The Jewish Voice from St. Louis, Missouri on July 15, 1910 · 2
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The Jewish Voice from St. Louis, Missouri · 2

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, July 15, 1910
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THE JEWISH VOICE, HERE IS A FRIEtf D OF YOURS CHAS. SOMAN'S Ail !ii '4 VhW mtA Wiotti uv.r,hu !' A ftiUVr f-jtl A "w sts ia- -:(-. ; 30u" Bell, LindsU 34 DEB PHARMACY Ot0;$ Eauton Avo. M-Pifrtpti. ..rn;r em r44 d r aia t tf ar. tii jradaau IB t,awJ- Prrin'!. a.4 for and WI:r4 4 any kr. ri.ililfrv'l,''D .S. 53 I. ! infwi Iw.aiax 174Sf Uil 1&B6 DORR&ZELLER CATERING CO. 3924 WASHINGTON AVENUE. Climates furniibed for Weddings, D'.nceri, Receptions, etc. Both phones. MAISON RICHARD Serves the finest delicatessen the world produces. 517 ST. CHiRLLS ST. 521 Ml ST. THE DA VI D RAN KEN, Jr. School ef Mechanical Trade Cook. S'ti and Pinner A'M- Paintintr. Bricklaying, Pattern Msk- iag, Carpentry, Plumbing, and Steam inginring. ACimu coys oi over. $10- a terra ; $30 a year, for new catalogue." 15 and Send THE LEONORl STORAGE ABSOLUTELY F1EB-PBOOF War. Iaiwtauatalil.. frw ni tui tnf ! furniture, plana.. ValnabltMi.Tnuiki, m.ri&a" tukln, lllipplni. W. ; asotl.T m-rarie.. fr iaituNKMe, lourrH; miMlrH; lMtiti lorlud; omigo oc bi. jrour Mii to car ar. R. U. Irfnavwri A.i 4 Btorat C., rrfioaet. caai A Block - Chipman Drug Company Delmar & De Boliviere Aves. I 1 1 1 a Phone, Prescriptions carefully compounded. Nothing bat the purest of drugs used in filling prescriptions. Courteous treatment. Prescriptions called for and delivered. Kinloeb, Delmar 843. ALEX. W. EICKS Manufacturer of Business and Pleasure Vehicles Automobile Repaired and Painted. 4274-76 Easten Ave. Repairing and repaying St. Louis, attend to promptly. U. 8 .A. St. Louis & Tennessee River Packet Co. iday-Special excursions, St. Louis to Waterloo, Ala., and return, $15.00 in -eluding meals and berth. Oa three beautiful rivers. Along the shores of six great states. STR. CITY OF SAVANNAH Will leare our own wharfbnat, f wit of Pine at. Friday, J14I7 15, at 5 p. fn , for Uhfuter, Capf, Cairo, faduah. and all landing) on Ohio anil Oi'mbfirland and Tennemee River to WaUrl.o. Ala. JNO. E MASBENGALE, Agt. Knot of Pine Nt. Phonfn: Main 40 and Central 30. Greatest Food-Drink Known to Science. DF.LTCTOU St. Louis Dairy Co. 2008-18 Pine St. Manufacturer Licensee for St. Louis. CHAS. K0HLER S. E. Cor. K'nigsnighway and Detmac DEALER m Staple and Fancy Groceries, WINES and LIQUORS, Meats, Fruits and Vegetables. -moan rmon iEEr S AUTOMOBILE AND CARRIAGE FACTORY tt K:rta. npi juiiip tf. :.. e! a.i -iri?t!i 'i-lt' r-:i.VH Omvar. th WMO. Wl.i. 3432-3434 Lindell Avenue. Wm lrhwar Kla. Ifi. 14 1 Ft Sbur?r .HOUND ROSE CORNICE CO. MASCPACTCaER. Of Copper and Galvanized Iron Cornira Architectural Sheet Metal Work. Skvlights Fire Doors Ventilators 1 in Rooting Guttering & Spouting Shutters Repairing promptly attended to. 716 N. Euclid Ave. WALTER T. FRIEDRICH Caterer & Bakery 1251 N. KING3HIGH WAY. BOTH PHONES Special attention paid to Weddings, Banquets. Parties, etc. 1 Delmar 721. PHONES : Korea 143 C. J. EIQENBR0DT, PHARMACIST. Nothing but the purest chemicals and pharmaceutical used in our prescriptions. Prescriptions called for and delivered. PAGE BOULEVARD AND ACADEMY AVE. ST. LOUIS. PARISIAN BAKERY Baking done entirely before the pub-lie. Manufacturers of Bread, Berges and Rye Bread, Sweet Rolls, Cakes and Friedriobsdorfer Zwieback. 