The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1936
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1936: BLYTHEVJLLB) (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ON BflLLO! lEfll Mancliuktio Ruler Seeks New Mate Kcapportionment and Free School Text Books Are Among Issues LITTLE EOCK, Ark, — Three constitutional amendments and two Initiated acts will be voted on in Arkansas, Nov. 3. Two other proposals were ruled off the ballot. The supreme court barred A. L. Rotcnberry's proposed old age pension act for insufficiency of Utle. The secretary of f.late held Representative Leo Ny- bcrg's petitions insufficient for admission of an amendment to prevent the legislature from enacting tax bills without popular vote. Measures to be voted on follow Amendment No. 22 is a proposed constitutional amendment which would authorize the stale legislature to pass a law' providing for prosecutions in criminal cases on informations filed by prosecuting attorneys, The proposal drew the active backing of Gov. Futrell, who declared it ivould result in a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and not remove any legal safeguards from n person charged with crime. The 1835 general assembly s|X>n- sored the amendment by resolution and filed it with the secretary of state March 20, 1935. Tower of Fixing Salaries It provides: That all offenses heretofore required to be prosecuted by indictments may be prosecuted either by indictment by a' , grand jury or information filed' by the prosecuting attorney; thab' the general assembly of Arkansas! '.'hall by law determine the amount! nnd, method of payment of salaries of prosecuting attorneys. Amendment No. 23 would exempt homesteads up to $1000 valuation for taxation. I Lieutenant-Governor Lee Cazort is-' sponsoring the amendment, ji'i'The home of each and every resident of the slate," and amendment says, "whether or not such resident b? married or unmarried male or female, shall be wholly exempt from all state (axes . in all cases where such homestead docs not exceed the assessed valuation of $1060. "Where the assessed valuation of. such homestead exceeds $1000 this exemption shall apply to the first 51000 of such valuation." Exemption CouH Be Increased The referenda gives the legislature anlhprily_Jo' increase the exemption up""to Y2500, requires the ti-nmb)y to restore any funds which might be lost through the exemption, but prohibits it from improving any new tax for tlic purpose. "Nothing herein shall ever be construed, applied or administered EO as lo impair any right of any holder of any bond, note or other obligation heretofore issued or assumed by the state and now outstanding." the proposal reads, "but tills amendment shall in every respect be construed, applied nnd administered so as to fully protect all the legal rights of all such holders." Proposed, constitutional amendment No. 25 seeks to reapportion membership of the state Icgisla- lurc on a population basis The proposal. sponsored bv chambers of commerce in El .Dorado, Texarkana. Blytheville and other South and East Arkan sas cities, would not change the numerical membership of the assembly. The house has 100 the senate 35. ' It would, set up a State Board later than A^Ti, iS^lf make" the apportionment. Each county would he entitled to one representative m the house, the remain- in,? members ivould be distributed among the more jypulous coun- Unequal Representation The board would divide the slate into senatorial districts each district to have one senator who would represent, as nearly „" practicable, an equal number of inhabitants. Sponsors ot the amendment said w.nlc circulating petitions last summer to obtain a vote on the proposal that many counties with