The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1936
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BEYT! VOL. XXXIII—NO. I'M THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AMp'sOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS Blylh'evllli; Courier Dlyllieville Daily News iji'VHIM-MJH i-. mi, ~~~ niytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Hi; i 1 IJh VILLb, AUKANSA8, KUIDAY, OCTOUKR ;{() 1930 WAR DANGER FAST SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FRENCH PREMIER Down to the •Finish Line With' Pep! : to • Spa re Bailey Will Give Principal Talk; Several Contests on Program Plans -traii^ made for the imnua Armlslice Day celebration In Blytheville on November 11, to to sponsored by the Dud Cason post of the American Legion, call for a full day of appropriate observance to be featured with an address by Gov.-Elect Carl E. Bailey. Mr. Bailey, who is making his first visit to Blylheville In an official - capacity, since he was nominated for governor, will share honors with other men of note who are planning to attend. A complete list of these will be announced next week. The parade, which will begin aC 11 o'clock, -the hour the armistice- was signed, will have floats, bands, drum and bugle corps, bicycle corps, ex-service men, singing choruses and cars. There will be a number of bands, Including the Caruthers- ] ville senior band, the 32-piece junior band from that city, which has' children from the fourth, fifth and i with the! - do acrobatics and circus twirling with batons, the Scnath high school band of 30 members dressed in rid jackets and overseas caps, the Par- agoiild school band and perhaps the new Blytheville band. Cape Corps Coming Tlie Golden Troopers of Cape Girardeau, slate champion drum and bugle corps, and which is said lo be one of the best in ths country, will participate In the parade and will also give a 30 minute drill exhibition, if .plans being worked cut materialize. There will be f. prize of $50' for the prettiest-float or car. The scc- - end prize will be. $35 and Ice' third prize will be $15. There-will also be a prize of $5 for the best p.-T. ' Cruclliim t lhoii|jh tlicir ciimpuijjii wlndups were. '• belli 1'rcsldeii! \ ; Rcoseielt and Ci out nor Lnndon snipt down, the s'tretyh t^> llje finish | line shewing no lnice of stnin That they put .more fjsliti Whcr' , than less, into (he tlobing dajs of their baltle for tiiej preslcl'dnsy, ; Is borne out bv these two new pictures, showing noosevcltj is \\\ In New York and. Governor 1 uiultm In one of his ylHorou; wlndli)) addresses. ' • i I '. :ixth grades as members, with the L, . n . . ' ' ^^m^o". dressed in gold, to | OCmi-r inal Speech Ot 'Ke- election Campaign Scheduled for Tonight A. float. 'Commercial be non-competitive. .. floats will Among the- floats already entered is the Lion Oil company float, which won first prize in the recent peach festival at Forrest City but 'Which will .be entered in the noncompetitive group here. Tlie Busi""" ""* Professional Women's Paragould, h a s e n- float in the competitive ness and club, of tered a group. Prize for Best Chorus Pete Barnes, -who has attracted much attention with hl s oxen and Ikiley Chief Speaker at Warren Celebration WARREN, Ark., Oct. 30. (UP) — An address by Ally. Gen. Carl E. Bailey, Democratic nominee for governor, high-lighted the opening celebration of, the state's'centen- nial. Bailey spoke this afternoon from a speakers' platform erected oil the court square. - A crowd cstimatsd WASHINGTON, Oct. "30 JUP)— ill more than 5;000 heard his ad- Frcsident Rcosevelt, refreshed and dress, confident after a vigorous too-1 A , )!lrad( , of (loats al50 day campaign swing, secluded liim- \ part of the afternoon's pro-ram self m his White House study ^i-«n. today to work on a major political address he will deliver in Brooklyn. N. Y.. tonight as ' his semi-final re-election appeal. | '-The president, denied himself i to callers but held frequent tel-1 ephoiie 'conversations with admih-l ,istratioh -.officials. . He^lso . st'ud- Jubilant Loyalists Offensive, C1 a i m i n Rebels Driven Back Communist Candidate Run Out of Texas Town • ! . S'ORT, 'ARTHUR. Tex., Ost. 110. (UP,)—Homer Brooks, youthful Communist candidate for governor, was arrested and rnn out of 1'orll A.rllim- curly, today by II. P. Baker, chief of'police, "We took him and his two companions lo (he city limits and lold Blay out." Chief Bnker sn'.d. 