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Spokane, Washington
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I 6 The Spokesman-Review, Friel June 23, 1961. ri rr IN ANGOLA TODAY Why Berlin Stand Is to Be Strong By J. M. ROBERTS Associated Press lyst yst lyst Feeling of Doom Pervades Region tO, IP-n-477 'kJ prT, 1 riA 4- 4 1 1 4 i 4t 1, 6........, 4 'fi 1 --I 4 I Ik A 'a 1 a 0 1, ",1 4-7 111: 1,, 4 .1. I it! 4 A 4, 1 Mil 4..7 ir i II ,.,..1 il ti kt 41....

4 4 A. '4 '11 .,,....1 11 11' l' r. 11 i 16 1'40 lik, i i '100, '''V1 0. 4, 1 i rks I i. ..:4:, la.

1'. 1 0 ..0 I 4' 1 '1 A :4 11:. ,1 A i. 4 41. Ovo 4.f.

i 4. al, 41 IC 1 ''''''C 't 7) 41 .4" 'Ai j'A '3 41" Z11 4, lg. til: '''i 'i'r0 4irk 2 k. 1,,, 4.r..,.,,e,; 4 4. Why does the United States take so much stock in holding a cold war frontier at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin? The tarnished old structure, looking like a Greek ruin, was conceived as a symbol of Prussian might.

It even tion. It is well recognized in French troops carried parts of Washington as a compelling reabecame a mockery of that when son for action to see that no such It away in 1807. After the defeat development occurs in Europe of France in 1871 its original Eastern as well as Western Eusymbolism was restored along rope. with the revival of Prussian Western Europe is divided by confidence and the rise In Ger- fear. Eastern Europe is divided many of the concept that might between resignation and hope of makes right, regardless of lib- liberation.

Hope would trickle erty. The sculpted figure at its away if the Communists cap-apex stood for victory, but came tured the gate. to look down upon Adolf Hitler's If the gate had never been built. scuttling of the old Germany. the line that now runs past the Then, suddenly, the gate be- spot would still remain the testing came a passageway to liberty point of America's part in the though actually playing second future.

fiddle to the city's rapid transit for Germans in the Soviet-occu- pied zone. It is a frame through which can be see the new city 4.) rising from the old out of the rub- el ble in the West. I 1 Drowning Suit BC LUANDA, Angola (AP)The Portuguese ladies of Luanda no longer carry little pocket pistols in their handbags when they go to cocktail parties. The panic that gripped this colonial city two months ago, when the fuU terror of the nationalist uprising W3s first felt, has receded. In its place is an Detense Pleaundiscussed sense of inevitable and impending doom under an artificial screen of merriment 111 1 and pleasure.

inuruer Nightclubs crowded with tour. les in happier days are still full but now the crowds are predom. Case Heard inantly localgovernment offi. dials, businessmen and officers and their wivesdancing with re. PROSSER (AMAn attorney lieved abandon well into the defending Larry S.

Haraughtly on morning. a murder charge said Thursday "Why shouldn't we enjoy our. the slaying of Shirley Grover was selves while we still can?" sighed "a substitution murder committed a petty civil servant who acts as because Haraughty wanted to a police informer on the side. obliterate another woman but PROSSER (AP)An attorney defending Larry S. Haraughtly on a murder charge said Thursday the slaying of Shirley Grover was "a substitution murder committed because Haraughty wanted to obliterate another woman but I SY Degeti Antionfl Spence IIas It Figured Spencer F.

Harris, president and general manager of the Spokane Indians, has found a way to ignore the teams Pacific Coast league standing of seventh place. There are eight teams in the league. "When I get The Spokesman. Review with the list of team standings in order," tells Spence, "I Just turn it upside down and read it. "THAT puts Spokane In SECOND place!" Sometimes It Seems That Way Spokane florist catches the feel of summer's frustrated motorists with a gimmick "pome." It's aimed, he says, at those times when the girlies are hurrying to make a meetingwhich inevitably turns out to be set hours ahead of what you thought it wasor when you've just had your vacation schedule torn up and rearranged by the brass.

The sentiment: SY III,, IMLItit7.114401tiviguiLM ,4:14.,:. er ker cker to Sent to Trial Alfred Chance of Illiopolis, Ill. views a rear axle unit of a trailer truck that crashed through the wall of his home and into his living room after the truck was hit by a Wabash freight train Thursday morning. Mrs. Chance had just stepped out of the room as the accident occurred.

