Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 20, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1895
Page 5
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Responsibility! — *- Which in your mind carries the most, the button or the suspenders. We can furnish you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. DEWENTBR, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save This Coupon No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Sprint Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of g moneC at our store and we will make to your order the g handsomest suit of clothes that ever adornedjour body. TUCKER & YOUNG, TUB PEflRL STRBET TfllLORS. NOT FINALLY DECIDED REAL ESTATE & INTELLIGENCE OFFICE- 1.0AN8 NEGOTIATED. GEO. "W. RODEFER, 410 Broiiuwuy. Qvt-rHftuK'a Jewelry Store. CHAS. W- SeLEGUB, Watchmaker and Engraver. er window Johnslon'sDrns[Store. Bros* p DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING. APRIL 20 McKeen's steamlaundry—good work New York counts in bulk— Rotber. mel. The young child of H- E. Nichols li quite sick. Great bargains in kid gloves today at the Trade Palace. Those long looked for tan shoes will reach Otto this morning. Ted Miller receded a One Premier trombone-, a pre^-it from his mother. It's your loss not to see the One Hne of new spring clothing shown by Harry Frank. Secure tickets for "The Girl I Left Behind Me" this morning for Monday night's play." Today—The Bes Hive offers a laun- dried percale shirt for 4? conta, worth 75 cents- See our window. Laundried percale shirts 50o, Joney ribbed underwear onlv 25c, sold by Others at ftOc. at Harry Frank's. To purify, vitalize and enrich the blood, and give norvo. bodily and dlgestlv* stream, take Hood's Sars* parllla Harry Frank will sell JO" » KOO<\ double breasted child's suit. 4 to 14 year* for 95c. A. (food all wool suit for $ 1 68 worth double. The body of nineteen-year-old Oscar Bridge wad taken through here a day or two aeo on the way to bia late home In Washington township. Carrol county from the neylum at Indianapolis, he having died a few days after hie Incarceration la tbe institution He was a son of Mr. and Mra. Jasper Bridge Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR. The Location of the Indian. Chantau- itu* 8ttH m. Matter of Donbt. There is some doubt as to whether the Indiana Chautauqua will be located at Baes Lake as had been an nounced. The statement that It had been decided not to locate the proposed Presbyterian Assembly and Summer school there, Is, however, premature. The citizens of Starke county are eald to be displeased because the company organized to build a railroad from the Erie railroad to the grounds will not agree to extend the railroad to Knox, the county seat. Oa this account it is said the county commissioners of Starke county will refuse to submit to the people a proposition to allow the Railroad a special tax, A lake resort near Warsaw has been ffered to the directors of the Assem- ly and'the offer will be considered at meeting to be held at Fort Wayne on Wednesday next, when the matter of location will probably be finally decided. The Assembly and Summer School, ill be opened this summer whether tie change Is made or not. PROJECT NOT^ABANDONED w Handing Committee Will "rr7pare Other.Plan. for aM«*oi>lc Tcmple-The Opera Mou.e Project filven Up. The Masons last night decided that the plan for an opera house in connection wi'.h the propoeed Masonic tern- pie, was not practicable. There was a good attendance at tbe meeting, which was presided over by John Bedmond, while Joseph Llnrllle acted M secretary. The refusal of the city's paternal guardians to fall In with the proposl- tlon to lease for ten years the first Boor of the projected palatial pile, had a •lightly cooling effect on the spirits ofthehuatleri In favor of the $60,000 building with the opera house attachment. It was deoWed that an opera house would probably fall short of being a paying investment, and that plan was finally unloaded. It was the sense of the meeting that eomething definite be done In the way of getting out a subscription paper for tbe purpose of finding just what the followers of Masonary would ao with respect to raising the finances neces sary for erecting a bulldingria which tohouso tbe order. It was thought that this should have