Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 2, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1896
Page 3
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__ '^"Sr^v Official's Experience. M E. EDWAUD EDMONDS, long COD- cectcd with rillroml coiistructiou in , and palaod mo for 19 yci'.rs. Shortness of ' breath was tho consent anJ zno^i common symptom. Intense, cxcruclailu^ pal:i, Btnur- ' , n-ao mu clutch ciy brew., and palpitation thatoftcustuggorod rae as :' I wo-.i!il 'all. •wi-ro troqucat attacks. Ai;.-.!=. CTCi-vthlng would turn blMklt I aroao Inun asiooplnff posture quickly. Slt.-upii;=3 alibis with tlioir T\>- MilAc' proairatiEC -JOICSTI were Dr. KlieS ; ur:lu .._ . . a . d 1 could • »••••« c:ivc mo novoiiuf. One of Dr. Miles' circulars' cii.'iCribod my case so exacuy tluit I tool; Dr. Jules' Suw Kcart .Curo-aod I am HOT a.wull nan. I hope -everyoaotrou'uloii with hunt disease will try Dr. Xllci' remedies. Iftliuy will write moperson.illy, I will b i,idly pivu them full details of my experience." Enw. EDMOSDS. P. 0, Box K. David City, Nebraska. ' Dr. Miles' Ilisirt Cure is sold on guarantee that first bot: lo boneflia of money retundoC THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good-Machine. A hlgb standard ol eicelience. Manj ^ o( the "JIunsoa" connlder It THE,BEST. You will Ilnd It a valuable nsslstaut In jonr of- nee. Address lor partlcnlars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAXCFACTUBEKS. 340-244 WuHt I-nl«> »*-. Chlo»p>, HI. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOOAXSPORT. S200.000 J. F. Johnson. Pr»»ld«nt B W. UUery, Vice PrwiWent , H. J. Heltbdnlt, CMhl«r. DIRECTORS. f.F. Johnson. B. W. tniery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and i»'l Government boiiag. LoM» ey en personal gecurity and «>ll»'« r - ls»u« special certlflcate» of deppglti rtof t per cent Intoreit when left one r; t per cent, per mnum when depo»- 'TiSS nTltafttr Depo.lt Vault, of thl. »£Sttor th» deposit of deed.. «nfiwim« Sude.. mortg«e« an4, ether valluable*. noted at from »5 to'llS TUT- year. KROEOER& STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. .'.'"'-. SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- Maxin Wee Lake VIA THE VANDAL. A LINE 'July ipth, a6th, and August and, 9 th, i6th, Fare for the round trip $1.00. Train leave* VandnlTa station nt 0:50 a m. CHAS.L.WOLL, •-":-: UNDERTAKER ••• N» 417 Market Street. ' -• Call! attended to prompUy, day or *$!nt»l Union and Mutual telephonei. Office, No. 18; Bealdence, No. 1ZL L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Firs'»nd_Accia_ent Insur- Muted. '•*'". st.,Jo8cph U.a.moBt delightful resort ,'. 'during this extremely torrid weather. : Fare for tbo round trip, 12.00. Train leaves, Vandalta (rtntlon at 7:00 a.;m. every Sunday. ' . ' -U-? ;•;•, 'v ' '.. V-'.^.SiJ.;.-^-^-..'..:: 1 ,:^,-.-,^:-^-^:--^-.!,^.^^.-: :• '• •" •"" ' •" ' Travellp.fi.men are la- vited< to send Items : of I Interest to this column. Personal notes will be ;ladly received. Matter should reach The Journ B i office by Friday niglit to Insure publication tho following Sunday. « » • SAFE. Tlio Ki'-ooeiT.iiiiui one autumn day Sat rioddlujr 'ne:ntli Ills fcl:tssp.<. •Wlion Kwno a jilitclier nud n boy '.fo buy some new nrotow. Tim jrrocor, MiiilHuK. piillitl tlio liiinjr; No syrup could -be iiU.-hi>r; . "Now. tsonny. w-horc's your dimoV" .Oiiotli lie: "W-li-y, lilt wuz In <le iiitcherl" w # * • A Ki-wi.t hit— a liome nin. * * * A -rallied salosman is :i-lWay«s n pl'!l nblc object. • * * Go-Id Is no«- rapidly llowln? to Europe 1 — via the American tourist. » * * Variety Ix the sploe of life a;ul cou- staut "liibJlliiix' 1 ' I" the HIV of a c-oin- Tin- tKimt! of Ivnso ball 10 lv ptoyed wHh-l'l. Wayne T. P. A. lia-s iwcn postponed until Aiuiust. 