The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1934
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS llffl PM![ IS SET PAGE THREE Pittsburgh Heiress Finds Life Excitii Separations and Reconcili- ations Come Fast for Pittsburgh lilopers By NEA Service prrrsBURGH, Pa.—T>:? unsta ble stale of affections maintained | by Pittsburgh's most discussed mar- i ried couple has provided romniul-l cUts and cynics alike wit.: a hewj topic of conversation that's likely I to take rank with tiie depression. I the latest doings of the Niu-is and I comment on the weather. i The serin) story quality of 111; j elopement tirsl aroused interest in! the befcre-dawn marriage of Kal-1 «tta Mulvihill, 10-year-old blonde' daughter of ah oil company exeeii- ! tive, and Thomas Green, the 21-1 year-old coal truck driver, i Tlie growing reeled ol tSeir| honeymoon'separations and K-COII-; eiliations and tlie interchange of, cables to arrange for tr.eir honey- * moon trip to Mnila have main-1 tained lhat interest at climax pilch.j So now the thousands of Kaietta and Tommy fans sk "What're those kids doing today?" just tis they look forward to their daily serin) Etory insialmcius. "Tht Only Man" Oa J>er '.vedding dawn. Kaietta announced that she loved Tommy j madly. The Iiext tiny sl:e rcnounc-1 ed him, said she would obtain an annulment and marry Sadriano Pa- redas, son of Qihntin Pareda 1 *, speaker of the house in the Insular Legislature, P. L, and "the only man I ever'loved", to whom she. was engaged when she left Manila in May. The next day she reiterated her love for Tommy and announced she would marry him again "in a real church wedding" as soon as her mother could arrive from M.i- nlla. The day after the wooUilng he told t'r.e world he 'oved Kaietta and Kaietta alone. The following day he said lie was through with her. never wanted to see her asain. that he would have the marriage annulled himself. He even worried out loud about what his "other girls" would think. Then he, too, changed his mind and decided Kap letta was, after all, tlie only girl in the world. Another reconciliation took placs at the home cf Yvmic rBunii2r, 17, whose mother runs a barlx?cuc near |foi'l of n (llslnnt vantage.. All life ils sharpened by this dny-to-dny iconlacl. The tnlk nround Iho house had n 5000-mile camping trip In Persia—own lighted her brcuktnsl. ciiinovnr hi the open forum of I''ixills, wheie. digging Is going Girl Scout Executive Finds Is Rig Help IIV .MAKV MAlUiAKKT MlHItlDK NKA S,TvU'i> Staff <'orri'sjK)iHli'nl I si live nnd vigorous, too. Voi| mlnil has no chance to go fiulelly | on now for iellc.s of the past, lo sleep, lulled by loo much comfort." ISrcan In Oolltiro Vein Miss fichalti rame lo New York from MimiosoUi Slie UCKIHI her .scclal service woik In her i-ullrRi! days nt Hie University u[ Mlnne- .soia by leai-hlnu u das* of settle- ( ,,,.,, , ^ cnllghl „„ c ,„ ment «hls. She was considered a . Us , ]w ., „.„...., fm . bait. Illlli- made by her [oilier friends S Bass ?. it Nearly Got Eagle for Angler ccntly, M, has Si collection ol ear^ ly surgical Instrument* which his come to bo widely envied by med- Icnl men. Dr. Mackall. wlio practiced licro for BO years, obtained Diem from his lather, un early fiibtcrii Ohio doctor/ y Fkkertl Bit Woman's Toe OAKLAND, Me. (UP) — When"1 Mrs. Elijah S. Oorncy was swim-. LlllllU Uslllj 1! luxikeil u line, lo . . mlnir, here rcccnlly shu was bitten ""'"' on (he toe bv n pickerel. •=>•" 'md worm for ball he first fn>3. He left it on llic L'tiitn^e his luck, anil to linvtf It treated by a doctor, business and social .service world as 1 was an only daughter, and mv one i:l Hie ablest women exceiitives mother was active in Mini sort of I in the country, keeping an efllcl-1 ihliiR, evi'ii lo Ihe exlcnt of bring-I enl .supervision as she does over ing me lull It wlu-n I was C|iilte InniiiiH'iiibte departments inul com- young. I milters, a personnel of 'I'M and a' "My rt-al taste oi public liiulgn of a million dollars a year, j-spoakhu; came wlini 1 v>as nsked MKs Sehain believes lhal an ex-1 In 1015 lo lake pail In, New Voik. >liilo campaign lor isnifiaue. 1 tlldn'l. have much pivparallon. Cullfdi- Surj-icul Instruments UAKNK.SVI1.LK. O. (Ul')-Dr. B. II Muckiill, retired physician, re- il»™ l'«u > mint WISE OLD OWL by Csso "The iluy I reported fur 'duty. \ was Rlvi'ii a map |;ox and told lo stand on n sired co.-ner and Jusi Mini Milking. 