meager population had two Rcn- menlaovcs while others YvUh greater population had one. which would provide 'for the state urnishing free text books through the first eight grades of public ;±?, ls v h :' s Jf d J o J 1 «vu» ^ t o Powell Hale, E. M. Hoslnold, clerks. GOLDEN LAKE TOWNSHIP: Wllsori—J. Fv' bduglfls, J. E. Crain. c. W. Ferguson, Jcdges; 3. C. Brandon, 8 s A. neginold. clerks. LITTLE RIVEIl 'TOWSII1P: . Elowah—R, s. -Jackson; II. J. Meadows, E. S. WUdy, Judges; B. H. Wilmoth. • j. r. Davidson, clerks. West Ridge—J. T. !.ee Jr., E. A. Shelby, o. A. Pite, Judges; '•• Kmmet I Allen, nlll Smith, clerks. f, n i r> i mien, urn fcmiin. cierKS.. Loi.'iitv Hoard b e I e c I s MCCIAVOCK TOWNSHIP: r l 1 PI i t Joiner—J. W. Miller,-Li. P. Bow- JlldgeS Elld UcrllS.. lor den. w. T. Mitchell, Judges; J B. General Election ' • Wll?0 "' Jack a™*"™'. *>fe Officials for the general election son, It. 11. IJoblnson, judges; W. In Mississippi county. Tui'.sduy, M.*Taylor, J. K. Chillis, clo-ks, Nov. 3, have been namM by the Osccola Lumber Co (Osceola)— county election board, compose:! of J. 'J'> Coston, G. B'.' SsgVnvcs Jr.. , V. G. Holland, lilytiieville and o. B. Sejraves and E. K. Smith, O.s- Because his lirst wife. Empress Peng Chi (above), has failed io provide him with an heir lo the throne, Emperor Kang Toll (hc- low) of Manchukuo will sdoct another mate from among ICO sturdy and comely girls, aged 15 to 20 years, assembled for him Kang Teh, formerly Ilenrv Pu Vi, boy emperor of China, anil his empress have been married since 1922. ? X> !\ Sor of the act - Purchase and distribution of the texk would be under the Lime would begin next July l, lne acl leaving the question of financing to the Legislature. Cazort said a "sympathetic legislature" would have no trouble In finding a source of revenue to furnish the books without levying! additional Inxes. I On Alienists and Trials | Proposed Initiated acl No. 3 seeks lo eliminate complex testl- mony of paid alienists in criminal trials. The act provides that whenever an Insanity.'defense is raised, the Irialajudge- has the ! authority to commit the riefcnd'ant to the Slate hospital for an examinatioi period up to 30 days. Hospital physicians then would submit c to the court. Preservation of the testimoni oi witnesses Is another objective Cue section gives officials authority to take testimony of any witness before a magistrate wher they have reason [o believe the witness will not appear at th trial. The transcribed teslimon could be Introduced when the case was lieard. Professional immunity for news paper men is provided, the act declaring that no writer shall be required to reveal the source of a news story to a grand jury unless it Is shown that the article wa written with malice or "not the public interest. 1 in The act reduces the number of precmptory challenges in jury se- eclion and simplifies prosecution for forgery. A committee of the State Bar Association sponsored the proposal to revise the criminal code. oola. . , MONROE TOWNSHIP: Kclser—G. M. poke, W..\V : Wiit- , . . .. 0. P. Taylor, Judges; Mrs. J. w. -Jerks. . Mrs. , Drake, ' ' ' . . . Court . Hbiiss "• (O.ccDla)— J o e Mounts, C. E.'Siilleiigef, O. 