The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1941
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 21/1941 (AKIU COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: One time per line., < io<> I'wo times per line per day... ..OSc Three .times per line per day..OCc Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line. 60o Card of Thanks 50c &"?5c Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered for three or six tinu-s and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of limes the ad appeared and adjustment if bill made. All Classified Advertising copy .•ubmiUed by persons residing outside of the city must be accom- nied by cash. Rates may be ezus.- ?y computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Buy With CONFIDENCE at Phillips For Sale j Mixed hay. $7.00 per ton. Alsi\j F«»'PI Mpohinrry. Mrs. M E ! Wright, Half Moon. '>l-pk-25\ Ccrcna Adding Machine. One Co- roiw Standard Portable Typewriter. Don Edwards, Phone'sil 21-ck-tf (Contimu'il n- 0 m Pft^o ro To. !2.'i \'"' -"-'i' l>> ,l,(Ul ) ' rs -M IS I. (10 '''* -M! IK 1 Oil 1'nrlii it'll' ,V<l(U<tmi ( t > Mrtiitli • v IA 1 iJ no i ''>' 1 1 ll.f.O ". 'IV. Tax, I'miii tit' Yurliro l.i'O 7.Ki -i, on H tnkf.s 10 seconds for 12 parachutists of the army to Jump OUL of a phine; 50 seconds later they jlanrl; in two seconds more they j h:u'o complete control or them- j:selves; and 50 seconds later open fire \vitli nueltinn guns, For Rent All makes and models o t' W J" sacr i fi ce grocery, miiug si a*_ s I ~ • " *»- r j rlrti^n»i^li<»£»A*fc^.».. .* . 1 rucks at prices you can't afford to pass up, and terms to suit your convenience. 1935 CHEVROLET rf» 1 /» r PICKUP 1937 FORD PICK-UP 85 1930 CHEVROLET '(. TON PICK-UP.. 1936 FORD PICK-UP 1940 FORD '» TON PICK-UP.. tion and living apartment Ever-! Rite Grocery, Highway 18 Pride' Addition. l>0-pk-24 14 room hotel in ci>ntc7~of""busi- ness section. 213 Hale Avenue, Osceola, Arkansas. 20-pk-?4 Small house, newly repairei & redecorated. $450. Small down payment, balance monthly. . K ell'son and Ca»le I'hotte J1»R, in N. Second. 8-ck-tf Well appointed 4 room apartment, with good heating plant. Call 197 : 1.939 INTERNATIONAL STAKE >•:• TON FORD 1 TON 21-ck-tf PANEL .. - _ _ , room furnished apartment. Pri- ! 1937 FORD !•/» TON vate bath and garage. 401 So. 1 CAB & CHASSIS Lake St. 19-ck-tfi ——•'•• . • j 1939 FORD i\' s Ton Cab & Chas- FOR RENT—Two-room vmfurnish-i sis & Body. With Tan•"" — i ^ -• • • - —ed apartment. Lights, water and hot water furnished. Couple onlv 1129 West Ash. j 7ck tf "" ' "• - •• --- i _ Three room furnished apartmen;'. Newly decorated. GOG N. Fifth. 17-ck-ti 2 furnished rooms. 621. Chicka- 17-pk-24 sawba. Joe Waddy. • ^_ Bed'-orni. Steam heat. Walnut. 818 Wes 17-ck-tf '2 ' and 3 room furnished apartments. Reasonable. 1315 W. Main. 15-ck-ti 3 room furnished apartment. 719 Chickasawba. Mrs. Ramsey Dun~~' 1 - 14-ck-tfi clem Wheels 1938 CHEVROLET Hj TON CAB & CHASSIS.. $425 1937 G. M. C. !».