The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1941
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1941 BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale i IN TUK CHANCERY COURT FOll j THK CHJCKA^AWHA DISTRICT Daily rate per line for consecu- , ^ m-n- * ,» • ,, ' ]: ° n Echvai ive insertions: | m I hillips Barg'tuns in Usi'd j )ne time per line lOc Cars £ Trucks. Highest in i Nu!rc 5?f w . 4 ['\vo times per line per day....08c Quality & Lowest in Price. 7 i 3Xl7 ?7T^ rhrpp (imps nor lir.« npr rinv tif> * fJ'P. -ill r $174 Ccroim rcna Standard Poriablc TV;K>- i A writer. Like m>\v. C^ be --eni -u ' ,„„ 1; < T Tliree tunes per lir.c per day..OGc Six times per line per day floe Month rate per line GOc Card of Thanks 50c & "75c Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered for three or six tirm-s and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of thru's the ad appeared and adjustment \f bill made. All Classified Advertising copy ,-ubmitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accom- Kuiecl by cash. Rates may be eas:- computed from the above table. •'Ad'/ertLsinsj ordered for irregular insertions lakes ihe one time rare. Wo responsibilir.y \vi)J be taken tor more than one incorrect, insertion of any classified ad. For Rent •'•; room Furn. Apt. Friyiduirc. ga- 1935 FORD TUDOR ........... lf»40 FORD DELUXE TUDOH 1033 CHEVROLET MASTER COACH 1936 CHEVROLET COACH ........... 1040 DODGE TOURING SEDAN Koom lUnia» utl 'fo 1 1)0.00. Roliiscm & cii- North 2nd St. Phone j 1937 Ford Pickup, m good comli- ^ros-if lio11 ' BiU 'b"'ihi for t^sh. Plumo 5j>580 , ^^__ 2-K-k-23 1940 Chevrolet 'j-dnor.Y^'jTToir- scnable for cash. Swum Apartments. Main HJK! Second. Apnrt- JOK CilLLKSS, ET AL, NOTICE Ol 1 COMMi'bSlONKR'ft ' SALE i b Not:o» is hm-foy }.ivou (hut tin iho Chancery Court, ucUn;.; undi-ri 'and:, nmji ty c.f u dccrtv of c:irv.'ii out of the (NWj i qmirtor of llie oust iNK'.-, i, n u . (otul being lliu unv.s. mori- or l<^\s, in Section thirty i'jO>, Township ttf- ti'ni •!;•)> North, Ruiiw Twelve :il said suit? will to oxocute bond with \ViuTinr Immigrants North Carolina's first Scotch hnini^nmt.s u-ere IUOO warriors, (loloatL-d :it Da; battle of Cullodon. who obtained royul pardon on con- dliion they leave the realm. Be- twix'U 17')5 and 17-10. they brought unpalnled and warped .steps, or weather-beaten door mny be a model home inside, but unconsciously the average visitor recalls it u.s bfinii run-down and neglqcled, Private lendinii Institutions qualified by the Federal Housing Administration hnvc funds available under (lie FA'S Modernization Read Courier News want ads. ID,' iMMruu 10 execute ho.ut with llu ' h> <»»»l"«tf lo Uu- Cnpe Pear ministration Jmve funds available '•''< a|jpn \v,- MTurity and a lien will,' Rivf ' r Vfillc >' aml wm ' followed by l " lf!el> tho FA'* Modernization lib.> ivmiiu'il upon tJu- tiforesuW '^0.000 olher.s laler. Credit Plan for the repair of wulka, ''S 'and:- iimii ilu- pureha^ price .slops, -^cl doorways. CHEVROLET SEDAN $355 $199; $625 . $39 I7ih >u< - v Mixed hay. $7.00 per ion! Also. Form Machinery. Mys. M F Wright, Half .Moon. 'ai-k-ari in Ihe Citv of lilytlu-vUle. Chirka-! ' Nawba District of Mississippi C oim- i In ^ [ 'f "• °" Momhl >-- April S ciM.ui,- I-' Cooper MM l4lll I ...