Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island on June 17, 1966 · Page 17
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Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 17

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1966
Page 17
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Supply Depot Employes Get 30-Year Pin Webster '/.. Pike of 4 Morton Road and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Henderson of 5 Jude St., Mid- dlctown, were recently awarded pins for 30 years service at tie Naval Supply Depot. Awarded 20-year pins were John J. SuUivan of 14 Russell Ave., Sidney II. Reynolds of 3| Pell St., Gatano Luislro of 27 Holland St. and Alphonse W. Pilacik of 65 Forand Lane, Tiv- crton. Methodists List Guest Sermon The Rev. J. Richard Peck, Protestant chaplain at Rhode Island College, will speak at the 11 t.m. service at the Middletown Methodist Church Sunday. There will be a fellowship hour after the service. The fellowship committee ij M r s. Robert Frant, Mrs. Robert Me- Mahan and Mrs. Dale Smith. The Rev. Carl W. Saunders. pastor, and Mrs. Saunders will attend the New England Southern Conference of the Methodist Church at N 7 ew London, Conn., thij weekend. uclant actress, Candice Bergen, may well prove one of the more successful ones. She is headed in that direc ion. Everything about her be-,pline on me because I relied onj 11 ' 0 other film makers who have speaks success. For her second'.him for financial support. |showered her with scripts, 'ilm, she is costarrinTM with'Therefore the way for me tol The future seems unlimited 5tcv'e McQueen in the $U-milJbreak his hold was to skirtjfor this multitalented 20-yt-ar- iion "The Sand Pebbles." She learning my own money. I wcntjo'd. JI -' r ultimate goal? "Mar- has the background: famous' 1 ' 0 New York from the Univcrsi- riage. That's what women are father, Continental education -- t v of Pennsylvania, got my own!best suited for." HEADED FOR SUCCESS -- Candice Bergen, daughter ol ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, gives little girl a piggy-back ride during « break in filming ol "The Sand Pebbles," in which she co-stars with Steve McQueen. The future seems unlimited for the multi-talented 20-year-old. But she says her ultimale goal is marriage. "That's what women are best suited for." (AP Wirephoto) TV-Radio News By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP) - Dan sketches. Rowan and Dick Martin, i comedy team, took over Dean Martin's easy-going variety hour Thursday night and ippar- RANDOLPH, Vt. (AP)--William S. Noble, 71, of Highland, Kan., was killed Thursday when a car in which he was a passenger became trapped between crossing gales and was struck by a freight train. The driver, Bernard Nigus, 38, of Lawrence, Kan., a son-i in-law o£ Noble, attempted lo back his car off the tracks when |I,uise, who is most effective. In'Smolhcrs - ad lib their way' 1 ' stalled, but the lowered ; atcs 1 through a subject picked on the!Prevented him iror.i reaching, spur of the moment. jsafety. The subject Thursday nUht wr.s psychiatry and, without Summer Talent