The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1936
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BLYTHEMLLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER op NnrjTiTOicv,, . ,,.7:.._ . _A^ • ! ^~ ^ *" n -*-*. m. VOL. XXXI11—NO. 195 Blythcvllle Blydievllle Courier Herald lllythevllle Mississippi Dally News Valley leader m,YTHEVlU,K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBBU HI, 1936' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS MADRID FROM AIR C«P«ne's Florida Tort" Awaiis High Bidder WASHINGTON,' Oct. 31. (OP) — The American Federation o[ Labor today charged industry with Inivlng "denied jobs to several hundred thousand unemployed" by I lengthening hours of wovk during • the past jear. 'Xy addiivj to the wovi ! time ot these already emplo ,' hi'iirad of lal:it"; on 'nr/v wirk- Landon in St. Louis ior!^- /'" n . iran lrri P- r > : ,"« s *»i , rv c 1 • ; several linmlred h'.in- LaSt Dig Speeches I ire(I tho-.sand unemployed," tUo 1'rdOTlion nrcerted. In rn arsl-sis of the share of li'tor in "the rotmn tf proip r- ity," tho Sirokcsman for 3,50 .V',3 i-nton workers name 1 the bailor's men ,'iia:i shortage cf buying will eventually cnsns unless a reversal In policy is initiated. By I(ONALI).-G. VAN T1NK ' United press Start Corresiwiidcnt WASHINGTON.,.Oil. 31 (UP) — The 1936 Presidential campaign, begun four months ago with the renomination of President Roosevelt an-J selection or Gov. Alfred M. Landon as the nation's major party candidates, neared the end | today, with a record number of vot- • ers scheduled to produce Hie result at the polls Nov. 3. Tonight, the Democratic and .Republican candidates conclude weeks o! vigorous cross-country campaigning among farmers n't 'Hie crossroads, village merchants, townsfolk, and workers in the cities. The President will deliver bis final re-election apjMal at an v ------- .-„. old-fashioned Democratic rally at I Years Ago, President Madison Square Garden, New " •• i>-Jn.n.iii York. Governor linden will address Republicans in St. Louis Both tlien will retire io their homes to vole and aivalt the outcome. lie SEES CBEIT Will Exceed Thai of Four Yeai-s Predicts f''ircs on Piu'is Somewhat as an ante-climax will be radio speeches by Governor Landon and President Roosevelt Monday night. Both will make final appeals to "fireside audiences" only a fe«- hours before the polls open. Victory for both candidates was forecast by Iheir , campaign dircc- _ tors—youthful John D. M. Hamilton, chairman of the Republican National Committee, and jamss A Farley, genial chief of the Democratic National Committee. Impartial observers believe the r?sult hinges upon the so-called doubtful states—Michigan, Ohio, Indiana Illinois, New jYork. Pennsylvania ; "id .Massachusetts. - . : Ballots cist next Tu":lay may £iirpass the 1932 record" of more than 39 000,000. They may be marked for 1 Mr. .Roosevelt, Governor Lnndon, William Lemke, Union I arty Candidate; Norman Thomas Socialist; Earl Erowder, Communist or any one of the minor candidates, but when they are count- NFW YORK. Cct. 3 (OP) _ President Roosevelt predicted to- niittec headquarters (hat he and Vice-president John N. Clamor world t-c re-elected Tuesday by a greater majority than that of Mr. Roosevelt said he. based his confidence on a 'belief thai citizer.s are taking an inte'ligent interest in the campaign and are reading the messages of both par- The luxinlous mansion un Biscaync Bay near Kami Beach, fin., to which' Al rinonc : I'-cy-dey, may PJffl ,.-,„ Ul , p3sscS5icI , of n n , w mvn ,, ,„„* ,t lo make up deficits in Ihe fcr.-na- Chicago gan, csar'3 income lax , | i;c::e's private dock and swimming p:o!: In the bac'i ronid the h'ur -n / Capon? Is nuw in Alcnlrn?. Pr& ties. The campaign wcrki | Murder Defendant , \ Fleies Mississippi Jail '; ed on. the nineteenth nonr the Billmore hotel, gave a clattering welcome of 'appjaus: lo the president, Mrs. Roos-vrit" and National' Committee Chairman Jarras ,\. Farley: The president paid tribute i. gather-1 Leaders Now Are Confi- a lonr of! T . -T,, „ , ,,__,_ ]' OXFOHD. Miss.. Oct. 31. (UP)— James Walter 'Moore, alias James Walter Graham, 30, charged with the murder of a night marshal at I New Albany, Miss., an escapee from , ., Nashville insane asylum, and aii- T, n - syum, and aii- liiat Goa of $70- ?'"