The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1934
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9fr Served by t*t Iff United Prefts •MMM BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS [~wni**| '1-HR DOUMAN'r NEWBl*AT-KK OP NUKTMCkHr ARK^Hiug ANI> •»rpnAm > HIMK^RI ^^^ I' ""-~.l VOL. XXXl-NO. 140 . «Cpi wViSd cr niyS S' BLYT11EVIM.E. AHKANSAJS, WRDNKSDAY, AUGUST 29, 1934 SINGLE COPIKS FIVE- CENTO Death Ends Sister Act Craiq Assured of Circuit Court Clerk's OHiee:j Few Votes Unreportecl i On the face of almost pomplelc ! return:; from Tuesday's run-uffi Democratic. primary, the first in ; the stale. Hu^h Craig of O?ceoln i has apnarentlv won (he party's nomination (cciiiivalent. to election) . for circi'it court clerk . of Missis- I Moiri county. I The Courier News' tabulation of Hie vote c.aj;l nt. a? boxes sives Cralu n Intnl of'.3.87J voles to 3,- I 452 for A(l'»<-'>n Smith nf Blvrhc- ! vllle. The ""jt'er '»on the riiiht lo . ontHHC Crni« in 'ho Bounty's run- ! of/ conir-i|. bv fini'ip'np •ii-rviml to Crait :ind ahead of R. B. Stout in Ihn fn-sf nrfmtin 1 two weeks before Tw« boxes Tlr^'vns spur antl Rockv :>••» iiii-venwiod. but it is cvceerHn?]' floiibiful if more than 50 voles U'TP cost at the missin™ Ixixc'j "'Me 1 ! can in nn \vav affect I the rela'ivr nn~ifin»i nf the cindl- ' dates. I" nnrffifiii r-iuvns Smith was leading Wilson report- [ ed thts momim:. The tnbntaiion of vote? cn<=t in flip onlv stale run-off contest re- 1 mains very meager. nrinr.inally be- . cairn if was completely over-' rhadmved b" the conntv lire ami i'leetion nffirials madf little effort- to r"novt totals oiher than in Hiplr official report lo he opened Friday. A total of 14 boxes gave J. Oscar Hiimnhrcy. scekine reelection. 1 mi. votes to 1.202 for Charlie Parker. Large Vnte Surprises The size of the vote cast in the run-off 'crimarv afforded the big- geffr surprise of thn dav to most. political observers.' Tabulations of the rirst.j'n'rin-.nvy-ivntp. ,-•>;. the. ri r -r.j ... i •• cult, clerk's mm and 1'ie vote yes- WASHINGTON. tcrdny revrnlefl that the first pri- man' vote will lie less than 1.511!) votes in etce?s of ycsterdav's bal lot when absentee votes arc inclu:!- day. ed. The official vote in llvs race foi circuit clerk on Aueusl *14 totaled Grim Walls of.Havana Fort Echo Death Sentences ew Deal Farm Bettering Credit Surpluses Shrink Relief While \ Dc;Uh bus broken up (he Lccmh Sister's Ml lhat crcatrd a rcnsatkm when introduced (o Broadway two years ago. N'ews of the death at Vircinla Ixicmis (rtehli '.'.I, was Ucpt from 18-year-old Masdiic wh;> dangerously liersclf. Virginia hart signed a movie contact. Just i!ig to the hospital for c\:\ appendectomy. Mediation Confer e n c e s Appears On Way To Defeat by Macks Schoolboy Rowe, bidding for his 17lh coiLscfiilivc victory and a nc:v American League pitching record tcday, faced a hard task this afternoon. At the cna ot the sixth inning Philadelphia Athletics were WASHINGTON. Aug. 29 COP) — Ajjiiuulturnl surpluses are shrinking, credit is belter and farm Income is jjOlng up, President. Roosevelt wr.s Informed tod.xy. in a «•port by Donald R. niclibsrB, on the New Deal faun relief. )' He' Hrgtil coutlnu:il federal crci') control and emphasised farm income still is far below pre-d?pre,'i- sion levels. ' i-.ichucig's survey Is the second ;n u :ji\es of seven repoitine pii cccncmic anil otlur iirogre's u»4cr New Deal antl is expected jip ];rovide a handy campaign manual lor Democratic orators. '': Thc re-part revealed farmers ha\v Lorrowcd almost S2,000,000;COO liircugh adminisliati™ projects .•ciiliil and cro|. bcneill paynnnia •c fr.imeis ajjsrci'atrd saircoO.C .n:m AugiiEI. 