Show Pleasant Inside Hollyivood Go-It-Alone Drive Led To Success I Newport Daily New», Friday, June 17, 1966 By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD ( A P ) - A re "I've always been antidiscip-jover before the audience had , |linc," she sdmiUeii, "and t n i s i c h a n c e to ask 'Can she act?'" has frustrated my father, poor man, because he is by nature a disciplinarian. "He was able to exert disci- Can she? "I don't know yet," she admitted. Her producer-director Kobert Wise must think so. And so dn CARD PARTY EVERY SATURDAY At 7:30 P. M. Odd Fellows Temple ASK FOR YOUR FREE PIZZA DIAL for your )»l«phon». Frtt with your ntxt Pizza Ordtr from CAFE 200 Broadway At Equality Park Dial 847-0200 for orderi toga and looks--tawny, fashion-model figure--that make tne magazines flip. a p a r t m e n t and started ing." She became one of the rtar- Acting came to her as an sft-ilings of the fashion world, and erthought. her f a m e 0 $ a model brought an "I saw it as a chance to pro- offer to appear in "The Group." vide the independence to pursue what I really wanted to do, and To her father's despair, she look the role of a Lesbian. "The picture couldn't nave which was photography writing," she explains. [been better for me," she com- Bergen carries her inde-lmenled. "How can you fail pendence like a b a n n e r , and she when you have only f i v e admitted it has been a source of · · friction between herself and her father, ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. GATES TRAP AUTO minutes of scenes, play ,1 controversial role and make a striking appearance? ft was COST. DAUY 1:00 to 11:00 OWAlJOUSY NOW PLAYING {THE WILDEST, POKER GAME 1 UN THE WEST! They have some 'attractive young talent in the show. There is a striking young singer named Lainie Kazan who looks ently will turn it Into a free a lot like Barbra Streisand. And for the\ a verv Pretty very young singer, I Julie Rolin, with a fine soprano oice. One of the g i m m i c k s of the _ i / i m i i _ jshow is its informality. The ac- _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ________ viewer"think they ire going tojlors themselves shove the seen- e xY r ' a ^enstiry'pcrccptidn'.' wheeling NBC show iummer months. Rowan ind Martin are an urbane and lomehow attractive pair always make who t h i s j anyone telling a single psychiatrist joke, (he bit built up amusingly. But it could just as easily turn into a resounding bomb. At the same lime on ABC. a documentary was encountering slow going making a case for he -- any minute now -- funnier than they actually turn out to be. But they are pleasant and · musing, and they have some vital assistance in Dom de comedians and a guest -Thursday night it was Tom Waves' Old Image Going Under Fast BAINBRIDGE, Md. ( A P ) -The Waves want to sink a World War II Image. Top brass at Bainbridge's cry and props into position. A. ,. Tne Bat £ij n j, W orld or ESP" regular feature will be an " i m - j w a s oarnrjst about the subject, provisatinn," when the three | r a n i n l n ,, rca i slone w a u be . cause it turned out to be a subject much easier to discuss