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Raleigh, North Carolina
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i 3r. "5 4, -0, 'r 1 J- tallr losf aud sold aa she lay Th0 Steam jwitK htsvoaihV ftniJ held him tn that rThTecuKisek thirtcsn boats on the way. -Itnyiirbe recollecjeii, that whhin a very few years, 'the of. Louisville ifaVe that eDterbrizinr'oi3cer, crave that enterprutins: 1 police. 'OzuJ fcdvin? iriveri his note of hand i' it'lrv rll'trrv for twenty seven doltar -r i.Jijrt'ftutl una ne is aeicnmneu i tA rv- Tntonthsn TTt1v.

I. 55. due lst January 182T Tins I2.rn all persons from purchasing or trad- tmp rtlficate for 40 Shares ofS 4hC Stpclt of VJO1 FeaVinthe MtM: a. ipKCrFUlr ofiersVuT proton. flcesWthejc He may fonn! Store.

Mr I shop on Fayettevflle Messri. W. ana n. fucker's Store, Isj rAT vmrs intmiblic Seminaries; is desi- KWo in sortie healthy 'part of North-Carolf i. v.

Satisfactory testimonials aiid cointpetency can be produced. Letters post paid) directed to Ilaleigh, will be Momptly noticed THO. ALE. Gales and Son 111., ...1 HTrAVrVjust. received fresh supply of the 'MjJ ATLANTIC iSOUVENIRi and FORGET uP.fJOT.forl827.

The which alorn these Jastefiil woTfeiio say nothing of the judici- ter. are lujly worth '-thie-price of the Book. Raleight March v-- '-T aa selections, ami iinc incrv.K- SilXXB 1 AS? AUCTIOBI. i 12th tlav of May next." at 9 I rt'clock in th forenoon, at the Store of Mr. Charles Stuaftl will be sold, his remaining stock 'Scf Gooasr-Termsi By order of the Trustee, 1 Auctioneers.

i April 2S," ft 60 tds Statelbf vtirtti-Carolina, John C. G0ode, 1 In Equity. Charles Jeffries.P V' appearing; satia'actorily tbthe that 1 defendant. CXud. L.

JefTries, is Pot an n- habitant of this State It is orderetf, that publi- cation be made for six weeks in the Raleigh Notifying nijn, that, unless he appear within the three first diysof next Term commence ing the Monday the 4th Monday in Sep terader ijext, and plead, answer or demur the ff 'cbmplinant's biU taken pro confesso a BRAGG, M. E. 60 April 25. 1827. 6 cbmmodiotis two story Dwelling House, eli-gibly having attached to it, all necessary out houses and I a fine garden.

For terns f. appy to Je-Editor of te i Raleigh; 'April7! 55- TltUS SALE. BY virtue of a Deed jof Trust executed to the Subscriber by MiUington Richardson; that lot Aground known in the plan of. the City of Ra. leigh as No.

167, late ttifc residence of said Rlch-antson, and containindone quarter.of an" acre, "Uill be exposed on, Monday, the 2lsf day' of nay, at public sale, at lie Court House in Rul-eigh. Terras UasiIJ. T'if P. DEVEREUX. 9th, 1827V 55-6w OTICE.

virtue of a Decree of the Court of Equity for, the County of Wake, made at the last term, 1 wUl offer at public auction, before the Court House door in the City of Raleigh, on the third Monday of May that being Court day a tract of Lauid, late the property of William OliVe, dedllying pu thfe waters of Reedy Branch, ana contkimng eighty -ahcres. Terms of sale, moniRcrertit, cne 'purctiaser executing 6ond with good Security. 1 -i 'i II. MILLER, M. April 7th, 1827.1 55 6 Managers offices, Raleigh Fayetteyille, N.

C. 1 IJaion Canal Lottery, 28th Class. 10. 8. I3i 30L 38.

31. The above are 'the wawn for determining xxumoers lich the were Union le prizes in Caiial Lottery JSthfjHlals entitle to the prize i bf 510,000 ,2,000 1,500 w. 30. 15. 31.

10. 13: S5. Many of thnonWul r4i. 7 K- above we naye again hat! atnon our fPen(js, who we request to come forward and i rl VATEf Mc IN TYRE, Juierj. virttiA r- vj'iJ 1 ot i lt il wL," nein depeiUhpif between Robert SltfndTh vife Suuina, as complainants.

