The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1936
Page 6
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W PACE SIX: , BI.,YTHT3Vn,LR (AUK.) COURIER NEWS ; Wiicre Decisive Struggle Rages in Spain's Civil', War t&msm »»* ' i Hazels Count Two Tricks Sliort but Good Play Makes Contract GUADAfZriAMA Ssf" • ~.... i^S^i^ Announce Schedule of Steele Cage Teams STEELE, Mo., Oct. 30.—Th? schedule of the Steele high ^;chool basketball teams has been released by school officials. The schedule: Nov. 20, Warclell. there; Nov. 27, Holland, here; Dae 4, C'ooier, here; Ucc. II, Haytl, there; IJjc. 18. Uecrlng, here; Jan. l, Hrnggadodo, tliere; Jun. 8, open diilc; Jan. 15, Holland, here; Jan. 22, Wiirdell. here; Jan. 20, llaytl, here-; Feb. 5, Decrlng. llierc; Feb.' fl, Cariitliersville, there; Feb. 12, .Cool?r, there; Feb. Ill, Braggadocio, here; Feb. 24, 25. 26, county tournament at, Holland. Those going out for basketball at sieelc high this year are: (girls) Helen Curry, .Margaret Copsland. Jorcttiy Ycagcr, Audrey Mae Veld leima German, Juanlla Hyrd Virginia ,\foore, Mnry Clai r k, Mary felon GarreU, Aealha Wright ismice Jenkins, Alice Mlchie, Ge- cna Carter, Marie Woodard, Ellza- )eth Cireen, Hasal Slmrp. Patricia Cillinp. Anna Marie Milner, Mil- Ircci Rhodes. Iniogcnc Woodard Dledine Dooti. ola<ly.s Moad. Wll- inrd pritehard, darn Nell Allen Mil tic Crawford, Gwirllne Davis' Attle Mne Pallerson, Naloma Marsh, Palm Lenf Klene, Niulln" Dodd, I/iVern Still, Lillian Kitchen, Melbn. Wells, Mildred Moore Bsrnlta Green and Q'Bcll McDan- lel. Candidates for the boys team are; RhondiU Jitirton, Bubble fiales. nuli>h Patterson, Herbert Ketchum, Ralph Ketchum, Bert Wells, Ix)iile Toombs. Howard Gra- liam, Arthur Hester, Roy Doolsv, Earllne Burroughs, Emery Smith nednll willLims, Eugene Young and Joe Jordan. FRIDAY, OCTOBRR HO, 1030 Ily WM. E. McKKNN'KV I Rcrrclary, Amerlean liridge I.raguc Ocollrcy Motl-Smllh, who will be on Ihc tournament stair at Hie fall national championship toiima- I ment of the American Bridge I Lcagiw in Chicago. Ihe week of j Nov. 30, Is one of Ihe country's star i playsis. Although toiirimmont dl- ' rcctlon in recent years has taken him away from the playing tabl3, except as an official, he o:caslon- AK93 ¥KQ7 » 7B4 * K 7 6 3 Today's Contract Problem Soulh is playing the contract at five diamonds, lie can counl six diamond Iricks, and four more in spades and hearts, one short of game. How can he mnlie ihe eleventh Irick? *AK4 V AK2 * D84 *9852 AJ'12 ¥ IOCS » KQ105 2 AQ87G VU43 » J !> a *QJ9 ally finds lime to show lib wlz- "dry «>• '1* Ba"'S-' j Ills last club, which wa-, won In today's hnnu, played at n'.dummy. same contract in hearts, it is easy | Dummy's kin? of hearts \vas enough to count eight t-icks, but | played, and the next (rick was .t requires something more than won witli the jack of hearts in counting to unearth the ollisr two. Uic closed hand. Then l!>e d\i- Head Conner News wane Ads. Sql-riGnto of liie Sun), ilnling Cathedral de Nucstra Scnom ' • knjk: to 1850.. nnd foiinert by Uiei la Almudcnii, under construction . .'••;»:: I)y NEA' Service since 1895. H Is om> of the show , Madrid, capital nf Ei:niii and, spols o( the city, .objective of rebel armies. !sj AKcrr the llourbons rose to slipwii here in rotation to tiewby power • In the Will century, tlicr.' towvts anrt the inoimtiilnnus ler- were numerous wnis nml revolu- * Vain which figured lft .>,•:• plans lions, llrst union}; royalist, fnc- or..besieging rebel seii>: .\: . \ lions, Inter between royall-ls mill . Madrid grew from a .'•'::; r--'ii- icnulllcnns. and. finally, Iho prox- tu'ry Moorish ouiposl. win -;i- cut striifigle between Uie leftist the royal| 71 cfTect, the na- Fied the site of the pfeseii : -,ii Palace. Alfonso VI cnpturec -, ; ^l' rid in 1003.. mid under the Cas- •tilian kings It grew rapidly. In 15BO: 11 became (tehee, and, in . lion's capital. ;; -The royal pnlnce, dominant iHilldtng, erected In 1738-154 on a hciglit overlooking the Mnimn- ; ?rcs"river fronr (ha cast, orai: .pies the site of an older oalara .