than to illustrate. Result was t h a t it was largely a talk show with parapsycholog- sts, pschologists, physicists and even mediums discussing such subjects as telepathy and empathy and dreams. There were tantalizing bits, oo. One was a film purporting to show a British medium get- .ing "in touch" with the deceased father of a woman lie U.S. Naval where the Training Center, nation's enlisted Waves struggle through boot- camp, are out to torpedo the public idea that Waves arc a group of crass, loose-living women whose primary duty is entertaining sailors at overseas canteens. The new society of bell-boltom ·kirts is young, between 18 and 26, tingle, college or high school ulumnae, antf painfully clothes conscious. "We want the normal American girl who's devoted to her country -- not the dregs of so- ciely," said Lt. Janet Blumberg. 24, Mount Holy Springs, Pa. She's the Waves public information officer. Commanded Ducey,...51, Cnulr. Anne of Haverstraw, N.Y.. the Navy's only female commanding officer, the center trains COO recruits in summer months. This drops to half that in winter, after graduation rushes. The Navy has upward of 5,000 Waves, s h o r t - f o r Women Accepted 1 for Volunteer Emergency Service. Recently the Waves came into the news when Paul H. Nitze, secretary of the navy, announced a cutback at Bainbridge. He said the Navy plans to shift the Waves training center and other facilities to Orlando, Fla. because of cost factors. A half-finished barracks for the Waves will'be used lor oilier purposes. Either "baby booties"- lad never met before. Another showed experiments in a Brook- .yn hospital involving thought projection and dreams. The documentary, in general, suffered from an excess of talk and what was really a lack of visual documentation. Recommended 1 weekend viewing: Tonight --- Wayne and Schuster Show, CBS, 10-11 EDT ; first of a summer series recalling great comedy performances starting with Hope and Crosby in their "road" pictures. Sunday -- "Sportsman's Holiday," NBC, 5:30-6 p.m., premier of a summer series of hunting and fishing shows; "Two Weeks - n e w i o n the Moon," CBS 6-7, resume' recruits--shape up in 10 weeks I with special illustrations, of the of boot camp or they're out. findings of Surveyor 1. TELEVISION PROGRAMS iWJAR iriWPRO C WHDH A WBZ o WGBH 10 WJAR 12 4 · WNAC WTEV Programs At Furniihid By Stations Are Subject To Chang* Without Notice FRIDAT t:M Btcrtl norm, I Soapy Sftlti, I C»r 51, II Mitch Girat, It, 4 4:21 Ntwi, I Eye DtntUr, II 4:31 M»Jor Mudd, 1 Beaver, 4, It Thixton, I Mr. Ed. 1! Joe Kelly, I I:M Dennli, 7 Bozo, S Movie. 12, 4, II CIS Friendly Glint, t I:JD Whit's New, ! Newi, Sporti, 4 Kuperltmn, T l:l« New, Weither, .1 Cisco Kid, I Littlest Hobo, T Dateline Boston, ( 111! News, 7, II 4; 25 Muter Key, II Weithtr, I. II 4:JI News, I, It, , 4 TwIUfht Zonl, I Itlllernan, 7 Sports, 4, I T:H News, I, 4, 11 Lawman, « Llttest H«b», T Gov. ChutM Report!, II Auction, 2 T:!