The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1952
Page 6
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Bi/TTm!Y7T,T Musiai and Fain Hold Big Leads in Batting Races Stan Has 18-Poinf if———=* ——— TtTWSBAT, AUGUST 5, 1952 Stai Has 18-Point in Nationalj K«*'s .323 Second i In American; Alwell h Runner-Dp in ML NKW YORK im — perrls Fain of ' the. Philadelphia Athletics . and Stan Mnsial of the St. I.ouls.Cards, : hopeful of retaining their battms crowns, have taken commanding' leads in the major league hitting races. r Fain holds a 22-polnl advantage over his nearest competitor.} George Kell of the Red Sox. to top (lie American Leasue with 345 an IB-point bulc'e ; over rimnerup Toby AtMT-11 o[ the Cubs, pares i I he National loop REGISTRATION BLANK Fishing Rodeo Walker Park Aug. 23 and Aug. 27 I, flic untie)signed. (In hereby apply far rcjriRlra- (ion in Hie J?lyf hvville J'isliinir Hndco a( Walker [•ark. I certify Unit ! am nnl older ttian jr, years of ace and thiil I will comply wild all rules nnd regulations of the rodeo to the fullest extent. Name -..'. ^ gc > Address H:\ct (Mail or lake registration blanl; lo l'ollr,« Dr|i,ir(menl In CJl> Hall) Raschi Blanks Nats 1-0 And Yanks Stretch A L Margin to 3 1 /2 Lengths n\ JIM KK.vsri. Associated Prfis S|>orl« Writer Remember when Hal Newhou.ser and Dizzy Trout combined ihejr talent to hurt the Detroit TiRers to the 1545 American league pennant? Then Johnny Srtin and Wnrren*"- Kpahn came aloii-? wit.h ihe 104S Ferrfs F.iin Bobby Shanfz Goes After Coveted No. 20 Tonight The. Athletics' first sacker, who captured the batting Iitle last season hy an 18-point margin, liooslerl ! PHILADELPHIA l/r, -Little Bobby Shantz ^"r ^Hr^or'y^ i"<"""" ^ ^^ - —"<><»< clip. [league season, j Kell collected nine hits ill 21 i If Ihf Philadelphia Athletics' con- facing .shantz is like having a can- I ... a hole i in the ground. | Any discussion of his physical stature Is purely academic. His' shadow across ihe league's statist!-! cal department Is long — mighty long. His record of 19 wins against only three losses prior to tonight's eaujp Is lops in holh major loons. Hl.s farjlerf run mark of 1,53 is the nest in the junior circuit and he has 110 -strikeouts — only one less than the leaelcr. Billy Pierce of Ihe Chicago Willie Sox. 1 .' up on the mound s 20th win of tile current American trips and stained seven points to ; denscd curvehaiter comc.s through; nonhall iireri r>t you from jump from fourth lo .second with I— and he's (ailed only three times .323, one point ahead of teammate j 'his year — he'll be the first ma- Billy Goodman in third place.' J° r league hurler to reach Ihe ma- Ooodman. the balling champ in i K"' 20-jrame circle in Ihe 1952 cam- 1950, went five-(or-24 nnd skidded paign. ten points to .322. Boblry h:is been the lalk — small A pair of New York Yankee out- talk, that is — of Ihe baseball l*lders. Geni! Woodlimi and Mick- j world since his record began tn ey Mantle, are in fourth and fifth ! reach Impressive proportions fair- Vic Kaichi Senators that places, respectively. Woodling, third lust .week. is hittinp while Mantle owns a.312 average. ly early in the season. His sweeping curve hall nnd recently acquired knurklor have be- Mustal, who won Ihe National j come the bane of American League League hitting crown year by | halters — some of whom insist that i • comfortable 11-point margin j : — -— hiked his average seven points during the week. Tlie slender