-.ricslroyc'd by. .fire In .1734. •' "" republic p.tid the Risclsl rebels, 'Ilius. many of Madrid's older 'i;nl!(l!iy-;.s Imve pit-marks s made by bullets from past .dissensions. current civil war brought threats' of similar disfigurement lo many nc-.v buildings. Among them was ibe new H-slory Na- tlon'il Tclcilionc Cl:i. buildliw. oiie of Ihc city's skyscrapei's. One of the historic .silos Is'the city bull ring on the eastern iulskirls. Uugcsl^ot numerous p.'iizns In Madrid 1 is Pneita del Mashed or Boiled, Potatoes i-y Make a Nourishing Potage .li:':" By NEA Service •"'•• Sunday's polntoes arc Monday's; soup. To 1 cup cold mas'ii- cd fjioiatocs, slowly add 1 cup polalccs. Slowly iidcl 2 cups warm milk, Stirling until mixlurc is smooth. Simmer gcnlly for 15 minutes, adding more milk when warm milk. Slir 'constantly un-i needed. Season with salt and til; all lumps have disappeared,! pepper. Chop enough tender then place over low fire. Sltn- J leaves of chicory or watercress to ; iner,-sllrrins fraiiiEiilly. unlll tlicjflll 1 cup. Turn these inlo Hie mixture. Is smooth., almost glnced.l soup, stir until entirely covered. Season with salt—onion salt if yon have it handy—pepper and a few drc-ps Worcestershire sauce. Tufn in I cup canned condensed I bean soup. Sllr .until completely Uendcd. Heat thoroughly but do not boil. Add more hot milk if loo' thick. Serve in small bowls. with wafer-thin slice of lemon In .each. 'Potato Soup With Hcrlis For n soup with herts, heat 1 •.fciijpopn tJtlcr in a saxicepa.. v , , ll(lt •odd 1 teaspoon minced onion and! add 1 clip cold mashed potatoes 1 teaspoon finely chopped m-,v| stir with fork, breakiii' l-acon. Cook until onions begin lumps vmlil mixture is lo lurii yellOT. Then work In! .smooth. Simmer 20 minutes or with fork 2 cups cold mashed 1 until onion is tender. Sti-aln Heat r.ud simmer another 10 minutes. Arid !-•! teaspoon lemon Juice, then cerve. ttlch I'nlatn Scnip A rich soiip which can become the main part of a Monday meal .befiins with 1 tablespoon butter, melted in n large saucepan. Add ! teaspoon minced onion; sanlc 'or i minute but do not brown. . Dust onions with 1 teasixron Hour. '• IjStlr, Ihcn slowly stir in 'J cups 'an.; warm milk. To the milk mixture American embassy, wihcli was draped wllli American flags when rebels 5-tarlcd air raids. Oetafe and Parajas airdromes, however, iiiiunlly were the intended lar- gels of rebel bombers. Madrid, wllh a population of 5'20,COD Inhabitants, Is located on ft low plateau near the : geographical center of the Iberian peninsula, and Is regarded as havin.; an unheallhful climate, due to the wide dally range In temperature. Its ereatcsl protection from rebel forces, until recent days ol Ihe wai, was Ihe Gimttarrama range of mountains to Ihe north and northwest. Between Madrid| of Ferdinand and the mounlalns arc fo\v natural defense lines. The rivers are small nnd Ihe lai/1 generally' is flat. Hirflif 2 cifi yolks, 2 tablespoons uratolj Populnrity of the profession Is cheese nnd 1-2 cup cream to- due lately lo the fact that it of- gclhcr.-. Add to strained scu[), ! fci-s a means of livelihood for with niorc hot milk if needed these who prefer to work out- lo make desired .consistency. Sea- doors. sen will) salt, a dnsli of cayenne.' The division of forestry at Ihe Simmer 2. minutes more, but doj University of California wns open- ways and railroad connections with Spain never wore fully dc\elo;:cd. Tills allowed rebels lo Isolate the city b/ oc- cupylng a fc.v strategic points. In air raids during the approach of Ihe main rebel armies, bombs feel in various sec- lions of Die city, but , none hit the royal palace. This lent weight lo reports lhal exiled King Alfonso was ncgoliallng to resume Ills abode In Ihe palace in | the event of n rebel victory. Bridges across the Manzanares river were lni]X>rlanl In the rebel plans to take Madrid. Victoria bridge was built In 1909; Bridge of Ihe ICinj was built in Ihe century, during the reign VII.; Segovia'bridge was built in 1584. Most disliuguishcd Is Ihe profusely