1 was sine 1 could- n'l do II, but I did. And thai cx- unve me Hie IjcKlnnlnx of Kaietta .Mulvihill is reminded of the boy the left behind her—in Manila—every time she looks at "wedding rhia"—• the solitaire was given IKT by Sidriano Parcdas nnd used as . nuptial band In elopement i-mcrgsncy. But no matter how often sh? and 'Ihomas Urein have changed their minds, they've always ended in an enthusiastic clinch. eciillve needs a many-fldul life lo ipievenl minowiH'Ss and In-nrow- ir.m^.v I'urixisely she lives in a Eclilement house in a jiiKir secllrtn o! Hie clly so lhal she will never lusc touch with what Is going on in the world. I Irled having an iipaLtmenl," she told me, meditatively. "H w;<> all very nice. 1 could sit In my j i> philosophy. 1 decided that if"yoii p!ea>anl living room ;ind read Irom'vvcnt ahead with courage and de- a newspaper or inugnzhiu about j U-imlnalion. you roiiltl do almost what was happening, but somehow: rnytlilmj. And today I Mill ue- .seenu'd n very academic wuy i Li-M 1 lhat Is true."' ot Kcliiny Information. _ | Mi:^; ficlialu went on her (h*t "In the selllement you can ac-' camping trip al the age of live, tnally see uiul feel ccnidillons nnd nnd she has been a fain]x>r ever >ou are much more caccr to do since. vear »he accoinpiinlcd something about. Ihem. You know n limiip of older Otrl Scouts on an what It mcanr: when garbaRC Is not 1 eh'.hi-dny jiack (rip Inlq the luoun- hcrlcullvctwl, for yon see II belo.-c you.! tains of New Mexico. The party jhjlYou sec unemployment and Ihe lode 2no miles on horseback over [feels of child burn- Inslead of dljfkiill passes and slept at nlnlil eadlny about them from Iho com- liy water holes. Two years a^o she ed them lo the home of the clerk j or courts and routed her, heavy- \ eyed and weary from bed. • Kalcta. who will not be 10 un- ' ill December, gave her age as 22. Tommy B.IVC his as 21, which was csnect. Kalettn also used the name of Justine Parcdcs. her own middle name and the fmiriiy name of her until then fiance. At the parsonage of the Methodist church. Rev. S. M. Billingsley tumbled out of b'jd lo tie the knot in his own parlor. i Then Tommy discovered he had no wedding ring. His bride took j off the engagement 'ring youn: Paredes had given her in Manila | and handed it. lo him. He placed it on her finger again as the minister intoned the ceremony. Back To Old-Fashioiied Art Grove City, and with whom Kul-{p an , ai] , Francis Homp etta had been visiting several l - ° "«»'"-!!> nume "S weeks. Arms and tbe Man Tommy werjt to the Brunnsr home, and found Kaietta had gone to a Sharon night club with a neighboring farm boy. When she returned they threw their anus around cacli other, oblivious of; half a dozen newspaper reporter; and photographers. At 5 a. in Tommy drove back to Pittsburgh and l:-is coal truck. Kaietta went lo the mountains ior a week, and by ihis time another chapter of their hectic romance undoubtedly is being enacted. Mrs. Rosalie Mulvihill, in Manila, has cabled Tommy lo "do the manly thing, obtain an annulment. t will nuance both of your passages lo Manila." Tommy. however. demanded transportation back to Pittsburgh if the romance goes on tlie rocks in the Philippines. If Uiey go to Manilla, it. will Mrs. Mulvihill approximately $1,000 for tl:e 6.000-mile honeymoon: som S300 in train and Pullman fares to the Pacific Coast, and from $700 to $800 for steamer fnre. Parents Are Separated Kalelta's father. Thomas J. Mulvihill, has been separated from her mother for many years. A divorc: court order requires that the girl shall spend six months or-eacli year with her father in Pittsburgh. He seems to b= the only one imcxcited aboiit her marriage. In Manilla, young Parcdas. jilted former fiance, was reported to be unperturbed. His reaction to Kaletta's Manila honeymoon was not recorded but his friends recalled that when a "student engineer' in the Pord plant at Detroit h« was a professional prize n»hter for time. The romance lhat lead to Kaletta's elopement began about three weeks before when she met tlv young truck driver at a parly He monopolized her and frnm then on saw her with increasing frequency. On August 15, while she was visiting her friend near Grove City. Tommy and his friend Charles Haberman. took Kaietta and Miss Bninner o Presto, to attend Ihe wedding of a young couple neither of the girls knew "Let's:- . . . "Okay!" It was after midnight when they .left the wedding party. The moon was shining. "Wouldn't it have been nice." Tommy askc.l Kaletla. "If hal had Is Being Dismantled! i ST. LOUTS (UP)—Workmen are ! dismantling the historic old David n Francis home, closely allied with sccial and political development of the Middle West. H was in this stately that iancis entertained three