The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 3
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,-•' . THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 1034 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE HERE WILL ', SEPT. II / (Continiwi from Pase 1) ti'al. H \vas formerly conlemplat- cd ilmt Hie Central students \vpuld be transferred lo Lingc. Central Echool will liavc only Hie "B" tcc- lions in each of the firsi six grades. Students in tr.e territory who belong in ."A" sections will al- icnd cither l/mge or Siidbury, whichever is Hie nearer. Sludents starting lo school for U:e first time are advised lo be vaccinated before Hie opining of school in order lo avoid loss cf time later.' All children who will be six years of age on or before Octob:-r 22 ivlll l)e eligible lo enroll in ilic grade. provided they enter durinp tile firsl lwo n-reks o( Uie school session. T.'e parents of lhe tcain-1 ners are urged lo brin;- llieiv children lo school on the opening day or elso .send them fully eqnipp?:! willi information cis to ihcir iiams. dnie of blrlli and sticel address. 1 Facnlly Announced The faculty will lie: Superintendent of srr.col':. Craw- fcrd Greene. Elementary school supervisor ] Mils Winnie Virgil Turn-;r. ! High School: principal. Miss Rosa i M. Hardy; assistant prir.i;pn], William D. McClurkin; En^llsl:. Mis-; I Luna. B. Willieim an:i Mrs. L,. E.\ Old jr.: French am! Knalisii. Missl Frances Millfr: Latin and EniMish. Miss Mar'.lia Winbiun; social" science, George J.I. Hum, Mrs. Arlitiir Morrison arM Miss Hardy; science, \V. D. McClmiln ami earner G. Laslie; maihcimlic. Miss Laura Basselt; liome economics. Mi:-s An- Holds 3 Slaps Worth $51,200 mm CENTER Bargaiu Center Comes Back With Joe Newport In Charge The Meyer Uaieuln Cenler will oilglnMly opened liere three years iigo find wus nix'nued mull shortly after llii> first of Hie year lit which time the business wixs suX" tu lire present imnt'is. Joir NV\s|iorl. who was originally In chaw of (he store, will iisnlu serve »s HIIUIUXIT. He is woll known throughout ihis wriioH. having Iwn i-UKmjcil In business here fur seveial years. Mr. Newport will be assisted in the maiiiisji'inent of the store by IXT Kui/. The store will feature popular priced merchandise In all depait- inc-nls. On such occasions us weddings and [uiimiLs. unclein. customs are obwu-cd In c-.ina to such an extern that ili» cos; keeps many families poor. , oi:en fin business Salurday niorn- iiiB in lhe old Grand Lender Unl'ul- Ins on [he conic.' of Main and Pui.'iid Mitels, it was .announced today. The nrx clipavlineni store will carry one uf r .iie largest and most Liimpli-ic ;4.>cl:s ot merchandise In A projxuictl canal llnklii] : il:h Mdiun and uill Include ready- Wash with the Severn and Thames jlo-WTar ciolhim; lor men. women : rivers will make Die third canal lo land children, piece uancls. lieddlily, j cross Britain. Two others ,ihi;e« :ui;| olhiv merchandise, j tiave been in u.