The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1936
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§™IIlpIMRM HEWS VOL XXXIH—NO 196 Blythevllle Courier Blylheville Dally News ~ ' " ' ." ~ ~T, — '"'' • , »%.'•'' -—. '.- glytiieviiie Herald Mississippi valley leader HL VTinOVlLLK, - ARKANSAS, MONDAY, NOVKMUHK •> ia3(i ""'' ' ~ ~ ~ ' '"-' ^^ ' ' - ; ~~' : ~~ : '— ' — "' '...' 'LL pINCUfl COPIES FIVE CENTO BOTH CANDIDATES CONFIDENT OF VICTOR! I Factory Drive Workers to Meet Again Tonight. - - I Pliins • for continuing the enm- iimlgn for the $70,000 which must 1 | be raised-to insure' the : cstablisli- I ' • r|| "lent here of a garment factory I V i b y ">e Rice-Stix Dry Goods com- f I Ipany discussed at a mect- "•w I .Ing of campaign workers and busl- .lug I ness paign men '• At • the Chamber ot ta l " c clty """ f, '•> >' <"-'/'• ' • • I — Former St$H Baseball Pit-' at'TiTton^u. cher In Serious Condi-', ?° , ol 'B« nI '«rf solicitation of con'• A •'•! r- tnbutlons wus carried on today lion; Assailant Lscapcs tjut a fcw Sifts were received .' iIH_ r .bringing the total now-on Irand - MANILA, Ark-,-Paul "Monk" lo $4 ' 2 ' 200 Wright, about^30, of Manila is 1 A " ""-'rchanls in parllcidar are In a serious .V'condition at the mvlted to attend tonight's meel- Blytheville hospital wllli a' bul- 1|>B to Pafldpate In discussion of •let wound Mfjijie abdamen nnd i a " cw P'"W* of the campaign ofTicers are seeking Ed Giimsley.l " ow U11 der consideration, who is arcusedVof. sh'ootlng Wright at the rear .door of a Manila beer parlor Sunday night. ; Qrimsley, wh'6 made good tescape, is under Indictment circuit court on a charge ofi robtiug L. p. -wcbb of Manila I on Feb. 6, 1934., A forfeiture was' ordered against his bondsman at] the June term of circuit court' in 1935 when he failed pear for trial. Grlmsley Ls said lo have forced, Herb Stokley, a friend, lo drive him out of Manila after the[ """j Bound Over to Circuit Court in Night Club Murder Case. Witnesses Tel| of Shooting Wright hud entered the- b parlor iiith Ethel • and was seated at a table, drinking beer, when Grlmsley entered and •approached him, ^according to wlt- ;• nesses, saying: '; : . . . "Monk, do I owe. you anylhinj?" 1 "No. Ed, I don't -reckon you Uo, Why?" Wright replied. '•Grlmsley walked away without sa.vjr,, anything ', further but a lew minutes later he again approached Wright and asked him to step to tile rear of the cafe with him. As they walked toward (lie door they appeared to be • arguing, witnesses said. As Wright started through tlie door Qrimsley jerked a pistof from his pocket and pulled the trigger twice 03- fore Wright could turn around; - - ' ^o, Nov irietor of ultl f jj. IllCl^Jt O the: Crescent Night club at Hoiland. and Barnett, bartender „, "bouncer"; were bound "S^-eck" and club — — .over to await action of thc November circuit court by Magistrate A, Elliott here this n.r.ternoon, on charges 'of murder In 'the -death of tola Howard, 23. '-' - : '"• Uiley and Barnett were admitted to bond, in; the sum of SIO.COO eacli, trial in , n circuit court. The pair had been released o ' " rifrest on on bond following, their •n murder .charges' but the, bonds had been revoked and they, had been held In' jail for several ' days prior to ' the hearing 'today. ' iuie wngni, couia turn around;! H/yvraV/t 'fin 'The weapon-failed to .dtscnargfcl ih/vrtToS ''if J. y "'-fureii at and_as^risllt ? ^turn^d.-^.Grimsleyl-"ix."?Sv.