been done before. Tne meeting adjourned after instructing the building committee, made up of representatives of each of the lodges In the city, to arrange for the preparation of plane for a temple which shall be for Maeonlc purposes exclusively, and In which no tenant shall abide. It is the idea to put up a structure on part of the ground only, and to expend only about half the sum at first considered. turn Piccadilly and Sqnare Toe Ladies' Dress Shoes, all SolU, 82 CENTS- LOWEST PRICE EVER NAMED. Boys sweaters Mens ' •' the $1 kind colors cardinal, blue, ecru «c Mens outing shirts, cut large 22c Mens and Boys percale shirts, laundried, with collar attached, 39o Boys shirt waists, finest French percale, laundiied. newest de. 75c signs J Bothers Friend, unlanndried, all strictly new patterns 3So Calico -waists at half price 15e Childs tan and black Oxford ties...50c Old ladies serge congress gaiters...50o Mens Balbriggan underwear sold last summer at 50c 19 ° §2 o 00 0= CX3 a He can't pull them off, no matter how he tries. THE IMPROVED BEE WAIST. t on earth, p0rw match. " pull his buttons off w Mens 45c ^suspenders Us MeiwSOa " K» ld trim-^ uied •^* e Best blue overalls and [waist 75c the suit for T5e Misses kid button shoes $1 kind...50e Ladies Oxford ties, patent, tip 50c Tan shoes, Prince Alberts, all 8olid **•* Mens base ball shoes 5fte L. A. W. bicycle shoes, niens boys and youths ....fl.lfc Unlaucdried shirts, long and short bosom, pure linen bosom and linenllined, all leagths ofjsleeves worth fl for S* 5 W8.VSS: Price, 50 Cents. above orices are to change dull times into brisk. Dull times Window for novelties in Ladies' and Men's Fme Shoes. OTTO KRAUS. •^^S^^== S^g^^^ Lewis Porter Caught THE SHERIFF PLACES THE FD6I« T1TE IN JAIL JAT 4:30 THIS MORNING! THE EDISON PHONOGRAPH CREAM MOST PERFECT MADE. rt Grip* Cream t'Tartar Powdtr. Free Ammonia, Alum ex iny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STAND4&IX A C«r«l *'ro:n John Baiter. John B»ker wants it distinctly un- lerstood that he is not In favor ol ormingan loe trust. He sells his awn ice and tries to accommodate the >eople. Baker Is the most reliable ice man n the city. The first year Baker had o ship ice from Wisconsin. He had the nerve to go to Wisconsin in February and ship in five hundred' oars of ice and store them in his ice houses. The 24th of June the loe machine broke down and Jeanoerette bad no ice; the thermometer then registered 90«. Jeanoerette went to Baker and said: •Baker you will have to furnish the town with Ice." Baker said: -Do you Intend to throw up the sponge. It Is a ground hog case?" Baker said. "I will lend you loe for a week if you ^make arrangements to ship some in." Baker said, "I don't want the whole town. Opposition is the life of trade, If it lathe right kind." Now, our people should judge for themselves whom to patronize JOHN BAKEK. Furnishes an Interesting Bntertoln- meutat the Baptist ehurcn to » ftarge Crowd. A good crowd attended the exhlbl- bition at the Baptist church last night of the wonderful reproducer of sound, Edison's phonograph. Band music, the human voice raised in speech and In song, instrumental solos, and many pleasing numbers of a novel character were given with marvelous clearness and with pleasing effect. There was nothing mechanical about the Bounds reproduced. One could close one's eyes and imagine the musician, the orator or the singer was there in reality. After the entertainment which Included the reproduction of the voices of a number of people in tbe audience, the operator interestingly explained the mechanism of the phonograph. ANOTHER CLUB DANCE The Erolutlon Of medicinal agents ie gradually relegating the old time herbs pills. draughts and vecetable extracts to the rear ana bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative. Syrup of Figs. To fret the true remedy see that is manufactured by tae California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading druggists. Dellffhifal Social Affair by thetotn* Club fcimt N«ht at the Murdock Parlor*. 0?er twenty couples danced to the rhythmic musio of the Elite Mandolin orchestra at the Murdock hoi el last night. By 12:30 the "Home Sweet Home" waltz had been played, and though comparatively short the evening's enjoyment was none the less hearty and thorough. It was, as the Lotus Club'a dances are known to be Invariably, one of those occasions when the willing dancers regret to see the finger of time point to the hour when fleeting joys must be resigned for the time. Those in attendance partook of the usual refreshments and joined In the gaiety with Lotus Club spirit. Sunday School Convention. A -iunday school convention will be held at the Metea Baptist church in Bethlehem township on Sunday, April 21 1895. The following is the program: a Poime of Police «he Offleer Vltilt»» Number of Clinton Township Home* and at Iitim I.OCSUM J-ewl» Porter »( Jo«epH Atkinoon'* Place- Purler Kuu .Into tto« Arm* of the iaw While l>««"ln* for itoe Window. Lewis Porter, who jumped his |1000 bond while awaiting an argument for a new trial after having been con. viotedof receiving stolen hogs and sentenced to three years in the penitentiary was lodged in jail at 4:30 this morning. Sheriff Homburg, Capt. Thomas and aipoese of police, captured Porter af the Joseph Atkinson farm in Clinton township, the home of Robt, Campbell, after searching ttie Porter home and other possible hiding places. YOTJK NAME 1J( PRINT Items of » Personal Character Con- ccrnlng Jjoganisporters and Their prleudH. In the city yesterday: E T. Gray of Peru. G. B Davia of Galveston. J. W. Wright of Kokomo. Mrs. T. A. Penn of Cutler. M. J. Blodgett of Frankton.; George W. Nelson of MOD on. A, Jost and wife of Montlcello. Charley Frazer of Remington. Esquire Keegan of Bunker Hill. C. B. Little and G. M. Holmes of Huntlngton. 20 of the S. RegimwuU R K. P- of this ^ city will attend the Supreme Tribunal at Indianapolis on the SOih in a body. They have ordered new plumes and will make their first appearance with them at the capital city ID the grand parade on that day. This division Is the second In numbers In the State. The papers that are being circulated for subscriptions to the fund for building an addition to St. Joseph's hospital, are being signed extensively. oto President. 2 SO^Topic "Love the Rull-g Power of Sunday school Worn." Discussion led by B ev. 1. B Morian followed br Hon. B. f. Campbell 335— Genenit Discnsslon. •e Session. :— i. TMO— Scriptural reading, p'rarer swral snort sentence prayers for Goo's 'present and power durtnft the session. Conducted by Key. T. i. Sttrte- fi.nt_Tnn?& "«sbbath School Extendon. (a) 8:00 ~K°*%pnS Ho* to g^t and keep them, (b) Tbft Home rx>i'»nment. Chris- ine H*rkertQ»tstionDawer. Adjournment. Bj order of COMMITTEE . A pleasant birthday mrprlse wa* given Wednesday night In honor !of Wm Johnson of Clay township, w*o was fifty years old that iay. About fifty friends were preterit. [ Mrs. A. B. Miller Is visiting in Chicago. W. T. GIffe Is at Portland on business. Mies Adah vVheldon Is visiting at Winamac. MlssLllllin Clary Is at Royal Center for a short visit. Miss Rose Taber is at Chicago for a tlsit Of a few days. Leon McAllister is home from Purdue for a few days. Frank Ltnquist is here from Chi cago for a brief visit, Hon. W. D. Owen was in tbe city a short lime yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Matthews are at Chicago for a visit. Char'es Fitz Is at Winamac visiting Meads fora few days. Walter Rosentbal is here from Chicago visiting relatives. J. H. Ashbridge of Philadelphia, is a guest of S. '->. Tuugny. Eignbardt Scbmitt is at Danville, 111., visiting his brother. Mrs. Andy Shirley Is here from In dlanapolis, visiting friends. Miss Made Bell, of Kokomo, Is a guest of the Misses Taylor. Mist To"ns*>nd of Anderson Is a jjuest of MUs Victoria Lowe. Kenesaw Landls returned to Washington yesterday afternoon. Max Smith of Frankfort i§ visiting friends In the city this week. Attorney George Gamble was at Winamac yesterday on legal business. Carl Keller was at Peru yesterday, the guest of Harry Grlswoid. r J Adam OrUelfer of tbe McAvoy brewing company of Chicago, was hero yesterday the guest ol John M. Baker, the Logansport agent.. Mrs. C. R. Cox has returned to her borne at Peru after a visit wllh-lrienda here. Mrs. Mary Dickerhoof is at Wioa mac vislliog her sister, Mrs. John Sties. Ed Burnes was at Delphi yesterday called by tbe serious sickness of his mother. D. E Pryor and Will Cumminga were at Royal Centre yesterday on business. Joseph Koons of New Carlisle, Pa., is in the city visiting relatives and friends. Miss Bertha Parks has accepted a