Presi- lenls—Giover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, William Coward Tafi— vas host to Alice Kuoserell Long- wr.rth, "Uncle" Joe Cannon and nany celebrities. Francis was Mnyor of St. I-ouis, 3overnor of Missouri. President of he Louisiana Exchange Exposi- ion. Secretary of the Interior and United Slates Ambassador lo Russia during the World War. He built the home in 1803. ESSOliiNE HAS~\ EARNED ITS REP SMOOTHER PERrORMANCC Interest Revived in Island's Glacial Grooves KELLEYS ISLAND, O. (UP)—,\ lew interest in the historic glacial Sioovcs on this Lake Erie island las been shown since the state recently took over the surrounding terrain as a state park. One of the larger of the inscription rocks bears symbols of Inrifans smoking a peace pipe. Tlie inscriptions are thought to represent the peace that once existed between the Erie nation, which inhabited the shores and islands of La!:e Erio, and the Iroquois nation, of New York State. The inscriptions are believed 300 years old. What lo do with Mint l-ac'igroimd nf sunburn acquired by so much fi£5ith:ous lolling in the sun this summer? This Parisian beauty is trying to start a back to tattooing movement as a solution for the problem, and to provide ent?rtalmncn for spectators at fashionable beaches. ARLINE JUDGE.. l I ,CM.Kin K (,,U,m. lift I'kturo ««r fcxiurcj in lilt cur[i.nt Im "Cricuirul \YiLliin" u)i, "I Ktt Krnl tnjorment «>cl nf imy ford V-H." BAIIAIA'WIIKS wmracJ •!> the Forii V-ti's apptil to thoDiinJi nfyottnit wnrucn when ihc Jcclirrd, "1 love (he »KT Air ford V-B handle) in fri^c. It mikei UrliEnc almost cfanlcu," JOAN nan Teilurcil liere ii »n &r<Jer.i Vniil V 8 fin. "You limply mult dritci Toril V.rt ir yoa wine tn be imtn in Iloll)HOo<l ID. d*r/* MX5 Mill Jlluajel], ANN SOIHI«N...,N'i,w uartinc llic ColumliLE [xciuce "Blintl Dale" !i)i, 'I've owned end driien nunr more ex' pcnme cin.but never une thai handled nxire inuoihlx than my Funl V-S." Mary and Doug Appear Heat Wave Hit I^iundryman D J t M b II i SALT ^AKE CITY, Utah (UP) — neaay to maKe tip; This dra ,,ti, a ,,d heat wave is HOLLYWOOD. Aug. 20 (UP>and film niimors that Mnry Plckford Doi:s!as Fairbanks, cstranEj?d couple, had lion today c.Tccted a rou^rlit a rcconciiia- mystcrlotis smile and an "1 won't deny it" commc-nt from (he. mistress of Pickfair. When told of reports cm rent in Hoilyv.coci lhat sh; nnd her globctrotlrm: hnsbar.d hart reacnc-u in understanding. Miss Picktord said: "1 can't discuss it now." The actress readily admiltcd that she dined List night with Fairbanks in her spac-io;>s home. Libby Prison Key tough on everybody. Take the lanndryman for instance: While the mercury hovered around 100 here his business of washing pajamas fell off one-half — clients sent only the trousers. Louis VII of Prance adopted the fleur-de-lis as the royal emblem. Ulan Firemen Attended School HTCHFIELD, Utah (UP)—Utah j firemen did all their fire-fighting p j • n Ll_' i ^ n ^ c classroom here during their i round in KubblSn' approved methods of dousing ai I recent three day convention. They MT. CAHMEL. Ha. (UP)—A large listened to lectures on the most brass key from Libby Prison, made l>lazc ' all(I I' 1 *" answered a mime- famous in Civil War days, was ograph examination questionnaire, found here in some rubbish. The key is about, eight inches long and weighs two and one-half j pounds. It bears the inscription "Libby Prison" on one side. The relic was said to have been l>iought here by a Civil War vcl- eiiin about 25 years, ago. At that time it was a great curiosity. But it was cventatilly lost and forgotten until found in the rubbish heap. SHOE SHOP Across the Street- From Roxy Theatre Hich class shoe retxilring with the latest type machinery ant) quality material, We Are As Near You As Your Telephone Fret call for fi delivery service PHONE 120 Paul Hargrove - H. B. Campbell and me getting niar- bccn you lied?" "Swell!" she said. "Let's" he suggested. "Okay!" she told him. and the elopement was on. They ran to Tommy's car. shouting gleefully. A Presto policeman stopped them. "What's the Idea of all the noise?" he queried. Tommy couldn't be bothered. He took one punch at the policeman's jaw. The officer went down nnd out. The elopers arrived In Wells- burn »t 3 a. in. A cab driver guld- More than 100.000 |>coplc arc stricken with lobar pneumonia every year in the United Slates. Give Us Yntir Order for COAL iio-.v while delivery cost Is the lowest. We handle Red Ash. Nfonl.i- vallo. Ark. Smokeless. New River.. Manchester. Zeigler. Kentucky and' Dedusled Buckwheat for ftokers. 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