The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE' TWO J&YTHEV1XL& (ARK.) eOUJUEK NEWS Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS Music department. Woman's club, meeting J!§0 o'clock at club, Mrs.. •!, Pi HoUand entertaining Friday Bridge club. SATURDA.YS'S EVENTS Mrs. JJpyd • Stickmpn and Mrs. Murray Smart entertaining Chapter N. of the P. E. O, Sisterhood with luucheori, one, o'cloclf, at the Eticknion h'pirie. sily Riles Solemnized Wednesday The marrlnge of Miss Verdle Lee Kelly and George W. Matthews was solemnized Wednesday night in the Methodist Parsonage at Qa^ ruthersville. The Rev. W. U Meyer, pastpr of the church, read thp exclinngo of vows at tea o'clock , before Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eskrldge, Jifrs. T. Wilder Eskridge and Of. L. L, Hiir beiier. ..The bride is the daAighler p( Mr. and Mrs. J, K Kelly of Boyle, Miss., and & a student nursp at the Blyth.evllle hospital, Mr, Matthews Is employed, here by pralnasc District f^o. 17, % • • Fsll Colors Used. In Clul) Decorations Fall colors vere used it the decorations for th,o Thursday Bridge club party given yesterday eftei- nptn by Mrs, J, E. Patterson who had also ' ' -- - • • Berrynisn Pretty Bride Mrs. Chester Lewis acslring, of Copter and Memphis, wns before her marriage Nov. 11, Miss Lpla Joan McKay, cf Cooler. day for Washington, p. c., for a visit with Senator lialtie Caraway. She will accompany Mr. and Mrs. James Parr and Mvs. Jo T. Trice, of Jonesboro. Mrs.' 0. A. George, who under-. ._ I. -- . .'.. Setly Kagers; "Pol!t«i\e£b irx (ho HQIIIC", Ji'^lp Kfell Viftei'y; "Tlie PaiuAiperlcan Union", Margaret p-eniis.; "Sp?nd You;' 'flirce gents' Worth", Qonstance ponto»; "«u- inan Rclallpn.<i ii) lh« Sgout T»'o&i>" a dramatization, Shirley Barham Dorpthy Cvawforrii nul,)i Apderspn M.nxine Evans, Gene Csllls. ..«•'* ' ' Are Cliostm Sponsors Shirley Barhain and Maxlne Evans have been chosen Junior Parent Teachers Association span, sors. Osceola Society — Personal Junior Class Has Steak Fry Tho twenty^seven members of Dm Junior class of OsccQin high sphpol were entertained with a steak fry In Ihe yard of Mrs. Clarence Moore, their class sponsor, on Tuesday night. Tho class also attended (Uq Gem Theatre in a body to see "Pygmalion" in company with Mrs. Mppro yiuler wlwnn they had made a Metalled Btudy of the Home Economics Club ' Mp., , . Mai-y Frances Pemlscct counlyj hpinn deiiions,lra'. lion agent, yesterday . stated that « new home economics club ih,ad been organized at Wnrdell, with the following officers being scle'oted: Mrs. O. o, Emory, prestrifnt; Mrs. F. T. Handell, vlce-preatdfnt; Mrs. Eugene Allison, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Robert Bufficll game and SQUK leader; Mrs. pjoyd Bankston, reporter; Mrs; j. : D. Worth, [pcds leader; Mrs, Mitchell Satlcrwhllc, clothing lender. ' Mind "Your Manners Test your knowledge of cpiyc.ct sop(al usage by answering the fol- loiving questions, then checking against (lie authoritative answers below: • SUNDAY SCHOOl LESSON \Vai'MJngs awl Proimses . Test, Matthew 7:1-11 ISV WII.UAM E. GII-RQY, 1). I)., Editor of Advance The Golden Text of this lesson is the Golden Rule: "As ye would Dial men should do unto you, cvet) so do ye also 'unto thorn." There are times when one feels that lessons are chosen without ' muph reference to their prime Importance in tho Bible and without much regard for their clear application to modern. life, nut here is a lesson against which no such complaint can bo