1?, 'OC. » * * Otln'1- tlrln^s I'L'.hfr' ei|iul, llie, tVllo\v wlto *ho\vs Mic srcaiU'St not prollt i* tlio Si-.trc'ssfn-l man on the road. * t * The only way to'.ittravt a customer is to plrasc Kim; the only way to keep hi* trade 1^ to eoia.ir.no ploasiiift him, * » » Any mcMnbw tkit IKIS not as yet re- cc-Lved tlwlr mein-bei-shiii certificate please report to W. C. Fischer, scc'y. * * * The XiitiouaJ Assoclnilon has placed on Illo :«t the T. I'. A. parlors the new cotistltutton and by-laws or the association. * * « Tho couunerdai traveler who shirks ids work may contluue on the road for a time, bat it is ". hopeless case. He Hvns and dies a faiUui'e. * r * Tlie only way upwa.vd on me stream o£ success is a'saiaist the current, and, when the coumicrcial traveler Is content to follow the easy windings of down stream, di^easter lies ahead. The very pleasant -business and soda! held' by the T. P. A. members ait tho txsuitJifuI msldonce of AVm. M. Stuart- iS Maple Grove addition was well attended mud a very enjoyable .'occasion and -l£ «w members ilo uot wish to .miss n,ra,re -treat t!*ey will not fail to attend a similar occasion to be held at' the. -home of Mr. .ami Mrs. H. F. Trfefc. West Market street next Saturday evening. Aug. Sth. ELE\'EXTH DISTRICT POPULISTS A special to the I.udi.iiu'ipolLs Journal rfrom Jliu'iom says: , 'The ropul-lsts ol the Eleventh Con- gi-esslanal dtetitet are seriously con- toinpla-clnis the indoi-sement at Larimer, •the Democratic candidate t'rom Miami county wiio was aimed at Logan'sport recently, after cvcrj- one else but Dr. Passage -had' withdrawn. Some . time -ago tho.Democrata of 'tlic district slsnl- ncd cheiia-- wJlllngnffia .to name any one lu their cojiveut-ion at Logansport that •mot fllio approbation aC the Populists,' even iioinV so 'far as to sny that they. would" najue 'a Populist If they would. Indicate -who the mau-shou'.d be. Time was short, and It was Impossible to deckle :npon a man, so tlic. Democrats went ahead and nominated a man whom they ' thought would be satisfactory to the Pops. The (U<--posltton over the district' to to indorse Lnvitoer, but' in this county there will be some strong cpposiUon. H. S. Fargo, of Van Bnrcn township, desires to -mate the race, and will contest tlic Indorsement • o£ - Lari'iuer a t Peru ou next Thursday. Should' the -"Pops" indorse.' the Democratic candidate a,ml all of tbcui- vote for lilm they could not defeat Major. Steele. If Ltu- toer is Indorsed many Populists will vote Cor'Steele, who has done so much for this district." ' . . • INTERNAL REVEXTJE. The CommiisslauCT ot Intenuil Kov- enue 'has jus't submitted to 'Secretary Caa-llblc.a preMmhuny report of tire •opera:tiiians of his bureau- for the flscal year ended June 30. It shows that the receipts .from all- -sources of Internal revenue for the year, aggregated $WC,- 830,blD, nn Ina-oase oC !f3,584,537 ovor 'the rccotpts o£ the •piTCodling"flscal year, The expenses' a.pproxtoated ?4 K 044,351 and thie pcrcraiitaKC of cost of .icollec- tioQ.will be. 2,70, a reduction of .18: as compared witfli-.- the. preceding, .fiscal year, Tto' exact cast cannot.be definitely stated until all the-accoonts-have been received. ' ' .'.'•' . From epllilis Uie 'receipts' were $SO,070,871, ™inci-easo,.of, ?SOj;443., The largest item, af Increase under th.ls head -was ifrom frolt'epMite, -tlie receipts of '$1,584370 -bemg -?488,803 M' excess; of last year's. 