The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 28, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE ^< CLASSIFIED SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION . pel UK cot oootfeu- Insertion*: to a m»> AUTOM011VB Save Time ao4 MMKJT by usinj; ow comjrtfU stock it Auto KepUcrnwnt Partt HUBBAK1) IIAKDKAKB CO. AuUMotive l>cpL - - Hunt «« Cenerak Seek Demotion in Rank inn promotions In military ranks |bwn made. staild bo strictly upplled,. General, UlM]U . millt . ucllmil Tsow Ho lias iR'tilloiU'il Hie National! (Fire »yer««c OM Ume per Un« ..... Tiro tloaei per line per day Ttmt UBMf P«r Un. per day Six Uwi p«r llm pa d»r Bn» •••••-• He Mo Oie COAL * WOOD SHANGHAI. (UP) -- General Ho Ying-chlns. chairman of the 1'eip-1 ^","'|" to kMi'»B branch Military AHalw Co:n- ^""' u ' 1 ' ' is "fed up" wlHi the ex- Government dint he IK.' demoted to the rjink or "major u^neral" as un for all military men In him, inrmbvr of the I'olplnj; mill- tnry council and one of the le.ullnB (•ommiiuders ol urllllery units In China, emulated General Ho vvllh- New Deal Foremen Get '«"' R*d 0^. »nnounc*s. f i a'J 1 a" • Enkm's .s«ki • no, believed tlic First Aid Instructions ^ructions would pluy nn part in the safety training of focc- WASI1INC1TON (UP,)— First ntrt men. Instruction Ints been extended lo Workers In Civilian CoiworviUlnn My Coal Is Black but I treat >ou white. Fill n» BOW. JOHN BUCHANAN - FHONB !« FOK SALE cesslvc number of •'generals" in this country, according to Chinese press reports. Declaring that Hie rules govern- OURlOAKDING HOUSE He ixsnixk, the MissLs-slppl Uasln cxpcriniL'tit as governmental tn- doisement of the need of first :il<l training, ' . ' The director w!<I nrrangemenls arc [Kiidlng for Institution ot the Adi oroerta tor uiree or U» v -4iuei *nd stopped before eipir*- t'on will be charges (or the number of tone* the ad tppeured too •djuttment of bill made. AU QaMlneC Advertising OOP} Wbmitted bjr penoos residing out- •iOt at UM city irusi be ucom- pinied by cub. Rate* m*y be ««iUy computed Iron) kbort UW*. - wo responanUBv win be Ulen 101 more than one luoonect in- MrtloD ot an? classified ad. create tat UtttH- tu iHMrtlfmi t*k* tl* one time AUTO GLASS AKK-MO LUMBER, PHONE 40 CO. ONE hand operated MONROE CALCULATOR Call at Meyer Bros', office. 21c Kli CLOSING OUt Reconditioned electric refrigerators-. Good condition—Successful operation GUARANTEED. Sizes, from 5 cubic feet food storage space to 12 cubic feet. You may see these units today. K. B. GKE SALES CO. 40T Main SI. ESTATE PHIUJPS' USED CARS •S3 FOKD TUDOR SEDAN .. H71 •33 CHEVROLET COACH S«5 '32 FORD COUPE. 9,WO Miles $345 •JO CHEVROLET COUl'E .. $195 '31*"DODGE SEDAN ".'.V.'.T.T ?195 '» rLVMOUTH SEDAN .... $!