The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1C, 1039 Seven Chick Regulars, Six Reserves In Last Home Contest Friday li.v J. I'. l-'HIKNI) inirloei) iiK'mljer.s.-seven regulars anil six resuwes—of Uic hlylliovillc Chiekiisiuvs will nwke their final appearance in iMarooii anil White K H<| i- CK alia Ijefore homo i'aii.s J.'ridav mght against/lh(- James \Vhilc-omb Jiiloy Wiklciils fwiii homii Uend, Ind. This intersect ional battle will rinir down Uic cm-lam on the I98fl season al Haley Field. Nino linemen ami four backs arc* •- — . BLM'IUSVILLB (ARK,) COURIER NEWS "Hans" Bcnnelt. right guard, will tuini; up (heir deals foi- niylhe- ville hieli. i,s will Howcll Alley, t:ickle, John Cramer, guard, Johnson lilackwpll and Jack Jenkins, ends, who filled in so capably us ri'iicf. Hugh -fcx" Hm'jori, jialf* back, John Paul!?, blocking back who also played in the line, "Pounding Paul" Blackwcod, fullback, and Gene Hood, blocking Iiiit-k lire the tacks who complete their four year prep term. That loss leaves only a bare skeleton of I he current iciini us n nucleus for 1040. I,. C. Johnson. 185-pound left tficklc whose great, work lias been consistently iin- prclislve all season, and Buddy • best. Iiax(cr, llD-pound end who plnycd TIll mc-mloiis bursts of speed ... CVI1I1> . perine through large holes opened by Die line. Coaches Joe Dlldy and Mik-hcll i)esl were elrticd over (heir mental as well 113 physical condition. They said there appeared no .sign or over-confidence or laxness that might hum resulled from the. IiT-0 rent of their arch rlvnls (lie Joiu-sboro Golden Hurricane. The Fever Sweeping From Panhandle To Gulf; Crili- ciV-c Vols' Schedule DAM,AS. Nov. 15. (Ul'l—Appar- ently only one man In TCMIS escaped the sweep of Rose Uowl lever across the stale lust. week. and h: ¥ «as Homer NorUu. 'coach ot the Texas Aggies, (he football club be- ins boomed In the Southwest for the Pasadena New Year's D:iy extravaganza. From Ihe Panhandle to the Gulf of Mexico, fr:m Kl Paso to the Loulsliinii Ijorder, thousands of funs who've seen Texas A. and M. In uc- lion Ihls year picked up the civ, "The Aggie* for the Hose Howl',"' after Norton's club cleared its last major obstacle—Southern Methodist —from a pcrfrcl record season last week. Norlon. a sober thinking fo:ibnl! veteran who attributes ihe Today's Sport Parade would boost not only their stock, bill the class ot Arkansas . hlgli sclicol footbull as well, rtnil they ire anxious to be ready for the Wildcats, „ linemen counted on io be u, ar i. „' back next year While hit hard Fleld „,,. ^^. (1 * back ™ fl '"Y^ "•?»• have been made - played eight g, won," he said todny. "but we still have two more—against nice this Saturday and against Texas Nov. 30. We can lose either or both of ,, . . those games. And no b:wl oUielnls ininy strong, are] think twice of inviting a two-game loser." His words, however, did nothing to discourage the Texas tub Ihump- »f (he stinting members, Ihe touchdown (wins, Norman "Monk' 1 Mo.s- Icy nnd Sonny Lloyd. Willis Ford, j who held the starting fulbnck ns-' .s-igniuont unlil Iwo weeks ago wnen Bonny was shifted lo Ihe post and Harbert Inserted at right halfback, ha.s another year of competition and is expected to be on hand fcr v'.ie first whistle in i MO. I WiiiTliigliM), Justice, and Godwin arc. the only gnuluiiting members vvlm have p.'nyed four years. Hurbert. Biekerjiisir, Hood,"Alley, and Ulacktvell are Ihree letter earners, while (he others have been awarded hvo official "B's". WniTlngton lia.s twice been nnnicd on (he all- .stale team and is expected to