outfielder went on a 12-for-28 hltli rampage for « .425 murk. Although he lost four points, I rookie Atwell remains second with I .316, four points ahead of Chicago j teammate Bob Addlj, In third Klace with .312. Ted Klus7,ewskl of Ihe Reds trails Addis by n point with .311. followed by New York's Whitey Lockman, .310. -jHornsby Takes Over Reds' Reins Tonight Welch Defeats 3 Challengers In Mat Duels CINCINNATI l/n—Rogers "liajah" Hornsby lake* over the managerial reins of the seventh-place Cincinnati Reds here tonight as the Redlegs open a two-game series with Ihe Chicago Cubs. The "Rajah", recently named to< succeed Luke Sowell as [he Reds' I j pilot, aairt he will handle the third' / ',£-. , lr\ 1 t 'base coaching .chores tonight as : I_/f t?/5 L-'GrGC/t Redleg skipper, ; Hornshy, former great second j nA f$ fyr4 r- £f~\r Mi'y.'U.... mama " " s e m a n " mi *•*"VJO fUl " 'f '^S&£$f^Bn slugger, lold tiler ' H -r£&< p re s.s yesterday. "I'm no diplomat, and neither liostnn Braves and delivered a one- ' two pitching' punch thai Innd'.' ed the N. L. flna.i nnn'l. look hO'V. but Vic Ha.f-:ht and Allic Reynolds, a pair of | New York Van- koe motinrlsnu-n, i a r r- Ihre.itfuing ' to do it all over; Ka.^rhi tossed his !lt(l srr-llKh: win last ni'-iht, n 1-11 blanking of I h e Washington brought his season sl/ile lo 13-2. Tonight. Reynolds fares the sarne Senators in the nation's capital and will be shoot- In? for hi.s nth in 20 decisions. That means the two Yank right- handers, aith 25 wins between them, have acrounterj [ O r heuer than ^o per i-cni of (heir team's triumphs. i Ha.schl scattered six hits and i fanned eiqht while walking onlv one. 'I'he Yanks won it in Ihe sixth Irnini! when ex-New Yorker Hob Poilerfipld walked Gil Mcnougald vvilh the hase.i loaded to force over Hank Bauer with the game's onlv tally. So the Yanks are now 31.', names in from of second-place Cleveland and anolher full game ahead of Ihirrt-place Boston, both of which were Idle lasi nii;ht alonp; with the rest of the American League and all of the National. New Orleans Atlanta Chaunnooga Mobile Memphis BirmiuEham Nashville Ullle Rock 62 52 .544 61 52 .Sit! S7 59 53 62 52 61 .4511 SI «3 .447 NATIONAL LEAGUE flrooklvn New York St. Louis . Philadelphia . Chicago Bnslcin Pittsburgh ... W I, ... 66 30 ... r,n 37 .. .58 44 .. 54 47 ... si in 42 30 Pet. GB .fiia 6>i JK> n .535 14',:, .505 IT.i .420 2B .283 41 STKVK.MSON SCOIIKS A I'OINT-Gov. Adlai Stev*enso7i of Illinois, the Democratic piesirlential c.-indirtiite, shim's an expression ol confidence as he scores a point mirin;: a tennis aanie at the home of some lllends, Mr. and .Mrs. William Drake tn Elkhart. 111. Incidentally Die governor lost the match lo his executive aide. William McCormick BJsir, Jr. Some 25 nc»'.smen atlrl photographers were Interested spectators. IAP Wirrphoto} AMKKICAN I.KAOUK New York . . Cleveland .. Boston Washington . Philadelphia Chicago Kt. l.ouis ... Detroit VV .. 