made. Every word of It applies with Intensity and with spiritual accuracy to the situation that confronts us in tlie ivcrld today, both as Individuals In social relationships and as citizens of a nation in a world where spme nations are at war. , Surely If humanity Is golrlE to come put of its strife and agony with any permanent result for peace and righteousness and dein- ociwy, it will not be because men arc ilgliimg on .battlefield!,, but because some higher spirit than the spirit pf wn'r may conquer, even though war may seem the only practical and temporary way iptn by Mrs, J, E. Patterson who Mrs. 0. A. Oeorgc, who under-. I r "" class has William. Terrs Vad also as her guests, Mrs. Ralph i went an operation Monday at the Mitchell as their president. Serryman and Mrs. W. L. Crafton. (Memphis Baptist hospital, Is rest-1 • » i Chrysanthemums varying from . ing very ivell. Her daughters, Mrs. | ' Iav 'o IJaby Daughter. .he yellow (o the bronze shadss j Fred Suliba and Miss lone George Wr. nnt) Mrs. Hepry Brhikley prearranged ebout the entertain-] of. Cairo. 111., are with her nl ' c WrcnU of a baby dailghtei . ?rere arranged ebo«t the. enterlain^ Kf. Cairo, III., nre with her. ing' rooms. While T'W»!<sg*Vilig I Mrs. Fred Warren and talie ' .Mrs *">, ^ *w**ma, \lllux. ^unlt.-WglYH'a I IVIlfj. ilW WlUTtll alltl 1\1)S tallies, nut cups and (he sala.d plate'Charles L.' Wyiie spent Wednesr served at the conclusion <f the (day ai)d Thursday in Memphis, games were all in the brown nnd,While there, they saw tho two ib- gold motif. • I sen plays, "Hedda QaMcr" and High score pme dmong the chu>j"The Master Builder", which stor^ meaibers went to Mrs. Rarmond red Eva LeOalllcmie. Sehmuek, and among the guests to \ Mrs. Leslie Hooper and dnugh- Mr§, Berrymsn, Mrs. Chester Ha-,to, Miss Lois Hooper, left this bers received the traveling prl?e j afternoon for Hot Springs to be _ „ , I with Mrs, Hcpper's father, W. W. To Ha.e Bmjo Parly Pylcs, who | 5 critically ill nt his •A bingo party will be given'home there. Tuesday night at the Woman's club under the auspices of the Dogwood Ridge. Home Demonstration club. The affair will be given at elgh.t o'clock. Junior High School News Have Who's Who Contest' Shirley Barnaul and Harry Ray Is Hostess to Club Brooks received the largest number Mrs. J. Louis.Cherry Vtas hostess Of homrs in. thc recent Whp's Who to nil the members of the Mid - contest Conducted' in the 713*1 Week Bridge club yesterday after-[class. Results-were as follows: noon when she had a'party at her | Most polite girl nnd toy—Shirley baokg Mrs prize * - » All Club Members Attend Bridge Party- All members of the poiib|e R>ur Bpd$e club attend?d the party given jesterday aftsrnoon by Mrs. _Jobn Foster at her Irme The aproachlng holiday was enu phasked. in the "turkey" tallies %hlch were use.d ir» the games. home of Mrs. Dwlght H. Blackwood on Mgndijy nlgl|l following a supper together' 'at Cramer's Cafe. Yellow cho'sarttheimims decorated the (ables at Cramers and the home of the hostess. Awards were vfQ(i by Mrs..