The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1939
Page 3
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Argument Over Issue To Be Increased In Washington By THOMAS M. JOHNSON (Noted Military Writer) NBA Service Stitl CarrejiigniUnt WASHINGTON. Nov 15 _ The nation's cnpitai soon wm ,. esomul 'With a forensic battle over American nnval pcllc.y. Today tram const to coast spreads lalk of « "two-ocean navy." shall we have one? H Is a crucial question in ttu-se cru- . clal timcs-ivilli many answers. To some, the answer is s'.mplv Ir- duplicate that substantial portion of our righting fleet no,v in the Pacific, and put It- In (.lie Atlantic. These, Including con»rcss- inen from states that never saw a wave outside a teauty parlor, cure, not that li would cost $4,344,<ip,0fl6! But the Navy doesn't want it. The Navy thinks $1,300,000.000 will give us what we need [cf ihe job m sight—although, to be sure, that job has not yet been exactly defined. Washington (alts of "America's manifest destiny" but policy lias not .said just what that is. Some say it ends with keeping war and dictatorship from our shrres; others, that thai, holds (jood lor the shores of the Western Hemisphere, too; still olhcis, that it extends to keeping war out of the whole world herealtei- l>y beinj> strong enough when this war ends to insure a just and permanent peace. We couldn't assure the world of that in 1919—and then Japan was an ally ami Russia was Impotent. Today Japan seems bent on forcing cm- trad a from East Mia, and Russia on changing Uie world's economic system. Standing on Russian soil, Stalin on a clear day can sec Alaska — and scarce an American fort, or soldier. And cculd we hold "the Philippines against Japan? Military men say not; naval men, that we could recapture them only through n navy twice as strong as we now have. On the Atlantic side, it is too Idle now, without Infringing neutrality, to strengthen our cutposls ay acquiring land and naval bases on foreign-held Islands. But a victorious Germany would take colonies in western Africa whence bombers could readily cross u Brazil withj^s large German population. Ar.d from Brazil '' AH?! PflVvFR^ ' ' '' '^ " FLAPPER FANNY COPB. 1S» 6V NCAtlBVlcr, IXC. t. M.RC4. V. 5. MT.flfA m;mrRVTLi,fi (Amty rotmiEn NOT EVEilVTHIXG Nnval strategy has 'broadened since the days of wooden ships ana iron men. Today steel ships are threatened by flying men—5;. say many of those men themselves arid recent experience seems to agree. But harkcn to our foremost flying- tar, Rear Admiral John H Towers, chief of the Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics: "The airplane is no panacea for offense and defense. It has its strength, such as speed, bomb- carrying capacity and clusiveness- bill it also has its weafciviss. such •is weather handicap, inability to seize and hold land or water areas, great, cos t and time and expense required to train personnel. In my opinion any nati;n which stakes its all upon winning a -,vr,v against n first-class nation by air power, is doomed to disaster." Like doctors, strategists disagree in diagnosing the case of aircraft versus battleship. The answer is net yet, but any moment may see it revealed when Nazi planes in force attack British ships and ports. Anyway, the question will be fine-tooth-combed here in hearings on the nen' appropriation bill to be • introduced by Chairman Vlnson cf the House Nnval Affairs Committee. In that, bill, if only to help defend the Western Hemisphere the Navy asks to double its airplanes to COOO, making, -nith the Army air fores, 12,000 plnncs WHO? WHAT? WHY? WHERE? The Navy also will nsk for 116 new ships, cf which 95 will be warships totalling 400,000 tons, a 25 per cent increase. It wants three aircraft carriers, eight cruisers,' 52 