- c W l >..about, ; a.week, ago.- pulled Ihe trigger a third tlinel,^ |°Wh S ' *' 1 " > werc ' vith ' and' the gun fired, the bullet „,,,' •" "V."!? ''!= lu *>'*. testl- turned r .'toward the .b(>r parlor , -as a n d and' the gun fired, the bullet striking Wright in tlie • abdomen. -Wright ran . put of the beer parlor, atid~ .'collapsed ".in front" of tlie post .office,'.'nearby.'"- - • • leaves Car South • of Town Grimsley crowd In .'t.'ie Women, started . ordered..; [hem --'to., .keep" quiet, tl)reBtenlii»"""to. -shoot. lie! "(lien . walked up to I Stokley," a Manila barber, and commanded, the latter to drive him out W'towri; Stokley returned later and said that his gasoline supply had (jiv- cn out on the floodway .road about nine' miles south of Manila nnd that Grinislejrj had thumbed a rifle: with .a ; strain'.- 1 molwist. Grlinsley obtained some, money frbni his divorced wife before leaving, f tokley said. ,'Hie condition of Wright, former .star pitcher of the Manila baseball team, is ...rrgaTdld as critioil. Local dcclors. who gave him first aid treatment said that he wns bleeding Internally and tlmt'his recovery was doubtful. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 2 <UP) • — Cotton closed steady. , open high low close Dec 1163 11G4 us? iiR-i Jan 1162 March 1167 May 1167 1169 11GO iiss July lies H65 1155 1160 Oct 1118 1120 1114 1118 Spots 1203.;unchanged. Spot Average Is 11.92 . The average price of 7-B Inch middling cotton on the 10 designated spot markets loday was 1.1.92, the Blythebille ..Board of Trade reports. 1104 1102 1157 1153 1163 1159 1108 1153 1163 Chicago Wheat open high ' '- 2 f. 1 . 1 J" low close ,^ 1U „ • - . ----- .--. 0 ,.u. tm Up LC^II- fled as state ' - witnesses' jis did .Er.-,j. w. : Rhodes- or)H a yti? couj.- ty. .coroner. ...... ... '. :_ ; ._ > .; : ; ; Howard's Jcompaiiipnsl Miltoh Adams, - Lionell - =Tliorhibn r Jom-'s .Haggard aiid Wopdrow Spehce testified • as' {o ; the . : miuinur •• iii wluch Howard : was .allegedly . beaten.' pistol -whipped", tind- forced to run down the •ii way-.u- bullets-striking around' his : f after- he' 'had- become; .unmly'- - -'• -' the - club. coroner's jiiry in A coroner's jury rcturrM . a verdict holding tlmt Howard came to his death from blows Inflicted over the head by - utley and Baraett. SuppoH Urged for Am-,' 'cndmciil 25; Sock Big Vole for Roosevelt. • Interest In various .Initiated and referred acls nnd, Amendments and a desire to roll up n 'blj; vote 1 of i endorsement for President Koose- I volt promise an'unusually'- henvy I general election . vote la Missis-' jsippl county 'tomorrow.' ; :• | Unless Ihe weather proves ex-1 I tremdy bad, ns Ls threhiened by . forecasters, political leaders hope lo see the'county's'total run well atove the 5,000 mark Dial hns been nboiiL (he top In previous general .: elections, , . I Would, BonHIt County 1 Mississippi' county; Is particularly Interested in Proposed Amend-, v i lent No 25 to (he stale const!- mlvmiCC President and .Landon Bolh on Air Tonight 'I'iic final mdio npiwik of Ilic national political campilgn will be made, tonljjht b. President liooscvvlt und O'vcrnor iJindon. ' v ,Mr. liposcVelt k scheduled to enk for 15 minutes 0 ,i ,i uj,,,. "crallo program which Hill be uiwidcnst from 10 to 11 pm <e,-s. t.) ovi'i fine's blue nml ml networks'nnd tl)c CDS nnd Mutual networks. Clover nor Landon will spcik from 'jioiKkit on n Republican !