The Spokesman-Review from Spokane, Washington on September 2, 1961 · 12
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The Spokesman-Review from Spokane, Washington · 12

Spokane, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1961
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t4t444444444,444444444444441144444444444 Stan Delaplane's POSTCARD Time (and Eels) on My Hands These are the eel-eating days of Tokyo summer. Eat broiled eels now and your health is insured for the winter. (They also have a fine effect on gentlemensomething like catnip to a cat.) The 8,302,565 citizens of the world's largest city are sweltering in a 95-degree, 59 per cent humidity summer. There is no unemployment-1.4 million letters are backlogged in the post office awaiting additional help. The Japanese Stock Market is like a dream of Wall Street in the Twenties. Any investment 10 years ago would have increased your value by 62 times today. If you had bought five blue chips, you would be worth 1,000 times more. "Reja Taimu" is the current Japanese worry"leisure time." (Modern Japan tosses off American phrases like we throw a French "savoir faire" into a sentence.) Says "Inside Japan" magazine: "A local newspaper recently came up with shokkingu (shocking) findings: 67.8 pasento (per cent) of young sari-man (salary men) interviewed saki their aim is to have a pleasant, carefree life. "Only 4.7 per cent said that they aim at contributing to their society." "Actually, masu komi (mass communication) and janarizuma (journalism) took the ridashippu (leadership) to build the recent reja bumu (leisure boom). "It has encouraged the public to indulge in pleasure. seeking during their supeya taimu (spare time). "Newspapers and magazines have played up the reja mudo (leisure mood) so much, so often that some Tokyoites even suffer from reja noiroze (leasure neurosis)." I don't know any city in the world more set for the "reja mudo" than Tokyo. There are various estimates of the number of pleasure houses--bars (with pretty bar companions), night clubs (with hostesses), tea houses (with geishas), combination nightclubs and Turkish baths (with pretty personal scrubwomen). "Iteja Taimu" is the Japanese cup of tea. Nothing pleases the Japanese like worrying about abstract philosophy. Everybody worries about his reja mudo. Says "Inside Japan": "The Japanese meka (maker) is merciless. They use the trend as a gudo chansu (good chance). They've vigorously started the summer sales campaign to sell moto boto (motor boats) by renaming them reja boto. "They are using the kyacchi furezu (catch phrase): 'Enjoy supido (speed) and suriru (thrill).'" The frantic search for ways to fill reja taimu makes the hard-working Japanese work twice as hard. Twice as long. This is an early-to-bed city. Cocktails start at 4 o'clock. Dinner is early. Nightclubs are booming at the 9 o'clock show. Dancing Is on a curfew of 11:30. And so to bed. "But now there are bootleg, all-night dancing clubs," tee Chia told me last night in the Foreign Correspondents Club (and there's a spot that has been in a reja mudo for years). Chia is chief of the Tokyo Bureau of Central News Agency of China. On the side he's a night-life expert and runs "Inside Japan." "it the police arrive at a bootleg dance, the waiters rush a couple of tables with glasses on them into the center of the floor. "When the police go away, they pull off the tables and the dancing goes on." It's a reja lifu. But it takes a lot of hard work. ELECFI ON FEARS Adenauer Unsure of Large Victory BONN, Germany (AP)Officials of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer's Christian Democratic party privately expressed fear Friday of losing their majority over all other parties in the West German Parliament. That was a switch from their confidence earlier in the cam- tacks on Brandt after learning o paigo. Recent public opinion rolls the latest public opinion poll. Hi ! have shown the party losing party was reported to hay( ground slightly. The Berlin crisis dropped from 35 to 31 per ceni could take even more support of the total vote between July an( from the chancellor who has August. The Socialist gained 2 foi headed the government for 12 a total of 26 per cent. years. One party official, who asked anonymity, commented, We are Troops Seek still certain to come out on top but there is a chance that we won't hold on to the absolute Ate ri majority." 