(AP wirephoto) could not get to her." Defense Attorney George Heldlebaugh told this to the jury after Superior Court Judge Orris L. Hamilton ruled that statements made by Haraughty after the February slaying of the 25-yearold Kennewick lunch counter operator were made voluntarily. The judge said the statements were made voluntarily. lieldlebaugh said in his opening statement that Haraughty's "sense of defeat was heightened when his girl friend, Marge Safford, rejected him for another man. "He wanted to hurt someone like Marge was hurting The prosecutor, Herbert Davis of Benton County, attempted to show premeditation.

He said 21- year-old Pasco carpenter hid a hammer and flashlight in Miss Grover's automobile before the slaying and then asked her for a ride. Architects Talk Shop at Pullman Pilots Form "Air Force" for Fun Music Chairman Chosen at MISSOULA, Mont.Lloyd C. Oakland was appointed chairman of the Montana State University School of Music, effective July 1, President Harry K. Newburn announced. Dr.

Luther A. Richman combined the administration of the school with his duties as Dean of the College of Fine Arts until the new position was established, President Newburn said. Dr. Oakland has served as professor of music at Montana State 1 University since 1951. Military is Charge Portuguese soldiers roam the hilly streets of Luanda, to quell any isolated outbreaks of racial violence.

Two months ago it was the loyal citizens themselves who took the law into their own hands. Businessmen carried their pistols with them to and from the office. Ladies carried weapons when they went shopping. "I don't go around armed any more," said an engineer. "Anyone caught shooting a native who got out of line now would probably be punished." Two months ago natives were shot dead in broad daylight when they did something to annoy a passing white man in the streets of Luanda.

If pressed the settlers in Angola will admit the comforts of colonialism are passing swiftly. But there is little in the official facade to remind them of this grim truth. The Portuguese in Luanda remain provincial and isolated from tie political currents in the world outside. All news is heavily censored. Vaguely aware how unpleasant the whole truth would be if it got to them, the residents seem to prefer it that way.

Newsmen Disliked Laos Brought In But as a symbol, the Brandenburg gate itself means much less to the Allied position in Berlin than does the small. faraway country of Laos of which the old 1Prussians had never heard. The Brandenburg gate is merely a marker along an American frontier that has moved in 20 years from the Rhine to the Spree. Almost everyone is now familiar with the staple reasons why the Western powers stand so firmly against a Communist passage through the Brandenburg gate. Reasons that go deeply into the entire political and economic organization OLYMPIA (AP) The State Supreme Court Thursday reversed a lower court dismissal of a suit for $7,215 damages in the drowning of a Yakima boy in a high school lettermen's club initiation ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Sherwood of Yakima had sued the Moxee School District No. 90 for damages, charging the district with negligence in the death of their son, Henry, on May 19, 1959.

The high court ruled that a legal technicality under which the case was thrown out of court by Yakima Suprior Court Judge Ian R. Mather no longer applied under new rules of civil procedure. The case had been dismissed on grounds the complaint failed to state a claim upon which relief could be granted. The high court said it no longer was necesary to plead the facts constituting a cause of action. Big Road Job Bids Are Scanned Car Accident Hurts Fatal to Yakiman cilliLdLitill LPL EAUtope.

But prominent in the urgency with which the United States views the map of Berlin right now is the situation created by the recent Communist success In Laos. Nonpolitical American travelers to Asia, doing business with nonpolitical people there who have little responsibility for the official relations by which their countries maintain their hands-across-thesea hold on the American aid program, don't like what they hear. Situation Grave They hear widespread expressions of the thought that if the United States was not willing to go all out for Laos, a key bastion against Communist takeover of all Southeast Asia. what will she go all out for? What good, they ask, are United States commitments for their defense if she does not have the power, or having it, is not willing to use it? This is a serious political situa of Europe. But prominent in the urgency with which the United States views the map of Berlin right now is the situation created by the recent Communist success in Laos.

Nonpolitical American travelers to Asia. doing business with nonpolitical people there who have little responsibility for the official relations by which their countries maintain their hands-across-thesea hold on the American aid program, don't like what they hear. Situation Grave "Wherever the place Whatever the time It's always the wrong lane In which I'm." Suddenly, No Blackstrap Fox theater manager Joe Fur. faro strolled into a downtown Spokane office this week smoking a giant green-toned cigar. "That from Cuba?" a friend quipped chidingly.