- 53, L. G!ad|s,h, Mrs, Eleotra Perfin and Mrs. J. H. Love\vell, * * * D. S, Laney JTJarlmm and Harry Ray Brooks; served at small tables (best looking girl and boyr-Shirley which sere arranged against a ilpral' Barham nrid, Billy Crowdor; best , --„ „ — m and Billy Orowder; girl and boy with prelllest eyes- Shirley Barham nml Harry Rny Brophs; best nalured girl nnd boy •^•Mnxine. Evons and Harry Ray Brooks; biggest gum chcwer^-Jettn Ettinrt; best writer-^Shirley Mam; best reader ^ Harry Brooks and Shirley Barham; gest girl and boy Ray blg^ Stu- f-,1*' l^ -^ "I ""- 6&iin.a. seal, gill uiiu uoy iliri^-rvieiUl btU- <?lirysantr|emum5 acre the flowers'art, Harry Ray Brooks and j' 0 used and. the hostess served a des-]Cole; nicest girl and b;y~-shl'rley •""* *™"<" "'"" Barhani and Harry. Ray Brooks course of cairo pecan pie and whipped cream, .In the bridge games, Mrs Theor dore Losan was high and Mrs Howard Frlsby, second ))igh scorer. > « • Is Guest pf Club Mrs. J. H. Hkins played cards With members of the Delta Contract club yesterday afternoon when they were entertained at the home of Mrs. Hiram Wylie. Fall flowers decorated tha rooms nhere bridge was played Mrs Lqy Welch received the high score prizo, The hostess served a salad, plate at the conclusion of the games. • * * Has Club Part}. Mrs Harry Kirby, Mrs Hunter C. Sims and Mrs. James H Bell •were guests of Mrs, Byron Morse yesterday afternoon when she cn- tertaiiied members, ot uie 'Ihurs- day luncheon club with a party at' her home. The three cpu.rse luncheon was served at small tables in rooms decorated with chrysanthemums and other fall flowers. Ip the bndgc gaincs which followed, Mrs. Ross . D, Hughes was wittiest—J. a. Cole. * * * Have Box Supper On Thursday] the girls of the iuu|ii \<ii uiu Bumra 01 pucn in eighth grade liaine making class which E. W. Packard won a box entertained witii a box supper in of cigars for highest score. • --~... ... "wii,,** 110 you lake your place in a theater? 2. Should you slant! to let otl>ers ,—. .....I.L. n v.vnui^u cimiy yj uiu by when tlioy arc Uiking their Geprgo Bernard Shaw play. The place In a theater? following day the class made n 3. Should a girl hold her date's critical analysis of the play. ' coat for him when he gets rendv •rim «i«» I,** Miim.,.,, T, to leave her house? 4. Should a guest at a party rnlse or shut windows \yitlionl asking his hostess' permission? ' 5. Should a. wonian say '"Doii't bother. I'll get it"'-when a;- "mail reaches fpr something she lias dropped? • - ' What would yc-i) do Jf—, • You are a. guest at a cocktail 1. Should you say "I'm sorry!'.if to stop aggressors and prevent in- you walk In front O f ethers as IcrnaUonul anarchy. Mr. one! Mrs. Hepry - r ,....,... J nre parents of a baby daughter tori) (it the Methodist hospital in Memphis Saturday morning, The baby, weighing eight and quo half pounds, has not been narked. * • * Supper Cli)b Meets. Mrs. T.'P. Perkins, Mrs. Q. Hart- sll'i Bunks, and M|ss Emma Cox were guests playing with the Monday SuT,n' party- fa) Put yonr glass anywhere . H is profoundly necessary thai notions should not Judge one^ai)- cthcr where all arc in some meas- Wid where-the individual Is often the vjctljfl of forces nnd coinlitlons which l)o hss no'power tp (iqter- mine. . .- . There is little value in spinning oi)t tco finely the issues nnd questions, thai. are. raised, but the simple fact is that ail of us could live a great deal oiaser to the Golden Rulu than wo are now doing, <>ven allowing for handicaps and obstacles. Moreover, If there were more disposition on the part of Itieji and wamen-rcven on the part of those who call themselves Chris, tiniis—to take the Golden Ruloin- (o practical life, many of" the handicaps and obstacles would disappear. • . . • • •' • t The Golden Rule, of course, represents an unrealized ideal and an idor.1 difficult cf attainment. But it is nn ideal that Is to be attained,, and there never will be peace or happiness