Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 6, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1898
Page 21
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JOHN OH»Holiday flandk erchiefs Is as usual, the most beautiful shown in the city. It is ' only necesiiary for U8 to announce cur annual holiday "hdkt" sale, as you know from experience our's is the place to buy. Ail kinds Ot Inaur- Insurance and Loans. »noe wJ Bonds written In flrat class companies Money to loan 6 per cent. S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. IM LEISURE Physician. Office in House Cor. Thirteenth and Nor:h streets. Professional calls answered promrtly. togansport Messenger Service. H - fclts the nubile patronage. . ——""„»._<-**,« drVyagl promptly delivered to any partol the city, leave orders at Eel River Lively Barn, OH Phone No 88 New No 91 New .Undertaker s 308 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, tag neatly done. Seehlia. 324 PEARL STREET. DR. C. D. EVERSOLE'S DEI2TAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. Dr- EL- ©• Hunt, —DENTIST— *M» i-j-^-fSffB, &5««f- Modern methods, modern prices, in Fourth iitreet. MCKCJT3 PERPETUAL LIGHT. An Anihorlzed Description of tbe Same Herewith Siren. J. B Nlckum, inventor of the new peputual light, is being beseiged with letters and terrains inquiring as to all the merits of his wonderful discovery. He has alao had communications from aSt Louis syndicate and other parties who evidently want to get in on the ground floor. As much has been printed in regard to tbe device that was not authorized by the inventor, the following description of the light was submitted to him today, and verified by him as being correct: "The Nlckum perpetual light is in the form of a globe or sphere of glass, neremetrlcally sealed, air tight. The light is inside the globe and is produced by a compound, the nature of which the inventor will not divulge. Those that have been exhibited show the illumination diffused throughout the globe, Instead ot being in the form of a flime. The coat of manufacture wilt be inconsiderable and the inventor is determined that it will be sold at a price that will place it within tbe reach of everybody. The light will retain its brilliancy so long as the glass globe remains unchanged The globe remains cold, there being ro loss of heat from the interior to the outside. The light is not phosphorescent glow, nor is it produced In a similar manner. Tbe result ia obtained by taking advantage of the ever present surrounding moving matter—air operating upon s properly constructed globe, the interior of which contains matter in cer tain conditions which will not at present be made public. The candle power of the light is not dependent) upon the size of the globe, but upon the substance ana conditions within It." ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL. Statement for the Year 1897—There Were 112 Patients Treated 1 here. Editors Pharos:—The Sisters of Sb. been deferred from time to tllme tbe hope that it would not Ibc neces- :iry, but as senile gangrene uetln, the member had to be cot off above tbe knee. Gordon Is 51 yeairs old, jut gives promise of recovering. RAILROAD BREVITIES. Hhort Items of Interest Gathered From Many Sources. The ^andalls will lay twenty miles of new steel this month. Pennsylvania officials seport an exceedingly good net business (luring the year 189". The Big Four ANNUAL HEPOBT Of the Orptwins' Hcm« Association the Year 1897. for DUTY OIF GOVERNMENT. : Should Supply and Control the Nation's Money. handled passengers In 1897, against, 484,547 451,501 passengers -In 1896 Mora men are now employed at shops of tae Wabasu than at any former period, and they are working full time. The Pennsylvania ticket sales at iDdlaiiapolls for December show an increase of 831,573 22 over the same month in 1896. H. E. Newcomet has returned from EL two weeks' visit at his old home in Philadelphia and is at work in the Panhandle engineer's office. The Pennsylvania will In a'few days pilace in service a fine new ferry boat to ply between Jersey City and Twenty-third street, New York. The city council of Winamac has granted the Michigan, Indiana & St. Louis electric railway a right-of-way libe entire length of Market street, in Khat place. The gross earnings of 53 roads for it,he third week of December as compiled by tbe United States Investor were 16,475,069, against 15,899,728 for the corresponding week of last year, increase, 1575,341 Forty- Isix roads show increases and seven decreases. The Brooks Locomotive works has just turned out the largest tocomo- tive In the world for the Great Northern road. It has 12 wheels, Financial SUilement Showing Receipts and