The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE MCDEKN HCME NEWf Conducted for this newspaper in tlie Interest ol Its women rei dcrs by recojjnl/cd authorities on all phases of home inaklu*. Florence Brotwck, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Kditor Jellied Salads For Supper Served With Energy Food Vegetables Make Meals Appetizing Dfar Friends in Klylheville: Vegetables make such an appeal to our ap)>eiiles these wuitn days that they seldom need a siX'Cial recommendation. They are Bay in color, interesting in le\turr> anil rich in minerals and vitamins. But most vegetables need to served with an energy food to lurub^t the necessary calorics il we tire lo keep up the nourishing quality of summer meals.' Vegetables and rice, the energy food are an excellent combination. Rice served separately 01 combined with the vegetables in a hot or cold dish makes addition to the warm wcalhei menus. One satisfying luncheon menu is a plate of chilled, marinated vegetables on a bed of shredded lettuce accompanied by hot buttered rice under a cheese sauce. Lei me emphasize again that even on warm days. U is well to serve one hoi food to lend variety to the menu and to improve Ilic conditions of digestion. nice is to adaptable lo vaiious methods of cooking thai II may be served boiled—distinct grains, hot and delectable; lice balls fried in deep fat, or baked in the oven; rice ring, steamed or baked; or chilled folds of well-seasoned, plain or jellied rice. Left-over bits ol vegetables combine with rice in tempting casserole dishes, or as Etuffings for green p'eppers, tomatoes or other vegetable cups, all ot which make appetising additions to the menus at this or any other season. To the woman who likes to use her originality in furnishing nutritious meals for her family, rice and vegetable combinations present unlimited possibilities. For example: Vegetable Cups with Rice Green peppers, large onions, firm tcmnloes, or large carrots may IK used as cups to hold mixtures of rice, meal or "fish and sauce. To prepare for stuffing.'wash 1 and hollow nut the poppers. Parboil. The cntons. and carrots should \K cnok- ed whole, then cut, hollowed out in cup shape. Tomatoes need no preliminary cooking. Cut off stein and hollow out. Season vegetable cups with salt, pepper or a highly seasoned French dressing well before stuffing. Make the stuffing any mixture o! lefl-over cnoked vegetables and freshly cooked rice. Cover wilh buttered crumbs or grated cheese. These cups may be prepared and stored in refrigcrata!' until time to bake. Then set in n moderate oven, 350 degrees for fifteen minutes to heat and brown. Rice and Egjr Plant One cup rice; one teaspoon salt: one onion: one pint tomato juice: one quart boiling water; one large egg plant; six tablespoons shortening; buttered crumbs or grated cheese. i Wash the rice thoroughly. Boil it until tender! drain, wash under running hot \ ly in a hot oven or set over boil- [^[.""jy Ing water. Use n sieve for "•washing and drying. Fry the onion slices in Iwo tablespoons of shorl- HERE TO TEST Many Attractive Can Be round Recipes ; Smal IAS1E TEMPTERS Cool und Sweet for Refreshing Moments ing Warm Days Dur- Jiirs More Useful The pickling tenson In mosl juris ol Hi'.' country Is at its height, and clever housekeepers aiv llndlnj ihul II pay.s to use more .small cunUln- ei-s now In place of so many larne ij.iis. T.iesu when opened are used I i-iitiri'ly. leaving nj half-emptied I j:»i ; to clutter up the ' shelves. Use hull pint mm even .smaller Jan II