The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1934 BLYTIIEVILLE, (AUK,) COURIER PAGE FIVE « SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORM AXIOM Daily rale per line for consecutive insertions: tFivc average words to ii line) j One time per'lino lucl Two (lines per line per day .. 08c Three times per line per day .. CGc I Six limes per line per day .. Ooc Month rate per line UCc AUTOlttOlIVE J. BEN CLUNE BATTERY SERVICE We rei-h;irge. rebuild nil makes. Generators ,\: Starters Rep.iired. At '1'uiii W. Jiivkson'i Stulion ASH A: SKCOS1) rlwiic s — Itosldeme 217-W. Six-Pound Baby Girl Is Weighing Hire:; pounds at her birth 'in l-Yani'isro |iv<> month.; 1150, Tjniest Air Traveler^ fuil >" * KM "•'• '"•>•< <<•« »«"«"* ,„ ,. , , y y B "' I> wl>0 flew B001 , Seattle In I'orlliuid lilsl VIMU. U)S ANGEU-S (Ul')-H«cuvd "I the life in mi liu-ub.ilur. ns she veni-! «t tlu> six-iwund vvolglil \ thai would ivlenii- her Irom I he M , . incubator, lier mother llrw wllli. JYlaSSaCllUietlS Family .1.. i • * _ i to i ravel on nil airplane r,:ii bt-en her to Ui.s Anrji'le.s, utul was as- claimed for Marilyn Di: Ocnd Minimum eliaryc 50c Save Time and Money using uur complete slock (i i Ainu ItcptUTiiiail I'.irls Ads ordered for three or six j nuimutl> IIAHinVAKK CO. limes -.ind slopped bclorc expua-' All , olllollvc „<.„,. . . ,.| 1()m . i 7( j lion will bo charged for llic Hum- | Cc-k9-t> her of limes the ail a^pc-iired tuul • _ alliislment of bill marie. ' t'Ott fj All Classified Advertising copyi T'lUC AU/AV submitted by persons residing out- IjlVfc AWAI side of the city must be accompanied by ciitli. Rates may lju easily computed (lorn above taljlc. i ruu ,-v. 1.1.1 "7E~~AWr" PRICES No responsibility will )» for more than one" incorrect scrlion of any classified ad.. Advertising ordered lor irregular insertions lake the onu time rate. PHILLIPS' USED CARS Colonial Iwlu beds, Deep Si mattresses; chest drawers; Moored lakcn Airtight Healer; End tables; Up- •ilyn Dis Oendel, of misled m i-.irln s for the baby ilttr- AUBele.s, who Hew Irom Bin Ins; tl.e lIMn Ijy llic MDivtmle.v.. Francisco to IIBI- home recently • i>l tlie plane. | N 1; W T O N, Mass. UJ1>)- l:onrd a United Mr Lines pl.uie. I Tin- youngest passenger lo :ip-'Muisslieltls had on United Air Lines was an pally thai, arrived at Ihelr door by LUiloumbtle. Miry P. McOlimr, . tlu: visitor, \vli6 was drlvlnu cur lor only the secoiut time wllh a companion, biTiuiii- cniitusvd. .slepiwl on Hie iiccclcralor Insleiul of UK' brake, John .1 Miuislleld's drive- Hat Unexpected Guest OUR BOARDING HOUSE door into''Uii!' reception hilP A' pair ' ' of stairs 'slopped IttY, or, perhaps', she might, have toured I he house, Air l.hw Claim* -Krcord )Hillou»l ciriclency mark for long CHICAGO lUP) but -'.060 mill's mil of distance, large scute nlr line opcr- ullou, Its record being that o( completing 89.8 per cent of well over a million and a quarter miles of flying, of which nearly oiiehalf liy llylni; ull of It wus at nlghl, on its coabl-lo- NOBODY HOME/— rAUST AU_ ; BE ON VACWION-YEH/ WELL.JH&VlL COM\M' BAvCK ANN' DW NOW, AN' T CA.N WAIT —TH\S IS rAY SLACK SEASON bolstered cnairi complcle Uimin rouni suite. PARKHUKSTb. 30-e-tt '33 FOKI) TUHOIt SKUAN .. ?Hl '33 CHKVROI.ET COACH .. SI53 '31 CIIEVKOI.KT COUl'K .. 