The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1936
Page 8
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J PACK EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER KB9T8 \ SATURDAY, OCTOBER Chicks Score First Trail 7-6 at Ha \Va]ker Stais eel Die Interference and got the ball carrier. Hoffman passed 32 yards to I'lllow on a first down on the IJlythevllJc 30. ynrd line, Abraham plunged foi' 2 yaids Hoffman passed down the middle Mosley took It In on Mm ClilcSs 10-yard line lacing buck to (hi; 25-yard line. A 15-ynrd penally set the Chicks back Inter" hi the qumUu • and paved the way Indirectly fci (he (ji-cemvood score, Hoffimin limited to Moslejl on niytlwvllle's , 30 yard Hue anil (lie Chickn I drew .-( penalty for cllp|)tn K on the may. sending the ball bid to their own IS.ynrd line. Aftci tl out 1C SLAMI1ANGO BALSAMO - - By t-l^t^4«wn»*--i J -.-w^ —.-^.»-^—__ ' / od, 13-7 -„ .. %13 to 7, to register their 25lh-consecutive victory. Trailing 1 to C, despite an euor- ,mous advanlags In first 'downs and yardage gained, the Chicks called on (he bruising pouer of their 198- ""• m-m. rnutw uiapi pound captain, Byron "Ripper" i hall us did Meredith Walker, lute in t,ie battl" and hnlftnck). Pillow failed .Walker, shifted from csntcr In fullback, responded by t;nrliv< Bulldog line apart for lrv> wit. ' touchdown He also plunged for the ettra point that cav thc Chicks their s-polnt innrjin But even that touchdown and cs Ira point, scored as the fourth quailer opened, didn't hold any loo comfortable a margin 'foi the "ChicVs until the game ended even If-they, did continue'to hammer away most of .the, Greenwood territorj Tne principal reason -for tha constant threat the t it — -«..-*u.. w v..,v..i. im .ji.. ^iivvinu itt.iieu oacK ulniosL MissiEslpplans held was H A Holf- lo Ihc very edge of the Greenwood man. QS ^WrPt [I IMl^S^r Ofc hnp ol'ir.- irnnl lint »L.n l.~...i n. .... - -. man, as sweet a passer as has grac- t ed the giidiron here in many a day. Hoffman was til." j . ..™.-,n-y Ira m c p whole show fc,r the \lsitors cltjns- Chicks swept down field. The It was his 30-j ir1 heave Orccnwood kick mi.s carried buck bitt;:I from the 'Utythevlllc -20 to the into tha end zone that was bu, .... ,,„. ul yui e viiie a) lo l"l *° .SEl 1 ,?. "I"' 0 "' - hn !'- Ely'hcvllle 37 ynr,l line. Ilni back, ing Ihe Bulldogs' to lie the score nt e-G In the second pa- rlod after Ills ChlcU had counted n a touchdown on a 20 yard end run by Mosley. u v,as his pass from a fake kick foimation to Larry that accounted for the extra point and sent the Bulldogs into the lead, 7 to 6 It «ns hi;, accuracy in shooting three other passes lo Dudley Pillow, all-slate (Miss.) end and Dantone ranging from 32 to 15 yards that ga\c Ihe Bulldogs tlieir only first down It was Ills kicking, Impnnlng as the gaino progressed, tlmt kept the Chicks nway from the Greenwood goil line zo much ot the lime despite tiicir mid-fie'.cl gaining JSssnite the fncl that they trail( cd by one point for n considerable part of the game ue Chicks never looked like the losm» ball club. They roiled up an amazing total of 22 first doivns to four for the visitors, gaming almost! at will ev- • •• ciywhere except in (he vicinity of Ihe Bulldogs 'goal it nfl s there that the experienced and capable Mlsslsslppmns became, decidedly tough. I,, utshing plajs Ihe chicks ran