1M;! to June, 1934. Kichbe'rg said drought.had much •o do vvllh induced crop carry-overs u;d increased prices. He wained Linn avricnlluval adjUbtmenl must oe continued tinmliir year tecausc farmeis would be • tempted by diouih boomed prices to ovef-pr.>- duce again. The report seemed to indiCHtj iliai much of the apiicidlural improvement was altribiitablc to dry weather. Through nichberg the AAA pointed out lhat drought dit not e'iminat'i 40.000.000 acres which luive been producing farm sur- j |ili.'sses since the war. Smashed by Teclniicali- j } ehaeding „ to , ties,'Walkout Inevitable! 1112 mm - mi for ,: _»-•_*- , |)u$i|i|J the.. Detroit Aug.' 29 <UP)— I ~ Virtually all hope of averting the fl 3 naiicn-wirie textile strike of 600.-, j " CCO workers this week crumbled to- j Q - day. 1 1 As projected conferences between T fl }r strike leaders, textile mill owr^rs III and thc national labor relations t U bra ,. (i ellmMhed 5,, tccnlli _ | SniiHi' I headquarters' Silent But Active; Report Watchers Ordered Away Nu official statement was forth- comlni) (his iiftcrnoon from licad- <[iiinlers of AildUon, Smith, candidate fur circuit court clerk, who nn the fjtci'-of icliirns from Tuesday's rmi-afr Primary was de- fciilnl by Hugh Craig of Osceola ?or ihe Democratic nomlnalldn by a 410 margin with less lhan 151) voles out. All uctlvlly minted however toward an elfort lo have the Demo- ie.rnilc county central committee : throw out one or more boxes VhVii i il meets to cerllfy the wlnnlj.g I candidate at Osccola Friday jlns. The committee by resolution [ adopted at a meeting before the I flirt prhnnvy on Aiicust 14 went on rcco.-d as pledged lo throw out any box on evidence lhat election nilM were violated. Smilh walelier.s from Dlylhevllle ' Within ihe grim slone walls of old Cubanas Fort, Ifavnna, Iwo Cubnn army olllcers were found milky of wno W(1|1L 'o "' 'wt two voting conspiracy ngnUm Hie uovermuiuYt i\nd condemned to illc by n ccHVl-innrlinl.'ahoivn here In ils awtomi: Th:- sentences against thc convicted plotters. Mil). Angel Echevarrla and CLipt- Aueustln Erice, were confirmed by President Mciidtcln. Airmen Severely Burned When Flames Cover Plane appeared inevitable. They added that they had scant- hO|« of the cqfiferencc scheduled | for tomorrow to develop into any i action which might avert the Lonsdale Textile crs Strike WF!:LSliURG. W. Vll.. All£. 29 iUP)_Lt. o. H. Mclnlyre and Capt. Oco. 11. Brown of Crissy l-'ield. San Friinclsco, were severely burned loday when their army otiervalion plane burst into (lames at 1.MO fe^t and crashed '^••'•.'ot here. U. Mclnlyre, the pilot, attempt,e but :l the crashed. By that time Hit plane mis loo low for the men lo use their parachutes. 8.831 romrvared to 7.32.1 in venter- elav's lolal. nryt. ircludine absentee ca ]j t j ei Eovernment labor officials' _ . . ._.. .... voles or Ihe ballot casl al Drowns ^ mtll ^ a thc R , rlk( , -b Saturday .Governor IsSUCS Order As ^.'° I"."' 1 . 1!> . fl '?" mtrn ', p1 "": Spur anil Rockv. ! i^ne.-ireri inevitable I ,' , , -T- ., ,vi , I 1 ? 1 . 1 ""'"'."t 300 feet and Yesterday's ballot at Wilson, where many Dyess colonv workers voted on August. 14. awaited •with considerable intcvesl here. ____ The vote was more than 300 less ^Vkoiit than in the first primary, a total JL ' w .| s of 057 voles being cast yestenHy of 1;lbor and 917 iu (he contest for the. some office two weeks before. [| ]n( . However thc Wilson bos. where learned tlie the recovery administration and ihe labor board mean- j j,"'^- 1 ' ' Yils were working on tentative r<1<v plans to appoint a board of Ihjree CREENVILLE. S. C., An". 23 (U departti'ent I P) —°» ttlc ' order of Oov. fra C. - Elai'kwcod a national guard corn- ordered today to pro:1 to the Lonsdale Icxlile mill Seneca \vhcre v:c:kci3 asked from , Craicr received nso votes and Smith to j nveslig!lt( , ,| R , grievances 'of I thc S ovcrllor 'or protection 7. reporting .late as usual, more, , hc Corkers." consider the claims ' ' trikcr5 Peeling the plant. than overcame a lead Smith had of (ile mi] , ownrrs an( , t ] len lnakc The mill was closed last July 14 settlement for lack of orders. When it was compromise probably several weeks «".' 