The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1939
Page 6
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SIX ' BLYTHEVILLE;- |ARfe)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1939 _ , , ..: _ ".' '—— •—= ' — •- __ JfKUJAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1939' Inter^ionaH^ Chickasaws, In Fine Fettle, Face Crack South Bend Eleven The Notre Dame offensive system of footbnl! as played by a crack high school .learn from the home town of the famous Catholic university, South Bend, .Intl., ajul the same system as taught via Another well known football center, the University of Alabama at Tuseaioosa, will bo on exhibition tonight at Haley Field,'starting at 8 o'clock. Tlie opposing (cams—the James* Whtlcomb Riley Wildcats of South Bend nnd the rugged Chlcknsawa of Blytlieville high school. It will be the )tul home game of Die season .for'the .Clilrtensaws who linvo beeit beaten three times n t\vo touchdown margin being the maximum- trouncing. C The diva si en of the Wildcats finds the Chlckasaws In the best shape they huvc been in Mils season.'There will be no alibi if the visitors hang another defeat on the Chicks. The Maroon nnd White has gone down before but Coach Joe Dlldy's lenm has rnanngcd to give the victors, n' mighty tough lime of It, even with a sorely needed player en the bench or playing .with' llCEV Today's- Sport Parade By lir.KRY McI.EMOKE NEW YORK, Nov. 17. "(UP)—"ft Hilly Conn were the possessor of n set of buck teeth, or a pair of matching crossed eyes, or a receding chin, or any other drawback to masculine beauty he would stand a much better chance' of beating Gus Lesuevich In (heir 15-round bout nt Madison Square Garden tonight. At least, (hat is the opinion of i- handlraris that dplmrtprl ' lu " upnuon 01 ilv from abim de "" c " Kl ; Dumb Dun Morgan, awl one-must ,ily from nWllty. | respect Dumb Dan's opinion on Rliey high, too..has matters fistic because he has been feat but like the Chickasaws in watching fights and fighters since at least one defeat (notably that before they stopped counting Ke- one-polnt licking administered by publican votes In Georgia. During Little Rock) the Wildcats seemed his regular Thursday afternoon to excclcd in every depart- _ salon in a saloon near Cauliflower Alley, Morgan said Conn' was too good-looking to de-make a successful defense of his light heavy weight, title against Lesnevlch. ."Billy belongs In Hollywood, not In the ring," .Morgan said. "He's just too handsome, with that per- Seminoles Trounce Earle, 26 To 0. Before Homecoming Day Crowd BY 1. P. FRIEND OSCEObA, Ark., Nov. n. — The Osceola Semlnolcs wrote a perfect finish to thy most successful Homc- ccnilng celebration In school history by defeating the Earle Cardinals, 20-0, here last night for their fifth conference victory of the c eason. < »It was an Idea) dny nnd everything clicked with inncliliie-like Decision, tbnnk.s to SiiperiiHeiid- ent Roy Dnwson nnd his corps of workers headed ay (he human lynnmo, Joe Applebaum, who supervised llic entire program. The lay was chuck full of events and !vcrytliihir wenl on" according to chedule and without, the slightest iltch. Inspired by n giant parade of. norc than n mile In length led by Jonesboro Juniors Avenge Early Defeat By Papoose? The Blylhevlllc Papooses kept a return date with Joncsborc-'s Junior High Whirlwind at Field In Jonesboi-o last night but failed to show their early seaion superiority and came home wil'h a 19-0 licking. The result of (he gume was ft big surprise to Coach jokii Ed James and hi.s players who had previously sJiiolliered Jonesboro under n 34-0 SKI-C at Haley ' Last night's game belongs to Ken Hotmail, Jonesboro's fine little running back who did Just about everything except sweep out the stadium. Ife was Hie busiest man on the field, scoring all three of the Whirlwind touchdowns and setting up his c<\ui scoring efforts with beautiful passing. Credit Is also luc a fast-charging Jonesboro line that kept the Papoose backs on heir heels a great dea| of the lime. 1'artially, the Jonesboro win was two end runs enabled Die little Jonesboro star to again push II over the goal line and give the Whlrhiind Us 19-poinl margin. .Superiority