decorated. Toledo, bridgi;,'.",.._,,. .. - completed_hi_ 1132. ' '' KRfeil'CRAIfi'S milk scores again in Us I'U'RITV ami WHOl.KSOMK- N W S Dealej A A 10 5 WAJC2 » A8 *10852 Duplicaie—-None vtsl. Wesl Norili East IT 2 * av 2 N. T. Pass 3 T 4 V Pass P;iss Opcnint; lead— f. A. Soulh Pass Pass Pass :so mend ace wns laid down, nnd a heart was led to dummy's queen. Tilts cxhausled the adverse iriimp^. Dummy's last diamond was led,' and trumped in the clos:<l hand. Then Rast was put into the lead with a club and was forced to return a spade. By his clever handling of ths hand, Mott-SmUh lost no spades, i and gave up only two clubs and ona | diamond, fulfilling his contract of j lour odd. ! Eighteen children a re sufficient, believes 39-year-old Mrs. U. Jl. Dennett. She said her family was large enough, when hospital ai- tcndants were called in to find a name for her newest — Jewel .Maurine. Aii2 VJ05 4K.QJ10753 All vtil. Opener—* K. Solulion in next issue. Defeat appeared inevitabb. bill Moll-Smith found 11 way out of his difficulties. After winning the firsl trick with Ihc ace of clubs. West shifted to the diamond kin;; and South refused to win the trick. Fearing lhat he would be leading inlo Ihe ace-jack In the clos;d hand, West abandoned the diamonds and led SHELBY, O. (UP)—When huntsman liyron Heck straddled a log, across a ditch to fire at a .squirrel, many things happened. The gun kicked and Byron fell facs down in the nuid l>3low, but wa' at the foot of a tree was ths squirrel. MW-DOfi CHOW CASH FEED STORE 112 Hast Main Its qivmq JOCK Pros! I • -^ ji 19th not boll. 'Serve nl once. Forestry Profession Gains in Popularity UERKE'LEY, cni, <UPI—increase III Uic popularity of forestry us a profession has developed -so rapidly Hint Uic University of Cnlifor- uln is linvlng difficulty taking cure of She 'number of students who desire lo specialize In tlml branch. i The, percentage of stucients tak- inj forestry courses lias increased 300 per cent in the past six years. I «l in 1814. IJy 1!)31 it liacl 05 un- j clergrndunle.s. This year it ims jumped to 307 with an nddUlnnnl 22 urmtunte students who are Inking post grndunlc. work. Read Courier Neves Wail Ads. TKKRY AIISTRACT & RKAI.TY CO. Alistrarls, l^nuls & Loans K. JI. Terry, 1'ro.vamd iM|;r. I'licnc lil( Blyllicvillc, Ark. JlfA CRAGC$ AMAUN6 PKCOVEBlEC * SAXJ NO AUTTER. NMHICH WINS ON E GOOD 04) AMERICAN $PIWr WILL fflEVAlL 1HPOV6HCXrr OUft, COOtoK^ foa. AHOTHEB. SOOW ELECTION NI6VtT,TO.\ST1KE WINNER \NITH y&DS NO CLAIMS- When you casl your vole next Tuesday you will use your best ju<igrnc>nt in selecting; your, candidate. Do iho same when you buy whiskey. Try OU! American Brand and see if yoi. \ '••-.'.- agree thai i'<™«i- '»• '• tliere is "good judgmen. -very bottle. _ 'STRAIGHT RYE AND STRAIGHT BOURKOXj'u,sK,ES Ontoftbt Quality Products of THE AMERICAN DISTILLING CO. -— • • —rum, IUIKOIS 'L INC. HIGHEST QUALITY CRAIG'S DAIRY RINGS THE BELL EVERY Tl ME .'•- THROWING WAVE Why Pay $ 5? When you can buy Pedwiti's at $3,95 PEDWINS HAVE... PERSONALITY >.95 PEDWINS have those finer •L chqtacterislics>that pcuticu- 1 lar men prefer. They're equally popular \vilh men who insist on style correctness and those who think lirstol comfort. **>' \.( This full wing "Normandie" will be popular on the campuses and in the business centers as well. See the many other new seasonal slylec now. The FAMOUS JOK API'LIOHAUM J) brewed for cold weather drinkiag. Do sure to insist on FalstafT, ihe or/g/W Winter Hccr.- When you feel that cokl weather let-down, pick up and pep up with Falstaff Winter Beer! It's tingling, bracing, exhilarating—a special cokl weather beer! You'll fall for the fascinating flavor of Falsiaff Winter Beer. Brewed to a secret formula from nature's finest ingredients and flavored with age, it has that certain something no other beer has captured. Reach for the telephone and order a supply of Falstaff Winter Beer now. By the case or in the handy six-bottle "take-me-home" bags. It makes warm friends everywhere

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