'T es- Iliecl they went back to Houston." Brooks' companions were Bid Holand and Bill Williams, tin chief said. Tli<> three were arrested yesterday aflcrnoon wlicii they cam . oa s i:icm!er dcclaieil allegedly was misrepresenting lib! I,,..,, exclusive' Sviev '"'" '• ' " led .reports, on the Pacific coast maritime strike, submitted to him by Secretary Stephen P. Early. Mr. Roosevelt's campaign, special train will leave .tlie capital at 4:30 P. M. for.'Neiis York. Tlie president will speak at 10 Mother Also' Held 'Death of'-4-Year-Old Kentucky Deaf''Mule' Mr. and Mrs..Baldridge Observe Golden Wedding and W new airplanes, the latter from Mexico, had reached the cap- Hal and were being sent Into ac- !»• l * I ^ ar a J. Winsett, v in Memphis j and Mr. lialdridgc, who Is a Seeking Contributions loj T ^' *"^ ^."^-J^"}',, Bring Industry Here ••> The campaign lo raise . $70,000 Mr., and Mrs. Jsfflrson Davis u 0 ,, ^7 s rj^ fM ^s ,*; ^ i ;sL t of it Ld^ Mrs. Baldridge the former Miss I p ,, M [or = th ' B „„,„.£, markets nsett. who is now 75. | ,, Bbl , b Dri ,, aclt ' One Killed, 20 Hurl in Ac- to bring a big Rice-Stlx Dry was in .„ for 22 years. He tins continued that work since coming-' h° r » ten years ago. Sccs m comp^ ^'factor J*£* »f *«« ^ ^ lo Blytheville went over the $10,- I *'„ * 1 ° a ' k ' ? f ' lcre ' »'"' M "- A<1 : (ina n,i,' mornim, Tl.r, total at' ? c Dr »»er ol New York city, and 000 this' morning. The total at' Z^ous W c £'frt M f n noon'today was $..",,025, with no 1 ££ s °"f' ^ '• B " 1<lr ' d S c ° ! P"; l-i-nnrl. available from onn -com- ™ ?.' C ° l - .^^ D ' Baldridge 0[ Little Ro:k, p. II. Baldridge and Baldridge of Paragould. Besides It was understood loyalist planes located and destroyed rebel guns a few kllomelors from 'the Aran- jucz-Valcncia railroad, which had been cannonading troops and supply trains. Likewise,the loyalists eliminated a battery atscseim which had been firing on the railroad. A telephone call to the United Press from a correspondent on the [front, said that virtually normal passenger train service had- been re-established between Madrid .and Aranjuez, about 28 'miles south of Academy of Music. The cam-, OLIVE HILL, Kv 'Oct 30 (IIP'i paign will close formally tomor- —Authorities announced toda • til t row night at Madison Square Gar- Everett Spirks, 44. of Enterprise'' den. New York, out Mr. Rocse- KV lin/i rnnfixu,! n,-,t i, n /. *— • "•»•••«• t.,,- yell will talk to the voters again JnV flT-ye ~ dathl r !" - ^TV" " le Cit >' *'» bc "- fnr 15 ,.\iniii/>o /,», nld^Hn,, «,,« j- , . . *,«u a .n.v.i, HIM vitpn Tn llpln for 15- minutes; on election eve <ired poison in milk durinj an hour's Democratic radio , m cm ^ & ^ -_.....,.. cqiitribiitlons ,'included many 'of-;$25 \ from employe^ -of! local-business houses, 'Hitherto solicitation lias been confined al- mcst altogether »to property own- is ' ended virtually everyone who has regular em- STRlEllEift. big logs, lias promised a real show with his oxen for a part in the parade. The bicycle corps h to be made up of local boys and girls with thsir decorated bikes. A prize of $2 will bs given for the most attractive bicycle with .$1 prize for second honors. There will bs n $5 prize to the P.-T. A. or school for the best! group or chorus singing sonjs with ' those papular daring the war su"- gested. Rules and details of this contest will bs announced later but registration for the bicycle corps contest and the chorus contest mav be made with Miss Lois Hooper phone 306. In the latter contest the songs will bo sung for competition just bsfore Gov-Elect Bailey speaks. All schools and P.