The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1936
Page 3
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Radio Score Card for Election -Mi BLYTHEVILLE 1 (ARK,)' COURIER Figures Given Osceola Grand Jury in Report by County Auditor OECEOLA, Ark. —Expenditures of the Mississippi county penal farm have already, exceeded tlie appropriation for .the current year, while receipts from the fale of cotton and other products have been little more than a third of the cost of operating the farm according to a report to the Osceola grand jury by Paul Coolcy, county auditor,' which provided the\ basts, In part, for the jury's recommendations last week for more efficient management of the- farm. Mr. Cooley's report, which also dealt with other, aspects of county finances, showed that no 1836 Jail board claims, amounting (o more than $8,000, have as yet 1 been paid by the county. The report on the county farni snowed extensive use of county prisoners on county road nnd bridge work but set up no figure to the credit of the farm lor the value of their work. ' Dick Cromer was foreman of Hie grand Jury to which the re- gort was made and E. s Crih- fleld was .clerk. Other members ,-were J. A. Gwaltney, W. E Hunt O.. M. «111, L. R Clark c E Lynch, J. s. McCants, J. w Hill Ward Hurt, J. I. Mifflln, R M' Fletcher, c. c. Ermen, W R' A l«»L Lls ' on and M -' c - Co °k- J16.Otl.5I spent by Farm Mr. Cooky's rep ort, as furnished to the Courier News by the Brand jury,, follows: . Ai'i',?? ?0r 'i ° f R E ' Cool(15 '' Cou " 1 ' Auditor to the Ofnhd Jury ; at Osceola, Oct., 2 3. 1930, for hind months ending Oct. i, 1936: County Convict Farm Quorum Court Appropriation for 1936 $15,006.00 . Warrants Iss ued to •Cotton Sales . ' Milk Sales! , Fines and Costs lected ''.. Col-. 16,061.51 •699.88 82.20 Paid to Trtasurer, S -1 281 8*1 "Also since Oct. 1,- cotton 'sales, 65 bales at 13c, $4,409.34 oil of which, tins been paid to treasure except .$338.57 remaining in m hands as trustee. , "Approximate .number. VoU in 1»2» * I fl 13 6 7 3 6 4 2U 16 u — * iu 13 b H IJ) 12 18 1 12 ~9 H 'io 18 10 Vot« in 1932 § 1 8 3 b « 'M 0 1? 22 fc 7 1? 4 29 14 11 9 11 10 8 17 |W 11 U li> THE VOTE IN 1936 '] Eltc?xtl SUte V»U Alabama 11 Arkansas .... 9 -California ... 22 Colorado (J Connecticut . . 8 Delaware 3 Florida ...... 7 Georgia .... 12 Idaho 4 Illinois 2!) Indiana 14 Iowa 11 Kansas . . . 9 Kentucky 11 Louisiana 10 Maine 5 Maryland 8 Massachusetts. 17 Michigan 19 Minnesota ... 11 Mississippi ... 9 Missouri . 15 Montana 4 TOTAL ELECT! i 1 )HAL This election sccrrrnivi win i™ ..r a r,.i 4- 1 Elfctaral SUt« V»tt Nebraska .; 7 Nevada ... j N. llain. ..,• 4' New Jersey. 10' New Mexico 3 New York.. 47 N. Carolina 13 N. Dakota.. 4 Oklahoma, li Oregon... 5 Perin 3C Rhode Is.. . 4 S. Carolina. 8 S. Dakota . 4 Tennessee . 11 Texas 23 Utah 4 Vermont .. 3 Virginia ..11 Washington 8 W. Virginia 8 Wisconsin.. 12 VOTE— 531; MAJORI'I — : — Ljuidon Y 2C ~ M r .. > 6 — .1 Vote in 1928. g 8 8 .<£ 14 .3 45 • 12 ',' 5 24 ;"10 r 38 v r > 12 20 A 4 12 7 8 13 3 444 Smith ' ~r~ ~ !> 0 ? ! We : to:: 193? Hoover j 4 30 3 59 •M^ RooMvelt I 7 • H 16 3 47' 13, A W- 11 5 4 8 4" 11 23 4 11 8 8 J2 3 72 -"-• useful to you in tabulating returns Manila Man, 80, Is Gathering His ^JOth Cotton Crop MANIU .Ark.—When (he lust '<*k of cation Is'gathercil and tli e ••Ufa nre left standing forlornly » Wrak ilekls, T. J, Pierce. 80- senr-old resident, of Mimlln, w lll '"<«' gathered his seventieth con£« u live cotton crop. Mr. I'loTO wns born /our years Wore the OM1 wnr In O>on county, 'ivnn. His father died when mi!™* '! v ° ycnrs of " 8 " a "' J llh mother when he was six, lie began woi king in n cotton netd when he ivns eight years of age for his «om u,i ( | bonrd. He married Mary I,, crelg j n 1879. To this union were torn nine children M r, [Msrcc Slys Umt he nurd of n,e wonderful iKwsHjill- "?