1DU ' lcc , d rra "- v lo r(isllnlc op?r „,,„„ ' .olion tcday a number of workers | Meanwhile thc union strike com- I Wf '" lo , Iho , mil1 .. f° ">'« "ici; millce apparently equally convinc- [ wny blo « cd bj " slrhcl "« l'i= fc<;tcrs - enioyed until, lhat, time and in ef- a recommendation for feel, represents the. margin of Craig's triumph with room to spare. Manila Provides Upset Probably the biggest surprise Of ed (nal l!le Eovermncn f s |Wacc . . — — Ihn run-off primarv was in the lllallem . ers wnll!rt M] <lra ( te u an' ,„'•"!'"!"II? 1 " orkl ' rs Out ,„ vote at Manila. Smith carried the ordcr to SOO local unions for thc : WASHINGTON, Aug. 2ft tUP>- iwo Mnnila boxes in the first nri- lra lkout jConlenws. seeking to settle the man' by a neat thorwh not large ' ' ! strike of workers in the .Aluminum margin." Yesterday Craiz breezed n i , . D . I Ccrnoration of America plants lail- al'.eail of Smith. '256 votes to 137 rrODerS ASK rrOteCtlOn led to reach an agreement at Lie al the onlv box open in Manila. While in New ftrlpnnc ^ A ° J An analysis of the county vole " nlle ln " ew "r«ans,day. shows Hint Smith carried 25 boxes arid Crnlc 21 with one. Poplar BATON ROUGE. La.. Aug. 29 Cornel, ilifldir.s Us 8 lolal vole <UP>-Th? special legislative corn- evenly between the two candidates miUfe crenll><1 fc v Senator Hiuv be nntl willi two boxes vet to report. ''• Long for the piirposc of invcsli- | Craic failed to register a vole at sating the New Orleans cily ad- . four boxes while " Smith- received ministration today addressed a let- one or more votes at every box lcr to Governor O. K. Allen asking! New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 2! Cotton closet! steady. open high Ocl Dec Jan March May July 1324 1337 1X40 1347 1356 1363 1333 1345 1358 13SG 1362 1370 lo-.v 1323 1335 1339 1344 1352 1359 close 132,1 1335 1339 13-15 1353 1359 their morning sei*r."i to- Tlie conferees maintained ar. optimistic attitude which marke;! Hie day's elelifcei'ations and ex- nro.'jed hope an agrcemeiU mijl-.t reached later. Spots closed steady at 1340. up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 29 lUPI — Camden Man Apparently Nominated For.. State Auditor. inJRun-OH.', LITTLE HOCK, Aug. 20 <UP>- Cliarles E Parker of Camden apparently had won the Democratic ncmlnalicn for stale audilor loday en the basis of tmoffchi! returns wlilcli gave him a leutl of S.4D7 votes oi;i ut 165.504 votes .tabulated Irom l.OGS'Of the state's 2,100 precincts. The United Press tabulation gave Porker BG.OM p.nd J. Oscar Humphrey of Litllo Rock, Incumbent 79,553. Indications were that thc vote in Arkansas' first run-off primary would rencli nearly 200,000. auoiu twice ns many as had been anticipated. Hotly conlesled counly and local races sent voters to the polls In numbers almost ns large as the first primary, Aug. 14, when 254.- OCO voles were cast. Capital observers had predicted a vote from 85.000 to 120.000. Tabulations were complete in 2- counties with many counties lacking one or two precincts. "• Criminally Insane In TCHD PRC Break From Hospital | Llltl OHl) nALEIOH, N. C., Aug. 29 lUW — Seven men. three of them murderers overpowered two guards and escaped from thc criminal InsHiie ward of the slate hospital here early today. State prison officials and hospital attaches reported none ot the Ixiglllves liad teen captured at noon. Nellhcr of ahe-nwrds were Injured. The seven men look their keys ' nnri rjinipcd ithrougl the doors. Chic!