>rofjrntn whlcli will be broadcast from 9 to 10 pm o\cr NBC's ,red iwtHOik nnd lh» CDS network nti<| f, 0m o lo over the Muliial netiioik --• — which .would sot up iim-1 chincry f or reapiwrllomncnt of tlie . — i r l ' e 'P'-I'J, 1 "™ °i>" n population \V CS t Fronk ; ( lwils. Artoptlmi of (he amendment' J lOMi. • | would give this county three seaUs MAnn , n • 111 I ho c-ioi.i i,^:.^ . .. f - •* . l*i A UK IIJ, on Both South ,ind Cold and, Wet Election D,iy , Is Pioinisecl by Weather Man. HYDE PAIIK, N Y, NOV 2 (U P>— Piisldeiil Roose\elt left his nnicstml home on tlie Hudson ftm 'M I 1 ?! "' " h n " nl <»'nnalgh torn bidding for votes of old Wends nml Heightens In l ne Uver Chceifiil nntl confident of- a Dcmwnillc landslide tomorrow, MI ROOM wit dnnc nway frbni Hie smmnei White Home at 1 |> '» on n 10 mile automobile trio down the oust shore of the Hud sun to ncaum then by fury to 'I 1 "* "M" lJlr ° lli!h °«»» «nd i counties Is fumiliai loriltoiy to Ihe J'HsXlcnt (he old cnmpugn mound He (list caiunsscd a qunrlci of a cenluiy nEO „,, „ Joll| , lf(|1 for the stale senate It "" nlL "'"I """Hied Did ';* Not Realize'- Serious-" ness of Offense Says U. '*c \fi.-A >>,vv '>~/ } .f. Judge Grants New Trial of Damage Suit MEMPHIS, Nov 2 CUPJ-Cl? .cint Judge Adams tuluy granted a new trial of the damage suit .'iiV which $20,000 was nnirded jl •p. Bceson 91. Memphis a^an-sl. • Fielder 'Perry 'of Bljlhtilile nml Jack lewis of Menivhis. v - B^es'oii's arm''was mingled when a.^,,-truck -owned b) Pcrrj antl ans'aulo'moblle ,'drUcn bj Le ( \is r v o-,rrr,> , crashed near West Memphis. Bee- «5l,n«n q ? (UP)-Lnwrencc son was riding in the car driven Simpson, Seattle seaman, appeal- by Lewis ' •'• . ed directly to Fuehrer Adolf Hit- ' ' er today for a pardon' 1 from his hree-year sentence 1 -on a charge of. preparing to.commit high trea- . on against Germany. Large ; Audiences Hear The Rev/ J. J. Walker The Rev. J. j. Walker, .who- is conductfnE a series of meetings at tlie First Christian church spake to two large audiences ves- Church" was his topic the mornliMf. m the evening he spoke on "Christian Union." 'In the solution of the question of Christian unity," he declared, "lies the solution of most of the problems which the church is facing .today." ; Services win continue . through Mo/lday, Tuesday and Wednesday terday. . "The of this week.. Mr. Walker's topic for tonight is "Mail's Position In God's Universe." Robs Ash Street Cafe ; sli street cafe of Charlcj The sailor's appeal was pre- -entedi by United : Slates Consul- ;eneral. Douglas Jenkins and Donsul Ro.vmond : Oeist. They landed .it to 1 the Reich ministry. if., justice, addressed - to Hitler.- Slavpr t. H-.-IS signed by Simpson'at a)v - 1 Bremen penitentiary on October T1LTHSH . United .Press' understood that in his appeal Sampson stated that lie did not realize at tlie I TJie local churclics will be un- Mrs. Eula .... _ Wilson ; Is Incliclcd on Murder;Charge. , . ' -lit luvni L-iiuiujics wm ue un-, »c <iiu, nw; realize at the lnal of George "Buddy" Sum-1 c!cr n new- presiding elder with lime of his alleged crime-as h c - ™ws, accused of the first dc- the Hev Eugene W Potter nis testified during.his trial-before the. 7"" n" 1 " 1 " of. Mrs. EMa Mae, lor of St. Paul's church nt gprmir- !'" .ri^l™^ on ,'September 28- ™ sm - ;™s_sct ^ for Tlinrsdaj fleld, Mo., being transferred to -o-- .. ,„„ i... r, » ...... ~ _ t | le Arimnsns conference and appointed presiding elder of- the Jonesboro district. He succeeds Ihe Approach