'J. Kr- •neii, Aidses; Maxlna smith. Mrs. ''*'i Blillsr, clerk's. ' PECAN TOWNSHIP: Pecan polnu-K. c Branch, c. W; Piisiul, J. E. Dell. Judscs; E. B, Cribs, cliarlns Slulib, clerks. SCOTT TOWNSHIP: Basseltr-G. \v. Hall, w. B Be'l C. Williams, judges; J. A. Muslck. John .wes'brook. clerks Frenchman's Bayou — Leslie Speck, A. Higgins, E . M . No ,. lon . Judges; Oliver Clarke, Marshall £>I>eck, clerks. As usual the number of boxes 3r the general election is .some- 'InU smaller Iliun the number for the primary ebotton. "gus and clerks named by the are listed as follows: Cblckasattba District BIG LAKE TOWNSHIP: Manila—W. M. Borosvsky. Waller Griffin. C. A. Ashabranner. Judges: Paul naugterty, Pred Powell, clerks. Brown's Spur—E. a. Tinelkeld, Torn Pleeman. Gray West, judges; B. VV. Robertson, j. L. Masters. :lcrks. Shady Grove—A. C. W 3. Griffin. Paul Crafton. Judges, r. C. Hatcher, w. N. Ncely, clerks! Lost Cane—Ray Lawson. w D Vastblnder. Sam c. Pincher, jnd ? - 3s; Hcrshcl Davis, Pred Pierce, clerks. Rocky—H. c. Collins. T, c. Owens, Roy Page, jirigcs; Owen L Nelson. Harry Wright, clerks BURDETTE TOWNSHIP: Biirdetts—W. H. Dyess. H. p. Listen. George Eberdt, judges: F. S. Mlfllin. John McRoy, clerks. BOWEN TOWNSHIP: Gosnell—C. E. Coot:, G. W. Crawford. G. C. Wadlcy. judges; J. W. Crawford. Pat Raspberry clerks. CANADIAN TOWNSHIP: Armorcl—C., E. Criggcr. Ed Reginald, J. H. Smotherman, judges; William Williams. Fielder Pern' clerks. Touiato-H. V. Milchuson, Sam Tillman, A. T. irarshman, jud"es- II. Ballotv, clies Collins, clerks ° CLEAR LAKE TOWNSHIP- Clear Lake—F. A. Rogers. Jerry Miller, Theo. Randolph, judges- Will Smith, Arthur Wilson, clerks' New Liberty—Henry Lutes, Dolph Garrett, Ira Koonce, judges; Marshall Aycock, c. A. Mutt, clerks , . . «.....*> u popu- CHICICASAWBA TOWNSHIP- I' v mSlnb =r of t lie. younger set, bc- Numfcar Nine^C. C. Langston, J. I "£, acti ?, in cllureh n™ 1 league J. Moore, Carl Bean, Jud»es- F T Jackson, s. L. Roach, clerk's .Yarbro—Mose Smith, Spenc?- Bunch, n. B. Akin, judges; Wash Thompson, George Bunch,. clerks. ' | Promised "Land—B'TV^Fitztferald ! Prof. GnJsell, Houston Skelton Judges; Diid Moore,- Wiley Me Uaughey, clerks. , i Cily Hall '(Blytheville)—Oscar Alexander, joe Alexander, I, o Thompson, judges; Paris Simon Neil] IJeed, clerks. E. B. Gee Building (Blytheville) —C. G. Redman, Ross Stevens, Jim Hall. Judges; Gene Bradley, Oscar Fendler, clerks. Ark-Mo Lumber Co.—Roy Little W. L. Horner, Jodie Nabors, juo>- ,- , ..». «="- " • " Henry Lays™ P ° nf " A .Pf™* 1 >««. wliich Mrs. ft'/' Alston conducted'''the Bible -"•ay. The hostess was-assisted by Pdfth w ' Gathwri *hl Md Mrs. mints'. r ^ MIvi " g rc!resh ~ Community Singing Pushed in Oklahoma -e «PA B going to give OHahomans a chance to sing to their hearts' content, this winter. Dean Richardson, director of WPA music projects in Oklahoma announced that a statewide program of "community songfcsts" "as been arranged. Everybody is united. There is to be no admission fee. The WPA will furnish instrumental music and leadership .for Ihe gatherings. The groups will meet in churches, school buildings and any other place that will comfortably scat a sizeable crowd : • Local music clubs or other organizations will be asked to sponsor the community singing. Coronation Flags Shipped MANCHESTER, Eng. lU^-The first consignment of flags nnd bulling for the Coronation next May are on their way from 'Manchester lo several of the Dominions and Crown Colonies. Most of the orders so far placed are for small hand-Hags, suitable for dis tribiition to school-children. British Rails Busiest LONDON (UP) -Great Britain has the busiest railway tracks in An over every mi| e of tra h , England every day. Belgf ,„, ha ' 1 Hie second .most congested railway system, with an average of « a per mile. " a railroad grade HtRhwav crossings i, exist this sea ' HALF MOON TOWNSHIP : Half Moon—H. C. Alexander, j F. Hodge. H. C. Buck-, judges- J . Richardson, Sam W. Buck clerks HECTOR TOWNSHIP: Dell-B. Secoy, E. M. Woodard. iarl Majors, Judges; otto Bradberry, otto Koehler clerks HICKMAN TOWNSHIP Huffman—R, H. Green w B Loflin. w. B. Roy, ju - d|fcs . - Bi|ly Hay, S. A. Pepper, clerks •Forty and EIght_E. C. Adkisson, w. S. Barnes, Harmon Adams judges; B. J. while, j. M . Melz . 