tin: family is .small, llii'ii i! Hie jars ait 1 decorallvi 1 Midi as ti'e bouuhl iiiarimilud; ;|ila'M'b. lliey may be lii-oiijihl right \ to ilic table; used at one me:il or Ian they help solve the problem uf dishwashing. Kmijlied. they fi'ivu lor mill-winter jiuiniudadi! nuking \\lih manges ii:id other winter [mils. llrklnl Onions Four quarls small white onion-;. t!ie very small, round variety prc- ! (erred; one cup Milt; one quart Cinnamon Iir Crram Dissolve one c|iiarler. of u cup of led cinnamon caudles In three- quarters uf a cup of si'atdid milk add one slxtc-JiUh teaspoon sail, fool, place In rcrrlKcrator liee/lng! leu tray until It Is partially fro/on. I'nt Hit (me half cup of apple Jelly In t!nei> :liln slices to nil three cups. CuUhour. Then remove- tray and stir thoroughly, then fold In one hall unbi'uli'ii wiiltcs and beat to u allspice three lo six berries; three on: 1 OIIIIP-.' lji)l:>s]K)0]is liblespo:m!i 8in:ill Jc'lli"d ynlads make cipjK'iii'.lii; and noii • for this orange jelly ^iveti r-Lcnv lidditium tn the cold -i-e nn Lhe page. platter. Keclpe A Nourishing Luncheon Combination Whole bran bread, n ; of iced chocolate, and simple v?yel plate. Recipe for the bread elsewhere on the combine to n.nke a delicious salntl Fresh Fruit Muffins Popular for Picnic Luncheons, Partic one .D. Atkins, lucal mattress factory owner. Fach woman will be al- I lowed to work from S15 to $20 ] monthly so that. GO women will ! earn this amount each rnmilli. j The 50 pound, neatly ticked mnt- ' tresses are made in a few hours With fresh berries mid fruits'ing. let rise at room temperature with all the work done by hand :!i!l in the market, Ilic berry:a hot oven. 400 degrees, decreasing except for sewing the licking on muffin for breakfast- or any oilier' after fifteen minutes lo 350 de- machines nical. is demanded on many home I i:rccs, giving a total of forty-five compressed cotton is fluffed by and <lr- ouick- , nu ' mis: an 'l rrllit 11avor ed breads !niinules for the leaf. - jhand with an implement which . „. _'.-.. i. 0 u_ inic delicious as a tabie bread.' Kruit Variations I looks like small nails on a slick, the p!ai ""''° with Duller, or to ^ : For ™" 0 " 5 types of trllit muf- The cotton is then placed in pres- ! utcd for picnic luncheons and ! fins, use the muffin recipe, given scs . made by FERA later, and pf.tch parties. jabove and in place ol the blue- Hien put on the tufting tables. Itluchrrrr Muffins I berries, use one cup raw apples, m the meantime rolls, for the ... i One fourth cup shortening; one chopped very fine; or one cup of.sides, have been made at. three mltiutrs nnin! 11 ' 1 " 1 Cllp M1?c "' : onc cw ' !cmr cook cd. <'™'l apricots, chopped ; morc mbles. The cotton :s slid ...... ,7;,J.^i t <' n5 l 100 ' ls baking powder; Iwo- fine: three fourths cup currants; Hnlo the covers on boards which thirds teaspoos salt; one cup of; onc half cup dales cut fine; one. a,,, [| lel , carefully removed, mill:; one cup blueberries; two and'cup cooked prunes cut fine; one. Fourteen have already been com- nne half cups flour; mix in thc-cup whole, seeded raisins, which jpieleri and the work is going for- crdcr given first sifting the bak-ihavc been soaked in water until ] ward rapidly. The collon and in? powder with the Hour. Uakc soft. : ticking was purchased by the fcd- in muffin pans rubbed with short- Torn Muffins .