Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island on July 5, 1966 · Page 6
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Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 6

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1966
Page 6
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Newport Dally News, Tuesday, July 5, 1966 ] Hail, Wind Hits West, Heat Wave Bakes East By HIE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, haii, and high winds hit Minnesota Monday night as the torrid East, baked by several days of 100-degree heat, cooled to seasonable temperature. Numerous funnel clouds and tornadoes were sighted in the area between Fargo, N.D., and St. Cloud, Minn. Wind* up to 70 miles an hour ripped through St. Cloud uprooting many trees in the area. The highway patrol reported that U.S. 10 east of the town was blocked by fallen timber. Hail as large as soflballs pounded the town of Detroit. Lakes, Minn. Large chunks of ice broke countless windows and dented many cars. Drenching rahs, estimated at 3 5 inches, accompanied 1 the hail. · A tornado warning for central and southeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin remained in effect early this morning. Meanwhile, the East was reviving from a blazing sun that had brought temperatures to a record of 103 at Philadelphia Monday, ft was the first time in 95 years of record keeping that the mercury was 100 or better for three straight days in that city. At Harris-burg in central Pennsylvania the mercury hit 104 Monday after a scorching 107 on Sunday.· · Temperatures, in upstate New York, well over the 100 mark in| many areas Sunday, moderated to the 80s and 90s Monday and to tlie upper 60s and low 70s] Monday night. Some 340,000 residents in 11 Buffalo, N.Y., suburus faced a severe water shortage and strict bans in unnecessary use of water. i the water at two New Bedford j New York City dropped to 781 beaches Monday after a life-, degrees at midnight, 20 degrees! guard and a police boat spotted i below the day's high. Many' two sharks, each a: least ten|roads in the-metropolitan area; feet .long. buckled from the heat, including' Bathers at the East municipal I two lanes of three-lane Long! beach spent'an hour on shore Island Expressway h Nassau! Shark Scare Hits Bathers NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) --Swimmers were ordered from Pacific Forces Commander Says War 6 Now Being Won' HONOLULU ( A P ) -- The He said he talked a! length wilh'onstralions liad now "calmed commando: 1 ot U.3 forces in the Westmoreland in Suijion. ^Itnvn." I Pacific savg after a visit to Sai-| Assessing the recent air: Sharp said South Vietnamese I gon that there are sufficicct strikes against fuel depots near premier Nguyen Cao Ky had I fighting men in South Viet Nam to rout the Communists. But Adm. said in tin Haiphong and the North Viel-'done namcsc caoital of Hanoi. Sharp [thing" "absolutely the right I to quell the Buddhist I U:S Grant Sharpjsjid the raids are having the uprisings. He said Ky used " e j airport interview desired effect. | minimum amount of force ncc-1 SKNA'iOKS IN MIDST OF JAZZ BUFFS -- At Sunday's session of Newport Jazz Festival are Rhode Island's Democratic junior senator, Claiborne Pell of Newport, right, and. Sen. Jacob K. Javils, New York Republican. Between them is Mrs. Javits and at left is Mrs. Pel!. (Daily News Photo) Audience Enjoys Jazz Workshop while lifeguards rowed to shore a t'roup from a diving raft 150 feet out. Swimmers were allowed in up to their waists at the Rodman Job Corps' Center after police with plaster hooks chased another shark. County. By BARBARA MARSH Nearly 2.000 fans "Our Lover is Here and Kenny Dorham