SJon.lL Tunstall defendant 1 ball of. Ihat of iuie next. oor for th, b-f ore the. Courthbu Ule mt Northampton, a very va-We tract of land! sitrid I lvL Kf. hereof ai aresaid.bc no 'much Wlfi tiS Wh from the 1st WMi together with the1 costs of J- .1) i crm of saleCash.1 rL-v S-f w-Irobards, sJc; jC thl lit term le pubhshed.

tn S.i 'w ho wisl VMfcut b. ttbfiiTn. ti. i mnety-iinee acres, iS l0t Iuud dw by N. dreys aT lhc Simorl Jefireys reai sold to revton boa Aroaori am ved th f.larch, from -J; --Extrdcivf a leVter.JCarihasenaJfartK 51.

Our. marker is ma perfect state of stag I bverynne seems at a togs as to what maytake place. It is' known that Bolivar andSaniander are decidedly Jop rAVeillbtyecommend the.ship- ment oi any tningT see introduced therei We give no. quotation because it is tmpplitic fir a Value, or to knoWwhelhewenajrlnof in a month hence have, to leave the country v.r J--i" aracc ha ve from a-raccas a Spanish handbill, datei the- 2l instant, under the head of White, and signed One of.Man-,!'; in. which the a- doption of the Bolivian Constitution given to Perufcs strenuously recommended as the only refuge of Colombia from7 political shipwreck.A7flC Gaz O- We have private accounts from Laguira of the, 5th which repfeserit Bolivar as aiming plainly at the'Dictatorship nayf that he i already in fact Dictator, making I a ws, proclamations, to suit his 1.

oyfn views, and. none daring to gainsay them; The Constitution appears to be laid 'aside. The troops in the interior were deserting daily with their arms, and forming. them-1 selves' into small pillaging parties. In the neighborhood Barcelona, the negroes were reported to be in open revolt, and to have assassinated two of their, officers! One of our letters under date, of 5th April, new dutie's are now levied 5 the tonnage duty, which, heretofore, was one rial per ton on Colombian, American and English vessels, has been raisedlto tw rials.

A few days since the U. S. frigate Constellation, and schooner shark, made their appearance off tliis port. The latter came to anchor for a few hours, but the frigate remained outside, and both soon departed, without paying us a circumstance that, in the preseut state of this country, was thought very hardly of by the Americans. Ar.

Jlmer. Arrival at New Vork. The Commercial Advertiser notices, in a postscript, the arrival of the packet William Thompson, bringing pnpers to the ITth March. No extracts are given, and the following paragraph contains ail the news afforded by the Commercial i 7 ITie London Courier of the th the Greeks have repossessed themselves of the Missolonghi. The same paper states, that it is no longer doubted, that important negotiation have commenced at; Constantinople, for the pacification of Greece.

Freb troops were leaving England for Portugal. 1 3ethodisfs. The systematic method in which the affairs of this denomination are' managed, and the union, and concert a-niong its preachers, give them an influence in the community much beyond what, is possessed by any other denomination, in proportion to their numbers and pecuniary means. Their, newspapers are more extensively circulated probably, than of any other denomination, considering the time of their commencing this mode of instruction and influence. The 'Zion's Herald," published in this city, continues to circulate widely.

This paper, however, as well as every other religious paper in the Union, is quite outstripped in patronage, by the Christian Advocate and Journal," published at New York by the United Stales General JIethodistConfe-rence- We are told the numbfof subscribers to this paper, is now about twelve thousand. Ch. Register Extract of a letter from a rentleman travelling in England, dated February 14, 1827 The engineer and myself having completed, to our satisfaction, an investigation of the railways; of this kingdom, he parts from me this May to embark in one of the first packets for New York Although 1 have been for two months; examining railways, I am in a greater state of admiration' than ever a-bout them. As to the phenomena of the Hetton railway, you can scarcely believe them to be true when in the midst of them; it will look to you like lihodomontade to speak of twenty-four empty waggons, weighing more than 30 tons, being forced up a hill, alLthe way by steam, at the rate of eighteen milesan hour and ihisupon a plane a mile and a half long. I came, down the same plane, standing upon a knee of the hindmost wagon of twenty-four loaded ones, weighing all together one hundred -tons' they descend the plane by their; own gra.vity at first slow, and with, a sol em sort of grumbling but when the acceleration gathers to a head, it is as fearful as it is beautiful They are the popular -mode of communication here.