*'" priso . ner esc!l l'"l fom jail P__ D' n •/,;.,.'' i ^l. E r? ll ! ne last »^t. Olllcers Can Be Reathed • 1 - The fund 'to' bring a' • ' reported today. Moore, an ex-convict from the •Viir-<" E - !>te P rls ,°". farm at Parchm'rm.and , illsn frrviYi <31iniK,. n- • <•', Keiser Man, Accused of Murder, Accepls Com, premise Sentence WPA Has Approved An Additional Expenditure of $32,896. . Further Improvement of Walker ' |:aik and fairground.s hns been Etnrled under a $32.890 supplementary project, recently approved , by the Works Progress admlnls- •trnlloii. i An all-purpose athletic field. • lighted for night baseball and ali ! oilier sports. will be built In front of the grandstand. The drive llirough Ihc park, will be lighted, benches will be provided mid' ovens, grills and barbecue plls will be built for Ihe use of picnic parties. Playground equipment will be . Installed. The entire ptirk will be enclosed by a non-climbable fence of Indiislrlal wire nnc oriuimcnla yales will be provided at Ihe Ken- I lucky and . navls street entrances -. | Still '.pending is an application , for WPA funds for Iho ercctloi his I of buildings at the fairgrounds'to :isc Ihc livestock, poultry nm ticero exhibits. Only a few men arc now a work on the new project bnt l! !•' nnliclpalcd that the ininibci " wi ," be increased as other project,now in progress over the count) "re completed. The project will give Blylhevllle a complete athletic Held, sullabk for day or night events of am kind. It will be lighted by 68 1,500- walt lamps, placed in clusters 01 eight or len poles. Immediately li front'of the grandstand the infield for basebnll and softball, which will also serve as a show ring for horse shows am similar events. Tlie outfield of the baseball diamond .will be graded, drajned and .sodded and will be i over the NBC Red. CBS and Mutual networks. ed, the nation will have answered Tilc president will sneak to- the principal question rai.vd " ii!llt f ' 01 " 8;3 ° '° 9:30 ic. s T) Ihroughoul Ibo campaign: "Shall there be a continuation of the Ncu- Deal prosrram prochim- C<1 ,i? y Mr ' Roas e v elt four years The President b.«ed his campaign on a spirited defensa of his Jim," Mhcm he said "lias b:e:v Go °ds company to Blythcville "i"' on the chin for years i stout! ' ».' • $41,625 • today, % tcn^ days •' ° with -a smile." •'•••'- •'.'; | af(er;the opening' 6r tlid campaign 'I?.'" Tlie workers cheered again when' Barters in the drive ''are isllll " Mr. Poosevelt added that through eonfidcnt that the' $70,000 "which all Ihc years he had known Far-'' 5 required can be raised. : They ley tlie chairman had ncvrl acknowledged (hat, (he full am- thcKght'or done a mean thing '" ' ' ' . , • . » b n,m, t lu unity U ni" glir-" "i — * • • • • ••* "•"•*• «*iy m Him jjiijii n,- ' ' —miwi* mi\i «in m, tojment factory' of the Rice-Stix'Dry <mm S1lc 'by. Ala., escaped 1 'OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct' 31 —Tom -fj't nWe for use ns a football Held C1 i Goods company to Blythcville KMi Prcd UMse !/' «' Memphis,''Amos. 30, of Keiscr entered a' s """ e wl " tc adequate for any , rs ,stood at §41,025- today.vlcnvdavs J to . 1V ^ bsl "S h , el(1 hi..Jall,on uu- Plea of .guilty to a chnren n r sp01 ' 1 - policies. Governor Lamlon toured '. (he country vigorously denouncin" ! ' virtually all of the major acts of his Imidcn In SI. Louis i *" v^'i. L-J iMetnpms ST. LOUIS, Cct. 31 (UP)-Gov.! by a special committee Alf M. Lamlon carried his cam-, "either cash nor refusals uom j:aign for the presidency down 1 PM'y heads by whom contribu- ihe home stretch today with a t lions in behalf of concerns <loiii"- omit is not in sight" but expressed ihe belief that as the. goal Is ne.ii-cd firms and individuals who have already contributed "will give additional amounts sufficient lo put the campaign over the top. A visit to Memphis yesterday D . .. ' yielded Kcveiuie for October Sub Corn- final opponent's administration. The New controversy caused violent party upheavals. Progressives guided by the veteran Sen Georg" W. Morris, Neb., supported Mr. Roosevelt. Alfred E. Smith, John W. Davis and a group of prominent Democrats "took a walk" from their party and advocate;! Governor Landon's election. Registration Totals Up Voters soon realized they were going to decide one of the most - momentous election contests in ]iis- tory. They crowded into registration booths in record-breaking numbers. Tremendous gains over former years were recorded in every section of the country* New- York reported 2,899,123 voters. 