62 55 54 50 53 43 36 Pel. OB .590 .. . .SS8 3' 2 .SSO 4'i .520 n'z .510 S',', .51)1 8 .40(5 1!) .350 25 Tatum Sees Another Good Maryland Team Threr El.vthevillc v o 111 rt - h e I wrestlers have decided they .should i leave the ancient Greek sport alone ' —at least for a while: ' I T. Duvall, Billy Milhorn and: Douglas Lowe accepted n "mect-j nil-comers" challenge hurled by | amateur grappler Edward Welch I from the Memorial Auditorium ring | last night, and all three were beaten in ipiick fashion. Welch, youngest of the famed wrestling Welch brothers', beat Duvall first In just three minutes with body stems. One of the slams' knocked Diivall out and lie was nnj easy victim. . j Then Welch used a body press to Inke care of Mjihnrn in only l«o minutes and Lowe was the victim of a body press also in two ml'i- lites. i In last nisht's main event of !he' Legion's weekly wrestling show liriv Welch and IX;R Fields defeated Fritz Schtinbf! and Suey Hiiy.imaka in the hcs» two ol three falls tae Welch and Fields rallied to lake the final two falls and the vl. ;-.iry after losnic the The roiiah' bout «9s climaxed by a free-for-all in the third round that ended '.v:l'n Fields! Welch bmtins the heads of their oponent.s together and then pinnitic them j Schnr.bel anri Hav~inaka '\'^n • only the first fall anrt it too;: them 23 minutes to do that Seventeen feet of snox !el! ;n Craler Lake National Park. Ore durinz the winter of 1!>M>-51 •r^-, ^- - am T a Simon Lc«^Y ; ^^ r<!p ' { \,A •:•$$'• "•= "' don't pat VL™£J-W ; A s " ys °" tne bi ' ck CUagl^iM// for whnt they are being puiil lo rio. In that, way pcr- i-ffAf,-, haps. I'm not a if fe ! .'-'/ - diplomat." Holers Hornsbv . In ' rt ' sc " w ' nz ' the Redlep per- sonel. Hornsby declliieri lo .say whether he would make any drastic, lineup chances. "I'll have to wait and .see what we have." he said. ''('an Improve" "I ilo believe, however, that any plaver can improve in nny department of the game by proper prac- "My men will practice hard where I think they need it most." he continued. "And they'll never stop tryintr. hustle wins close' ball games." The Rajah said "any player who has anv self-respect .should and must irv his host. He owes It to himself. He owes it to 'he fans." Victory Tlie American linked Life innir- ance Company's Lifers, leaders in the Bay Window Softball ix>acue won iheir nth victory of llic sen- son yesterday allernoon h\- (town- ing Mead's Clothiers 12-1.' The LilciiSxHme up , vi th « x runs in thf-.-tirt ninine lo decide the issue. Billy Mdiar<?. who pitched in thp absence of .1 p Oarroil, had a shutout going until the final Iiame when the Clothiers cot. to him lor four runs on four hits. The biq blow n[ the Inning was a home rim by Wr.s SUllinos. Herb tlhilds was I lie losina pitcher. He cave up 1:1 |,lrs. tllrlurime MX in the hie fifth Inning. Mehars cave up onlv risht nils This aMcrnooii. Sullivan-Nolso!''s Chevrolet vie r e slated to play ihe 61 Inipjrinrnt Company's Plov/bovs in anortirr league game. H looks like Rn.srhi ami Revu- i old.s are going lo have lo continue t carrying the load through ihe ''• league leaders' last 49 games, 2f> ' of which are on the road. To make . it worse the Yanks play 18 games away from the Stadium after Labor Day and only three at home. And furthermore, they have to face Boston's Red Sox seven limes ! al F'enway Park and five at Ihe i . Club lo show a profit against 'he ' Yanks Ihis season, holding a edge. YESTERDAY'S RF.SII1.TS Southern League Birmingham 4 Mobile 3 Atlanta 7 New Orleans fi Little Rock 3 Memphis 2 (11 mn- mgM i only games schedtlle.1i TODAY'S CAMKS National Lea gun I No games scheduled) American LpHj^ur York 1 Washington 0 (mghtl y game .scheduled) City Softball Standings (.'OM.MEliCIAL I.I-AOIT. Suiilherii I.PRKHF Nashville at Chattanooga Lillle Rock al Memphis Birmingham al Mobile AtUnla at New Orlea s (2t Te:in Kilowalters . Diny Sox .."...'.'.' Money Changers Planters Leather Pullers '".'