"Heck, no," came Joe's quick I don't even drink molasses, anymore!" Arrested "Development" Fellow in the office is an amatuer photographer. Accordingly, he's taught two of his three children to observe the traffic light outside his darkroom. If the light's blinking, they know now they're to go away and not try to enter. But his 3-year-old, name of Jenny now that's another matter. Jenny comes walking along and she sees the light blinking and it makes not a whit of difference to Jenny.

Jenny opens the door. Onto her father, who is laboriously making prints in the dark, there floods a great shaft of light. "Get out!" he barks. "And never lighten my door AGAIN!" Cascade TV K1MA (Channel 29) Yakima KLEW (Channel 3) Lewiston KEPR (Channel Ir.) Pasco KBAS (Channel 16) Ephrata 750 Program Pry 3 30 Edge ot Night 755 Daily Word 4 00 Uncle Jimmy 1.00 Today 4 30 Movie 9 00 1 Love Lu(e' 5 40 Almanac 9 30 Video Vi liade 5 45 NW Newsbeat 10 00 Price Is Right 1 05 Weather 10 30 Conrentretino 1'10 Local Newg 11 00 Truth, congoo 1.15 Huntir-Br 11 10 Search Toinrw 6.30 Award Theatr 11 45 GURitillr Lehi 1:04) Wan' Mr. Ed 12 00 Milady's Thee 30 Rawhide 13 30 As Wrld Torus 30 Route 00 Fare Pacts 9 30 Harbor Commd mliouseparty 10 00 Twilight zone 00 Rm for Daddy 10 30 Tightrope 230 Verdict Yours 11:00 1 ith Hr News 3 00 Brighter Day 11:10 Weather $'15 Secret Storm Pear PULLMAN, Wash.Advancing the age-old 3-R's with the help of Lfor lighting, Afor acoustics and Cfor (air) conditioning was the aim of nearly 200 architects and school administrators as the A.

A. Cleveland conference opened Thursday at Washington State University. Keynoter, Herbert H. Swinburne, Philadelphia architect, challenged both segments of the participants. "To build wisely as well as efficiently, professional practice must understand more of man himself, of life itself," he said.

"We must study man, Individually and collectively, in all his variations, in order to know how to build for him. "Architecture is never complete that considers only the statistics of people and product. It must be motivated by well-defined objectives and values that recognize the dignity of individuals, and the aspirations of man," he said. Specialists developing this year's program on lighting, acoustics and conditioning will continue to hold individual ses-1 sions on these subjects through this noon. Dr.

Howard Hall, Seattle optometrist, is viewing the lighting problems; Roy L. Richards, Seattle acoustical consultant is discussing one of the newest concerns in school buildings; and J. Donald Kroeker, Portland engineer, is giving the audience de. tailed observations on heating, cooling and conditioning of schools. MERCEDES, Tex.

(AP) When the United States in 1945 ordered the destruction of some World War II fighter planes, it sparked a organ'. zation that calls itself "the Con. federate Air Force." The force now numbers 10 planes and 68 colonels, most of whom live in the Texas bower Rio Grande Valley, All members are colonels. The reorganization has a lead. er "Col.

Jethro E. Culpepper, CAP', Mercedes, Tex." Ile gets mail and signs orders but there Is no such person. Says Lloyd Nolan, Mercedes, One of the colonels: We didn't want any chiefs in this tribe but we needed some sort of leader. Culpepper is a good old southern name and there was a Culpepper regiment in the Civil War. So we decided on Col.

Jethro E. Culpepper." Culpepper's mail comes to Nolan's office and he or some other member answers it. Most of the colonels are for. mer military pilots, many with several kills to their credit during World War II. Many are now crop dusting pilots.

Besides the fun of collecting and keeping in shape World War II planes, the chief activity of the Confederate Air Force is flying in air shows. They make no charge for their appearances and get only expenses. They flew in six shows in the last year. The Confederate Air Force now has one FM Mustang, two DO' Bearcats, one FGL-D Corsair, one B25 Mitchell, one FM2 Wildcat, one P40 and three T6's. IDAHO FALLS (AP)---Two Idaho Falls firms were listed Thursday as apparent low bidders on two construction projects at the National Reactor Testing Station.

The Atomic Energy Commission said Robert V. Burggraf Co. bid 2238,723 for construction of 2.3 miles of new road and for grading and surfacing other areas at the station. Hunter-Saucerman Construction, bid 278,833 for miscellaneous construction. KLAMAIII FALLS (AP)Elena Isabel Arra Ide, 24, Yakima, school teacher, died Thursday of injuries suffered in a truck-automobile collision Wednesday.

