Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 6, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1898
Page 19
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Ho Figures Changed. The 1=4 Off Sale AT THE HUB Starts Today and will continue until 25 THOUSAND DOLLAR STOCK is Reduced to its normal size. Remember % off on everything in house. Nothing Reserved. THEHUB Was the Session of the Ccrancil Mght. DECIDEDLY SHORT \ ADDITIONAL ITEMS. I Buy your shoes at Walden's bank- Last I *opt shoe sale. j Mrs. J. S. Craig is visltin * rela- I tlves at Wabash. I Democratic mass meeting Satur- The Street Committee Failed to Report day a f ter noon, at the court house. Joe Cnlp has purchased his old barber shop and store at Grable's feed yard, on Sixth street on the <Vest Market Street Improfemeut—Otner Business. Mr. Haigh and bis committee fail- Mrs. Robert Bitter, of Troy, Ohio, is the guest of Mrs. F. M. William- our ed to report, last night, to the council, aa he was instructed, relative to the opening of west Market street aoioss, the Panhandle tracks, fle plead ignorance-that be could not Interpret the resolution intrusting < ) the committee bow to proceed, and j Anderson, upon being enlightened, was granted fl _ B lddle a(?e d.woman further time. • Members Keiser, Boyer and Woll were absent from the meeting. Robert Bringhurst, a councilman or lihe city of Philadelphia, and a '• son of Col T. H. Bringhurst, of this city, being present, was invited to a eeat inside the railing. He accepte* and occupied Dr. Battery's chair during the son, of east High street Mrs. Boyer ot LaPorte has been declared insane and will be com'.flitted to Longeliff for treatment. Mrs. James Q'Donnell and son John have returned from a brief visit position as housekeeper in a small amlly. Address Pharos office. Good music and a fine time at the ance of the Eastend Pleasure club, 'riday evening, at Dolan & McHale's Harry Frank's Old Stand, 313 Fourth St. Kroeger & Strain. UNDRRTAKHR© or **», TRLBPHONB - Office. Uir«ta. M. Kroeger, Id SETHNUVELSEY Loanfi Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and Writes Flro. Tornado and Plato UlaSH Insurance. W. J. Barnett, 5>ucceB80r to C. L, Woll, Undertaker, Embalmer andl Funeral Director. Private Money to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. 2OS Fourth Street. « on. 417 Market street . Calls attended day The finest outfit in the 0. S. Col. O. i,. wni rciaaln with mo. DV. A ~<*c> O'tHce 15. Rosidenee-Mutunl Phones a> ; o.u. 169. Wtion Yovi Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO- F H. Wipperman, welFourth Street OPP- i3ourt House Kntrftnoe. GEORGE W.. RODEFER. Real Estat(:,'^ans. Fa ' Pm r tll p D e d rt 7City Bought. Sold or Kxchatured. Money to Loan on mortgage or P«rsontvl i pecurlty. or write to me at No. £U ^ Rlver or write to me a . »nd of Market street brldite. L IV \l\Jl *J Money to Loan ' Call on cne »on.ue,east DR. F. M. BOZBR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Banic Corner ot Fourth *nd Broad-wi" OentraHtelephotieNoOlBoe 363. residence W OITY Miss Hanna Howe, of Onward, is the guest of Mrs. Charles Dykeman. City Clerk Winters and wife have returned from a visit at Richmond. Mrs. Charles Ruger of Lafayette is the guest of Mrs. James O'Donnell. Rev. O. S. Hadley went to Rochester yesterday to conduct a series of revival meetings. The Pottawattamie club will give another entertainment next Wednesday evening at their rooma on Pearl street. Wiley Overholser, son ot Dr. Overholser, has returned to Chicago to resume his studies after a visit with his father. Frank McClogin, who has been In the city for the past few daya in the tbe session. Before taking bis seat Mr Bringhurst delivered a short address, during which he declared that he was proud of the fact that he was norn and reared in Logansport. A refunding order for $18 was ordered issued to Louisa P. MInneman, administratrix of the estate of the late Frank Pottmeyer, being the un- expired portion of a liquor license. An erroneous assessment amounting to $120,78, against the P., C., C. & St L. railroad company tor brick pavement on Third street, was or derecl to be corrected. Upon resolution of the finance committee, $4,000 was transferred from the genera fund to the cemetery fund, and $6,000 from the sinking fuad to the interest fund. The cemetery fund had been overdrawn to the amount of $4,000 in jrder to buy additional ground, and $6,000 represented the balance o >22,000 that was borrowed in 189. r"om tbe interest fund and placed tc the credit of the sinking fund Waivers of property owners on Four teenth and Fifteenth streets of assessments for cemen Idewalk improvement, wer read and the same directed to h placed on tbe tax duplicate tor col ection in accordance with the provi sionij of the Barrett law. A protes by Mrs. John A. Klein against th vacation ot Otto street, was referred^ to tbe attorney and engineer. Tbe clerk read a letter from C. J. Mur- Bvansville, chairman of the Indiana State Commercial association, requesting that Logansport send delegates to the next annual session ot the association at Indianapolis on the 18th, 19th and 20th of this month, and on motion the mayor and clerk were instructed to appoint such representatives. Tho appointment of Earnest Warner and Frank McGlnnis as minute men in the fire department, vice Otto Geyeir and John Painter, resigned, was confirmed A petition for the location E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENT^LL PARLORS, 316 Market Street. New Aluminite llubber Plates. JJANLEY &SJ1ANAHAN. Boy and Sell Second Hand Goods. Giro us » a»K. interest of the Cincinnati Enquirer left today for that point. Natural and artificial gas bills for January are due and should be paid on or before the 10th of the month at the company's office on Pearl st. A pleisant birthday surprise was given John W. Burns, the popular clerk at Foley's grocery, on Tuesday night, at his home on the Southside Mr. and Mrs. Fred McDermott o: Wheatland street, gave on informal social on Tuesday evening in honor Ior 309 6th street D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Upstairs over Bru^eman's Millinery Hood's Arc much m little; always M^ • • • ready, efficien!. satisfac- ^J ill O tory'prevent a cold or fever. I I llW curs all liver ills, rick head- • »ohe jaundice, constipation, etc. PrU'« •» ccnu. ™« oa'rViU* » take «tU Hood'* THE WEEK OF PKAYJSR New Fnrnitors Store COR- HARKKV, 5th AND EKIK. You can't expect that your home will be comfortable Generally Obwmd by chinches all. Professor Hazerlne entertained a arge number of school, children at a unch and Judv and trained monkey how yesterday afternoon at Dolan & McHale's hall. Cott Barnett, the wide awake and , opular stock raiser, was houored by >elng elected a member of the state board of agricultural for this d.strict, at the Indianapolis meeting yesterday. The funeral of Samuel Panabaker was held at 10 o'clock this morning from the family residence. No. 1417 North street, Rev. Patrick officiating. Interment in Mount Hope cemetery. The Penny club of Eathbone Sisters, will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. David Bowman, Logiansport'and pleasant i unless you make it so ' There is no>se in these days to be without furniture that services win uc uciu wui» , _ K1*a or»H we.sk as follows, under the direction • is COmlOftaDie anu of the Ministerial association: . ! serviceable. You can riS^SS 1 !?, **SS ! « U - r "™iture at a low Sacrifice for the Church and the Grounds of His Claims tor Our Service." Leader, Rev. W E. Beider- There W1I be Union Seryiees— Topics ; for the Week. Union services will be held this; wolf, pastor of the Broadway Presbyterian churca. Friday eveniug. at the Baptist church—Topic, "The Holy Spirit Needful in the Work of the Church." Leader, Rev. Semans, pastor of the Broadway M. E. church. [Sunday, at 2:30 p. m., a,t the Broadway M. E. church. A conference prayer meeting. Prayers and consecration. Leader, Rev. Putnam, pastor cf the First Presbyterian church. The public is invited to attend these meeting. price at The New Store. Why not have it? Come and "see us. LIST OF CLAIMS Allowed Last Night by Council. the Common Election of Van Steen- 1414 Spear street. officers. — Mrs. Georg-3 berg, secretary. Ex-Congressman Wm. E, English, of Indianapolis, was married yester day to Mrs. Helen 0. tfa same city. Both had been before, she belog wife having died. ', of the married divorced and his The following claims were allowed last night by the common council: STREET DEARTMEST. Pay Roll «.