..' HAY WINDOW Lifers . ..., Chevrolet^ Mead's Plmvboys Motv;e VMCA ... . \V. 12 S 6 3 14 9 n . 4 3 2 I'et. .750 .600 son .429 .200 I JM3 351 Natinna! I.papue Brooklyn at New York I night I I.oes O-51 vs Hearn <12-3i Piuladelphia at Boston f2> Iwi- night Roberts i IB-fit and Meyer n-12) vs Bicklord 17-10) and. Sur- kont ffi-ini ' Si. Louis al Pil,l.<jbiirgh <nighti Mizetl (6-15 vs Hogue tl-2) Chicngn al Cincinnati <nigh(i Hacker <9-3> vs Raffenshergcr KHowatters, Bankers Tie 15-15inCSL The Farmers Rank Mnncy Changers and Ark-Mo-Smithwesl- ern Bel) Kilowatlers battled lo a l-">-15 tie in n Commercial Softball League irame at Malnney Park yesterday. The game was r-alled »(. Hip end ol regulation five innings of play because of darkness Both sides used t.wo pitchers in fhp wilt) fray. Cox started for Farmers Bank but gave way lo Cald- wpll in the fourth. Pnrrish starled lor the Kilo*'iUters but was relieved by Bray in *.he fourth. The KHowatters. who practically have the league championship ed up. have but two more games to play and this tie probably will nol be played off unless it is needed to decide the championship. This afternoon. Planters Hardware was scheduled to piny Duro- Chrome In another league game. Read Courier News Classified Ads. \ * FORT WORTH. Tex. I ft— .Jim Tatum. who coached Maryland lo an undefeated season then heal Ihe nation's No.I team, Tennessee in Ihe Sugar Bowl, said today he «'ouM have anolher good team and indicated that if he got a bowl hid he would take it although "they'll probably suspend us again." • Referring lo action of the Southern Conference in prohibiting [Maryland from playing nny con; letence games this year because i it defied a bowl ban. Tatum declared that he still thought, bowl games were justified. " The hi? fellow, here to lecture i& j the Texas coaching school, said he ; believed college football teams should play in bowl games bei cause it was a reward for football attainment. "The colleges partici- I pate in the NCAA basketball, track ;nnd baseball Inurnamenl.s while j football has no such event," Tai turn added. ! The Maryland coach said he ; would have a team faster in the backfieid and as sironjr defensively as Ihe. 11)51 team but that he wouldn't be as strong offensively. j Rut be admitted Maryland prob- j nbly "would si art out" raled No. 1 | in the nation and thai he fell he would have a good team. Crax Dump Pels On Late Single Ninth Inning Hit Brings 7-6 Victory; Pebi Stop Memphit Vein Petty. Atlanta's Ihirrt ba*». man. has been playing pro base, ball (or .seven of his 27 years, but his efforts probably never were more appreciated than last nlEht With two out In Ihe ninth and Ihe Crackers trailing by nne run Ihe i-foot-n Norlh Carolina nnllv* slapped a sharp single pasl third scoring two men. His timely htt (fave Atlanta a ^^ Southern As. sociation victory over leagne- leartlnR New Orleans and undisputed possession of second place I.idle Rock, hauling to bounce out of Ihe cellar it has occupied most of the season, won its third straight. The Travs dumped Memphis. 3-2, on Ken Humphrey's nth mnine bloopcr scoring Johnny Grlc from second and'nipped the Chicks' winning string at six. Nicholas stole his fisth base of the season to tie the Chick record. A homer by Tommy O'Brien in Ihe eiRhlh gave Birmingham a 4-3 edge over Mobile's Rears. slniKd- iiiK (o hold iLs first division slot Mobile rallied for two runs in the hotlom of Ihe ninth, but a double play nipped the threat in time. John Mackinson claimed liis 14th victory against eight losses. Chattanooga and Nashville wers idle. Maloney Park Gets 7-5 Win In Junior Loop Maloney Park handed Division Street a 7-S defeat in the Y's Baseball League al Little Park vester- day. Four run.