AJrjiort ? ' MADRID NOV ^^ 111 nutloiiHli'ds onltlK rc attacked the .town \v; i /-,i ,, .. l ne slate Womack, Oialfant • Sent ^ msas L , -> Democratic colun: . FJsewheie, Wade/ and of "Hie three yeais. goes lo the North Lll-'coli !cortcd-by three pursuit planes cavalry • ntlcmptcd • n church at Cotlon Plant. led tiic seriousness of his offense. He niorniiw by Circuit Judge promLseci never to repeat It in Kl>l "k hnre this 'ino'rnliw. Germany. - . . , The Indiclmenl against I mors wns cue of the The ramest for pardo'n even- - tirally will go from the Reich m in ' '" r '" > ' i bv IIle (fraud Jury which istry of justice- to Ihe Reich's ;slarl< ' (l its work this morning hcrllv nflcr tllc two Weeks term . recom- f cireu!t collrt wa s opened here. mendation one way or the other' U|) " ntil cnr '5' tjii^ adcmcon ' h!ltl fccej ? lri ' ><i ''"' n .Simpson's c.ise grew out of his "° n!:es '" d fcc eii tri^d Hit n alleged activities In bringing com- mimbcr ha(1 ' bccn disposed of, miinist lilerafure to Germany from l )arliculnrl V misdemeanor i^uiral New York. He confessed at hi= • cnses - J " C|KR Keck Indicated that s hancellery, where it may be prc-i fhcrllv nflcr enlcd to Hitler with a. recom-' of cireu!t coll Tlie intruder removed'the contents of Ihe coin box of n miisi- machlne- and stole several cartons • of Cigarettes. '' ' -' : • ho wnuld adjourn. court over mi bunj while Jie was-a sailor'aboard nrsscs *'" ] co ." r tile, liner Mnnhnttan. ; . t ! !lvc thc clltir » Chicago Corn high low close M 1-8 89 5-8 90 I 3-4 Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 2 (UP) Heavy buying fn mwxr sharf . s that carried uchrly^all the \i- sues of^ the group'to new highs Irregular qniet vjpt-ii mgn | OW C | ose -»«--. ui i.iu t , Dec fn) 94 3-4 94 7-8 94 3-8 94 3 4 toda J'. featured May (o> 90 90 1-8 89 Ls «o .slock market. 13-8 A T nn 'l T •1 Anaconda Coppe Livestock ,,t, T ' LOOIS ' I »- N «. 2 (UP)— Hc«s: receipts 120DO Top 9.60 170-540 Ibs 9.45-9.60 140-160 Ibs 8.50-9.40 Bulk sows 8.40-8.85 Cnltle: recelpls 5.500 Steers B.55-10.00 .Slaughter steers 5.00-8.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 4.25-10.00 llecf cows 4.00-S.OO .'-,.' , Cu'tttrs and lo^v cutters 3.00-3.75 Bethlehem Steel' ' Chrysler. Cities Service ..;... General American General Electric .. ,„ General Motors " ""' / M international Harvester' 93 1-- McKe.'aon-Robblns Montgomery Ward "'"''' o!LY? rk ctlltral .'•'..'£ Petroleum ""' lhe fnr tllc trlals made . . iiiln; Ul uif, | ^ until 3 !." was" tried TC '" 19M t<xla - v '" pr(1cr llml n Iar 8 e m ™( „__!_' _^_ - : bcr of negro spw-talors might rc- 1 turn to the cotton fields. Tlirep Husband* anJ n Dalc for " 1C , lrii " "' Jo1 " 1 inrte nu^Udnus and Une Shaw, negro, charged with the Wifp Seekino- Divn^ murder of Jessie Johnson, negro, r/lie JCeKing UiyorcCS had not been set this afternoon. : ' •'- ' Denver I*. Dudley of Joncsboro Four divorce, suits have been district prosecutor, was handling filed recently-In chancery court trial cases for Ihe slate while lirrc Husbands are plalnim., ln |w. Leon Smith of tills city, itep- HMTC of the actions. , 1( y 1)r05CC1 |( 0ri wns nssistinj the Mrs. ,!ane Wrlglit [ s nskl| • gl ,, m ) j,, ry . divorce from Warren Wright on the ground of Inrtignltu-s. ; H. J- Mahan is seeking n ,|i. vcrcc from Gladys Mahnn, Carl - - - -_ I .,. u .. tilll iiuiiuiiUL'S, U*U Osro Cobb, nominee for governor, who has conducted a vigorous campaign. The Socialist party