« TRUCKS and TRAILERS 'S2 CHEVROLET TRUCK. l!i Ton, Closed Cab, DU.JI Wheels, 1ST I»ch Waeel- rOKD TRUCK. l!s Ton, CaD, Dual Wnttls . ?2' 07 acres, on good highway, ue»r school and church. Bl»ck lo»m soil, two small houses. Land will produce bale and better this ye»r PRICE $45 per acre CASH & itRMS G room stucco RESIDENCE. Good location on (jooa street. Shade and shrubbery. Replacement value *3,UOO. OUR PRICE $1250 Part Cash, Balance Terns W. M. BUK1SS Grand Leader Building. CARITR'S Dn»l Whirl Trailer. A-l uomlition, 3iMi iirti, /ilmosi r<ew, io tool buuy. A bar t .:.n .............. * NABOKS TKA1LEK. Single FOK 3 room FURNISHED apartment, downstairs. Vacant Sept. 1. Phone 683, 108 W. Kentucky. 2d-ck-28 PHILLIPS' €ARLOi MODERN 3 room furnished M- untarnished apartncot aver Kirby Dng Start. F. Stmo>. CaU 7M. 30c JtU Furnished BEDROOMS. (Irs. Ed Haiaui. 11)17 W. Walnut. Call 10J. 1C Kit MOOW & BOAS0 OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9:30 Comer >Vii!uut & 1st Sis. Vooue tU GOOD Meals and KoomJ. Keason- aDlt prices. Mn. T. K. Wilson 112'tisl Cherr), Fhoiw Mz. FOSI1ION WANTED Experienced Stenographer desires oBice work. Write P. O. Box 83V. WANTED TO RENT i SHOE REBUILDING 14 Years 01 b:ui!>iaciory service rftlXjKtbSIV t SlkOr. MiUl' W6 b.' second, Blytneville, Ark. TWO. THREE or FOUR UNFUR- NlbHBD Rooms for permanent renters. Call 256-W. Factory Authorized FRIG1DA1RE KKKV1CE i-actory 'i rained Airchanics Way 67—j'nonp—Nignt 3a'c t. B. GErJ SALKS tlO. «u/ rfam M. TERMITE Prootmg Insurance UNDKR THE AMTlMlTIJ t. (',. Kobiueii Lbr. Co. Plwne 10* W. i. KNOX Has repaired snoes here well for 12 years. Reasonable prices. Fr« Home Loan Estimates Roofing, Painting, Repairs THE AKKMO LUMBEH CO. UK kLl-l 3 or 4 Room Apartment or house, unfurnished, k'hone 225 before o'clock. 23p k2b SALESMEN WANTED Wanted—AUTOMOBILE Salesmen, good popular cnr. Must he producers. (Jive references, experiences in first letter. All applications treated strictly confidential. Write Box "LH", Cure Courier News. FKMALK HELP WANTED BUSINESS DIHECTORY Call 115 fc ask for Pal (or dcmon- tli»tk>ns of Btadebaker, Tcrra- pUnt, Hudson, \ViHa it Austin cars. W* Sell " PETER SCHUTTLER And MISSOURI MULE fc'x|wrlcnccd housekeeper for family of six to live in home. W. E. Hallmark, Rt. 1, Box 31. 28pk9-3 WANTED -White HOUSEKEEPER. nbout 50 years old. Mrs. Frances Murphy. Holland. Mo. 24ck23 Jobless Girls Started Newspaper in Maine WINUiESTER Sb«i Omi Shells Best nkcs On COTTON SACKS BUCKSPORT. Me. (TJP1 — Because two 20-year-old girls could not find Jobs," this town lias a newspaper. Discoursed by tlic scarcity of jobs. Mis; Ella Edson and MiSi Mary E. Cnbti. who graduated from Boston University's School of Journalism last June, came here and established a weekly newspaper. They call it The Bucksport Searchlight. Miss Cobb is editor and Miss Edson is business man a?;r. PAUL BYRUM wu t'cntoffke BoHtriac PbMK 232 Kool with Banter Electito UncondiUMuOy (tun HUBBARD HDW. CO. 6c CLEANERS, TAILORS BE »enMbl«' — economical. Have T*K felt hats rebl«ck«d mw. The season ppfTTMrhrs. AvoM the rush UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE AUTO ACCESSORIES Get ready for autumn driving at bargain prices you probably wil njver see. again. Come in. Compare our prices on auto parts, tires, tubes, motor oil 5 ial $140. WOLF MIAN We Sell Wholesale and Retail Fhooe 17i • - 12* E. Main CCC Worker Won Fi t ht With