Expenditures— F»ny Children Received at the Home. The 'twenty-first annual report of the Orphans' Home association 'has been given out JLS follows: During .the year 1S97 forty children have participated in the benefits of the home. Of this number 15 have been taken away by parents or friends; 10 •have been placed in homes; one little boy. a <dea:f mute, has returned 'to The school for deaf mutes sat Indianapolis; 14 remain :in the home. According to tihe State law we cannot receiirve children as county charges unless they are gnven to us to be imine- diately rejsorted to the State agent. who. as swon, as possible. finds homes for them. Under these conditions tre wj.ll not an all probability, have as many applicants for admission in the home in iiie future as in the past. Last April, upon 1ihe resignation of the maitTOE. 'Mrs. Medsker, the position was tendered 'to Mrs. Craighead and da-ugtrter. Who accepted it and with their able assistant, Miss Sarah Cooney, are making a happy and comfortable home for the children. The g-eneral 'health ihas been ex eel Tent the year: all Who are old •enough aifrtend the Xorihside school. Several! needed improvements have •been made and the buildings and ground's kept tin good orfler. The beautiful Christmas gifts SOT BELY Off PRIVATE EKTEKPBISE The Function and Monopoly of I«snin* Paper Currency Should Rest With .the GOT- eromeot Alone—Cat LOOMS From National Bulks. There is a young man named Eckels who by some fortunate chance for himself and for the sins of the people of the United States became comptroller of the currency under Cileveland. That made him, ex officio, a great authority on finance, but although he is now out of a job be keeps on annoying the public with his amateur notions. Had he not attracted Mr. Cleveland's notice he would never lave been permitted to bore the public in this fashion, and that is another of tbe many grievances the people have to lav up against the last administration of unfortunate memory. Why doesn't he keep still, like Carlisle? Tbe difficult',- with the finances, according to air." Eckels, in addition to the possibility of a silver victory at the polls, is that the government issues paper money instead of letting the banks issue all thai; sort of currency the country needs. This has teen heard before from others as well as Mr. Eckels, but none of those who put it forth takes the trouble to explain just how the banks would save r.he country from disaster in a crisis where tbe government would fail. Eckelsi says that if a difficulty so LOST Strayed or Stolen. A key to our money boi - Finder will be presented with a reward of • $SOO On return to my Store. Eliap yyinter Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, AMUSEMENTS. D OLAN'S OPERA. HOUSB. Wll. :»OLAS, 1LA-SAOKR. great as to tie bieyond the resources buw , v . Gray's C TJTel6p&° De No. SSS. McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. Joseph's hospital herewith present their report for the year 1897: Amputations Wounds Fractures Abscess Fistula Soro eyes Sprains Appendicitis SURGICAL. .,j DAILYFI2ABOS THURSDAY, JAN 6, 1808 OITY NKWS Debility . JA (jripp< TuberoulosuB.. Typhoid fever Malarial fevor Gout Krost 1) tten. Pneumonia Delirium tremenB. M«rphine habit... Rheumatism Hash Insane Dropsy Knlarged liver...... Gyiiivoologioal cylinders 21 inches in diameter, boiler 78 inches, and height to top of stack is 15 feet 6 inches. The engine weighs 210.000 pounds. CHICAGO MARKETS Receded Daily by G. A. R. at us vor n- i\, W. Mllner, Building. Chicago, Jan. i5, 1898 Wheat—May opened at 90@89|c; high, 90J@90ic; low, 89|c; closed, 90 Jc, Wheat—For' t July opened, S0}c'. closed, 8Hc. Ooirn—For May, opened.::8tc: high, 29ic; low,;28|@28Jc; closed, 29}c. Oats—May opened, 22i@23c: high, 23fc:, low, 22j-@22Je; closed, 23i@ 234o, Pork—May opened, $9.25@9.2i; high. $9 27; low, $9.20; closed, *9.22, Hogs—Market opened steady to 4 ii strong closed, weak Receipts of ogs 45,000; estimated receipts ogs for tomorrow, 37,,00'0 'or mixed, *3.45@3 65: for heavy 3.50@t365; rough, »3.SO@3.67 ight, 83.45@13 50. Curb, 90f }c bid: puts, 90(<JJ90J-Jc alls, 91Hc. The Foigy-Harvey case will go to tbe jury at 5:30 this evening. Democratic mass ;neetiDg, Satur- catho ic iay afternoon, at the court house. Mrs. Harrlgan, mother of Mrs. Tony Cook, ot Fourteenth stree fell this morning and broke her right thigh- Dr. J. H. Snultz was sailed. Q Jan. 6, 1S9S—:t have this day received ot the Ohio Farmers' Insurance company, through S. H. Ben- dee, the company's agent, a New Tort draft for $1,170, payment in lull for my loss by fire.