Her mother, Mrs. Marie Edena Arra Ide, 50, Jaima, was reported in fair condition at a hospital with a broken right ankle and face cuts. Police said the mother was driving south when the car veered onto a shoulder, then back onto U.S. 97 where it collided head-on with a big freighttruck driven by Richard Ray Sutton, 34, Redmond, Wash. The crash occurred 40 miles north of Klamaht Falls.

Sutton was unhurt. 1 Electric Code Ruling Given by State FORIMOUR-, with an FHA TITLE 1 LOAN Maki needed improvements now finance the cost with a no-moneydown home improvement loan at First National Bank. Come in and talk it Over soon HOME IMPROVEMENT LOANS lower LeveI TES-2761 FINIP-NOUR-1 omENa 1 Itt -7-00 7-- 4 --7 RIM ADDC)H1 DELI with an FHA TITLE 1 LOAN Make needed improve- ments now finance the cost with a no-moneydown home improvement Na nut loan at First National Bank. Come in and talk it Over is, soon. ile HOME IMPROVEMENT LOANS lower Level TE I-2761 Reds Work in Cuba HAVANA, Cuba (AP)Two Soviet and Czechoslovakian geological missions totaling 180 men are working in Cuba, Omen Sanchez, director of the Government Mining Institute said Thursday.

He said they are preparing a geological map of Cuba. OLYMPIA (AP)County commissioners may adopt a county electrical code containing the same provisions as the state electrical code and any rules or regulations of the Department of Labor and Industries pertaining to the installation of electrical wires and equipment. O'Connell said the county code may not exceed the requirements of the state code. T11 Physicians Strike JERUSALEM (AP)Nine thousand physicians and engineers in Israel public services went on a one-day warning strike Thursday to press demands for better pay. Emergency services will be maintained for hospitals.

The few foreign journalists who have managed to enter Angola are treated by the secret police as spies, out to "make propaganda." Though some civilian and military officials seem eager to put their arguments before the world, the policy set in Lisbon up to now is to keep the international press out. In the old daysthat is, four months ago, before the terrorist uprising got under wayLuanda was the jewel-like resort center of central Africa. Its wide bay wasand isideal for yachting. The clean sandy beaches rival anything the French Riviera can offer. Nearly a quarter of its 200,000 inhabitants are white.

Hotels and restaurants are thoroughly European, with deft white waiters flown In from Lisbon. The Portuguese proudly point to the lack of a social color bar in Luanda, even today. Instead of native communes in the city there are simply poor districts, where poor whites live alongside native Africans. And if it doesn't work the other way aroundthat is natives in rich residential areasit's only because there aren't many rich natives. "There is nothing to prevent a black man from having a drink in here," said a Portuguese in the smooth Rendez-Vous bar of the Hotel Continental, "if he could pay for it." Politically, however, the color bar is strict and clear.

Full citizens are white, 2 per cent of the population. Natives are black-97 per cent. The 1 per cent mulatto population enjoys privileges of citizenship if they can trace their white parentage. The plan to give natives privileges of citizenship, "assimilate" them, has not had overwhelming success, for it requires a high degree of Western social graces far beyond the education of the natives. Nearly 4 million natives of a total 412 million are illiterate.

Until a few months ago any traveler tasteless enough to mention facts such as these in the Rendez-Vouz would have been greeted with a resigned shrug. Now events have made the Portugese in Angola morbidly aware that an African doesn't have to know how to read to be able to shoot a gun. They are aware of it, but in the luxurious charm of Luanda, they are trying not to think about it. A species of ants, Polyergus, enslaves the larvae of rival ants. The enslaved youngsters are taught to feed their masters.

Montana Bon 89 Drowns in Pool ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP)The young on of a vacationing Mon. tana couple drowned Thursday in a motel swimming pool. He was identified as Robert Ryan, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Steve Ryan of Butte, Mont. Investigators said two unidentified men pulled the fully-clothed boy from the pool. Efforts by firemen to revive him failed. His mother collapsed after the accident and was taken to Ana. helm Memorial Hospital.

Stripe Rust Action Asked The Dinner Beat news abou ou 1 rmesezr CARAVAN INN Desezr The Tip-Off. Watch Hat! Lawrence Owen of Denison, makes one letter do a lot. His topics range from an Indian scare to a lumber mill. He writes: "Dear Dorothy Powers, "I want to thank you for locating the pictures of the West Branch Washington Lumber Mills near Milan, Wash. "Dad and mother moved up to Chattaroyit was then called Kiddon August 1, 1886.