'KetoHi '.;llquor,, taxes: Increased by 5221,100; . rectifiers' taxes ^%<!W^M"F^m*iFw& s^5ifj»g 5JeqtWi^^!>teo';Vwyp.Sjw,!)?«^ i'^Bv$ 7n,020 -or.^i.OOC.TSi more'Mian was rlt'i'lved I'roiw 'this soiu'ee In l-h<o pree'ed- J.iip ywnv There was ir swuM-iii Increase iin 'iill -tlio.itoins under tills haul, the liH-KCRt bcins 1 «n cljnipoi.fe, n-mliir tlirou poumlspcii'.iiliotisamj, whore tlic receipts wi-.ro $2,021,1-"!), or S337,4!)3'more thun i.u Sic preceding >'«"•. Oliowlns Mini siiiokiing tolxicno IwoujsM Jiti $lu,220,020, or $:J2;>.S-IO more UlKUi In Blic pntcdi-ns yi'iir, CUriU's iinwl dicrotits OVIM- three poinuls per itlioiirsnul milim! ?J2,7J8.- 2117, iui- im-reiwo nf .f223,300, nr.il sun ft nfl'onlwl a ru-veiHiO'ftt' $7Cp2,iVl,'. ,-iu. in(i-o:im> a( $.103,027. FROM OTHER SOTJKCKS. Wnm fcinnonU-O 1'Uinore WK-I-K were din-lvoil tnxPS :ijr»ropH'l-ii« $33.784,2:1:,, or Jf2.l-I3.fin inoii' tJmn iluriiw l-lie pi'i-'- (•oiltnjt y«w. All?, bi-eiw 'ami si-ni'lU"' lloiiois i>iwm-lrt In ¥33,i:3!t.l41, mi In- c-iv:isc of !i!iOn4.S2(i. Tlifro w:is a falliuc off of $1SO,77S to tlu> r:iXL>s i-Mli/al -t'-nnii iflconwrKarl'iK 1 . f.ho .rcvcimie from wliic-li. iitanuiiteil to S'l ''lO.-ll'i. T-lw> doc'rwi- 5 ^ v,'i:s ^t-noi'ii.! in all flit' Items muler Hufe lii>ad, tlio luwust itiMii liulns$H2.S17 ta the direct: MIX mi oiU'onimwiriiiv. wlrllc refill (k-.-ilCJS' liixcs slirnnlt $3-.l.2j-". m«l w.lioiosalo dMlws' tnxcs to $2t!,"i20, The- misreUimi-mis rc-eol-pts din ' ?lS2.f!00 dnniiB flio yt'iU'.' '- 1|C l-ii'Se-it Itii-in bi.-iits $1.22,n4S dwrcaso In (lie rc- cclpls from I'layiire; rards, w3il>* were o.itiy $2r,r).sr,3. Diu-inif: tlie past yra.r 07,039,010 sal- lons of spirits dlKtSlliid tram otbBr ma- t.Tials fliai: I'rnir wi>re wit:lulv;nvn fo,r cr-.nsiiiLi.ption. a ducroa.---!- or 7.-I1.3.120 vrallou^. as compa-ridl wi-ili tho pre.ccd- li-.c year. Cl^-arotrw to iJio mniilwr of 4.042.301,1'i-IO wf.Tf ilrsiw.ii out, wlikli mis 7.14.!)S7.S(iO ni-ori^ rii-.ui we're oon- riiuiioil dni'liw the i)it'CL>ilin? your. Tiic nmiilun- of ds:u-s anil cliwoots .ivlUi- (ir.-nvni w:is 4.237,ft"..'-H3. .nn increase of 7:i.7S"»,iift3. CliP-wiiw.'unl sinoklns to- hiw-co \vsis tiiUBii out 10 Hie amount of 2ri2.Hfi7.137 pound.-*,' an inoi-fiasi. 1 o.f ,".307,40!1 pounds. DEAFNESS" CANNOT "BE CURED by local applications, as tliey can reach tbe diseased portion of the i • There is only one way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by en Inflamed condition of the mucous llnlnjg of tbe Eu- stachlan Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you .have a' rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when It Is entirely closed deafness Is the rtstilt, and unless tbe Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing -will be 'H'S- troyed by.catarrh, wh'lch Is nothlns.-but, an Inflamed condition'; of the mucoua surfacea. .. • ... .We will Bl ve O ae Hundred Dollars for any case of deafnass (caused ;bv catarrh) that cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. Sold by Druggists,.75C- HICKS FOR AUGUST. The first days of 'August will be in most partis, fair amd more pleasant. A storm period ]» •ccutrar on die 5th, bringlmg warmer weatlier ami foJllug tai-wnctbr—eml'toK' hi Muster, thunder douda'aiiid rain. In many places on and next to. Uie 5th ami Ctli. Worm weather will predrautante. More stonns about tbe 30th and lltli. About the IStlija waran wave will orgLuate in, tlus- west lo«- and falling l>aro.mete.r will be ob- scn-ed and tains the ICfli to lOHi storms will totieli'a;U sectl<>ns In their prog,ress to : flic cast.'Great summer heait will pvcTa.il i».'ail sections east of tlic-nctual storm area, but tills will "pass cast, leaving -more plea«mt weather bc- Mud. Ealns tall \u many places. -.Tic 22d and 23d being reactionary pertnvba- ttlions, ca,usins.