5SO,- 319 more than in 1932. .In Chicago, 1,801,730 persons registered, compared with 1.498314 four years ago. Los Angeles exceeded its 1932 total by 95.910. Other'cities reported similar increases. Prom the rear platforms of their special trains, over nation-wide radio networks and at party rallies, Governor Landon and his running drive for Missouri votersi business )>iw must be authorized prelude to tonight's con- 1 were cither cut of town or other- eluding blast against the Roosevelt administration. Rejoining his wife and dangh wise unavailable. ContriSntioiM in addition lo slantially Above That of a Year Ago LITTLE nCGK. Oct. 31 (UP) Revenue Commissioner Birl Wise .. . - l"f a of guilty to a' chni-ge pf at Circnada, nianslaughlcr in 'Ihe 'slaying of P T.' Oswpll.- 38, also of "Keiscr in' circuit court here this' morning and was sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary. t Amos' plea was in the nature cf a compromise agreement. 'The jury in the case reported it was deadlocked ill 11:30 o'clock last night after tlie-ciM-c, lind been completed several hours before. It was ordered to report again nt " o'clock this; morning. Attorneys . for the slate and the defendant reached a compromise this morning and the jury was dtscliargcd, Ames entering his plea. . Amos had been drinking heavily 1n Kcissr Hie nfternoon of tei joining his wife and daugh- Ihcee previously acknowledged r 0 l man '" n rc > ! ort today disclos- hllli fg aiid Oswcll, to prevent his here, the Republican presi-|low:. ' f 'i H>nt _S1.CC3.027.10 had been col- arrest, borrowed a car and engnj- dtntial nominee interrupted liis Kendall Berry . hcmfward journey to Kansas to Doyle Henderson ccnsolidale Republican strength in E. M. McCall this state and to deliver a major E. B. Gee Sale* Co address at 9:30 P. M. (C. a. T.)|E. B. Wood&on .... S 25 00 y llie stalc ! " October. ' "" th e owner, Boycc woolricb. to som' The C 9 licc 'lon. nccordimr to' hi?l P take him to his home, about ' loom' Wi£cn ' nll ' s r'jwrt, were hiJher a mlle nntj a half west of Kel'-r ' ion m' V la " tllpy were a 5' M1 ' aso, when | wllc » within a half mile of Amos' • juu.uu ;?i yin r.l.i nn n-nr- ^«ii.._i _.*. _ ._ _* « nntim IIin r-r, n ,i v,^^^...„ t _ _ _.. , revEaviuj his campaign. His spec- Dlytheville Baking Co. ..'.! 23o'oo'» Wude Furniture Co — - ' '" was lcss than Ihey were In 50.00 100.00 500.00 | Hale Jackson, Osceola I Hugh Craig. Osceola .. I Dr. C. C. Stevens A. W. Hayes ]']' Charles G. Juden, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Dr. J. C. Elaine, Wellsville. Mo. .. Closing Stock Prices creases Iccticn' report disclosed were made in of sales that in- the col- severanco tax and liquor (axes,' while the home the road became too rough for the car, the three men started to walk the remaining dislancb. 3n pacing the home of his brother- in-law, Tuc Waklrip, Amos stopped and started quarrelling, apparently becoming angry at some joking remark made by Waldrip. Vomiscs "Fair and [in- partial Hearing" for Pension Program CHICAGO, Oct. 31. (Up)-To Maritime Strikers Willing st *™'nntM to Negotiate With Sliipl im s> l!a1 ' '" f} ' r day lull? (ra en h n- mo »th was In the. fi?ht that ensued. Oswel! in the amount received, sought to intervene. Amos tuni»d !mcsr of this year. Jon him. He picked up a 5>i foot tax collections for the mulberry pole and struck -Oswcll were S3G4.r,%.ll agairat. over the head, fracturing his skull " ntl S281 '- CG4.CS in September; . uien sirrck Iv (UP) _)• The amount collected "for liquor with the club lf lpf i>**li t.lWS fru' Iho ninnlli ...n.... ii.