1.11.SSilla bin If that happens. Adenaner could lose his chancellorship after the The parties, one of which the in Tacoma general elections Sept. 17. Christian Democrats would then have to call into a coalition, have TACOMA. Wash. (AP) Th indicated they would do so only Army and National Guard sen if Adenauer is replaced. 150 men Friday to help search fo West Berlin Mayor Willy an 8-year-old girl who disar Brandt, the Social Democratic peared mysteriously from he party's chancellor candidate, said home early Thursday. he would form a government rep-They joined 25 or more polic resenting all parties if the Social-officers looking for Ann Mari ists win. Burr, after her parents found sh Coalition Favored Ityno rtg;ocinn frnm ta omcinir tacks on Brandt after learning of the latest public opinion poll. His party was reported to have dropped from 35 to 31 per cent of the total vote between July and August. The Socialist gained 2 for a total of 26 per cent. TACOMA. Wash. (AP) The Army and National Guard sent 150 men Friday to help search for an 8-year-old girl who disappeared mysteriously from her home early Thursday. They joined 25 or more police officers looking for Ann Marie Burr, after her parents found she was missing from an upstairs bedroom at 5:15 a.m. enauer as chancellor. I could have wandered away by Reports from within the Free 1 . . I herself." Democratic party, the country's third largest, also said Adenauer would not be acceptable as head of a coalition government. The Free Democrats have not said this officially, however. Brandt, 47, told a news conference he could not serve with Adenauer in a coalition because of "the present structure of his behavior." Ile was referring to Adenauer's recent campaign speeches in which he said Soviet Premier Khrushchev primed the Berlin crisis to help Brandt win the ' election. Adenauer's associates also have voiced dismay over the Chancellor's efforts to make Socialists look as bad as Communists. They fear these tactics will backfire. Adcnaucr began slashing at The girl apparently was clad only in an anklelength blue and white nightgown. No clothing was missing from her room. Police asked the National Guard and the Army at nearby Ft. Lewis to search the area near the home of Ann's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burr. The father is a warehouseman at Camp Murray, Wash. The FBI said its agents were standing by as observers. Leopard Scare KM. Japan (AP)--A 7-yearold leopard escaped from Its earl in the zoological garden here Friday and scared this city for 214 hours before it was killed by police. Berlin Crisis Funds Asked by Kennedy WASHINGTON (AP)Pres1-1 dent Kennedy Friday asked Congress to give the Selective Serv-1 ice System an additional $3,830,- 000 to handle the increased draft calls involved in the Berlin crisis military buildup. The item was part of a larger presidential request for $8,414,000 in supplemental appropriations for five agencies. Another was $450,000 to meet the fiscal 1962 cost of a broad investigation of all stock exchanges by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Kennedy is expected to sign soon a resolution authorizing $750,000 for an inquiry that would continue until Jan. 3, 1963. The largest item apart from the Selective Service request is $2,865,000 for the Interior Department. Yellowstone Airport Included is $1.6 million to help build two airports near the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National parks. The Canyon Airport at Susayan, Ariz., would get $880,- 000 while $735,000 would be earmarked for an airport at West Yellowstone, Mont. In addition to the interior funds, the Federal Aviation Agency will make available $1.3 million for the Susayan Project and $648,000 for the airport at West Yellowstone. The remaining $1.3 million in the interior item would