Not too long afterward there was an Indian scare from Dartford to Wild Rose Prairie. The militia from Walla Walla was called to quiet them, "All the neighbors' men folk were called to help. "I have never heard what started it. Some said one of the provisioners freighting supplies got dry and tapped a small keg of whisky. He drank a little too much and invited some Indians to join in and they had an enjoyable time.

"Others said a white man took one of the Indians' farms and made him move off, I have wanted to know if either of these was the cause," In THOSE days, there was another problem bothering the then young Owen, too. And there wgs no solving it until his dad came home. Spokano's now picurton 614101 kob 1 the math emu I naikillialt air oldizothi Spain dininctivel different i :14 a I 1 I i ji, IS ICHAINOKBELLI WASHINGTON (AMRep. Al Ullman, has urged stronger federal efforts to control yellow stripe rust, a disease which he said is a serious threat to wheat production in the Pacific Northwest. In calling for a more aggressive program, Ullman wrote Secretary of Agriculture Orville L.

Freeman that the department's research work 'does not appear to be expanding to meet this increasing need." Ullman said there is no research effort now in the Pacific Northwest on this problem. This crop disease, he said, caused an estimated US million in losses last year and may cause more this year. from the Caucasus comes this favorite dish of the Armenianstender fowl braised in butter and sherry wine, Property Check Will Be Wide SEATTLE (AP)--The Washington Surveying and Bating Bureau announced a five-year program for checking nearly all commercial and industrial prop. erties in the state. The bureau said the survey is to make insurance rates more accurately reflect the fire hazards to which the properties are exposed.

Inspection teams already are at work in King and Chelan Nit $3.75 :4) AT THE MOULIN ROUGE DANCING NIGHTLY INTERTAINNIENT NIGHTLY HARRY SNIDER Higher Rail Fares Asked By BILL BURKE Mike Williamson, on of Spokane's new assistant city managerjohn Williamson, was the first guest to use the Desert Caravan Inns new swimming pool. Mike jumped in wearing black trunks and a strong Texas accent. Mike can score another first if he's quick! The Spokane Hotel will install a swimming pool in their remodeling of the old landmark and a sky bridge will connect it to the Ridpath. Ridpath manager Al Turrill will manage both and vie for the title "Busiest Man In Town." Tomorrow night, June 24th, is the last nite on the Ridpath Roof for the Don Eagle Quartet. Opening Monday, June 26th, the "Double-Aires," a pleasing combination of vocals, piano and organ by Lenny Carr and Norm Anderson.

Ward J. Walker, former manager of the Caravan Inn and now running the new Sweptwing Inn near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, writes local friends that the Sweptwing is off to a great start after its recent opening. Rooms are sold out almost every night and the dining areas and lounge are proving very popular. Hans of the Matador reports a double pleasure in the Matador Lounge. "The Lenaud Sisters" are entertaining nightly on twin spinet pianos.

Hans says the music is excellent and the air conditioning real "cool." An old Spokane restaurant, "The Rockaway," is celebrating its 70th anniversary. During this period of time only 3 owners have charted its progress, apparently with great success. The present owners, Bob Codd and Tom Nash, have completed five years at the Rockaway and during this time have done extensive remodeling. I'm certainly glad they changed the name of Seattle's "Century 21" to Seattle World's Fair. Now maybe people will stop asking me what in the heck "Century 21" means and asking if it has any connection with the New York World's By BILL BURKE enn nf cnokine't new city TAiLi (17) vane 1 '3, BOISE (AP) The Union Pacific Railroad asked authority Thursday to increase by 5 per cent Rs passenger fares for tray-el within Idaho.

The raise would be similar to one proposed nationally by railroads for interstate travel. The Public Utilities Commission said it would accept protests to the proposed boost within the next 20 days. "'wiles Hurt Crops I PAU, France (Ileuter's)-- Farmers Thursday blamed a mysterious blue cloud with a strong sulphur smell for heavy damage suffered by crops over a wide area in the Lacq region near here. The farmers claimed that ema nations from the natural gas de. posit at Lilco and from other in.

dustrial installations were responsible. They said the leaves from potato and beet crops, from grapevines and from fruit trees, dried up and fell off after the cloud appeared three days ago. 7VP INN z. S201 1 blENT 4-4153 Freight Volume Shows Increase WASHINGTON (AP)Railroad freight car loadings rose last week to 602,153 cars, the Association of American Railroads re, ported Thursday. This volume, for the week ended June 17, was 8,849 cars or 1.5 per cent above the preceding week, but 47,350 cars or 7.3 per cent below the same week last year and 122,125 cars or 16.0 per cent under the corresponding week in 1959 when loading hit the high point for that year.