-T. A's in northeast Arkansas and southeast 'Missouri are invited to nar- licipate. • Since the ex-service men started sponsoring such a celebration several years ago, the Armistice dav programs of Blytheville have been attended by many visitors from nearby towns, as well as local residents, and it is planned to m ak-' •this year's affair even larger than those of the past. Legion leaders broadcast. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Oct. 30 (UP) — Stocks moved irregularly in quiet trading today. Railroad issues were definitely lower while utilities were higher. Other groups failed' to show definite trends with selective buying and selling in individual issues. A T and T 119 5-8 Anaconda Copper 47 7-8 Bcthlehc-ni Steel '. 77 3-4 Chrysler , ; 139 Coca Cola 122 General American Tank C4 General Electric 49 General Motors 73 International Harvester 92 McKcsson-Robbins 10 3-4 Montgomery Ward 57 3-4 Packard ..: 12 1-21 Phillips Petroleum .... 45 7-8 Radio Corp 107-3 Et Louis-San Francisco 1 1-8 Eimnions Bed 4G 1-4 Standard of N J SB 1-4 Texzs Co 47 3-8 U S Emellinj 85 3-3 U S Steel 76 1-2 Warner Bros 143-4 Zcnite • : 8 rb!e to aitcr walk, died jrliort Illr mute, week Ships Must Not C. w. Henderson said. It buried last Monday. The coroner, said he went to the Sparks home] to investigate the child's death ond was ordered .lo leave Later "—...v-..j , he said, he learned that Sparks 1 tilosc Previously (iSOll Ulldrr Ihc iiainn '°"°W: L. L. Ward I An error appeared in Ihe list of-.~ ~--i -••-,-- -. ..^. ""-.ccntribulors published ycsterdav. ] eavp Snn Fv-iiirisrn "f, P. A. White, shoe man,' who was . ., . '?, lla »LlSeO, \v« listeti as Bivlng S50 ' "ciunUy B^'C Union Wan w ' t!> S1CO, it was announced bv J. TI i ™nm i com » ll Contributions '' °' "" in addition to SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30 (UP) —A maritime strike of 37,000 union dock and sea workers tight- tought poison under the name the of Sam Jones. Sparks appeared at icr's cilice yesterday Sparks purportedly; told the coroner he poisoned the child be- . 1 Pat O'Bryant acknowledged i encd Its grip around, the Pacific coast's shipping industry today as ...$500.001 .maritime Federation headquarters ... 100.00 \ here ordered large scale picketing New York Cotton NEW YORK, OctTaO. (UP)-COI- ten closed steady. open high low close ... 1169 1170 1IC1 11G1 •••• HG6 1167 1158 1160 ••-.'1173 1173 1163 1163 .... 1172 1,172 1164 1167 •••• 1169 1169 HGO 1161 --. H24b 1125 1118 1120 closed quiet at, 206, oft 5. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. Chicago Wheat opsn high • low 'close Dec 114 1-4 115 7-8 113 1-2 113 5-8 M'y'113 113 1-2 112 i-4 112 1-4 cause he thought "it would be n .. . „ , . "» <->• to "''" l£'w.W Both Sparks and his .wife were c L Wilson '"• held in county Jail. J Claude Cooper'".'.'.]'.!'.'. Mead Clothing Co. ... Herrick Watch Shop .. F. L. Engler Shaver-Foster Gin Pete The Plumber ... Jesse White Moore ta Blckerstaff .. J. L. Cherry Kirby Bros G. H. Clrcar i E. M. Terry ! Max B. Reid Marcus Evrard Green FScetle Cafe Grace Eleanore Shop .. Nell's & Minnie's Shop . 200.00 . 100.00 . 100.00 . 100.00 . 100.00 of . In San Francisco approxhnatly 50() Pickets moved out along the Einbarcadero front. They were . stationed in groups of '12 in front 160.00 °f cnc h pier and displayed the 25.00 I "'lion's warning Hint 40 ships tied Ines and stronger resistance could be expected. Nexl government forces hope to ittack In force the strong natlon- illst advance positions, until their >ig push of a few days ago, at Illescas, 20 miles south of Madrid, m the Toledo highway. Anovcr del Tajo on the Tagus river between Toledo nnd Aranjuez and Navalcarnero, southwest of Madrid on he Talavers. road. Taking advantage of Ihelr super- or numbers, loyalists are attacking all their objectives from three ( .Ides. An attack of this kind was started .this morning on the na- ionaMst lines at lllesras. No progress was reported In the first phnsa of the operation. Film Notable's Wife Is Freed Dec. May Chicago Corn op:n high -low close 93 3-4 04 1-2 93 3-4 93 