The Jewish Voice from St. Louis, Missouri on August 26, 1910 · 1
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The Jewish Voice from St. Louis, Missouri · 1

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, August 26, 1910
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eyes A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE CAUSE OF JUDAISM AND OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE. Vol. XLIX. Subscription, $2.0C'prryer inadfanna. St. Louis, Mo., Friday, August 26, 1910. Sfegfe Copies, 1 0 cents. No. 34 Waverly Shaft Drive ELECTRIC AUTOMOBILE PriesmjyerStevens Automobile Co 4432 Olive St. Monroe 1230 Delmar 395 THE GERM OF LIFE, Earth cannot long ensepulchre In her dark depths the tiniest seed; When life begins to throb and stir, The bunds of dea th are weak indeed. Xv clods its upward course deter, i'ulmhi it mak's its path today; One germ of life is mightier Tivm a whole universe of clay, Anon. THE VALLEY OF TEARS- Trans from the Yiddish of I Z Wenderovsky, in The Jewish Daily News. By Rev.Dr.Nachman Heller. Among those unfortunate creature3 of the feminine sex, termed "lonely and forlorn," there was one woman whose oup of bitterness turned out to, be one of salvation. Her husband deserted her some ten years ago. All her search for his whereabouts proved futile. She, finally, appealed to the Society for the Protection of Forsaken , Women. The newspapers at the society's disposal advertised the case, giving particulars of the husband and his family's misery and wretchedness. Two weeks later, clues to the missing husband were found in the nation's capital, and after private correspondence between the society's secretary and the rabbis there, the following letter was received : "The husband is living in this city for the last eight years, in company of a woman of alien religion, apparently bis wife, who has given birth to throe children since. "The local rabbi attempted to plead with the man to divorce his first wife, the Jewess. The scoundrel, however, would cot do anything of the kind, ridiculing the Jews and their traditions. The rabbi consequently fell up"ii a plan, how to bring the wrongdoer into submission. He told the Gentile woman of her husband's ill- treatment of his former wife, enlisting, at the same time, her co-operation in the complicated case. ''On hearing the curious biography of tier Jewish spouse, in the mysteries ot ivuich the Christian wife had never ma le any discoveries, she became furious at him and threatened to take her children and leave him altogether, if he continued to refuse to be divorced from his first wife. "Fearing his second wife and her thieats, he told the rabbi of his decision to divorce her for twenty-five dollars." The woman, as a matter of eourse, was notified and told to ?(cure the necessary sum. She brought but six- 'In the llebrtw Standard. Largest Portta MM teen dollars, the remaining nine being gathered among members of the society. The money was sent to the corresponding rabbi and the divorce procured. II. A young weman, her eyes stained with tears, aonompanied by two small children, appeared in ths office of this newspaper and related the following "I married my husband some eight years ago. I was perfectly satisfied with existing conditions, although my husband's income was somewhat meagre and his love exceedingly lacking. Looking for no luxury, I managed to make both ends meet on his insignificant earnings for fully five yeais, Then the trouble began in earnest. "After giving birth to my youngest child, a paralytical spell of deafness struck me down, the effects of which caused the entire alienation of my spouse's affections. He became boisterous and quarrelsome, cursiDg all the while, having no use for me. My husband left the children and myself destitute, never communicating with me for the last three years." - The News inserted an advertisement in the name of the unfortunate woman, by which the man's where abouts were traced to a Southern town. The Society appealed to the dis covered husband, asking him to divorce his unlucky spouse. The answer was both hopeless and sur prising, it read tnus : "I am satisfied to send for my wife and family to live with me, provided they assume my new religion, as I have given up the Jewish faith for the dominating creed." The woman was sent for. She broke out in hysteric lamentations on reading the letter, and said she would rather deprive herself of life than of her religion. This decision of hers was trans mitted tothehusband, who announced his willingness to divorce his wife for fifty dollars. The money was secured by volunteer subscriptions and sent to the rascal. III. A woman, thirty years of age, for saken by her husband for the last ten - i ' e years, never expecting any renei or redress, came to this offioe and stated her case. We advertised the case, giving full description of the woman, the children and the missing hus band. Within one week, a letter of one of the rabbis gave the following intelligence : "Six years ago, a man of the de scription, committed a nurgiary at an early hour in the morning in one of the fashionable houses of the city. The noise awoke the owners; confusion resulted, in the course of which the intruder made his escape, only to misstep, fall two stories and be mort-allv wounded. He was carried to the hospital, where he succumbed within a fortnight. ' "I, however, saw the injured man before death overtook him, had a long conversation with him concerning his family and relatives, and when told of his deserted wife, admonished him for that offense. I advised him to divorce his wife in order to spare her the humiliation and the inconvenience of 'Halitzah.' "He promised to follow my advice. I securtd the permission of the authorities, brought a scribe and witnesses, and issued the divorce, which I, however, kept all the while, unaware of the woman's location. Now, having read your advertisement, I am able to identify the man in your case with Wedding grhupsSLOCK9 S 1109 'Picture; Framers McCaughen& Burr 919 LOCUST ST. the one whose divorce has been kept safely in my desk. It is inclosed." IV. The following is, indeed, exceptional in this particular line of misery and wretchedness. The husband; in this instance, was lonely and forlorn, looking for redress. "My days are almost counted, according to my prognostications and my attending physician's grave looks And because of my approaching end I want to atone for my past trans gressions. 1 married, some tourteen years ago, a young and attractive girl, who gave me, in addition, six hundred dollars as dowry. "We might have spent our days in prosperity and happiness, but another young woman crossed our path and made me drink of the cup of misery She procured work in the shop where I acted as foreman, induced me to misappropriate my wites money and elope with her. I yield ed to the treacherous girl and went with her on a spree, leaving my wife literally penniless. The days of my pleasure lasted but a short while ; as soon as my wife's money disappeared, the Satanic witch "left me in dis tress. ... . "Jilted and heart-broken I took to drink to drown my troubles. Ex cessive drinking brought on paralytic spells, ushering me into an early grave, jnow, i oeiieve mat tne crime I committed against my unfortunate wife is causing all my mental agonies and physical tortures. 'Unaware of her whereabouts, I appeal to the rabbis, the Society for the Protection of Forsaken Women, and the Tageblatt, to loeate her and to tell her I am willing to loosen her matrimonial bonds to save her from my brother's whims, the traditional Halitzah.' Send a rabbi to me be fore I am taken away from this world of sorrow and affliction." The Society, as a matter of course, rushed into print, advertised for the wife and urged co-operation and assistance. Before the week was over the woman came into the office, armed with testimonials for her identifica -tion. Her identity, residence, and willingness to receive the divorce , . .1.11. J - were properly esiauusueu, wruien papers made to that effect, communications sent to the local rabbi and measures for the securing of the divorce from the repenting husband were instituted accordingly. The divorce was properly effected and forwarded to the Society. The woman accepted it somewhat reluct- ntly, expressing her grief and sorrow at the helpless condition of her hus band. A short while after, news reached the Society of the husband's death. The following letter was sent to this newspaper : "May your mercy be exercised upon the wriUr of these lines, who is combination of both mental derelic tion and spiritual wreckage. I have deserted, some months ago, my good wife, eloping with her sister (CONCLUDED ON PAGE 7.) -.yj Tours to Steamship S. E. Cor. 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