*... ^ »_ i . .,1 I*' HARVUY MORRkS. In Chancery, 7th. ]}M1. Iji-t \voen lunirs of II. i'ink-ups & I!-., Tons 1937 FORD 'PICK-UP j 193JS CHEVROLET ' '- TON PICKUP . $197 BiS type Poland China pigs. Re-; isterr-d and vaccinaiod. Out. of j sow.s weighing Ircm 650 to fiOO pounds. Write Arthur Aefonl. rage. Privale bath. Phone 'J94. I }940 FORD 'J2-ck-it i PICKUP . Stecle, Mo. $488 WYH appointed 4 room apartment, j 1338 CHEVROLET \vith good heating plant. Call 197. in:. TON TRUCK \T 21-ck-tr! S !037 o.M.C. 1 ! - TON 3 room lunmhed apartment. Pd- RUCK vate bath and garage. 401 So. Lake St. FOR RENT—Two-room unfurnished apartment. Lights, water and hot wpter furnished. Couple only. 1129 West Ash. ITckif Three room furnished apartmenr. t - Newly decorated. GOG N. Fifth. 17-ck-it Bedrccm. Steam heat. 818 West. Walnut. , 17-ck-U '2 and :] room furnished apartments. Reasonable. 1315 W. Main. Slh & Walnut tits, $245 Dionc 810- Onp coni])lete L> or 3 chair Barber Shop Equipment. Also, one complete Shoe Shop Equipment Real Bargnin. Call 7t>4. F. Simon. 7-ck-U No. 1 Alfalfa Hay, good rccleaned Seed Soybeans, Arksoys and Del- stas. Burdettc Plantation, Bur dctte, Arkansas. 7-nk-4- - . Soy Beans, 80c Bushel. J. A Bagc Manila. 5-pk-4/o Phones 810-1122 Washing. Ironing QnfKs or Blankets ......... 15c each L< room furnished apartment. 719 Chickasawba. Mrs. Ramsey Duncan. 14-ck-tf 3 room furnished" apartment. Private bath. Call 1018-W. Mrs. A. Wert. 14-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. Private entrance. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. Bedroom 1 ;, near bath. Hot water. Reasonable. 506 Walnut. Phone 1H4. • 12-ck-4-12 Bedroom, one block from postofficc. 301 North Froadr/ay. Phone 970. 12-ck-tf Comfortable room, next to bath. One block from Hotel Noble. Phone 978. 12-ck-tf . three-room apartments with bath. 136 Sycamore. Phone 1046 or 28. IQ-ck-tf All or any part, of Righter Truck Terminals Warehouse, Platform. Office. Phone 727 or 112. 7-ck-4-7 »> room funr.shed apartment. Close in. 212 So. Franklin. Phone 1115 7-ck-tf R " otn * e " Gpr j m - b f n " d (1C 'l y 1( ! cqe H.W. f,l North. J)-ck-in-9 Weldin Expert Electric and Acetylene Fender and Body Work and Lawn Mower Sharpening *?*• Well. Ark. Stock barn and lots located at Manila, Arkansas. Delta Implements x »c. 28-ck-ti Good work mules. Cash or terniF See Floyd Simpson. Delta Imple merits. Inc./ Blytheville. Ark. 28-ck-f oVlock A.M. ap.d -2 o'clock P.M. ol said date, offer for sale at public: i.wcry lo the highest and best bidder. upon a nvdii cf three months, First Impression Is Given By House Front First Impressions loo often A home \vHh eracked walkway, Taft Doubly Famous Williiuu Howard Tali was tlie -.-^. .;,., -ini.i II in I I'M 11 I j . 1>H> lollowin" described' only " KUl '° huvc> h ' ;Ul ^- two >iiMmi:« in the Chickasnw-1 llll;11 '' s! olllt '«-'- s ln the Unit utl Stute.v HLstrict of Mtssls.sip]!i County. ! II(> Vv>l " P'' l ^if'< v nl. and Inter, chiel Arkansas. to-wit An undivided orie-h't'lh inler- est in and 10 tl\e South three and sixty niu'-huiulredihs acres carved oui ol the nnrih-\vrsi quarter -NW 1 ;) of th,- Nnrth- HI.S! quarter 'N'F.', t; ;UK i t ) u , •• H ' ll |L'iV» It » 1 Oil. 1 ' (j], the North-east f;ii;>rtcr iNK 1 , »; and the :-outh-v(>.st, qiutrter <SW: • of