finance' immediate reseeding of grazing and timberlands recently ravaged by fire. Kennedy asked $1.2 million for the Commerce Department. Of this, $1 million would be added to the funds for a federal pavilion at the Century 21 Exposition to be held in Seattle. The balance would be used by the Census Bureau to gather statistics on textile imports. Finally. $84,000 was asked to help finance the Federal Maritime Commission recently organized to replace the old Maritime Board. Wider Fish Range Set by Norway OSLO, Norway (AMNorway extended its fishery limits 12 miles out to sea Friday and doubled the number of ships engaged in fishery inspection along its 12,000 miles of rugged coastline. The air force was called in to help. However, no trouble was expected between the Norwegian forces and foreign trawlers. Britain has negotiated a 10-year concession for its fishermen and talks with other nations are under way or expected soon. The old fishing boundary was four miles out. The formula adopted by Norway provides for a six-mile territorial limit and another six miles of restricted fishing waters. Among the nations asking for talks on fishing rights was the Soviet Union. Norway replied by requesting the same rights within the Soviet 12-mile limit. Nothing further was heard from Moscow. U.S. Is Thanked by Japanese TOKYO (AP)Japanese weathermen messaged a cable of thanks to the U.S. Weather Bureau Friday praising Tiros III as an excellent example of the peaceful use of space science. Japan's Central Meteorological Agency said the sattelite Tiros discovered a weak tropical storm east of Torishima Island, 700 miles southwest of Tokyo, before it was detected by Japanese weathermen. The agency said Tiros helped Japanese weathermen pinpoint other tropical storms, Aug. 17 and 30 and contributed to early detection of typhoons. Good Reason NORWICH, England (AP)The cause of stealing among youth, the British Institution for the Advancement of Science was told Friday is just plain and simple ergophobiaa loathing for work. Dr. C. B. R. Pollock, medical officer of Portland Borstal Institution reform school for the young mentold the organization's psychology section he studied 300 thieves and found 208 had been unemployed, 14 Irregularly employed, and only 78 in paid work. --- - '-'-"---"" '-' resenting all parties if the Social- They joined 25 or more police Rain Deadly ists win. officers looking for Ann Marie Burr, after her parents found she SEOUL, South Korea (AN-- Coalition Favored was missing from an upstairs Six persons perished, two houses Ile said he favored a coalition bedroom at 5:15 a.m. were washed away and 80 more government even if his party does "There is a possibility a prowler houses inundated in Seoul Friday not win a majority, but would could have entered the home," during a heavy rainfall, police enter it only if the Christian Dem- reported. said Police Chief Don Hager. "Or ocrats rejec!. the85-year-old Ad- there is a chance that the girl 1b4,444 Ile Said It NEW YORK (AP)Soviet Premier Khrushchev's own words were beamed to the Russian people Friday in a Radio Liberty broadcast heard at about the time the Soviets exploded a nuclear device in central Asis. "The first government to resume tests will bear a grave responsibility to mankind," the Cummunist leader had said in 1960. Radio Liberty, which broadcasts to the Soviet Union around the clock from a network of stations in Europe and the Far East, said the Khrushchev quotation was one of several picked from its library of taped recordings in Munich. tS4i4t444t4,4444i Among leaders of the upcoming Spokane United Crusade fund drive are Mrs. Roy L. Wyatt (left), N2503 Elizabeth, a section chairman for the Valley division; John J. Doyle, IBM Corp., a section chairman for the corporate President Asked to Call for World Week of Prayer SALT LAKE CITY (AP) A grandmother concerned about Russia's resumption of nuclear bomb testing, telephoned the White House Friday to ask President Kennedy to call for a world wide week of prayer for peace. The woman, Mrs. Reginal W. Gar If Sr. of Salt Lake City, did not reach President Kennedy, but