introducedjshe soloed the trumpet workshop with solojTo Stay." semen performances of lyrical ballad! Dizzy Gillesoie and B o b b Monday night that this docs no] necessarily mean there will be no further increase in the Unit ed States' manpower commitment in the Southeast Asia country. "I can't jay that necessarily. It depends on what the other side does." Sharp remarked. "You can't, in a war, ever say 'we've got enough now because you don't know what the'enemy is going lo do." The admiral iigrieeing with Gen. William C. Westmoreland that the war against the Communists ii "now being won." gave this assessment of the situation after meeting with the Army general who commands U.S. .troops in Viet Nam: "We have got enough troops in the country that We can take the offensive. Anytime we can find the Viet Cong or the North Vietnamese, we can put enough pressure on to beat them.'in other word.-,, \ve have the necessary forces to take the offensive and stay on rhe offensive, which is thp important thing.. "We have enough air power in there now to do the job of supporting the ground troops. The admiral said his talksjcssary to keep the country I with Westmoreland touched outlined up' and under control." I the Buddhist uphdeavals in the; "Ky did a marvelous job," south, an he observed the dem- Sharp said. Elsewhere, scattered showers i^own in beachwear and ber-'approaches in honor of I, o u i sjHackett joined at the close of There is a fine team in there, and thunderstorms occurred'mudas yesterday for an after-lArmstrong's 66ih birthday yes-'yeslerday's session for what ahead of a slow-moving coltfinoon of workshop guitar - ·- and! 1 ^- . , , "Summertime and IWein termed a "historic mo- of:ment in Jazz" for "Green Dol- and they're doina a hell of a good job." Sharp, whose headquarters front stretching from Indiana lo1 1azz in , ernretation . bv ma ior',, . mer i"! le anU A " of.meat m Jazz tor "Green Dol- Sharp, whose headquarters Maryland A few thurdershow ! mierpreiauons a\ major, M( ,., wcro bel(cd Qut hy I r v i n g l p n , n street." "Marvelous," and are in Honolulu, visited Saigon ers were" also reported in the !fest!Val P erformers - '"Red" Allen, followed by Missi"! Got It Bad and That Ain't 1 after attending a meeting o f t h e ' "The term workshop may. be|Teddy King with Ruby Braff alJGood." Tans gave them a hear-jSoulheasl Asia Treaty Organ!South. Plans Of President Are Kept A Secret SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) - in memory, was saying not Red" Allen, followed by Missi"! Got It Bad and That Ain't after attending a meeting of the . . . . . . . . ... , 'eddy King with Ruby Braff alJGood." Tans gave them a hear-'.Southeasl Asia Treaty Organi- jwrong here" Festival produ-i" 16 trumpet and Ross Thomp-]ty round of apnlause before^zation in Canberra, Australia. cer George' Wein said "since ;kins at t h c - niano -. c . Iad in white! churning up the "Just to file out , ,' i i , v 'pants and our aim is not to leach, but to: ishow different impressions o f j I how instruments are used." i His audience didn't seem ASK FOR YOUR FREE PIZZA DIAL for your ttltphont. Free with your next Pizza Order from · f A rr f\f\f\ Broadway At Equality Park VnMrC Z\J\J Dial 847-0200 for orders lo go ANNUAL CARNIVAL Sponsored By WEENAT SHASSITT TRIBE OF RED MEN SUN., JULY 3 thru SAT., JUIY KING PARK GIANT FIREWORKS JULY 8 Rides (Wtather Permitting) Games -fc Fun For All matching jacket,'of the sim-baked field. 