^.. I it.i. anci i and rendering him unconscious. He then struck him two or more blows mate, Frank Knox, Ch kago pub- tte 1 ?? 1 '!? ^ ° f ^ " Usher, directe sr • • Crasl " lillili " : , , Usher, directed a strenuous attack upon the Roosevelt administration. New Deal prosperity, they said, is ,illiisory- and New Deal policies are WASHINGTON, Oct'. 31 (UP»- Representalivcs of labor unions ill the Pacific coast maritime strike Irday advised the labor department they are willing to meet storing up future economic calami lies of snper-1929 dimensions. | • "We must put Ihe New Dial [at spenders ottl," said Governor Lan-' don in an address, hittintr at what he termed the wasteful policies of tjie . Roosevelt administration and charging his opponent with violation of a 1932 platform pledge lo balance the budget. Tlie Republican candidale.~wiTie cainiwlgn tours from Topeka. Kas, carried him eastward lo Portland, Me., New York ana other cities and westward to LOS Angeles 1 sharply criticized ,\tr. Roosevelt's farm, labor, social security, and rc- -clprocal trade-policies, •' He declared the President had ••taken the road lo.dictatorship, and demanded repudiation of administration spokesmen who "advocate • the doctrine of scarcity, of regi- nientallon of all phases of our life by nn all-powerful JTederal govera- nienl in Washington." '• Governor Landon,promised n bal- (Gonlthucd On Page 5) e immediately with thlp owners in an effort to settle tiie spreatl- — ^ --------- ..,„, ... & k,«unous- ly in advance of election. Slocks starscii moderately active with price.'; mixed in n and T ... Hlp. Co])pcr liwii Sleel narrow can be resumed < Ivjn Rnthborn, s?c-l relary of the San Franckco jointl mariiiD strike committee. Infonn-l Secretary of Labor t .. 0 Perkins. • The labor dcpattmcnt annouiic-l ed that Miss Peri.lns had gone' to New York City to personally Investigate the eastern strike situation, where Increasing walkouts are hampering Atlantic, coaslali and ocean-borne commerce On ihe Pacific coast an ever' widening strike wave struck a' dangerous blow at the food sun'- plies of Pacific coast ports and of Hawaii and Alaska. The marl- lime strike, affccllnj 4,000 miles of coast line, became complicated oy a walkout of warchous ' the •" ' - Cities Service Cera Cola Cirnornl American Tank General Kieclric Gcnrra! Motors Inlern»llnnal Harvester Me iilprmeiy Ward NI-.V Vork Central Packard Phillips Petroleum If:u1ii> Corp £1. Ixiiiis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Elaiidard of N Y J Tl' CO U s Steel Warner Bros Cliicdfjo Corn high 180 3-1 72 1-4 128 3-8 •1 1-4 122 G4 49 72 3-1 •"««>« '• i This mo,,! ' , . . -ivn- scnd National Recovery headmmr- lers today announced that Gov Alf M. Landon bus promised lo give the Towiisend old age pension plan a "fair and Impartial hearing" if elected president. Townscnd headquarters said Lan- clon's promise was given In an Interview with Edward J. Marectt California state director. Margctt quoted Landon as saving: "H I am elected I will use my best effort anil will see that the Townscnd plan does receive n fair anct impartial hearing" Atrn:tcrs of French Army's Fire Dtjiarlmcnl ale all ready til case any enemy makes things lint lor (Item-they'll don their fireproof suits to micneh the names. Here's one of them hot-fooling !ll through names diirinj a demonstration In Paris. Check Shows M6 Dcalhs m Yesterday's Aerial Bombing of Capital MADRID, Ocl. HI (DPI— RebM llanes darled nt Madild icpe-ited- ! ly Icday In machitic gun attacks tut tilth- lalds vrere Ineffccllvi) owing to the Ike (if aiHl-ilrcrafi; The enemy nlicratt appealed over Jtadild at 1:30 P M nm l .again ,,t 'J:30, :i:30 ntul 5 i o'clock. , Hotel bon-bei.s and pvrsult plr.iKl; machlno-(jinr\-1, a gav- i oiiMiienl anli-alrciaft nest on Alj cnlu sli'FL't. near the Puerto del | Sri, nt 3:30 P. M. At 3:-!