The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1967 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1967
Page 12
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Page Twelve - Blythevlue '(Art.)' Courier Kow« -^ Russ Want Mid East War Ended By LEWIS GULICK WASHINGTON (AP) - Official U.S. sources say despite to get xmt. "In view of the hostilities," the State Department banned but specially authorized u ,c ™—, the Soviets apparently want a quick end to the Middle East war. and 13 Arab from Iraq on the Persian Gulf to Morocco on North Frica's Medi- picture as the U.S. government pushed for a speedy cease-fire after it eased away from one official's use of the term neutral and wound up as a self-proclaimed non-belligerent. The official sources said their rating of Kremlin intentions came from behind-the-scenes discussions with Soviet diplomats and others at the U.K. Security Council over rival proposals for a cease-fire in the day-old conflict. The assessment eased fears the Middle East flames would quickly ignite a major power conflagration. But the Arab-Israeli firefight itseli posed serious problems for the United States. President Johnson was expected to discuss them with Democratic leaders and with his secretaries of state and defense at scheduled meetings today. At the State Department, lights were on all night as officials scanned reports from the conflict area and worked on such probems as: — How to evacuate, by civilian transport if possible, those of the 44,000 Americans in the 14-nation danger zone who want NOTICE Notice is hereby given that an election will be held in the City of Leachville, Arkansas, on the 20th day of June, 1967, at which there will be submitted to the electors of the City the question of issuing City of Leachville, Arkansas, Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (called "bonds") under Act No. 9 of the First Extraordinary Session of the Sixty-second General As- $200,000 for the purpose of furnishing the overall financing incurred in connection with the CUITCU 111 LUIIIICULlUll WlLll H'" rtlllCiH.Ull KG,lull lv,um-i~ developing of industry, including called Monday for all Jews to refunding of the bonds hereto- take trains, planes or buses to fore issued under Act. 9 for the Washington for a rally in sup- purpose of acquiring and con- port of Israel Thursday in La- structing the premises occupied fayette Park, across from the by Florafax Delivery, Inc. The white House. statement Issued in Moscow Monday night, promptly branded Israel as the aggressor and eaffirmed Kremlin backing of across the broad Arab area and Americns were advised to leave. - Whether to cut the approximately $200 million worth of U.S. economic aid in current programs for Israel and many of the Arab states. The United States also has shipped arms to both Israel and some of her enemies. Military reports reaching the administration indicated Israeli forces bested the Arabs in the first day. Both the White House and the State Department said they did not know who launched the attack and that it could take a long time, if ever, to determine which side was the aggressor. It was learned following a congressional briefing Monday that the administration had acknowledged surprise at the sudden outbreak of battle. The U.S. position on launching of the attack gave policymakers more room for maneuver. For one of the U.S. commitments according to preliminary analy sis here, was in line with the past Soviet tactic of trying to reap maximum political propaganda advantage out of the cri- militry force. The United States was keeping its potent Mediterranean 6th Fleet what the Pentagon said riccL vvjidi UK; * tutuf^un i/w«w *•— — was several hundred miles (heavy peacekeeping responsi- away from the battlefront. j bility on the U.N. Security the crisis is that "the United sion by anyone in the area." The Soviets, in a government crisis. lie Arab position. But the Moscow statement, aKc uui, ul lllc V -' JL " °—., — - Then Secretary of State Dean Rusk, interrupting a late afternoon session with the President, emerged to tell the White House press corps that the United States is not a belligerent in the Middle East war and therefore Americans in that area should not be treated as enemy aliens. But while neutrality "is a great concept of international said, indifference.' He said the United Slates cannot be indifferent because of its State Department press officer Robert J. McCloskey set off something of a furor when he replied Monday at his daily briefing to a question about U.S. poicy in the Arab-Israeli Council However he did not define the U.S. position as pro-Israeli or pro-Arab, nor would he repeat McCloskey's wording. In his May 23 statement John- \ son denounced Egypt's avowed! of the area.' President John F. Kennedy told a May 8, 1963, news conference: "We support the security of both Israel and her neighbors," and: "We strongly oppose the use of force or the threat of force in the Near East." President Dwight D. Eisenhower told Congress Jan. 5, 1957, after the United States had helped stop the Israeli-British- French attack on Egypt: "We have shown, so that none can doubt, our dedication to the principle that force shall not be used internationally for any aggressive purposes and that the integrity and independence of the nations of the Middle East should bt todoW. Still declared U.S. policy Is the U.S.-British-French Tripartite Declaration of 1S50 adopted during President Harry S. Truman's administration. It said in part: "The three governments take this opportunity oj declaring D01CV 'H Ulc nl aUMOl titu ouii M*,i«vMt". -~ ~o,7i--"- —•-•• — dispute: "We have tried to steer backade of the Gulf of Aqaba, an even-handed course through this. Our position is neutral in thought, in word and deed." The switchboards at the White House and State Department quickly lit up with calls from congressmen and others. Why, many asked, was the United States now abandoning what they termed its commitments to Israel's Red Sea outlet, as "illegal and potentially disastrous to the cause of peace" said he asserted "the right of free, innocent passage of the international waterway." Johnson also said "what three presidents have said before — that the United States is firmly committed to the support of the IHcV tuuiicu ii/a \,WIHIIUM»"-""" *v L-umiinntu iu me oujj^iu-ni vt niw Israel and taking up neutrality? political independence and terri- Presidential press secretary George Christian went through a lengthy exchange with newsmen, neither backing up Mc- ;orial integrity of all the nations OHO 01 Hie U 0> UUllHlllUUdina *iiij«j »«—iv""- o i reaffirmed by Johnson during Closkey^; phrasingnor disavowing it. He kept referring back to tflc (Jllola *& mat ""- wi«.i,w*» *" 0 -«• r- " States strongy opposes aggres- Johnson's carefully phrased . .i__ )> TtTn.r oo nnlinu cfatotYionr nn I IP May 23 policy statement on the U.S. Jews Rally To Israel's Side NEW YORK (AP) - Jewish or me auu,y-a<a.vim vicin,.." .