I 7 NvAlsk 44 ccoe pi oil, TO 11 41ttpa, Dirmefla GET! Featuring the Chick Gone Duo Spokane' peppier "mit pair bogie' liwio floor yew on tho M.hi Sono. corkonaro by Stoword Construction FOR YOUR DINING A DANCING PLEASURE ON THE RIDPATH ROOF high in th sky FEATURING THE MUSIC OF Desert HemetIst Foot nit NEW NEW Reds Inventing TOKYO (AP)The latest new products from Communist China's light Industries, as reported by Peiping Radio, include a fountain pen suitable for use at high altitudes and a clock that tells whether it is day or night. Dr 712 Don Eagle Quartet COCKTAILS DWI COCKTAILS TAltrtet Contracts 150 NEW YORK tAP)The value of heavy construction contracts awards rose in the week ended Monday to $4961 million, News Record, a trade magazine, said Thursday. The figure represents a rebound from the $403.4 million awarded the week before, but still falls short of the figure for the comparable week one year ago. The $10.3 billion in contracts awarded so far this year is slightly above last year, the magazine said.

111Mk 6A-011KNO COP ERDORILL 8 COOVINalfN -K DOTV i 7 AISIAORANI, BANQUET ROOMS Sot Coops from 10 to 150 BROILED MAKS COCKTAILS ond tht 41,. 1 4, 4 itI1A.LillANI,.....-.., BANQUET ROOMS lot 'loops from 10 to 150 BROILED STIAKS COCKTAILS 1.. 1 ondthg l' 6 il' -7 Cardinal VATICAN CITY (iteuter's) Nicol Cardinal Cana li, Re-year. old member of the Roman Curia, is gravely Ill, It was announced Thursday. Pope John visited him at the cardinal's residence inside Vatican City.

The cardinal is suffering from arterio-sclerosis and his condition was said "to give rise to anxiety. 1 4t1 IN 41 SPOKANE 7, Ciki ly 10 a a Or, even then, until he took off his hat. "I and my two brothers, George and Walter, sure were glad when dad came home and took off his hat, as we always heard that Indians scalped the white people when they caught them." The hat-lifting worked. Concludes Owen: ''We had no worry when we saw had his Concludes Owen: 4 We had no worry when saw ti! had his hair!" A top-in-town dinner PRIME ROAST Sirloin of Beef Soup Of joke, towed green nalariuorprefon Of irenrh dressing, trOdel rem 100111 Owl, potaton, yerabie, hot roils, age, Coeur d'Alene Hotel oming Shop )14 N. Howard at Trent riming com 0 000 Yakima to-30 Crtn Endertn 5 30 It In Tin Tin won Geis storm 6 00 Up Mewl 11'X Love That Bob 6 10 Weather 12 rat Camourtvae I 15 Doug Edwards 30 Number Please 30 Mahhu On About nines Tab Huoter 30 Oven House 00 jack Benn7 On Day in court I 30 rintstone 30 $rven Kell en 7.7 0.110 00 Queen rot Day 10 00 of .:101 Who You Tt us' 10 30 Iaw 1 Mr.

Jua 4 00 Am Pandatand 11 On Cintin Final 1.00 Carat bob 11 03 Plarboues 2J No 30 $oven KM 'I efl 77 5.1nt writo 00 QUeen tor DU 10 00 sa of Deny. 39 who younum, 1 0 .30 tiVi MrJ 114 90 Am PandMand 11.00 IniMio Ffnal sos Capt. Sob 1102 Plarbouas 2J ow the Room it Atonable for banquets end wedding receptions. N. 2002 DIVISION hone I tot Outmost N.

2002 DIVISION they IA PJ323 Whoonemot Chile in South America is rich in nitrates iodine and copper. British Nigeria in Africa has more than 9000 square miles of tin fields. t061! ACROSS FROM NORTH1OWN 8 4 British Nigeria in Africa has I I I MA. if --7imil I I I Chile in South America is rich more than 9000 square miles of ACROSS FROM NORTH1OWN Illy WN TON MOM Ir' A 1 in nitrates. iodine and copper.

tin fields. 41 (.. I 2'. 8 i 4 1 1 i tO61.1 i WN NOM.

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