Lancaster New Era from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on November 21, 2001 · 46
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Lancaster New Era from Lancaster, Pennsylvania · 46

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 2001
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LANCASTER, PA., NEW ERA Ravens' McCrary out for the season by David Ginsburg AP Sports Writpr OWINGS MILLS, Md. Baltimore Ravens defensive end Michael McCrary, the team leader with 7': sacks, will miss the rest of the season after undergoing knee surgery. The Super Bowl champs hoped McCrary would recover from Mondays operation within four weeks, but the injury turned out to be more serious than originally expected. McCrary leads the teams defensive linemen with 64 tackles. A key figure on a unit that last year set an NFL record for fewest points allowed over a 16-game season, McCrary becomes the third Ravens starter lost forthevear. NFL STATISTICS 7 h NFC Art Com Yds TD Int Garcia, S.F.. Warner, Sti Favre, G.& McNobb, Phi... Chandler, Atl Culpepper, Mm... Brooks, N.O. B. Johnson, T.B Plummer, Ariz.. Miller, Chi. 318 207 2263 20 -.327 224 2709 17 290 186 2278 19 ...289 170 1914 16 -198 119 1628 12 -303 197 2263 14 ..310 171 2153 14 -334 212 2151 9 -298 176 2232 12 -194 120 1240 8 AFC Gannon, Oak. Marmmg, Ind... Brunei!, Joe Brady, N.E. ... Gnese, Dea. RUSHING Atl Yds Avg LG TD Running back Jamal Lewis, who set a team record with 1,364 yards as a rookie last year, underwent season-ending knee injury in August. Offensive tackle I .eon Searcy has been sidelined since training camp with a torn triceps. McCrary is the Ravens' second defensive end sidelined by ipjury in the last two weeks. Rob Burnett has been nursing a calf injury and is doubtful for Sundays game against Jacksonville. Other players will have to step up and make plays for us, Ravens coach Brian Billick said. Were looking into signing another player to replace McCrary on the roster, but that decision will not be made today, Ravens personnel director Ozzie Newsome said Tuesday. R. Williams, N.O... Green, G B Davis, Was Hearst, S.F Thomas, Chi Faulk, St.L M. Smith, Atl. Pittman, Arlz Smith, Dal Dayne, NY-G . 204 856 4.2 166 836 5.0 185 750 4.1 135 670 5.0 150 638 4,3 114 627 5.5 142 549 19 145 488 3.4 123 478 - 141 463 3.9 39 3.3 55 K. Johnson, T B. Owens, S.F Booker, Chi Boston, Ariz , Moss. Min Morton, Det. . Horn, N.O Faulk, St.L ....... Toomer, NY-G-C Carter, Mia RECEIVING No Yds 71 63 61 60 49 47 47 47 -45 -45 Avg 11.7 13.8 120 15.7 14.5 15.7 15.7 8.5 13.6 12.4 LG 32 52t 66t 52 57t 76 56 34 48 52 Testaverde, NY-J Couch, Cle Stewart, Pit.. Johnson, But McNair, Ten ... AM Com Yds TD In! -295 194 2103 15 2 -288 187 2339 17 1 2 -226 139 1606 10 4 -248 159 1611 12 7 -314 194 2147 18 12 -242 145 1501 9 6 ,...246 143 1624 11 8 -248 150 1602 4 4 216 134 1465 5 7 ..239 138 1562 8 8 Nagy turns professional Continued from C-1 C. Martin, NY-J... Bettis, Pit Alexander, Sea Tomlinson, S.D Holmes, K.C Dillon, Cin.. James, Ind A. Smith, N.EL L. Smith, Mia. George, Tea RUSHING AM Yds Avg LG TD 212 983 4.6 36 10 185 918 177 851 217 794 153 782 184 721 151 662 ..163 610 195 571 183 505 PUNTING Ravens trainer Bill Tessendorf believes the injury occurred in the opener against Chicago. McCrary had been playing in pain, but opted for surgery after the injury began to limit his effectiveness. It was just a matter of how far he could go, said Billick, who expects McCrary to be at full strength next season. In another move, the Ravens placed former Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Erik Williams on the reserve-retired list. Williams, a four-time Pro Bowler and an 1 1-year veteran, signed as a free agent on Aug. 28 and played in five games with Baltimore. Offensive lineman Jason Thomas was signed Tuesday to replace Williams on the roster. Thomas was on the San Diego Chargers practice squad before joining the Ravens. Souerbrun, Car R. Williams, NY-G-Landeta, Phi. ... Maynard, Ou.. Jett, Det No Yds LG Avg -63 2920 73 46 3 ..52 2361 90 45.4 -51 2269 64 44.5 ..44 1945 60 44.2 ..39 1714 62 43.9 Bidwell, G.B... ..39 1682 58 411 Berger, Mm.