- • ^ ^' ^" M E Ellison, alley crossing — *> ™ A pritchett, gravel repairs J f" D Oorydon. gravel..... - J," , j Van Buskirk, lumber a j "j: I N C'awfoiJ, sundries •> lj> M Navln. repair worn * ™, Ji>rry Kerns, hauling - l '? \ MattieL Johnson, sundries * J" \V H Keiser, stakes °i' "x City Treas, corn ' 2J \v T Wilson, gravel • -* '- NO PAIN! NO DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and palnles. PLAM MORE WHElT. The most natural-looking artificial on new method PLATES, of a fire alarm box at the cornesr o f Tipton and Grove streets, Southiiide, was referred to the committee ofl firs department. Council adjourned, Annual Gas Rates. Artificial and natural gas bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural gas consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annual :rate, commencing December 1st, can do so by calling at the office and arranging An Increase of 11.4 Per Cent to the Winter Acreage is Reported. The special crop report of the New York Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin says: "Final returns make the area of winter wheat 26,663,000 acres, as compared with 23,930,000 acres harvested last year, ,n'increase of 11 4 per cent. In the more important wheat producing tates north atd west the increased .creage is: Ohio, 4 per cent: Michigan, 16; Indiana, 4; Illinois, 40; Missouri, 10; Kansas, 19: California, 4: Oregon, 10, and Washington 5 per cent. Favorable weather during (December improved the conditions of wheat. The present average is 87.8 per cent as against 84.1 per cent ast month. "According to the January returns there are 240,000,000 bushels of wheat iield on farms, which is 41 3 per cent of last year's production. On the orresponding dace iast year there were held In the same position 190,000,000 bushels." Store. of Mr. Earl Barker, of Mattoon, III. The Eoyal Arcanum gave an interesting musical and literary program at their hall on Market street last evening following the installation of officers. The funeral of the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levl Hart wick was held at 9 o'clock this morning from the residence on Humphrey street, Rev. C. B. Shaner officiating. Interment was made in Mt. Hope cemetery. Another crowded house last night at the union services of the week of prayer at the Broadway M. E. church. Short sermons were delivered by Revs, Shaner, Kendrlcks and Beider- wolf. The meeting this evening will | be held at the First Presbyterian church. 1 or before All bills must be paid on the 10th of each month . LOSA^SPORT & WABASH YALI EY GAS COMFANT. Moon Eclipse Tomorrow The first of six eclipses for 1898 occur tomorrow evening, the moon being the planet affected and the obscuration being only partial; The eclipse will occur at 5:47. The middle, or time of greatest obscuration, comes at 6:35, and the moon will be entirely cltar of the cone shadow of the earth, which Is her constant appendage, at 7:23 p. m. J Kerns, hauling l . i?. Frank Haakei:. horse hire J " "" G*nock Packing: Co. packing * «° Gener.il Eiectric Co, meters '•»-' Standard Oil Co, sundries "£ Electric Appliance Co. lamps - ~w »» City Treasurer, freight •; •*, City Tteasurer, freight •" ur > FIRE DBPAUTMBNT. BIUUuE Work. KB'" No charge for extracting without; paitt when now teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, T-V TT TIT "T T C T I 311 1-2 Fourth 9t. JJXliN 1 IO 1 JQver Fisher's Drug Scor 5 iS IS 11- John Mehnflie, sund (-i W Seybo d i Cro?, sund Mary nbffer wash ins KHen Brown, w-shiny.. ratherine wt,itc, washing...- - EUzabuth Kroll. wasnini? ° '• • NCra\rfora. sund ° '" Ixjpmsnort i; Wabash Valley Oas company, gas City Treasurer, oate 1>AHK DZPAKTMEMT. ou 5 i 2G 60 17 85 King Brill Co, grates POLICE DEPATMEST. 2 03 .» 