'ger, clerks. NEAL TOWNSHIP: LeachvIllc-T. if. Kennett, if C Baker. Harry Bogle, judges- s' A Alexander, Mrs. Maude ' Smith clerks Pawheen-C. H. Buck, A. L Gilford. Bruce Gulp, judges; Troy Lmdson. C.len Matheny clerks Box Elder-W. E. Crafton. T' R Neal, joe Hawls, judges- w O Oil' yean, pred Davis,-clerk's Carmi-H. A. Groom, E A Hodge, J. M. Poe, ' inAses . £ c Beardcn. LeRoy Carter clerks " Skidway-J. w. Osborne L' A Stecn. Jack Smith, judges' c E Buck. A. C. Gunter, clerks Boynton— N. J. ixcoh i; w Gay, Joe Morgan, judges- L v' Pierce, M. D. Reed, clerks' ' OsccoLi District SWAYNE TOWNSHIP: Rosa—R. B. Rozclle, j g p meiifcr. G. C. Jackson; H. p. \\ ley. Harvcv Permcnter clerks TROY TOWNSHIP: Nodena—C. E. Lynch, j Hampson. O. F. Craig ].' MJS. 0. F. Craig, Mrs. c F clerks. WH1TTON TOWNSHIP: Wliillon—C. L. Denton, j A London. W. W. Burt, judges- Wifiley. Mack Crow, clerk's ' ' CARSON LAKE TOWNSHIP- Carson Lake—B. H. p! " Alex GoWe. J. T. Cramer J. C. Kirkpntrlck, Virginia EO>). clerks. FLETCHER TOWNSHIP: LuNora—E. R, Bogan, Langstou, Abo Llvcrant, Jack Majors, Bob Gillespi'e Victoria—J. C. Allison,'o w" Hodge. Jiinmie Gwaltncy, Judges FOB SALE"— "Bernat" Kniltin? Yarns FREE INSTRUCTION liEOUI.AR CLASSES Friday, 2:30 p. M. Mrs. Leslie Hooper HOT ctilckasnwbB * Phone I' • Manila Society — Personal The home of Mrs. H. D. Robinson was op?n Wednesday afternoon for a shower lea honoring Mrs. Dan White. Th; J:onoree received with her mother, Mrs. Jack Farmer. Mrs, Helen Hutton. and the hostess. AS- the guests entered they were registered ill the bride's book by Miss Edith Essig. Over fifty nanws were registered. Mrs. Claud Grain and Mrs. Sid Picrson presided over the tea and coffee tables while Mrs. Herman Alston arranged th? beautiful display of gifts. Mrs. colan Bolhnger and Mrs Emery Wright had charge of th- refreshment plates, ,,rs. Ruby Horner arranged the tiny Hallo- w-sen favors on the plates Mrs. white is the former Miss Luciclle counts, daughter of -Mrs Jack Farmer of Manila. Sh» was married recently to Mr. Dan White of Louisville. Miss. She is a popu- l ™rk and Is also a member of the Senior class of the Manila high school. Mr White is also 1: n awn .having made nmiiy ~, --- nis visits here. Thej •wiursday •inbrntngf for Loiils- • "it:, M"Ess., i\-here tliey will mi their home. * > • Mrs 0. W. Sellers was hosier Thursday afternoon to the w M U. of the First Baptist church, of "•Inch she is president, plans were 'made for a complimentary dinnei to be served to the Lions club next Thursday-evening | n appreciation for the support given the w. M by the local Lions. Mrs. Lo- nm H M ^ T d '" lh tt blrtnda y \, me " ! her P"™ 1 ^ ^ a Mrs. W. M. Edwanls, Thurs- T prcscnt wcre £• "»i ean Pierce, Mrs A T "'• Snd Mrs - Wlllla ™ Ed- Joe Edwards, Miss Alberta cd the annual R«I flnd w , |( St Lo " Louis, Monday ana Tuesday. They drove to Evanston, md., to visit Wends and relatives for thr£ day. !? ™ lum i " H " rts P- 1 ""^ Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Hart of Parma Mo Whi, ^^ " 1C local **« and White store during their absence. Mrs. Darnel Johnson, who under, 1 y ate ptist hospital j n Memphis is rc- ix>rtcd to be improving nicely w™?' ,T XH "1 Townsen d and 'son, Woody Mac, have returned to their nomc in Jonesboro after M, P«° Mrnd Mrs. Mac Ileeman, of Manila, O nn"; a 1 d Strs - Jonn Harrtson and daughter, Lena Frances are attending the Arkansas Methodist conference at Batcsville this week B. S. Hudson and daughter, Miss Neva Ray, attended to business in Kennett, Mo., Thursday Aliss Myrian Byrd of Leachville is spending a wee!: visiting Miss Fay Grimes, Mrs. Ethel Willis rtturned to her home In St. Louts after visltln- ViUiMrs.H. D. Alston, her