10 l mind at all. They called out for .encore renditions from George President Johnson continues s holiday stay at his ranch today playing one of the games seems to enjoy best: 'em guessing. he word about his eventual return guitarist Charlie Byrd after to the While House. Guesses. j"Michelc admittedly uneducated, ranged : program keeping! from tonight lo next Monday. The President flew to the ("let's face it -- no' is complete without Hoffa WUl Name Union Head Heir MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) -|ber union if Hoffa is taken out of Planning Aid For The Poor WASHINGTON (AP) - Sargent Shriver, director of the antipoverty program, says fam ily planning grants will be made available to the poor if they are desired. "There is absolutely no hesi- NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND Tliuri.'Fri.-Sat.-Sun.-Jiily21'22'23'24 ' ir Evtnlnj Conctrlj: Thunday, Friday. Saturday. Sunday Thret All-Diy Event.: Friday, Saturday; Sunday AY, 8:00 P.M.-- Oscar Brand. Judy Collins, Bob Gicton Beule' im »nd J«it McReynolds. Phil dchs, Billie and Ddi Pierc.' irg. L«*is. Bukk. White, Ed young, »nd others Feur ; THURSDAY, 8:00 P.M. -. Jones, Jim : with Gtorgi J FRIDAY, 8:00 P.M. "The Batlle ; JImmie Driftwood, Clark Kesslnuer Dixit, f Scruggs. Jos Heaney. Idaho Fiddlers. Skip . " D ' " ' Johnson, more secretive about travel plans than any president 'Clark C Terry after "Jay mPB 0 fi Tea ' ns ' crs ' Union President'Circulation for a while. |talion on my part or. ns far as I llis '1Wine and Roses." " S iJame s R. Hoffa is trying to talk! Fitzsiininons, a long-time|kn°«'. on anyone's part is Wash. north 'after 60 milcsl The guilar ; cssion , conducted,Vce 'President Harold Gibbons^"' 1 « y e r bar ^-^ ^ . ;;l"Cantalope Woman." He ranch home, some of here, last Thursday making speeches concerning Viet Nam in Omaha and Des Moines. HP ordered an exhaustive; study of Ihe military draft Saturday and. on thc Fourth of Julv. signed a free-|.. , ,, , ,. , ,,., dom nf information bill designed T '^' e ' ?"1 ^ r Z ' ' M ' kc lo build into federal law the con.| Lucc al the dnlms - eept of "the .people's right to AlUla z °Uer continued know." With specified as national security mat-- Youths Hurt In 110 m.p.h. Car Chase P A W T U C K E T (AP) '-Two Boston area youths are ___ _ _ fair condition today in Pawtuck-|t e rs, information in federal files et Memorial Hospital after a ···"« ' '- *·- -- -j- --1-.= - .car crashed into a utility pole-ending what police called -a high-speed chase early Sunday. They are identified as Paul TJriscolI, 18, of Boston and Paul Juavalles, .17, of Cambridge. Central Falls police said the carjlish the youths were driving was reported stolen from a hotel parking lot in Boston. · Police said the owner is Missjception of wife Lady Bird andi Helen W. Goldhar of Albany, ·--'-·' -=-'U - J --- =- ' N.Y. . Attleboro police said they clocked the youths at speeds up to 110 m.p.h., on Route 95 when the chase started. by Billy Taylor, swung inlo 15 out of voicing any dissent to TM U pturnil to head The Team minutes of the blues at 1 D. m. Hoffa's iron ------- " - - ' · rflturnmg lo ncad !ne Tcam by Grant Green, who gave a ,,,.._ , , , .single string interprelation o f j l e arned today. ' iron control, waslsters. Fitzsimmons also made it Hoffa -- Facing no opposilioniclear that Ihe Teamsters, ex ning grants," Shriver Said in an inleroffice memorandum. "As far as I know I have signed every such grnnt which has come to my desV. I shall laccompanied by Taylor at thc f° r a new,five-year term, a $25,-;pellod _from the AFL-CIO oivcontinue to do so. piano, Jean Taylor at the bass M0 na y rriise and 'he right to corruption r:,i,ii _ T » T _ i ·**:!