be a slrons eonlcnder to repeat this yi-ai-. Godwin w«s first choice for the center berth on (lie mythical eleven and is rated even better tin's season. Failure for him ( 0 tic accorded (he honor this season will be a great shock to local 'fans who have twitched the great giant 'shinty Hirci/ghbut. While not picked' oil' the all-slate (cams, Justice has been the district choice for his position and stands an excellent chance to get. recognition on at least one of tile three conference teams at the conclusion ol the current campaign. Harbert came in for a great deal of comment from lien Epstein and Allen Tilden,. sports editors ot the Arkansas Gazette nnd Arkansas Democrat, respectively, who make (he choices, and may get a bid also. He is certain to earn a berth on the all- Norlhcast Arkansas group as his all-round play has ben of the high- I est order. lie was especially cflec- I live against the Jtncsboro Hurricane, roaming n wide range of territory and batting clown at least a luilf dozen passes. ,hi superb 'condition, entirely free of ailment Tor the first time where they [quarters. ng. Reservations at Hotel Noble will make their head- Bly the vi lie's Band To Play At 0 s c e o I. ers. The Aggies are rated second to Tcimcssc-j nalknully, and Ihere- fore second in line for the prize , bowl invitations. But Texims concede Tennessee nothing. They point ont that, tho Aggies hnve "beaten a good club from the far west, Santa Uhra; n gcocl team from the east, Vlllniiova; two Inlcrscc- tional neighbors, Centenary and Oklahoma; nnd four of the Southwest Conference tough guys, SMU. TCU. Baylor and Arkansas. A. and M. fans deride Tennessee's srhcd- ule. They admit Major B:b Ncy- land's Vols nre good, but no better, and maybe not so good ns the Ag- gies. Norlon listens to these arguments, smiles and replies: ''We'll just, keep en taking Ihem ns they come—and Rice comes next." Rice, however, isn't given ,1 giving (he boys u: clinnce lo become overconfident. ™ ,,.,,. , •-. - - -..V.. Elsewhere In the conference Ihls Blvthevilles 40-piccc high school "If- Hicy admit Major B:b Ncy- week, Southern Melliodisl • plnvs band led by its live pretty major- land's Vols nre good, but no better, Arkansas Prldiiv nl Little Rock, cites m snow-white uniforms will «»d maybe not so good as the Ag- Ark.; Texas ChfislKm meets Texas put on a special exhibition between 6"*. :,l Austin, and Baylor goes to the halves of the Osceola-arle Norlon listens to these argil- Shrcvcporl K 1,'icklc Centenary " : football game tomorrow night as nients, smiles and replies: "We'll SMU'S oiilv conference defeat mis a part of Osccolas annual home- just, keep en taking Ihem ns they the 0-2 setback suffered at llie, r coming celebration. come—and Rice comes next." ' hands of the A^'Ies last week nnd Anouncemcnt that (he smartly- Rice, however, isn't given n u™!,1« £ ^ed «er C'dcep \ii «rL °, Sil 1Kil . t ! on "?f , Chmiesj chance against the Aggies' powerful second division Arkansas club. The Moorehead would participate, m. ground attack. Ernie Lain, Rice's Texas-TCU affair will -see Jack No. 1 back, was hurt against Ar- • Cr.iii). ollciulvc back held ! knnsas last week and is not likely j in check the last livo weeks, tre to " to see service Saturday, Meantime, get going against the Christians few if any weaknesses have developed in Norton's club. He is »y HENKY NEW YOH1C. Nov. la. (UP)—I its being .strapped lulo tho side saddle for n canter through tlio park loday when (lie groom, n chap named Bride, shoved nil important looking Idler Into mj hand. • • • It was Irom the Turf and