The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1934
Page 2
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HGE JLTITHEVILLB, (AftK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 81, 1934 H«. Birthday Pirly • Christine Humphrey wns given a party Monday afternoon by her grandmother, Mrs. J. U, Humphrey, because she was six years Pld. The 16 little clrls \vcre served Ice cream and cake after scvcrnl haul's of fun. • * » Children of Confederacy To Merl Saturday AfUrnoon The Children of the Confederacy will meet at the home of Miss Fatly Shone Saturday nfleinoon, 3 o'clock, for a business Hireling. V <• • • ComplimtnU Housegucsl Mrs. Earl Buckley wns hostess to 12 yiiests last evening at a bridge parly (jlven In honor of lirr housc- gnesi, Miss Lenh Davis, of Memphis. Another out of town guest was Miss Junnita Mailln of Washington, D. C., who Is visiting Miss Rulh Blythe. Mrs. Marvin Chappelle won first prize, bain salts, anrt Misses Davis and Martin were presented com pacts. A salad'pluti! was served. » * * Girls AuiilUrv Meets The Girls Auxiliary of the First Baptist church had n social meeting Tuesday evening nl the hoine of the leader, Miss Hobble Jeanne Blaylock. The 18 girts present hail u short business session before games were piayet) and refreshments were served by the W. M. U. circles hostesses, Mrs. E. B. Woodson nn'd Mrs W. M. Wnilams, assisted by Mrs A. C. Blaylock. + » • "Miss Bl.vtlirville" To Attend Memphis Fair Miss Pollynim Buck, ciHiighler o[ Mr. and" Mrs. C. M. liiick, who wos selected as "Miss Blythevllle" to compete with girls from oilier mid-south cities for tnc title of "Queen of Mid-South Fnir" being held In Memphis next week, will go to Memphis Sunday. Jack Finlcy Robinson will lie hc.r escort to the dances nnd other affairs arranged for the girls and their escorts. She will also be accompanied by her mother or her Bister, Miss Jane Buck. The queens arc to be guests at the Hotel Peabody. A dinner party at the Hotel Gayoso Sundny evening will open ihc program to be followed with broadcasting over WMC at 9:15 p. m. On Monday there will be a luncheon at the Feaboiy, a cocklall party at (he Colonial club after the contest Monday evening there will be dance on the Hotel Peabody roof. Osceola Society — Personal Uy Jlclra VOU arf a <ifU, AIM! 1 pcifoicc JHH.-I: You luvc (cxi flue .1 Ibit" for km- To jiraclicc toiulancy. A CmLwIiQjefecMwvHjiirmBw Is bonvcoivc to juiir.ui: hi her in h UuUl yoiAc Al I :il you <lo, AM) ufiy uith M.iiilon i-lianiib abri You Mill conn- li.'irk lo nip, |>Ii;r eyes holil fond nllun- for you 1J Unlit yon nuke them say A litllu ji|Kcr)i of lurlly line You never took aiwy. A Nl) any time a gipsy maul Tunis roiinil tn smil* cl you, You art noi .valisfkil unlit YouV ItfttfoJ a ki-is or two. Bit* oj News Mostly Personal -WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON; Mk-ah Champions the Oppressed (Continued From l j asc One) Text: Mii^h **:1-U -Inilh? v . v /hal is lo' be wld of huuli , Tin- International Uniform Sun- j He t:ot-s the religion of Urn pro- |ili», in .so-fur'tis (lie p;op!c avu cx- tUy School I.esvun for Sfpl. 2. 'pressing It, a religion of lormal- uociHii and'of "the nicn wlm luivt- ' * * 'Hi' ar.rl ritual. Thyy arc willing to thus acquired it? Micah say* Uml HV VV.M. K. (JJLUOV. I). IK 'samlice 'vHh Inrm olfcrings. bin [hoy ate full of vile-ness ami lies Editor of Advance .[hey nrc not willing to nun from ami Ibal their Unique it; dec-linn I-'iom Aino.s, the fiery itiul ric- their .S.ILS ajul lo make Ihc .sum- in their inonib. 'ntmcmtory prophet, and llosea, the.fice ol righteousness in their own • ilfnil citi n» n I '* 1 LI I J l.ll II Itll VI J J^IUJ/IIVL] «HJi.) HUJVa, 111"- .lilt U "V h . OP ^r rt , y ,±, , la 1 '" »'l,, M ,nc evuntcltt. seeking to win «,„!