The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1941
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 1941 BLYTHEVIU.E, (ARK.y COURIER NEWS PAGE-SEVEN SALE FOR REK A Gtu's Wants &fMified for Your Benefit •' 9 •__ i ' * J CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions. | One time per line .............. lOc l'\vo times per line per day — 08c IThree times per line per day..OCc Six times per line per day ..... 05c Month rate per line ........... tiOc Card of Thanks .......... 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered for three or six timc-s and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment \t bill made. Ml Classified Advertising copy Ajbmined by persons residing outside of the ciiy must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be eas.- from the above table. Buy With CONFIDENCE at Phillips All makes a n d models o For Sale Mixed hay. $7.00 per ion. Also, Farm Machinery. Mrs. M. E. t Wright, Half Moon. 21-pk-w' (Continued >'roui Pago G) To. Tax, To. 25 l t I'on. & JiOtlMk Tax I'o'i, L'oxi o-^i rj:; ].: .j on MM .-:•> :,.:-. :'2o ill -U>t> 1.00 ,:'(, (,.•!$ C'oronsi Adding Machine. One Co- • ronn SlamlfmJ Portable Type- \ writer. Don Edwards, I'hone f>ll.i 261 IS lit" IS !•« Addition I A 1 li 1 Trucks Ht prices you can't j will sacriOce urooory. filling stall {ford to pass up. and terms' ' ""' " to suit vour convenience. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions lakes ihe one time rar.e. No responsibility will be taken tor mote than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. 1935 CHEVROLET PICKUP 1937 FORD PICK-UP 85 1939 CHEVROLET >:.. TON PICK-UP. 1S3« FORD PICK-UP 1940 FORD ••• TON PICK-UP. lion and Jiving apartment. Ever-1 Rite Grocery, Highway 18, Pride, Addition. ' -jo-pk- $165 $209 $425 $155 14 room hotel in center of business section. 213 B;iii- Avenue. Gsceola, Arkansas. 20-|)k-l?-i Small house, newly repaire-i & redecorated. $450. Small down payment, balance monthly. Rollison anil Cujile I'hone 1128, 111 N. Second. 8-ck-tl' .For Rent 1939 INTERNATIONAL STAKE '•• TON ?• room Furn. Apt. Frigidnirc. R;I- rage. Private bath. Phone 29-5. 22-ek-lt Well appointed 4 room apartment. 1939 FORD I TON PANEL 1937 FORD \\-, TON CAB & CHASSIS $423 $396 $325 I Big type Poland China pigs. Re£{ istered und vaccinated. Out 01 sows \raghinu: from G50 to 800 pounds. Write Arthur Acl'oru, Stcele, Mo. 8-pk-i-H One complete 2 or :i chair Barbel Shop Equipment. Also, one complete Shoe Shop Equipment, Reft* Bargain. Cull 764. P. Simon. 7-ek-t. KDIJI-IH.I-I Ma A . .Srlllitin N;uii|ii« 1*. Itlllf i.oo ." 1 01* .'.' AliuUlu 4, (in 1.00 1.00 S.US H is fi..SS fi.SN 1 . M T.I;> Mi«. Mmy Will Mis Miiry \ViiHim t") >'. MI.-I.K: Klli'U 'i luiui|> 'l'>i\Mi ol' Vurlu-o :'• : '< .'•" i.r.s i - ( i.r.u :. \' ;..