Spo.'t lacst of llaltlmc'i-e, asking mo lo vote on ihc selection ot "the -horse of the yinr." I could have glvon my answer right there, but not wishing lo offend the liorse I wtts silling on lop of, 1 cut Ihe thongs that bound me to the saddle, and hurried hero to the office lo east my buliot. In very large Idlers o» the voting slip for the outstanding horse of the year I mole J-o-h-n-s- t-o-w-ii. That's my choice, first, nst and nlwuys. You may have vour ClmUcdon, your Knynk Hi" rivlcc, nnd your lilmclcch. I'll -«Xc willliini Woodward's big three-year-old who brought tiio '(I hood of Ihc nelulr Stud roll- iff liome In front In the Kentucky Derby and llu> licbnotit Stakes. !lc broke donn during Hie sea- sou, sure, but what do you think mnde him crack up? Nolhlnff but Ihls: He win too fast, for his own .. tl. There was to much speed, so much drive, so imich will to urn In him. Unit Ills body couldn't •slund it. Jl'.-i no secret that, the Mg fellow cracked seven—ye.s, .seven—track records in Ills final workout at Afiiieriuct before being shipped, to Chicago for the Arlington Classic. Thiil workout- must have Jlnisn- cd him, because lie wasn't hlmscll at Chicago and he never ran on- other race after that- one. His brealhing became bail and his legs began to show Ihe wear and tear of bis blistering Jaunts. But what n running fool he was before he broke down Had you seen him at Louisville, making every pole a winning one In ' Ihe Derby, you'll vote the same as 1 night tUtw on tlio t-ottd with Brock- b'n, Clncliilintl, Phltaciolphln (ind J" 1 ) 1 oilier clut) whlcH may 1 " ally Capiliilulc And Sign Conlraci for Park Ughl System NKW YORK, Nov. 15. (Ul')~The w \ork CHmils packed the Polo ifunuls curlew law in niolh balls rtf "!^. w ; 1111 lll w«' with plnns to baseball (and Increased 10 "" M "" 1 "" 1 "" Purl \ Only l>iay n major leagiu' club never lo lgia gi,,,, t , (U,,.^, th(> ';"' tlu: Cilll " tx 'oi'»'»ll>- led yesterday mid mi- iiounced Ihe IcaMn,; <,f conlracls lo Com , ^""H' 10 " 1111 . Electric Supply The Ci'liints will piny sevm Bmil( ,, oner dnrk next season under an elaborate 200,<IOO.TOO - cundlepOAei- .system anil will necepl n ft1 ''' - • •--"••— JJUl LkvlJJllL^ ,*, (he activities al Osccola was nude! lOday by school oflicials here, The band members will leave here on S a special bus at 7:45 p.m. and will He was at his Irest that dixy Blven a fnst track, which. all, Is Ihe kind races .ire ml ID be rim mcr, lie made Challedon lock like something- im- hllelied from the children'.* |mny He could curry h!> Height mul speed over a distance of (jrouiul, too. He proved Ihnt In (he Del- moiil when he went a m llc ntul n naif and came pasi ni 0 judges with his cars erect and his joc.'t.'y holdini; him hack. Johnstown whipped Challcdon iwlce-ln Ihe uorby nnd In the n«'yer Slakes nl a mile and one-eighth. Chniledon beat liig John twice, nl Arlington nn,, In the P.eakness. linl Uic Wj; fellov.' wns nillni; nt. Chleu«o and the mm! WHS fellock deep for ihe I'renkiiess. bo)] muics 0 ( (ho Do -ig cr fomlly on "tlio olhar sWo of the (racks" drew nothing (jut sconi from Die "genteel" ainuu fcr two Masons iindl last yonr's flUcndanec 1'reslilMU Horace Slonehnm. who "[ij'arcntly slcled ^IIH Mrmnijw 1)111 A'li-y In his bliter opposition lo "if iilRlil Bimic when It llrst came to the major.s In TOIJ oouldu'l resist the liu-e of these Mi'iiiTs- U Allcndaute for -scvcu 'hoiiui Barnes (for lironklyn) 205.210 21 Average allendancc for seven Stitucs (for lirooklyni 20:127 However, Stonehimi said tlml as inii; as he Is president of (he limits Iliu