brother, Roy Gllsson, and other relatives m Manila. DR. SALIBA Eye. Ear, Nose & Throat GLASSES FITTED Room 210 Ingram Blig I Res. Phone 410 Office 118 792 TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lamls A Loans E. M. Terry, 1'rcs. anil Mgr. Phone 61J Bljllicrillc, Ark. Scconcl Trial of Euell Svvafford for Assault' to Kill Is On Docket The two-weeks fnll term of the circuit criminal coiirl for (lie fhlcknsawiia district of Mksls.sippi ccumy will opjii here Monday with Judge (i. 13, Keek of this city presiding. ' A full term Is anticipated In view '•i n number of eases being carried over Iroin previous terms and otli- 1urv' U hl l' rMclll<;<1 to Hie Bi--i"d Amotiij [he cases continued from lusl term u that, O f jjn c jj g v tij. Icrd, clmriicd with assault with in- lent to kill. SwalTord. who stabbed his former landlord, W. E, Roddy, so severely ti,nt (he hitter's lid, ••'•" Ji'>uulre:i of lor a tlm?. facwl •<<d lai-t (nil but the jury \vhlch "(d the cas: faibd to agree on :i verdict, A mistrial resulted and the case was continued until (hb lall ivheii railed last sprhw bei l( [«sa of the in health of E. E. Alexander ol defense counsel. Amoiij; ciises which are to be presented to the grand jury is that of George "Buddy" Summers -Miarged with the murder of Mrs, •-iila Mac Wilson. Summers Is »l- wst'l lo have beaten Mrs. Wilson, •vitli whom he was living, to death ivlien she cnme home late at nlulil 'ii nn liiloxlcalcd condition. A little daughter of Mrs. Wilson is expected to prove the state's principal witness, she was at the home when the alleged bca(ln» occurred, " A number of other death cases are also lo be presented to the grand jury, most of them Involving negroes. Charge., involving two men who arc alleged to have perpetraled frauds in the sale of aulo liability insurance are also lo bs investl- sited. The men. Joe cook and Max Baer, have been released on Sl.tOC bouil pending grand Jury action. • . Among other cases of Interest, which may be tried al this term are several' involving • limior law violation arrests, made here by a "clean-up" squad from the state revenue commissioner's office growing out of work of "under cover" agents. The cases are misdemeanors,,appealed from municipal court convictions. Rack o/ Lamb Chops A rack uf youiijf luiub sainNiils : >n s r res j, iKicm I.'3nccham.;s. NP.V York) ll>- STOCKHOLM .(UP) - The remains of a 1,000-year-old Viking fortress has been found oh (lie Swedish island of Gotland. NEA Service i recljK? a noted French chef In America calls lamb en casisrotc bouqucl.Ierc. But only the name Is foreign, the taste Is 100 per cent American. For four serviniss, get n rack of 8 lamb chops, Have them slightly "Frcnched" by Ihe bulch- er. At the ends of the bones, put cubes of bread and cubes of salt IMi'k alternately. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Place mi very hot oven nnd roast for 20! minutes. Then add 2 tablespoons i each of finely chopped white onions, carrots and "celery to the pan. Return to hot oven and cook another 5 minutes, Then remove the rack and keep hot. Add ] cup brown gravy lo the vegetables in Ihe |«n nnd simmer for 10 minutes. Strain this gravy. NOH- for the Vegetables While the rack was In the oven roasting toward succulence, you were preparing 4 vegetables. The result Is this—you have ready 1 cup carrots cut In thick strips, 1 Kiavy. iMuin (he rack lo the oven, hot, but not oulte so hot as It was for the roasting, llakc not more than lo minutes and then serve. This is the kind of dish, Impressive, expensive looking, nnd leally not any extra trouble, to serve when you entertain your husband's business associates. Uon't forijel (he paper frills! Business -friends arc easily Impressed