« Rurumnck, 4 Wild Wild West, I, 12 Morlf, 1» FUnKtones, 4, 1 I:M Tammy, T, I Hank, 4 1:3» Horan's Hlroei, I, II Palladium, 4 Adams Family, I, t ·:H Honey WfsL «, 7 Comer Pyle, I, II 9:30 Fnrmrr'i Daughters, , 7 Smothers Bron., 5 Movie, 12 Mr. Robert;, 4, It 10: BO Court Martial, ft Man From Uncle, 4, 18 Wayne Schuster, 5 Movie, 7 Untouchables, 12 11:10 News, 10, 4, 5, IJ, I 11:15 Tonljlit. 10 Weather, 5 Movie, t Sports, 12, 4 11:20 Movie. 12 News, 4 Sports. 5 11:31 Griffin, 4 Johnny Carson, 5 Ili4.1 News, Weather, 7 11:S5 Sports, 7 1!:OI Movie, 7 1:00 News, 4, ! 1:10 Hlihway Patrol, S 1::15 Move, 4 SATURDAY 4;M Pot Purrl, 9 Armed Forces, 4 0:31 Sunrise Semester, S 6:55 Thoughts, I 7:00 Ramjet, 4 7i30 Flicka. 5 Stooges, 7, 12, I !:»· Kangaroo, 5 Fdlx, e Rlnr Arnund, II S:3« Beinle, I! Alsiliu r.oMUi, 7, II Reiver, 1* 1:99 Weekend Gardener, t Sky Klni, ; Clrloons, 5, II 1:30 Little Flock, I cartoons, 10 Tennessee Tuiedo, 12, S Feeparoonl, 7 11:01 Cartoons. 4, II, 7, f Mllhty Mouse, 12, I 10:30 Srcret Squirrel, 4, 10 Beatles, «, 1 Lassie. 12 Linus, 5 11:01 Top Cat. 4, 19 Cartoons, t, 7, t, 11 11:30 Fury, 10, 4 Porky Pi£, « Mcfiraw, 12. 5 Magma Gorilla, 7 12:00 News, 4 Botvling, 5 Slllvarce, 7 Sky Klnt, 12 First Look, It Cartoons, 4 12:2! Weather, 4 Medical Knowledfe, 4 Movie, 7 ' Wrestling, 12' Mlltnn Monster, I Have Gun, 10 1:00 Bowllni, 10, 5 Hopplty Hooper, 4 Roller Derby. 12 Bl( Brother, 4 1:30 Special, 4 Rocky, 5 American Biudstand, · Sports, 10 Roller Derby, II 2:00 Baseball, 5, I? lied Sox-Orioles Baseball, 4, 10 White Sox-T»in» · Convention, 5 Civil Rights, I Impact, 7 2:30 ARC firopt, 7 Movie, S Sports, 12 . . 3 : 0 0 Firing Line. 7 3:30 Convention, 7 Phil Silvers, I 4:00 Sports, S Special. « Aerospace, 2 4:30 Sea Hunt, 5 Court Martial, 7 4:55 Baseball Scoreboard, RADIO PROGRAMS WEAN. CBS- MIS- 790 TODAT 4:M N f w i 4 i l S dull 1S-I 4:111 N f w i : J n N f u s J:»» N.wi 9:11 «r»rli S:3» Nms S:JS Our ChinilBf WotU :M News fit34 lnt«r\1ftwi :M News «:55 Sports 1:H World Tonlfht 7:15 itnarti 7:J» R 5:35 Srwrls 7:4* Mnile Cirmsil 7:4.1 Crltlca Ckolcl 7:S4 Melody Time «:M News, carousel 9:00 Nrws IB: 18 News, Sports 10:20 Newsheit 10:4) Curousel 11:84 News, Drtaintlrai lATDHDAT 4:]« Daybreak J:M Newi, cloekihof T:3« Mews, Weather 7:45 Graniei I:M Newi I ill Clorkikop 1:3* Weather, ClMishop 8:53 Retler I.HInc l:t« News, Carrasel ·:15 Melody Uai *:1* Dimension · :S Melody tana lt:M N«wi. "porls IIill Melody Lim I9i3f Dimension 10:3S Melody Lane 11:00 News and Knortl 1 1 : 1 0 Melody Lane I1:.10 Illmenslnn 5 Melnrly I,ins 1:1.1 Melody Lint 12:31) News 2:01 Opera WADK-1540 TODAY 4:M Newt, Weathef 4 ill BUI Cioodra.n 4:15 SI|B OH IATVRDAT 1:44 Wfn On 4:34 Newi, Weirder »:H News, Weather 11:01 News, Lull Rapw* 1:01 Newi, Weather V The Jaywalkers ARE COMING Cont. Daily From 1 P. M. ran, NOW- AFRAID TO TURN THEIR BACKS ONEACHOTHER- THEY FOUGHT SIDE BY SIDE AGAINST THE INDIAN! '·ULM msars HUM. AT DiaBLO BIBI COIOII BY DELUXE Al J:33 1:50 . 9:00 - Co-Hil "DON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE" Slurring MOREY AMSTERDAM ROSI MARIE CfORtl UIEIIl Present! 