affected l!:e outcome of the race, but un- ' cITicin! returns showed that would not b« probable since Craig carried the box. and no protest was made. Ti'.e Box Elder box did not report, no election being hcki there. The certification of Craig was onlv as winner .tnc! the 53 vote cm'clal count nasis will have no bearing r.'roiild a contest, which seems probable, develop. Such a contest would go to the official count in each box and the 53 vote lead en totals hy the committee would have no bearing, incidentally attorneys for Smilti were delving deeulv into record-3 of the election al Wilson. Whitton, Kelr,:-r and Joiner today. Every indicn'^on Is t>at a suit contesting the r !ec- t'.cn will b; filed before the ! : .tne fcr such action expires 10 days -if- t?r the. run-off primary. l>e!e£(ites [o thc slate Democratic convention \vcrc named yesterday. D"lei:ales for lhe norlhern district nl the rounly nrc: G. E; : Keck. C'.aronce Wilson. V. O. Holland. Taylor. H. Hlghnit. C. A. Cunningham. Z. B. Harrison, Blyllieville: L. O. Byerley. A. R. Rob- iison. Lcaehvllle: R. J. McKinnon, Stto Bradberry, Manila: E. M. Wnodnrd. Dell. Altcrnale5 are: Louis Cherry. C, C. Langston. Joe Iraac. Ulythcvillc: E. E. Byrd, Leachville: G. O. Sluard, itfanlla; Mervln Cook. Gosncll; P. A. Rogers. Clear Lake: Walter Stewart, Promised Lund: Lish Atkinson, Huffman: Mose imith. Yarbro. Dele-fates and alternates from the southern district are: J. B. Bunn. S. M. Hodges. A. F. Barham, W. R. Dyess. Dave Yonnj. ^fl•s. W. E. Hunt. W. A. Butler. Cieo. Edriraton. S. R. Bradley. OS- Brooklyn's Si'27,000 liO'dup. Armcmr L Phillips' chief concern before IK' was freed was that he mlghl jailed nnd miss a ramicn wil'n his icife. Clara Phillij-s. hammer murderess, who Is to be parolcr next year. Phillip 1 ! is shown here In the Philadelphia courl. ccola: J. F. Tompkins. Burdette; P. L. Denton. Shelford; 'Frank FereiiEon. Marie: Clifford Sharps, Elowah. Hi Wilson. Wilson; J. T. Lee. Jr.. Joiner: J. A. Gwnltney, Victoria; J. A. McClendon. Whitton: H- P. Listen. Burdette: Floyd Thomason. Osceola; G. L. Waddell. Osceola.

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