*. any of Ihe Kills. I went (or a drive on Hie beautiful, moon-lii moimtuin roudh. A car ilu- people back lo right ways, we Mr. and Mrs. Husscll I'arr will —the car or llic man who Imd In-' 1 ' 1 reasoning setting fmth W uh w i,, lt ,,1,1,, aiK i pointed application such words nnd their di- go lo Memphis tomorrow for scv- crnl days visit. i { Mrs. Slum i H. Sulinon Is In ' Chlcnijo having Joined the Rev. Mr. Salmon who Is enroutc home from Camp DesMoines. DCS Molnes liio-_ Tims it is Mk'uh 1111115 lu reel meaning ate effective for thu tlusllu' po.sitlve slcie lo CXIIICM. tlie life of loiliiy, centuries after llu-y Iowa, where he has been vlslllng '"""•" pas.', to Micali. Ihc r, nl in 'I*"' c "'"' 15 ' SCU1|I|! fonncd'lhc"Bcner'aT"i'nan:i"er' al-o'it' Lol<1 ' s comrovcrs >' wlth nis IJeople. utnplcst. and. at the same time, \vr«- i-\|>re.-:sctl! The world v.lth my visit with tlie VOUIIK'man'wlio • 1(o suillds a lltlle nearer to the adequate, conception ol all Its show of progress nnd ol had been discharged ! llosea limn lo Ihc tearless and religion that we Hurt t.nywhcre om- culture still laas tar behind llic irxcd. Talks With Workers 'wwn AIIMW. but his strength seems side of the simple precepts ami vision and me coinage and Ihe ;to lie in the extent to which he .U-aching of Jesus. Dimple honesty of Us saints and 1 Itilked to many mill woikcrs .combines Ihe spirit, and melhod of' "He hath shwed Iheiv O man. ; prophets, —men and women—bill after 1 bolli men. ,whal is good; and what doth the Why will not men turn from Ihe fair. ' .discovered I was lying fhiloivr cl | 'Ihc distinction of, Micah is In I Lord rcqniri! of thee, but to do falsity and clixeil iiud crookedness | Hobble Rhodes has returned to nn< * watched 1 did not lalk lo anyiihe clearness with wnlch he stales jjiistly. and to love meiry. and to. in their dealings one with aiiolher. his home in Flint. Mich., alter morc - Those mill workers liaiv (he issues and in the simplicity .walk humbly they Clod?" j and in the standards and practices enouuli Irouules without my mak- (hat he reveals :is the essence ol ' But Micah is not coiitem simply .that they. SIM. up for the guidance ing it any hinder for tlicm. |tiue religion. Like flosca, he turns 'to enunciate t hosts h'igh and simple: ami uovi'innnre of peoples? ' laving spent the summer here. Mr. , and Mrs. Loy Welch and daughter Martini imvc returned 1 What arc lliey caylny. what :ue|lo the history of Israel and Clod's: pi inclines. Hu turns loin 11 brief slay' in Memphis I lhc y thinking nbout Hie tlirealcn- Mmes. Aaron Rosemrm], t, -^ lcxlilc 5lrlkc? Hei ' c nre somc Holland and Fred Ftulherford in Memphis Wednesday. lo l!:u ac- What are.iler task is (here l)?lorc choosing of Ihc people. He asksitual characters iind deeds of Hie us lhan lo hring into our personal I them whiit was the purpose of this people to measure what they aiu lives, into nur business, into our allsw(!K: clloicc ' "»'' whether they will be; doing ayainn this hieh sui.uUrci. cilizenship. and into all llic R-la- An 0](i man _ ch( . cks . slm kcn, |content lo forfeit their high dcs- ; In the p.esrnc~of this liiuli ideal l:on.shi;is ol lile the simple rclig- Rrcy hair lliinneri to a fiingc— I liny. .there is the wickedness ol dis- ion of doing justly, nl loving IJoiECy Roark, of at. Louis, is the i slakes Jiis head, "I ain't never Why has God brought the people jhcnest, measures and false balances. . IIRTCV, and ol walking Innnbly Kiiesl of his sister, Mrs.- Fred Rulh- Joined a union. I thought I'd jusilfonli from the bondage of E«ypt ! Men count it wealth (o have Uw!v.ilh Gotl erford. and family. (. 