7-8 89 1-2 89 7-8 89 3-8' 80 3-8 Livestock NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 30. (UP) -Cotton eased off four to six points today in n ghl trad| There was hedge selling by spo t houses and selling for short accounts. November was off four points, nt 1159, January off five pcinls, at 1157. op;n high low close 1164 1166 1158 1153 1162 1162 1157 1157 1168 1169 1160 1160 1170 mo 116» 1163 Dec. ' Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 1144 1164 1158 1157b 1122b 1117 1117 linb Spots closed ste.nry a: 120'., off 4. EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. Oct, 30 (UP)— Hops, rcccipls, 7,000 Top, 9.50- ' : ;•' • ' ••• • 170-240 Ibs. 9.30-9.50 140-160 ibs, 8.40-9.10 Bulk tows, 8.25-8.60 Cattle; receipts, 2^500 Mixed yearlings and 5.00-7.00 , Slaughter heifers, 4.25-10,00 Beef cows, 1.00-4.75 Cutters and low cutters. 3.00-3.15 . 50.00 j "P llc re must not sail. 100.00; Union headquarters here said ... 250.00 Pickets had been posted at tno ... 100.00 i ot h'er affecled ports, principally ... 100.00 Seattle Portland, San Pedro and ... 100.00 San Diego. ... 100.GO Meanwhile Assistnut Secretary ... 53.00 °- Labor Edward P. McGrady be... 50.00 8 a " new attempts to arrange ... 150.00 peace conferences between the ... 500.00 ll "icns and ship owners who ... 100.00 broke off relations last midnight ... 103.00 when the workers' Joint negotiat- ... 100.00 i in B committee issued the strike ... 100.00 CD H- 50.00 100.0U :, heifers ' ' luu.uu : ^,. -. s-,.uo Missouri Farmers Vote De'ta Imnlements Inc 25000 . TJ /•, neit studio • ; -25.00! ror tonlmuance ot AAA M:iIt Scruggs 50.001 E. O. Adams 100.00 COLUMBIA, Mo.—A • report by W. J. Fnught 25.00 James Crosby. Missouri Soil Conr. Roscn'thal ico.OO servalion Act administrator, on the S F. Vail 25.00 Poll taken at more than 1500 com- J. Nonis Moon ;... 25,00 rnunity meetings this fall In Mis- Bernard A. Gooch 25.00 sourl .highlight, of Thursday after- Roy Koonce 25.00 noon's farmers' week session, show- N. H. Dlakcmorc 25.00 """ """* ' ' " "" ' " O. N. Hawkins .' 25.00 Floyd Hargclt 25.00 H. C. Hall Elbcrt Huffman Jack Dishop ... I Carson Alh-v ... i Earl Snidei .... 1 Mrs. Grace Worthy ... 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 . . I J. Raymond Smith ....... 25.00 Two Seek Divorces NagS'iK which sent her t o , i hospital for (rcalmenlot "frayed ! Two divorce suits have been fllsd nerves' was charged against ! in chancery court here recently Busby Berkeley, famed film ' - -- - -• •• - •• danci'inaslcr, by Mcrna' Kcn- F. M. Carryl is asking a divorca vun.^v.,..—. - -- ntn- -from Vcra Carryl cu Ine ground ncdy, above, in testimony which of indignities and Mrs. Mavis '•-- a divorce on cruelty Timms is seeking a divorce from n [.OS J\ 1100] PC • ff.,.,.1 ' -w' . . . ,_ _" . » - r _•__ her Tn in-x: xr , T * — - " Ul , A . vtwt »*-j iinuris IS secKmtr n uivurce irom infL rt*'i? CW i York CUy had nn ' 8 rolinds I 11 - f Angolcs - court 'jack Timms on the ground of in- Infant dealli rate of 41,0 per 1000V The icd-lmiml former loading dignities livn h i-tlic- in ««- --.>* T, ..__ i . , f ... r-ini-ioL- m.^^i:^ b w'ss'mn.i. »*- "i T PPV» |^;i luuu : J IR* 11;»« """ ~" ""• •">-* iv. a(.ung live births; 30 per cent of these! lady for Charley Chaplin was that farmers of the State favor continuance of 1D36 basis of AAA payments in 1937 by a margin of 10,230 to -H69. Southeast .Missouri favored continuance by the largest rnargin HI8 to 153, jvhile the only section! opposed lo the 1936 basis wa; Northern Missouri, by 1775 to 1531 Luxora Infant Dies —, „„ t , t ,. ^^ t , v Ui tnu^c: latiy » W1 ^"--"-.' —•>",'»iu was ( F p Alpvni deaths were due to. prcmalurlly.' granted S7500 alimony. bo'th pialntlffs. E. E. Alexander is attorney for [ He Is survived ifli nlnlntIfTc < on/1 ^nn rlrinv Havis' Long, 16-monllis-old soi of Mr. and Mrs. Eldrcd Long died at 4:30 o'clcck this morn ing at the family home nea Luxora. •, Funeral services were held to day with Ihc Rev. Mrs. Res Retorts cf Osccola officiating, in. tciincnt was made at ' Sand; Ridge cemetery. I i parents] Louise. ' nt east coast railroad and had reed the Great, Southern railroad, vlitclj,-', the: nationalists Imd cut. • - '. Map New Offensives Generalslarr orders were sent io he front to continue offensive ac- ion In all sectors but commanders were warned that the nationalists now were back on Ihelr main Brooks, according lo Chief Baker, En't even qualified to, vote In Texis. much less run for office. • The arrest was made "for Investigation," • MAIHUD, Oft. 30 (01')— Kl'llCi i < - - , v.,.,,^ |i!ancj milled s-lirapne! bombs I '' crc lo address a |X)UIIcal mcstlng. nn the renter ot Madrid ami Its ' Bllooi:s - according I* nhir>r n n v a .. Miljuils lo<lay, killing nearly 100 priirons ami wounding ninny more. AMny of the casuallles were woineii ainl children. MADRID, Oct. 30, (UP)—Tanks, airplanes, munitions and supplies were being brought Inlo Madrid today, substantiating t)ia claim of Ihe loyalist government, Hint It was In possession of new mechanized arms, vlliilly needed lo hurl Ihc rebels back from the gates of Madrid. Reports said thai GO new tanks SEESIOTHIEfl- TO El SHUN Blum Confident Nations Will Prevent Spread of Civil Conflict liY United KAU'ir IIKIN/EN glair CcrrcMMi PARIS. Get. 30 I UP) of spica<l of dan 'Spanish it-volution into The the gen-. . - cral Euiopenn v,ar lias now pas- cident n Last Night Jersey PRINCETON, N. J., Oct. 30. (U I')—A broken wheel wrecked the "Clevelander," crack Pennsylvania railroad flyer, lost night and blocked the four-track main right-of- way .shortly before Gov. Alf M. Landau's special', wns due. One man was killed and 20 persons Injured n s three of the 13 cars swung crazlly across the tracks nnd came to a grinding, splinter- Ing stop on the side of ail ei.i- bankmcnt. Olic, car stood on end. All power was hastily shut olf from this electrified section of the railroad and a track speedily cleared for the Landon special. An ordinary steam . locoinoWc.- took, 'it through the' wreckage nitin" only 12 minutes behind Its schedule. As Ihe Republican .presidential candidate's. ^ train - paised slowly llirougli tlfc'- -wr'cdkage, In which Eeyerarstqcii'p&lcs' and fallen power lines Were' twisted, passengers could be seen .peering 1 ; from the windows. Gov; Lnndon'was .'not visible and it was believed • tlikt he Imd retired. • with New York Paper Says G. 0. P. Sponsors Radio lalks m German NEW YORK, Oct. .10 (UP) — new process of freezing mothers' milk, to preserve it indefinitely in perfect condition unneeded by prematurely born seriously ill children, was recently demonstrated in New York 'War Baby' Now y • _ " UCU 01 l ™ B ft Yoiinf Lanv i" cws i in p« - MM a A V • & *-ta\*y address by Dr Tlie said New York today that World-Telegram the Republican party has been sponsoring radio Ihe United Press, the lias KI anted since nssnmln? power five months ago. ficgnidlcss of SoUel, RmsLi'-i Intentions of legnining liberty of commerce in aims and iminltloiis wjth tliu cstabllslipd Madrid gov- cininent, Blum snld lie". Is .'con- thnt HID continental po.v- crs arc intent on preventing the Spanish crisis or any olhei clash of political or economic Interests fiom drawing Emo;>e Inlo ancther war which mi^hl piovc fatal to civllbiiUon. "The i pal danger of the spread Cf waifaie' beyond the Spanish frontiers to the rest of Europe Is past, thanks to' Franco-British co-or.cratlon nnd Ihc.: ob.<crvnn:E by the signatory powers of the non-intervention agreemenl," Blum said. Watches U. S. Campaign niuin showed immecilntely his Interest in world affairs by interviewing the 'Interviewer. "Who is going to~\\Jn jour— election?" lie asked. l! It Icife like .Rooseult to me. iN an( a' great admiicr of Mr Ropsevell, and cveijthlnj he has '"done. "As . a, man of hclloii he Is yicvvcrt. with sympathy by most, of the Fiencli people, \\tio .have watched with Ihe greatest interest lils elfotts 'for socinl legislation and America's stniggle to conquer the ..'depression." Indicative of his interest in the election, Blum already has asked to be awakened at any