-.e for years, lhe j Tor lhe pasi tlirce weeks lhe! Caledonian mill the Forth nnd :imnei.s liavc Iwi-n incpaiinu the Clyde. .-.I'.re anil aiiniiuing (lie .slock for j — i ll:e o|K-niiiLj Uiis week-end. All | Thoinns Jellcrson required only ! mi'icliandiM' will be convenienlly : one sitting to write ll:c l>cl:irol!on j.irrungcd and a coinp'-li'iu lorce j of Iiulviwndcim'. H \vasslnrtedal 1101 sales |u-op;e assure shoppers ol j nlijht and Ilnlslied by dawn wllti u lirmnpi service. ', quill on a willing desk of his own The Meyer Balaam Center wns | making, which is sllll preserved. 'r3',rf-o <laji.-i wliirh che alli'.-.-js svcre (H-liverotI by an iralo \vifo Injurtil lior dii;ility $3l.JOu worlb, Xiln Cavulier, bload film actress, les.tified in her damage trial .irainsi Mrs. f;. li. \Viison. wealthy .'lionsman's wife, in Hollywood. Tho ao- ircss ir, s!io\vii in court as .she charged thai Mrs. Wilson accused her of i tryai with Wilson, UIQU <wuck her. Hlh .iiHl 15lh ccn'.iny France fcjlievci: thai whoever caucr.l Uie ganer or tlo:king of lhe bride ivlieu il was thrown lo ll:em would be lhe next Ixiuqitet. riculture, Charles T. Kramer: commercial, Miss Grace Mnp?.s; library and mathematics, to he .supplied. Junior High School: principal, i f u ' r ' Hunter M.; art and En"- ] l!sh, Miss Vclda M. A-.lcock; ^och! | ecSencc, Miss Monta Hughes: .socia! The sup:r.i;ii:oiis peop'.c of science and English, Mrs. Jesse T.iv-' lor; guidance and English. Miss' Hazel Sample; science. Mrs. Alien i Hill; science and mathematics. ,1. i A. ruckell; music ami maihemni- ics. Miss Mary Etnm.i ITnod; sci-' ence and English, Hunter M. Stead-i man. I Suclbiirj' school: princijial. Chas.' A. Stubbs; first Rrade. Mrs. ,Mary O. Spanu and Miss Mary'Hubler: fecond graue. Miss Hubler and Mis-, Rulh Matthews: third grade. Miss Liicilc Armstrong an;i Miss NL-tlic Gray; fourlh grade. Mrs. E. P. Frve and Mrs. J. H. Webster; fifth grade Mrs. Cecil While; sixili grade. Miss Alma Peters and Roscoe Morris. Cenlral schcol: principal, Mrs. Eima Aniislrong: first and r,econd grades. Mrs. Rodney nanister: third grade, IVIiss Mjirj- li. Outlaw; fo;ir(h erade. Mls^i Rose Spink; fifth grartc, Mi5s Sunshine Swift; sixth grade. Mrs. Armstrong. oifce. 111!ul m fir , h , Mrs Hn ,_ tlln Clerk in S u i); ri,u™ ,«.. ,.,. P , ' - qtnr X in 0 «d S'o "« ,,, m „,„,, 011 j lomlay] n eigh! months term. ° Shivering with Chills Burning with Fever Sure Relief for Malaria! Don't try .homfinn-Jo treatment* or nrwfanglcil reincdh's! Taku~ttn! i:oor! old Grove's 'I' Cl-.ill Tonic. Soon yon will be yourself fol . orove'.s Tasteless Chill . Linge school: princi]»l. Mrs. Ed! Tonic not only relieves lhe syrnp- Hardm; first grndc. Miss Eii/abJlh | toms of Malaria, but destroys the Halstead; second. Miss