-Royals, T.B. -Plover, Ariz -.33 1407 67 42.6 ...46 1938 61 42.1 ...37 1558 58 42.1 Gowm, N.O ...46 1932 57 42.0 PUNT RETURNS Smoker eyes PSU Continued from C-1 were about Penn State Michigan States opponent Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN-TV and why he didnt stay home and play for Joe Pater-no. So, Jeff, are you tired of all the Penn State questions yet? Yeah, a little bit, he said with a sigh. "Im from Pennsylvania and were playing Penn State this week and everything. But at the same time, I want people to realize that this is just another game for me. There are two teams playing Saturday. This isnt me against Penn State. I think people have to realize that. Smokers freshman season culminated in Happy Valley. With half of Beaver Stadium cheering him and the other half raining down boos, he was sacked six times and Michigan State lost. I got my head knocked around a lot in that game, he recalled. But no broken bones or sprains or anything like that. And 1 remember that they kicked our butts pretty good. They gave us a whipping last year. We werent ready to play and we got beat pretty bad. Thats what I remember. Smoker probably still doesnt remember the fourth quarter. On that sixth and final sack, Penn State knocked hint out of the game for good. Smoker was so wobbly after the game, he didnt address the media. So surely he has revenge on his mind. Surely he wants to quiet the critics who chastised his choice of Michigan State over Penn State. Surely he wants to play better than Nittany Lions quarterback Matt Senneca whom Smoker beat in a state playoff game as a sophomore at Central and Zack Mills, one of the guys who tossed a monkey wrench into the recruiting process. And surely Smoker wants to forget about his sprained left shoulder, which kept him out of last Saturdays loss to Purdue. Im going to play the same way, he says. Im a competitor and I want to win every game, no matter who were playing. So Ill play hard against Penn State, just like I play hard every week. "I want to play well this is a big game, not just because its Penn State ... but because we need a win." A win would give the Spartans six victories and make them eligible for a bowl game. Smokers dream is to play in a bowl. Any bowl. There are a lot of people around who wish hed be playing that bowl game in a Penn State uniform. But he wont be. Not thisorany otheryear. Like it or not. Did Smoker consider Penn State when coaches came calling during his junior year at Central? You bet. I le went to camp at Penn State. I le even had lunch with Paterno. But the last thing Smokerexpected was two other quarterbacks giving very early verbal commitments to theNittany Lions. You know the story by now. Mills and Zac Wasserman committed to Penn State and Smoker, wanting to get the utmost out of his recruiting experience, didnt sulk. 1 le simply turned hissightselsewhere. 1 le didnt want to commit to any school, Penn State included, literally two months after the end of his junior football season. There were too many letters to read. Too many visits to take. Ton many avenues to explore. Ienn State was on Smoker's list, no doubt. But when Zack and Zac commit ted, it was like t he pressure was off his shoulders. "I never really actually said "no" to Coach Paterno," Smoker said. "It never really came down to that. But it was hard. Penn State is a great place and Coach Paterno is a living legend. It was hard to turn down a school like that. But I wanted to explore my opt ions because they wanted a commitment tooearly." So Smoker took his services elsewhere. After sifting through the offers and making a whirlwind recruiting tour with his mom in the family van, he Milled on Michigan Stale. I (editin'! redstart. In fact, he wound up plaving in the first game of the season when starter Ryan Van Dyke got hurt. Smoker had Ins ups and downs last year, lie fumbled. I le threw untimely interceptions. ( if course, he also stuck a dagger in Notre Dame's bac 'k wttha last minute, Manheim Magic-hkeTDpass. You can bet he'd like to stick a dagger in Penn Stale's heart on Saturday, R. Smith, Den Brown, N.E Jl Smith, Joe ... Ward, Pit..- Harrison, Ind Centers, But - Brown, Oak. . Ismail, Bal Sharpe, Bal RECEIVING No Yds 75 -.63 63 59 - 58 55 McCardelUac. 52 50 45 948 794 790 595 806 410 745 786 568 536 Avg 12.6 12.6 12.5 10.1 13.9 7.5 14.1 15.1 11.4 11.9 Lechler, Oak... Rouen, Den. Hanson, Jac- No Yds LG Avg 40 1890 65 47.3 50 2329 64 46.6 Feogles. Set H. Smith, Ind. .. Miller, Pit -.49 2240 59 45.7 -.42 1889 68 45.0 -.40 1792 65 44.8 ...35 1557 64 44.5 Hentrlch, Tea-Gar docki, Oe S.D. ...54 2380 63 44.1 ...60 2630 69 43.8 -49 2084 62 42.5 Turk, Mia- -43 1816 60 42.2 PUNT RETURNS Je. Lewis, Bal. -Brown, N.E Wilkins, Ind. Ogden. Mia.. Gibson, Joe... SCORING Touchdowns Dun Oak-Hall, K.C Rogers, Sea- Jenkins, S.D. Yeast, NY-J- C ole, Dea Gov. Cle Kirby, Oak Rhodes, Ind... Chambers, Mia .. Mason, Ten Marion. Mia.. Je. Lewis, Bal Alexander, Sea-Harrison, Ind.... C. Martin, NY-J.- Tomlinson, S.D... Dillon, Cm Holmes, K.C Rice, Oak..., A. Smith, N.E.-Ismatl, Bal. Kicking PAT Richey, S.D.. Janlkowski, Oak.. Elam, Den TOTAL OFFENSE Yards St. