The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1941
Page 3
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MONDAY. MARCH 24. 10-tl m.YTHEVTT.I.R, (ARK.) NEWS RRIIP cnir tillnlJb OLLLL ' Grama! aspects oi llu- trail ic. and t • knows several Chinese dialers. ] r.\|W-:Ctl Opitim Hit)" i : iliiywotid was .-er.:, • back '() the' , Orient by ihe !•;.(.'M.-'. twice in! j iii.'iL'. When •,.'!(- sound m.ui- i:s ' | m.i.i;i:' coup by ox ; ;o.-:ru; a Chinese , IV :;il fin!;.' :in,t as a heavy iiu-;;;il I PAGE THREE [PI DOWN ^^ _ • ' -• • • • ' • ».- -"ill .i > .1 i UM , ;, ii!l",;»l J I IT L C ij!1 - noru '' r o; !ia.-:-otic.v Two Cana- i U j r i . dian .omuii MO:>, took evidence in! y I j - I ,,,, , , 21 L-U in;- • •.!••<•. rnmn U'a' ion:; o! wh;cn •• Illicit NarcotK's {racJe Sinks ch.nve.. m dr^-takin- habii.s To Its Lowest Level On t^> ^.t^S".*,,^ '"""", West Coast -.VMi^lin-o: lir.-L:,,,,.™-.. Ii.ivi- ej;ht-r died or re: u.'ii'-u home. The older Chinese i! ;i;ry used niir.oii;-.-;. smoked opium, a !;iib:l ihai has nlmo.s; disappeared in this j country. ; The modern practice among nd- lo tak»- the d:'!i;.; through :.s--;.jenvrally : e:/,;M'ded a.-. ! more hai'mlul lo ihe ,-;ysl: in than ; .smoking, From the addict. 1 / point . _„ ni(i>) .. k , - >> .. 1Jlls ..... ! 0! vJe-.v. the. ijijer-iion.', bnn;,> :; dei'i- | Sow $500 for a five-tael I'M aboit' niu> !V( ' lm - o! cxhiluiM'ion. more ^ nine times the price "junk" brought - Uri!; - l!l: - n !I ' 0;;! al-oho!. instead ~ in ihe Vancouver underwo'-id' in • C>1 :l |J( ' nod oi ""^n.-vioii', ami )535 _ ia-r'-eaolr ({-vnrsi.-:. v A \ co u v L-:J i. p,. (.:. i u;', !•:: - 1'ort.s ol' n .small i;roiip o! eii'j.vieni I'edcral police and t.he vradii'.il dis- apijearanci 5 oi Old World Cliinosc 1'roni -Canada have bronchi. !h: : niylic:-;; jjrieos !ur n:\rcoiivs and ihe 1 ' 1 ; ! . 1 ' !IAV<^I. volume o! trade ever knov:n on l-he Coasi. The- curriMi; pri-:e lor drills DUJ-- Major fiu-tor in the citx-linc o fhe- ilk'gal UTifi'jf has bftni Lh( Royal Canadian Mounu-d Pellet narcotl',"s s(|iui'.l. hcadcti by Live fiery t, J. G. Hayv/ood. a Cocaine Found Srai' Opitl.'il. ho'-Vever. re.iiiain:- llie nuv:: co.'jiiiiu!! nru'ci,!.'.- in ill" .'liat- CfK-aine. .'iiori.'iii.ue :.ii;i Jieroin !<)1- consiable ol the Hritish Inu-Tia- , lov.. Mnri-.hunna i.-: un;:oin;non. Sealemenl police in Shanu- ' One revviJ; of '.lie dec.iT;iM- o: hai. l-liiywotxl Ls i'airuliar with ;ii'r ! iht- hleyai ;-ii;;p!y liiroii^li .-.Irl:-! lit 1 . 1 : entorcemeiH IKI.S been an m- cseaso in crinu. 1 animv; the remain- ins 1 , addiois. especially attempts in obtain narcotics by theft. >'-ide by side with the narcotics U'afl'k 1 exists a small-iime stnui;- ^lin;; trade 1'roin Uio Orient. l(. briii^. 1 ; into !!!<• country coniraban<! ranjiin", from automatic pencils to > bvass'.vare. the bull; of these j.',oods I bein;; unsaleable, This irude ha ' beiMi canned on ahno::t entirely In C!nne;;e employes of boats on the I'acifu- run. "They do it out of slice'.- 14110 ranee" one ir.ionnant commented I <il the contraband. Spelling Bee Entrant Decided In Pemiscot CARUTHUHSVILLK. Mo.. MatTh ?1~. Tommie !,ewi.v of the Cunitli- <r.-,ville ^radi> sciioo! will be the ; PemLsco! County representative in '. Die rviid-So.-ah S.oelhnu He<> 10 b< held in Memphis. May iM.h. tollou I inu his v.innini!, the iVmiscoi Coun' ty match at the hiiih .school here Friday niyht. Forty-seven students 1 Competed, \vitli all but ten of the county urado .schools bein^> repre- ; sep.Led. | A total of $:i() in cash prixes v; ; awarded the firs', nine studenls by • the Ro'nry Club, \vhieli bponsoi'ed I the contesi. with President Ralph I linker making the presentations. j County Superintend'-m Harold 8. ' Jones presented the championship veriificate to younu Lewi-;. A. B. Hhodes oi" the Rotary Club wus master of ceremonies, and the contest was directed by Supt. L. G. Wilson o! the Por.agevillo .schools, who ;4avc out the words, and, judges were R. G. Grnhnm of the Poriagevillc faculty, and Lymun Milburn of the Carvuhersville lii^h school faculty. Music Meet To Be Held At Wardell, Mo., Tuesday CAKUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Mardi 24.