Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island on April 29, 1966 · Page 21
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Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 21

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1966
Page 21
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LEGAL NOTICES TOWN OP MIDDLETOWN PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO ZONING ORDINANCE The Town Council of Middletown, Rhode Island hereby fives notice that In accordance wllh the p r o v l f - j lont ef Title 45. Chapter 24, Section! I of the General Ljwt of Rhode j Island 1858. as amended, a public hearing will be held at the Town Hall In tald Mlddlelown on Monday. May I, 1« at tevea o'clock enli LEGAL NOTICES __ ITATE OF RHODE ISLAND _ Prokate Co«rt at the TOWN OF UTTtE COt«*TOrl N O T I C E tH Matters ren«ln| Ana 1 Tot Hearlnr In Sal« Covrt n« Court will a* la iMllofi al tin Prokale Court Room I M ·* oatet IK'""' » *otleci I below ml level o'rlott P. M. lot I bvarlnf Hid matters. COOUDUE. FLORENCE B., : estate. ' Executors first and Final Ac coun( . ,,,, hI - ln , M,y I, 18M. -- · LEGAL NOTICES 'Newport Dally Ntwi, Friday, April 29, 1966 21 -- · W"«P «. PUBLIC HEARING TOWK OP PORTSMOUTH -- Bounded Southerly by Lawton's Valley Ero;!t. -- Westerly by Pederal Properly. -- Public Utilities may be (ranted variances for establishment of facilities throughout the Town subject to procedure! tet forth ( hereinafter. · ' Business Districts shown on the Zonlr-g Map shall not exceed 500 feet In depth measured from the front street line, t exceptions to this measurement due to established streets or roads are noted on skid map. Residential Districts are ; shown on the Zoning Map." , .' SECTION 2. Thl« Ordinance shall: take effect upon Its passage and all' lordinances and parts of ordinances. I Inconsistent herewith are hereby re- 1 pealed. Per Order Portsmouth Town Council By Arthur A. Sherman ; Town Clerk 1 NIWPORT FOU FESTIVAL Thurj. NIWfOtT, IHODI IJUNO Fri.-Sit.-S»,'22-23' 24 tnlrly minuiei f - "·· «" "-· "- me council v-ii»"iw«i«. Inl proposid amendment to the:p crljmout h ,,,, May i. 1 toning ordinance as hereinafter aet p M ( f contldfr , forth, to wlf. I amendment to Parajrapl AMENDMENT TO ZONING i lon 4 of Artc l, I of i: ORDINANCE Portsmouth Zonlnf Ore It la hereby ordained aa follows: {follows: SECTION 1: Section 4 of the Zon ;i AN ORDINANCE IN AMEND-! . . , Inl Ordinance of the Town of Qr P A n A G n A pH 2 OF !".TM ., * Middletown is hereby amended by g^CT', ON 4 nF ARTICLE I or below ·' ·"' adding thereto at the end thereof ORDINANCE E N T I T L E D hearing sill ITATE OF RHODE ISLAND Probate Court of the TOWN OF PORTSMOUTH N O T I C E Of Matters Pennine Ann For Hearlnf In Said Court The Court will be In session at the Town Hall ;s specified In notleel rn o'clock P. M. for Four [ventoi Concert.: Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday Three AII-D.y Iventt: Frioay. Saturday. Sundly THURSDAY. · 1:00 P.M.--Judy Coillnl. Dick * Miml Farina, lurry · Saint. Marie. Phil Ochs, Th. Pennywhittlert and many ethers; FRIDAY I'OO PM.