- among the fugitives was Ed Braver, Cohimbus county, convicted slayer ol n neighbor In 8U argument over a wiilcnnelwi. He was saved from the electric chulr by an Insanity pica. Fumes.and Baseball Bals Prove Too . Much for ficts . . . Cotlon closed steady. open high low Oct 1325 1333 1324 Dec 133G 1344 1333 Jan 1339 1343 1338 March 134C 1348 1345 May 1353 1356 1351 July 1360 1368 1357 close 1324 1334 1333 1345 1351 1357 Spots closed steady at 1334, up 3 Wheat except Nodena. known as Craig's home. bos-. Craiq was shuloul at Number Nine. Rocky, Tomato and If 1 LI' - T M Hurley Hits Liberty | ,_„... »_ lie _ ft League AS smear bang WASHINGTON. Aug. 23 (UP)-jiliey get started. Former Secr'tarv of War Patricks J. Hurley sharply critlci7Cd thej "executive protection" while ' :r ,°T 5 , '" l>™srcss. r ' lc ' e , t , Wr was s 6 " 1 to lhc sov- , trnor following an all day confer- ] t cncc between Long and members' lQ t ^' s committee during which! I plans for the Investigation were I n discussed. It «-?s believed Gov. ' Mfn W0lll(1 ,,j si , 4n ., (ic;ai] of guardsmen to I lie probe rs wh:n ! open high low close .Scp 102 1-8 103 1-2 102 1-2 102 3-1 103 1-4 101 5-8 103 1-4 103 3-1 Chicago Corn Scp Ucc open •. high 78 1-2 79 3-4 80 81 3-8 low 78 1-2 80 BLITHE, 68, Invalid for Six Years, Widow of J. A. Blythe Pneumonia Victim PHILADELPHIA. Aug. 23 (Ul'l —New riots in (he main l-.'aslcrn -vlate penllentlaiy \\ere quelled by tear gas lotlny. Seventeen prisoners were overcome. A number luid sore heads from baseball bats wieltli'd ty gnnnls. Disorders started at midnight. Prisoners banged on thcii cell doors, hnmmcrjd lin cups as.\inst melal furnllure, shouted and cursed. Flaming newspapers and mal- Iresses were (Drown Into Hie cell block walls. Electrical fixtures were short circuited.\ Warden llcrncrt. Smith and 3-1 special guards entered the section and laid down n tear gas bnrnigc. In Ihls licr were 17 convicts who had been IransfeiTCd here following Stum-day riots at the Gralor- ford hvanch of Hie penitentiary. pliicrs In Ihe Osccola district lot ihe comity "rncwlay came back here with reimvls that they were Elvcn summary orders to leave town.. There wiis no indication however ttiat such orders were given by election officials In re- l»r(s received hell. The Wilson box, larget of considerable criticism i'.i Ihe first primary because of (he tremendous vote polled there, cast 320 less ballots llm'n two weeks ago. Even with G57 votes however, as . cast yesterday, tlie box easily represents more than Craig's, margin' and talk centered on. the possibility that .the central committee would again be./ asked to throw out th<>tViStec;»i'Jox-l!if* I hi-" winner. 'The " voted down a resolution to go' Into Hie box nfter the -first, primary with many committee-men -ex- plainliu; that tlielr decision was affected by the reiison that no race In the first primary v.'ould have been chnn^'cd even liqd (he WK- . son vote l>ccn set aside, ^ Congressional Race Close LITTLE ROCK,-Aus.'28 (UPI- Official tabulation will be needed to decide the Democratic congressional nominee in the seventh district. A United Hrers tabulation today gave Wade Kitchen of Magnolia 14,456 and Congressman Tlll- maa B. Parks of Camden, 14.210. Few precincts were missing. Mrs. Helen Blytlic, 63, died at the family residence last night following six years of Invnlldlsm. Pneumonia was the direct cause of tier death. Funerii] servlc:s will be held at .he First Baptist church, of which she was a member. Thursday morn- Ing, 10 o'clock. The Rev. Marsh M. Callaway. pastor of thc First W. E. RICHMOND £ CO.'S AFTERNOON COTTON LETTER NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 29-COl- ton closed about unchanged to 5 points higher today after another dull -esslon. There was a little activity early and prices at one 10 points higher, ]>rob- limc