up n lotnl of 394 jards from scrimmage as compared with 17 yards gained in Ihe same minncr by the visitors Two of Hoffman's passes wcr; intercepted by Mosley, Chick triple. thrcater and safety man others failed but few of th'in failed be- caasa of Hoflmnn's inaccuracy To the credit of Moslcy, while J, e van outkicked on an a\crage of 5 yards by Hoffman, tiie Chick bootcr was handicapped on his distance because he was "short" kicking in Greenwood tcmtorj much or Dr time Blytheville, counting nrsl, pushed Its touchdoivn across in the wnnlnn inlmites of the nrst quaiter. '" Eoch team had fumbled once In m'afield to ghc the other a break Brown fumbled after gaming six ya w R w ths Chicks snB P l ncra ^ _ raid-flcld and Hoffman recovered on Uie Greennood 40 jard line Abraham got through the line and mt 13 f " mWcd », «n and Hutchlns recovered for Blytheville on the chicks n ™rd lln- Two plays from scrimmage gamed little and Mosley punted ntc-lv to the Greenwood 4-yard lino cd the ball. Hoffman punted out to the Greenwood 40 on his second .attempt, Bljtheville terns offside on the nrst, a poor one. Brown annexed 4 yards at ri ? ht end nnd came back with" 3 through left tackle Hutehins mado it I C £1 B , dOBn 0>1 Greenwood's 30 with 3 yards off lackle lh ° field, «as .. lo ^ cu „, crossed.back to the for a one jard gain took time out end-around on an faded Moslcy -^-.v vu jjj^ lound his j covered and thc defens- pulled in He raced 13 yards to a first do™,' ,on Greenwood's 15 yard line Bro«-n JK^5 neUp '* lbutHui - )n the ..- Pll!o< iterfcrence Mosley snept right end ntxt play for a touchdown shifted , through the In l>Ut v missed the tackle ; th« secondary as Mosley across. Brown's try for ed. *' • v • Greenwood'came back.l n fill IM ~ Abraham failed to Rain through (he line. Then Hoffman look thc Ijall from cmler, radcd far buck nnd heaved his shot Into the end zone at the southwest corner of Ihe licttl. I'lli»w leaped for the (defensive - lo hold It and Meredith batted It away— into Ihe arms of Uaiilonc on the ?cnl line nnd ho fell over (ho !!0:il line for the- touchdown. The (i-y for point wns a perfect hit of deception. Abraham stepped buck into place kick formation Hoffman down to hold lhc 'mil' Ah-aham fnked n kick and'-Hoffman hurled the bull quickly to lurry. (iiinrterSnc'if, off In the "lin" In the west stile of the en(i wine for (lie point. The play HiRlU. the Chicks flat-footed. Ulythcville roared back almost hut the hard nghling MIs- Irslppians stopped them. Mosley pdracie ns 'picked up 5 off - •-.- - .. --.-•.. w, i IHliMU. Mosley mniie 2:i around left end niter fiuling buck to pass and running Instead. Brown added 3 yards and lol- owcil with 4 yards. Then Mo.sley wept right end for 7 yards to Qreenwccds 20 yard line. Brown Picked up (1 couple. Moslejr passed 1C yards to Uobcrts w : lio ran 3 lo (he Greenwood 5 yard line. With n fiisl down on Greenwood's 5 ynrd 1 line Iho Chick offense housed down before the lighting defense of Ihe Mlsslssln- plans. Mcsley tried richt end for no gnln. Mas-ley .stcppeil back to pass, tailed to find n 'receiver open and barely kept from losing yardage. Mosley's imss over the goal line tell incomplete and -the Ihrcnt vanished ns Greenwood Mt His ball ; on its 20-yard line : -"A tumbled ball (jnve the Chicks n-break-soon after Ihe second half opened but they couldn't capitalize and