Great Britain will soon be covered, with them.r We'could not have constructed a good one without coming over to examine the defects of the existing ones for it is only the perfections which appear in the public: works on Aurora. JFatal Temerity. A few evenings since, the -following occurrence took place At the Star inn, in Bedtuinster, was a caravan of wild beasts, and the' keeper being in want of an attendant, a person who had froni his infancy to the business, hisv services, and, was accepted" He was however, cautionel not to go within the reach of any of the beasts: this caution he ''unhappily A partyxame; to see the animal and as the lionr wals asleep, the roan impt ud entlyv wen into Ms dehTl probably alarmed-at? the presence of the stranger, darted'forwards "-one of-hL pa ws With which lie seized the showman by the snouiuer, ana at tnesarne moment with the other he ery read fully 'lacerated the tface. The miscrable-niau cned piteously and stniggled to get loose, bu ins efforts were in vain, and the lion I TlecebtlyPablisbecl, by'J4 Gale Raleigh, XA Hevisal of the Laws of the State of North-Carolina. passed from J182 1 to 1625.5 both years inclusive, withr Marginal Notes and i 7i yj holfsale' Perfii mery4 I Htj SMITII PREKTIS 9.

12. 41 atretofTers to foreign noerch JStcieir1 supplies of all articles in th perfumery linei 1 af of the best qualityi and pricei lowfTher Consist of Fancy op ir all their variety of form; style, and qual itv Otto of Roses, by the ounce; and in -small ipilt bottled Cologne 4 Water Lavender do: Honey dbj Esprit de "Rose Essences ana fcx assorted boxes 'Macassar Oil Antique do. Bears' do 1 Pomatum, in pots' rolls TotK, Powders Perl do Vegetable Rouge JIair powder. Powder Boxes, and Powder Puffs EPrentisslfmir Straps Smith Prentiss do. hair clothes, teeth, nail, hat, and comb Brushes Shaving Boxes Cotirt Ptaister Durable Ink Milk 1 of Roses Cold Cream-f Almond Paste Lip Salve Rose Water 5 Soda antl Seidlits? Powders Visiting Cards and Card Case Packet Pooka FINK SCISSORS.

Of the last mentioned article, his stodk is probably superior to any in the. city, and his prices'timisually low. Orders promptly executed, and packed with care.V New York, April 8, 1827., 62 'v y'i'i Jailors Xptice. lAKEN up and corn mitted to the Jail in Smith- I- field. Johnston County a neero man, who says he is free and that his jname is Humble ton Ilarriss tnat tie was oorn in uinwiaaie county, Virginia, and raised near Tarboroiigh in this State that ne is pari inaian.

1 ne saia iciiow is about six feet high, bright: copper colour, and hair very black, and Inclined to be straight he had for his wife, when white woman, who said she was raised in Wilkes county. The said fellow followed for a livelihood, while in this county, the humble occupation of a ditcher, as well as the more lofty one of casting out witches, and.healng those that were poisoned. If he is a slave, the owner is requested to prove him and take him. If he is free, it is hoped, that some person who knows the fact, will make it known to the of the subscriber as soon as possible. ALLEN S.

BALLENGER, Sh'fTV May 2, 1827, 62-3 TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1827. Ifuus King. -The latest New-York papers announce the death of.this distinguished citi.en, which occurred in that city, on tKe 29th uU From an early" period of his life, Mr. King has occupied public stations of the highest honor and importance, and has uniformly discharged the trust confided to him with ability andj integrity. We shall publish in our next paper an obituary notice of him Chantry 'Statue of Washingtox has been received at Huston, for which place it is desigqed, by the ship London Packet, from London.

i Execution. Joseph Sollis, who was con- it i vu m. me last ierm or the superior Court for Duplin County, of the murder of Abraham Kornegay, underwent the sentence of the law on Friday, the 27th ult. The subjoined account ha? jt-n communicated to us, with request that it may be published An immense crbwd of people assembled to witness a fellow creature launched into eternity. This is a sight the Very contemplation of; which requires more than masculine fortitude I was therefore surprised to see a largje portion of the spectators females.