•> of funning tn Arkansas and •W eveiylhlug and moved to this "ale in 1912. HC found funning here l«s profitable .limn K= had ' W<M«1, |, wom . .„,,„ S|IJIJ! , h . |t Jil made more money with .vai-lcd •ciHcrprUos on his lillle tnnn back ' leraic'ssec dmii he has-realized Art-Til ° S ' mrc croi> syslem '" Now timt ,hc has readied the »,,e when mast men are loo feeble o move about he has eul down-on the number of acres ho farms. Jhls summer In the hottest weutli- «r lie dioiiped daily with his gmiul- clil ilren In },| s two M re-pstch of cwon. He expects to farm at Jensl uo ncres next year. Braggadocio The Braggadocio scliook were closed lost Thursday and Friday uhlle the teachers atttended & iiieetliig at Cape Glrnrdcnu. ! Mr. nnd Mrs. A, Y. Huckabn and family , returned a week ngo ounday from a visit with Mr nnd '.It shows tlie states, their electoral votes, how the room- for writing down the 1938 vote of each st.-Ue. states voted in 1928 and come to you election 1032, 'and also gives I .presume. It would ,be fair to n n i- .Pi' I nri •• ., both tlie county 'and the sheriff "8010 Molen While He to issimie that the 'average hour) in and cut would be the same;! that is, count the day a prisoner; Visiied Sick Neighbor Kanclitr Claims lUchway VALE. Ore.: (UP)—A. . toes, in but not. the .day h,; Is ' .,„ ,, W '" e . . -. gs- ,Head. Little. .Valley rancher,? was tenant in -. >- w.'"- - 'i.i^.W'" 5 m n of fines am>-costs- '• L • & On £arm - ^ •• ~* •> "< Reads a.nd Bridges Ponr If o use of day payrnen i 8,300 2)7 Merage number of prisoner on njrro durl;|g the 9 months 4( County Expenditures Geneial I puorum Court appropriation «»d warrants a ainst wme Fund Appropriations Salaries County General •sawcn $26 CO" 03 $1920550 HOCOOO 2,268.00. 2WWCO 120COOO Jails 2000000 County Home 1200300 J P and Constables Circuit-Court Municipal Court Ark T B ,Sanltbrium Crippled -Children,Hospital 15000 Probation Officer •;..: ' ,1,500.00 Farm and Home Demons. . 4,560.00 County Health Unit '. 2.COO.OO County Convict Farm . 15.COO.CD Tolnl ... 9.481.W IS^ 1 )-, 1137803 1111949 93327 26.50 126650 3,380.00 1,505.00 16.051.51 *89,343« ,. .'ail Claims Unpaid "Of the »13,4S4J5 warrants 1s- for . . overs -sheriff's Jall^bdafd 1935. the ' balance represents . ens fuel, lights, water.- -etc.; no • I93S .Inll board >l«en paid months of claims have as. yet Claims for . the , „ 1936 -have teen presented, amounting to t4.089.50 for nivtheville Jail board and'$4 255 75 for OsceolB: these amounts be- init resiiectively 41,808.50 and $1- 88H.25 less than wns paid for the rime period last year, if these claims were paid, they would overrun the entire 1936 appropriation. '•The» jnii boa,.,, clajms arj , siibject, to a possible; reduction of $437.00 for Blytheville and J4T900 for Osceola, as •cxpla'ined In mv letter of May 25 to Jud?e Harri- EO" q-; follows 1 • '"Hfrewith Mr. Wilson's jail hoard claims for. the 4 months °f 1936 Blytheville and amonntln- > ^.97325. nsiircd the sam, as they ha £«» I" the wst< a ,, d ttp p^ar to w °- K.. on that bask. A short Ln?l *.***** with you n published "opinion by t i, e ,|. lomey peiierM 10 the efter-i IHt culms should be nllowed fur the >c ii*| time served by prisoners, instead of chsrstng a dly for each day or fraction thereof, f.s h«s .Iways been done if 1 ths rule Is be followed, 'a prisoner - going In at noon t6> d»y and out, at noon tomorrow would, only rate * charge of iloO l>Jus turnkey, bitead of 12 00 nius (ll'I''"«V. '"Of course, In order to gel 'at this exactly, it would be necessary to know the time In and but of «ch prisoner. However, , no. e .ay h,; Is .. , nan on hut ownmlin ; of released. 