Mary Mc'Haney: third grade. Mrs. Eileen Clements; fourlh grade. Mrs. Hcr- CARD OF THANKS n us way ue wish lo thank f „., lll( . , these who so tenderly and larinely feels r>f helped in any way during (he ill- against fa ness aurt tlenl'r. o: our lovin» hns-! (n],i elfecl band and r.ithrr. B?n Prichard. iiii:i' Iliose who came so often lo cheer him while he waited (lie call. We also uanl to t/.ank each and every one, fcr lhe hcnmtfiil floral offerings. . The comforting words of friciUs nill help iis in these dark hours ond pray God'-, richest blessings upon jou all. Mrs. Ben Prichard and children. infer! ion itself. Ttie tasteless quinine in Tasf.'lc.',s Chill Tonic kills Ilic Malarial Infection in the blood while (he iron il contains builrlF the blcod lo overcome the cf- liie disease and fortify further aliack. The livo- absoluiely necessary to lhe overcoming of Malaria, ne- Mdc;; triiii; a dependable remedy for Malaria, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is also an excellent tonic of use. Pleasant lo lake anil absolutely harinle:,s. Safe lo fire children. Now Iwo sizes—aOc mi:! SI. The fl size contains 2'- limes as much :is lhe fiOc si/i and r.ivcs yu:i :W~; more for yo'.n money. _ A 'tiv 122 THAT rL4TTER . . . iic new FA 1,1, MODE Pinjlci^. downs cf thorn, flallcr Woutlc ,in<l hviinsilc alike. They .«•;• niciv cnsily rolirnl loo. Iiccai"=c llic.^ Hub riiiiOfls na- M-; in imvs nrouml Ilio Lack of [he Iivnil willi i j:p.n:ilc >H ol soil «n\'cs b.M\\eon i-ach io;v. Of co'.iv:ie inn r:in o\- liccl tills wave lo IbM Icmt'i'. because H's o'.ir •.p:rlnl sienrn oil iiicllnKl Margaret Deen Beauty Shoppe Ingram Iflclg. I'honc HH> FOUNTAIN PENS And Automatic Pencils Dnrinij the monlh. (>f KepU'mliiT, we :ire our entire slnt-k of l.fll) and ti[> iit ;(.'! 1 '.')'.' in price. CASH ONI,Y! 331% OFF The fr.lliiwinur items are Kiimmor rlosv-onts; they are reallv havfrains 1m you—Cash in on them! ?.;H- Pccchce I'olish - 17c 23f Shu-Milk - - - 17c 2")L- (iritTiii's White Shoe I'olish - - - 17i- 25c Shtt-C'Iean - - 17e :iOc Mcx. Heat I'ow. 17c 2'H 1 Ammen's !tc;i( I'owder I7c iMenncn's llaliy , r >0t Nnn-Spi (l)enilnr- anl) :ik- Miic Alum (DeiKlor- ant) 2:lc (iOc Alum (Deodorant) ----- .He (iiic Odopimn (Deodorant) )2r 'Me Spiro 1'owder Talc - 17t: 2fH' Johnson's JJiihy T-ilc ' 1 Of 25c S{|iiilili's liaby I'owcii-r - - - - 1"«r s'liii 1 Stillman's Freckle aOc Heck :ilc 2f)c Mavis Talc Po\v l«c f>0c Nyals Shampoo 2lc ,'J5c Danderinc - - - 2-Ir :ir){.' Nadinola !?leaeh 25s Assorted Talcum Powder 9c, 3 ior - 25c $1.00 & $1,50 Assortment Dusting Powder 39c Our Kvcrv«)av Prices Are -• in Your City — TOR INS 7!>f IJsterinc - - - 5!'t Louis Phillipu 1 it^^lirL ^ ( le 2:ic Lifebuoy Shaving 25c Palmolive Sham- 7~H- Pitch Shampoo 5!H- Tide Pcpsodenl Tooth Paste 'We SI. 00 Pcpsmlent Anti- ' Sdc Chamherliiiii Hand fiOc Pond's (! ream (vanish, or clean.) -ISIc 2S<- ISlai-U & White l-'fivc Powder - - !7c lOt Toilet Tissue 3 for ilwavs Lowest to Be Found •STANCE— .10c.S(|uil)b's Tooth P'istc - - - - 2Hc r,0c Philliiis Jlilk of M;ii;nc.