-- enii:s in a hot oven, -100 degrees,; A delicious corn muffin is made ' -^™ nr cheese. Heat In 050,, Dt 350 <lc-1'^' ^^'^^^^^^ l " C Mmc rre ' llc lls1 " 8 "«' = ^^^^^^ C rees for UoiHy'fivc minutes. °''f frlllts "' lhc Sanlc llr °"° r ' i c "»: °'^ c "l> scr;1 l«" (rom ^ FiinilL'll for si\ • r " 1> '" I llncc 0( fniit: m on « nmi N««- "lioppin? John" °" n!;c )lrc;ul f :«'" Mf c '»" Bopped nuts; one' One cup rice; two tabu-peons Onc c "» lmlk ' onc llalf ™m-jcup prated cheese: onc or two -- ' yeast cake: one leaspoon: cuucc-s (squares) grated, melted: s.ilt: two tablespoons 'shortening; .chocolate. I three tablespoons sugar; onc or-1 The sweet, cheese, fruit and nut • aiije: one rgg. Flour as directed' muffins are delightful for lea table beiow. (sandwiches with marmalade, while. Scalri the milk in the upper part fruit muffins are old favorites for ! of an enameled double boiler; add breakfast, and (he corn muffin Is < the yeast, salt, sugar, mix. and'an especially filling luncheon. , add one and one half cups flour, i • ening. Cut the egg plant in ""f I quarter inch slices. Sprinkle salt, let stand ten Peel and cut into thin wcSge! shaped pieces. Kctnove the onion from the pan. Fry ihe cgs plant in the same pan with four tablespoons shortening. Combine all Ingredients in a buttered oven dish. Salt lo taste. Add tomato juice. Cover witb buttered crumbs) ccse. Heat in oycn a minutes. !^ P-i-plHTi-orns; root. 1'cel •off any obvious outer skins o! Hie. onions, cover wi!h cold wilier, lei .stand twenty-four '.ours drain, cover wllli brine .(thrcc- • fn-.iiths cup salt lo one quart, bo:! i iiig water). Now lc; this slimd two ; days, drain, cover wllh bjlllug | water, lei stand Ifn mlmiles. drain i again, cover wilh cold water and let stand two hours. Drain, pack in jare i)r uo'.tles. Heat tjie other In- Bii'diem.s losPtl'er, fill Hie Jars with the liquid mm .seal. Kume co'iks prefer 10 u>.e horse- nv.lisli. about <me fourth cup. In place "1 Ihe (singer rout; most commercial brands of pickled eu- :ons are pill up with Ilie horsi- ratlisii. Makc-s Ioi:r quaris. Corn I'ickl, One <lo?.en ear.s corn, grated; three iminuls cabbaKc, finely minceii; three fourths lo one cup finely minced red iicppcrs, tl:e hut variety; three cups vinegar; one cup sugar; two tablespoons s.ilt;' one fourth U-asjKmn muslard. Use JiLst enough vinegar lo cover the coin; Ihe amount will depend on the milkiucss of lhc ingredients. Cook fifteen minutes. Heal while hot. Makes one nnd one half quarts. lUM-t Relish One quart n/inccd cwikeil bcctr.; nue quart minced raw cabbage; or.e cup grated horseradhh; Iwo cups sugar; one lublesiMxm Full; one half teaspoon cnycnne; one 'half teasiwon i>cpi«r; ' one t|iiart I vinegar. Mix bneis and cabbage to| getlicr, spread on a plalter. sprinkle with salt. LvL stand twenty- four hours, then drain oil the julc- (udd jnlc:'s lo sahul dressim, 1 !; mix well wifn tiie soastiulnvjs, p.^cK In earthenware or glass jars, aclil jusl vinegar to cover. llK-u seal. Apple Chutney Otie quart chopped green tomato; one fourth pound of salt; one and one half quarts vinegar; and out half iMimds coarse brown one and one half dozen sour apples; three medium sized Spauisl onions; one half pound green ginger; three shallots, minced; tlirc- ouncc chili peppers; one fourth cui mustard seed: one pound scedles: raisins. Sprinkle tl;c chopped lo inato with two tablcsixxjns of sail let stand twelve hour;;, and drain Dissolve rest or the salt and sufjai in the vinegar, strain. 