The Times Record from Troy, New York on October 3, 1966 · Page 14
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The Times Record from Troy, New York · Page 14

Troy, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1966
Page 14
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THi RFK Bolsters O'Connor's Campaign For Governor ;· KICOKD. TROY. N. MONDAY EVINING, OCTMM I, M4 15 .- »y W» FUSCO Opinion is mixed today on (h value of tht assist which U. S Senator Bobby Kennedy extern *d t» Frank O'Connor's guber utorial compaign. jThey made''a thrte-point tou ·f upstate Saturday, with »top in Rome and Glens Falls before winding up in' Troj\ The Tro\ reception turned out the bigges crowds. ·«*· Ai Air»Ni There were about 200 fans waiting at rain-soaked Albany County Airport when the Ken nedytO'Connor plan arrived an hoiir'late from Glens Falls. A" : fast ^'motorcade to Troj brought "the two to a" warm reception,- di a chilly night. ''Hundred*, jammed -Second' Street in froiit?:p(3frpy: Music .Hall when th£j*8~stepped out of theircar. Thjjje' fwere · about '800 - inside Miiste Hall to irsteh:to the senator ^rid-icandidaleV This represented Ihe;.bijgest, audience in th* three-city stop.;,! !;.· '!'. ' · O'Connor Lag 'O'Connor's forces worried about a lag in his campaign last week, and Sen. Kennedy's appearance was to help, beef up the crowds." This, he'did. There were more than 100 persons on hand at Oneida County Airport, where Kennedy and O'Connor met. There were at least 400 in the man you all came to meet-Sen, Robert F. Kennedy." There were nearly as man "Welcome Bobby" jijnj as cam paign placards for the Demo cralic candidate for governor In Rome a sign confusedly urge "Vote for 'Bobby." At Glens Falls one read, "All the Wa with RFK" and another at A bahy -Airport "Bobby, Wh Wait? Why Not 68"? O'Connor couldn't b r e a hrough this Kennedy adulation Perhaps no one can. And there' not much Kennedy can do ibou t. If his appearances are con sidered advantageous to O'Con lor, then these drawbacks wi! have to be endured. When they met in Oneida County, the greeting was t sim Ie, "Hi, Frank. Hi, Bob." Bu Kennedy- played well his role vhich was to introduce O'Con nor "to the.uostaters as "the man New York Stale'needs?' ' In Glens Falls he said, "Frank 3'Connor is in a tough race. He an win, but he needs your help Will you give it to him? Then n true MC fashion, -}ie an- ounced, "Here, he is now. Give im a big hand." : ' In Music Hall, Sen. Kennedy aid he was ad"ised (hat Al mith had reached campaign eaks in "Ihis famous opera louse." Troy, "a famous old and said all of the state's the Senator, were Kennedy Auditorium in Rome cil . ie ^' slid tne Senator, were to hear the two Democratic I**'"? short-changed by Gov. Parly leaders. Another 200 at Warren Coun ty Airport; 400 al Glens Falls City Park: and "the day's largest, in Troy Music. Halls. This on a rainy and a raw autumn day, was on the plus side. ·But there were some drawbacks. How much good did it do O'Connor, inwardly, lo know the crowds' were turning out lo see Kennedy, loo? Or what 'did the O'Connor staff think when the people at the Warren County Airport: were told, "And here's W6MENPAST21 WITH BLADDER IRRITATION nif n ind m«r m«li jou Itnst «nd nervous Jrom too Irenufnt, burning or Itchlni ytinitlon both flay ind nlihl. Stcond.r- »I. jou mijt ku« ilftp md suiter Iram Xetdtches, BlcfcichM and feel aid tired. **pre«ed. In «uch.irriUtton CY8TEX ««J!'r V 1 ?." '""· "'"","« w»iort b? curbing Irritfttfnr term* In stront Acid Rockefeller. They would be given the opportunity to guide their own destinies under "Governor" O'Connor. Half The Story O'Connor told the Music Hall crowd lhat the go-ernor gives only half the story, when he speaks of the state's gains in per-capita income, employment and higher education. In none of these fields, said O'Connor, has New York Stale approached the national average growlh. The Senator also.had glowing praise for Richard :J. Conners, Ihe Democratic candidaie for Ihe congressional post being vacated by Leo W. O'Brien. And he took note of Congressman O'Brien's presence on the stage. Rensselaer County Chairman John J.Purcell served as master of ceremonies at Music Hall, with most Democratic Party officials and candidates seated M^tTM'£ l j S$!i'gS omciali and c»ndidate» sealed CTBIH t drumiu. Ttti tttutr im. | on.the slage with O'Connor and - .