-- -n _ flflnninf 111? f»\l'n Kiin.iiiccii)' I ivnillrl Vin V "That isn't necessary." was one. version of what Hoffa said Gibbons told him he vention ends Friday. Gibbons earlier dropped plans to run against Fitzsimmons for to the presidency i f j i n Hoffa goe s to jail. Hoffa's ei?ht- FRA Seats New Officers Brancn 19, Fleet Reserve Association installed its officers Sunday in Middletown Knights of Columbus Hall. Seated were James Healey, president; Edward Limoges, first vice president; Joseph Hall, second vice president; Tony Napolitano, secretary; and Robert Shaw, treasurer. Directors seated were William Ragsdale, George. Silsbee, Ed Titus, Robert Bennyhoff, George Pfeiffer, Arthur Powell, Chester Hopkins, William E. Burns. Raoul Bernier and James Pimental. The installing officer was Chester Hopkins. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to Erich A. O'D. Taylor, an honorary member, and Mrs-. Marian Reddy, president of ' the auxiliary. The branch's membership was reported as 2,138. making Newport's the fourth largest of the 300 branches throughout the ^vorld. Greetings were extended by Mayor Shea of Newport and Council president Howard Lawton of Middletown. jury-tampering and five- year mail-fraud sentences being appealed. Fitzsimmons said be would follow Hoffa's policies in running the giant 1.7-million-mem- Bristol Woman' Finds Birthday B R I S T O L (AP) - Mrs.j Anna Marie Ascoli finally knows how old she is. Although Mrs. Ascoli was actually 82 years old last April 27, she did not know it until Monday. Mrs. Ascdli's birth certificate was lost shortly after she came to the U.S. from her native Italy years ago. Recently Joseph Sansone, a funeral director and family friend, wrote to Italy and got the information. One of Mrs. Ascnli's ions Michael, said his mother was "always trying to figure out when she was born. As it. turns out ·be came pretty close." blues, with Don Freednian at the paino. Zoller was followed and Kenny Rurell. with solo version of "What Child willhave to be made public to ,, u j IT n. Jones . Howard McGhee starting July 4,1067. It not. an individual can bring where thn burden of nroof would be on the government to cstab- mcets the exemptions. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I no one -- with the possible ex-| llie new post of president with formation about the President's future plans, even a day ahead. charges ; in 1957, appoint his own .successor --'would have about as little likeli-j reportedly told Gibbons it'hood under him as under Hoffaj would be silly lo rock the boatlof returning lo the 13-million- at the Teamsters convention, imember confederation. "We've had- a hell .of a lot more success out CIO than in it," of the AFL- Fitzsimmons Peace Talks Site Changes WASHINGTON (AP) - Diplo- planned to tell some 2,200 di-le* said. gates why he opposed naming Askorl win- lio fhniiolit n\h i · · Vice President Frank Fitzsim-jbons onposed his'ffiL to MtlC S °" rCeS '" Washln g ton imons as Hoffa's heir-apparent, j succeed 'Hoffa, Fitzsimmons According to some accounts ofisaid: "We've never discussed it. e conversation. Hoffa's al-'I see no reason why he should tempt to dissuade him appearedjoppose me." to harden Gibbons' resolve to; Gibbons reportedly feel, that speak lu s P'ece before the con- Hoffa's hand-picking of his own successor without anv opposition smacks of a lack of democracy in the union. general vice! Hoffa - after lambasting automaticiwhat he called anti-union forces Congress, the government, jj us j ness a nrj news media -- are mentioning the Dominican Republic as an alternate site for next month's Inter-American summit conference. The conference is scheduled to be held in Buenos Aires, bul the change in sites -- because of the military coup that ousted President Arturo Illia of Argen- Una -- reportedly has considerable Latin-American support. I SUNDAY. 