I have been heretofore in fa-vor of public executions; I thought they did much good, by exhibiting to public view the fa tal consequences of guilt. Hut from what I have seen here, at the execution, ami the subsequent yv.iw.bfc nn. biuwu in nir evening, i am sansn-ed tin )' have a contrary effect. No doubt exists on my wind, that the end intended by a public, would be better answered by a private execution. Atter the clerical gentlemen I had done what they conceived to be their dutyj the Sheriff told the criminal that he had but a few moments to live, and that if he had any thing to say to his friends or the public, now was the time.

He ob- Lserved, in a strong tone of voice, that he had nothing to say more, than he would not be in this fix but for Kornegay.V He was admonished by a humane gentleman present, not to die with malice in his breast to which he replied, Kor-negay was in fiuilt, he began the affray, he was to blame for all." He then with a firm step mountt-d the scaffold the sheriff tied the rope, pulled the cap over his eyes, and cut away-, the scaffold. From the want of proper caution in tying the rope the feet, of the criminal came to the srroiind broke the fall. He remained in this position (partly -lianging and partly standing) groaning -in Uie greatest apparent agony, for about seven minutes. All was now in confusion the crowd murmuring, and nothing doing. The sheriff himself appeared completely unmanned, and incapable of making any exertion to put the unfortunate man out of pain.

At lenfrth a gentleman present, took up a piece of plank, pushed back the rope and suspended him in this position about fifteen minutes. A medical gentleman present observed "he ws coming. to life." On hearing this, the sheriff had hira taken up and pitched off the scaffold again, and ended ms sunerings. Upon the examination of a lad at Bait i- more, a few days sinceupori a charge of setting fife to a lumber yard, it appeared that he was induced to perpetrate the act loathe purpose of getting liquor which usu ally accompanies the engines; when called into service. The followinz statement exemnlifies how near perfection the enterprize of our citizens has brought internal navigation.

This paragraph we take from a BaJ timore paper, which contains the N. Orleans Price Current and shipping News of the 31st Afarqh, copied froiu the Cindnnati Register only 23 days from the 1 time it' was issued at New.OrleahsV'- JPes'tl against the IForldiThi Steam Jot 'Jjecumsehx has just arrived at Loulsvillefrom. Orleans, Ju. nine days, Jbur ItJurs-j Iwviog lost one whale nighty and a.iron.untn ui ble ufieiinsof ifie victim. -A happening to pass vhi li vex! inthc -borllood tmmed lately brought pistol.

another1 person called to a lla'clisrriith, -a piece. vf iron i red -hot, to 'albni r. sistancc but it was twenty minutes tne. anmiaiiwouui quit nis prey, au.r; his'inouth was much burned 5 at I the head. of "the.iinht-Aiyrinadifell frnr 1 javvS a specfac I.

Isrtoo nornble; fr descnp i DodT'WaS'tirnvn irm cageV? iWC; nd erst a hd that'' ndf- nrdina- ry circumstances yasxceed-ingly quiet kndrdjly sb.raueb so, deeVf jdia fe twos worn fii ti'd i vvo.fchil feu hadactuallf beta in the with hi in' the prec etiinir day; good ship jWiiioti and U-: mire her (accommo'datior airl the good order which 1s usually prevailed on boarq but from -what I laye Jateljr' o-verheardv rund'rstatid thHtsomepart of burcVeWiare officers, Which if trouble. It appears5 that their design is iW pu 1 1 he jp'resent "Pilot bu fbf fiis birlhi and m'itke aFilbtioifVth.Ow is as; bold a man as ever poTnted acannony but bold-tiess is Hotthe -qualificatlori for which Pilot isto be iit valde wiirexcusejne UViclejfrl kaythat in th cutnsnection is of more, worth tliah a. ikiunl of boldness, if they could both be" weighed. Your Pilot; has long studied i to make himself acquainted; wi ill our.native shoalsj and witb foreign straits, and hi atfentlun is so devoted' to the Compass, "that when I turn in A feel, us safe, as if I were landed on 'ferra lirina. Since I have.

eeii "on! board -the JLJnion her guns have rarely been fired, texceptlbr rejoic-i a nd I ope they never will be di ea I for any other purpose but ify pur Gunnzr is shoved iii the Pilot's place, his fondness C'-r, the Cannon's sou tid, may possibly lead hint to intlulge his favorite amusement, at th hazatti ot tne stitp's vompanyv iy tear have led me to make these reiiiarks, which. I hope you wjU from Yoaf ipectful nepheWf JACK TAIL From the U. States Review chd lAterary Gczcftc Aii essay, on the art of boring the earth for tive obtamment of a spontaneous flow of With hints toward forming a hew theory bt the rise of water. New Brunswick, Tuiluiue and Letson, 1826, 8 vo. pp.