3850 OLIVE STREET. Chas.SAUSSELE Tel. Lindell 829. Delmar 1551. ( LASER'S Pharmacy 1823 S. Jefferson Ave. All prescriptions carefully compound -ed and checked by two thorough pre-scriptionists. AH drugs used guaranteed to be the very purest. Prescrip-tions-ealled for and delivered. Both phones. Rev. J. Fleischman Well-known and Experienced MOHEL 1318 Carr St. Telephones KTSf . CBN. 68661a BOLL Ollr. 902. ,iibt u. cHiruin oA(-d tin Tiorom 331 CHAPMAN BROS. CLOTHES CLEANSERS Hifb-Grad. Dy.lnc, Cl.anlnf and Preann . 2306 S. Grand Ave. .j .or Pratiiac Club. L. LEDERER HOUSE PAINTING Shop: 813 N. Ninth St. Estimates Free of Charge. If I don't do your work we both lose money E. F. D Rheumatism No More Teaspoonjul in ijIuhh of water before mealH. If it acts more, than Jirt or nix times a day on the bowels, reduce the done ; but tike it three times a day. Contains than 5 pr cent ale. hoi. (JuarHn-teed under the Pood and iJrng Act, Jnni-30, 1U06 Price, $1.00. COMPOUNDED BY E. P. DAVIS Ph.Q. Kingshighway & Suburban Tracks. ReaidMve. Pbon. Dho'M3 R-. CroaaJ43!l8 Ollr.4162 .J.M. HIRSHTEIN - ..Architect , -:"-' 503-04 Chemical Building 8th aad Oliv. St. L. T. HIGHLEYMAN WALL PAPER CO. 4114 Olive St. Patriae. MaaUrit r. Cl.aolt-f. WlitisB. J, F. GUGELMANN, Manager. Kin Dnarl4.'.5. B?H. Lindu! 3219. THE BEST REMEMBRANCE FOR C0NFIRMANTS or GRADUATES A PHOTOGRAPH Such as we make. SCHWEIG, Art Nouveau Studio PHOTOGRAPHIC 4027 rral. LOCAL. Mr. Wro. H. Goldman left foi his home in Shrevep'Tt, La., last Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Max Kiseman left for a few wer-ks' vacation at the Northern resorts. Tbe wedding of Miss CoraSchiele and Mr. Charier. Weinstock has been set for August 11th. Mrs. A. Loetit-1 and son. of Milwaukee, are vibi'ing her father,, Mr. S. Steiner, of 308 Victor, street. Mij'S Jennie Baer, of Castleman aveuue, leaves in a few days for Milwaukee, on a visit to friends there. Mr. and Mrs. Bombard Freund, who are traveling in Europe, when last heard from were in Manentad, Bohemia. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mayer and daughter, Faye, left for Atlantic City and New York last Sunday and will be gone a month. Misses Hatlie and Selma Lang left yesterday for an extended tiip on the Great Lakes, St. Ltwretice River and Eastern points. Messrs, Milton Russack, Walter Wolff and Jerome Sternberg are at "The Inn" ia Charlevoix, during their vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Wolfner have returned to the city and are "at home" to their friends at 4202 Maryland avenue. Rev. J. Fleischman, the Mohel, officiated last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Frankel, of 3U23 McPherson avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Reinberger, of 5209 Kensington avenue, and daughter, Celeste, are now at Atlantic City for the Summer. Mrs. Simon Gutfreucd and children are enjoying the fine breezes at Rockaway Park, in company with relatives from New York. Mrs. M. Golland and daughter, Sophia, left Thursday for an extended stay in the East ; they will be in New York, Philadelphia, Niagara and Atlantic City. Mrs. J. Wertheimer, of 1010 Morrison avenue, will in future make her home with her son -in -law, and only daughter,Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mayer, of 5017 Vernon avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Levy, of the Shaare Emeth Temple, left this week for Colorado resorts; they will also visit their children there,Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Koperlik. Mr. and