13 ih Bnnunl FESJIVH'66 . EVENING CONCERTS at 8:00 J FRIDAY - Dm Bniiick 4 with Piul J Dtifflend, Jimmy Smith 3, Gerry Mulligan. I Ijddy Rich. Bud Freemin. Ruby Bran, Esther I Phillips. Inhii Shipp 4 wilt ic-svtll tu«t. I Ih! FUriii Jan Bninttt. Filhir Normn I 0 Clnnir. M.C. SATURDAY -- Slin till | '. Mini Simont, ThtltnitDl Monk 4. In j Williins. Chirlii tyrd 1, Me! liwis-Thid j Jems irk with Bobby Breokmiyir ind N)nk j lonts. SUNDAY -- "till and tuki" -! Min (Hi FliiimU. Duki Ellintttn ind I Orchnlri ilai Iiddy Wllii". Cluk Tirry, ' Clltirn KnrkiH, Buddy Rich. MONDAY I -- Milt! Dili! . Diizy Cillespit S. Hitbii I Minn I, tount lull Ortntilrj, Filhll Tim I V»|hn 3. tic-nird Itilhir. M.C. I AFTERNOON CONCERTS I SATURDAY 2:00 -- J»hn Collnni 5. I Horict Silvir S, thirtai Iliyd 4. Bill Diion I 4. SUNDAY 2:00 -- Thl Htrmin Hirls | -- Wlldy Ktrmin »d Orchtstn wilh . j luists Stin fietl. II Cohn. 7lot Sims, Gerry | Molliim. (Ihl Hirmin Stt-ry 1940-USkJ. | MONDAY 1:00-2:30 -- Cnilir Wlikship | with Chlilll lyrd, Klrwy lirrtll. t»r(t i Binson, fiiMt Gnin, Attili 2oller. 2:30- I 5:00 -- Trmttt We-rtihii with Dury Cii- lispil, llbhy Hltfclll. Thld lonis. Ko*ird. Mcthn, l.iy Irill, Kinny Dirhim. Clltk Ttrry. Ctrl Wirwitk, liy Eidrldd. Fredfie I Hnbbird. Wirkshgpi cnidnclH by Billy I Ii,Ur. ' Ticked « Evininf Conctrtt . I J! it, 4.SO, S,!0 _ All Selll Resirill I flidiyEnnlniOnly-lKDIES'NICHt I 11.50, 2.00, 2.50 I Untrnlin CiKirtl t tfukihii* .j | S3.00 GlMfll Admiision p j IK Seit Infirmilion lit Requeit I On Mill Ordiri, lit 2S tints, sind t* | HiWPOBT Ml FiSllVAt.JiWfORT, R. [, I Tickets in Newport: Moil | Muiic Cinltr, 91 Broadway · and at Ftltival Hvadquar- tin, )9V'l Mltnorial «lvd. I AN (VCNIrtt WITH . r STREiSANd \ ·itn KTEFt MATZ ind HttOcorstn MTUMAr · Ml 30 · nrtwAi mm NCKTOHT. «.i TkMHOaiOO.ln.lDC* Ol MH Mm Ml II H*h M . . t (101, 14MOtS -l. 1.1 CASEY PARTY EVERY FRIDAY NITE 7:45 P. M. CERTIFICATE NIGHT Coiumbus Hall JOANNEWDOWARD JASON ROBARDS l.f'KICQOftSPinJ-e'iKel A BIB HAND Rill THE taMolir'FruWinHrlrK. - Co-Hit - NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL NiWPOUT, RHODE ISLAND Thtirt. · Fri. · Sat. · Sun. · July 21 · 22 · 23 · 24 -- Oscar Brand. Judy Collins. Bob Gibson. Biitit t McReynolds, Phil Ochs. Billie and Oede Pierce jkk« White, Ed Young, end others. Four Evening; Concert*: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Three All-Dey Events: Friday, Saturday, Sunday THURSDAY, 8:00 P.M. -- 0_scar Brand_. Ji Jones. Jim and Jesse Mi with George Lewis, Bukk; FRIDAY, 8:00 P.M. "The Battle of Music"-- Caiun Band. Ltam Clancy, Jimmie Driftwood. Clark Kessingar, Jack Elliot (England), Flatt Scruggs, JOB Heaney, Idaho Fiddlers, Skip James, Dorothy Love end Gospel Harmonertes. Gravit Rogers. Scot! fiddler, Mike Seeger, Swan Silvertones, Bukka White, and others. SATURDAY. 8:00 P.M. "A Patchwork of American Music" -- Deford Bailey. Chuck Berry, Rev. Pearly Brown, Judy Collins, Coon Creek Girls, Jimmie Driftwood, Jack Elliot (U.S.), Idaho Fiddlers, Bissie Jones, Jim Jesse McReynolds. Phil Ochs, Pennywhlstlers, Billie A Dtde Pierce, Grant Rogers, Joseph Spence, Yomo Tonj, Howling Wolf, Ed Young 4 Family, and others. SUNDAY, 8:00 P.M. -- Pete Seeaer, Tom end Llam Clancy, Jimmy Collier The Movement Singers. Jack Elliot (U.S.), Fannie Lou Hamer, Joe Heaney, Carolyn Hester, Norman Kennedy, Jimmy Tarleton, Kilby Snow, and others. DAYTIME EVENTS -- Traditional folk cralts Including e mountain potter, wood carver, weavers, lobster trap maker will be some ol .the many new things at the 1966 Newport Folk Festival. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, country musicians, blues players and city folk will provide music all day in informal sessions. These daily sessions have contained in the past tome of the highlights of the Newport Folk Festivil. WED., JULY 20 -- Special pre-futival day designed tor children. Oscar Brand with Judy Collins. Bessie Jones, Jean Ritchie, Buffy Sainte-Marie. and children from the local area will participate. SUNDAY at 2 P.M. "New Directions" -- Eric Andersen. The Blues Project, Hazel Dickens, Alice Foster, Betty May Fykes, Tom Rush, Andrew Paul Tracey, and others. George Wein, Tech. Producer Evinlnii: $3.50,4.50, 9.50 Per Concert -- All lilts Diurvid All-Day Workshops: (2.00 Per Day Children's Day Program (July 20): $1.50 ail-day ticket Box Seat infoimation on request -- Programs subject to changi On Mail Ordeis add 25 cents to NEWPORT FOtK FESTIVAL, Newport, R.I. Tickets in Newport: Mots Music Center, 98 Broadway, and at Festival Headquarters, , 39'/i Memorial Blvd. AN EVENING WITH... AUM KING --WALTER A. HYMAN COMPANy- In inaciillon with GEORGE WEIN Prmnt SATURDAY · JULY 30 FESTIVAL FIELD. NEWPORT, R. I. fhen« (401) M7-309S with PETER MATZ and His Orchestra Txhrtl S5.00. 600. 8.00. 1000 On Hill Ofi.t, M K ci.ll li n[WPO«T FESTIVAIS. a.-roil, 11. STREISANd ELMWOOD 7S6 ELMWOOD AVE. NOW f-XOVIDENCE PLAYINO) Sjici-ial Ih.liday .Mat. July 4 at 2 ;i. m. ACARLOPONTIffiOOUCIION DAVID LEAN'S FILM OF BORIS PASTERNAKS DOCTOR IN PANAVISION* AND METROCOLOR TICKETS AT SERVICES UNLIMITED, «0 Spring. St. NEWPORT BEACH All Facilities Opening This Weekend BATHHOUSES MERRY GO ROUND EBB TIDE LOUNGE SURF SHOP SNACK BAR ARCADE AMUSEMENT GAMES SOUVENIR SHOP 7 Semon Rothhoui« art itill available vloni with a limitfd nurnbtr of r«mv«d parking ipacc-l. A ntwly installed hot water boiltr inim«i pltnly of hot ihowsrl. Sign up today for · happy summer. , DIAL 847-2924 SAT. NIGHT-PONTA WALE'S Fun Time, 7:15 to 8:15. Come Early for a Fun Filled Hour Before Showtime. EVERYWHERE THEY LIVED AND FOUGHT-^ THEY CAST A 49 GIANT SHADOW! "CAST A GIANT · KIRK DOUGLAS SENTABERGER PLUS "NEVEO'N SUNDAY"' IUM5CH CORPORATION PRESENTATION »F*,k,MELVItlESHAVElSOH NOW PLAYING! NOW PLAYING! Exclusive 1st Drive-In Showing - th* -\worid' A teeth-chattering, funny-bone shattering hunt for a spook-killer in a haunted house that will tie you in knotts! */ Shown First At 8:30 tVCHNICOLOR They reached for their rifles in the name of love... not challenge two mighty armies!, ii!iiiiiiiiiii!il!!!ii!i!iiiii!i!!!iii!!SI!l UNIVERSAL PP!SINT$ JAMES .STEWART ISHENtDOAH 'TECHNICOLOR DOUG McCLURE* GLENN CORBETT PATRICK WAYNE 'KATHARINE ROSS ,nd ROSEMARY FORSYTH «itn PHILLIP ALFORD · PAUL FIX · JAMES BEST *t|il«!llIWm.^llrtm»M[!lliifeltKfll.B UmMM FREE ! PLAVLAND ShciwndoaK Shown Last

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