-The annual Pemiscot County j Music Meet will be held at Warclell i school tomorrow accordiii" to an announcement by Harold S. Jones, county schools .superintendent. Representing Cnrmher.sville in the meet will be the Girls' Glee Club. Mixed Chorus. Madrigal, and possibly the Boys' Quartet. March 27. Miss Mtirjorie Ashcraft, music department insinic- t.or in the local high school, will take members ol" her department 10 Cape Girardeau where an elim- I inn lion contest will be held to se; lect Caruthersville students to represent this .school in £5ie annual district meet, Eliminalions will be I judged by J. Clyde. Brant of the i Music Department, of the : Missouri .State Teachers College at ; Cap:: Girardeau. Ennis Rotary Head At Carnthersville Let ; er Buck . . . It's the Cavalry Riding Herd / The e.xtiiiet pierodact.vls. birds, bills, aiui insecis, W (?rc the four dillei'ent lypes of creaiures which "FOR TWENTY YEARS KEYSTONE Field & Hulk GARDEN SEEDS. HAIJY CHICKS I'URINA FEEDS 1'Ol.iLTKY L, L Ashcraf t Co. ll'i Plunie ti&*Z* CM ol the Sixth cnvnlry, t'. S. Atiny, lake otV in thoir bnniam ear them during t r<irl Cl.i. ng 01 Coyote Pack Surlily Resisls (.jvili/atior wen) nat)v,v i ill ret uses 10 DKNVKI1. tUlM—Jiurly. Colorado's reneyad.- do/ u with a coyote pack, is becoming ci\ i'i/ed—althou|;h lie eat anything but mutton. Burly's apiJi-tite for sheeji developed when he led a bund of inanum- iji« co\'otes over Colorado's plains! .- liernai'ds, Lady and Sa:idy. Durly. :t Tfi-piMind animal that lottlcs like a German police do;;, has shown only hatred lor i hem. Kaubel is bnildini-, a duplex kennel for (In- irio, Murly will live i'i one side and Lady and Sandy in ihe other, A wire screen will divide the house. Whenever (hoy become accuslonied to each other the wire si ITCH will be removed. "It } pm them together now, Burlv would take a chunk out ol mmm AUCTION SALE EVERY TKUiSOAY! In Arkansas' \\rrklv . . . i Auslioti all 1'arn eonvonleiit We Do N'ol Huv WK .H : S'I' S10LI/I ;jn«j Trade r FOk YOU liny mul sell ut :v fair price, j-el n square (leal both way» H1SSCO CORPORATION ON S1TK. oi.n <;ii!(,'A(;o HLV'I'UDVlt.K'S MILI, LDMRKIt AUCTION COMI'ANY SALKl Cawrfi/htci! 133V In SintMt lttfn\ng Company (Inc.) Agenf Sine/air Renn/ng Company (inc.) Phone 200 AGENT Biytheville, Ark. CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., March ! 24.—Ralph L. Ennis will head the Caruthersville Rotary Club for the next year as president, beiny the recommendation of the board of directors to the club, and his selection was unanimously voted. Harold S. Jones was re-elected as .secretary, and Ralph Baker, retiring president, was named vice president. EnnLs will take office July 1. The elections are held early each ycor .so thai officers-elect may attend (he annual District Conference, which will this year be held in Columbia. Mo.. April 20-22. Approximately GOO volcanic craters exist today which were active in late historical times. i^ ranchers' sheep-pens and ot'K'n t'enslinn upon fowl Irom chicken houses. Alter twice out-wiuinu several hundred hunier.s mul their hounds. Bui'ly was cupiured and turned over to C. M l-'uubel. Denver do-i tciucator. who plans to make the animal into a performing dog in a "Kindness lo Animals" program fer school children. l : 'iuibe! admits it will be a slow j r.roeess. Burly refuses choice steer bones, turns up his at meat—• ;) common do-j delicacy—and won't have, a tiling to do with tinner 1 