< In (he fourth inning decided the issue in /avor of thn Maloney Park nine as it hroke up i 3-3 tie. Division Street scored twice in the tilih and from I here on the game was a shut.-oiil.. White, with three hits, paced tha winners and Joe Brateher and .Jonea each got l»-o htU for the losers. Read Courier News Classified Adj| American I.r.igiir. New York al Washington (night) .273, Reynolds i 12-71 vs Shea (!>-3i .182' Boston al Philadelphia (niehll Parisians Ignore Parks Despite Fine Quality PARIP ;,T> - Puri.-h as a park Lightning a Summertime Killer, Insurers Say X'FW YORK ,,r, -I.iehtninr I.V<e> about anil hves a year STVS the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co in warning rjiaf surnmertitiie is pnnnri o[ ^r^.t About rw. !ffc^!| ! of the man '.vhri inoks auer Paris' 7.400 p.trfs .if ^-,rd<-K5 ?nd pi'.ikf Robert .Inffer. ror.,ri •, rr-m-cl'.'.rf o' tlip nrys srcen, things lir- tle P;irisii'iis >v,m:ln: bf taucjit flower and tree appi matKin m tiirn srhnols and tie ;s reacv lo supph tor >hr (nur/es chestnut lrt-r, c ,. b 1 ;: aFk .Toffct '.v-h;,! is the Parisian's fa'ornc 'rfe. and he «hni?=: "Fi .ii-.kiy. ihev hardly know or.r finr.i atmth-'r Th-^ Fienrh h.iven': s pior^r Inic <•'. flowers f.lld lli»v dmv re.'prcl their p?rks and e^rdrn-" N'e\ertV.r-lrs- Piris bi= sli;hflv more than onr tree ;o r f ... fr y 10 and thr parks p:-,iri!r <•,-; crv people every var pi;- 01:' nnr- nrw plant !or cverv tw,-, rarifnr.s Bird Dog Meet Slated MARIOS'. I!! ^.--The 4R!li Xa- I tional Quail Futuntv a ni.'i.T bird j dor cnntest—h.if been ;<-hrrtulm nt i Crah Oirnarri Lake -,n Souihein II-' I ]:no^. ^rartine N'r>'. 3 At .'.TAKP »-i!l • VVAHOO! — Rof;er Phillips sUnds pioudiy itcFidc his ^ri : i- pour.d walioo. Ti:e Greenwich, Conn., angU-r hriok-'d the season's laice.-l, u-olliiiK from a motor cruirer oil Bcuiuudn. He and j or WANTED il' pi > Samuel F. Harris Prinler^-O/hre <),ilfilUrs Sl.Uinuers •un .iloii,' tjip cround killmc anv- PROOF BOTTLED IN BOND VCUOWSIONE INC., IOUISVIUE, KY. . Winston Churchill fought in the i- last decisive haltle »ith British- Gray ifl-lll vs Cain <fi-fil Cleveland al Chicago 131 twi night Lemon O2-SI and Garcia i Egyptian force.s al Omdiirman in Il4-7i vs Kretlow i2-Ii and Gris- IS!)» i" the Sudan campaign which som 17-6) . ..Ix-ean Brilish-Egvptlan joint rule I of the -Sudan. TENNIS ANYONE? — Maria W«is* sat tretty for the photographers at the International Lawn Tenni; Club reception held in hcn.r of Wimbledon competitors. Ihe lovely Argentine tennis qitcn wore a sheer smock, with bov motif on pocket, over net (ostnme. (NEA) Never A Dull Moment! 24 HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND or 9411 COMPLETELY CONDITIONED All Popular Brands of Cigarcts, per carton . . . 1 60 HUBERTSCLUB Hubert Utlcy and Wert Akins HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. I DIDN 1 KNOW... . . . until my neighbor told me that.the best place to iinci terrific bargains is in the COURIER classified ads, I know now.' / alwayt read them! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear sam« day. All classified advertising payqbl* in advance. Bl.YTHEVILLE COURIER NfiWS

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