The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1941 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1941
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN' BLYTHEVILLE, (AF.K.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 21. 19<H Designers Say Cotton Is The Ideal Fashion Fabric 'New Necklines, |"American Glove Smooth Shoulders, ! Spring" According Plentiful Pocket* To Cou tenners' In Country Or Town, Daytime v* T> C r^n\ ll IS LiOOl ' , vriei" is the keynote of the The now glove .silhouette takes ! *«pn,, J94! suit picture, and there its cue from cowboy ^umtlels and iV pxcltcmrnt in this variety . . . ;.dds s. dash to uilored Spring I in the wealth of fashionable details, yu:^. und ;:oals. Soring, 1941, i lines luul fabrics sponsored by our «love novelties «o \Ves:eir with 1 '..mons American designers. In leather thonjjs and fnnye.s. Gloves 1 uie<e many new suit *,ylfts no one lor Spring 1941 are 10U% Amer- : iliirue'te predominaies bur. all are inn in inspiration fiuu In manu- !'--) •u''icu"'^ed by ft !>ininine soft- fuuurH Only the clever Yankees ! m-'^-'--pw-ially designed to empha- j coiiiti and would perfect a liand- i si/p' Uie natural contours of the ] sow in? machine. j t-pnre Glove fashions are getting more i ' Even tailored styles, character- and more simple. Basic, classic : i? ed bv precision fit, have an in- ! types nave been emphasized or I TCW-MP-' softness of line often two .seasons with dress-maker de- 1 W-njrlti'd in a feminized version tailing the only important devhi- o the English gentleman's drape Hon. For Spring. 1941. however, with soft bodice fulnes-s, usii- the striL-tly tailored 'glove is the ally 'repeated in a slightly bloused fashion-important u'love. Button•J * If.iv^lYnitrsM'i — Vmlt} I back. I Necklines Tell Story | Necklines in this season's .suits i teli a story in themselves. The and-buttoii-hoh 1 trloves, the kind worn by your father who love nice things, are the 1941 fashion for suits. Such a glove is Daniel Hays little "Saratoga" sew p. by the improved hancUsewn method What is going to be fashionable ins season? Well, heres' the ans- v«r, girl. You simply ftui'i B° wah cottons. wear. "d'easeil" Ohambray New in the new cotton chamhray sports• --" in the ne wcutton chambray sporis- Awuy down South in Florida your j vvear Among lhl > new est chambrays ion was answered from the , is a '. <:reaseci c i ia mbray with raised beginning of lust Winter's re- • maintainim-; their popularity of contrast such as deep rose or ww.e llnst. year. These shepherd chocks in pale «rny. jnre done in rich phimaffc- tones. I Attractive morning; and daytime I The current military influence i dresses for town wear are be in* !is seen in new designs in cotton'made up in cotton lawn prints, i.u poplins for nautical and navy- outstanding ol these inonoione w- i influenced fashions for beach wear, sisns highlight siinp.e mouis suu i Printed poplin IVocks arc also r as the .spotlighted leat ),i a to 'i^-im' with approval. The best bination of cornflower »K.e •»"» Y,p'in prints are the gigantic deep viole; and 1 un •rc::icij} flowers in multi-colors., rangC'inent of petall ••Titlfeta" plaid poplins are good yellows, in play clothes and beach en- "' sort Smart wouu-n from seersuckor slrl The raised slripl , 'ale Pastels Are Smart ,vm- part of the country appear- Ls in sha ''P < :ommsL lik < vlvld '^ Though strong colors are seen r.» or the sandv beached and at in wine or vivid green in blue. m most O f the summer cotton parties * wearing cottons. s Other popular sportswear is done dresses, pale pastels in the new ch'ambrays, batistes, pop- hi striped nurse cloth. \ season's seersuckers are decidedly voiles, seersuckers, ginghams, Gingham plaids combined with diflerent. They come in Jills VUHto, SttJ 3Uv*rtCi o, j3iiig,iinm.'i vj iii£,iitLiii t,ui>,>wj."i-u »• -- - - ill 11 broadcloths, Swisses—all made the checks are among the popular sum- stripe effects like laded sfcy uiue ,-_.».