The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHBVILLE, .{ARK,) COURIER NEWS .Detroit's Arkansan Limited to 16 Straight; Chicago's Arkausan Besls Hubbell TSc Philadelphia Athlellcs. supposed lo furl?h the vehicle for Lyn- voed Rome's ride to his nth straight pitching triumph and a new American league record, turned on the Tiger ace yvslerday to drive Mm from the mound and si»il his chance cf excelling the best efforts of Joe Woeo, Walter Johnson and Lefty Grove—but leaving liim wilh a record to sliarc wilh the tfcree. In the National league. Um War- nekc. who like the 'Tigers' wonder hurter, hails from Arkansas. lurn- cd In a sensational pitching performance in defeating Carl Hubbell of the world champion Giants, 1 lo 0. Warneke held the National league leaders lo three scattered hits, while Hubbell limited the Cubs lo five blows. Cuyler's ninth inning double scored the winning and only run. The loss fill the Giants' lead lo 4 1-2 games. Tlie St. Louis cardinals defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers, 4 to 1. with I •Walker hurling careful ball. ! , Pittsburgh's Pirates nnd Boston's • Braves split two at. Pittsburgh. The ! veteran Walte Hoyt was Die win- i ning pitcher In Ihe second game, registering his 13th triumph of the season. Rowe was on [he very threshold of an experience never before gained by any American league pitcher wlisn the Athletics bsgan taking toeholds and drove him from the mound under a barrage of base nils. Ti:e score was 13 to 5 in the second game of COMMERCIAL SOIT BALI- ALL-STAR CHOICES POSITION NAME Cl.llll First Base Second Third Base . Short Stop . Short Field . Left Field ... Center Field Right 1-lckl . Catcher Catcher Pitcher Pitcher Pitcher NOTE:—LI-HIT fxpl.ilnlii); reason* fur kHirllmi musl ballot. NAMI: CITY and STATE Mail to Courier \CHS, K^llievillr. -Ark. F1LS SETFDfi THUKSDAV, AUGUST 30, 1031 By Harry Gray son Calicnlc, on which was Ihe dog. hub for Ihe iirsl uji sur- Conclucliny Matches DC-, i i l n • i o ; Iljuana laycci by Kain Last Sun- i rowed. day, Slated for Sept. 2 iC h,"u y ^ ! A^ua Cl.'.licnte Tiic- fumls of the Northeast Ark-i pi-kingly well after the crash. But "lisas tennis tournament will lie!repeal did it no good, and wiili played Sunday at Marked Tree. Ipnl-mutitcl betting legal in Cali- The tournament, finals were post- lornlfl. opsn gambling Is the only |K>iK'd from last Sunday due to i thing Hie W.tKJfl.OCO plant Lslov: ''"'"• j Ihe bolder lias lo oiler the good Tlie double.s leani or Charles; people of tlie sunkist slope llnl ,-,luilcd wilh him gol out, in tiiuulii was decided (hat -A'jua Cal—Sunshine Jim, lor one, witullciile was to be America's "Deau- cnough (o retire. | vlllc." Bui undoubtedly ihe most col-, . < , orful figure connected with the-'Ihi- Man un (lie Horse high rolling activities on Hie two 1 I sat In u .N'ew York hoU-l ruom banks of tlie diy river bcrt thai; with IL group ol racing men In is Itie Tijuana was James Nugent | Uic summer of 1029. (ieiieral Crc-Ilon. cue of Ihe principal own-. Ai:elardi liodrigi!:*, then govcr- ers and general manager of Ihe nor of liaja Calitornia, was there Agun Ciilicme layout. Ci-jlli.