-n-arnier; irftdi lovr atmospheric' pressure 'and s«ltrtae.«. Tim veuus equinox Is low. In force, and change to sudden cool is'.likcly to.fol- •low great st'M-ins. This will be cspcclnl- .ly.so dnrluK the period :froin (he 28tli to-81st.- A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor',' gentle action, .and soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, when In need of a laxative, anfl if the father or mother'be costive or billons, the most gratifying result* follow Its use; so that It Is .the best; family remedy known and every family should .have a bottle. , : '.: .-DREAD DIPHTHERIA, ; Dr: Souder has'been called HJs week northwest of Royal Center to treat :an outbreak at diphtheria, by .tbe .new method. 'UMiere have'.been se'yeral dwtlto irepacted 't i-om-.the .dreaded ,dJa- cnse In tliat localllty. It Is now : comlng under control of .the remetly. , - : HALF RATES TO OMAHA, i Via the 'North-Western Line (Chlcaso ^•North-Western R'y) August 15,'10 and 17,' 1890, one fare for tne round trip. On Ansust 24 excursion tickets at very low rates will also be sold from Omoha to Denver and the famous .Hot Springs of••South pakptaV,.Fpr,fnll.iln- formaitlon apply to-ticket agents.rpf''con- necting lines or nddTess W- B. Enlskern G. P. & T. -A;i Chicago,; 111. :•' i Natural gas bUls for the "..month i of Awgiist (ire now due and payable"at the company's o£Bce OB'•Pearl street";' '_•', . • school litlO'.a. in. Snrulii-y convention ot 2 p.'m. Y. P. C, II. at. 7 p. in. U. B. Clmrch, Norrliiaidc— Sinidiiy sc-liool at 10 a,- in. rreadiing Ivy-pastor at 11 a. in. Y. P. C. II. at 7 p. in. Tho First Church ot Christ (Scientist) will liold services In the lecture room In tlie basement of the First TJniversal- ist church n.t 10:30 Sunday movniu^. Tlhe l ? ilr*t C-luirdi of Clmist (Scientist) wll hold-sorvleiM aiu the Unlversalis-t Clnircli today mid every Smvlay liore- a.Bto.'r. 'Sub.lect: "David's Kindness." A wot'COiU'C ro all. JCluthi- Snivel ClH'IsHlan Chlircli—Ser- vle<ss a-t. 11 a. in. Sornvn by t!n> pastor, Rev. T. S. Freeman. Sunday school at 0 a. in.. G. N. Bcri-y. Snpf. V. r. S, C. K. at 0:30. Union 'service at rink at 7:45 p m. ' Uroiwlttiiy M. E. Chnrch—Uov. E. L, Seniiia pastor. General <--!ai--s at 0 a. m. Sabba.tli schoul at O:-!"' a. in., prenchins a-t 31' a. m, by the pastor. .Tunior Li-n^iii! ait 0:30. Union sorvi'oes at tlif rink 7:4o. ScrvlW'.s ait the A. M. E. dmivli, cor- nur of Cicot,t and Market streets today ns follows: 10:30 a. m. sermon by tlie piistor. '! p. in. Snifilay sdiooJ. Prof. G. C. Kins Supt, 7:43 p. in. KCnnon by the pastor. All are welfnr.ic. I., roitiford. piistor. 'SVlioatliHul Srri'el. M. E. Oinii'ch—Rev. M. A. l-Iarlmi, iia.stw. Sunday school .it 0:30 a. ui. rSonnon at 10:43. Class at 12 m. ,Tiir.!-or Leavf'it-. n.t 3 p. m. Epworrli Devo;Jonal surrive at 0:30 l'. m. Uuvlv- ,il soryi'cas at 7:30. A cordial wi'lcome to all service,'. At rlio Baairlst Chu-rcli—Snrrtay school 'ait 0:45 a. m. P,readiinj: servive at 11 a. m. Snliject. "Tlie Importance of Lovi.-." .Tmiiar MewUffir at 3 p. m. Sor.ior Mce!- liiji a: 0:30 p. -m. Subj«-t."Tompor.-i:ice Meeflnff" TTnloii servICM at, I lie rink at 7:30 p. m. : Hroailway Presbyterian Ch-nrch. corner of Broadway aivd Xln-rh srrect—DI- vlue scvv.fCi;'S today at 11 a. in. KL-V. Mr. Fi-azer'of Colranbus., Ind.. will proiK.