\ :; r>.i-o i.:is •-' ;: 1,1:1 Hi' J.uls ill Ttnvn ol' Yurbru l.CO 7,1;} 1. )':» •i.oo r, ss |i'i>vlft'ilyiiii; fitl fl U' ami 1'iiialli'l In !,tn Uli.cK :'. (»rl«. Sill Vi' Tallin- In H\V'» N\V 11. i,. l>!tft> Niiiuili- L. I'llts Soutli .1 . II. siuUity .1. II. SloUlt-y \\vst l.yilni KnliU'M Ik'lin-r Iliitl *• :!.MI> , TS ii i.O" .'jr. o i.oo ."r. 0 1,00 .::"> SutHli\i»'nm to Muuilii '.:> i.Gu 1.1:; :'> i.itu .:',•> SlillllMl-kll lu MlXllHu !l .60 .i:: !•' -J.UO 1,0'J &..SS l.CU i! cn]-|>.M•iitlnllii ill,I :ill nl)ici'it Ulti'l'. mi' iii-u'l'.v iiniiiiril ilnil tin 1 }- iivc !i|>[>rnr ami muld? <l<-l I-DIX- \\i niitil M1M i.i tin- SMIilf Will |.»i lllUi;H lor '•nIllt'H.iltlll )Unl jllilli- JliclH Illliil \vl!| It., ••llli'ivil .l!l'i-r(lllii lll.t Mill- i>f pillil Inll.l:. Ci-r III" )'Ui|">*,t <>t i-ntU-i'lllIK Mllil lU'lllUlU.-IH l"Vt'«' (UNO-, |i'K''tllci «ll|l till) JJIiVJIIiMK of lUtiTi-fl, l>i'lllill> tiinl vnntr* iil|(>Wi>tl by liiw. »'i'ini nf MihMi-.><li>i>i Cnunu, <' I hli:hiiHiiwtiu Li|«trltt, AI-KJIU- UN, tlil« tln> l.llli ilay iif 1'Vli., 1V1I. A. I). I*I:.M,;> HAU\ P I-:Y am a legal voter of the City of Blylheville, Arkansas, and my residence address and voting precinct are correctly written after my name." initiative petition for the above proposed Ordinance filed in this of (ice on the 30 day of January, ID'll. Witness my hand and seal of office on thi.s 15 day of March, 1941. FRANK WHJTWORTH City Clerk, Blylheville, Arkansas. (Seal) 15-22-29 The ashes of burnt paper money can be Identified and redeemed. Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blytheville. Arkansas Specials! Extractions $1.00 Full Upper and Lower Plates $25.00 (Extraction* ires with yood heating plant, Call 197. j 1939 FORD I 1 - Ton Cab & Chas-1 No. i Alfalfa Hay, good recleanc* 21-ck-tf room furnished apartment. Private bath and garage. 401 So. Lake St. 19-ck-tf FOR RENT—Two-room itni' ecl apartment. Lights, water and hot water furnished. Couple only. 1129 West Ash. 17cktf Three room furnished apartmeu:. Newly decorated. GOG N. Fifth. 2 furnished rooms. 621. Chicka- 1 sawba. Joe Wadcly. 17-pk-2'i| sis & Body. With Tandem Wheels 1938 CHEVROLET ]>•• TON CAB <te CHASSIS.. 1037 G. M. C. I 1 .-: Ton Long wheelbase with stake bodv $595 $425 Seed Soybeans, Arksoys und De-- stas. Burdettc Phintaiion, Bui dette, Arkansas. 7-pk-'i- RKPOSSKSSE1) TIUKS All t-si/fj* TOM LITTLE HAR13WAKK CO. Notice thevillc Annunlly to Levy a Tax of! sufficient, to provide such .sum of N 7 ot More Thnn One Mill on the- Cellar of the Assessed Value of Uu: Real and Peisonal Properly Within tlu« City to Pay Pensions to to De- & Walnul Sts. $299 Phone 810-1122 Soy Beans, 80c Bushel. J. A. Bay. Manila. 5-pk-4/. Stock barn and lots located at Mo nila, Arkansas. Delta Implement Inc. 28-ok-; PI Bedroom. Walnut. Steam heat. 818 West 17-ck-tf 2 and 3 room furnished apartments. Reasonable. 1315 W. Main. 15-ck-ti CO. l>hones 810-1122 i'oom furnished apartment. 719 Chickasawfoa. Mrs. Ramsey Dim- can. 14-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Call 1018-W. Mrs. A- Wert, 14-ck-ti Comfortable bedroom. Private entrance. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 13-L-k-tf Washing, Ironing Good work mules. Cash or term See Floyd Simpson, Delta Impl- mentF. Inc.. Blytheville, Ark. 28-ck- When you'fat Americun Liuly canned goods you can IrutUfull.v j suy that you :iro eating thc best. Frorm Foods, Iuii;lc Stamps. Wo j Oeliver. I'hone US;». 1>!CKAKU'S GKO. & MKT. i Retiivd Firumen, and Pensions ! Widow* and Minor Children of . i ceased Firemen, and Deceased Re• tired Firemen. ; ORDINANCE BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF BLY- THBIVILLE. ARKANSAS: SECTION i. The Cily Council of BlytheviMe. on or before the money ns the Hourd of 'IVustees ot the Firemen's Pension and Relief Fund of Blytheville certlfle.s to the Council will be required to pay pensions to retired firemen, :mci pensions to widows and minor children ol' (kccnsod liremeii tuul widows and minor children oi deceased retired Uremen, lor the 1'cllowinu year. II the amount certified (o the Council by «uld Board of Tnijjlees is more than a levy i ot one mill will produce, the; Council shall make the full levy | uf one mill. of jfas—Tank cur to your cur <Tetrn«thyl G:is) JOYNKK OIL CO. IL S. Iliulnvuy (il, North '>.i-ii""r Service FOR SALE 115 li. Ash St. S rooms & bath. I'ricr S2H. r »O.On, S300.PO cash, bal- ,uice S'^S.OO monthly. Possession it once. THOMAS LAND CO. II C ROYAL DON EDWARDS "Thr Tj'powriler Man" SMITH CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABU TYPEWRITERS OUENCOE HO'ITi:L BUIIJ3INO PHONE 61 i (Every Transaction Must D« Satisfactory) Personal Iti.OO. ROPCSED INITIATIVE ACT NO I FOR THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE. ARKANSAS. INITIATED BY PETITION AN ORDINANCE TITLE: Cmc fixed hy law fur levying county taxes, annually, .shall ; cor-' SECTION *J. ThLs Ordinuncc lify to the county clerk the rate shall lake etl'ect and be in force from and after its approval by the people ol the City ol' Blytheville. And by tills, our petition we or- cier (hat the suine. he submitted io the peop'.e of Dlythevllle to the end that the same may he adopted. of tarnation levied !jy it on the real and personal properly within the Cost of publication in the lax- i cu mi , , o ^^ ' i)lu , m|1| ()U lyers in this paper (3 times) n thc (io - !ar ()f tne llsspi , se(| vahm . tioiv, for ihc purpose of paying pensions retired firemen, and to children of widows and minor children of tie-1 the regul erased retired liremen. as provid-ilo lj<. 1 held on April 1, HM1. r.d l)y law. The Council shall .set! i:,f us. for him^eir. says. 1 widows and minor | enacted or rejected by thc vote of deceased firemen nnd j the le^al voters of said City at minor children of tie-'the regular general city election hav Arouse Sluggish Liver, work o the bile to rid yourself of constip uon, gas pains, and that sou •unk feeling. Take one box of lUIUSY'S ACTIVE L1VEK PILLS m "^ /~iril A T "I^V'I'Ol"" 1 A O"1~>O 1.C1A.L