Mrs. B. Burenstein, of 4208 Morgan -treet. left last Sunday for Huntsville, Ont., from there they will go on the Muskogee Lakes and St, Lawrence River to spend the Summer ; on fieir way back they will visit Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Rabbi A, llosectreter desires to invite every iamily connected with the B'nai -A moona congregation, as well as all ; friends outside of the same, to attend the reception he tenders his daughter,Kmmy, and her husband, Mr. Joseph Enoch, on the occasion of their wedding on next Sunday, Julyl7, frpra o till H p. m., at 4322 Delmar avenue. No cards have been issjaed, Whist, euchre ahd lotto, at Auer's Tower Grove Garden, 2720 S. Grand avenue, by the Auxiliary of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society, for the benefit of an artesian Well Fund, on Tuesday afternoon, July 19th, at 2 :30 o'clock. Numerous and handsome prizes. Shelier provided ; in case of rain, the following day. taJly. . 25 cents a Both Ptones. Hacknian Bros. GROCERS 2STORES 2 Vaodeventer A Russell Aves. 13th and Hickory SsretjU. PORTRAITURE Both r nttn The Orthodox Beth Mosheb Z'qeinim (Home for Aged Jew) on N.Grandave., gratefully acknowledges receipt from the Tipheres Israel, i B. M. Z, Auxiliary of 100, and the West End Ladies' B. M. Z. auxiliary $50, towards the building fund; Mr?. Loth, of 4167 Washiogton avenue, clothing and a chair ; Mrs. Eskeies, of Fairmouct avenue, c'othing; Mrs. Abrahamson, eoda water; Mr. L. Baum, aprons; Mrs. Jos.Baum, a dollar for cigars. Mr. Charles Meyer and family have moved from Newport, Ark., to this city and are domiciled at 5061 Fairmount ave., as is also his sister, Miss Hannah Meyer. They belong to and old St. Louis Jewish family who are well rememcerea oy rne oiaer generation, among whom Mi. M. S. Meyer was a pioneer. Mr. Charles Meyer has connected himself with and is a memoer oi tne nrm or stern tv Bernd Hat Co., on Washington ave. Mrs. Augusta Kohn, relict of the late Samuel Kohn, after a year's illness, departed this life last Sunday morning, aged 54 years. The funeral occurred from her late home, the residence of her sister, Mrs. Levy) 3940a Evans ave,, to Mt. Sinai Ceme tery, Rabbi Messing officiating. ' An other sister of the deceased, Mrs. Paradise, of Chicago, was in attend ance, inerearetwo surviving sons, Moe Kohn, of this citv, and Henry Kohn, living in Arizona. With the deepest regret we just learn of the death in San Francisco of Mrs, Hannah Samter, relict of the late Mr. Louis Samtei, the latter a brother of Mrs.M.B.Loewenstein, of this eity. Mrs. Samter, who was a daughter of the late Mr. andMrs. Albert Fischer, so well remembered by St. Louisans for their live-long charitable work, passed away on July 7th, and, besides her relatives here there are many hearts in St. Louis which go out in in deep sympathy to the bereaved ohildren, as also to the sister and brothers. We, too, drop a tear for the departed. A double wedding took place at Strassberger's last Sunday evening which united Miss Edna Specter, of 2523 Coleman str., and Mr, David Gallant, of 4032 Castleman ave., and Miss Flora Stern, also of 4032 Castle man ave., and Mr. I. M. Heller, of Peoria, 111., Rabbi Abramowitz officiating, A wedding dinuer followed the ceremony. The first named couple have gone to housekeeping at 2521 Coleman str., and the latter departed for their home in Peoria, Among the out-of-town guest8 were the Misses Sarah and EtheJ Farroll. Ohieago; Miss Friedman, Chicago: Miss Lena Brill. Peoiia: Mrs. D. Mendelsohn and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Goldman, Shreveport, La. ; Mrs. W. Heller, Peoria; Sam and Wm. Heller, and Abe Sacks. Peoria : A. R jbbins. Philadelphia; Emil Klein, Evaoston, 111. Dr. "'Spitz and Mr, Julius Gutt- mann addressed the "Gertrude'' Charity Society last Wednesday after noon at their hall in the Odeon, appealing to the good ladies on behalf of a fund that is being raised here for the installment of an artesian well for the Jewish Consumptives' Sanatorium in Denver. We were surprised to find such a large number of ladies attending an ordinary meeting of the society at this season of the year; but when one sees the wonderful enthusi-asm thatvjs prevailing here, from the president; Mrs. Sam Spiegel and her efficient corps of officers, down to the last of the members, one needn't be WEST END ELECTRIC & REPAIR CC Will sharpen your LAWN MOWER by machine. Guaranteed. jtaCalled for and 'delivered.. 415 N.Euclid Ave. Forest 4941. EDW.B. RHEINFELD PHARMACIST UNION AN O PAGE AVES. Prescriptions carefully compounded. Absolutely NO substitution. Prices correct. Delmar 3549. Forest 50S. Bell, Forest 3795. Kin. Delmar 57. LOUIS Cleaning and Dyeing Co. J. F. Pfautsch, Mgr. Latest Improved Method Delicate work our specialty. 507 North Taylor Ave. 8urpris4 at the good and multifarious work accomplished by them. The society voted one hundred dollars towards the fund.' and quite a number of annual subscribers was obtained. After an illness of three weeks, in the very prime of life, Mr. Max Wachtel passed away Wednesday morning, at the family residence, 3SI1 Shenandoah ave. Deceased wa bom in St. Louis in 1SG1, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wachtel. M Wachtel was educated in the public schools in Sr. Louis and began business at the bottom as a messenper boy in a wholesale millinery house. He had been in the millinery business -continuously ever since. He began with Lowenstein, Cohn & Co., but three years later changed to the Gaier-Stroh Company, .with whom he was associated for twenty-five years, elimbihg the ladder until he became president of the firm. He was at one time president of the Milliners and Jobbers' Association. Deceased was a member of the Business Men's League, the Columbian Club, tbe Million Population Club, and of Tempi Israel. He is sjrvived by three sisters and five brothers, Mrs. Joseph Price, Misses Mary and Lily Wachtei aud Messrs, Henry, Abe, Sigmund, Adolph and Morris Wachtel, all of Sr. Louis. He was never married. The funeral occurred this morning, Dr. Sale officiating. HaTFoR more Locals see page 7, ENGAGED. Mr. and Mrs S. Goldberg, of 1238a Euclid avenue, announce the engagement of their daughter, Lena, to Mr. Julius Cohkberg, of this city. Mr. and Mrs. A. Kurtz, of 1812a Carr street, announce tbe engagement of their daughter, Bess, to Mr. Jacob Schwartz, of New York. For good fit and good workmanship go to WYMAN BROS. 4306 Olive Street. Ladies' Tailors. U K. BBTT&, Pm, R. A. BUCOTS. S.ef Fidtlity StorMe.F acting & Meting O Moth-Proof Lined and Cedar Rooms, Largest Equipment, Handsomest Vans Warehouses: l7f:Z- Phoaea: Mata, 117. KroLori, Ceo. 821. FOR RENT Nicely furnished room in private family; all conveniences ; block from Suburban cars. 5064 Fairmount ave. INFORMATION WANTED of the I whereabouts of LIZZIE BLAU, who was a resident of Chicago twenty years ago. Address Samuel Caspari, 209 East Huron St., Ann Arbor. Mich

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