-h. Similay si-hool a-iwl bible claws at 0:30 a., in.. Mr, I). A. Elder superintendent. Y. P. S. C. E. at 0:30. Topic "Little Kindnesses." Leader. Miss Clara Ilt-ppc. Excellent music. Printed programs. Free -scvvts. Xhe conjrrojftition is J,iivi.ic-d to ,1aiiii at She unilon sorrice-s at the rink Hi ':43 p. m. ' . . Tlic church will also be open Monday. •Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1:30,.to..5. o'clock. Also Monday and Tuesday 'evenings from'7 o'clock to 0, The meetings for afternoons and evenings are for consultation and the investigation of Uie merits of Christian Scieuce,-a.ud the explanation of the trtitns of 'the Scriptures. The- regular Friday 'evening- meetings are I'or the purpose of exiiJanlug from science and faith, with a key to tlie-Scriptures. MRS. J.UM HOXG'S OHIO RECORD. Mrs. -Lum" Honfl has a record in two States, at least. Her Iiulfcina "rep" Is bad, very bad, but. the following tcstl- •monlal from the NewTx>Ddo.u (0.) Eu- torprlse is pretty strong evidence that her OMo record was worse: "Everybody In'London remembers Mrs. Lum Hong, especially several mar-clod men who were enamored- of the person of toe, Clrtaamnn's wire. She was a nionstros- 1-ty oC ilmmoralllT. a«d became so tough t-hat Mayor Neil ordered her out of •town.'- Her goto,? was heartily approved by fihe general public. She and Lum, her heathen liusba.ud, went from here to Plymouth, Ind.. and nothing was heard'of thorn until Tuceday's Cincinnati Enquirer reached here wHli an account of the shooting affray at'Wnliash, Iiid.. hi wliicli Mi*. Lum Hong was one of Hie victims." SUNDAY EXCURSION TO CI-N- CINNATI. August Odh, via Pcirasylvauiii line.*; 52 'from Logansport; excursion train loaves 5 .a: -m. central ttee;' retiu-nlnR leaves OlnJelunaitil- "> P-' m-. contra! time. -Base ball-game,'Ctachuwtl BcUs vs. Louls- vlllo, League teams. Lots of time to see the Zoo; the Lagoon,; the P.-wks and ot-hw attractive resorts of tti-e "Qiicen Ciry." CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST AND NORTHWEST/ On August 4, IS, September 1, 15, 29, October 0 and 20, .1S9C, The Northwestern Line (Chicago & North-West- em IVy) will sell Home. Scoters', excursion tickets at very IOTV rates to a large- number of:polnts.Ih the west and northwest. For full Information- apply; to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern, G. P. & T. A:, Chicago, 111;., - . , ; ..Those. ,who enjjoy a : day's outing should not fall, to take advantage of (he .exceedingly.low rate.to. St. Joseph via the 'yu-wlalla Line. Train leaves the station every Sunday, at 7 a. m. Fare for the. round trip,, $2.00. The 'family, of Chris. Heber wishes' to publicly thank friends,, especially the neighbors and members of the. B. oC.L. F..tor iUteudiiaiee at'tbe funeral of their •«ou : iind',brotlier, John Heber. Natural gas bills.for the month, of August are now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street , Subscribe for The Journal. ' . -/Dbalt Properly combined and distilled by the honest, ' old-fashioned method, have produced _u Cuntntlns **/ & Company <—--„.- ~ ^ *t* ,% . t>an!WDabe Soutvfl&asb TOlbfsfceg This whiskey js absolutely pure, well ripened, without artificial coloring, has a good body and a rich ripe flavor. Sold only by druggists for medicinal i purposes. Sole Controllers an& HXsfribufers UnManapoIts Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport: 1 fibsb Valley Cas Co, Nitural and Artificial Gas Billsdu2the Firs of each month, ten clay's grace. All bills pay able at the office of theJCompany, 3l7.Pearl " v . Streei r , Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, Jane, July, August and September. • ... . •• : PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. Tho well-known Specialists ot New York have appoint** « D. A. H.LCK »s ns^nt rbrt!i9lrc<>l6l>rtt«l Spectacles and IT ^ Glasses, every pair guaranteed, D. A. HAUK has complete assortment HIM! Invites ill to satlsff themselves of tbe great superlorttr "«these goodiOTM anj manufactured, attlie store ot D. A. HAUK, Sole icent lot LogunsportInd. : Ho Peddlers Supplied. ., . G. A. R AT. ST. FAUL. 