1'cel line slice thin or chop, the apples, gin ger and onion. Put all inyredienl. in an enameled saucepan and ctiu. gently unlil Ihc apples and onhn are lender which is. abDiil thirl, minutes. Seal. t-liiv merlimiL 1 . Next add ciiiniimou mixture and one cup whipped creiim nnd frm.» In lieevlug Irny according to dlrecllotis [or Ire cream t'ervc.s elylll lo ti'll. Itum Saiife Ti>pplnc j Hum butler i<aiice {toured hot on' vanilla lei 1 cvi'iun or cooked and. .s'.ori'il In the reCrlgevnlor mid sers'cd cold en di'.-i.serts Ls dell- clous. Melt one hull ]>oiiud of rum In candy sTOicsi In n double boll- j IT. Add four tablespains of cream gradually anil stir until wfll blcnJ- eil. Ti'.is amoiinl provides topping lor .six servings. <:h(H-iilate .Mimssr This Is a pleasant dessert, needing "tmly u few nilnul^i fur prcp- aiation and wi;lch merely requires chilling lo be a |K'r[ecl dessert Mell -six plain chocolale b^rs In a double boiler. Atld lour well beM- cn eug yolks, cool—then fold in lhc slilfly Ix'iiten whites of tin. four Cjjgs la which oui; quarter a leasjxxjii of sail has been added Bel In n told place for hvenly four l:ounv Hmr Mini Frott This desseii plays a iliial role U Is exotic In appearance an highly delectable. Flrsl make ]iep IKTmtiu ice cream. H Is dellcnt pink In color, made this way, nnd I serve it with a thick chocolate sauce iwurcd over 11. Make lhc vaiillhi Ice cream us usual and add cru;:l|i.l iii'p|>erinhSl. sticks, about lour lo n halt gallon, and frcev.e In Ihc refrigerator or fcce/cr. For the sauce melt chocolate bars In tl:c double boiler lor a luscious sauce. I'rach Dream Frrfir (Jut enounb canned peaclies lulo inaislinmllo'AS Into fourtlis. Two and OIK linlf cups are requtrej. Arrange tlie loaches ntxl marslunal- lo\ts In alternate layers In refrl- grralcl tray and freeze. For tlw »uce use three tablespoons lemon Julu- ,o one cnp of pencil Juli'O. Pour OV<T (op uiu! chill for four liours. May be served plain or wllli wlilppcil croain. Sieves etx. Mint Shrrbrt Hffelhtr This u'djx.' may be used as dosseri nr us nn nppelln'r to serve with the meat, Scald one plnl of milk, add IH- tcen small sticks of. peppermint candy. When candy dissolves, odd two slightly bealon eggs mid cook mull the egg coats tlie s]>oou. One lt':is|ioon ot gvhultiv, which has nkcd In two tablespoons of water, Is next added to a small amount of Hie cmlard. CoinUInc Ingredients, licc/e .one lilni wlit|>pc(t cream. Return to refrigerator until two-thirds- frozen; remove und stir until uniform la consistency; pin back In refrt- gerntor to keep cold but. not for additional freezing. To be properly niello*, pivuari: this sherbet the itlulil bolero tl is served. Do not frcoM solid or the creamy texture will be destroyed. Read Conner :lews Want Ads. I SHOE SI 1 01' Across tlio Street From Roxy Theatre lllyli I'lu.sH .shoo refilling wllh (\w Iniesl ty|)0 machinery mid niuihiv nmtcrlul, We Are AK Near You As Vuur 'Vrlephottt Fret pull lor & delivery service Paul lUrcruvP - II. 11. Campbell PURE Chilled l>y Frlgldalre R;ifo - Sanitary i'lnl - 7c Qurt - Uc CKAIGS DAIRY I'liunc 74 THE WISE OLD OWL by CstO UP HILL, DOVON HILL, OVER. PRAIRIES ESSOLENE IS SURE THE BERRIES! uw*ibu» =~ fral government and the buildin was supplied by the city. B. N. Wilson, is work simcivisoi assisted by R. E. Martin. cup butler: sail and pepper; two cups green peas; one quarter po'.ind of seasoning meal or prok. Cook peas, being careful to keep them whole In the cooking, using the piece of meat to season. When done, have only a small quantity of liquor left, in them. Cook lice as above. Mix peas and rice together, season with salt, pepper I "| 1X ' and butter, serve with bread and '"" biilter. This is n good and very ' nourishing dish. Makes