Rattler SACK AMENTO. Cal. (UP) —Matching his speed against-that of a rattlesnake. John Licciardl, 21. a CCC camp enrollee. snatched the reptile as H struck and'dashed it against a rock, thereby winning Hie grim contest. Licciardl was working alone, at- Icmpting to pry a boulder from » new road, when he heard a litss- Ing rattle behind liim. He leaped to a shelving rock ledge, dropping his crowbar. The snake struck anc he dodged. The reptile coiled am struck again, and tills time the youth grasped its body in mldsec- tlon and threw It against a rocky wall, crushing its head. WANTED WANTED: small CASH HEGIS- TEB. PHONE 977. 2B-c-tf One Fall Too Many BOSTON (UP) — Matthew De Christoforo. II. fell 12 feet a few dajs ago without a sinEle scratch Later he slipped off the sldewall and suflered internal Injuries am t broken arm. mil clelny. In u petition lo delimit Curia ctiiujKi and on Civil and I'ub ' foremen on New LX';il engineering 10( |uosteri Hint, lie bo de- llc'. Works urojccts tlnouglioiit Hie I lie MIssLvilpiil Hlvcr on divdges oiwrnltnR In Delaware country alre»dy hnvc received first linsln. llnrold 1'. Billows, Director tcloRiflphed connucn- and M:iryliiiid ivutcis. ukl lessons, ailo»s disclosed. of First Aid anil Life Saving. Amer to the 1'elpinp inllllnry No decision, -however, has DIN NY'S (HIKST! LAST NlOHl-HAW-^\-TOOK OVER TWE SCENIC-rVDUTE KNEW THtV WERE AND LET THEM TWNV< 1 WAS A, TOUCH HEVA-WEH—THEY EVEN ACES AND WNG<b PL^NTtD SANDWICHES, AND A.U.THE OTHER OUt) ' THtY KNOW, NOW, TO T r-\E IR SORROW.THEY WERE OOIN& AWAY MAD WHY -—YOU MEAWTOSAY ,\ YOU w m+^(^-.j^ ^^KiAC Jg rAOOPLt", WHO BEPCT "V "GOLD DECK NEW OW_EA.NS ; WHO USED TO WET WS THUMB •DRAW ATWROF AC&S T-ROM UNtlW, H\S TONGUE f UNDKKSTANIMNG! BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES VOOY1 L\Wt ABOUT 6000 KOARDMAN (1KTS TOUGH! FOR OWCE IN VOUR LIFE, BOARDMrtM, VO(J GOT SOMETHING TO CRftB 1 ABOUT. WET CLOTHES, WO FIRE, MO FOOD, WO CAfJOE, NOT EVEtJ 0 VALET. ' ft FURTHERMORE, 12 MILES BACK TO CAMP.OVER TH' ROUGHEST; WILDEST COUNTRY V EVER SftW. IT'S ALLVOOR FAULT, ggfllMLESS ( VOVRE FIRED! «T OUT! \ GET otnf YOU'RE FIRED* YOU'RE THRU? SALESMAN SAM 8AM KNOWS! ,^,^. THIS.' ftJMEW SEP. FlQmiN- | OU.VOU'VJE PLUNRO,3UST Q&T IM O OEMPSEV 'OH,OH?MVOL' MATCHED TO •UP WITH PUNCHV rLUNivj; ! IT'S Me PER UP IN TH' KID'S t 6EEM WHATCHA S THIWK1N' SEEM OOIW| AM'Sl KIM GIVE WHflTCHfl KNOU)?^Vft fiTIP, AN 1 I KNOW OJHAT I'M TALWM' CROUCH AM 1 THEN OPPER- CUT CAW'T MISS HIS CHIN! IT'S FOR HIS BOUT PUNCHY PUJMKO PROP \U THC'IOO OUT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS INDIAN WISDOM! 60 IF OUR FfelEND BATSESE HAD CWLY THOUGHT TO SHIFT H* PACk^B CAyrrEEM HIS HATCHET. T» HIS fTOHT SIDE, J /iNf'CARtJlECJ HIS RIFLE IN Hlb Rlcm .HAND, WE MKHT WEVER WAVE CAUGHT HIM •! FCECKLES, RAT IS STILL A RAT, BY Ak-Y OTHER KIAME WE'VE PROVED-TKAT. THE MA^ WHO FIREO THE WttOOS OM 0-JE! LITTLE 'ISLAND WALkEO A 8T MOBE Hs«yiLY ON HIS LEFT. 90S... ' GEE,CH»*»!.tE,-rHATS MOT ' ON A cay A«<s You TO APOLO GI2ES fex? ACL HE'S DONE!

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