or truth or prosperity on earth until man come a gre'at deal nearer to tho establishment of the Golden Rule in all the relationships of daily life. Cub Scouts Active; To Aid Kawanis Club The newly organized. Cub Pack lire guilty. If there had^not been j' 11 BlyUievillc Is making rapid so much of the spirit of Hltlcrism Progress. in other lands, incliKilng our own,! A meeting cf The Pen Mothers It would, not pe necessary 'to be was !leltl yesterday attended by flKhiliig Hitlerlsin today. Even the j Mrs. Geg. D, Pollock Jr., Mrs. W. foct that nations are at war ought ID - Woods, Mi's. Marvin Williams, to make iis the more tolerant and Mls - Floyd White and Robert C. cnrpflll '111 nnr inriniwn^lp n,,». MaCliah. Kcniil fivetriilivn nn,n +,,,« ,';ln our Our . . chief ccnccrn ovjght to be to 'make sure that the beam is out of our e.ves before we hre too zealous, in ve. The two , . Dens organized about a month .ago have now grown to 15 members each and two additional Dens t.via UCJUll; Y, V lilt IW XVH1UUS ill "~" J elmj l-jvy (UlUlUUIlal JJCI15 casting out the mote from our. ?re being crganized and a divls- brothers' eyes. - inn- mnfl/i in /inn 7-10,, * » » The world is involved in war lo•I (toy,-to some extant at least, be- sp Answcr- 1. Yes. 2. Yes.' 3. NO.' . " : • 4. No. ' . 5. No. Let hiin get it. Best "What Would You : ailu) r ,m,j, vv awun; c.^iuiii. n> luusi, Detie cnreful where .ypii get cause (he spirit cf irae'na'nimity vr,,r „!„« *„ »•,„,. you won't, did. not prevail in the victory of 20 years ngo. Here in our own country we have had fine examples ot this spirit of magnanimity coming out of days of strife. We associate this particularly with Abraham Lincoln, who -showed a rare understanding of his enemies, even when he felt it his duty to oppose them,' and who refused to allow miillqe'to enter his - soul. We may be sine that God sees the sins and .Do i; Moimtics Put On Horses „__,.••" -.0^3 uu .Hue umi, urni sees me sins anil . a. .,.,,»,...«,,,. - Y,7' ,r CUP)—.Tourists sufferings of His children with Only 'those business leaders of v ^ m "E the Parliament buildings j eyes of-lovt and with great sorrow sccola who could' qualify as "ere will, bo able to view constables j fpr -their perverseness. . Osccola who could' qualify .as "country boys at henrt," lovin!° [ tlle - . . Canadian Mounted I .The old question of cmijse ' ion' made in one Den. The present Pens arc meeting W follows. Den No. 1, Mrs. Geo. Pollock, Den Mother; Scout Harvey Morris, Den Chief, at 1302 Hearn Street 4 P. M. Wednesday; Den No. 2, ..Mrs. W. D. Wood, Den Mother, Lee Richardson, pen Chief, at 1010 Main -St. 4 P. M. Tuesday. James Dates is cubmaster and Geo. D. Pollock, E. F. Dlo- ineyer, \V. M. Willlnins and B. J. Allen compose tho Pack Committee. According to Mr. Pollock plans are under way for the Cubs to assist the Klwanis club with the Christmas toy project. Read Ccurier News want ads. uuumiy uoys ni nenri,' loving! - '^^j«, v^»i,aoiciii IVIUUCILL-U .. rrie oia question, of course is old-fashioned cooking as they had' f °W • Pn horses, instead- of ;on einphssizefj in time of war even! "down nn Dip-farm" nunllflp/l fm-i'.P°t- Visitors to the caoltal have mnrp ihnn in n,,,o ni ~ n »o.. T. u e coong as they had • s, nsea- o ;on empssjzed in time of war even Die -fnriiV' qunlincd forj'W' visitors to the capital have more than in time 'of 'peace Is it on 'to the Country Sup- expressed disappointment nt not. possible to obey the Golden Rule llPriie.of -Mr. and Afrs. seeing the "Mounties'; mounted..! and • iriake i a rctic "dpwn on Hn lllVllilllQll .t v i.iu uvut.b^j uuf. - . - ., .. — ..