• ^ .~ _<• ii,«>_ ... mi . .!..„.,.. t',,u,.;,r, .,i»u^..i,.\-, t -i-\o>->_ \niiii ft iiDie^ipi'r :3lue striu&. mossy "I'into The New Mexico sluU- . fl| j ht In fli & i l ' ra. - ,, ,,.,n headline fashion news of the sea- dress fabrics, although shep- wiih a butcher, blue stripe, . « , i. ... .... ^. . ... _.;i\ .,..r.mi i?i o t-,olu M\lo I'Vf-fO CO ,own w^k of is flap their wings their Ihne marvelous new machine. You can son. , High honors during the current ' sea:>o'n will go to cotton em- jri;iderie.s. Batiste embroidered in spaced spotty designs and graceful sprays will be seen in the new pencil slim frocks for an afternoon or dinner at the countiy club. .Organdy embroideries are making their appearance in romantic full- skirted dresses, and pique embrbld- in such colors as tomato red herd; checks in ginghams are still wear it in doeskin or lovely wash- ' a) V Krf . y gfeeH are llsed exteri- ntwest are shirt necklines, con- ^ |mjjjuvi;it vertible types which form ii pointed { . rt jj f>c , -Tvseam" and done on a collar when buttoned high, and casual revers when worn open. Colhirless necklines arc also 01 ^ cupeskiu OI . pipkin or mocha ^ly "in "evening gowns.'Hie South major importance in su s, with which shows how important M \ 'innuenee will be seen in SM irs-^r-r^ ^^^^ s ^ 5?Hir ; irs charucter, lingerie collars are often whcre damty ham , s were nm!c of batiste 101 sp.uaior ana 'included, and when removed, gay u lud , ( comes tne rep0 rt ' ' 1 mtives in costume colors or collars of' blouses worn outside the collar- I less neckline make a dramatic color ; v-jLn 1 , to v I itch ac"e«. c ories mav bi i keyed. Another neckline treatment i which looms importantly in the i new .suits was inspired by Captain women are wearing their gloves ! Wt-st for Spring - . . "California u r g tM . and larger! j Saddle." the light rosy tone of a A little glove, ^ ~ie essence ! bmnd-new saddle "Arizona Colt," of comfort and tailored casualness delicate tan of a new-born colt; 'Cotton lace can't be accented i Molynenux. It is a cross between i the' colhirle<?s type and the popular i small revers, as little ' notched : revers are cut-in-one with set-in 1 panels across shoulder tops, leav- 1 ing the neckline collarless In back. Shoulders Are Smooth Shoulders on the new suits Are smooth. Interpreting the fashionable return to natural contours- Ui (JUIill Uit- illltl LCIA1W1^V4 V4* .JVlt-*** *\.^»J ^.^..„.,-— „--- - .is Merry Hull's "finger free" suit ; and "Texas Rawhide," neutral "lov* of wnsliable capeskin. Men-y shade of sun-bleached hide. This Hull's suit glove is at Its best in Western influence looms ejicituig colors which come from the on the dpring lash ion horizon. enough" .... "this will be a big thnt are a , non& the best dresses «o- Tncl . e ls n c hic break-away from | season-' for cotton embroideries" lncr tQ Araer i ca » bu lk ul this new. gently sloping, ... -printed cotton pique play !J,, ne fall of Pav j s served only as lme w hich is far more feminine suits are making the headlines" fln j ncon tjve to American designers. Uian t ^ e wecl'^e top silhouette of . "the new cotton formals are senvcn ing for a truly American fab- Lhc p asL ^ cn years. Padding is still "-••->-" • 1 ... l . lo tura their best efforts to iu , ed> \ nil \ s placed lower this seals : the steady stream of co ' t ' lon , s Taking the same fabric SQ " n 'aiv'mu. some width at the natu- divine. Such •3UI.I1 li) ll»c cin-uvij ^ v »^.>.... — COttOllS. l.llh.lllti li "• • 3 "- 1 " < - ..,.---- CJOll, (ilVlUH &UUIU Mm-iiti tit i-'"- »•..»» praise of : the new cottons for 1941 wn5c h their great-grandmothers had ' ral ' shoulder line but no height, which has been pouring from the m and W oven by hand, these Lots O f i» n ..irn( G _ _ •' t_ ,,!