{: Ton Long wheelbase with stake bodv i£, *> A-l*- V.^. $299 5th & Walnut Sts. Phone 810-1122 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phones 810-1122 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Call 1018-W. Mrs A 14-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. Private entrance. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. Bedrooms, near bath. Hot water. Reasonable. 50G Walnut. Phone 4 - 12-ck-4-12 Bedroom, one block from postoffice. 301 North Broadway. Phone 970. : '" :; "'' ' r - ' " : ' '• 12-ck-tf Comfortable room, next to bath. One block from Hotel Noble. Phone 978. 12-ck-tf '*. three-room apartments with bath. 136 Sycamore. Phone 10-16 "28- 10-ck-tf AH or any part of Righter Truck Terminals Warehouse, Platform, Office. Phone 727 or 112. 7-ck-4-7 o room fun-nshed apartment. Close in. 212 So.- Franklin. Phone 1115 7-ck-tf Storage for trucks, furniture or cars. 114 Vi. Main St. Phone' 28. ____^ 22-ck-ti Desidarble bedroom, twin beds. Men preferred. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. 26-ck-tf 2 room furnished apartment. Reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. 24-ck-3-24 Larce bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat. Men preferred. Corner casawba and loth. Phone number I. 23-ck-tl Storage Space Light storage space for rent cheap. Raymond Smith Auto Parts. 22-cfc-tt Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour. >unk feeling. Take one box of KTRBY'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS Wanted to Buy Cue. National fash Register, "'electric model preferred. One Adding Machine, Burroughs preferred. One typewriter. All must be in best of condition and priced right, Tom Little Hardware Co. For Sale or Trade One International crawler tractor, model T-35. One International! Farmall F-20 tractor on rubber.! &S t,S"'rS, %? Apply room 304 Hotel Noble i8-pk-2s Big type Poland China pigs.' Registered and vaccinated. Out of sows weighing from G50 to 800 pounds. Write Arthur Aeford ^Steete, Mo. 8-pk-4-8 One complete 2 or 3 chair Barber Shop Equipment. Also, one complete Shoe Shop Equipment Real Bargain. Call 7G4. F. Simon. 7-ck-ti No. 1 Alfalfa Hay, good redeamv Seed Soybeans, Arksoys and DeN stas. Burdette Plantation, Bur dette, Arkansas. 7-pk-4-. Soy Beans, 80c Bushel. J A "save Manila. 5-pk-f/j Stock barn and lots located at Manila, Arkansas. Delta Implements Inc - 28-ck-t: Good work mules. Cash or term.' See Floyd Simpson, Delta Implo ments. Inc.. Blytheville, Ark. 28-ck-'Minnows for Sale Goldfish and Shiners. 300 E Main .Phone flOO. G. C. Hawks. 