—R. &• Reed, township, Cass county. J. H. Kunse, a. clerk at Walden'a shoe store, got a party of thirty-six young people together last evening and they all took a straw ride to the kome of his parents, south of the city and passed several hours: pleasantly at dancing. They also enjoyed an oyster supper. Ma.rie T., the six-month-olds daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Emmel Foroh, died at 3 o'clock this morning at the family residence, corner Sycamore and Columbia streets. The funeral will be held Saturday morning at 9 o'clock from St. Joseph's •hurch, Rev. Father Koeh ne officiating. Interment will be made in Mt. Si. Vincent cemetery. A rather complicated legal squabble is on in the circuit court. Herman E. Robbing Panhandle agent at Mill Grove, in Blackford county, was ilacharged a veiar ago. He brought suit against John W. Peterson, John X. McFarland, Wm. T. Russell and Wm. Hunt, alleging that his discharge was clue bo a slanderous letter written by them to Superintendent Walton, and demands personal damages. Lairy & Mahoney, attorneys for Robblnsi obtained an order from Judge Chase requiring Walton tc produce the letter for use in taking tfepotltlons, Walton refused to de- HTW the letter on the ground that it was prlttte corruspondence. Lairy A jUnoney will DOW insist that Walton to arraigned and show piiuse why he «bonld not b« punished for contempt »f court. ...-1 ... H UE1JGION. Episcopal o Presbyterian ,j: Methodl-t - 'g Lutheran —• , Dunkard 5 Christian o Baptist '{ Hebrew ,„ No religion - —^ Number of patients for the year 1897 was 112. The sisters wish to kindly tender their sincere thanks to the ladies of the Hospital Sewing circle for their untiring labor, the physicians for their never failing attention and devotion to their duties, their immediate response to every call, to the editos for remembering them with tho daily and and the many celved, also to weekly papers other favors re the merchants and public in general who have so liberally co-operated with us In our work of caring for the sici and suf ferlog by giving from time to time sc generously of their Dounty. We beg to extend our grateful thanks and our ardeut request in the contlnu ance of their friendly spirit toward this institution; we will be pleased tc evince our gratitude whenever the opportunity presents itself. Respect fully, SISTEKS OF ST. FRANCIS. IDied of His Injuries. A telegram was received toda] from Chicago announcing the deatl or Edward Bruggeman, who acci dentally shot himaelf with a revolve: about a week ago. The remains wll be broug ht here for Interment. Tht young man was twenty years old an< the sole support of a widowed mother He was a nephew of the late Wm Brugg'eman. His mother and othe relatives will accompany the remain to this cltv tomorrow. Amputated. Drs. SouSlers, o;t Borrows, and J B. Shulto, of this city, today ampu tated the leg of Daniel Gordon, tb Miller at Georgetown, who was In jored somt wetiks ago by beinj caught In a belt wheel at the mill Georgetown. The operation ha» of head. purchased with the tea 'dollars so kindly sent >ev«rr year far that purpose by Mis. D. E'. Pratt of Nev/ York City brought joy anfl happiness to all *ne little ones. We extend thanks to 'Mr. Oarl Kellw for several pi-ews of cloth for Tx>ys' clothing; to Mr. Fickle for free tranS'portaitiioii to "the park a>t tie .home's annual picnic; to the press for daily papers; to Master Robert Fisher for $3.00. Tlirouish the kindness of the Eastern Star tfife 'Children were admitted to the flo-sver sfrow, aufl. to their great deKght. were given each a dish of ice craim and a lovely rose. Donations, as usual, have bee-i sent in every month and it is with pleasure that we take this opportunity to publicly express our gnrteful thanks to all kind fri-eiids for tiwar generous, voluntary -offerings. The following board of •manra.ffers were elected at tbe annual meeting: President—Mrs. I>- A. Hauk. Vice -ft-fisid'eoits—Mrs. Thomas .Tones •and MTS. .T. T. Elliott. Treasurer—Mrs. J. B. Winters. Secretery^Mrs. J. C. Nelson. Board—Mrs Murdock, Mrs. Douglass. Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. Reynolds. Mrs. Mc- Cnrty. Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Dykeman, Mrs. Bell. Mrs. Tomlinson. Advisory Cominittee-^Mr. W. T. Wilson. D. A.' Hauk, .T. B. Winters. RECEIPTS. On hand Tan. 1. T 97 S 3T9.62 Allowance by commisioners. . 