Greenwood got it back u minute ini er O n a Blythe- vllle nimble. Moslcy unnfcd (o Dnntonc on Ihe Greenwood 25 yarrt tine nnd he liifEcd it buck to the 31 but dropped it when (ncklcd. Roberts' recovered for Blylhcvllle. Hutchins . picked up 5 at right end Then Robert* fumbled on an end-' around play and LUsco recovered for Greeinvood, on Greenwood's 25-yavd line. The two teams battled around in inld-flcld and Greenwood tcr- lilory. Hoffman having to kick out. from deep in his own territory. Then the Chicks started spain and with .Hutchlns and Be- rliaiBe carrying- the bnll advance lo Greenwood's 34-yard line before R net her fumble upset their drive Mcsley fumbled and W. Pillow, Greenwood center, recovered Greenwood's 38 ynrd line. Hoffman punted deep to Mosley on the Chicks 20-yard line and he ran It back (o the 20-yard line. The Chicks were oil on their v winning touchdown drive even If Ihc-y aid have a long way to go. The Chick supporters were Betting nervous and felt like the touchdown was overdue. Bcsharse on a reverse picked 12 yards nnd a nrst down. He followed with 5 yards. Mosley pass- f.d to Warrington for 13 yards on a nrst down on the Greenwood Jo-yard line. Hutehins romped [or lo yards and Beshnr« sprinted for 11 as the chicks raced down Held. Hutchlns picked up 10 more ns the quarter ended with Ihc Chicks In possession of Hit ball en Greenwood's 8-yard line. H. Bunch went In ns center for the Chicks, Walker shitted to the game. Walker rammed the Grcen- od line for 5 yards. The Chick txjwcrhousc cracked It again and Greenwood yielded as Walker crashed over the goal lino. Walker plunged standing up for (he extra point on' a fake place kick formation, iuvcnatcd. watched nervously Burton kicked oil to the Cirecn- K^' ,^ ^"^"""T,^ bro " ght " ,fnh ° 30 yartl lille ' """man f * i^ r l ° D ' Pillca ' (or « ' *' Hoffnlnn trl ^ another ^"1,^,7^, °' thc «' the h,i «. , S ,1° nm vvitl! IH « , E "' Hofrm -' 1 » Pmil- td 55 yards to Ihe Blytheville 10 yard line and Mosley brought it tack to the 24 ynH lint " Cliickiisaws Due Play-Off Place, Sorrel Is /Write Foil Rabid Grid Fans A soar 'fiTi-E COAW&. IK- (MV WITH T/s AJAK. K-W/115 ARC CALUN& HIM -file 'HAR IN rtlE Division SWCE 7iJ£ OiVS oi' /?yfiy t&ncrff 'f. wis Rf&isj&icDis KO'S, IN igecvis, 7//^Aio&r 6EJX& A QVC-tf/WZA .SHEAK/riO OF El^ic SeEnc-,, THF -nil-Important Walker for that touchdown. Mosley lost ground on a fumble Another fumble lost 'far .. more yardage. Thc passes from. centci appeared poor. Then Moslcy went back lo pass and ran do the 10 ynrd line but the play was called back unit niyiheville penalized 15 yards. It was third and 35 lo go. A pass lulled. Mosley [hen puntetl over Ihe line and the threat had pawed. . A pass, Moftmnn to Pillow, was balled down and almost Inlcrcajt- f<l. Anlooii. who replaced Dan- Icne, hit the line for no gain. '•!r r 'i«m punted out well nnd Moslcy ran It back nicely to the Greenwood 47 yard line from his \nui t-j ynul line. Walker rcmyjed for n yards. Mcsley picked up 3 and Walker pummelled his way for 15 lo the Kieenwond 19 yard line. The Chicks were threatening again but after Mosley picked up 1 the Chicks drew another 15 yard penalty for clipping. Walker 'got 3 yards, Besharso' failed to gain and Moslcy phut-1 ed over the goal line. It was' brought out to Greenwood's 20 yard line. Hoffman's pass failed. A second, pass was wide of its mark. Ai third pass failed. Hoffman punted out poorly to thc Grconwo'od •14 yard: line. I Walker got 3. then 1 yard and lost a yard. Mosley punted out' on Greenwood's H yard line. If Ilcirman uncorked a fine pass]' lo Pillow for 18 yards. Anolhei i piss f.iiled .and the Grccmvcoct chances glimmered and faded ,\.. vrm . ...,,„ ,,— ; ; away as Mosley Intercepted a bX .'