^ P. M. two cxi'lcsions were heard; There was no evl- dei>C"> that there had -been addi- - llomil bombing \lcllms today l'i'ii|i!e nun Tu Snliuajs TJie riltnck on the nntl-aiiciaft 1 lira I came nfter the bmibsis Biased a spcblacnlnr • power dlvo •aver u«! city. No bombs .were clrcpp«l on this raid us the plunes swiftly di'paited under anli-nirciiifl gun Die. The planes could be heard biit net seen, due lo Ihe haze and Record Crop Forecasl for ^,1.936-37 S«c a s, 0 ,n. by \Vashinglon Bureau (''. •WASHINGTON, ,0ct. 31. <UP)L The Biirpan' of Agrlouliural Economics lodny predicted world cotton jirodiitltlcJi In the 1836-iO.'i7 will iimount to about 29,bales, - n new high rccoi\1 for world cotton production. ; Lost year's world-crop amounted' lo 26,500,000 bales, the bureau said wiiilc the previous record crop nvis In 102G-27 when production amounted to 28,417,000. ' The bureau said this year's American crop, estimated at li.ooDOOo bales, should amount to approximately 40 per cent of world production, with a new record high foreign crop, estimated at 17500000, accounting for the oilier CO per cent o'f the. world crop bright Min. until some of tlicm dived low. foi- the attack. Only a few anll-aheruft gun'; attempted lo shell the bombf-re" The populace ran for subway stations and dugouts when the sirens sciecched four minutes 1)5- j fere.- the planes • appeared. Today's nllacks upon the Spanish eafllal cainc aflcr anliiorlt- . Ic.s, counting the casualties from I vislerday's shower of bombs, ae- i-cimlcd for a total of 14(i dealhs. These Included 21 persons first reported as wounded who died .of their Injuries. . ISotiib 1 •BarvKliuiii Airport \ SEVILLE, Spain, Oct. 31 (UP) —Rebel headquarter i ' heie today ' reported thai ' Ihree icbrl irt- airplanes bombed -the mc.lorod Uobrcgal nhpoit at Btueloun at 11 P. M., I^Iday, belllnj lire to loyalist hangars. The pliine.s nllncfcc<l from the' Mediterranean. Two loyalist pursuit planes 'nl- templcd Ib cdmlwt the L-ombcrs but were shot down, it WAS i claimed. Federal Program Will Not Interfere With Private Pensions WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. (UP)Social security official; said today S1ILI S T ni-ru T""."' 1 sccl)ru y ojflclab said today I 1 U that operations ot the new old age I I IKiislon law would "not affect In I b JI I 1 «ny- \ny" the contlniiiince of bene- ---' Has Move Than Twice • u... collections were $131,305.56 , r" ' ivliile September collections total- lractlir «. ed SG8.145.70 and October, 1935, collections totaled SGO.813.5-1. Gasoline tax collections for the Bill Amos, a brother of Tom, citv marshal of Keiser, and George --. „. ...^ Scull, a brother-in-law and deputy a decrease from conslnble, were the first officers lo Irptcmbcr returns. Tills month's reach the scene but made no nr- „,,„..„„..„ vm $870,835.02 while rest, Deputy Sheriff [late Jackson returns were $881,- and J. \y. Thra'llkill later were call- 1 <xi and arrested Amos on a ditch bank about a mile distant. District Attorney Denver Dudley- was assisted in the prosecution by Ills deputy, Wcluy young. Virgil Greene of Blythcville and A. F . o p. . r ' t , J - T ' p * in Ketsf- Exam- ropuIatlOll of . ttto " rcvpnl «' three depressed i , w/ ,'., , London World s Largest "* month showed collections Fmtcmbcr 061.08. "t I 57 3-4 New Orleans Cotton 125-8 NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 31 (UP)—I ^reene of Blythcville and A. F. •H 7-8 Cotton held steady In today's! |j , ani of Osceola represented Ihe ] 1 (short session and closed two tot ncrcnri;1111 . basing Iheir argument 1 T-3|four iwlnts higher. Much of the 1 V r ~ derctlse -°" the ground that 46 1-8 buying was in cvening-up of nc- (C 105 .. clieck vvns cllt b >* n blow o' 68 1-2 counts In advance of . Hie Imli- "^"'s 1st when he sought to 47 1-3 76 1-1 U 3-4 close itfny £9 -i-J 04 7-8 94 1-8 04 3 S!0 1-4 89 5 . 8 M , J counts In advance of . the holidays. The New Orleans exchange will not reopen until Wednesday, Monday bcinir a local holiday ob- ferving All Saints' Day. • open high low close Jan March The farm population of the United sties is estimated to be close (o 31,897,000. ' i Ji'ly Oct low 1157 1153 1160 1154 1113 11C3 1153 I1S9 1155 1103 1157 I1G3 1167 I1CO I1G3 1152 1153 1160 1115 1154 1113 1159 lllDb - --- sought . —— and Waldrip. Defense counsel introduced proto- graphs taken of Amos in Jail five days later, showing the cut with three stitches. The blood-stainett club was displayed many times diirine the trial and also the ragged floor mop which Oswcll used in an attempt to defend himself, incidents boron the humorous occurred ci- ni.i luj iiu inuu "«-*ui^ un me numorous occurred Spots closed steady nt. 1208, np several times as the prosecution " nn< four. nn< l defense lawyers re-enacted the crim - wlm ™ rlous Dcc mi'.