six servings. Baked Oninns and Rice Two cii|»s cooked rice: six or eight onions: two teaspoons of shorten ins: two tablespoons Hour; one cup milk: three quarter cup bake trated cheese: cayenne pepper: nue teaspoon fall. Peel Ihe onions under water and parboil them until tender, chain- ins the water once. Make a sauce by melting the fat. "adding the flour. Ihe .sail-, one sixteenth tea- tpoon of pepper and sMrring until smooth. Then add the milk. Cook this mixture stirring frequently until it t-s smooth, let It cool, add the cheese, and brine: the snuce slowly to the boiling potnl, stirring It constantly. Place in a baking dish alternate layers of the . f J^' ll1 ,?,, do ™ ' 1 , Nmv Mfi U ' c c? ?. b " with ihe grated orange skin, and the orange which has been put through the chopper; acid enough (lour lo knead. Knead well, put nto a pan rubbed with shorten- until almost double, then bake in grees Fahrenheit for n-cn. 350 cic- : \Yonien twenty minutes. Makes eight ser\in;i-. Kirr and Yecclabje Casserole Two cups cooked rice; one cup peas; one cup corn: two tablespoons minced onions; two siri;;s l:acon: one and one half cups of milk: one quarter teaspoon one teas|xion salt. Under Direction of J. T. Alkins to Make 300 Mnllresscs Monthly Dlylheville's nc\i- industry, (lie FERA mattress factory, expects to pep- Him out 300 mntlrr<<:s:>.s monthly •.vhirh will b? |:l.iced in tlie gov- lice and the pour nn Ihft onions torn apart, (servings. fiance, and I Place in layers in n baking dish rrnmcnt ccmmlssaiy. Work was rubbed with shortening: when started Saturday In (he building casA'role Is filled, add milk, riace adjoining the county Jail on Sec- bacon strips on top and bake until and Street. brown. Moderate oven, 350 degrees Twenty women, lakcn from (he F. for forty minutes. Makes eight relief rolls, are being paid 30 ]cr-nis per hour to make (he mat- Mrs George Thurn. ! tresses under (ho dircttion of J. CORRECTION In our advertisement of last night on Stetson Hats we erronously quoted the pric^e as $6 whereas it should have been New Mead Clothing Co. The Changeless Cycle SPRING is gone. Summer is fading. But their return is aa inevitable as tomorrow's dawn. Nextyear they will be back. ' Then it will be the same-changeless cycle..'. Same April showers and burst .of May flowers. Same old ' lawn mowing. Same donning oi'warrn-weather togs. Same craving of new summer furniture. Same ex-, citing vacation planning. Same hundred and one needs and longings. Why not provide for such future certainties when the advantages are so much in your favor? Buying in August and September what you are going to need or want in June carries the wisdom of Solomon. Read the advertisements in this newspaper and see. Watch for the end-of-season sales. Compare the values with those of the season's opening. Prices are lower because merchants would rather clear out surplus at bargain prices than carry them over until next season. So—what'll it be? . . . For next summer's lawn, a premium-quality mower at an ordinary-quality price. That long-desired rattan suite for the sun-porch. Some rustic furniture. Awnings. .A new refrigerator at an irresistible price. Day by day, you'll find them •all in the advertisements in this newspaper. The raincoat which last Spring seemed a bit high. Two oi' three linen suits at a genuine bargain—to be hung away for next summer's torrid waves. A money-saving buy of summer underwear, pajamas, shirts, ties,' knickers, sport shoes and stockings.

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