.'i""? £ "> <^""^s aboard this third heave on lilylhevllle's 45 ,,,,£, Bl ? llc ° of s ''»»-'< Clara ynrd line and meed back to "•,* '\ y , I s s "[f ° Ecl a ''°««!> Greenwood's 33 yard line. Besbarse '",'.,„,,'v, s ,,, ° ^'"schi. • • - - niiaileibacK. of thc west coast's ; /ny altrirt'.'t' to leave villc- cut of a proposed pluy- cff lor Hie ArJi.iims hl»li school championship, if such should <to- velc,), will ' meet with his protest. Walter n. Sorrels, editor of ihc I'inc. lilulV Commercial, . declined In a letter today to tlis I f:i;orls editor, of the Elythevillc Courier News. Hi UK.' letter, \vrIU°n bjforo jicil firings lost to Pine Blulf, 19 to 0, last nl-ht, Sorrdls ex- ssccl the hellcl that the Hot £-|)iiii!js Trojans ,should bj the <lirlce lo face the. Chicks if they defeated Pine Blulf, Camden and Hope. £orrcl.'s will te remembered by lllyllicvlUe grid tollo'crs as one cf the several principals In the Blythevl'li'-l'hic Bluff newspaper ' and verbal clash for the state chrrapionship last, year. The two fr.ctr.all teams never met though the controversy over their respective merit-"; reached state-wide prc;:orllon.s. 'Jhls year Pine Bluff has been | defeated and apparently, is out of the runnhn at this time. A plny-cfJ for Ihe title is to bf proposed lo thc state high school 9.ssc-lnllon by next week. Mr. SoVrells' kller fo|lo-,vs: t J 'I read your recent column in regard lo a proposed plny-olf. quoting Allen Tilclen of thc Arkansas Democrat. I think Tilden's suggestion that the only thing to consider In n proposed is the selection of an opjwnent for Bly- Ihevllle, providing of course Blv- thevllle comes through undefeated, which Is highly probable, 'is well taken. It is true, and also nnfor- tiumtc that Blytheville hasn't played sonic- of the so-called outstanding learns of. .the stab, bul in my humble opinion that doesn't make UlyUsevllle merely.a (air sectional (cam, as son]f> ; 'seem lo think. "I also agree that if Hot Springs beats .Pine ;, Blulf, -Camden, and Hop* winding..up with just a tie game, the Trojans should be Blytheville's a play-off by unanimous choice. 'I realized last year that Blythc- ville had a gpcd foalbnll team, and while I honestly and sincerely bs- lievcd that pine BlulT would hav • mm, I also believed (hat it would have been one whale of a football game, with little difference between thc teams. I also believe that'.Blytheville this year has just as good n fim, if. not sllglitly ustter Ihe outstanding teams of the middle and south seclions'of the state. This in spite of thc fact that Blythcville ,has played.teams ot it's I own immediate section, 'I don't,think there will he any attempt to leave Blytheville out, of any proiwsed pliiy'-olf, but If there should I am going to add my bit. as a protest:. Furthermore I intend to b» present, barring jny unfore- s"en complications or. an act of Go-i when, the play-oil pomes, providing you will'.give ine, 'adequate' protection from.some of those red- hot fans at