'Special Bates via. Peniisylvauia Liu« for National Euca-nipmciit, August SOtli nad 31st and September 1st are-Uie datos upott.wWch low rate round trip, tickets to St. Paul will be sold via Pennsylvania LInce, tbe sliort route through Chlicago. Tickets win be good 1 'returning : uiitll-September 13Ui,, lucluslve, nnd If deposited wl.th the Jbfnt'agent at St. Paul 011 or before. September 10, 'the return limit will be extended to Include September 30tn.' The rates .for. tlifa occasion will be cscep- tlonnll'j- low via. Pennsylvania Lines, Uie only, system of railways' over wUch trains rum from Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, OMo and Indiana .to Chicago Untou Station, the natural gateway from those S.tates to the Northwest. Da'lJy trains from Pittsburgh,' Colum : bus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville make convenient connection at Chicago wlt'j St. Paul trains. Arrangements may be wade, by G.-A.'II. Post« .or parties of frlouds to travel together on special trains or, special cars that ' n " IU . go through from starting point to the Encampment without change, It the number" justiflos. It.' Information .on flic sub.1oet.will be cheerfully, furnished l>j;.representatives o£ the Penueylvatila Lines.... ...: ; .. . - . T\*e are offering great'Inducements for your trade. CaJl.and we .will please you ,In shoes and.prices.. Aaron Grecnsfel- der, Third aim Market streets. ., | . ... Niagara Falls Excursion Thursday, Aug. 6,18p6 VIA THE j Lake Erie & Western R. R. "Natural Gas Route." - On Thursday! August 6th, ISM, the I Erie & Western R. R. will run thler popular excursion to Cleveland, Buffalo a.n4 Niagara Falls at the following very low rates, viz: Peorla Bloomlnirton Lafayette ..'Michigan City Indianapolis Ratc 0 from'alVstations't;o"p«t-in-i3ay and return, J4.00, Wltli corresponding reductions from Intermediate points. . In addition to the above, the purchaser*, of ihcso tickets will be given prlvUe«« of special excursion side trips to Lcwlston- on-t'ie Lake, including a steam boat' ride ,Sn Lake Ontario, for 25 cents. To Toronto and return by Lake trom Lewiston, fl.W. Tickets o£ admission to places or special : Interest at or near Niagara Falls, but outside tho reservation. Including toll over the Iiiternnthuial Bridge to the-Canadian side, elevators to tho water's edgo *t Whirlpool Rapids on' tbe Canadian «lde. will bo ottered on train at a reduction Irom prices charged after reaching th« Fa " S ' : DO NOT MISS • , This opportunity of spending Sunday at- the greatest historical spot in t h<.United States. Excursion will arrive at >lagar* Falls 8:00 a. m., Friday, August ,7 .UM. Returning, passengers can leavethe Fall! any day within tho limit of their ticket*, connecting with stcairer at BJffalo, which leaves there every day at 8:30 P. BO. Passengers can have stop-over privilege! on return trip at Cleveland, Sandusky, Forpc "giving £"" detailed Infor- . matlon, call on any agent Lake Erie A Western R, R-, or address •• 'f. C F HALT, General Passenger Aet. 'Kl!§J;;-~tl - • Inai»napollB,,Ind. .

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