— communities throughout the sembly of the State of Arkansas, na tion quickly rallied to Israel's approved January 21, 1960, as side as fighting broke out in the amended (called "Act No. 9") Middle East. Volunteers offered in an amount not to exceed t 0 jjght, students packed to go help harvest crop' an thousands more gave money. American Jewish leaders emergency fund into which it 'unneled donations from 23(1 local campaigns across the country. Leaders at the UJA's national headquarters here would not reveal the exact amounts received. They said the gifts would be announced next Monday. bonds will be dated, will bear interest at such rate or rates, interest will be payable on such payment of the principal of, interest on and paying agent's fees in connection with the dates, the bonds will mature on such date or dates, the bonds will be subject to redemption prior to maturity in such manner and upon such terms, and • the bonds will be issued as one issue or in series at one time or from time to time, all as the City Council shall subsequently determine and specify hi the ordinance authorizing their issuance. The proposed industrial development will consist of an expansion of the Original Project owned by the City and leased to and operated by Flor- afax Delivery, Inc., (callec "Florafax"), with the overall industrial undertaking, the Original Project as expanded, be ing herein referred to as the "industrial project." The industrial project will be owned b> the City and will be leased to Florafax for rentals which wil' No similar plans were an- lounced by the American Arab community which is less numerous and less well organized. One religious leader pointed out that .here are no organizations ? Arabic-speaking persons that cross religious or national lines. Therefore, said Father Joe Sharcen of St. George's Syrian Orthodox church, Indianapolis, unlike the Jews, the Arabic peoples have no over-all spokesmen or movements. At Brandeis University near Boston, student volunteers announced they would go '.* Israel to help harvest that nation's food crop in place of army vol- uneers serving at the front. More than 70 student applications to go were received and 100 more were effected. University officials said loans would be made available to the students to finance the roundtrip air fare to Israel. An Israeli official in Atlanta; Ga., said a "fantastic number" of people from all over the Southeast had telephoned his r lurdlaA 1UI icntais >>ii ouuuicaai nau ttic(muin;u 1111 be sufficient to provide for the I office andd volunteered to fight, bonds as the same become due. [ But, said Director of Tourism The bonds will not be general Aninon Gil-Ad, the consul gen- obligalions of the City but will eral's office was turning down be special obligations payable | the offers. "We don't want any MOSQUE DESPITE RACE LAWS JOHANNESBURG, South Arica (AP) — Johannesburg's new Moslem mosque, built in contravention of government race laws, has been completed. It stands on the edge of downtown Johannesburg in what is proclaimed a white area under the Group Areas Act. This means that all buildings in the area.must be occupied by white, although nonwhite labor is allowed there. Hundreds ot Moslems pray- daily at the 50,000 Rands (?70.000) mosque, which has one minaret. It replaces the mos- ue which was built on the same ite 50 years ago, long before le introduction of the Group ireas Act. Work on the new structure bean without the government be- ng aware it was in a white area. When it was half built the government realized this wouk mean nonWhites occupying the milding, and declared it illegal iut because of governmeni lolicy of no interference in re igion, it was granted a reprciv and work was allowed to con inue. solely from revenues derived from the industrial project, including particularly lease rentals under the Lease Agreement to be executed with Florafax and referred to above, which revenues and rentals will be specifically pledged to the payments of the principal of and interest on the bonds, and the bonds will be secured by. a lien on the industrial project as authorized by Act No. 9. Only qualified electors of the City of Leachville, Arkansas, shall have the right to vote, and the electors may vote either for or against the issuance of the bonds. Election will be held between the hours of 8:00 o'clock a.m. and 7:30 o'clock p.m. at the following polling places in the City of Leachville, Arkansas: Ward 1 - City Hall Ward 2 — General Insurance Office Ward 3 — School Gymnasium This 2nd day of May, 1967. CITY OP LEACHVILLE, ARKANSAS By: Joe Cashion, Mayor. 3-23, 30, 6-6,13,191 of them to go to Israel to fight, : he said. "This is our fight." Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz, vice president of the Israel Bond or ganization, said' in New York that during the last 10 days more than $13 million worth o the bonds had been sold in i American cities. The United Jewish Appea established a special Israe BARBARA SHARPE formerly of Jonesboro has joined the staff at Betty's Beauty Shop 909 N. 10th PO 3-3G76 Attention Housewives Green or Vine Ripened TOMATOES For Canning Purposes Only. 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"The three governments, should they find ti> st «>? ^ these states was preparing to violate frontiers or armistice lines, would, consistently with their obligations as members oi the United Nations, Immediately take action, both within and outside the United Nations, to prevent such violation." with GOLDEN TOUCH" ELECTRIC STARTING Here's the one you've been waiting for — a small, light weight gasoline • powered fisbing motor with electric starting. You just press the Golden-Touch'" button at the tip of the twist-grip throttle and you're on your way speeding to your favorite fishing hole. Weighs just 59 pounds. Features forward-neutral-reverse gearshift and Bail-a-matic® power bailing. Uses 100:1 fuel/oil mix with Me- Culloch 100:J oil. Also Available McCuliock 7U & With Man-ill Starting See Ervin Moore. H» Is complete!? experienced in Repair Service on Boats and Motors. Gentry's Garage 517 W. ASH ST. Ph. PO 3-4269 Our expert mechanics do all this work! 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