dot; foods. Likes Mutton Stow The animal shows u fondness for mutton stew as well as for raw meal, so Faubel—who wants Burly ,to have a balanced diet— eamou- (laju'.v n prepared dot? food by mix- itu-, i! into the lamb broth. At first. Burly refused to drink water. Faubel won him over by yivLnts him water which had frozen at the top. Whenever Burly i. c able to break the ice he drinks ihe wafer. No ice. no drink. Burly never has learned lo bark. But he gives out a blood-curdling hoivl—in the manner of the Rocky Mountain timber wolves. Faubel savs he will encourage the howl— after he teaches Burly to j-ive it at command. j Circus Offer Ucfus«-(l j Faubel turned down an offer ; from one of the nation's biggest j circuses. He .sirs lie wants chi 1 | dren lo look upon Burh- ••?• .. : friend, not as a freak." | "Kindness gels results — what I'm trying to put across, explained. "Tf I show people what | can be done with a 'mean' do ( j;. ! then perhaps they'll have more' patience with their own doys.' 1 So far Burlv hasn't made any friends. Tie lunues at. all animals— do»s, cats or caitle, Faubel. who hciise-broke him in three niqhts. is i lie only person who handles him. Even he is cautious and says it would be dangerous for anyone else to attempt to pet Burly. To Team With Bernards Burly will become pail of an acr with Fnubel's two IfiO-pound St. yuudy's ear and Lady would never stand for that. We'd luive n real dot; fi«hi—and Burly would be upset and I'd never lie able lo leach him." Faubel said. COURTS Bill Crews, pilot-instructor al the Blylheville airport until recently, was fined $10 and granted an appeal without bond in Municipal Court here today niter American Legion officials, airport lessees, charged him with malicious mischief. The complainants alleged that. Crews used a hacksaw to force open a hangar and obtain his plane ' hist week. i John Phillips was fined $15 on each of two charges ol violating j the overdraft, la 1 . 1 . 1 . i Several fines were assessed in ; weekend public drunkenness cases. j. Thelma Wood was fined $10 in j Saturday's session on a charge ol ! disturb!n» the peace. More than hall' the population of England has dark hair, though they are regarded as a lair-haired race. [HERE'SHELP TO HEAD OFF HEAD V COLD MIS- tuts-faff SEE BARBARA STANWYCK STAR OF FRANK CAPRA'S PRODUCTION FOR 1941 "MEET JOHN DOE" RiLEAStD BY WARNER BROS. iOjSS Good Hou"«ck«plJig JtJ Bureau SAYS BEAUTfp Ui BARBARA STANWYCK "I thought all colas tasted the same, but now I know differently —Royal Crown won my vote!" Take a tip from Barbara Stanwyck and other famous Hollywood stars — Royal Croicn Cola is best-tasting! They drank leading colas from unlabcled cups and voted for the one they liked best. What was it ? Royal Crown! The cola that has won 5 out of 6 certified group taste-tests in cities the country over! You'll find Royal Crown wins on value, too — big 5rf bottle holds TWO FULL GLASSES. (6-bottIe home carton — 25c.) Get Royai Crown Cola today! CDLA C M D A,I IF UViGlRS^ 5 ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. 222 Union Si., Joncshoro, Ark. Phone Vote for A. LITTLE Candidate for Mayor CITY ELECTION TUESDAY, APRIL 1st. Do Your Part to Help Give Ely theville Progressive Business Administration Where do telephone wires go, Mister? *. i *£ I f,7' A ", V '/',' WMdiiwfc, v>\ 'ts^fe }(}', i&r Well, Sonny j these telephone wires that begin here in your home reach to all America. They cover both our water fronts and the land between. Which means that we must keep your Daddy's telephone service so dependable, so valuable, so "good" and so reasonable in cost, that he can call next door or far away... anywhere... any time. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO, Nation-wide Service from Your Neighborhood Telephones

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