«. t «** vs.* nfrr*r»?i^nf <5,*"iri . i_.i — . ».-> >%\ /\ t f\ trlf* Pockets are everywhere, real V\ XJ.1U1A lltLO UW^A* jy».*»-»--»-o - ZilJLltl iLULl ^vw*k-ii »^,j ...--.--i presses in fashion magazines and ^ mefic , U) designers came to the ^ arc cvei - ywiKll . t itll . columns since late winter. Cotton, New Yo rk openings last fall with , - ^^ fftke They flrc fre . the all-American fiber, will i-ake iCOtlon velveteen and cordvu-oy ere- s unusual shapes, accent- its place this year as the undis- i a(cions whlch won the enthusiastic l intricate seamhr-' and are used puled favorite of the new Am- j apl3rova) of American women ev- | < J ^ ^ wftiiil Hne. or erican school of dress design. j c-rywhere. So widespread was die; <™ \ d slinied to Ue nn t. Mill- i The fiber of American p-osper- ; reccpUon given the new cottons, ™^ < nn ^ e ' ^ thn ^ nn nn ofn . I ily.-cotton is directly or Indirectly . lhut maml f a cturers were unable at responsible Tor the livelihood of lhnai . lo ojpply Uie demand, one out of every ten Americans. | in fti fe tl on an offi coal are placed below waistline on many new suits. and have flanged edges which give ' an intriguing new look. Flaps — __,--.. .^.KILIU .M the January openings Supporting more people per acre. ^ AmedcHn couture proved that than any other American agrlcw- | , tons arc to be the universal tt-ral crop and employing in its>i ; rln Lhe Sprlng and ""^"^-"^^^u jackcts this! manufacture and processing more Swnmer mont hs ahead. The cot- turn _ j _ people than.the giant steel or auto- cnu( mobile industries. _ cotton has lone v , omen been had America n essential In. the economic scheme of America. Now."'cotton becomes more than Hlonkeys on Gibraltar IXU\V tUULAJiJ UCW.WHU.J »i.^.v j - ever'e?semial in the wardrobe of! Gibraltar still has wild mon- *•* , . \ . v.^ • . •. _ t . ... *Yi\, „.. «».rt I \-\fi \n ct AI f M P they are used In pairs or trios and "are sometimes placed rifjht at the natural waistline in miniature peplum effect.. These decorative flaps are always strategically placed 10 emphasize the ^^^ : rs^=is s,.^ 1 ^;^^ ass rsa ^,/r rlal'-'f or -house dressRS. cotton now | ceive protection from the British j ciau-cl with real pockeu^^ becb)nes\ 'k.^'must" for office. • for Uovernment. , | ^^ a "'variety ^n' Jacket afternoon; w^ar, and for dancing | ! JgJhs alw/loi^er lines pvedoin!- aiidjdinner ioimals ^ • pUots |esUn «,- , 10W p i anes . now njintj and bl . iol - sllorL jackets n-wly Seeking; a- -suitable fabric i°^| {oke along a - r0 bot observer"—a impul tant. The longer lengths, from ^YtimeMri the California resorts, j 35 _ mm cn mer» which automati- 25-inc'h to 27-inch, accentuate the TrtHv»n:ht>fl rfp<j|oniPl"C- Ion2 SCO ail- i ., ,^ i.,. - ..„., ,11.-,.-,.- r>n fVin . . .!• _ .:n.^.,r>n.-, l-.\- n Hollywood designers- long ago an- j ^-^ rccm . ds thc refU Ungs on the imp0 v Lntu slim silhouette by a swerad-Uie Demands oi moUon pic-| insi - nmient bo , u . d ftnd leaves the slmiohl au Une below the waist ture.. ^tars •'for .'dotting that was | c free tQ fly the planc wit ] lout w)ilch mouldfl lne u i ps in a gentle cocl-.and comfortable as. well as makimr any notes . • ^ o ThiR Une is cmp hasiy.ed by smart,: and originated the cotton _, -• ^^ ^ ^ VQ the pl.ys.its : and ^ ^ *ht h ^ ^ ^ ^^. ^ ^ inverted tucks used in artificial li^htins-is wasted and interesting piecing^ and also in the production of at. the'resort opsnings in Nassau arid ;-Miami names of wearers of . cotton: bathing suits, playsuits, and | heat and ultra-violet rays. spectator-'sports.