the Nonh-easi ( |uar- ter iNE'..); iiiui (he- North thirty-six and timr-it>nih.s acre.s j u.s 5 ire ol the supreme court. FOR SALE 115 K. Ash St. S rooms & bath. Trice S2350.DO, S30n.OO cash', balance $25.00 monthly. Possession at once, THOMAS LAND CO. H. C. Campbell. SaU-sman ol eiis—Tiinli cur to your cur. (Tetfuothyl Gus) JOYNER Oil, CO. I). S. Highway (11. North DON EDWARDS "The Typewrilrr Man" ROYAL. SMITH CORONA, AND WEMINOTON PORTABLE TVPEW111TERS GLEWCOE HOTEJ, BUIIJJLNO PI1ONK OU (Every Transaction Must Be Satlnluciory) Male Help Wanted F U II u,, P Or W. F. Krewer Dentist niythevillc. Arkansas Specials ! Extractions ---- $1.00 STEADY WOHK-GOOD PAY RELIABLE MAN WANTED to call on fanners in Mississippi County. No experience or capital required. Write Me NESS CO,. Dept S.. Freepcn. Illinois. « er and Lower Plates ...... $25.00 r Extract ions RECTAL DISEASES Clnitnil nlisorvaUoiiH dlm-loao thiit rcctul tllKoiuics iiiu ruMiiODxlblu lur auiro wrt-clccil iicrvous synlonm than any olhor ])iiUioloiiirnl nimltUon. Miuiy i;;itiCK of extroiut) uiiivnusiiosH,. hoiuliichus, lo\v-l);iclinc!ltis, toKiicho, liifiJi blood itrtiHMiro. constii'at.iuii and (iiHOtinitii nr« ol'tuti linum dyiu to roi-tal Otsr modern iiinUiixls ni trc:U.nuua for nicUl diHitiinnH iim npplkubUi lo about WVr °f " !1 IMSOH, Llio c,^:c)itIOMH ImliiR ciuuiur a n il tuluircvilar fistula. Very HUlo (llHConifort I.H ux iicriouroi! wliilo luring trisatttd. No lioHpiKUtzatUm, no scntiral aiutiitlic Lie. K» toss or Llmo from work. Cum guiuaiil.i'iiil ncooptcd riiHnti. DRS. NIES.& NI.ES Ark. 51-1 M:i in WASH DAY SPECIALS! TUESDAY IS WASH DAY. OUR PRICES HAVE BEEN RUN THROUGH TUK WRINGER TWICE TO MAKE Til KM GEN I INE. 1910 Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan $019 10-10 DeSoto Sedan. A KHAUTY $g]i) l.D-10 Ford VS Tudor. One'owner ?5(j<) 15)tO Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe. Heal buy :.S5(W 15):)!) Chevrolet Town Sedan. Real clean $'185 1WS Chevrolet Town Sedon. Only $#75 I!K'17 I'iynioulh Tudor Sedan for. . , $2M HK<7 Oldsmobiie Sedan. Bargain $25)5 n)M5 Chevrolet Coach. Special 515*) 1<KM Foni VS Tudor. Wash day only .. ,SH)i) Many More on Our 1% ],<>( 1 0 Cliuoso From Ifcisy 0. M. A. (.:. Payment IMan Open Nights ami Sundays LOY EIC^ CHEVROLET C01PAMY Wanted Colored Woman cook to live or Place. Apply at i-aul Byrum' 1 Found Truck Tire and Wheel en South Highway Cl. Call 994. 24-pk-2f' Poult TV Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work oil the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, >unk feeling. Take one box of KIRBY'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS Chicks. Baby Custom Marilyn Hatchery Phone 742 Blytheville 24-pk-4-24 HP' 11 res Desidarble bedroom, twin beds. Men preferred. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. 26-ck-tf r^ree hen room Twtri beds. Steam j hoof A/T^n preferred. Corner Chirkasnwbn and 10th Phone number 1. 23-ck-tT Upsets Raid Shelter :> s LONDON <UP)_They'vr thrown -"" i In t«<? sponge in one West London ~ " —(shelter. They have smiled -it slnk- REPOSSESSED TIRES I >ngs from nearby bomb hits' am! All Sizes j laughed at. fires racing aroim Tf\M ? fTT! r (them. But now they have -sent a HJiYI LiiiL.C. ;«t.ront; eoinplaiia to local aiithori- ' tics demandini; that, a inou^e be caught. HARDWARE CO- Farms For Sale NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Improved and Cut-Over Land ANT SI7E TRACTS U Down Payment FARi\! LOANS\AT / KATE OF INTEREST s Land Co. . Across from City IlaU Phone 400 STONE WORKER " U ' Cr makes statues of prominent men. 10 Uncommon. H Opera melodies. 