46< 58 3 Uc 55 Smoke the Crluaibia cigar "PUDD'N-HEA.1) WILSON" A Great Comedy Success at Dolnn's Tomorrow Night. It is aafe to assert that no play written during the last decade contains more absorbing situations or is embellished with more quaint diction isnan Mark Twain's "Pudd'nhead Wilson." It is as if every word were a thought and erery thought an action, i;o close is the sequence of the plot. From the moment when Dave Wilson takes the impression of the marks of the baby thumb to the time when he unmasks the would-be assassiu by these very impressions. The character of "Pudd'nhead," the slave "Roxey," Chambers, the •'White Slave," "The wise men of Dawssn," and. Tom Driscoll, with the taints of African blood, are etched with the same careful hand that gave "Innocence Abroad" to the American people. Mark Twain's latest is certainly bis best. At Dolan's tomorrow night. Payroll ; Lone-well & Cummings, directory Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas worn- paay, gas ° ~^ WAT3II WOHK8 DEPRATMENT. Payroll f ?? 15 Miieellaneous claims - t)1 u MISCELLANEOUS, Robert Griffin, labor \* r? GCKlns. labor • w l!) Meluotte Bebee. aeetBtant engineer t N Crawford, sund ™ J Kerns, hau ling •» M L Johnson, sund ^? Ash &, Hadley, chairs - OJ w : Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas com- ^ _^ Lx)uthain & Barnes', printing '^° Longwell it Cummings, stationery - i» *" 3 K button, printing -. * f 1 Logansport Journal Co, printing •» w Logansport Journal Co, printing ~ 30 nty Treasurer, tax certlflc&te w « City Treasurer, postage s»»- » ™ City Treasurer, library fund ^* J" City Treasurer, interest on bonds " gj 28 The Logaasport owphonoiw Commercial High School. j If you wieh to secure a position to work for Experience Ool3'. I»OX'T attend tho , liOsanSportCummerclal High 1 If you wish to eecure a pos'tiontlrat will par you from 1 1 to $2 per week. Don't attend Uia i Logansport Commercial High School It you wish to attend a Pchool where you can have plenty of fun. do as you please, and havi- a"HotTimo"ingeneral.l*"n t attend the l,of£»nHport Commt=rclal HI* ' But. if you wish to attend an I ]n f Q School woere yo i will rewlve ^F lv the best instructinn and tho bent preparation. I for the refponglbllMes of life: waeie you will receive a thorough mental and moral dUclpUne and training that will develop yo r iniellept. arouee your ambi ion and equip you so that you may live worthily, that you may le«J a life of usefulness and that your life may be crowned with the laurels of success, tn» esteem of your fellow men and the approbation of your own conscience, then. Citv Treasurer, interest on orders -. City Treasurer, water works improvement bonds ...-~,uou TO City Treasurer, interest on water works bonds - - — 60 00 Gas Waste Case. The so-called anti-gas waste cases pending before the supreme court, in which the Ohio Oil company appears against the State in Madison county, where the court below gave judgment against the company for unlawfully permitting eas to escape from an oil well, has oeen advanced on the docket, and oral argument will be heard on the 25th inst. Increase in Crime. The last official bulletin issued by the state board of charities shows that the population of Indiana has increased 5i per cent during the past five years, whi!e the prison population has increased 20 4 per cent, or almost four times as fast. No explanation is offered for this strange showing. Commercial High School. Over 321. 323 and 325 Foarth Street. REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where yon are invited to call and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings coating? that beat. and Orer- eannot be Merchant W.D. Craig, Pearl St-Next to Dr. Bell's Office. BANKRUFLSHOE SALE. We have got to sell this Stock of goods and we will save you Kearly One Half on your Shoe Bills What is better than> nice pair of Shoes for . Christmas--Nothing. Ladies' shoes 890 Misses shoes 6gc Child's shoes 35C Ladies' shoes ggc Misses shoes 8 9 c Child's shoes 49C Ladies' shoes $i 23 Misses shoes 990 Child s shoes 590 Ladies' shoes $1.48 Misses shoes $1.19. Child's shoes $4 Ladies' Fine Shoes $2=48. Splendid Shoes for Boys 98c. S3.OO Laclies's Shoes SL89- Thisjis your Chance to buy GOOD SHOES for the pricelof Cheap Ones. W DEN.

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