0 my own way. But of course, jbut Unit, tliey may be free to follow gains of what Micah colls ''the tiag Tills was ihc religion that Jesus the ways of righteousness and jot deceitful weights.'' Mrs. J. S. Gcsctt went, to Little if mere's a strike, I'll hnvc (o go Rock loday where she will accom-iwilli [he rest" parry her son, Raymond, and lam- An alert, bright-eyed young wo-, rct-emuc Hie .00 WIIT Ily. on a motor Irip for two weeks, man of 22, wearing a skimpy, u.' rcccivnii, me ,o,> w.i,t. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ncal Oesell ac- cheap cotton dress, her nails companied hor to Lltlle Rock. [brightly enamelled, says, "We're Misses Delhi Purtle and Lois not nfrald. There Isn't anylhin^' Hill have returned from a short more they can <ln to us limn they stay in Dasselt as guess of Mr. have done." jeainc lo fulfill. . Her wages have been and Mrs. Walter Hill. Mrs. J. a. reduced from 520 a week to ths Sutibiiry anrt daughter, Miss Ta- government minimum, $13. She Jlllm, nnd Mrs. O. C. GansXe ac- says II is because she is companied Ray Jackson to Tipton- of belonging to the union. Steclc-Cootcr Society — Persona] summer terms ot school ever conducted here, accoidlni; lo rlncliial Jack V.'emp. Mrs. Dill Moad. who hap been honored 111 several social events Miss Irene Rev. E. I,. Cole was Ihc principal speaker and his subject was "Some raise Methods, for increasing Sunday school altenHance" at n meeting allended by sixteen members ad guests of Ihe Sunday Schoo Workers Council ot the Fust Baptist Church at the home of Mr at(1 Mrs. F. E. Tompklns \vhei plans were made for Rally and Promollon Day which will be held at the last Sunday in September on which rtay the sermon will bi omiltcd and he entire moriiln service devoted to a program pre pared by the following committee .... _ _.. Mrs. E. L. Cole. Mrs. Pearl lirooks, Miss Marilj Mrs. Ida Tucker, Mrs. Godfrey ville. is Hi- White, Ntrs. W. B. fjalc and Mrs I. S, Burton. A watermelon feas was enjoyed oil tile lawn al th u conclusion of the meeting. • * • • Mr. L. L. Spears, dry.goods mcr- chat of Hot Springs, lias rented one ol the Fred Patterson stores on Hale Avenue opposite the courthouse and has opened » branch store carrying a gecral line of dry goods and shoes and 'will be ready for business tomorrow morning. J. T. Coslon is visiting Ills sister Mrs. J. C, Jennings in Winchester, Teiin.. where-it Is his custom to go each year lo allend a Home-coming on September first This dale Is the anniversary of the marriage in 1850 of Mr. Coslon's parents, and while they lived U was a custom of their children seven In ail-to gather at the old liorhe and celebrate that day. The {larents passed on many years ago but their children slill gainer to gether on that day. There are cnlj three left. .J. T. Coston of Osceola H. H. Coston. a practicing physl clan of Birmingham, and Mrs. J C. Jennings o: wircHesler. Tcnn and Ihey have pledged themselve to continue these family reunions as long as .thetc tire two llvin members. From Winchester M Coston will go lo Hunlsvillc, Ala for a visit wilh Ins daughter. Mrs. R. W. Anderson. Mrs. H. C. Kelvin and Infant daughter. Nancy .lane, have returned from Rochesler, New York after an extended visit with the former's parents. Mrs. Melvin was accompanied home by her aunl. Mrs. Jennie Yaw and cousin. Ed- wl Yaw, of Rochesler. Miss Beatrice Ros>« has returned to Jonesboro $he will be a student in the senior class this winter at BUte Teachers College. Mrs./W, A,; jfpwler and (Uuxhter, 6»r»,-H»ve reftnwd t othelHiome in: Knoxvllle, Term., after a three -•;. •weeks vtait with the former's sister,' Mrs/'J..,'!'; Coston. Arthur rowler cairie orer.for the *eek end end accompanied bis mother and sliter- home. -' ..