--Thto Biktl. Jimml. Driftwood. Jack Elliott, FlaK A '. Scrutis. Clark Ketilnger. Bro«n!o MeGM 4 fenny Terry. Grant Rofen, , . Howling Wolf and many SATURDAY. 8:00 P.M.--Chuck Berry. Jlmmle Driftwood, ilMie *. I Pitrce. Joseph Spence and many others. SUNDAY. t:CO P.M.--lob Dylan. Jack tiliott, Carolyn Hester. Jim 4 ; Jesse McReynolds and many others. DAYTIME EVENTS--T.aditlonal folk erafts Including e mountain pott.r, ; wood carver,, lobster trsp maker wilt be some of th. many new , \ thin|s at th. 1964 Newport Folk Festival. Friday. Saturday and Surxj.y . -country musicians, bluet pj.yirt and city folk will erould. mujrc all . · day in Informal lestions. These daily .Mslon. h.vt e.--..»lned Hi the . (· past tome of th. hiihliihls of th. N.wport Folk Festival. I in addition to th. lour days of concerts, a apodal .day elejlgneif for ; L children will b. held July 20. Oscar Brand, TIMO likel. Judy Colhnt Jimmie Driftwood. Bessie Jones. Jean Ritchie, luffy Salnte-Marie, em children from the local area will participate. George Wain, Tech. Prodvwr frHinft:H·», 4-M. t3» TV CnMrt - M fctfl taunt. All-Day Workshop.: 1Z 00 *er Day Chlldr.n f s Day Program (July JO): J1.50 elF-oay ticket Cox Seat information on request -- Proirams iub|ect to cnangt CIAL DISCOUNT: Deduct MX linn the l/sl price fl for off ' concerts If purchaseo 1 by mall eefw* May HI*. I- On Mail Orders add 25 cents to NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL, Newport, K. I. ,, WE ALWAYS WANT . i^in.i SECTION I. Paragraph I of Sect- i" , io'ilon 4 of Article I of the Ordinance] WATERS. DONALD F., estite. entitled "Zoning Ordinance" enae-. Guardian's 1st Account; for hear- · by the Town Council of the )n , May j of Portsmouth on July 12. i Main Road, raid bounded and desc lows:: M NORTHERLY by the East Main Town 0( Portsmouth on July i*. i ' "^STERLV by Valley Roadj£ ·«*» -"""" '" «' d " OO.LARTE. MANUEL A estate. 145(1 feel' -I Inmi.lrl.l nutrlct ' Petition ' or Guardianship; for "s^HERLV. partly.by_.,.n^o, J %Z£?TM%, by Port «,. Hearln. May 9,^0. -jne. Bob.rl r._and 5«« 1 ""' JPI ,"v? nr , t . IDDrri i- ·'" %^».---- - - ly by land of Glenn and L- .-...-- 5.ddls, partly by lard of Canela J. Bartls et ux.. partly by land of William H. Smith. 850 feet: EASTERLY acam by land of said William H. Smith. 220 feel; SOUTHRLY again portly by the norlherly line of Elmwood Avenue extended, bounded on the SOUTH S land of Kempenaar Heal Estat., InY, and partly Ey the northerly line ·f Elmwood Avenue. 1925 feet; WESTERLY by the West Main Ro»d. 1JOO feet; - , , -- Bounded Easterly by a ' line AYI.ER. E D W A R D B.. estate. -Bounded Southerly bv «,,' brook looted on properly of the Order of St. Benedict in Portsmouth. Rhode Island arid which runs In · southwesterly direction to the shore. ' ASHLEY. EMILY . r s l . t . . Petilion (or Admmlstrntlnn d. b. n. c. t. a.; for hearing May 8. 