she talked to Acting White House Press Secretary Andrew T. Hatcher. "He told me the President was busy in conferences all day, but he said he would bring my suggestion to the President's attention," Mrs. Garff said. At Hatcher's suggestion, she also sent a telegram to the Pres Senators Hurry to Push Disarmament Unit Bill WASHINGTON (AP)The Senate Foreign Relations Committee pressed ahead with legislation setting up a new U.S. disarmament agency Friday as the Soviets resumed nuclear testing. Sen. John Sparkman. D-Ala., Dress Plea acting chairman, said the cornmittee agreed tentatively on a skeleton outline and will meet Is Rejected again next Tuesday. President Kennedy was reported more anxious than ever to emphasize this country's search for means to safeguard disarmament at a time when the Russians are setting off new test explosions. Sparkman said be was not surprised at the Soviet action. He said Russia's announcement Wednesday indicated they were ready to resume testing. "I don't see any reason to be excited," Sparkman said. "We know that Russia has a large stockpile of nuclear weapons. This fits in with its program to scare the peoples of the world." Celli Go Out Sen. George D. Aiken, R-Vt., said the Kennedy administration began putting new pressure on the committee for speedy action Thursday in the wake of the Soviet threat of developing a 100- megaton bomb. Aiken said John J. Mc Cloy, the president's disarmament adviser, called a number of senators. And he said administration spokesmen were busy on the hill. "I don't oppose the idea, but I think any agency should be an integral part of the State Department," Aiken said. One of the big questions is whether the agency should be set up as an independent operation or be made an arm of the State Department. "I feel quite hopeful we will be able to work out an agreement on legislation in time to win passage at this session," Sparkman told reporters. Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, D-Conn., said he was generally favorable to the bill and saw no conflict between a continuous search for means of disarmament plans and his resolution urging the immediate resumption of U.S. nuclear tests to meet the new Russian threat. Crossword Puzzle Solution Monday ACROSS 1. Misjudge 4. Crysta'lln pi gmer. 8. Muscovy duck 12. Honorariumn 13. Afresh It The Ern erald Isle IS Uncommu nicative 17. Soft mineral 18. Preceding nights 19. Index 20. Early al phabetic character' 22. Precious 24. Siamese coins 25. Andiron' 29. Salt fT.: Las. Chairmen Named for UC Drive 30. Common. place 31. By way of 32. Bodily 34. Mass of lee 35. Ger. river 36. In good season 37. Coast 40. Disregard 41. Slice 42. Intercalation 46. Cleopatra's attendant 47. Recent navy recruit 48. Extinct N. Zealand bird 49. Wigwam 50. Tree trunk 51. Result DOWN I. Salamander 2. Turmeric ident repeating her telephonic plea. She said she asked the President to urge "all the peoples of the world who believe in a God to join together in a weck of prayer for peace, with one day especially dedicated by all churchesChristian, Moslem, Buddhist, Jewish to a peace On earth that the hearts of men might be cleansed of power drives and competitive motives, that all mankind might join their creative abilities in the great task of bringing food, work, education and happiness to all the human race. "I think such a call would have great influence on the neutral firm-special gifts division, and Mrs. Evelyn Lake, Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp., building chairman, and C. E. Hennessey Jr., Hennessey Funeral Home an area chairman. The drive starts Sept. 18. Press Plea Is Rejected by Argentina NEW YORKArgentine Minister of Interior Alfredo R. Vitale), said in a message to the Inter American Press Association, that the Argentine government respects unrestricted freedom of expression. Ile also said that the closure of Buenos Aires broadcasting station Radio Rivadavia had been based on "reasons of public order and to curtail subversive activities." Dr. Ricardo Castro Beeche, publisher of La Nacion, San Jose, Costa Rica, president of the IAPA, had requested President Arturo Frondizi of Argentina to cancel his government's order closing Radio Rivadavia. The IAPA had acted in support of the Inter Broadcasters Association which had earlier made a similar request to the Argentine government. Ship heels Over on Maiden Trip MANDAL, Norway (AP).--Fifteen minutes after the new Nor. wegian motorship Beta set out on her maiden voyage skipper Ivar Jahnsen called for full speed to show a Danish colleague how easily the 460-ton vessel handled. Full speed and a sharp turn were too much for the Beta, though. In 30 seconds she heeled far over, throwing the 15 Norwegians and 12 Danes aboard into the sea and stopping he ship's engines. Two German torpedo boats and other small boats cruising in the sunny fiord rescued the Beta's personnel. The ship, still listing sharply, was towed back to the shipyard. 121131301113131:113 401:16 OCIR 100 DOR 4130A BEEMGCIN A RBCSY at OEM DEP 0041 DOM OD 491:11210313 MEM OMB Al1013111130113 1330 210111111161, Clo COM uotzia otan 40, DM no ODELL Claw E S Booms oont ammo tom Ong fl:11111013 m03121 Solution of Yesterday's Punts &Lately 4. Appoint. men ts S. Task 6. Through 7. Beard of grain S. Kind of firecracker 4 to I" I a A ig Is 16-' I7 , .4 4 111111111 20 Ulna AUER 11111111111 1111111111111 Villa N11111111111,, 1111111111111111111111,1r ' iiiii1111111','411111 ORIN 91i11111111F-J il I r 16 3 so i4 !r.7,Tilrrffr 6 7 7 ;.1-1 fi Street ur I chin 10. Money drawer IL One time 16. Patron saint of lawyers 19. Chinese money 20. Scrape 21. Beehive state 22. Persian coin 23. Of an era 25. Visage 26. Extra work. ing hours 27. Maiden 28. Seasoned with sage 30. Stay 33. Most tender 34. Surety 36. Exhibit feeling: jocose 37. Roasting stake 38. Rabbit 39. Algerian seaport 40. Or. coin 42. Regress 43. Low 44. Male child 45. Enrage countries of the world now meeting in Belgrade, who are so shocked by Russia's blatantly aggressive action." Explaining her action, Mrs. Garff said she recently spent some time in the Middle East and became convinced that all peoples want peace. "They are all like usthey get the same diseases and they hun ger for the same things," sh,; said. "I have 16 grandchildren and I want a peaceful world for them, where they can have some sense of security and happiness. "And I believe in the power of prayer." Last Times for 4 Bills Programs will be showing for the last times today at four Spa. kane drive-in theaters: East Sprague, East Trent, Auto-Vue and West End. Current Attractions Post "Guns of Navarone," 12:05, 255, 5:40, 8:30. State "La Dolce Vita," 12, 3:15, 6:30, 9:45. Dishman "The Parent Trap," 12, 3:15, 6:25, 9:35. "The Horse With the Flying Tail," 2:20, 5:25, 8:35. Deer Drive1n "The Absent-Minded Professor," 7:30, 10:51. "Serengeti," 9:24. Fox "Nikki, Wild Dog of the North," 12:25, 3:45, 7, 10:20. "Thunder in Carolina," 1:50, 5:05, Last Times Today East Sprague "10 Who Dared," 8, 11:45. "The Three Worlds of Gulliver," 9:55. East Trent "One-Eyed Jacks," 8:15, 12:55. "Blue Print for Robbery," 11:30. Auto-Vue "The Magnificent Seven," 7:45, 12. "The Facts of Life," 10:10. West End "Two Rode Together," 9:30. "Passport to, China," 8, 11:20. Art Objects Bill 0.K'd WASHINGTON (ANThe Senate passed and sent to the House Friday a bill designed to preserve historic and artistic furnishings and objects in the White House. It would provide that when a president declares such objects to be of historic or artistic interest, they "shall thereafter be considered to be inalienable and the property of the White House." When not on display in the mansion, the articles shall be transferred to the Smithsonian Institution for exhibition or storage. 1 ADULTS ONLY! , IN most tAutai 111011t4A0S01 INOCKLII Alln MS OF NM TEAM 1-EV(It'cE t'1,2.7.L1 FEATURE TIMES: ILIS4104:45-11:01 Now! Third Week! 7."-E0dtptinegil A(Avallargiirl di 1..,gAinto 00 OF MI NOMPI EC )-444" T HNiCOLOR - -MULLING mull RORY CALHOUN In "THUNDER IN CAROLINA' MELINA MERCOURI "NEVER ON SUNDAY" Academy kard Ong! Plus ALEC GUINNESS "THE HORSE'S MOUTH" The Spokesman-Review, Saturday, Sept. 2, 1961. POSTALIANKIIII IMUI tiAtirliridtoVe I OW! At 1215.2:K6.40,SM (imaini HI Admivre br filmmit GREGORY PECK DAVID NIVEN ANTHONY GUINN "The Guns of Navarone" O W GM SCALA CinOm wkeope & Color! DISHMAN rzri ISMON M VFINEE I Mlitt)( WAIT DISNEY'S .1 PIE PARENT TRAP' -Ph.