•' since licv niairiage on August 15 was nuesl of honor nt a lovely iformal miscellaneous Lridal shou'- r at the country estate of Mr. nd Mrs. I,. W. Zolmer, Monday fternoon. The guests who ntlond- d luimlxrcd over 50. < The affair, iwing carefully plan- icd, ivas a complete sminUe to he lionorce. The home was dcco- atcd throughout with flowers with ninialiire lirldnl pnriles .and dcc- irallons. In Ihe conlesls Mrs. Conrad Krame and Miss Huzel Jemengcr were awarded prizes. The curt of gifts wits drawn nlo the room and prcsenled lo Ihe lonoree by lllllc Virginia Cook anrt lilllc Hard Smith, bolh dre.v jctl as brides. The hosless. assisten by MUss rcnc Whinielrt, served Eantlwiclies fruit salad .lopped willi whippei cream, angle food cake, and ic« lea al the close of a pleasan 1 aflcrncon. Mr. nnd Mrs. Moad are making llielr home in one of the Sh?l- lon apurlmenls. Mrs. Moad is (lie former Miss May Belle Zolmer. MLss Helen nnd Riibb Kearney, of Alamo, Tenn.. who have been Hie guests of Mrs. Floyd Wagsler for the past two weeks left Monday for llieir home. Mrs. K. L. Williams Sjicnl Monday afternoon In Blylhcvllle, where she is taking trealmenls from an eye specialist. Miss Marilyn Buss, of Hlythc- Peuiiscot Teacher Wecls MJSS Christine Broach 1C, Tcnn., for a visit wUh rcla- livcs. Mr. ami Mrs. E. u. Ferguson who were dismissed for lew days or a week and then re- L-mployed—at the wage paid a new norkur. Calli'tl "Satisfied" I Then lliore's the general man- ( agcr. "Our people arc iwrfecTly tan^iicd," he asserted. "Tile corn- liany's attitude toward its employees is one of friendly co-operation. There is no dissatisfaction. 1 ' IVrtiaps there isn't, from Itii 1 general managers |x>int ol vlrvv. All day in the mills tlie huge WANNING t)l!l)i:i: IN THE CHANCEHV UOUH'i . CH1CKASAWDA L) I STIl 1 (J T, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Delia Thompson, Pl.iintill, No. 57U7 vs: Ki'nrsl Thompson, Di'Icndnnl. The tlotcndani, Lrnc.U Tiiutn])- si>ools wind interminably. Tno Hcplng for Job _ ^^_ „.,„.., A'">ll'cr girl, blond and blue- will molor lo" near Ho'llislci'" Mo"' eyr{1 ' shc ls slcnt ' cl '- under-nour- wlmc they will spend Ihc 'week- !shcl1 i(wk i»g- »cr eyes are liirne end wltli Mr. and Mrs. I, M Cor-' illui wlst ' 111 . ller words sotl-spok- uclt. | en. "No. I'm not working. I endless threads reel into ccaiitilul. Among those from Mississippi c;l " 1L! llorl -' lllrce wccks "8°' I've | lusirous cones of silk. The ina- counly who amended the mcclhv I)Cljn waltl "8 '° « ct » J° b ' I cer-' chines keep up a throttling, rhylli- • -- '••'•• ' "--- •-'-- next|mic din. Men and women, bcml- ni sover Ihcm. are machines, too. No dissalislactlon? ... I didn t uilk lu all of Ihe l,ti(JO einployci'S me g ... , - ,, In Mailanna yesterday, when See- (i ""' y ,. hope tllc - v l " kc rctnry ol Agiiculliu-c Wallace lvc [*'" sirake, were: J.E. Critz and his sec- ! A yo "" g ma " who lcaas ' O1 ' wi «" 1 ' , .. - retary, Miss Kunice Brogdon Toiii :caBCrly ^ he Hc ' s son. is warned nyb in lo :i))]>e.-ir witlnn Ihe LOiirl named in Ihe [\iplion hercul and answer the comiihiint of ll:e plainliff, Dcna [ IGlh liiiy ol | wanierl to appear williin days in llic court named in Hie caplion hereof and answer the complaint of the plainlitr, Iiud Jam^s. Dated tills 10th day of August, 1KM. H. L. UA1NES, Clerk. By lilliott Sartain, O. C. P. C. Douglas, Ally. 21-31-7-M Dated tills 103-1. U. L. OA1NES. Clerk, By Ellioll Sarlaln. 1). fj. F. O. Duilgtas. Altv. I 666 l.iijiiid, Tiilih'Ls, S.'ilve, Nnbe Dlup3 Chi'ik-, Malaria in 3 days, (,'olils lirsl ilay, Headaches or Nrnralgl.i in :ill miinitrs. l'*iiu' I.MMilivo anil Tunic Musi Siwcdy Remedies Kmwn Marlin of E5ell, Dr. E. V. Hill I. of Murray, Ky.. and Mr. Waymen Foster, of (his cily. The ceremony was iwrformcd August It), nt Jack- n. !Mo., the Rev.* Hardy. Baptist paslor (here, tuylng the single ring ceremony. The couple was nnal- lenderi. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. c. li. Drancli of Murray, and a sister of Mrs. W. H. Kosler of Uiis city. She has been a fremmii visitor here. She graduated from ihc Murray high school with honors, later attending llic Stale Teachers college there. Mr. Foster is llic son of Rev. and Mrs. D. K. Foslcr of this city. l\r. is a graduate of the local hiyli school, obtaining his higher education at Wlll-Muyflcld college. Carulliersvlllc Junior college, receiving liis A B degree from tills lallcr iiioliiuiion. and also nt- to Rlplcy, Tenn., for having accompanied her son, home. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Humphrey I Yes, (lie girls are alraitl. Tiles- jous; Mamie Jnmrs. Defendant. Thu (li'fpndant, Mamie James. :s| BRANDON, Vt. (UP)—This year | marks tile centennial of the invention of the electric motor, gen- le^^^T^ r 0 ' 1 "" 11 ; "« f ting ^"S, l "hc ll to» rt : ^' crcdilcd lo Thorns Davcn- biolher. Claud Bri!SJ!"S la's! "' 3 P ' "' '" 1C:3 ° R M " *»". »' '«»^ '^es, pale, weekend in Savannah, Tenn Miss Be|le Whllsltl relumed yesterday from New York cily where she bought stock fur her' shop. i Mrs. Fred Fowler and Iwo sons.' atraid that when ttieir Iwo ip.ty envelope is received Ihere will Icmlhig college. Mm ray He is Slate Tcachtus nl present Ihe principal of the Carter school in Ihe noi Ih end of llic county. .„„., ,,.. r]I of Dyersbm-g, Tenn., are siwuding Z nfr M two weeks with Mrs Pnu-i,,-. „,,. " rc " lla ' ri nc deductions for laking six inln- ulrs instead of live in going lo and from wash looms, or for shaking lo a fellow worker as much as once [luring working hours. They the girl who works next Ua\cn\x)rl invented tne molor while a village blacksmilh. lint liu made no cfTorl lo commercialize it. and the electric motor did noi be- i " C ma " n aphcr H G Pm,o s «»- "to job" as a clerk in the mill Toffrt. i , olficc. Everyone in Ihe town knows nn r ?'«, Bother. atoiu i, im . Afler working at the Mrs ol Mr. niid Mrs. D D. Holly Ibis week. Miss Alice McDanicl will lake place of Dr. Joe Dcaslcy at M .. S P ' t;mrt011 ot Coilwnv - «''»'"-'hnd h lh»"? c ±' 1<!w - J o b Wl"? Tm New Madrid Baptist Group ton ,l"d'" v iro'c'raa" 1 " i:ob Craf "r" a " hi " 1EC " ' sn »' 5 ' l was teciuis< Meets at Caruthenville u ' !<> ' "'*'" — — • •" ' ot " llion activitic3 - CAHUTHEUSVILLE. Mo.. Aug. 30.—The New Madrid Bnpllst «cn- ernl Associnllon will convene here Thursday mid Friday. Sepl. 6 and 7, nt Hie Firsl Unptist Chiircrt in its mmual mecliiiR. The mceUng come feasible unlil about 1880, some 30 years after Ills death. New Laxative Does 6 Things lli:.ST I'll ICES PAID FOK Cotton J. E. Hasson I'llulh! 12!9 OITIi-c (Iraml Leader lllilg. 1HONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE UEI'T. Doctor! (now hlv« th« fix feituto drlicioui cheving K 1. Dclicinus, ta yo-.i LI. 2. Thorougli, mote hibit fornung. -t. Sif< 5. No iklmtM lo iipsc: «. Gurliul pljccmri-T ,; lir.rl. Dor:o:> iffl.iK ^ . u .. ....*. lIQlliiJul I . Zola, arc to make their home Jim Craflon. R. B. Nolen and Maivm Robinson arc visiting rclalivcf Ion Cily. Tenn.. lodny; Mr. nd Mrs. J. R. sun-all iind •s in Un- . ,. was originally annmiced for Lll- , nnlcc HolL ic Blyihevillu hospital 0:1 Sept. • . - while Dr. Boaslcy will rclurn Tutanc univcrsily a( New Or- cans to complclr sciiw)!. The condition of A. J. Ovcr- mf is much better today. Ixiiirn. luii has been changed lo Ftev. Hronson. nisco. Mo., n r \r,,,,,r..i of Armon-1. moderator of the Assoclallon. will be in charge of the meeting. Dean R. S. Douglas, one of the ont- luancliug Bapllst. workers In the i» Memphis. yesterday Ark. Is spending Ihe week us the ucsl of Miss Hazul McAdams. Mrs. Sims Michlc and daugh- cr. Mary Anna, wsre visitors In Blylhevillc Tuesday. Mr. nnri Mrs. Hugh Urilion and children, formerly of here, who avc been living In Hayll for llic past year, have moved to Dumas. rfc.. where Mr. Brltlon Ins ac- ccpled a ix«.llioii In (lie prlnlmi; oftlce there. They spent Sunday lichl here wilh their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dock Brlllon. and Mr anrt Mrs. J. F. Pallcrton. The Baptist revival al Stcclc. which has teen In session for Ihe two weeks, is having good allcndance and n successful meeting. 