— . ^UMU.V.^ v« yy-j viiif V.HJJLLUH num per., irftt'ic hPhie.of-Mr. and Afrs. scein s 'he "Mounties'; momited,.!and• iriake it a practical iireceiit D. S/Laney this week. Sp^ Iiereafter the two constables or dally life?-This questicii has '. a. uiney mis ween. "" IICJIVHIM tue iwo consiaojes No fear of'a-"Jinx", worried theipntrclhig tlie maip entrance to' 13 men who sat down lo the table the Parliament buildings will ride 1 Monday night yic 13th to a sup, per pf country hniji, sausage, greens, old-fasu'onert grated sweet, potato pudding and Individual apple cobblers. All food \vas grown on the 1600-acrc farm of Mr. Lanoy on LilUe River. Tlie dining table was centered with a small 'wheelbarrow nufl lighted by two kerosene lamps. ' ' dinner be!| called the been asked repeatedly in coiinec- business, where com- CHILDS : ijieiieyg~ rnlscry direct -without "dosirig". Usa swift-acting ViCKS VAPORUB men to sup[)er. Following the jueal, the cteclric lights were titriiod on In the targe Lfirtcy living rooms and nmslfl roo|ii for the games of pitch in t| : ie junior high library. Girls in- •iu juiiiur iiij-n norai-j 1 . uirls In- uuqsis were An«rc\v uprlda. T. ited young men from Junior high P- riorlds, \l. J., Hale, G. Hart-1 I" SPIIlfir lliffli c^liAftl n^ ii-^I., cill Tin 111? C r 1 \*T 1\7n*enn or senior high school us their guests. Hostesses wore D:rls Adair, Frances Boswell and Frances Anderson. Tho invitations committee WDS matic up of Ri|th Phelps aiid Jessie Nell Victory. On the cnjer, lAinmcnt committee were Beniah Clilsm, Muriel Browning and Kathleen McMnsters. Mary Ixju Lovelace and Joe Evelyn Deisiiiger arranged and provided for the selection of tlie boxes. Tlie rcom was decorated by Jean Norman, Kathleen McMnslers and Anna Duncan. Various sanies were played before supper wns served. The guest, list included: Carlos De/il, Sanford, Tomlinson. John Smith, Raymond Crawford, Billy Wilson. W. n. Bohannlng. Roland lowed, Mrs. Ross D. Hughes was ml50 "' w. II. Bonannlng. Roland high and Mrs, A G Little, second R ° >mE « v i»c. Wallace Norman, ntoVi iinntp*; nimilminnr.u i«.. r^, . ... high. James Bumbalougli, Joe D. Arncld! Bits of Newi Mo»tly Billy K. Taylor, ur Exraril, Kenneth Uichardson, Charles Slafford, Charles nousb. Earl Walker, Kcccivc Apppinlinciits Billy DeLong nml ji,,,,,. An)0 ,,| nave been appointed radiator and ventilation moiiitors Tor thc 1B-1 home ro:m. I «.. Complete Project Students of the fu home making class have completed their first sewing project, the making of aprons Betty Jmic 8mllh> b "°s judged HID best. Tynna Hud" the —- • The condition of Dr. W. A. Grimmelt, who is confined to thc Bly- thevllle hospital from injuries received in a highway accident last Saturday, is impiovcd today but he is Je't In bed. John ifahan has returned lo Princeton, Ky. after having spent ten dajjs here vuth his mother, Mrs. T. j. Mahan, and family. its. Tom A Little and Miss Virginia Little spent yeslerday In *»U Mahan has returned i ^^\^^* ™ KrS^t±^f\e^'^rXS which she. fractured in a fall this, making very S A glltf ! ' ^ summer. Shs Is expected to reium I pwcncai gilts. *KA A**l. J,t *L ^ ._ Ri- , m <' «n Barkers, the most practical * • » Make Christmas Gifls Members of the SB home man- ing class arc engaged in a project cf making. Christmas gilts. K alh- icen Guests were Andrew Florida. T. .... , C. W. Watson, Fabcr \VIilte, E, W, Packard, the