DISLASES Cllnlcnl observation)! ill»cloiio ttiiil rocUil duna«cs arc rcsiionalblo for nmru wri'clietl iiorvcnm Hy«loins than any uthnr pulholo&tcal condition Many 'CIIUUH of oxlromo nixvotinnuKit, .hondaclioH, low-hackiiclius, legacies. hl|;li blood )jniHKuro, coiibttfaltou uu a msoiiuilu uro oftau Umax duo to rucul in Our modern imstUodn of Irontmoiit fur ruct;il dlsnascH ar« nppllcnltla to aliout 00% of flit <:HHO:I, tli« OKcniiltoiiH boliifj caiicor a n d tubercular Vnry liltlo cUucoinfnrl 1» ox jiurlintrud wlillo lining trontcd. No uo gnnural unysthn Lie. No loim of Minn froui work. Curi- acrcplml cannK. DRS. NIES & NIES lllvlhi'ville. Ark. 5M i\!iilj\ I'hone Tin Quilts or ISlankets 15c each Maytag Washer—Drying Room Villie Bell Green, behind City Ice •lant. H.W. 61 North. 9-ck-10-9 Wanted to Buy Bedrooms, near bath. Hot water. Reasonable. 506 Walnut. Phone 1144. ' :.. 12-ck-4-12 Bedroom, one block from postofricc. HOI North Broadway. Phone 970. 12-ck-tf Comfortable room, next to bath. £ One block from Hotel Noble. " ' Phone 978. 12-ck-U" 2. three-room apartments with bath. 136 Sycamore. Phone 1046 or 28. 10-ck-tf All or any part, of Righter Truck Terminals Warehouse, Platform. Office. Phone 727 or 112. 7-ck-4-7 3 room funrshed apartment. Close in. 212 So. Franklin, Phone 1115 7-ck-tf Welding One National Cash Register, electric, .model preferred. One A d d ing RI ac h i n e, B u r- roughs preferred. One typewriter. All must be in best of condition und priced right. Tom Little Hardware Co. For Sale or Trade One International crawler tractor, Expert Electric and Acetylene WELDING Fender and Body Work and Lawn Mower Sharpening D. W. Dell, Ark. YOU ARE A CUMW1MG D06UE, BAROM, SUT NOTCUNMIKJ6 EWOU6H. HAD YOU WOT BE EM SO CURIOUS TO LEARW THE PROGRESS OF DC. BASSILA'S ILLWB^S, VOUR FLAW TO SABOTA6E IK1DUSTRV BY WHOLESALE EPIDENAICS OF DISEASE MlfiHT HAVE SUCCEEDED . PERMIT ME TO RETURM THE COMPLIKAENT. YOU.TOO.ARE BUT hJOT CLEVER E=WOU6Hi VOU'AVE DI^OVER THE WIAL OP POIS0M 1 CARRVIM EUEK1T OF CAPTURE, SUT YOU lAVE FAIL TO EXAMIUE MV COAT LAPEL. PRESTO. 1 I BITE... THEM L SUCK! S 4: WITH! 10 MIMUTES, POS5IBLY •SHALL "MVIL1M Farms For Sale NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Improved and Cut-Over Land ANY SIZE TRACTS Desidarble bedroom, twin beds. Men preferred. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. 26-ck-tl 2 room furnished apartment. Reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. 24-ek-3-24 model T-35. One International Farmnll F-20 tractor on rubbei.; One Tannerman G-disc plowJ blUCttl IJOWJl I Cll/niClll Will trade for cars, new or u.seri. FARM LOANS \T Apply room 304 Hotel Noble > LQW R ' ATE QF'iNTERESI JG-pK-^Ol . 1 terms. Sid used cars. I Bryeans. 1 l-G miles Cooper Bid?. Across from City Hal' North on Hichway 61. 8pk4-8 Phone 4(1!) NOTED SINGER rce bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat. Men preferred. CorriOJ | HQRr/ONT'.AL Answer to Previous arid lOt.h Phone number I. *Minnows for Sale and Shiners. 