8:00 P.M. -- Pete Setfier. Tom and Llam Clancy, Jimmy {.Collier Ihe Movement Singers, Jack Elliot (U.S.). Fannie lou Harn.r · i"n ?"*?· f." 0 '*" 11 "*"- Norman Konnedy, Jim Kweskin Jug Band! . : Bully Sainte Marie. Jimmy Tarlrton. Kilby Snow, Tom Paxton otheri ·. · DAYTIME EVENTS -- Traditional folk cratl s including a country potter tod carver, weavers, lobster trap maker · : " ^- -- ' ·· ! WETD., JULY 20 _ Special pre-leslival da designed for children. '· 9 s f" ,? r ". nd w '"' J udy Collins. Bessie Jones. Jean. Ritchie, Bully : Samte-Marie, and children from the local area will participate. I. SUNDAY it 2 P.M. "New Directions" -- Eric Anderson. The Blues Project ^ ; Hazel Dickens. Alice Foster, Betty May Fykes, Tom Rush, Andrew t . Paul Tracty, Allen Damron, Rosalie'Sorrels. and others. George Wein, Tech. Producer - - . EvinbifS: J3.5U, 4.51,5.50 Mr Concert -- All SeitrReienti ' AILDay Workshops: JJ.OO Per Day · .'· ' Children's Day Program (July 20): 11.50 all-day ticket Box Seat informition on request -- Piograms subject to change' On Mail Orders add 25 cents to NEWPORT FOfK FESTIVAL/Newpoit, ».l. Ticktlt III N«wp.rt: Men Mutlc Center, 98 Broadway ·nd «t Futival Heodquarten, 39'A Memorial Blvd. AN FUFMIMr UIITU tVtWINb WITH . . . BRDRA MAN KING -- WALTE* A. HYMAN COMPANy in iHociilion with GEORGE WEIN r»rmnt SATURDAY . JULY 30 · 1:30 P.M. FESTIVAL flEtD. NEWPORT, R.I. rhoni (Ml) B.I7.3H5 with PETER MATZ and Hii Orchesln Tickets $5.00. fi 00. 800. 10.00 * Ulil «"'" "' 2S «"l t mma risimis. ft^ri. 1 1. predicted the unanimous reelection of himself. Secretary- iTreasurer John F. English, and 13 vice presidents, who together make up the union's ruling executive board. Sing Along With OLIVIA at the piano bar TRY OVR DELICIOUS FOODS Sptcializing in Shrimp Scampi,' Staaki and Cheps, etc. Liitan to th* ROUND GERARD TRIO Evtry Friday and Saturday in The Cocktail Leungo CUFF WALK MANOR ·2 Mtmorial. llvd. THE NEWPORT OPERA FESTIVAL PRESENTS THE METROPOLITAN OPERA COMPANY OF NEW YORK IN CONCERT PERFORMANCE OF OPERA HST1VAL HILO NIWPORT, RHODI ISLAND SPONSORED Vf HOLIDAY FESTIVAL INC. AND PRODUCED IY GEORGE WEIN AIL OPERAS PERFORMED IY THE SOLOISTS, ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS OF THE METROPOLITAN OPERA (1:30 P.M.] OPERA WORKSHOPS AND HECITALS PERFORMED IY MEMIERS OF THE METROPOLITAN OPERA COMPANY EACH AFTERNOON AT 1:39 P.M! $2.00) · [FILL OUT AND MAIL]- On Mail OrdtrsAdd 25* Handling Charge --Send to: NEWPORT OPERA FESTIVAL. NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND HIASI SIND MI THI FOLLOWING TICKETS tNTK NUMIM IN APMOf RIATEIOX JULY 12 (TUISOAY) LA tOHlMI HCIt AUANIil tasussn ·same JULY 14 (THURSDAY) ·MATMOMINTSINOPIU 101 IAIN 1ATI) JULY 11 (FRIDAY) Q $].JO LUCIA Dl n ,,,. LAMMHIMOOR " * " IOIHTA mm J*N FIIICI . SNIMIU HUNK IATHOHB UICHMKI CONCUCIOI IIIYIO YA«VI!0 JULYU(SATU«DAY) AIM n S7.M U _ M lOINH Utm IUCINI AMAIA XOtALIND ELIA1 JAUK MiCUCMN lOIIIT MIIIIU JOHN UACtlltr CONOUCIOI iiivie vA»na PI SI.H - r-i M U D *'·" JULY 17 (SUNDAY) ADDRESS ..,;. CITY4STAT6 ..................... ZIP. ..maoiio Al«H KINO-WALTtll «, MYM«M COMPANY in HKCillion w» OtOME WIIN Muni SATURDAY · JULY 30 · 1:30 P.M. FESTIVAL FIELD, NtWPOUT, R. I, ' PMPi (401) §47.3015 -.-.-- , with PETER MATZ and Hit Orchtilrl Tkl«» IS.OO. t.M. l.n, 10.00 « Kill C*li Ml n CMIII «VW«t IBTIVKi! Knoll. U AN EVENING WITH... BARbRA STREJSANd "THE JAYWALKERS" "THE JAYWALKERS" from Nfehols College Featuring Rock and Folk Styles Appearing Nightly-Tuesday thru Friday 9 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Sundays 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. SATURDAY NIGHTS . Gene Pederton Orchestra For Your Dancing Pleasure VIKING HOTEL SKOAL ROOM

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