'These elalmc figure the ' hc Cunningham farm south Jof rlght-of-wat 'a )onE lime correctly on' prisoners trans-' Nu , m , ber Nine., was visiting a sick 1 Oregon Sway be -"ibor " A Goof Skate at All Times Keiser News .Notes ere sentenced v fo' 30 days 'In Jail 1'm-tee Olympic figure skating champion, blond and lovely Sonja llenle Is eiitlliiB a nifty 'l«me In her film dobnt. It you doubt II. see tliiil wide smile on Don Arneche, her partner lu Uiia scene. Edwin Urnce, son of I. a: llnicc nml Normn Klrmoy-»wc mauled « »i«. Wllliur Ross and Ustcr FieVcher oocupan(,s of,a ciwhcd neiir here.''RosTa'dimlted tlie dr|\(. r and, was sen- 'I'lie next- day, Fletcher had b«>h drlvlnsr, . nlsht by Iho KPV, Mr. liriflln nt Ihe IIOIIIB of Mis. Floy Kellncr, eunuHnn of the toldcl, IiIMn Is u member of the senior'! S 0 ,! The . , ilw nt Kelsci- hlyh school nnd !, lhc couu llc l )»!•. been prominent In football : *"" glvcn u '= nml basketball for several years ' Mrs. Unite entered lhc tenth guide this yeiir. She did her fonu- *r tchool work In n privnlc school n Munipliis. They wlj | mnke ,, lcll . lome in Kelser where Mr. nriicc s employed by the Ketwr Snwply -•oinpaiiy. W. W. Wntson si-, sitent Wed- le'dny nnd Tinnsdny in Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On ' many Mi. and Mrs.' Prank Owen dwyn |" relief now with Creomulslon. iniioiince Hie birth of n "dnuRhter ° crlous trouble may bo brewing and » Hie morning of October 3 i JSS cann ?, t , OIJo r (1 '^"o » cfianw «'hllo ln R. C. . ncst of, Mary Alice Sluttlo E°°tho and heal the Innamed mem- ln>r parents, the Uev and P'a'ias as Urn germ-laden phlegm . C. Mofdend of o ceota I ' S p^ scn ^ at l? "I* 11 *"' -- ' - ^' Mrs. w. M. Taylor s,-.', who has £reomulslon and to refund your Hie fall with lier son, w. M' I'lylor, retnnied to her home la Milt-on Miss. IHSL-- week. Mr. and Mis. Lucten Cotton, . M,- s . Myrle ",','.. Ml ' a ': ni 9 1 ? ll . 1 ' lls of Coluni- of Mr. nnd -.-.. - ,— are not satisfied wiin results from tho very first bottle Qet Creomulsion right now.'(Adv.). I Jlo , . . W. M. -niylor.Mrs. W. M. r sr. returned with them. K , 'J'lOUUY AllSTHACT & RRAI.TY CO. .Alislr.icts, Lands A-, loans I« M. Tcrrj, 1'res. and Mgr. riione 017 ISlythi-vllle; Ark. Buys Shoe Shop \Vllllnm Freeman lodny aii- ivoimced tin- of the- flinon p. Lee Shoe Kcpulr sho]i' . located at 413 West i street I vs w r nnd ............ •"- '"••••"• r-'uin Mrs. Claud Edwards and family , Ti)D "°» 1 m "" 1» an ex|>er-, at Kansas City. -Kaiis. lm « (l s 'ipe man, liavlnt? been ' is n native of Mississippi coiinty. cently un'dci-wenl an o|ierat!on at iVeUiodlst hospital. '•MLss Bea Holt spent last week. |H • Memphis •with her sister, Mrs Jack 'Wllkerson. ••' • MLsses.Rflberta'Denton and Nova Davis went to st'liiila W«dtie». y Io. ;vklt' MUis" Jewel Hntley They vcre' aecorhtianled by Mrs Velum Walker and son. 1 Miss Nornm Holt 'accompanied t o i«-4 ' LIJ nt.itjii^ Mit u-igM me cui- rerif >month; also on prlwn-rs in ami out. in the same day. .On tlllle |he abovr 'bask I fh'jre that th fol'owlng amounts ^liould be de dueled from these Johnnie Burton and family 'to Memphis Wednesday night to' vls- £ n '"\l,' l .'.» relative who was sick While ferred from ' the: previous" ntoi'rth • I ' eJ 8 Jlbor ^ sl ".'eht a tiilef sneak^'statTWl'i'waV'rtflctaL 'foS"^^-''^! 