Rev. Paul Galloway, R. c. Bryan, C. L. Moore, Arthur Bowen and E. H. Burns. Although It was not Mr. Lancy's birthday", or anniversary, several guests brought small gifts with humorous verses attached. Jnhii WhitworUi Host. Mr, nnd Mrs. John Wiiilworlli entertained seven men friend' for a four-course turkey dinner at their country homo west of town Wednesday night. White and gold chrysanthemums centered the laco- covcrcd dining table. Mrs. Whltworth was assisted iu serving by her daughter. Belly Ann WhiUvorth, and Alice Metcher of Marked Tree. Guests were Judge S, L. Glad- Ish, J. L. Williams, E. S. Driver. C. E, Sullcnger, A. W. Bowcn, J. A. Pigg and S. G. Locktmrt. Pitch games were tho diversion ol the evening. At The Hospitals niythevlllo. hospital Alfred Darrcll Van Bibber, city, admitted. Mrs. H. H. Gnrnclt and bnby, Luxora, dismissed. Buford Collins, Cooler, dismissed. .Walls hospital Marion MuOlanahmi, cllv, dlsr missed. ' : Ethel Waller, city, dismissed. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Wyse Perry, a son, this morning weigh, ing seven pounds. Memphis St. Joseph's hospital Mrs. W. C. Carey, CarulUersvlllc, admitted. Observe Educslion Week The Eptlal science cl part In observance of education week b' ^ Courier News want aOn CARP QF^fI'lA.jiKS ''. ~" Wa take this \\iethod of «>»nkl«s everyone (or tho niavty acts ol kin4- us lr tKe first 6f the week -Tom A., tittle Is attending to business In St. Louis today. " -'13ob Walden, who has been III of cuutanon influenza, is now able to be out. I program in asscmblv Rir! ~TI ! "" ™'i™-"'"> w»ti r» IrS 'Jn' W ; Mct ? a »Sl"!>'. of M*c Subject was •''Educallo , tw' 1?,,° I |™ Utlltlc . lo Docto ^ City, *i!l return to her home to- man Relationships" ThV ™ ""-I Stevens and to Minis morrow after havJiig spent a week follows; <lu ™ sm ' ls - lhc mogram Woolman. Also for . We especially wisti to express cur c j gratitude lo Doctors Itubeiier and „„„ ,, . . - — r niiiuiamps. 'lllc nvoerim «F PV ? (IS 9H<1 '° Minlslcl- ? "OSS and morrow after hayaig spent a week follows; Program Woolman. Also for the beautiful here wim relatives and friends.';" I . "Whistler's "Mother" MU.A i, 4in s!nE »«d floral offerings. , -„._„.. w M.iv, »ii^ A iuL>. • i - wmiuer 5 MOlnPr" n^c«^ ^ iss, Bell, wutdtt «U1 leave to- Betty Adams TnTexpiS by I J. R, Ocleninn and Family G, T. Thompson and Family. petition often tends to be ruthless New 1940 ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL PHIL.CO PHIIC0185XX SOA50 Steele-Cooter Society—Personal , °. f 1'itcrest at Stcelc and Cooler s tne marriage of Miss Cora Ma,e ira-n>\ i.q jjpi 1ry zaimcr which 'Mui'red in thp home of justice o Peace T. L. Cnssidy of Blytheville Sunday afternoon. A large Winter of friends attended the wedding. t fpr a hcneynippii' which _ spent In, Mich, . ic bride Is the' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown ol near cootcr. Sh c (.,-adiwted from Cooler high school l n im. The bridegroom is the son of • vv. -Calmer, prominent land owner cf Stele. He attended Steele mgli school where he gradualeil last spring. They will make their home on Hie Zahncr form near Btcelc. * * » Hoiiors Neiilyweds Mr nnd Mr?. Ted O'Kcnn were guests of honor at a bridal shower given at the home of Mr. and Mrs Leo Cliflpn. qf the No. B Ccm- iiiunity Saturday night. There were seventy-five friends of the couple present. They enjoyed an evening at games after Which refreshments of cake and lemonade were served. The young couple was presented a large