5215 •3D CHKVHOl.liT Cdlll'i: .. S1W 'il OODCIK SKDAN ?li)3 •2\] I'l.VMOUTII SKDAN ¥123 TRUCKS anil TUAlUlltS 'M (JIIKVHOI.ET TK1ICK. l!i Ti;n, Closeil Cab, llttll Wheels, 157 Inch Wheelbase $3lij 'Si FOKD TKUCK. l\ : Tun, Closed Cab, Dual Wheels . S'ilo CARTER'S'Dual \Vhcel Trailer. A-l Cumliliun. 32\ii Tires, Almost New, l(i Fmit Huily. A Jiarjvim ?IU5 KABOKS TKAIMCK. Single | Wheel S U7 I PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 'J:3i Corner VVdI>mt it 1st Sis. I'nouo S13 I Alfalfa and all kinds uf 1'aslurc | Seed. Seed llye, Wheat. Tun I Oals, KcU Hust I'rouf Oats, 'lur- j nip Seed, Mustard. Rape, Kale. ! All varieties Radishes & Spiiu BUST TRICES OBERST STORE CO. AUTO GLASS AUK-MO U1MUCK CO. PHONE 40 ONE hand t:pcrated CALCULATOR. Call ros'. ollico. CLOSING OIT neunnditioncd electric refrigerators, Oocrt condition-—SuccKSIul u|ier- ntion GU/UiANTEED. liizes. Irom 5 cubic Icct food stor- ugc .si>nce lo 12 cubic feel. You inny SL'U llicsc units today. E. It. GEIi SALES CO. N N •107 Main St. COAL & WOOD My Cual Is Blark but I trc.U >uu ' while. Kill up now. .JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 11)7 OOOU Jlc:ils nnd Rooms. liriLsnn- j ^blc iiricus. :,;rs. T. K. Watson IK East Chcrrr, I'lionc 60S!. 7c POSITION WANTED Experienced Stenographer desirco oilico work. Writu P. O. Bu.x K'l. K'J-20 DiUECTOHY My Ilmiic. FURNISHED or UN- I-URN1SHEX). Mrs. Pearl Steivarl, nOO W. Ash. 30-c'rt-tt I I Oil KENT — 3 room uirmshed • notise. oW) j\. I'ifth St. dn TO OBERST STOKE CO. For all Hardware & Feed. HAKNKSS. Call 115 i ask for Tat fnr demon- I jic)I)i:UN 3 mom funihlwd nr un- strations of Sluilclukcr, Term- J mrnlsnnl apartment over Kirby plane, Hudson, Wtii« .^ Austin l( , ug g( orc . [-. simon. cars. • IY* Hell PETER SCHUTTLER And MISSOURI MULE r AI 111 Wa£uns WINCHESTER Shot Gun Sliclls . Brst 1'jiccs On CO'ITOiN HACKS AUL BYRUM inu i\)st{ifrice Building I'lionc 'ir>1 Keep Koul wilh Hunter Wcclrk) FANS. Unvuiulitiflnally suar.inteca. II1I1HIAHI) HDW. CO. Cc 1:'J-C SHOf. KKIlUII.IHNti n Yeats of .v.tislnctory Kc I'ROtSHtSSIVr. .SHOV; 10.1 S. Eecnnd. Blylhrville. Ark. V'nctory Authorized v »' - KK;i!)AlllK SliUVICK factory Xuincfl .Mcclunirs Day 67— I'lionc— N'ighl 36i E. ». (JEK RALliS CO. in? Main Jjl. TERMITE I'roolliis Insinantc OiNDEIl THE ANTI&UTB PLAN. E. C. Kobinson Co. I'lionc 100 Vf. 3. KN'OA Has repaired shoes hcic well lor -y '•" yeats. lirnwnable. prires. ' Frcr. Horar I,.un Eslhinlrs" RooHni;. Paliitiii;, ricpain THE AUKMO l.UMUEli CO. luc 1:0-10 AUTO ACCIWSOKIHS Cifl- ready [or aiilninn driving at bargain prires you prnbahly will never sec again. Conic in. compare our priecs en onto parts, tlics. tubes, motor oil. S gal ii 59 WOLF AKIAN \\'t Sell Wholesale ^ntl ReUnl 17G - - - 12S E. Main WANTKI) i'E.MALK Experienced Irousckc;p37 for (ani- ilv of six to live in home. w. E Hallmark. Rt. 1. Box 31. mileage, scheduled during tin! past 30 diis's, United Air from, luwn and railed IKT csuap.uln Head Courier Ncwi Want Alb, Lines lays cliilin to ROYAL WORRY! VTO »AO 6«fiAKJ, WE r/ET WOOTII: TC Attf V OOP I BONO UP MV lOE.AN'WE HAFTA TH' K'EDpING/NOW 1\4' TOf .3 OKAY, ANt> OOP HASTA GO ,\H' **T HISSELF CARRIED Off BY A HE PIO, P|D MET 5CRVES HIM C(6Hr/ THPOVV OOT CM MIS EAR AM' THEN SEND IN TH' (•RAND WANTA SEE HIM SIR.YER MAJESTY, OFFICER O'COO TO Sit YA .' HE WITH At-LEY OOP'S DINOSAUR HISSELF WJNOED MARTU/V IM CHICAGO/—^ LUCKY