of (lie Jcne.suoro attack Is indicated In the fact that the Whirlwind rolled up 21 first downs as compared to six for the Papooses. The line-ups: Jonesboro Krrester Johnson Hell Oamblll Collins Stevens Frlzzell Davis Holmnn Cunningham Pressley LE LT I.G C RG RT RE QB LI! RII PB BlylhevIUe Adkins Stone J. Hood Stafford Allen Dozler Wflrrlngtoii C. Hood Vlckry Bcsharse Caraway Substitutions: Jonesboro, Hanhali, Blythevllle Incup who were not available when I Sco rc by he first game was played, uhilc on the oilier hand two of Blythe- 'ille's stars, Fullback Tommy Uttle ind End Bobby Walde'n were out. Jonesboro's scores came in the Irst, second and fcurth quarters. . liie'nt except scoring. That department, of course, is still the payoff. Offensively both tennis boast last running backs aiut speed means n lot in the Notre Dame system of. phiy. The Chickasaws wilu outweigh the tentative starling llne-np Coach Forrest Wood of the Wildcats has nominated, but the Riley high mentor Is said to use two .complete teams so even if .he starts the lighter boys tliere Is every cliance that heavier grldders will be .rushed into the" fray if neded. "' The visitors have n thoroughly framed judges, will concentrate his experienced squad and can ,put an entire team cf seniors on the field if need be without detracting from the strength of the eleven. r The Indiana aggregation Is due to arrive here by Frisco train this afternoon from St. • Louis. Homecoming Day Today For Keiser Keiser High School'will celebrate its. homecoming with a. football game betwen Marion High School and the Keiser Yellow. Jackets today, to ; be followed by the crowning of the queen nnii a dance at night al' the school auditorium. ' Trumnlee Watson., was elected queen by the football team. Maids 'will be Louise Boucher, Alice Barber, Ruth .Taylor and Hutnel! Ingram. The queen will be crowned by Charles Thomas Montgomery, captain of. the team. Ife Collects Wishbones LOR Am, O. .(UP)—Victor Mnsil, a high school student, .has tlic hobby of ccllecting wishbones Irom all kinds of fowls. -....i, .. luni, ,,, ivugtii icu ijy t» «,-»«> » *• • --i —— .-I-.PJ. he flashy bands from Forrest I,, f or some spasmodic gains 3lly, Wilson, and Keiser, and the " ^Tf ", 0t sus(allled . the Pap- prescncc of . approximately 2,500 f os ^ dldnot make a serious scor- heering alumni and friends, the j "°, b 'i Bt ; sha "e was perhaps the •—•-- .... ' ' best, offensive bet of the Papcoses Seminolcs blasted over into pay dirt three limes in the first half and then were content to sit back, piny, defensive ball nnd wait for the breaks tlic rest of the way for a comparatively easy victory. Outweighed, but by not too great n margin, the visiting band of red shifted lads put up n great scrap but were unable to make much of an offensive showing against the should be before a camera, with a; ciilc-k jklng • doll In his arms. He doesn't need a referee to handle him, but a director." Morgan then outlined Lcsne- in the fourth quarter but nn intercepted pass spoiled it. Taking the opening kickpff the homellngs opened up their heavy and his passes to Victory were good for considerable yardage, but the Blythevllle backs simply could not slmkc loose en sensational runs that marked the first meeting- of the two teams. Near the end of the first period Holman got his initial scorln^ opportunity ivhen he fired an "eight yard pass to Pressley who scampered to the Pap 15 before he was downed. On three plays Holman bucked It to the Papoose one then burrowed through the mass of linemen fcr a^ touchdown. Tlic only extra point of the game was Pres' —e> "•• "* *•• .jvanv. . ,- . - ley's conversion on a line nlnv vich's plan of attack for tonight. I 8 ? 11 * n ,"f manufnotured a couple |" Cunningham intercepted Vic •>«''!« in double qiilck time | tory's pass intended for " _?"'