12-cW-V Washing. Loo KoM.iilH-ni Lou Ki>soiil>i>rj; ". I 1 . UusM-ll l<ln A. Scitlion 1.. nil<* .. H , In K^\ y ' l llnt nil Hut ,<li vision to Mnuii'ii HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SF1?VIOE STATION 15-MlmiU- IWiUery Hi^Siai-Rlng Onrral Repairing, WchlliiR Across IVoti) lied Top Gin Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Rlylheville. Arkansas Specials! Extractions- - - - $1.00 Pull Upper find Lower Plates ...... $25.00 (Extractions Included> Ti ires REPOSSKSSIOI) TIRES All Si7«s TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO, f, ss hiM-eof inui sinswcr the coin- Plaint of i.h(* jilixlntiiV Mrtry EVHUS. lulled this i) day of March. l!Hl. MARVEY MOHK1S. Clerk By Eli-/abc!h lilytlio, D. C Percy A. WrixrJil IAMV. for Pli.f.) Clnn-.ii- F Cooper i Ally, juj Llieni." . i . MAIJVKV .\U.'K1(IS,' diaihory * •nurl ClcrU. G. G. Caudiil jency Insurance Notice When you rat Aincrioun I,:ttly canned poods you C:H) truthfully say tliat you aro wilinp the bust. Fro-en Frorls, K:t»le Stamps. \Ve Deliver. IMione ll.'fS. MCKAR1VS CKO. & MKT WAIINMXCJ OHDKR ; JN Tl-li:; CHANCERY COURT, i CHICKASAWRA 1) i S T U 1 C T. | MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARK-i AN 8 AS. '• Rober! u-nard MUMT. Plaint it! i \'N. No, 7421 1 DornUiy J\ Mn.ser. Defondiuil. i The drinuhnt. Don'-fhy D. Moscrj is wiiniocl to appear within ihlr' cny.s in UK- court muneci in (hei i:ai)!]i!)5 hiTcof nud (iMswi'Mliocom-' 7J)7 |(ic N. Itrnuilway OK ALL KINDS PRESCRIPTIONS •>i ftras—Tank cur to your car I'lVlnu-thyJ Otis) JOYNER OIL CO. I). S. Highway til. North FOR SALE 115 K. Asli St. r» rooms & bath. I'vicp S23SO.OH, S30f).ro cash, bal- not §:500 mimLilly. t nun-. THOMAS t.AND CO. M r ffmipbon., Salesman Freshes* Host Prices VVAKNLN'C 0«I)ER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA D I S T R I C T; plaint of 1 he plaintiff Robert' L<-'n- MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARK- urcl Mr.sor. ANSAS. D;( ( ( . ( i (his 14 day of Marr.h, 1JHS. Mary Evan*. PlnmUil, HARVEY MORRIS Clerk _ vs. No. 7444 ; By .Kli?.nbfth Ulvtlu- O C, arm fcvjins. Defendant. ; Pan low & Bradley T)u.> detcncltint. Jolur Evuns is 1 Atty. tor Pli.f. arned to appear within thirty Pfrc:,\ ; A. Wright ays in the court named in the At'ty. ad Litom. Trv Our Knrbccuo RIBS They're Delicious e Hickory Inn DON EDWARDS "The T.vpt v \vritor Man" ROYAL SMITH CORONA. AND REMINGTON PQRTABhh TYPEWRITERS GLENCOE HOTEL BUILDLNO PHONE M • Every Transaction Musi Be Satisfactory) HB^HiHIOHHUm^^^HHiHHII^H^IHHIHl RECTAL DISEASES for nlssorvrjitioiin .lliiclniio that roctnl I!IHO:I»OR aro roBponstblo nioni wrockiJrt noivo.i.s syitlomn thin, uny otli.jr fathologlcal Many ,-iiHo:i of ftxiroino iifirvousiiiflSH, Jioa«Jacho8. low-liackaclicn. Icjtacho l>t|',ti lilnoft prensnro. cnnnU]>fitloji an <i liuioiiinl.-i nro oftcin tlttint. tlu<' tn rtn:tul Our iiioilurti in.iUiodfi of irnatiuoiit for rectal illmwsuH arc Applicable to nboiit l»f,% of «H cason, th« OKCoptloiiH bcluK cuicur and tubercular riNiula. Very littlo dlflcnniforl in ex iiorioutMitt wlillo ticlng tr'untoil. No ho»i>itjill?.ttUon. no j;oitcr:il tiiuiKtlH! He. No IOKH of ttvio from worit. Cure Kii.nvniii.npd iicnoiitod C.IHKO. DBS. NIES & NIES IH.vttu'vHl«, ,\rk. ni4 Main Plume D» __ _ Qn'lts or Klflnkots ........ Tl. r >c Maytai- Washor—Drvine Knom ViUie Rrll Croen. behind City Ic 1I.W NnHh. Welding Kxprrt Elortric anil WEIDING - Fender and Body and Lnwn Mower Sba D. W. CRAi DcIL Art — • , Farms For Sale NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Improved and Cut-Over Land ANY STZE TRACTS Smctll Down Payment FARM LOANS "AT LOW RATE OF INTEREST Riales Land Co. LEADER OF GREECE QUALITY, PRiGE $629 $555 $379 3309 $319 $195 $159 $119 J040 Chevrolet 1 Deluxe Town Sedan ......... 1f:4C Ford V8 60 Tuclcr. Special ...... Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan ......... Olcismobile 4- Door Sedan. Only. . . •1937 Buick Special 2938 Oldsmobile Sedan with 1935 Chevrolet Coach. Bargain Ford V8 Tudo One owner Chevrolet Ccuoo. A good H."h- car. Conic early Ihi.s f>r,r: >t. A. C. J'aynicnt Plan More on ,0ur Big Lot Open Xigh^ a,id Loy Eieh Chevrolet ;any of Greece. 11 Squirrel skin. 12 Heron. 13 Custom. 14 Regioric- 15 Kind. 16 Fool. 18 Toward. 19 Highly flavored sauce. 20 Mount H in (abbr.). '21 Fashions. 22 Outer cor-!. 2i5 Remover! v*hi.skers. 28 Sugar-cane stalk. 29 Sounds. 30 Catlike. 31 Pair (abbr.). 32 Measure. 33 Confining". IM Opposed to con. 35 Coin. 36 of plan Is. 17 He was called the c - matt of Greece." 19 Small depression. 20 Rebellion. 21 Heaven sent food. 22 Salty. 3 Mine j^f t hut 24 Upon. 25 He died of ; • it'i feel ion recently. ,,- T , •" 4 In.scct's egg. -18 To' accomplish. 5 Mister (abbr ) 27 Fear. 6 Coa{s ^th 28 Gondol <' 1 race. m '|0 Banquet. •il Advocate of tin alloy JO Destines. ^^ To y fncto- » Bronze. 44 Am idle. • •55 Reluctant. VERTICAL 2 Molding", : Skein of ynvn. 10 Street (abbr.) , j ai ' ^^ '^ "rite.s. "Under his 39 School of leadership his u-hale* cotmtry -- 40 Pin e tree inva- 42 Each {abbr}. 43 IXTvsctf 60? vV A S n * r f • t> i • c REMOVE fevERSTHlKSo FROM HIS FOCKPTS, A.WRTLF. ^1 WOT ow VOUR LIFE! THE PEM is A KMMIATURE 6UW, AMD THE CIGAGET CA^E COW A H\DO£Si VIAL. FfcOOABLV CULTURE, EH, BAROM? ' MO'. WOT LIKE THAT 1 . OK) VOUR HANDS AMD KMEES AMD TO ONE SIDE! THE 5AROKJ VS> MUCH TOO AWD BANJfiEROUS TO TAVfE CHAMCE5 WITH ; POISON*.\ AH, WELL! TOO BAD,OLD \ l^AV\ (21 i*t" t'f\ r-^ A •»• i i»-r^. IT WAS TO N WAW ' »^ T ^D USE !W THEEUESn^ VuAur . MV CAPTURE (?™ c _ BV THE ALI..KY O0|) H<-llo. There! BY V. T. HAMLIJN WHEWllVE 6crr OLIT HERE... ) QUICK! / ILAJED . A-SEMTl! NJOW MIXED UP IN ^. THAT --' --4 G-MEN 31 SOT THE^ QUIT. 1 THEV MAGIC BEUT.."\ HtJWT VOU Birr AT WI-IAT ) TD THE A EMDS OF THE EARTH f FRKM\!.»-S Full of Instruction DODO SAYS You w.Aprv\ UP 1ME MOTOR FIRST, Ti-lE.M PUSM RDRWAKO OKI THE STICK '( Vpp / ID RAISE? -iwe- TAIL™ aor THAT ? TO TURM RIGHT, KCK RK3HT LBFT, VICE VERSA • AND YOU STICK •? IDE WAYS f VPP "70 RAISE OR. LOWER ' """• WIMGS ' PULL' BACK OM THE STICK, 6ur NOT- TOO FAST OR. YOU'LL GO INTO A STALL' " i euess WE'RE READV TD TRV IT / Not. So Simpli COPR. 1941 8V ,VEA SERVICE. 1VC. T. H. " ai ' esc sccl -

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