Blythevllic, whose ire I aroused last. year. "Here's hoping (v e can get this thint settled, wil-r.out doubt this year. Two. Trolling Races and OUR Pacing Event On Mrtincc Card ,'. .vo i acni's assaults. on goal posts joy/nl undergraduates President clary hv Yankee Stadium hereafter. A mechanical a recess In the groin--', and locked set is lowered : games nicked up H yards dcivn and Walked n.s the gnine ended. The linc-U[xs: Grtemvood D. Pillow Culin Minyard W. Pillow (c) Lusco '. Telfnlr Baughn Lary HofTnian Danlonc ' Abraham " I'os. LE LT LG O RG RT - RE QU HB HB PB for a first Bt.vllicville Roberts Wise ! Craig, only lindefealcd and unlicd major college eleven. The smart lield general has been a big help in giving Coach Spud Lewis a clean slate in his first'year as mentor of the squad. Meredith 50-Yard Pass Saves Hope From Tie Lcinnu\j '. Moslcy HOPE, Ark., Oct-. 31.—A 50-yard Hulchlns! POSS in. thc last two minutes of u. ,11111111 . 11, Broim! I'toy gave Hope n C to 0 victory Substlmtlons .— (Grcenwoodi—[over Camdcn here ;ast night The '"-"" "'•"• """ '"' - victory kept Hope among lh c st.itc's undefeated teams. Spears tossed the oval lo w Parsons, halfback, who scored ll-» touchdown. The Bobcats were completely outplayed for the first three quarters but came to life In thc final period. They advanced the ball to Camdcn's one yard line before -, tumble lost the ball and then turned what seemed destined to be a tie Into victory with their sensa- lioiial touchdown pass Antcon. Pigg, Long. iBlytheville) —-Wnnlngton, H. Bunch. Harrison. Justice. Bartholomew. * ^:=^ : "^«;ii3<»£«= f i*ir\ , "• Little Rock Bowls Over Fort Smith Team, 45-0 LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 31.—The Lttle Rock Tigers showed a powerhouse attack in running over the Port Smith Grizzlies, 45 to 0, here last night. Thc Tigers, probably the most improved team in Uie stale since the season opened, got their offense in full swing for the first time this year nnd went to to«ii The Grizzlies never had a chance while the Tigers scored In all quar- tcrs. Heart Courier News \y\nt Ails Wrecker Service Gas OPEN ALL NIGHT . I'HILLtPS SERVICE CENTBK Phones 777 - 810 New Art idea Emerges attendant Is ready (o lower the uprights; section preparatory to -Jacking ti]> with the final whistle. right, he folds the re-.iODltory. Left, r.n Ihe last li-.-,t!ln;;,,rac;B ant) one i-ce will ' be ' held n't the olrsicnids track here Eundav lt<»iccn. in a. rnrtine> otr:rlii(j •Ihc fivs- rncf. V ;i:i t rghi at :M o'elc;!-. An exlr'ji'.io-i ( ,r rl'-.v -horaes, fcatu,i:i;t Venn Yc!'ns;:-Vr:<rs lirosdsvay K:P. will i:e rn added nltraetloi). /.fte'r their r .'>i-e."riipx;: hrrc ' loinorrov/ i-omig- I Iccd's horses will lea"i: for a l-fir>e slir..-,- ft Cinriniialil O. : \Vjn;c.-f. driven by YounshicoV ni!<l Cawn ' of U:iy. ( r r iveji by Kalirn, will meet hi the li'sl ii-oitini! event '.'on , the' card. •. In tlie •.s'vo'nd evtif p.usrs will hc!d thrir duel. Jimmy i Strallmiore,. driven hy, Roland, anrt. Viola Axticii. driven by ' • I Younsblood, will nieet i:, the v* three-heat ei-eut. In the final race t-.vo tiottsrn will participate. Miss iioscnviry. driven ty Cut'nw, and Sizannc. Guy. driven hy Roland, ivlll bj in Ihe' race. Judge .Zal P.. Harrison will act as starter and Clarence II. Wil- ECII and Jesse Taylor as judges. Trojans In 19-0 Loss To Zebras ' PfNE BI.UPP, Ark., Ost. 31. — The Pine Bluff Zebras completely outplayed the Hot Springs Trojans and sent the latter tumbling from the ranks of the undefeated with a 19 to 0 triumph here lust night. Only twice did the Trojans threaten seriously to score. Both times were in the third quarter. The Zebras rc.'led up 14 first downs to-six for the Trojans and used laterals, end runs and line plunges with success. Hot Springs' ace passer, I'aul Longinotti, hurled 26 passes, completing six. The Trojans made all their first downs on .pusses. .TAKE BIG DIVE Football Results College State Teachers 19, Arkansas Tech Magnolia A. and M rado Junior College 0. Ounchitn. 1G, Durant Teachers G. 68, El Do(Okla.) From Garmel Colony Ju f lors 7 3 Jones CARMEU Cal. (UP)—At last Cannel's art colony, supposed to be the cradle of new art ideas in Am- ericu has produced a pay in; one The Idea is that of mural decorations done in charcoal only against a special background and covered with glass to make them permanent. Francis McComas, internationally famous artist, ! s the founder of the Innovation and already has a commission to do two huge murals in this new medium in one of the leading stores of San Francisco. .-Trie two scenes to be depleted are the Spanish city of Honda, famous for its picturesque setting on the edge of a colossal, sheer, white sione cliff, and the other an ancient Mexican patio, renowned for the architectural bcauty : of a series of surrounding arches. , McComas lias chosen ns the mural background for his charcoal paintlns an Buroiwan material known ns "Capagold" .which provides a remarkable colorful, opalescent setting.' The whole effect, however, will be In black and while with a glass covering. The two murals in the new technique will bj the first effort to combine sentimental Latin subjects with sophisticated modern Nordic architecture. SUBIACO, Ark., Oct. 31.—Su- .ico was removed from the ranks 01 undefeated Arkansas teams here au night by Atkins, -7 to 6. The loss was the: first suffered 193 >!>C ° °" ' U home nclrt si " ce Men marry at of 27H years. an average age NOTICE To Our Customers We are now closing our repair department and ' gas station at 9' P. < M. each (Iny, however we will maintain all night service at the Ulythcville Motor Sales Co. Phone 1000 for Service At Any Time Tom Little Chevrolet ;.. " -Co. •• Hijjh School:. Little Hock 45, Port Smith 0. Benton 31, Catholic High 0. Hope 6, Camden 0. Pine Bum 19. Hot Spring o. Russcllvllle 26, DcQueen 0. Newport 13, Walnut Ridgj 2. .McGehec 21, Budora 20. Lake Village 26, Hison 0. West Helena 7, Mnrinnna 0 DsWitt 6. Sluttehtt 0. Warren 20, Fbrdyee H. Batcsville 43, Paragould 0. Jonesboro Juniors 46, Paragould Jonesboro 42. riggott 13. .Bcebe 58. McCrory c. El Dorado 21, Malvern 0. Blythcville 13, Greenwood (Miss.) When a gridder and a noted mermalrt meet, they sometimes tall in love. Such was the case when Chuck Muciia, former University of -Washington guard met pretty Olive McKean, young Seallle Olympic swim flar. Now they're Mr. and Mrs., And are shown above nfler their marriDge In Seattle. 