.. qu ." rU!r -. Vernon's ton-In' mldfleld early In the and it Is one based on vanity. Lcsnevich, -who couldn't win a beauty contest even cracked center punches on Conn's body. He fig- for slx . P lc «s Huckaby slipped off urcs, along with Morgan who will 'acklc for five arid a> Hrsl down. be. In his comer, that Conn is Morrison gained seven on a spin- proud of his good looks. and will Buck Mears sneaked over . spend all his lime and eftorU center for five more and another defending his face. i first down. HUckaby netted a cou- shoots it for the heart, :i it lands n few times light heavyweight title will change hands. Now, tf Conn n little uglier he would much better fighter and much tougher for us to lick.' « SProcf 7«* Groin Neslral Splnl opyr^Hl 1939, The W.lken Famil, l«c , Aloddm, Schsnley f. O fa Billy will be so worried nbout nlc at right tackle. A pass from getting those dreamy eyes, messed Morrison and intended by. Billy up, or UTO| nose knocked im inch Beall was 'incomplete but' Lan or two out of line, or IHose clas- "Rabbilt" Williams squirmed his sic ears whacked out of shape, that way to the Earle 30 for another he will leave himself wide open f) lJS |. down. Hitckaby went off right for n body attack,'" Morgan said, tackle for four and Morrison found "So, to capitalize on this vanity, .'„„ onening on the other side of Gus has concentrated on develop- the line.and picked up ten Beall ing a straight right to the body oll nn end-around was run out of that Is ft killer.. The same sort of boumls cn th s , x Hucknby spllt punch you know, that Tunnejr mil!dle for th , cc ^ Morrison Oi s shoot? H "for me'Teart i ci WCnt OVCr for n touchdown nt the srn&'s & 't^s ^e — ^^r «* i werolust' A fllmblt! paved tlle wy for thE ran'ltl "bo 'i secolld tall - v - Morrison booted : to ,v R | C i mrc ) son 0)) the three who returned it lo : thc 20. On the first Mo'rg'an's' is'VbeauTifuI theory,' P' n 7 Dounnhue let the oval slip but the gamblers about town arc. ' rol)1 i!ls hands as he tried the not paying much attention to it. lillc nml Dll| 5' "The Kid" Bannls- Conn, the sweelcst boxer the 115- tcr P 0 ""ced on It like a hen on a pound class hns seen since Jnck: J »"e bug. In Just three plays Mor- Dclaney .was at his dancing best,''''"son crashed over the final stripe, has been made a 1-2 favorite to successive ^nine-yard drives, by lick the mauling Russian, aiul Huckoby and Mear's se'ttlnK'it'up. probably will be as short ns 1 to I Vernon's Ion?, high spirals .which he sent soaring from his left foot kept the Semlnolcs away from the pay-off slation iiiitll lute In the second period. Huckaby hauled in one of his five pass interceptions and was halted on the 4G. It was a steady parade with Huckaby, Williams, Menrs, and Morrison alternating until thev reached the 13 from where Beall sped around encl for a score. It was cleverly covered up and a well timed play. Bryant's place kick landed on the and bounded over. Osceola. 19, 3 at bell time. The oldtimers have gone Into raptures over Conn's speed and grace nnd natural box- Ing instincts, anil think Hint with a little filling out—he is only 22— 'will be n man even Joe Louis will fear by nest summer. "The Goal Posts, Sir, With My Compliments" PITTSBURGH <UP>—From now on, Pitt and Carnegie Tccli will exchange goal posts like gentlemen. The student governing bodies of the two schools which face each other across Forbes street, have signed nn-agreement, which provides that, the Monday following each Pitt-Tech football game, the losing team captain shall deliver his team's goal posts to the campus of the winning school. The gentlemen's agreement between the two rival schools came after more than a year of raids nnd brawls, during whluh the goal I posts nt Pitt Stadium changed [hands n half-dozen times. Dining 1937, 109,000,000 of tho T 253.000,000 coins issued by the | British Uoyp.l Mint were pennies. Call Us For Prices Before Selling Your Soybeans Lee Wilson & Co. • Wison, Ark. Earle 0. Coming out from the rest period at the half, the Cardinals presented n stronger, more aggressive defense thnt thwarted almost every scoring thrust. Then Vernon's able toe set Osceola way back. But jusl before tlic third quarter ended they becnn to click and wound up over the goal line. Morrison's brilliant run far 32 yards nrovided main impetus and Wear's 35-yard sprint put the ball on the three. It took Buck just one nlay to sccre. It was worth another six poinU for the Indians and a five spot for the ball carrier. (His dad placed that big a premium on his touchdowns). A lucky break on a pass gave Earle their only