hour of the night when the final result Is known. Turning to European'' altalrs, Blum revealed France's foreign policy frankly as it concerns France's neighbors and cspacia'ly eastern Europe. He stressed France's desire lo do its utmost, to prevent another war. I'uts l'ciiR2 Forrjunst France's desire for peace clearly geminates Blum's activities a» indicated by his leadership 'in obtaining (he pledges of the powers against Intervention in: tils Spanish \v-ar, although the Ercnch. popular front government is normally in close sympathy with the Epanlsh popular front. Carefully choosing and artlculat- Blnm snul: e faithful to all' ing Ills words, "France will -- „ „.. her engagements and all her Here is a hint as to what lias be- £ . * — ~" .>].~.*.,u,n>3 .iiu.u uk:i CII^UEJVIIIC:ILU-» .mil ill! lid broadcasls by American Nazi lend-! friendships and especially lo Ihe ers in an effort lo win Ger- 1 ' 1 '" - • • -man votes. Among the speakers named was Dr. Igimz T. Griebl, a New York Nazi spokesman. The speeches have been delivered in German over small stu- as relations with Germany tlons and have escaped the no-j concerned in particular I"-- ~ r " --•-" " cnly repeat that Fiance is ready to engage In any conversations which can contribute lo a gen- solution, ef Euro;<;an . a.f- ticc of the general public, the 1. It charged one -„ - -•. Griebl 'contained nnti-semitic material which was deleted before i;s:;very by Republican state headquarters. Ger-| Little Entente (Czechoslovakia, J.Jugoslavia and Rumania). "Francs never sought to Isolate Germany. She seeks no alliances or treaties which exclude any nation whatsoever. As far aro can To Hold Final Rites, . Today,for B. F. Gay Funeral services were to be held this afternoon for B. F. Gay, Blythcvilh business New Madrid Butcher Waives Murder Hearing NEW MADRID, Mo.—Cecil Bltlir. 27-year-old butcher, charged with murder in the 1 fatal slabbing of George Lee, 24, La Forge community farmer, waived prellmln- Irled nt the nest term of Circuit Court. prcminei f; man, >vho died suddenly ycster- ,..- ; . day of n heart attack. jary trial Thursday and was '.r'e- Thc Rev. G. R. Dltterline. pas-1 leased on $5000 bond. He will be tcr of the Dell Methodist church, 1 "'~ 1 "' " -' • -' " : ; was to officiate at . the services, j lo bo held at the First Mctho- | dist church here. Interment was lo bs • made at Elmwcod cemetery. The Cotb Funeral Home was in charge of funeral arianga- ments. | New Straight-Jacket Tailored for Comfort •••kit, iu u LULU, uu »>u> iTi>ur iivu uv.- SU P EKI ORi WlS (UP) — A 116 W come of Ihc "war babies," born type straight-jacket designed to during the din of the world eliminate features of old models struggle. Twenty years ago, has teen Invented by Clayton Con- httle Julia Craeckcveldt was nor, Douglas County veterans' serv- born in a cellar in battle-torn Ice officer; Ypres, Belgium. Above Is a pic .Lee was stabbed with a knife Monday and died in a Cairo, III., hospital Tuesday nijht. Blair is quoted by officers as saying Ihe trouble started when he questioned the weight of a calf he bought |from,Lee. and which Lee claimed ; weighed 260 pounds. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight and Saturday. Warmer in north and west portions tonight and in cast and south portions Saturday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight. Prctably light frost in'.exposed places." Saturday fair, rising temperature. and one sister, ~CI B .;, j_,v.<£.ui». *> U uti; .0 u Hi ..- The old type, Connor said kept ture of her today, a pretty young patients .'unccm tor table and un- lady'designated as honor guest easy.. His jacket, hs ssid, lits .„„ ,„»*„„„,„ lcul|rel . lllllv lrelc Ipr the Armistice Day celebra- nround tlie patient with three I yesterday was 69, minimum 33. ^ons in ban Jose, Calif., wheia.tock straps. The upper arm anl clear, .according to Samuel F. WHBraeckevcldt.npwllveJv I lower wrist are. strapped. Nonii, official weather observer. The maximum temperature here

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