6 "'^ •"'• 5O visited'Miss Bea ^-S^a^t ^^*°"%^^^l^^^^ oav,, daughter of ! an;l o,^.in the same day.oa ^..W .. ., , lte „ Plo Lit^ L ^^ II?.. E ",' 5 ' ^vU. was married re- Ray Ether Mge of st .laim Jan Byille f5200 Osceola Eeb |J'yHle.c49.00 ;OsceoIa 3800 Mch Byille 4500 Osceolu 73(U Apr Bville 6300 Osctola 3200 •- Any cash receipts for jail boart are collected by tlie sheriff and deducted fr6m claims before til Ings' No final settlement has been attempted this jear by the her Iff and collector It is customs.5 for him to make complete stt- tlemtnt with the county trc-s urer for tax collections as soon after (he closing o tax books as it is uoifiibl to figure and check the stUitncnt He makes advances to the treasurer from (tme ko time to Oct 1st thej amount to Sll r < mss ' > ' Receipts of H M Craig ur cult 1 clerk and: recorder, due Iho county: for the 9 'months per$14,240.25 12,158.25 Read courier Ne»s Want Ads ,!!V,-., Ue .' IBS j tjml '" ""= shoj • here lor a number years. The Morning AfterTakintf Carters Little Liver Pilla how white ami rltnt4 ! your Hue lifK'lLS Hilt tlC u* h c ti laundered Uy '''us. Try our service this week. Good Weatlier or Bad - Our Laundry Insures CAcan ; Cloihcs »'aslilii|t clothes at home is al«a>s unsatisfactory, but more so i» bail weather. • 1'rolccl your clotlifs from sont, dust and improper drying by sending them to us. , NU-WA . Laundry-Cleaners ' '-Phone 180 > '.; iod Paid to County Treasurer DEEP INTO THE BIG WOODS on » hunting irip No lurunes here, as "Htrb" Wtlcb — famous Maine Gmde-makes nooa camp and sm « up beans, joh nn) cake, and coflie hot from the camp fire coals, wwding up »nh Camels all ara uod Hearty outdoor appetites welcome the senSL of cUgeM.y. «ell being that smoking Camels encourages "Herb" says ' that goes into the woods mih me has to tirn its way Camels mote than earn theirs Camtls me a swell to rme on the trail apleasuru <mla necessity. ]'\ e lived on one meal a day—j ust dried meat and water at that-and 1 ve dined on the best that the state of M aloe O 8tr$ -but no matter what 1 m ealmg, it al ways tastes hc-ttcraad digests betar v,hea I smoke Camels. And I like Camel's cheery 'lift.'" Bal. Due. County $ 2,082.00 . (From Blytheville office) "Receipts ;of- Carey Woodburn, county ..and .probate cleric, duel the' county tor the u mont'is] period »G,414.00 Paid to County ' •Treasurer .'..:.'.!'....' 5,868.'55 Bal. Due County' ....'... $ 545.45 | (ftom Blytheville office) The porcupine does not shoot ts cfuills at an enemy. The quills I are quite loosely attacked to its' body nnd when. the. animal slaps I with Us tail, some of the quills may be flipped quite a distance. ROUTES 100 TRAINS A DAY. //. M. Wright I have to have healthy ncrvcsand good digestion.SoIsmok onot get on my nerves. Camels. 1 And the at mcali jrc a sense of well-being . Camels set me right." for Baby's Cold Proved .best by two generations of mothers. PICKARD'S GROCERY THE SAFEST PLACE TOBUYYOURMEATvS &• DAIRY'PRODUCTS' We.-receive Swift's Premium 'Beef twice weekly. Green's Grade A Pasteurized Milk twice daily. We have 'the most modern Friy- idiire meat equipment. Variety of Cold Meets and Cheese. r Y^aWes Dally, e Deliver. Phone 673 1044 WHEREVER...WHATEVER, WHENEVER YOU EAT-, im ITVRKISUJ 1 -'Rgt CIOARj TIC\ >^ Cornels ore modc ffOm fmef ' MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS ...Turkish Orid Domci}jc Ihonony other popu | 0rbrand _ Y OU eat over a thousand meals a year! Many kinds of foods. At all times and places, Sometimes you are free of care— at others, worried and nervous.Ycr, thanks to Camels, you can help digestion meet these conditions easily. Smoking Camels speeds up the flow of Unity increases.You enjoy your food more — and have a feeling of greater ease and contentment after eating. Mealtime or any time—make it Camels! To millions of men and women, Camels are the last word in cigarette enjoyment. Camels are so mild, they do not get on \ W * I *«M ANOTHER CHAMPION SMOKES CAMELS. Dontiy fjolderman set i glider recotdforio(Amcnand\vomen Imagine how gliding affects digestion!' she says. "But a few Camels at meal time bring my digestion right back.'

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