The siiiect treated nf in lhi tiI rtiT-(nMl- is one of great importance to many parts cf our country, in particular, to the city and State of New York and the- Southern States The work before us embodies a gibod deal of information many useful observations; respecting an4 deserve the attention of all who are 'o aiUiaied as LVf AX IV a w. iiiuaailIC JJ1 UVM1 ota JJ ply of pure water. A considerable par of the work before us is occupied with a minute tat ment of all the experiments that been maae -w uuiu waicr oy oonng uie eartn, anti the deeree of succeis with which thv Deen inacte. in many .01 inese instances, ine most complete success has attended the op ra tion, and the water has been made to ov'erwov. at" several feet above the surface in othpr- the? water has been brousrht to within a few feet from the surface of the ground in others; the experiment has been left unfinished.

This part of the work is exceedingly valuable 7,. the remainder is occupied witli some suggestion? forming- a'new theory of the rise of waterSi; There are certainly some difficulties 'in the pre- sent theory- of the fountains and rivers that issue from the earth, and the author, has stated thera with gTeat' ingenuity and A vurieiy of facts are iwarslvalled to the imperfections of the the authoV has suggested. 7hertheory is thit of a great central effort, which hot oidy keeps matter from gravitating to near the earth, put jtlso forces gases and fluids towards the surface. km a FrSml rillw water may, in all cases, by 'boring deep' enough 5 the surface. 5 The instances in which this, cxpe- rimnnt ha been surcessfiillv tnadei cirti'inl somewliat-extrortlinarvr and 1 seem to justify great perseverance onthe part of those who undertake ehterprizes of this kind.

Whether: however, the theory, which tbe author attenpt3 to deduce from these and other facts be Veil musi iot ine presenx oe peimmea to doubt but the subject a curious one, and deserves consideration Irt the' mean time, theik pamphlet before us has no small practical valued independent of its theoretical lBenulty. I Snow fell in several places to L.aNorth, tn th firt of fav- In Northampton county, on the 19th inst. Mr. John Moore to his Mary Randolph. arm UiK Wm 1 Hannah Shorf-also; on the 18th llr.

Robert Short to Miss Catharine all cf llali. fax county. In Montgomery county, on Thursday evening last, Mr. WiUiam Cade" Merchant, ofFavette- vilk, to Miss America W. Legrand.

rr In Fayetteville. on Thursday evening last, by the Rr. Mr. Mason, Anthony W.r Uorton to Miss Issabella Jordan. "Also, at the same tim and place, Mr.

George W. liutton to ll'izi Susan Jordan, daughters of Dillon sen. Esq. in urange couniy.ine jtey. i'rnomaa to -Miss Mary S.

Bingham, daughter of the Rcw In Chester District, S. C. on the 17th ult. Ilr John nighairi, to Miss' Nancy M' Dill, cf I. lee t- Ai tne sam York District, 0.

C. Gen. Richard D. 'VLeuu of Uncola ccun- At midnight, in Philadelphia, vn Sunday the 29th April, the HorblelViUiam -Ti! -hfnan. Pennsylvahivin the Tlst yev of his ae.

Raleisrh Acad emy fBllIE. Semi-annuy Kxammaticn of tliericlcrnts JL this Institution iU conrnence cn I Ion day, the'4th day of June- and clssb ca. ths Til day following. Parents, gaiariS snSHh fiicnujfcf th tution generally, 'are respectfully invited ta tend. Raleigh, May C2 Yv Office continues open for tha reception of Students.