-n j incognito. He had come cast with Haven unit Jim Seivell of Forrest City meets the team of E. J. Willie and Hoi) Hurry of West. Memphis In Ihe first mulch at 0:30 o'clock Sunday morning. The winner ol lliu match plays Hie team of Jack Finlcy Uoblnson ol Blyihcvillc and Hob Kendrlck of Osceola. Immediately following the hies match Elkins Crawford, twl singles champion, will defend his title against Marshal Apple of Tin-roll. Apple is inuuh improved ever last year and expects to give ilicy cannot gel at lioma. And Ihe cliancj's are. lli'jy don'l have lo look very long If they cure to lilrt with games of chance and spinning wheels. The iisw Los Angeles Turf Club's course on th-j estate of the , late Lucky Baldwin, ut Arcadia, do . u " j henceforth will be tlie headquarters of the motion picture colony's lacegoeis. Tile Sanla Anita Handicap there on Feb. 23 lakes the place Crawford considerable'trouble. Ap- ° f ""' Olti At " l!> Callc » lc . (omierl >' fit; boat Robinson last year's run- ncr-iip In a scini-llnal match. ! Much of ttie success of the tour-1 iiaincnt Is alti-lliulcd to E. J.' I While of West. Memphis, newly i the Coflrotii, its Ihe world's rich est stake. And willi 155 racing days In California. Tijuana can go back tc sleep. The little ramshackle vil- Crofton. who v.'ns canvassing own-1 on the hoise.' rrs witli slup lo Ai;ua Caiiente 51Ct!.(WU handicap the to having tiic-ml (or the I fo!!owini;! March, and ether fixtures. was a poor faun toy at Hood Hiver. Ore., and Hie only horses IK .saw before hitting the border were attached lo ploughs. He wound up with more limn a i million, a major interest in ih 1 ! Agun Ciiliente establishment, gambling concessions, and a suing 11930. by tin- way. The purse vi.ts of llioioughuicils. H was Ciol- in laivc »hm Golden Prince ton v,'lu> interested Joe Kchcnck 'icmiKd in at the old Tijuana oval and oilier picture people whi-ijin IBM. and when Mike liall won the race ol 1931. the year Hi'- Ki'eai Sun Beau was >lmt oul. "A S1CO.CUO race- at Tijuaii.!' spoke up Clarence Buxton "Wli'v wlien I was out there in 1917, cap iod-- s 01 HJ shouting through a megaphone, 'Hacing today! Tijuana! 1:30'". "Mr. Huston," said the -soft spoken Croflon. "I was the fellow fallow wearing a baseball „., .„._ liirough the streets ot San DJojjo. Head Courier News Want Ads. I Victorian collected SKUl.'JUU ill! \umiint; the Agua Cali?nte BEST riticus I-AIII i--«u Cotton J. £. Hassun I'hoiie W.I (IfTiri! Grand Loader Hlili;. Glover Announces All-Star Line-Up For Game Tonight clecled president, and Owen of Marked Tree. Russell j ' With l!y J. r. KIMKN1) C. I,. .Statistician final selections made aivl rf; J. P. Friend Ark.) c; .lo!m Holland (liast Ark.i p. Others who likely will SL'e .s;-rvld- .a.yat cadinc erything is in readiness tor the All-1 dill (Tcrryi. Taylor lArk-Mo.i, L. Star Softball game tonight between .Apnlcljuimt <l!aync|i). Kcttinijer the lioblnson Drug Store "Cow- • • -- boys.'' champions in bnlh halves of lArk-Mo.). li. Lu'a's (Hughes). Marshall (Hughes), Smiles tLiberly), but pitclier. New York's Yankees dropped a 3 to 1 game to the Chicago White Sox, Ted Lyons was the principal reason the Yanks [ailed lo win. Pelicans Beat Lookouts In Only Southern Game The New Orlenns Pelicans defeated liie Chattanooga Lookouts In tlie only Southern Association game ~; played yesterday. V'The Southern leaders triumphed, 5 to 3. scorinj four-of their runs the eighth nnd ninth innings. contest for catchers, throwing for accuracy from the outfield, and fun- go kilting the Softball. Prl/i'S are to uc given by a number o[ merchants (o Ihe winners. Ihe race, and a league picket! band | Warrlngtoi of outstanding players from Hie . . . oilier seven teaim. nnd the "field c of a double-header. ; mc< , r , |lia u ,„ prectt|l , (l Actlvi . no^7real C was St \,,c- day^ cy « ^ ™* * 1:1B '" The qt " r/iiiit" T?r™.