real chance to break the scoring famine. Donnahue, a mile cf a Ind with a idrong pitching arm, heaved a long cne down the middle intended for Vernon. slcrllng end. It was bounded around by several hands nnd finally landed In Tackle Brown's hands who tore out for the goal. He was finally snagged from behind on the ten. But that was as far as he got as Morrison Intercepted a heave on the goal line and brought it out to the 18. The "Rabbit" nrovided the final thrill as he broke.through on the second play and gained 42 yards ! and Jonesboro, aided' by a Papcose penalty got a first down. Holnian followed perfect interference around left end on a l9-yar<! run. to get another -first down on Blytheville's 21. Two more plavs by Holman netted 11 yards and he again skirted the flank fcr his second touchdown. Offside penalties again hurt Elytheville in the third when tlley contributed to another Jonesboro first down in scoring territory but the threat was halted when Victory intercepted Holmnn's pass on Bly- theviiie's 15. . '• , . A Johesboro's final -score came'in the fourth when Davis made first down on a sneak play on Blythc- villc's 32. Pressley picked up .--12 and " Holman" raovodjit up to the Papoose 10 for another first down. Two line plunges arid Jonesboro ...;..>... 7 fi 0 0—1(1 0 0 00—0 Engineer Foresees Baseball in Hothouse SWAMPSCOTT, Mass. (UP)-rAll electrical engineer foresees the day when big league baseball will be played in a hothouse, Robert J. Swackhamer of General Electric's Nela Park, O., laboratory, in a talk to engineers here said the Yankee Stadium, in New York could be roofed and given an Indirect lighting system for comfortable night games. • Air-conditicning and heating ap- [ paratus would provide healthy atmosphere Inside such a huge arena and games could be played in rain or shine, winter or summer. Farmers Decline Subsidy JOHANNESBURG, South Africa 'UP)—Dairy fanners organized In the South Africa Milk Union do not want any subsidy for producers of tuberculin-tested milk, it was decided at Dicir annual Meeting here. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Pric<w nirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optonw- Mst In Bljthtvllle. Glassw FHfed correctly through a" broken field before being caught from behind just ! as he eluded the safely. : The Blythevllle "band paraded during the half, along with the other bands. ., •. ' The lineups: '' Osceola (26) Vos. J. W. Edrington L!E. Mitchell B. Edrington Brj-nnt P. Edrington B. Bannister! Beall Williams Huckaby Morrison L.T. L.O. C. R.G. B.T. R.E. Q.B. L.H. R.H. P.B. Earle (0) Vernon Brown Ma thews Wages Aklridge Black Watson Dotmahue Clear Richardson Twist Substitutes: Osccoln—Bunn, Shannon, Jjnckner, Bowen, Butler, Ivy, Weathtrsby, Young, Barbiers, Annable. Earle—Belue, Sample, Hill Officials: Dildy (Alabama), re- Xeree; Puckett (Ark. State), umpire; Sanderson (Ark. State), head linesman;. 1 Segraves, timer and field judge. BOTTLED IN BOND UNDER U. S. GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION THE AMERICAN opiums.'CODIN frtlK. IlllXOH . lili.lllMID nil,-. Wert Ontometrisf "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Sfore Phone 540 ' Gooch, Collector --*" »»v<_»«ji_i v**. I'llinM -^^= 'HOME OF HART SCHAFFNER & MARX CLOTHES How to belong to the "INNER CIRCLE" of well-dressed men for only $OD You can spot them at once . . . men whose clothes reallv fit dothes W1 h lha easy, casually smart air that stamps them a,'a member of the "inner-circle" of well-dressed men. If vou C o™Id see the,r coat labels, you'd find a high percentage of them with the »ieaa name These men know they can get (he kind of clothes tney want (hat really fit ... tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx for Mead for nnlv w • •• ^ marx HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Men want a suit that will wear . . . that's styled right . . . that's a tor/notch ralue! Triple Test ' Worsted is specifically designed by Hart Schaffner & Marx io meet these three tests. "Fleet .Street," « -three-button single breasted model, and "Sketch Club," a chesty double-breasted! drape, highlight the style picture. 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