12 Chest bone. ' 13 Yearns. 14 Secondary. Cooper For Sale or Trad J;i!rr:-.-!iior,!i] tractor. mryjel T-:i5. One Internation-il Fan-nail F-20 tractor on rubb?:. O:u.> Taiuierman ( plow. Wi!! trac'e for cars, new or used. Apply room :^04 i*,otei iVobie. . !8-pk-25 Pirnty noncl used cnrs Longest trrnis. Sid Bryran.s. l'> milss North on KiKhivay fil. 8pk4-8 Wanted lo Buy no Nafiomii O*sh Reidsfer, nJfctric model preferred. One Adding Machine, Burroughs preferred. One type- \vriu-r. All rnusl he in best '»f condition and priced n.nht. Tom LiUle Harcl- uar c (V). iN'olice ^-i»'-n you r-at AmcriraM i.urlv run" iM'd j-.njHls yu ? : can iniihfuih j-av that vn« -re e;itin^ Uu- host. Vrorcn Foods taerlc .stamps. We I7o!tvor. I'hone 113.1 1-ICKAKrrs GRO. A MKT. Minnows for Sale places. 18 Palm lily. ID Head of an abbey. 22 Vehicle. 25 Soft palate. herb. Wolframite. 'IB Golf device. VERTICAL 15 Matter-of-fact. 16 Conjectured. nSmelled. 20 Feather scarf. 21 Still. 23 Common verb. 24 Woolen fabric. 2G God ol love. 27 Upright shaft. 28 Indian. 29 He made n honoring President rilBj Roosevelt's third term. 37 To defeat. 39 Slumbers. • T • / t . N '" '-' "iin^vi 3, 'J"nior(abbr.) 4 i Auditory . 30 To wake from 50 Routine slce P- courses. ''\ Constellntion. 51 Beer. 32 Angry. ., 5:! To droop 33 Dating ITV.I chine. 34ITo permit. 3fi Jftckdaw. 38 Three. -50 Church title. 4?. Perenrrial 53 To .slope. • r >4 Matgrass. 56 He has been a 7 Clamors. famous 3 Wise man. for 30 years. 0 A Caucasus 57 He had s H He has a — -JHnvmgthc 4 2 Food Ii. form ot an oar 44 Horseback 3 Great lake. •1 Debutante. 5 Founded on truth. 6 Satirical. both here and abroad. or whiskered face. game. 4f) Chief actress. 4G Dre.ssed. 47 Pertaining to air. 40 Snaky fish.' 51 Ancient deity. 52 Postscript fabbr.). 55 To fa re. Phone BOO. G. C. Hawks. 12-ck4-12 .' SCOW CEC.rA.IMLV, / BUILD!MO... A.MD LOOK ED ISJTO THAT / VEH., K f FlMiSH _/ LOOK OUT/ ^ 1 *3F^r/^ / THERE TH' WHOLE THIK1G '(tjf - ; W MOW |T ' C:: ' TAKE IS COM I M 1 P/T//^-v ; A MOMTH OF DOWN) / A/ /A^* SUMDAVS TO Die X" GO IM THERE. Lf:THE "DEAD ISSUE" IS STILL VERY MUCH OVER THAT V TUM...TH1S / HE NEVER CAME AT THE BULLET HOLES WE PUT C^ OF THAT V-v IM HIS PLAlOE/ \-SV\ASH ALIVE f AWVTHIM& OUT OF THAT RUIM ' i \. rC_» \r— -v-—^ -_J~. . i m =. To • » •—^ • l\» NV \ l»\^4 > I L ,^.'covA\vjk' ,^J!A' OMfNVX VO - V T W«. , ^^^dLi COPB.mi HYNEASCRVJCE.INC. T. f3 Unck From (lie HY' KOY CKAJNIi POISON! MER . POW'T JUST STAND THERE ' HA 1 . A TRICK,YES! AMD A <3OOD OM5 TOO! FRTX'Kf.ES AND HIS FRIENDS Hcv! !///.;it One? L BLOSSKt! ;OV. i^A"!" u'AS fOME rhiE- r>iu5Ni? " ICC IMAT WAS so PEOPLE- WOULDN'T BECOME ALARMED/ IT WAS SABOTAGE, IP >OU ASK ME/THOSlr FOREIGN! AGEfMrq PROBABLY / JUST BC o-J THE LOOKOUT *FOP, SIJSRCIOUS LOOKING GUYS AND UST TAXif-.O THE 1 RJFAD ABOUT THAT JM TME PAPERS FACTORY SAID IT i WAS DUE ID A MECMAMICAU 6VVEA Ma/ICE. INC. T. V. RtC. 0. S fAT OF! UKi) RYDER F'"irsl Rouiul (o (he Fox

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