\dv. Sen. Kennedy. Fall Cleanup To Prevent Fires Urged 1 w Coupled with his August fire report released last night. John J. Lean', Kensselae- County fire :oordinaior, made an urgent plea for "« thorough house deining' preparation for winter. Leary, after noting there were 55 calls answered by county volunteers and the City of Rensselaer, (Troy excluded), said 'too much stress cannot be ·laced on the many fir* hazards hat lurk in our homes which are usually trough' -to light in be fall and winter. Some of hese include clogged chimneys, noperative oil and other heat- ng devices, debris in attics, ellars and closets, just to name a few." .Two persons died in county ires Lit month. One was an elderly Schodack Center man who** bed caught fire and the other t Burlington, Vt., gasoline tanker driver whose vehicle was ripped apart by a mysterious blast and fire at a loading dock at the Rensselaer Port. In addition, one other person was :reated for smoke inhalation but ater recovered. Leary also urged adherence 0 pieas of fire officials for Fire Prevention Week which begins Sunday. PERSONAL GREETINGS--U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and Frank P. O'Connor, the Democratic candidate for governor, reach down from the Music Hall siage to shake hands of well-wishers during their appearance in Troy Saturday. The Troy meeting climaxed a half- day of dual campaigning by the Senator and O'Connor and produced the biggest crowd o f ' the day for the pair. (Other Picture on Page 2) Caretaker, 76, Makes Rounds In Dog Cart COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- W.S. (Bill) Edwards goes about is job at a dog trot. That's because his dog. Duke pulls him around in a dog cart. Edwards, 76, caretaker at the Franklin County fairgrounds in suburban Billiard, got his dog from a family which moved to Columbus from West Virginia but ijund they couldn't keep the dog. Duke always wanted to go with Edwards on his carctaking rounds, so Edwards decided to let Duke pull him around. Edwards fashioned a cart out of scrap metal and bicycle wheels. It looks like a small (version of a harness racing sul ky and Duke, a husky mixed- breed pooch, . pulls it along, obeying commands to turn right or left. Javits Sides With LBJ On Viet Nam WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. acob K. Javils, R-N.Y., sided th President Johnson and dis- greed sharply with two proml nt fellow Republicans on Viel am issues yesterday. Javits charged former Vice resident Richard -M. Nixon th "armchair generaliship" in ggesting mililary tactics for e Viet Nam conflict." And the senator disagrecc th the view of House Minority OUTSTANDINfi VALUES IK DIAMONDS FROM ESTATES, ; PRIVATE OWNERS AND LEFT-FOR-SALE AT MACY'S PURCHASE AND BROKERAGE SERVICE (Leader Gerald Ford of Michigan that the Presidents planned meeting in Manila with Asian leaders was a "political gimmick." "I don't think that there are any gimmicks in trying lo bring peace lo Ihe world'or even in rallying those who are with us," Javils said. 'T regret slale- ments which introduce ··-parti- san ; '.politicil note into diplomatic efforts on such a high level." Javils views were expressei in a radio-television interview recorded in Washington foi broadcast yeslerday on. New York State stations. He was asked whether He agreed with Nixon's recent pro posals for increased air and sea activity against mililary larget in Viet Nam and limiting Ihe number of ground forces. 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Grass, 7; motor vehicle, I; residences, 9; non-residence, S; first aid, 1; barns, 4; miscellaneous, 4; malicious fals* alarms, 16; mistaken alarm, 1, and manufacturing, 2, for a total of 55. There were only two mutual aid calls. Most of the 16 malicious false alarms occurred in the City at Rensselaer where police and Fire Chief William Nardacei are continuing their probes. U.S. NEWS t, WORLD REPORT, RECENTLY REPORTS EVEN IN TODAY'S COMPLEX WORLD, A PERSON WHO DID NOT GO TO COLLEGE HAS A WIDE CHOICE OF REWARDING CAREERS. -- ONE THING NOTE, However, it is important to hove some kind of skill or special training computer opens a growing field of opportunity. A computer programmer starts at a pay of $525 to $700 a month. Training takes 30 to 50 weeks instead of 4 years needed for college. For further information and to see if you can qualify for o programmer career fill out below and mail to. 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