1.266.25 Int. on IX D. Prate fund 50,00 Int. on endowment fund 150.00 of tiie banks arose it would be equally beyond the resources of the government, and the country wou'id be hopelessly involved in bankruptcy in spite of either or both of them. If that were true, it: would only be a stand off between government and bank paper, but ic is not true. Ou four or five occasions during the past 18 years, sinco the government resumed specie payments, tbe banks have suspended payments, adopting clearing bouse receipts or some such device, or none at all, to satisfy both depositors and holders of their bills. Tins, too, while they were carrying considerably less than, one-third of the paper circulation of tbe country. What would they have doue in similar cases bad they been carrying it all,aud required to pay iu gold as the reformers suggest? On tbe other hand, the government has never once suspended. It has met all demands for the redemption of its paper issues as made. It has never failed for an hour. If, instead of supplying two-thirds of the currency, the gov- Saturday, Jan 8th '98. Mark Twain's PUDD'N HEAD WILSON. Dramaiiltd br Frank Itsyo. Direct from loaf engagememw in New York. B»»ton. Fli iladelphia, Chicago and Sao Fran- ClBt*. •J he oiifrinal supporting- company of high•li£8 pla;rer» with Mr. Edwin Mayo In tie title role A play tliat ha* taken Its place among the clsBSici. * etory or love, comedy and intno*, enliven*! with Mark Twain's Witicisias. Prices: 2rows circle, S1.50: balance pluifc »l.W; parquet 75o: circle, $1.00: bM* row 75c; gaLU ry "Oo and S5c. (Established 1867), (Incorporated 18M). Employe mere persons thin any other similar Institution m this part of the country. Hall's Business College Has secured more positions for worthy young- men and women during tho past year thun all otder commercial schools in tbis part of the State combined. CIVIL SERVICE FRAUD. Republican* Indorsed It and Are Xow rcellne Out Jobs. By its refusal to assist the administration in freeing itself from embarrassments the Democratic minority has alled conspicuous attention to the hypocrisy which was alone responsible for | be indorsement of civil seirvice reform | at the last Eepublican national convention. The rank and file of the Eepnbhc- an party, representing in part the people of the United States, has never been .n thorough sympathy with tbe civil service idea. The Democratic party re- pndiiir.-rl it when it threw Cleveland overboard. The civil service idea has. never been itrong save in Mugwump localities. The life tenure of office is antagonistic to the Democratic doctriue. It has no place in a republican form of government. A majority of delegates in the Republican national convention appreciated this when the hypocritical plank was inserted in their national platform. In order to free the administration from embarrassment, and give, tho commercial boss of their party an opportunity to redeem in part the pledges made when offices were promised for Republican support the Democrats are now asked to assist in so amending the law that ihe hungry patriots may be fed. If the Republican party had the courage of its convictions, it would repeal the entire law. The only way in which its repeal can be secured is to carry out its provisions to the letter, as far as the Democratic minority can i'orce that to be done, and make it as odious to the party as its undemocratic ideas deserve to be. The Republican party in convention assembled, declaring for civil service reform and the Republican bosses, from Hanna to Kerens and from Quay to Leland, parceling out the jobs so those who assisted in corrupting delegates at St. Louis, is a sp<>ctacle -which the Democratic minority i.s determined tbe public shall noT soon forget.— Kansas City Times. Coin I* Good £«>ngh. Mr. Gage is rather presuming in advocating the reissue of legal tender notes oxly in exchange tor gold. Something like half of tbe jwople do not think those note* need to be redeemed Memberslnip Sale of calf: DoimtiOM in mon«y Board "of children Fulton C'-o. Commission-en?.. 30.00 6.00 54.78 7.00 04.65 4-6. i T(>taJ 52,208.30 EXPENDITURES. f> roceries Matron*i salary 27 /^° ousek«eper'sS salary 162.50 Improvements ami repairs... 177.08 Clothing:, dry gods 1 ^H? Mea.-fc •Care of Harvey WMtaker Labor Sundries: Natural sas Physieis.n Furnishings Deaf and dumb asylum Earl McCIeHart Maxinktrckee Ice Co State RMrd of Charities for 96.95 86.75 S2.S4 77.29 75.90 70.50 65.00 1S.SS 12.25 9.65 4.07 Total $1.781.38 .Tan. 1, '98. Balance 426.92 ToinU $2,208.30 in gold «t *H- The law »y «nd win is not.alvrajs gold. -: com, DEMOCRATIC MASS CONTENTION. Will! be Held »t Jiorth Court Room in City of kwansporr, on January Sth. The Democratic voters of Cass county are hereby notified to meet at the north court room in the city of Logansport, on Saturday, January 8th, 1898. at 11 o ; cloclrp. m.,ln mass convention to choose delegates to the Eleventh diswicli convention, to be held at Pern, cm January llth. l/ndiir the ratio of apportionment C&ss county In entitled to a representation of 24 delegates In the. Pern coDTenttoa- BKSTJ. F. LOTJTHAIN, Chairman