11 will close Monday. MR. Sam Wagslcr. who has b:en ill for som- lime, will be token lo Ihe Memphis Methodist hospital Sunday for treatment. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Kalne. and sen. .Jetry. of Hayll. were gtiesu of fri;nds here Monday night. Mr. ami Mrs. Wilson were cail- £d lo Tyler Tuesday by the wr- lous illness of Ihcir 'daughter. Mrs Fred Forsyllie. The Cooler CoiKolidnlert Dislricl NLinb;r S school. Including Cooler, Crockett. Lake Farm and Tyler will close for n six weeks vacation Sepl. 5 lo <i..ible to students to pick cotlon. The summer term of school, which went on six week,-- u .t: been one ol the most sUll[ , ()f prav Mrs. RiiMeii Phillips ailri chil . drcn and Mrs. Everett B. Ore and son wlm have been at. Plymouth. Mich, lor a month, ntc expected lo arrive home lomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Langslon, of- fireri me." the Girardeau, will ap-l Hollvillc - Cnl-. will arrive loday] program Thursday j j^. 4<1 ™ra_l_ days slay with the evening. He has recently been tip- cv. nnd Mrs. E. K. Lallmcr and pointed secretary of the Brother-1' nmtl >'- all <! "''• and Mrs. C. C. hood of Missouri His subject will LaI) Bston and family, be "A Century of Baptist Achlcvc- IUCIU." The local church will furnish entertainment, with the different church circles having charge of serving ihc meals for bolh days. Read Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News \Vaiu Ada. TOO i,.m: TO CLASSIFY . WASHINGS Ncnlly llr.iir. JUs" Vance, IG1G Short V'aliml. corner I7lh itrccl. 31c k9-3l Marjorie Duckett . Teacher, All Types of Dancing. • Regislrallon Aug. 31, Sept. 1 Studio at Hotel Noble 1'linnc 717 Night— Sunday— Anytime For Quick and Wrecker Service Like ruagic. yoiir tables, chairs and other fur: nllurc can take on new bcaulyl Just brush on Watcrspar Quick-drying Enamel. One coat ij generally ample. I!ut even 2 coats can be pllctlanrlyoii use your furniluro the same day! Waterspar costs but Uttte und L; eiir lo apply, li I'inl Phillips Motor Co. Others loltl me alwul men and i BRUSHES Pure bristles, set in rubber ' Enamel lirasli . . 4* W.ill Utush . . . |; : ', r S* C.ilciinir.c Btusli . SI.fill Htioni:, 5-U. tize with shelf ans pols I »;it is citsicv! PURE TURPENTINE Gal. . . $1.00 WEAR EVER ALUMINUM DRIP COFFEE POTS 2 cup 4 cup 6 cup 8 cup $-165 $j95 $025 $050 Also A Complete linu of Wear-Ever Aluminum Kitchen Utensils HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. CALCIMINE, All Colors, Per Lb 12c WALL HIDE I' brings One - day Pointing Knihdjysnfnirs.-.! Vrmr rurljini ^»d pic- rnici t-m IT liuisi; lite «^mr il^y walU ^ntl * riHn^s arc pii:ii.-i1 with \ValHiiilfV Our is u^irjlly rnnn^li. I =i wasMWc rnlor^- 85° OIIART M PURE BOILED UNSEED OIL . . . GaU ..$ 1JO WALLPAPER CLEANER ..... Each ... . . lOc Beautiful high gloss FIASCO PAINT fur interior nt cxictinr Jnrfacr:-. Km-hr? ,50 Gallon UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ,. . Quart... 70c While SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-drying, clear WATFRSPAR VARNISH X^?* K\lT-i durab!'-. Tor interior ^1 1 nr « xlct ' or ll " Ci ^''^ not \v$\\ Hun^l'.iic.Oiir^ oo 'M 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED I'lrrSUURGIl PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY

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