by such things. I.amb nnd mushrooms on skcw- ci's Is another handsome variation. Allow 1-3 pound lamb slcak for each serving. Us? lurgo fresh mushrooms. They are plentiful now and moderately priced. Cut the lamb steaks Inlo 1 1-2 Inch squares, Peel the mushrooms and use only the large caps. (Snve the stems and peelings for cream of mushroom soup.) Season meal with salt and pepper. Use slecl 'Continued Prom 'page 1) nnd the case went to Oic lurv nt 5 o'clock.. : At the opening of court Thursday morning Judge Keck spent 30 minutes instructing the Jury commissioners for Uie next (emi of court' They are: W. P. (Hy) Wilson, w. 1 P. Hale, and. Ben west. The following cases were dU]>os- ' ed of late yesterday while the Amos jury was deliberating: John Wright (negro) who pleaded guilty to forg- ng a payment voucher, sighed by' Wilson Bates, on We wilsoii Co. for 5C.81, was given a suspended' s-jn- lence. Waller Jones, iicgio, was given four years for forging the name ' of Erl( Wnddsll on an order to we Wilson Co. for $5.00 Henry Collier, negro,- pleaded giillly to stealing six bales of colon from T. R. Tindle nud was gh'en four years in the pciilhm- Vlrgll Southern, white, of Luxora iileadcd guilty of bigamy and WHS given impended sentence on good behavior. Henry noblnson, canylnz pistol, $50 and costs. liufus OI-IBBS, .statutory offense, abated by marriage. Sammic white, negro, charged with an assault and attempt to kill Champ Meadows of Luxora. wris Clrai two years on a plea of guilty. Edgar Sheffield and Luther Orlgjjs pleaded guilty to stealing a caw from josh Alexander, living on Q. B. Segraves' place, but hav- , Ing later paid for the cow.'.iinon [recommendation were given sus- psndcd sentences Spencer Claylon, negro, UIXHI a plea of guilty was given two years in (he slate penitentiary for stealing cotton seed from Ross Hughes of Ulylhevllle. Ills companion, Henry Gentry, whom ho employed lo haul the seed, was given a-sus- , ponded sentence. < . Charlie .(Scarface) McCnllars of Kclscr. charged with statutory of" '" ' "" ' Moore, and Continue with meat rcoms Unt m,'.'^ 11 " . £C "? nr . nte "'«««"fd".wa C t« tln" r umier' '1^broiler^id^broH until almost, but not quite, done, for 15 minutes Now place Ihe hot rnck of lamb ' '' • l'"ArU 1 " r6C n nUr '; CtiV ? CM ^ role -- I A newly Invented magnetic In-, I Arrange Ihe almost cooked vcg- sliumenl measures the thickness elables about It attractively. Over of Iron and steel even when only these pour the strained brown one side of the plate can be .seen uaneutly away from the sccon:! HONOLULU (UP)—At least two fishermen on the Island of Waialua arc convinced they have something to teach American anglers m; the way of fishing. They have obtained an Ameiicnn patent on a combination.'Ishhook and spear. Of Ne ws-P A PER PROFIT Some day soon, you are going to buy something you want very much. It may be a radio or a garden rake,' an automobile or a pair of socks. But regardless of its size, you can save money when you buy it., And money saved is money made. And money made is profit. There are lots of ways to 'go about making your purchase. But here's the best we know: Start reading the advertisements in this newspaper. Compare features and values. Study pictures, patterns, prices. Look for familial-, friendly brand names and trade-marks. In a week's time you'll be an expert radio or garden-rake buyer—whichever the case may be. You'll know who carries them, what makes they sell and how much you should pay. And when you are ready to buy, you'll be able-to make your dollar go just as far as a dollar can go. You'll save time. You'll save effort, And you'll save money. Real news-paper profits.

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