wcr; ably as a result of a revival of Inflation gossip following Secretary clos? Morgenthau's radio broadcast -ofj 73 jTast night. In the afternoon, anj 80 3-s!easier tendency was com-. a , • | ir.on with outside markets, which I ' W. E. RICHMOND ft CO.'S I acre inclined to sag towards the' AFTERNOON CiltMX I.KTTKR | close. Mqrgenthau's Figures and Republicans Don't Jibe WASHINGTON, AUJ. 29 (UP) — Secretary of Treasury Henry Mor- genihau, Jr.'s surprising estimate of $505,000.000 as the actual recovery project cost so far contrasted today wllli Republican estimates that appropriations and obligations for the first two years ol the Rcoscvelt ndmlnlslrntlou amounted to 28 billion dollars. Morgenthau's detailed statement to government finances made iu natlon-wldE address last night of Osceoln, to olflcl.ue. Pallbearers will Georgo Henry, King Matthews. W. H. Glover. Robert Grimes, Oscar Bailey and Harry Fritzius. The deceased, who was a na- County Vote For Circuit Court Clerk live of Paris. Tcnn.. was the widow of thc late .1. A. Blythc, nephew of thc late Rev. H. T. Blythc Box Number Nine BLYTHEViLLE Ark-Mo Yards Phillips Motor . City Hall Auto Sales Co. Manila Shady Grove Hocky Burdetlc I Armorel ...'. Crah . 0 lor whom this city was named She had resided her for 34 years. She Is survived by two daughters, Miss Lela Blythc of this city, Mrs. J. T. Phillips of Chicago, and one son. Joe Blythc, of Detroit, Mich Mr. Blythc and family arrive ar night and Mrs. Phillips rive In the morning. Other out-of-ton-n people eom- Tomato Huffman Forty-Eight .. Oosnell L;achvillc Pcplar Corner Carml Pawncci! Boynion to 'j Clear Lake ... New Liberty .. ln s for the funcMl l>c Mrs. Land . 32 . 33 25U . 24 . 0 . 15 . 25 0 .. 3 .. 2 . 0 . 53 . 4 7 . 38 . 24 . C . 4 . 2 . 31 Smith 32 1G2 28 r, 510 355 137 22 30 35 G6 23 90 143 50 100 \ 50 53 27 64 nn 135 South Carolina's Vote Proves Perplexing Puzzle COLUMBIA, S. C., Aug. 29 tUP) . —eouth CnroMiiu apparently vctsi wet In a liquor referendum but- save, a leadln.; ii yotc to Hie only gubernalminl cnudidnt: who .'an- tounced himself us an avowed pro- hibllioiiisl. Results from l,2f)8 of thc ststs's 1,174 preclnrls flav; IDS.Vlli voies,- for Ihc wets and. 01,010 voles- fw* thu drys In yesterday's li(|uor refi crendtmi. Olln U. Johnston, Spartenburj attorney, only one of the eight gubernatorial candidates who op- ' ];oscd modification of litjiior laws polle:! 80,104 votes compared lo 62.674 votes counted for Cole." y Blrase. twice former governor" and once U. S. senator. • > Sleeping Sickness Hits. ; ; Ohio County, Eight Dead CLYDK. O., Aug. 29 (UP)— An epidemic of sleeping sickness swept Sanclusky county today as state health officials moved lo prevent further spread of the disease. Eight, persons have died from the malady mid 60 other cases were under ob- rrvalion. John Wesley Illythc of DcWitt, Ark., who is returning late today i Dell was viewed as n move to reassure | after having lelt yesterday after a CHICAGO, Aug. 29.—Wheat was. joined gan?." said former President Hoover's cabinet member. Bethlehem Steel . Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank Washington rcportsd that County Singing Group T_ U IJ C • c i I General Electric 10 HOW Session Sunday! General Motors The Mississippi county singing convention will have a singing convention Sunday. September 2, at tr.e Keiscr Baptist church. An Invitation is b;ing extended to | all singers of the county. I 24 l-2;ly 22 KENTON, O. (UP)—Seven Kenton anglers spent one day fishing In Lake Erie, oft Pelee Island, and rnmlit 200 pounds of pickerel, 70 f,£h in all. International Harvester Middlewcst Utilities .... Montgomery Word New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel '. U. S. Smelling 13C 1-4 33 7-8: Morgenthan's radio address lastlcollon crop control plans for 1935 2 l-3!nl;liL was also heard. • . Iconteinplaled a 10 lo 15 per cenl 13* i Winnipeg did not lioU best'acreage reduction under the bade 35 prices, but the early advance there acreage of 1928-32 Inclusive, In- 19 1-8 was impressive ns against the stead of thc 40 per cent, aimed at SO I heavy hedgl-.ig operations Incident (his season, or a lolal for next 7! 