FOP. NAC \ K\ TH V T-NU ME ABOUT TVV (AAiOVX . t -• SELUN& TI-\~ GOLD rAiNu: | l' ; -"'•";/ —SELUMG /AV GOLC) MINE /-— CAN NOU Tit I GOT A 'BOWrl TO PICK WITH TVAAT |V, V , CROOK AN' \T A\N'T IN TI-\' ICE BOX WeLL, SPEEOY, I SEE VA ) UNTIL I T^V ELL .CONSULT TH FIHALLV GOTCHEK OLD / CONSULT TH;\ WOOtV ,V,TU WOOZY, YER VCiNTANktROUS HIGHNESS, I AM V» OLD TOAD, UN ABIE TO HHSWta) AN' UOf-T ORAND WIZER.C HIS MAJESTY, TH KINO, REQUESTS VER PRESENCE ' AT COURT, IMMEDIATELY: ELL HIS BOYAL HIGHNESS.l HAVE HIS MESSAGE AND WILL ACT ON IT WHEN GOOD'IM-READY' BONES OVER HERE: NOW,TELL ME, WHERE IS AU.EY OOP? ROOTS ANP HEll BUDDIES KXI'LAIN YOUUSELI', KONN1K! ^ itnt — »v5'A, ^^1 -, WaB^IVJT-^ KOOM & BOAKD V.'ASH TI1KTIS room FURNISHED npartmcnt. airs. Vacant, Sept. 1. Phone G8X 108 w. Kentucky. ( IISTEM, WE'LL TAK6 -OU VJI7H> THtlW Vou'Rfc- K1O Lr>4GER THE BOSS. VDL/LL DO WE TEtLVOUTO , , , PO, ftND DO IT CHHERFULLV. / NO,NO,KX>' ILL 7HESJ NOU Cflk Nc KJD. FIND WUR OWM MLWATSf WE 3£flRSf WftV BflCK TO /I A6REE,-yil CflN 8E US ow OME cojr):pcu-;oMLV. GIVE you MOJEY- I'LL CK) AMVTHINS, BUT |'^THE BOSS. THE BOSS, AND COMPLAlKl. WO MftTIER WHAT HAPPENS. 15f;DROONiS. Mrs. Ed llarditi. 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. l-ck-ti H10AI. KbTATE o. en yood highway, near :.c!ioul uiiil ehindi. Black loam mil. tiro .vinal! houses. Land pic<hir-e linle. ;itnl belter Ihls year. PRICE $45 per acre CASH & TERMS •\\KSH ALAIOI! (. GOOD GOLLY, HOU) IHHECK AM I GOJUA TELL WHICH" O 1 THESE DOGS IS MR'S. GARkLR 1 ;; LOST SWEETIE Ple?l'i-L HflFTA L6AUE TflAT MCP.K-1 TO HER! i iUELC,i GUESS I'VE ) FOUWD EU'RV DOd I COEU- MRS. ER..' fllLVA QOTTrt < Vfl A DO, tJou),is PICK JROLLIW' HOURS our, AND )PrW, IF HAK» ME TH $ 5~/VA DOM'T R6WARD' I FOUWD MV SCOEETlE UMDER TM 1 COUCH, I GOT BACK HOME' ^•w~-?sg^ --CC „.. rTliV i W '<-} \> I'HECKI.ES AND HIS FRIKNDS 1'i.L TELL YOU V,',HAT,K!0-nY!TUE one WHO PULLS IM THE BICQC6T PISH HAG TO COOK HIM DINNER .' NUTTY, I THINK FRECklES CXTT- POKED M3U...VJES WITH A WOPPIKJG F«'C TFWJT OM K>S UIJE.AKID HE VA3MT EVEM PULL HIM Bur HE'S WOT oorre SMART EI«UCH M .I HAVENT EVEN-COT ANY BAIT ON MY Urt ^ : ' " LtfT'S GET BI/3Y THB1J,' NUTTY, ANO 1 ! See ir= v/e CAM CRAO OFF A FEV/ TRoor.' U IUUIH ilucru RESIDENCE. Good location on yoofl street. Shade. land Flirttliljpry. Kcp![iccLnent valu-;, W.HOO. OUR PRICE $1250 Part Cash, Balance Terms. W. M. BUK1XS (Jrand Leader Building. di BOOKKEKPER or STUNOOIZAI'HKK. Experienced. Cir:ncl rclrrcncos. Write luilh itol- tiiiin, Ktov.-iih. or I'iionc Ii. II. Wil- inotn, Eiowah. 31-ck-7 WANTED: email CASH REGISTER. PHOMK 377. 23-c-tt L Seniilile — ceononiieal. Have \r.m Trlt hati rchlorkcd noiv. The .iiOn npiiroachcs. Avoid llic rush. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE ! WANTKI) TO HKNT TWO. THHI-'K Or FOUR ONPUR- rnsHKt) rioonvs lor permanenl rnilcrs. Onll 25G-W. JIBLI' WANTKI) Kxp^iicncecl Co!orr-,-| Cook. S,ilary. Mrs. W. N Aimorel. Hrt TVa-, "All IVd" SANDUSKY. O. (Ul''—Ace An- dersoii. Akron. O. .1 vlsilln? L3- ;aionnairn at thr C'nic d^p^itmenl jmnvcnlio hsre. iniiipril nilo Sandusky Bay on Lake Erl; from the cieck ol llic Steamer G. A. Untek- ling, co:ntng from llic resort. Cedar Point, lo win a Sa bet that he could stt-tm ashore. Coast guilds, in a spfetj hDat. pleked him up.

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