* in us m7: 2 114 To i --------- r- c , rm - wlm ™ rlous * iln ™**- a-i- Mivll'' 1-2 H3 112 J ,,, [~l\, Conncctlrlil first raised lobacco <lence was completed at 2:20 pm. M(y ^ '- 1 "2 5-8! between 1640 and 1660. (Continued on page three) WASHINGTON. Oct. 31 (UP)— _ cw York, with a population of I.3G4.S20 persons on July 1. a gain of 434,174 over 1930. still Is twice as big as Chicago and is tlie queen of the nation's cities on (he basis of an estimate prepared today at •he census bureau. private in the fe.era, Compiling a list of the nation's 40 largest cities on (he basis ot estimates made from a mathematical formula, the bureau figures showed that Chicago, with 3,599,997 persons, a gnin of 223,559 Persons over 1930. easily look second place. i London still is easily Ihc biggest city In the world, however, with 8,202.018. j No changes occurred during the Period in the positions of the first 12 cities In ranking although all showed increases for the period. Occupants of the first 12 positions were New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit. Los Angeles, Cleveland. SI. Louis, Baltimore, Boston, Pittsburgh, San Francis:o, and Milwaukee. merit pensions established by individual business concerns, even if the systems require cmplovcs' contributions. Officials said private systems might be retained to augment federal benefits. Officials reported they Iiad received "unofficial advices" that many coriwrations and businesses- Planned to continue private sys- cms established before passage of the social security law. Cotton OHice Fire in Borum Building: Fire, originating in Ihe offici of Sicffbcrl Jierfcl. cotton buyer, on the second floor of the Borum Drus store building, caused several hundred dollars damage yesterday afternoon. Cotton samples in the room became ignited in seine manner and the (lames rapidly gained headway. Actual fire damage, was confined to the one room but smoke and water damag&i other rooms and Ihe first floor of the building lo some extent. Seventeen Persons Die In Explosions On Ship fiOTTERDAM, Ifolland. Cct. 31 (UP)—Seventeen men were ki'l- cd and 20 Injured today in two boiler explosions aboard the Greek tanker Pcprarkis -Nomlkos. A majority of the casualties were Dutch and included n fireman and a policeman who entered the ship with a rescue parly after the first, explosion. Cow Clialtcl for $GGt BRAYMER. Mo. (UP)—A chattel mortgage for SGGI was filed with the recorder of deeds here with a 4-year-old Guernsey con- which weiglis 1.000 pounds as sole s.'cur- ity. The,mortgage was given to the Ro.settlcment Administration. It «t vatc Prize [Slecr Sets Kccord , - .-- i LINCOLN, Neb. (UP)—The grand would augment fed- champion slcor at the Nebraska slate fair this year,- "March On. Pioneer," was sold at auction for I 70 cents a pound, tlie highest price 1 in history-. Tlie Iowa state fair , champion brought 57»; cents a ipoisnd to Its owner. agmen e- eral old ago payments, giving some workmen two pensions payments aft ss paym after reaching 65 sears ot ace. March Ma V Jul >' Cct YORK, Oct. 31 (U ' closed steady. open high low 11GO 1164 1153 1160 1160 1158 11C4 1166 1IGO 1165 116S 1163 11SI 1162 1158 I11G 1117 1114 close 1163 1160 Spots closed steady at 1208, Iwo. 1165 1181 1114 WEATHER . Ice- cream, and sodas, but only Girl Scouts ha I " , , 1.10 Is expended for books. printing voluntarily. ARKANSAS — cloudy, probably rain tonight and Sunday. Colder Sunday and In northwest i»r- llon tonight. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy, probably showers tonight' a n d Sunday. Warmer Tonight, colder Sunday. , here . un 37, official weath'er"'observer.

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