chit, will never play iiwiv (linn .seven gmncs at home, will never hoiu footruces, Jlllerbui; return i home after . Baylnr is exiwcled lo trouble with Ccntcnnrv. no A fact that iDlhience.v -jno in pickinp Johnslown ns Ihe horse of Ibe year Is that he won Die two slakc-s tlml arc lops with liotsi-mrn-lhe iJcrby and the Bul- inonl. The Derby rcciuires Hint n horse liu able to nm In Ihe spring but only for a mile and » Qiinr- ter. The Dclmont—and horsemen will tell you that Us mile and half Jmuni'.v Is Ihe truest- lest of a' ..IhQiWjIitn-cd we have in this coimlry-remilrcs the heart nnd ySji'dilslh lo s;o a route. '-Tim fact tl'.ul he didn't Insi, the entire lacing year should not bo t held against him. ll's Ihc rvunlity ,. of tin.' races won. and not the ciuanlily. So lilg John gels my vote. Of course, Lrnuton got. It, in lfJ3(t atu! you know whnl haj)pcned lo him. IN. QUALITY SlrcigM Bourbon V/hbV-cy, 100 pioof. Copy- rigM 1939, Sther\lcy DJsTillcij Corp., N. Y. C. ' PAGE FIVH or any of that "circus ' "Wo may have a biad," Stonn- l«m onld, "but the other sttif/ Is oiit. u has no place In the gamo. iMtlhormuo, you can say thnk Terry, Treasurer Lw ?phtly nnd myself,'tiro In complete'.accord us for M ttiLs nlgltl bnll decLslcn goes" 'riio Qlnnts' swing to the Hood- llghh mnkcg Ihem the seventh mnlor .leniiuo'club to offer tho Btimc—the Rctls, Phillies ledgers and oiniils In tho National UMMJUO and the Indians. White .Sox nndAthleticu In the American Ungue. Thu? »nh e ( ic)i or clubs plnytujr, .wvon gUnua at home, there will be 49 night s out. of & schedule O j. gomes In both leagues. It *ffl ««t an «t to tastan J^hllng eq P016 OKUOU. A totalof 835 Hood H2ht5 of 1,500-B-ptt opacity furnish enough light fcr homes or enotieh to 'm'«k« , ' » s n.? Times &iuaic on New Years Eve.- " WHh'tlic ainnw entrance into he 'cwl outnts" tho Yahkees are u fl , s ,,"! c ' l(!nd "''> of the group «ho dcflnlcly opposed the "electrical cxtiavngnnzns." mid Nottuigham are the wcc-i)inlcliig ceiitcrsi of the world, SMOOTH- . . . time's the reason for the swing to NATIONAL'S !KMW-.m<;;, H ,M,j a W lii.«ltcy, W% a,w\ ncuiriil snirils, Niitiiiiiul Uislillcis 1'KKlucis Oiri'urviiuu. Xuw Vmk Ciu. Acclaimed by over 50,000 happy owners Studcliakcr Champion owners can tell you that they're gel-' '»K 10% lo 25% better K asoline economy than mw other ,,", B . ,} vcsL 1'r.iM-cnr cnn Rive. Apd this E oo<l-lookinir ra fnl-ndiiiE, snper-anfc Champion is n distinctive- f,uV Icdgcc! lenm mole of Swdcboker's Commrinctcr and President. Come in Biul go for a tlirilling lO.inile Chnmpioh trial drive. Ixiw down payment—easy C.I.T. terms. J. F. LIVINGSTON MOTOR SALES 111 "' Allli " I'honc'i'w' on QUALITY FEATURES of (lie world's most popular tire 100?J ALL-WEATHER TRACTION — proved salosl (or a quarter century, LOKG ?iOK-SKIO MILEAGE— flat thick Itoad—wid? tiding rifafi —more rubber on iho road. QUICK STOPPING AMD STARTING — dcop non-slcid blocks in cenlcr o! Iroad lor linn grip. NO SLIP OH CURVES — h<,<,vy Ghoulcfcc blocks Tosif;t Bifciir.g. TOUGHEfi TREAD —compacts whon inflated, increasing rosistanr? lo culli.ig. GREATER BMWOUT PROTECTIOH — nnw stronger low slrolch Supcr- Iwisl cord m cvury ply. SMflRT flPPEfiRflHCE— »iti«v?all9. vH«3o dccotaliro ribs. JN the face of rising prices o{ crude rubber and other raw materials, Goodyear has been able, through factory and sales economies—to reduce lire prices, bringing the cost of the famous "G-3" All-Weather...the world's most popular tire . . . down within ihe reach o{ new millions! 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