<^i - - - - Me 2.1i' Itlack Draught - 17c fide droves C h i 1 1 (ifili Chill & Fever fiOc Syrup Pepsin - .11H 1 (>5c Drvrn Biibv Food 57c <)n c Alellin's IS a 1) y SI 00 (''irdtii - S'{c 75f Alineral Oil, Full )ij n ( •ji| c 5c Assorted Soap, 2 10 C Itcmemljcr, Within the Next 30 Davs We Are C.iv- inir Away KHl'^— A KAD1O! ISrins Vour Prescrtptions to Us For Aecuracv — Qualily — At Low Prices!. (We Do Not Substitute). Victrola Records 15c - 2 for 25c We Have .lust Unpacked 1,000 Victrola Records to He Sold at An Extremely Low Price of 15c - 2 for 25r. They Consist of Hot Tunes, Old Time Tunes and Sacred Music. PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE These Stores Will lie Closed All Day Moiulnf/, Sept. :i. tricot for Fr'ulay-Salunlay ORANGES Sunkist Valemias Thin Skin, Medium Size Dozen 19c Potatoes Clcnn, l!i'ij; S nun i Hi Illiss Triuiniihs II) I'ouiuls Mustard Coffee Ciiiiiitry Chili I-I.It." Tins 1'iiro (Ji'aiiiilaU'il II) I'nutuls Bananas .in in i) D Waxy I'Vuil •I I'mniilH Djni/Jnr Sour, 2 Qt Jars 25c Dill,' 2 Qt. Jars 25c (•iiiiratilcetl Coffee i Lb. French 23c 1 Lb. Jewel 20c 3 Lbs. Jewel 58c CAIiBAGti Now t;i u" 3' 1 1 will Coiudtd ITU: •!-(}(. itsiit. 1 1 :> OLEO Kiilmiiri'' !•: A NUT 1C- ox. Jin- - - - - 12c MOTOR ors ONIONS Velllw "; ( K. 15 (: liiinrti Oil. Milkers 9C 1.1). t) No. 2 Cnn :< for Salted alted 1/U 1,1). Ill SALMON Pink < 2 Cans i LEMONS TURNIPS (ir -. ivs rink MATCHES "r PORK • MOTOR OIK " FLOUR Silver Wetltlini; 48-lbsk$1.75 24-lb. sk. 89c MEAL Ik'Sl Crcimi Sack Pineapple Avondiilc Slitctl No. 2i/j Can 8-Lb. Carton .. 89c ('tiuntrv {.'lull 2-1.1).' linx Snowdrift 3IbCan 35c C-Lb. Can 67c Waldorf TISSUE •I Itolls For 17c Crystal White Lsirfto liars 7 for 25c SPRKAD jar 12 t: COOKIES As ( \ssi. rc GINGER ALE Z VIENNA SA " SAf;! Ln 5 r ITlILK li l.;re! nr li Sm. ID APPLE * AV ^ L W l!rid(ce Mixed W'ATKK . ; 1AC 2l-o/. liotlle lU '* e - ^,Sh 8" VINFGAR i t.n,,n 17'' PEACHES ^"Llf FRESH BREAD'S 10 C 'lit \ \Vi-sni, l /i 1,1). t'k.u. - 27c ilVfl ,Mai' K ;itc. '/i I'kg. Mo MM AT lianner [TO 2 Cans J 'o. 2 ( .'an. 3 fur KclloiiK. 'i PHip. Queen 1QC 12-iw. ,l:i r U Hams Slianlile-s Weiners, Franks and a. Pound.... Cniinli'v (Mull Roll or Quarters Pound Heef I'rosh Sliced :: 1'oiintls Brains Froli Pii.rk Piuiud Cheese Wisconsin ('team Pound Sausage ill!)',' Cure Pork Pound Bacon Sliced Kwick Krisp I'ouml Roast K. C. Beef THICK RIB, Lb. 14c BRISKET, Lb. 7'/*c Salt MeatH jjSc 1 l_ ShnnlHIpv PftiinH 1ilr • AB%VV% t-iUHlluLij i Ullllu . . il!L LdlllU Leg Pound .... 16%c Steak K. C. Konnd Pound Bacon Smoked In the Piece Pound Roast,Pound..,. chops,Pound ....

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