300 S. Main Phonr P.OO. G. C. Hawks. 12-ck4-12 fr> HMO Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan If: 4(| Ford YK w) Tudor. Sprciai 193;; Ciievrolct Deluxe 5- Door Sec!, -in. Only... A9"7 Ruirk Special 'i"', ............... 193(> O;d.sniol;iie Sedan T -v;r.h H;ici;o .......... 183.3 Chcvrok't Coach. 3934 Fnrri VO Tudor One !9:?1 Chevrolet Coune. A m» car. Coin? r»arlv for this on^ :'-v (i- .'M. A. <\ P;iymrtst 1'hin Many ^lorc on Our His; Lot Open Ni-Ms and Sunday* 1 Pictured prima donna. 3 3 By way of. H Hauled. JS Bilking dish. 16 Imitation gem. 18 Five plus five. 19 Mohammedan ruler. 21 Inducements, i 23 Grief. ' 25 Spore m??':>>J. 26 Average (nbbr.). 27 Before. 2fr Lixivium. poi'ition?. 30 Since. ri > Nljt -' »> ;; '-'ic. .31 Semidiamclers ? - Cl "- v of sorrow. fi4 Burdened. 39 Compjmy (abbr.).~ 20 She is n wiih American opera lovers. 22 Leverage.-. 24 Vcrbr.1. 26 Dyeiny uppy- rntus. 23 Kind <>( tin 1 !-" 30 To nffirm. 32 Rti{ios. ._._t=;A.ST 3^ Opposed r.. ¥ I NTST closed. ^ 37 Pahn;ouiiu •10 Knifo. 5 Cry of inq'.r.r. 43 n ;i ; r , "-\ AM' THERE'S TUM BOV.'OL'BOOM\DOWN THERE AN' HIS BOMB \ LOOKS LIKE" SURE PLAVEC ( HE'^ ALL HECK. WITH '/WASHED UP, ' OOOOM WHM" A. HEADACHE. 1 BUT REGARDLESS \OKAY, PAL...SAY, OF HEADACHES, YOU'RE IN LUCK/ WE'VE STILL GOT/HERE'S VOUR A JOB TO DO,,.yf HAT-MINE 6OT BENT, ALOWG WITH THE REST OF MY T.'NJ W SKY BU&GV./HA! )T LOOkS 4*\ ALL BUSTER^AS IF OUR SLU6S> sii.1 UP/ ( GOT'(M AFTER V - ""^\ ALL J^'~ rfp-i COPB. 1>»1 9VM-A B . INC. T. H. REC. U. 8. PJ.T. Of ft r ru trmUy ncal. $319 $195 $159 $118 33 Above. 34 Blaze of fire. 55 Young oC 35 Fairy. 36 To darn. 38 Nou o ending. 39 T'ouzid (r.^L".) 41 Portico. "" <3 Extent, of rc;u'li. •*-j Mu.sicr.I note. 47 Preposition. 40:VIusicji! com- -.M P;irt ol t> Rlnncl-cUckin^ \vindo\v. insert. 45 While. Spring foSling 40 Branch',':-. 57 Her rutlivc ;;Cfi.<on. 48 DisUuit. land. n P;iid publicity. r>0 Slir. 58 She \? a noledioTo endure. . r >i Obc-se. Wagnerinn 11 Plunts. n 2 Form of "a. -- - st;n "- 12B1.-M-U nird. ")3 S'>u?! ! V\:»13".ICAL iG She h:i> ;i rich [;ii>i)r.). 2 Buiilc plant. ---- vuice. H.i Musie; v i nnt- 3 To . scratch. 17 SoMihing -^ 3>f<ive Cin i. 4 Sutiiite:;. ripplicolio:-..^. f:ibbr.1. i GUESS JUNE WILL BE IMPRESSED WHEN SHE 5EE5 U3 "ZOOMING OVER HER HOUSE/ ONE OF THESE MI6MTB WE'LL lCW IT OUT TO STAUFFEiTS MEADOWS AMD COVtR. IT WITH A CAMVAS • THE NX- • FIRST THI.MG / YOU IN THE ,--' BOYS WORMING, f MAV/EMT VJELL — -- | GOT A . LICEMSE / ai£ YEAH, I KNOW —THATS WE'LL 1-tAVE TO B5 QUIET ABOUT ANYWAY, THEY CAN'T DO TO us TILL CO We DOWN t DOWM'LL EASY; I'LL GO UP WITH YOU, worry/ US, OLK5MTA REME^A8ER EVERYTHING / A UY HARM AM 16 I'i- L I I 123 7.2. 37 tO 'If (Z E SHQCTtiN" Mt'5 V IF OUT OF PSTOU R^Ge:*t&U C3£TfUM BlS RE 138 141 143 jjprvrc: ,\\rr> Hunh? 55 TT L COPR?1»V1 BY NC\ SERVICE, INC. T.

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