1-2 ] to Ihc new crop movement. I year ot about 32,000.000 acres with Thc dominion government week-j a desired production of II to 1'J crop report and lhat of tliej million bales. " • Saskatchewan department of neri-1 The weekly we? culture indicated that heavy dam-[review was about » 16 7-3 5 3-4 U 1-2 2 1-4 j been lowered. 44 1-2 23 1-4 age had been caused by thc rc- ccnl frosls and lhat in northern Alberta'both yield and grade had :athcr and crop as expected, and OSCEOLA Courli'.ouse ... amounting lo $1.500.-! Li flic James, and daughter. Miss : . L ™ lbcr Yard jfrms. of Corinth. Miss., who will,", ^: n ' deal cost estimate ot \ be here tonight. ,j Hatcher ScliooY ' llhe nation on thc eve of financial . visit here, a sister-ln-lay. Mrs. operations 000,000. A new Representative Chester C. Bollon.! The Cobb Undertaking company Republican, Ohio, co-chairman of. Is In charge of arrangements. the Republican congressional cam-: palpi committee, cited the 28 bll lion dollar figure. 'Six FERA Workers In Tropkal Hurricane Is Still Near Texas Coast WASHINGTON, Aug. 29 (UP) — The weather bureau today advised •Whlttcn | Basselt • Frenchtnan Bayou I Nodena Pecan Point Joiner MILWAUKEE. Aug. 29 (UP)—i Lancy's Gill Six FEHA workers were kidnaped j Bowman School .. nil two others beaten by picket-!West Ridge Milwaukee Are Beaten crs loday as thc workers committee on unemployment renewed Its that the tropical disturbance off!attempt to stop all relief admin- had lillle market effect. Wealhorlthc Texas coast apparently was Islrallon work in the county, has now loft some ol its Influence centered about 100 miles south of' There arc more radio sots In operat! and Wales. on prices. .^. One privale estimate was Issued ished. lodny, tndicaling a production of! It will probably move northeast-1 Valentine had nothing on the Stillman -HO 311 107 . 24 . 61 127 374 101 . 20 . 78 . 21 . 20.i . 72 ..08 .. ns 9 Wilson C50 Kciser 408 Carson Lake 11 ElowHh 79 dveston with Intensity undimin-1 LELANP, Utah (UP) —. Jimmy | Yarbro 3 —" ' •«..«-- ~' - iv.i-' —i • Milligan Ridge 20 smoothrless of a Ihlef who recent- 28 19 26 11 45 2 1 48 3 0 20 n 35 4 3 29 7 31 15 53 113 Bilbo Whittling Away At Lead of Stephens JACKSON, Miss.. Aug. 29 (UP)— With, less llian 100 slale precincis MUeporled Theodore G. Bilbo had vliiltlc:! Senator Hubert D. Steph- r -ns' lead tTr.wn to less than 2.501) votes In 1)12 Mississippi senatorial ace this afternoon. Congressman Ross Collins rrns trailing by 20,000 votes, Jewels Worth $50,000 Stolen In Sample Trunk DENVER. Ai;g. 29 (UP)— Leo Calm, jewelry salesman, today reported (he alleged theft of a sample trunk ivlilch was said to have contained diamonds valued at frcm 550,000 to $75.000. lv^<i>.l, «Lti>h.<ilLll& tl pJUUH^Llun Ui I It, vtJJI plU[.,IU!y irlOVC llOrUK^oM" , vtlltullllt; lieu lluullLig ull nlv; 9,415,000 kales, or 3.000 bales more ward attended by shifting gales and ly visited this community. He stole ... ~.. u - than last month's guess from the winds of hurricane force near its|30 colonies of buntng, hot-tailed I Browns Spur Box Elder same source. center. honey bees. (Totals 3,871 3,452 WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair tonight and Thursday, cool tonight and warmer Thursday. The maximum temperalure here yesterday was 89, minimum 63, clear, according lo Samuel F. Harris, official wealher observer. -

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