1906. -- ARNOLD. DAVIS G. eslnte. for proabte of Will; for B.'all said measurements more or the West Main Road. direction to the snore. Petition for proabt. -- Bounded Westerly by the waters hearing May t, 1966. of Narraranselt Bay. i -- ·· Also that area lying Westerly at TABRU.V, FLORENCE H.. estite. Bf III Ini" ni»j»»i« *·· · - · · -- - · -- less or however otherwise.the same may bo bounded or described. SECTION 2: The aforedescrlbed area .hall b. thown at a Bus ness District on the map entitled Zon-| taf Map. Middletown. Rhode Is. laSd." deslKnated by Section 4 of the Ionln» Ordinanc. as a part of laid Ordinance. IECTIOK I: The ordinance ahall take effect upon lla passaje. At thlt hearing opportunity thall be liven all person! Interested to be heard upon the matter of the proposed amendment to the zoning ordl Town Council of Mlddlelown by Jamea A. Peekhim CouncU Clerk Acrfl (. !·« vvciv ji«in niiau. i Petition for orobatQ -Bounded Northerly by Federal hearing May 9. 19C6. Property. --- Bounded Easterly by the Weit Main Road. Arthur A. Sherman, Clerk SEIBERLING TIRES FRONT END ALIGNMENT A* SALE PRICES Only $ 6 5 ° ' ° ° COMPLETE BRAKE JOB '24 PARTI and LABOI Most Cars R. I. Inspection Station No. 119 GILL TIRE SERVICE CONNEll HWY (At Thi Rotary) 84* - 3331 USED and we pay more to get them We wlH trade any make, coy wodel on.-f any car. If others don't want your fraie-in ... See V.T/ BROS. TOWN OF MIDDLETOHM Acceptance Of Dexter Street as » Public Highway ITATE OF RHODE ISLANII AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONI COUNTY OF NEWPORT. «e. IEAL ·v t*e Town Council of the Towl "f Mld«lrtn»n In the County and State aforesaid. To all persons whomsoever. Jj'er- «ted In the Und In the salri Towr. «f Mlddletown Inclndre- In anj eoyrred by the rnad and war known at: Deiter Jlreet GREETING: You »re hereby notified that: ., the Town Council propoiet to ae- %X^Xt^* D .*TM T Sw:%,r. n .li a '. n nSU f '-TJ'V' Roads. Sherman Lane fc pelter Street Middletown, Rhode Is and, fScalo 1"--40.0' Date I Mar. IMS. Drawing No, tl-S'64." The highway us plaited It forty 140) feel In width running from · West Main Road in a westerly direction to the boundary line between City of Newport and Town of Middletown. The eropoaed declaration It bai-ed ·n the (act that the landt covered Jv and Included In said way have been quietly, peaceably and actu. allv used and Improved and con- ·idered as a highway for more tha" twenty v.arf The "lolutlon declaring «aid road to be a public hiihway will be considered for adoption at the meeting of the Town Council at the Town Hall In said ^ ' . r , y ·11. and %how cause why said reso- lutlon should not t» adopied, and laid road and w»y accepted nnd declared a piihlle highway, accordlni to thf l.iw In such cases made and provided. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have caused the SEAL of the Town Council la be hereunto «;t on thi, 18th day of April A. D. 19M. S!gnerl anrt sealed by order and In behalf of mid Town Council. James A. Peckham. Council Clerk Probate Conrt ef 111' TOWN OF MIBOtETOWil N O T I C It Of Matters Pending atirj For : marine In said Court ! The Court Will Be In les.lo* At THE TOWN HAtL. MIDDLKTOWT) o, th. dalei tpeclfle* la norltel telow al l:M P- M. Tor hearing tald matters. , BOZYAN. n. FKANK. estate. Tillne: and recording fireign will with lisuanc. of letter! In Rhod. Illand: for hearing May J. !»