Dem. Cen. Com. It. A- UJTU, Secretary- Tbe Wefttker. : " " - JUln this afternoon; fair and colder V»4gnt; Friday fair. eminent supplied it all, there never would bave been a currency panic. Only fools doubt that. It is difficult to understand the quality of mind which can bring itself to a belief in the superstition that a bill issued by a private corporation, but for whose ultimate redemption the government is responsible, as it is for the re- dumption of bank bills, can be better or more .secure rhan a bill issued directly by the government and redeemed by the 'overnmcut. The faithful worshiper of the ban<c fetich simply looks wise when he is asked to explain this and owlishly remarks that it is something very dreadful for the government to be engaged in the banking business. That the business of issuing bills to be used as currency is not the bunking business is a statement that he will not deny; it just makes him grieve. He will return to his silly objurgation of a government iu the baukinp business at the first opportunity, as if the absurdity of it and his incapacity to justify it had never been called to his attention. There were people,' and they may possibly be found here and there yet-, who grieved because the government did not leave the carriage and delivery of the mails to private enterprise also. The plain truth is that the government is uow engaged in the banking business because of the existence of national banks, of issue, for which it is responsible, aacl whose bills it must redeem in the last resort. If it were to separate itself entirely from these concerns and take to itself the whole function and monopoly of issuing the paper currency of tlie country, it would then indeed "cease to have anything to do with tbe banking business and would confine itself to a legitimate function which every government on earth now performs in one fashion or another, the supply and control of the money which its people use. While it issues any paper bills through the medium of the banks, as it has done ever since onr late war, it will he open to the charge of being engaged iu the banking business.— Detroit Nevrs. A Pretty Good Record. The gold standard cannot be defended in the United state.- upon its merits and will not be defended upon its merits. I as-sert that bimetallism has been more unanimously indorsed by the American people than any other fundamental policy this nation has ever had. We had bimetallism for 81 years, beginning in 1792 and extending to 1873, and in all Jbat time uo political convention of any party ever denounced bimetallism in a national platform.—William J. Bryan. Hall's Business College etter rooms and 18 Setter equipped f its competitors. Hail's Business College *• Enrolled more students, during the year 1897, than a tiring any prnyious year. lr you: want to secure a position attend Cor. Broadway and Oth Street. C.F. J10OKK Prest- THE. First National Bank CAPITAL $250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PKBSODKST, W. W. ROSS, CASHEEB, J. F. BROOKMEYER, QflTTTMtt- A. J. Murdock, W. H. Bringhurit, Dennl* trw, H 8. Rice, B. S, Tantia. I M. JUrwood. W. T. WOaon, Banking in all ita Department* promptly iind ca-reruHy done. Safety to Cuitomers and stockholder novghlfor. Strong Eeierve Fund Maintained. Impossible to foresee an accident. Wot impossible to be prepared for H- Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. Monarch over pain. 1898 JAMAKY. 1898 Queer Ideas. The prpsident ignores the qnestion of postal savings banks -while at the same time he encourages bank -wrecking by pardoning bank wreckers. Mr. McKinley mnsi; have some queer financial ideas. Where could he have picked tfieta Su. 2 9 16 23 30 Mo. 3 10 17 24 IT To. 4 11 18 25 We. 5 12 19 26 Th. 6 13 20 27 Fr. 7 14 21 28 Sa. 1 8 15 22 29 A Bitter Dace. The congress -which succeeded the one which gagged on the Wilson law gnat U now engaged in swallowing tbe Ding- w camel and expressing its love tor that particular diet. . »*•* and Not«. Poor hay is greatly in evidence with a comparative scarcity of choice to fancy. It iis believed that good .sound seed potatoes -will be high priced by the ti»« the planting season arrives. Professor Bangs of Denmark is said to have separated the germ that cause* certain forms of-abortion in. cattle. The Marsden company, which is exploiting corn pith in a large way, tp be used in industrial capacity, is reported to be erecting a number of J»ew factories iii the -west and southw&t. Tie winter wheat situation ia reported M being more hopefuL • ' ' TtM; old way of cutting i«e witk a croascnt saw isenre, but leather stow, ao* hard work of it The ice plow ir ww iu general favor.

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