also has candidates for governor <md,'u,,|[ M states senator and one candidate for presidential elector, while tlie Communists "avc a candidate for lieutenant -J..HI 4J. »> «(£K»H& f - WJIO gOC5( to (he First, church nt Con way ns' Yl-lfd^,. J nn<1 ta pastor. The nev. ppn v. Holm,™ re- nirns ns pastor of the Blylheville Before he went (o Jonosboro five years ago the Rev. Mr. Wade was presiding elder in tlie Foil Smith district and before that was pastor of Ihe Central Methodist church nt Fayetlevllle. He Is' n en^ualc^of Hcndrlx college. Con- 23 i«K taking nnd Mrs. \; n de havo one son Oeorce Clifton-Wade, who practices law nt Fayclterllta. and two Mrs. James Thomas, "or \Vnri""T !U " 1 MlM RUUl H °P« wnde. who Is n freshman nt the stale university, Fayetleville. ' .In- MIssKsjpoi • counly other Methodist ministers will, be- R G. Mcorhead. Qsccola church, who ^orvin? his fourth year; James Randle. Lnxora-Kelser. who Is Eight Counties Will Vote on Salary Acts LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-At least eight Arkansas counties will vote n tomorrow's general election on Initiated proposed acts to renilate salaries and lees ot county offi- Eighlecn counties now have such (hem sustained by the state sup° rcmo court. . Coiuitles vo!in ? on acts tomor row arc Crilt«n .— .... encircling increment, ndvancln; through the surrounding fields, Italian Destroyer' Siglilcd BARCELONA, Nov. '2. (UP)— Guards alonir the Calalnn co%st alleged .today tlmt n destroyer flying the Itnllnn flag steamed iii- to Hosas bay Saturday,, carefully Inspected tlie coist line ns if seek Ing the site of defenses, nnd left an hour laler. Authorities tllspatclied rccn- forcements for tiic coast sentries. Mrs.. Salyers Injured in Petit Jean Collision • MORRILTON, Ark.-Mrs. E. L Salyers, supervisor of home LCOII omics at Dycss Colony In Mississippi county, is In Morrllloii hospllnl both legs fractur- cd nnd head injuries, sustained In 'n automobile collision at 'he summit 'of Petit Jean mountain late Sunday. ' Mr. Salyers, drlier of the car in which his . wife was riding Vner, J lot .Springs! Independence, I wns l)ro "BliL'to-the hospilal un- Davis Is asklnj divorce from ^ — -- - - . ^ , «*iwn;u iroiu Mei-ee Davis nnd A. Is „ .-, askiiie " divorce from Linda Shin- 12 5-8 ni'lt, "" ml lll ° ground of ln- B^V»*~^ rt: " u " ;um ••*< 45 ! l-4)*E» it!os '.'.••St Loulfsan'^-'',' 1 - VW c!au(le R Ccopcf ls "Uomey oL_". s r s f". Prancjao 'I 7-8 for Mrs. Wright while E. E. Alex- an<lor repifsenls the. other plain- Simmons Bed Standard Of 45 1-2 lilts Quake Felt Saturday A distinct earth tremor was felt here at 10:13 o'clock Saturday night. So far ns could be learned no damage was done' by thc move-* ment of the earth. .. — ">.V^\.I-M.I vj. . r- "no, who was Iransforred to the New Mexico conference because of ill health; W. F. cooley returns to Joiner for |,| s third year; A H Onvall reUirns lo the Lcachvllle circuit for his second year; J M. Harrton returns to Manila-' SI. John, for Ihe second year. Fallh ad Hope Arrive HARTFORD. Conn. (UP)—Sherwood Eddy's request for cows to stock Delta Co-operative Farm, in Mississippi resulted in gifts O f Faith nnd Hope, but Charity is Logan, Phillips a n ^ Washington.' Efforts to get neb on Ihe ballot failed In Saline, ixmokc nnd Marion counties. 