««. BYRNES, WILLIAM B., ttUle. Exrcutor't first and final eeeounl: for hearing May 16. 1W6. CHBUTA ...J USA -Change of last ntmei to Heyer. ·or hearing Miy 1». Itel- ·oz», msi* r, »UM. Orantlng ef lettorl ef admlnlltra- Uon; for hearing May 11, !»«·· iOl'ZA. ANTIIONT O. a/sl/a Anraony G. toosa a/k/a Anthony O. tout It., eilaie. Helen M. Soul, and Maurice L. Binnln have qualified M t««u. Inn; eredltort must file their nalmi In the offlto ef the f«l«'e rlerk within the time required ey law be|innlri| April 31, IMi. 101'IA. ANTHONT O. a/k/a Anthony G, (out a/k/a AalMny G. Soaia, Jr., eiltte. lale of real ettato located In Middletown. R. 1. at IM Brlarwood Ave., dwurnated u Ut IM en Tlrtl Plat of Tint Beach Land Company: for the purpose tot forth In P.MUMI of eiecutors wherein tali real ot- tate is more Mrtteularly deecrlbed; for hearing May II, INI. KIRBV, JJAMM r., etUM. f r n n k J. Klrnv. who has appointed Edward J. Corcoran, Ktq. wl Thsmet SI , Nevvjxirl, R. L, al hll Arcnl, and Jerome R Klrl». Jr. have qualified a« executors: ctedl- tors must file their elalmt In the of the probate clerk within the H've r-.-|i'.!red by law boflnnlng ·rnl 29. IrM. Jame»"A. NUN DELIVERS TO YOUR DOOR MOTOR COMPANY SEE THE NEW America's LOWEST PRICED Car WITH CHRYSLER'S 5-YEAR-50,000 MILE WARRANTY Only '1790 VALIANT V100 2-DOOR EQUIPPED: Iconomy Slant Six Engin* - Ppddtd Dash - Padd.d Viier» - Vinyl Trim - laclc-Up Lighh - Sidt Vitw Mirror - Varigbl* Spied Wiptr* - WindihMd Waihtrt - And Mart. '66 RAMBLER AMBASSADOR 990 HARDTOP 115 horsepower, t eyl, enjln.. Met ·.Its, doubt, safety braking system, back up lights, eutslde mirrer, pod- ded dosh ma* vli.r, healer. SHOWER OF VALUE PRICES DELIVERED COMPARABLE SAVINGS ON OVER 60 MODELS READY NOW FOR MAY DELIVERY VIP'S-FURYS-BELVEDERES-VALIANTS-BARRACUDAS 65 PLYMOUTH Satdlit* V-8, PS, TF Top Qua lily USED CARS 62 PLYMOUTH hlvtdira 6Cyl., TF, PS 64 VALIANT V 100 2-Dr-6Cyl.,-Std. «5 VALIANT V200 6Cyl.Wagon-PS-TF HiJVHM 64 ' IMPERIAL Crown Coup* Can't Bt Told From New 63 TEMPEST IcMani Cenv. Auto. Tram., V-8 Engin* 61 CHEVROLET Wagon V - 8 - P S - P O 43 FORD Oalaxl* 500 XL local Own«r, low Mileage) 64 PLYMOUTH B*lv*d*r« Wagon-V-»-PS-TP 66 PLYMOUTH Fury III J-Door · HT · 6,000 Milti 64 VOLKSWAGEN One) Owner Car 61 PLYMOUTH klvritr* 4-Door-V-a-TF CHRYSM 900 4-Dr-HT.PS.PI-PW MANY HACK CARS TO CHOOSE PROM '66 RAMBLER CLASSIC 550 4-DOOR SEDAN NUNES 141 henepewef, f eyl .nilm, Met keltl, steukle ta(»fy broking tyttem, koiV urn lights, eirtsld. mlrrer, pa*. M aash Hit vhw, Kealet. SHOWER OP VALUI PRICES $ MOTOR COMPANY IMPHIAl-CHRYSUR-nYMOUTH-DOWl SMVKI IsUmfs OMtsf PlfMOUTIf Dnftr 76 West Broadway Open 'til 9 P. M. 847-4800 2050 DELIVERED Check Our Stock, Then Check Our Prices · TED VITI, NICK VITI, ED FELDMAN, STEVE BURSTEIN, FRED UBBY, RAY CORDEIRO VH1BROS. RAMBLER THI NAME THAT MEANS SERVICI Wl WIST MAM ROAD, MIDO'.ITOWN k TH. M7-1I44

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