CitDrSHBEfivi a nublic dinner, for per forming the tweatj-five days' i' New Hanover tSuperior Cotcrt.Scyefr al criminal prosecutions'excited much and Jim, indicted nnj' ed the former, to the Superior Court mf 4 pampson, wnicn is now in session tne latter, to that of BraoswickJosepH Bryan was convicted of grand larceny arid tenced- to receive Jvr carried into On the last day of the session, came on the trial of Archibald Jolinston, a colored man, for concealing on board the Brig Sally Ann bound for Boston, thereby to assist his escape, a mulattti slave, named Frederick, an offence. made pu nishabl with time was consumed in forming a jury, the prisoner exercising his fight of in numerous intances. The prosecution was cohdticted by the Solicitor for 'the. State and Will iam B. Meares Esquire and the prisoner was defended by John D.

Toomer, and Joseph A. Hill, Eqsuires. The Jury retired from the box at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and contin? ued in consultation until within a few rnin- utes oi lm o'clock, F. M. when being sent for by the Judge, thej stated that; thev could not agree on a verdict.

The duration of the Court being on the eve of terminating, by the lapse of time, his Honor the Judge, discharged the Jury and remanded the prisoner to jail, to await his trial, at the next term. Several State cases of minor importance, were disposed of. Very little business was done on the Equity side of the Court. We did not attend to Court, but we are informed that the demeanour of Judge was such, as to give general satisfaction. Itecorder.

'Manslaughter. A curious trial came on at the last Columbia circuit court. Capf. Moore, of the steamboat Olive-Branch was indicted for manslaughter. A Mr.

Dickie, while the hands were lowering the boat to take him ashore, was thoughtless enough to jump in and capsise her. and he was drowned. They might just as fell have indicted the man that built the boat or the farmer who grew the hemp for the tackle as Capt. Moore. Of course he was acquitted.

Beware of counterfeits Ten Dollar Bills of the Newbern Bank, Letter D. payable to S. Watkins, date 5th July, 1819, are in circulation. The execution is such as might deceive the most experienced the plate is nearly a fac simile, and the filling up uncommonly well done, though the ink perhaps is not so dark as that used in the genuine JN otes. As these Bills constitute our principal currenc', the public will of course be on their guard.

Pet. Int. SOUTH AMERICA. A proof sheet from the office, of the Mer cantile Advertiser, contains the following intelligence from South America i New Fbrkf Mondaif, Jlpril SO. -r A Bogota paper of the 18th of Februa ry, (received by the Athenian) contain an official letter from Christoval Armeno, the Colunibian Envoy in Peril, to his Government, detailing the insurrectionary movements of the Columbian troops in Lima, the substance of which is, that the superior officers left in command by Bolivar, had been removed and sent home.

The troops had renewed their oath of fidelity to the old Constitution, and had retired from Lima to a neighboring town, to wait the directions of their Government. A revolution in the Government of Peru, in the same spirit, had taken place new officers, appointed provisionally, were managing the Government, until the meeting of the Congress, and every thing was tranquil. The letter is dated at Lima, 28th January. Mexico. We are favored with papers from Mexico City to the 1st of this month, brought by the Eliza.

It appears that a revolt broke out about, the 10th of at Durango, the capital of the State of that name, instigated, it wa said by a Priest named Arenas, whose emissaries had ser duced the troops to unite in a project for obtaining certain reforms. The troops had gone so far as to arrest the Governor of the State, and to dissolve the local Legislature, but it floes not appear that any blood had been shd. Placards had been posted, calling for the son of I turbid to govern the country. The General Government was adopting; measures for.the suppression of this insurrection, which did not appear to excite much alarm. The Generals of Division, Negrete and Etha-vari (Spaniards) suspected of being, a-bettors of the revolutionary project, had been arrested and committed to prison.

The Mexican House of Representatives had approved of the Treaty recently concluded with England, and it would be confirmed by the Senate. From Carthagena. Captain Shipman, of the Athenian, arrived at New York, who left Carthagena on 4th inst. states that the country was considered in rather an unsettled The British residents had sent a requisition to the Admiral Jamaica, for a vessel Mof, war. to seqt down for the protection of tliei r.

property. The apprehensions arose more immediately from the troops being sometime withou rations," than from the dissensions sting amon? ths chiefs. Account have been Jrecelved of the late the CoIurabiah iVmy in that cbuntrji who declaredagainst'JBoliyar'liad been fsent prisoners to v7' A i Aiic cjicuiu-ijoai, jjouvarnauarriveu irom HaranquilU; with 500 barrels of the carn of. the bri Burro WS which vessel was to- a 7- a- re of ii now infuriated, him by th real.

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