position with tbe Lake Maxlnkuckee Ice Co. Mrs. H- H. Chandler has gone to Salt Lake City, Utah, to reside permanently. Ed DeWoif, employed at the Pan Handle shops, is visiting bis parents at Marion. Mlsa Mame Beam has returned from a several weeks' visit in Syracuse, N. Y. L. R. Acker, representing the Rock Wall Plaster Co., is here from Chicago on business. Mrs. J. A. Russell Is here from Chicago, the guest of Mrs. John H Schwerdman. Frank Fisher was here from Peru Thursday to attend the funeral of Patrick Murphy. Sam B. Patterson came in last night from Chicago where he had been on a business trip. Chris Jeannerette has returned from New York where he made a visit of a week. Mrs. Eda Bucher and son Carl, have returned from Lafayette where they visited relatives. Miss Harrison of Union City, who has been visiting S. W. Brown returned to her home today. Judge D. B. McConnell is at Indian apolis attending a meeting of tbe Chickacnauga commission. The Rev. W. A. Snyder is in the city preparing to take his new charge, the Evangelical church here Mr. and Mre. Evans, of Fair Haven, Ohio, are here to attend the funeral of Mrs. J R Babb, sister of Mra. Evans. Miss Laura Burke, who-has been visiting Miss Belle Evans in the city, has returne'a to her home at South Bend. W D. Twomey is here from Columbia City to spend Sunday with bis brother, Ed Twomey, the mailing clerk. . " ^George Gamble will upend Sunday with his parents at Perrycb'urg. John Beiderwolf of Monticello. is the guest of Logansport friends. Miss Maude St Clalr Is at Clymers this week visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ed N«wcomb are at Marion visiting friends this week. Ward Crampion of CoTington.Oalo, is here the guest of J. L- McMackln, Peru Chronicle:. Wm. KnglUh went' to Logaacport thU afternoon Carl W. Keller, of Loganiport, WM tke guest of H. H. Gri»wold l«t night.... D o i. AN s. r ON 3 SK Monday, "Best American 1"..;;. ' -N- Y. Herald. THE GIRL I LEFT J. UUA » BEHIND ME "•• J.-HA il> UF.LASC* l.XM FYMSI*. MAKAGMIK-VT OF CHAS. FROHMAN. Presented ln-n<- --rime manner seen for 000 nlpuis in N«w * "J*'., nlKHW In Chicago: 150 n 'K Dt J.J'' P ton Advancp «ij« opens Friday .lobnston's Dron Store. ~>tr»c ( 1st floor *1.75r,. r >'Jc, PRICES, | Ba ioony 60c, 250. • Glvens who "^k of Marlon, vUung Miss Clara home today after ft Prof. Stein hart of U-uansport, acted as a Inader of the c». .h*stra last nigh* In the absence of J». at Marion . Miss Emma Schn who has been Profich, returns pleaeant visit. A. J. Robinson who attended thi meeting of the grand cocnraaodery, Knights Templar at Indianapolis. ha« returned home. The Misses Nettle and Fannie Crawford canre home Thursday night after a visit with their sister, Miss F!or» C-awford at Peru. M. W. Greene and wife have removed to their former home at SiOgo- wlck, Kaneas, after spending th« winter In Tipton township. Miss Hattie Gillam was at Flora, Ind., yesterday to attend the funeral of an uncle, whose remains wero shipped there from Kansas for burial. OPINION OF AN OUTSIDER. Wha» the »o«h Bond Time. Ma« Think* of Ii»«»»«port •* a Null* Town. Commenting on the Increase of over 20 per cent- in six years shown in th« voting population of Logannport. th» South Bend Times says: "This is an excellent showing for Logansport. It shows that that solid, substantial town is enjoying a steady growth, and that the hard tiroes of the past twojears have not affected It as many other towi 8 and citiel were affected. Everything In and'. about Logaoiport denotes thrift, progress an<i proeperltv. The town Is located in a county of surprising fer-. - tility. 1-8 business bouses are sub- htaniial, and in most Instances of modern architecture. Very few of them are covered by mortgages. At a class, the people of Logansport are. of tba bast type of cUtzaothlp. The future of thatiown is unmistakably bright." In Royal Style. Winamac Republican: Toe Northern Indiana Editorial Association, will meet in Loganeport In June and tba newspaper men of that city are arranging to entertain tbe -quill drivers" ie, royal style. White County Democr*'-: "While returning from Transport Tuesday. MiU Friday ol Idavllle, wa« prostrate* with heart failure. By the time thr train had reached IdaTtlle he »«• »bta wit* M»l»Unoe, to walk to his bom*

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