-., c i r i ^ Seven events are carded in the | ske, cf: Jaek 1'arker. if- potter the Was'inRtoii scmao^s tn J It I conlcsls - Thc J' ur<1: r '° " 1Hl >00 j Rimer, p. Washlngion. Coffman was th- win- ,^ a6 diisli clrclln B the bases, going j Proceeds of the game will go lo- niiiE and Whllchill the "i« ,» domi lo " rstp ™ " b "" L lllrowil '« I Wllr 'l P^i'B exficiiscs of the nob- nuit ana wmieiint ttie losing t . nntc .« ,., r rn i r ] lr , r s Minm-liur for Inson Dnig-leunricrr-iitcr-Uie state .'Oftbair'toiiriuiiueiit at 'Coiiway, beginning Holiday. A record crowd is exuded. The balling orders of Uic two Hot Springs Trojans Face Stiff Schedule HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Aug. lage down there nl the end of the trull can resl jusL as peacefully as it did until James Wood Coll- lulh put it on the map' in 19!5. The palatial track, clubhouse, casino mid holel at Agna Caiiente siand as monuments to prohibition. anti-racing legislation, and the golden ana" giddy days. their season i September 21 ngalnsi. Maivcrn and , in . Robinson will lineup as follows: Mnrsh Calluway jr.. ID; Dick Tl]>- lon, 2b; Illll Crov.e, ss; Clarence Wchb, 3b; Marshall lliacknrd. s/orL- fleld; U. F. Brogdcn. If; Carl Clan- c; Rival managers. Dick Potter. Hob- L teams: inson Drug, and w. II. "Tiny" Clio-[ ALL-STARS ver of Ihe All-Stars, were conildcnlj Barnes, If of victory before Ihe big battle. Pol- Terry, ss ter staled he was lo have his full strength on the field an:l vvlla the brilliant southpaw, Veruon Rimer, Ilrownlng, rl Olover, Ib Locke, 3b on the mound felt sure the chum- Mosley, cf pious would the luminaries in- C. Brogdon or I1OH1NSON Upton, 2b Crowe. 5.S Potter, c Blackard. sf I). !•'. Diogdon. If to camp. Witti the creinii selection of the.league at his disposal. Cup- tain "Thiy"'Glofcr said he "didn't see linw we could lose." John Hol- Ragland was the winning pitcher. I land, star rishlhander for East Ar- although relieved by Galcheiise.' Armbrusl was (lie loser. 3 UUtr Man After Grid 1'ost kansas Builders Supply, would start on the mumul, he Imrlers available said. Other OSarles Charles Scruggs, Liberty's fast ball a tackle poilllon on the Alabama Crimson Tide, earned letters in three snorts lasi school year, ul- thou°h be TUSCALOOSA. Ala. (UP) — Big arlist, and Danny Warrlnglon. Jim Wliallcy. strong contender for youthful Pastime crack starboarder. Unless furllicr developments prevent. Olover Indicated his starting lineup would IM: Clover. 11); [-'rank Isaac tUayncsl. 2b; James Terry, (Terry), ss; Basil Locke (East Ark.), 3b; Joe Applcuaum i Hughes) or Charles Drogdon (Haynesi. short- fic!d; Ernest Barnes (Pastime). II; Arkansas), i tl'astime).! , was only a sojiSomorc. Aside from grid honors last year Whatley starred n-S center on the basketball learn and at first base on ttc baseball learn. Whalley's . weight is 210; l:eiglil. six feet, four ^; Inches. J. Apiilcbaum, .sf Rimer. v Isaac, 2b Sniukc, ol Kilcurt. o Parker, if Holland, p Wcbl). 3h year run. • - , , i '''lie border is closed to racing, successive weeks play Prescolt. , ;lll its ,.„„,.,„,.,, ri[ics on Joneslwro Hope. L, lie Rock. For-1 Tllcri ,. s Ulc ,. llc „, CoMrot] dycc. ISenton, Camden. Ei Dorado.U^jmrs the sm-in»st viin-K mo Fort Siiilth and Pine Bluff. . U^or hb 7i ic look ig 'or PrnclJce begins September 3 ,, ome thing lo lurn io when box„ „ I T~TI ~ \>"\S was booted out of liis native rro root bail Men beek l^ate, and arriving .in Tijuana with an idea and a slioesliing. And To Improve Officiating into million parlaying more. COLUMBUS. O. (UP)— Belter of-! t'ollrolh, always a man of vi- (Icialhig or prolessional foolbali' Ilotl - Wlls "SjainsL tlie expansion at 1 rtgua Caiiente in 192!). He wasn't keen to invest impofuul money '.