22; Statistics On Game By J. P. FRIEND First Doiviw — niythcville Greenwood 1. Passes attempted—Blythcville 8- Greenwood 15. Passes completed—Blytheville 2- Greenwood 4. . ' Yards from passes —Blylhevilb 28: Grcenwuod 01. Passes intercepted--Blylhcvllle 2. Yards from intercepted passes— Blvlheville is. Pimls—Blytheville 9; Greenwood 10. Yards from punts — Blythcville 3M: Greenwood 387. Average of pnnts — Ulytlieville l -: Greenwood 39. Yards returned punls-Blyllib- ville 47; Greenwood 32. Kickoffs—Blythcville '2- Greenwood 3. ' Yards of WcfcoHS - Blytheville '0; Greenwood 125 Average ol ktcfcoffs- Blythcville Ja: Greenwood 42. Penalties—Blythcville 50; Grcen- :/ w ocd 5. Fumbles —Blytheville (i- Oreen- t wcod I. I Pinnbles recovered — Blytheville 4; Greenwood 3. * Individual record of backs and Grccmvcort Tries Gained Lost Avc Hoffman s J2 2 125' Danlcne 3 1 2 33 Abraham 4 A i 75 Lary 4 , ' 25 gained 18, lost 5. Tries Gained Lost Ave. Forrest City 30. Wynne 0. Carlisle VI, Cotton plant 0 Brinkley 12, Helena 7. Subiaco Is Routed From Ranks of Undefeated Love for Guns Results In Unusual Collection PORTLAND, Conn. (UP)- Edward L, Sterry's interest in guns dated to the day Ifc father bought, him an air ride. Now he has aj collection of lie rifles and pistols! used in the Bovjlutlonary, civil 1 and .Spanish-American wars and i" the battles on the Western nrai- ncs against the Indians. He also collects old powder horns nnd knives. 4.3 2.5 7.5 0.2 O.I 25. Elythevillc Mosley 21 121 19 Brown 10 29 i •Hiitcliins 10 if, i Besharse 9 5 6 0 Walker 10 92 i Yardage gained 394. lost Passes: (Greenwood). Hoffman-D. Pillow, Mi-arts. Hoffman-Dantone. 30 vards (Touchdown). Heffraan-D. Pillow. 10 yards. ,Hoffman-D. Pillow. 18 yards Passes: (Blytheville). Moslcy-Roberts, 15 yards Moslcy-Warrington, 13 yards. Head Courier News Want Ads. POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (UP) — ! hai-les Wolper.s went ' hunting iili rive shotgun shells but came icx with seven rabbits. "After I shot five, I chased two more nnd explained. them rocks," he Ucfnrc You Dqy Any Outboard - gee the NEPTUNE §'45 2 ii. r. Single Cyl. (Other Shes to 1G H. P.) HUHBARD TIKE & UATTEUY CO. Tlic African gcrenuk has little rt fficiilty in reaching tree leaves Hih above Ihe heads of all nni- ls exceiit the giraffe. For Quick Sale 5 room composition roof bnn- galo\v. well located, close in, «•*• taxes, on Kfsiiway 61. Woith Si,goo. $350 cash, and one used car not to old. and nssuinc snme back taxes gets "ced wllli abstract domi lo d:Uc. if y ou .lon't mean business, don't ask. Cue acre of tot In city, no paving \^ i r oom modern home, nice place to live, re- Placement value about $5,000. Owner needs lo sell, will take $l.r>oo. Purchaser assume loan of about $1,ICO, payable mon- Hilv. Very n\ Sern and con- v ™lent anrt A BARGAIN. Ask f" further Information. W. M, Burns, Agency I THIS IS HOG KILLING TIME Ivill your hoys when ready, regardless of weather, •UKI save fcctl. Hi-mg them to its IMJMEDIATE'r/Y alter (liny are killed. We chill them thoroughly, cut itiflin tip and. cure them, charging you only 2c a pound for Meat Cured for Whole Service \VP. have trained operators. During season of 193.1-35 wo cured more than 20,000 pounds of pork. Our ni'O- C , rc r ^ VC ' S y °" a SUKal '' curC(1 Pallid wliich yon will If IWBS are broughl to its iminediiitelv after killimr- u-e guarantee satisfaction. ' M'""J,, Our .plant is Jocaled in BIytheviHe, Norlh' on "•'• Highway 61, Telephone 183 Persond, Courteous Service to Every Customer MORGAN UTILITIES Ice Plant m,YTHEVIU,K, AUK.

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