destroyers, 32 submarines—but no battleships. Not that American experts believe the battleship is now stranded, but .that yards are lacking to build more than the eight already nuthorlzczd, nhicli will be enough. They will replace old-timers w that by 19JJ, we will have 15 modern and eight over-age. Shuttle these back anil forth by the Panama Canal from ocean to ocean, mid have awaiting them on either side cruisers, destroyers, submarines, planes and auxiliaries enough for n 5-3 ratio for attack cr a 3-5 for defense, and there you have by 1944 an American Navy four times as jxjwerful . as Germany's, three times Italy's and able to encounter the submarines that are Russia's principal strength Japan? \Vcll, the little brown men keep their plans very secret, but, such a navy would be stronger than Japan's. Still, for some Congressmen, and others, that Is not cn:ugh. They crave more battleships and It appears, \illl fight for them. So, Important discussions soon will rage over naval policy—and, as a matter i ot cairse, over national policy. For o gainst whom must this Navy be ready to fight? And why? And where? Read Ccurler News nant nits. " .., am! here's the sample I.want matched for the !ivi«e rnmn rlind'o " room chairs. short business niMliiB was held, nt which lime Miss I.ucllie lacey spoke on the orphanage at Fm'in- Mr. and Mrs. Paul ltal« niul daughters or St. l/juls were weekend visitors in Ciinitliersville. Mr. and Mis. Ja.s. K, Moore,' Mr. and Airs, ivcrsoii Mlcliic and Mr. mid Mrs. Jack Moore s|X'iit Sumlny In Poi'lngei'llle where they visited ivllh Air. and Mrs. Rihcrty I'lnk- ley. Hev. Wayne Gray toft Monday lo lecture nt Rolnry Clubs In Fred- w-ickwwn, ifdiinlbnl mid Kicksvllle. Jle «il! return through Mexico mid New Florence Tlniisday evening. Mr. mid Mrs. Qllbeit Hnf.el of Knsl SI. Louis spent the weekend here with friends and reintlvrs. Mrs, w. W. KliiBsljiiry or fiikrs- ton spent Siindny, Monday nnd Tuesday with her .son, Jere KiniiS- burj-, iind Mr.s. Klnesbiiry. Clinton Thompson cf Memphis .speiit Sunday ami Monday nt the home of !tfr. and .Mrs. Ji-re Kingsbury. Mr. nnil MJ-J;. Cioorge Utlle nnd uaughlcr, Georgia Aim, of Mcmplils spent the weekend with friends and relatives here. Mrs. Paulino Hnydr-n spent the weekend in Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Ciiuldy mill Uorolhy Ann Newsonic spent Ihe weekend in Marlanna, Ark., visillns nt the liome of Mr. nnd Mrs. Fltyd 'PiUlerson, and faintly. ; , Mr.s. Men HosH-ortli~ent SnUir^ day lo IJertnind, Jlo., where she will spend n week. Alte I'egg)- Tatum cf Kennctt spent the weekend here with tier Caruthersville Society — Personal Attend Family •Reunion Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Sawyer spent Sunday in Hayli where they attended n family reunion held at the IK me of Mrs. J. Jl. Fields. Others attending were Mrs. C. C. Denny of Cotuvay, Ark., Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lynch of Dexter, Mr. and Mrs, Jack Wilbanks and Mr] and Mrs. Harry Fellds of Wardell, Mr. nnd Mrs. John D. Fields . • * ' e Circle No. Three Meets Circle No. Three of the Presbyterian church met at the church Monday evening. Miss Nellie Summers, Mrs. Oeoi-gia Arnold, Mrs. Redman Dunham and Mrs. H. C. May were hostesses at a turkey dinner served in the church basement pricr to the meeting. Twenty eight- members and the following guests were present: Miss Kay Miller, /_Mrs. Paul Horner, Mrs. MorrelP DcRcign, Miss Christine Edmonds and Rev. Wayne'arayV Following the dinner the'mem- bers held their regular meeting in the Ladies Parlors. Miss Dollyc Robinson led the devotional, and Mrs. Jack Hart war, in charge ot ttie program uhicn was on the subject, "We Give Thanks". The Rev. Gray appeared on the program. 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