assortment of gifts. Mrs P Kenn is the former Miss Plorine Walker. * * * Mr, and Mrs. Henry Zahner and. John McClure and children Bobbie and Jean, are spending two \veks in Sandiisky, Mich with Mrs, McChn-e's and Mr Zali- ner's sister, Mrs. J. C. Walters and family. Miss Vclma j oncs ' spent , last weekend iu Cape Girardeau with Misses Louise Beckham and Glcu- dean Jones. Mrs: W. T. Holley of Bloomfield is the guest of her son Rev H S Holley and family Mis W N Htlly and M ,-s. Lewjs Lester and thei! guests, Air.' arid 'FRIDAY, NOVEMBER n, 1939 Mrs. Duel Holly of Colorado Springs, Goto,, spent Monday in Caruthersvllle with Mrs. Holly's mother, Mrs. Chas Pierce. Mr. and, Mrs. Lots McCann of Matthews movectytc. Copter this week where Mr. McCann has entered the mercantile business. Mrs. Li)lle Strong acompaiiied Mrs. Edgar Fowler to her'home at Poplar 33!u(I Monday. Mrs, Fowler and husband have recently opened a tourist camp there. Read Courier News vant ads. —PRESCRIPTIONS^— Safe » * Accurate Ypur Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Pkon* 111 Main & Firat For Best Results In Baking—Use Shibley's Best FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER We're ccleliniliii-: 10 sirpiglil years of I'iiilco lenilcrsliip «-iih Rinazing Aiiiihcrs.irj- S|!fciiils! New licanly, new iiivciilious, super-performance t ..u! nciu low iiriccs', Come in ... BCD nil llic l>iff.r.ilni> models. ONLY PHiLCO gives you ALL 3 "PLUG IN AND PLAY" CONyENtENCE,N<mcrmi or ground wires... no inslnllatiunl 0 NSW PURITY OF TONE. * Croalcr frcrdom from power Hue uuises iiiul it\nn-innilo sl^licl 0 SUPER-POWER, Evcu *** gelsjoreign reception'williont nn onl^iilc acri.ill Von gel AT.), 3 ,,|i!, th c Vli\lcn Buill-in Stipcr Acrinl STSTEJI. «U|IT TO RECOVI UllVISIQN SQUNp . . . rho Wlrcleu FURNITURE CO You Can Get Eagle Stamps AT HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 211 W, Main FREE! Sat. Nov. I8(h: Only at Hubbard Hardware Co., Balr loons to children accompanied by par, cnl or adult. To Q»r Charge Customers: Eagle Stamps will be gi\'en to chnrgP ciistomers who pay bills in full when due. It has always been our desire to give our customers every buying advontHga and service, and after careful consideration we have decided to join with other enterprising Blythcvillc 'merchants and give you a discount on your cash purchases to which we beliave you are entitled. This discount will be given lo you in the form of Eagle Stamps. Here is a brief explanation of Continue pasting your Eagle the plan: Engle Stamps will be Stumps in thc booklet you al- Biven with all cash purchns-s rcatl V have ' bul if l' ou »eed a at the rate of pne Eagle Starpp ^ SS^SST^V^S !for eacli IQc you speiul-5 witn booklets can be exchanged nt a SOc cash purchase, and so on- our slore for— 5 2 CASH ° S 2 50 in MDSE. FREE (Groceries and Markets Fermiltrii to Gjve Only. 52.1)0 in Uasli or Trade) Here is an easy and pleasant way lo get more out of (he money you spend, and the increased cash business will en- No matter where you receive Eagle Stamps, they nre always good and you can paste them all in the same booklet and. they will be redeemed,.the-same able us to give you better vnl- as if all stamps camo from one vies for less money. store. BEAGLE STAMPS JOE ISAACS, liic. L A. PICKARD GRO. KiRBY BROS. DRUG CO. KIRBV'S HIWAVSTORE KiRB? BROS. BEN FRANKUN r.CBINSON DRUG CO. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. ISOBBARD HARDWARE CO.

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