\iiere [lie Mexican government raised tlie taxes with cacli by turnoiil, nnd realized what repeal and tavorable racing tcci.slalio;i in Hie north would do to his venture. So, while Coflrotii retained liands designating their capacities.' > om<! interest at Agua Calicnto. Fans will be able lo check on ll-.e! 1 "-' ami two or three others who officials' names. ' —zzrrzr games this fall will be the aim ot | Uic National Football league. Joe F. Carr, kmgne president, announced n stall of four officials would be used in all league games this year. Only three officials were used in tlie past. To aid fans In Identifying olll- cials. the arbitrators will wear arm MILWAUKEE. (UP)—Four former Miirqueltc University football stare will be Chicago lieiirs playing wilh Ihe I professional . team j against (lie College All Stars In' Chicago. Aug. 31. Tl:ey arc Jnhnny Sisk. Gene nouzanl. Way-land Becker and Ed Aspatorc. Another former Hlllloppcr. Art Krue.gcr. 1933 co-caplaln. will play wilh the All Stars. Safe Itobbrrs \Vcrc Kind GREENFIELD. Mass. (UP)—The robbers who made off will) John J. Gilmoie's safe were a kindly lot. The day utter- the robbery, Gihnore received through tile mail liis naval discharge papers. Phone 717 At Nislit—Sunday—Anytime I'nr ()uirk and Drpcnrlalilc Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. SHOE SHO . Across (ho Street From rtoxy TlieaUc High class shoe repairing with Ihe latest type machinery and quality material. Wr Arc As Near Vim As i'nur Telephone Fret call for & delivery service TIIOSK 120 Paul Hargrove - II. IS. Campbell Herschel Moslcy (East, cf: Herbert Browning .' * Mr. Farmer, YOU'LL appreciate our serviee ()f I'diii'si- diir cu.-iorncrs in Luwri arc funiiliar with our M»ick clcuiiini; survii-f. 'I'licy know when speedy work is wanted they tiiii j;e.t il here . -. At no sacrititc of (|ti;ility. And thai is \vhal wo want tn icmind you m', .Mr. Karnirr. Tiiat it is iidi necessary Tor yini lo m;tkc two trips ID town when you wiint cleaning lione. Lcsive your work with us in tlie morning before you k'j:m your shop- pint;, and tlial iifternoun your work will tx; rt-adv. TRY THIS ONCK. Mil. KAKMKK. AM) HKK .HIST HOW CONVKNIKNT Ol'll SKKVICK IS UNIQUE CLEANING SKRVKK Across (he Street from Kress' Choose Your Now Fall Suit from these C Nationally Famous Makes of Clothes -CAPPS -YEAKCKAl'T -SOCIETY BRAND -Park Hill -Park Lane FALL SUITS ^ es. here ai-p live of America's leading inakos of clothes olli'ml fur your a|)|irovid . . . Attractive I 1 all models ami patterns in s)Kirt and Hi-Swint; styles, single and double hreasted . . . You'll appreciate- I lie do/.ens of line -Suits olfered in these live natiiniiillv famous makes of clothe.s. 50 FALL MATS by Knox No finer Hal in America than Ihe Knox.. And licvc Ihr lnt<-M ttylrs and colors air s'vnil.jg your apjiroval. ; 20 to *39 Bos Ionian OXFORDS Ihr- ni-tt- HO.SIOIIKUIS for Fall arc ready . ..llinck.*. lii-iwns. Hnitrli srnins and calf...A vuiictv ol si\Irs. HAYNES MEN'S SHOP FURNITURE SPECIALS Look these prices over and compare with anyone of the mail order houses. We think our prices are right. Living Room Suites 2-l'ioce Overslufi'i: Bed Room Suites And Ni-w Slvk- £2935 «(;£nVivv Mattresses Mattresses 45-!b- Cotton 50-11). Cotton Mattresses 55 - |b - p|ated B ° xed Simmons 2-inch. ho» Post Cane Chairs Maple Rockers Best Grade Cast Range sixE > e J24.75 COOK STOVE No. 7 Oil StfiVS Horence Light Weight Kitchen Marl)teed Feather Pillows RUGS 9x12 Feit Base URNSTURE BSythevilie, Ark, ^^ Pair $1,00

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