-dresses read like' trip,.social, register. Hollywood's playtime cottons created such a sensation among American' women that Paris dressmakers ventured into cottons de- sisned for more formal wear. La-'t Spring the Paris openings found the-most famous ccutmers show- | ing the.season's most sought-after creations made up in cottons. Trie cables back in America bU2Sed u-itli such ccmrrents r.s unwanted by set-in belts into which bodice fulness is frequently gathered. "brown cotton printed with pink moss roses is made into Balan- ciaga's outstanding evening dress." and Paquin -has two printed cottons SEAMS GO STRAIGHT AND NARROW X'tabtoblc, lovable shirt-dress of hand blocked yellow and white for Sprint and Summer. WITH From heel to hem, a trim sharp line that gives your legs more curve appeal Straight and strong seams tailored to the fineness of a pin stripe, i wC ^ t>s B smart g' r l w ^° looks to Lark- ana up wood for seam beauty when skirts arc so short APPLEBAUM'S Win Yourself That "Second Glance Wear TOWN-CLAD SUIT ," 'i'l S s / ^=S^-^ ifnj^w ' i>£x.f; J$% i a A PREVIEW, There's nothing quite so Spring tike o» our new Printzess Townster*. Soft In style and so smartl Illustrated is a slim fitting coot of Crepe Detalne accented with a top collar of cloud-white linen .. * the very coat you'll wear everywhere with pride! Other Coats S9.95 to $29.50 Get "lit cf thai unnoticed chss wHh that wetl-srooine.i Town-Clad lock. Distinguished stsling, impeccable luilcring, immaculate fit-all comtine to make you the target of admiring eyes. These fine worsteds Jo. v 'ire as full of rich, lustrous color as they ur«r rtsgcd stamina. Shucks. Mister, it's no ffreat ox- pcrse to look ; 'like a million"—not tuinly! "DUNBURY" ALL WOOL GABARDINE SUITS for spring! 3-button and double-breasted coats, drape trousers in b'uss. tans and brown! The handsomest of new spring shades arc! the season's outstanding models—all are ready NOW for your inspection! Penney's. cer- 22 With 2 Prs. Longies Glve your son a Happy Easter in one oi these smart Penney suits! He'll wear it for months and months for dress and for school. Rich shades of blue, grey, brown and green in smart cassimeres. husky tweeds and si.urdy worsteds. Sizes 8 to 12. BOYS' SUITS 4-Piece Trentwood Jr. With 2 Pairs ^ -).75 of Stacks! •'—' All the style details and flne tailoring of Dad's suits! Cassi- meres. cheviots and worsteds in single or double breasted moJ- els! Pleated front slacks with fasteners! 301 W. Main Phone 50 Lovely Spring DRESSES By Paula Urooks and Carlyle These nationally advertised dresses ire a "must" for your spring and 3astrr cvuflt. Designed by the :rst. they come in the newest fub- .ics and colors. Why delay . . . .elect vcurs now. S3.98 to S19.75 APPLEBAUM'S For the younger, young man sizes 32 to 40. Tan. Blue and Brovn—the sra^on's best shades! 2-piece suit—coat and pleated slack?! Superb tailoring! MEN'S MARATHON HATS 1.98 2.98 3.98 Genuine fur felts authentically styled fcr spring bv Marathon. Many are ready- blocked, assuring you of correct shaping! Complete your new wardrobe with » "Marathon." Towncraft* Leads the Shoe Parade with Mrn's Two-Tone Brown SPORTS OXFORDS Men's Coiorful Sports 3 .98 Jackets Bold Weaves! 9.90 Men \>ith a desire for style but determination to be comfortable —ATTENTION! These moccasin type sports oxfords are built for complete foot, freedom — flexible leather soles. soft leather uppers, and roomy, comfort-giving toes! Yet they're designed for the smartest sportswear — two lustrous tones of antiqued tan. graceful lines and interesting perforations see to that, "Glass-1. ike." SUSPENDERS QQ C anil KELTS J Nubby tweeds and soft shet- lands—every one in perfect taste! Three-button models. All Worsted Gabardine Slacks A 98 4 Drape Models! Rich solid tones, diagonals and stripes, casually smart and unbelievably cool! Pleated! OUTFITTERS TO THE AMERICAN FAMILY

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