'An effort lo amend Crawford's act also failed. .Counties .with fnllfatcd salary acls are Arkansas. Ashley, n«nton Clay t clebnrne, Crawford, Dallas Jackson, Miller, pcrrj-, Phillips,' Randolph,.Sebastian, Scvicr, sharp' Union, While and Woodnifr. Supreme Court Upholds Stuttgart Bond Issue LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 2 <UP>The state supreme court In a decision handed down today rill- ed that the city of Stuttgart could Issue and sell S75.000 worth . of bonds voted In an election held there Oct. 27, 1935. \VJinlftotic. a comcfous but his Injuries up iwared • less •. serious than liei-s Mr. -and .Mrs. Wayne Ulllo occupants of.the other car In the collision, Juirt. . i; were . nc.t so J. F. Tompkins Gravely 111 After.Heart Attack 'ast states, including icll inla and western New Yoik stilKc thc eastein states, by uflc afternoon of election <taj tho wcalhcr biirenu sntrt ° In the o]<l soutli, Florida and 'e Caiolhias were pionnscd fair «cnlher but !„ vi.-glnl,,, Ahban.a «iKniu,n<i, Georgia and Louis'inna rains were likely Similarly rain was predicted In Kentuckj nnd West Virginia while rain 01 snow was expected In III™ LJ,',""""",' *"*»""• Michigan, wns predicted Voteis NEW ORT.EANS Nov 2 (UP)— s In the Mississippi ^allev Gulf states vutl fnce rly nce ry colder w cither when thej go to Ilie polls Tuesday, the « rather bureau here forecast todny Gcncralls colder weather Inroiighout the forecast distuct was picd,lrfcd with below freezing temperatures In northern - Arkansas. It will be much colder In west anc! north Louisiana with rains general over flic slate. J : . P. Tompklns of Burdette prominent fanner, is critically III at his home. Mr. Tonipklns suffered n heart attack Saturday afternoon. Transient Worker Succumbs at Hospital James Henry Casey « transient cottcn , picker, died Friday nt the Blythcville hospital. Casey , became ill several 'days ago nnd was removed to the hospilal. . ' His' brdi'.'vM.V-'L-eing held today at i\ic. cotb Pimeral Home morgue •• J pending arrival of relatives from Clifton, Tenn. • ralriotie Corn Explained NE\V HAVEN.' Conn. (UP)—"A piece of scientific nonsense" was the description given by Dr. W. It. ( sl "Blclon who harvested cars of - of com wlt " olt^nating rows ot red •" — - -— ..i%~v ^inrii m valuable fish In the western heml- j a second '•I'lierc. ' Fallh. still awaited. A Hertford phllan- Sffln. u,, ,«,, Alss " 1 ! thropist said she would give o e eou Iv cha « ™ rinri rovi ml lnst <TI,.II i .. ., •-»•!"•••" ui LUIII wiui anernating row - tB o^,rrn B ,ssu,,ran tift - hitc aM ^ " ve provided her name, Hope. - ........ v WEATHER ,, ' * — "«t\i i (vi iiauiL, ciuuv, >VflS «lnion are the most g| ve ,, (0 t ]«e cow. So nnuised was woman, donate i« i»i V f. , *"""" " u i l(; " iiwm red, w lite ami umc n L" m ^}' 1 " >C r '" tng °f "'^erneled corirand^llien covered Arkansas — Thunders bowers, colder; much colder -In northwest, portion tonight. Tuesday -mostly cloudy, rain In cast portion, much colder, cold wave In. northwest -with temperatures below freezing Memphis and Melnllj—Showers tonight. Tuesday rain, much colder In afternoon and at night. while stocli hi. thre-parS! he The nmxlmum temperature here yesterday wis 75 degrees, while . • Priding silks on aei ml w .K, n '» thre-parts. h! nsalnst Wliclsloiie and the de- poivdcred. alternate rows with pol cisioii of Ihe supreme courl lo- len 'from "red' while' a ri ivu " Ulc »« eke , ' t>e kerneled corn amIMUen covered cording to Sarouef r. tforris of; silks Ixr prevent cbhlaiiilnatlon.- • nclal weaiher Observer

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