- ' .1101Mt MTh Mit. ,V10101111.. iEAST SPRAGlitiorout --a,4 ki------ WALT DISNEY'S frIEN WHO DARED" THE 3 WORLDS OF GUILIVFR'' ray 14 a to Marlon BRANDO-Kul MAIDEN ?'. 1 Iic EASIiREtVotoo-iit seron- . .. ,,.. R "ONE EYED JACKS" ,: - -,: , r1 '11.11EPRPINIuTIFC014111t . ROBBERY' ' - ,,.' 1 $ ? V, 'l ':'' - '''Il'i r AUTO.VUE0041,1t ' .. k fl it 1 at , 1 Bob HOPE Lucille BALL ' !i 1, ,ee, ' "The Facts of Life" N . .A, a tt BRYNNER th WALLACH ) . .- ,A. u ,,, tl S THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" ' ..; t -. ' 14-7- nwEsTINootpaot 1,--& ray '8 g With Any Diamond in Our Stars at 79.50 or Overt 35.00 Value, Service for R, in Genuine Translucent China. Exclusively "Royal Tulip" Pattern introddees our new.series of :1,terna1 Love" Diamond Rings!. Paysil am. 125 Open an Account 375' New Secret Service Head Takes Over WItSHINGTON (AP)President Kennedy saluted the promotion of James J. Rowley to chief of the Secret Service, saying Rowley served at the White House for 22 years "and hasn't lost a president in all that time." "With a record like that he deserves this promotion," Kennedy said after Rowley took the oath of office in a ceremony Friday at the Treasury Building. , The President's participation in the affair was not announced in I advance. Rowley, 52, succeeded U. E. Baughman who retired Thursday after directing the service since 1948. Rowley joined the service in 1937 after a year with the FBI and had been assigned since 1939 to the special White House detail which guards a president. Kennedy noted that three presidentsHarry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Kennedy himselfchose Rowley to head the White House detail. Rowley was in charge of presidential protee tion in 1950 when an attempt by Puerto Rican revolutionaries on the life of Truman was thwarted. 1 The oath of office was admin..' .stered to Rowley by Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon. With Rowley were his wife, Mabel, and their three daughters , Claudia, 18; Linda, 15; and Donna, 13. , Also present were Rowley's brother, the Rev. Frank B. Rowley, a Jesuit priest assigned to the Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and his sister, Mrs. John Borise of New York City. For United Nations BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) Foreign Minister Thanat Khoman said Friday Thailand is "not uncommitted. Were UN.-committedcommitted to the principles, of the United Nations." Speaking to foreign correspondents at a luncheon, he said his country additionally is committed to freedom, peace and justice. 3101,1,11011,k! 1.1 RI ,S! Non teltud SW STET WORSEN JONES "TWO RODETOGETHER" Phut: "PASSPORT 10 CHINA" 4 Features OCEsAcN) FiLlorS AND FNAvou! CA JACK RiCKY tEmmraisox -Th. AM" wm.rik dromobow wet I El GLEN FOHO DON tin O'CONNOR "CRY FOR HAPPY" s 11ERE COME THE JETS" 'ION OF ROBIN HOOD" W est 326 Riverside EL REY de Doors Open 12 Noon MA 4.3003 5 WEEK! EXCLUSIVI a SNOWING !dr" 7, '1'1007 , 111 oilre OAR MS S14000111114 kytt PEEKABOO PLAYMATES' MADE BY ADULTS FOR ADULTS iN REAUTIFUL SUN-T AMNIA) COLOR! PLUS.'INE DESPERATE $U" Fay 9 1 i mo. 125 I ''''a,- '.. ' ,N ,? :kA;.1 '(1. . ' I , V.,-,1 :$ i ktr; 4 4: 7'1.' 4J:'. . - A vd , Or .I'a''''' yilrl-11 7 a7::::.2:1:5'' 1 , ,ee:. 'V44-q,3- ' ' i,7.4 .,,t4:1 -.'frA.N. '1 ,..... -,Aor Y ) i 1 ' V,.... 00. SHOP FRIDAYS 'Tit 9 1 i --,,,,,,zt1;vo..yr.-,,A .W. 617 MAIN ' ,..,-.. li N , ,- t, 4, ( I 1 e i I, -t 4 1 J ' t4t4444444444,44V Stan Dela ' I, P 1 4444444444www41 Time ( These are the broiled eels now a i (They also have like catnip to a CE The 8,302,565 ( sweltering In a 95 There is no une logged in the po ing additional hell The Japanese ! like a dream of Vi; Twenties. Any invl ago would have value by 62 time had bought five would be worth 1 4( "Reja Taimu" Japanese worry (Modern Japan ti lean phrases like sentence.) Says "Inside Ja "A local newsj (shocking) findinc. man (salary men) pleasant, carefree "Only 4.7 per c their society." "Actually, masi narizuma (journa build the recent r "It has eneour seeking during th "Newspapers a mudo (leisure mc ites even suffer f , 1 don't know ar mudo" than Toky There are variq houses--bars (wi (with hostesses), nightclubs and Ti women). "Reja Taimu" I the Japanese like erybody worries Says "Inside .L "The Japanese trend as a gudo started the sumn, tor boats) by ren, , "They are usi 'Enjoy supido (sj The frantic se the hard-working long. This is an ear: Dinner is early. show. Dancing Is "But now the . tee Chia told Mi Club (and there' years). Chia Is chief . Agency of Chine runs "Inside Jap , "If the police i a couple of tablt the floor. "When the po, the dancing goes It's a reja lifu ELEGIAC Ade-. of L BONN, Gun rad Adenauer's pressed fear F other parties in That was a sw ,N confidence earliet paign. Recent pub have shown the ground slightly. T could take even from the chanci headed the gove years. One party offic anonymity, comm still certain to a but there is a c won't hold on t majority." If that happens, lose his chancellt general elections The parties, on Christian Democt have to call into i indicated they wi if Adenauer is re West Berlin Brandt, the Soc party's chancellot he would form a resenting all part ists win. Coalition lie said he faN government even not win a majo enter it only if thi ocrats reject the enauer as chanct Reports from . Democratic part: third largest, als would not be act of a coalition i Free Democrats this officially, h Brandt, 47, tolt ence he could Adenauer in a I of "the present behavior." lie was referri recent campaig which he said Khrushchev pril crisis to help i i ' election. Adenauer's as! voiced dismay c lor's efforts to look as bad as ( fear these tactit Mcnaucr bei Irday, Sept. 2, 1961. 5 1 ,I..41r.v."1"...".."-Itisliall""..,111:0 s , , , (0),- 1 1 V k. --"N 1; .4' '.''.e". ..,4.0 ,1 't 4-'0 '?', i N 'rear .,,' . , F OM,a,C,IP i if I It ,', '.;4;4114"...;- ' - IF1.7111:' RE With Any Diamond in Our Stars at 79.50 or Overt , '.--,,, 35 00 Value, Service for R, in Genuine Translucent China. Exclusively "Royal Tulip" Pattern introduces our new series of "i ternal Love" Diamond Rings. , ' fte , V r Lry ''le 'V-7 ------2-- - iN.,. , . ' ii . '''' N i , I , ; 1 I, . 4'-,-,? , , 1 - :::''''''. ' ' Lady's 699 Man's 725 , 1 e ;1-,''- I e:ss LA 1"-e! A I, e, ' 7 --7: ----"-- - A -4 fork City. , ----1 'c:7---77:77(.4 For United Nations BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) ' Pay '10 a ma. 9995 Foreign Minister Thanat Khoman said Friday Thailand is "not tin. 1,?''"fr.1::'!"---7,7"'"- . committed. Were UN.-commit-1 ..- r :: ;;IK., tedcommitted to the principles, .,, "(A ,,ti of the United Nations." Speaking,' : , Y-1.:.,------A to foreign correspondents at a ,----',4ar. ftWitl---- -;:,: 1 luncheon, he said his country ad- 1 v ,l',.---,-,,,,,f..--,----J,:s...,, I ditionally is committed to free-1 NZxr ..,110 ' dom, peace and justice. p , .:i f, -7,-:--- ,:,.0-: ,,,,,;,, -,I POSTit 'IMMUJAIKIIII V !Vielo.',0,'"4.:'',,,,;7;4,,, ItiltirliAttoV 6 ic., , ' ''''!"2:-----'''' - ,40 ti,,,,---.....,: ,4t , INOW! At 1205,115S, 6:40,110 L;.., : Omits, HI Atttotort Etty tdomit GREGORY PECK DAVID NIVEN ANTHONY OU INN , , , Pay '11 a ma. 12Y ,,,,, "The Guns of Navarone" .17-:--7:-..,1:1-.-:"7:1: ROOM SCALA ------- eli t)---7-----.------ --i-7.-: CinOmnovotte & E iitt! 7----, ,,,y. ,,i,A , , . DISHMANmri E--------4,11Kr,t8,Si.:- 1100NNivi INEE tatity ' ..-7.4: ss:',':il WLT DISNEY'S 1 A1 HE PARENT TRAP"' -1--.---.7gE! t"A'''' ... . - - ':::' . , w. ------; ',. , ---i -woostwnwnimmiolie , it! ,,,,:,,,,, , - , EASIiREN EASISPRAMEitiolkfit 1 P.- t ,..-4'' ' ---- ,' WALT DISNE1"S 17'.----------- ---- - ---------' "'TEN WHO DARED" THE 3 WORLDS OF GULLIVER" l':1,40$14-ift Pays 1 4 a mo. 175c D Marlon BRANDOlut MAIDEN : 1,, At' P.1.11r'i-.:,:' :: ': s R "ONE EYED JACKS" .;: -I4..1--.1rt::: : I Pius Co-Hit ,':, : :3 ' ,4 - 4,. 1 Iti. I 'IMPRINT FOR ROBBERY.' , ,: ,::::; . rAf,,,;:lr':---1 1 , 'lr,' i;ti:cti,;w1,44. vp4.47,11! 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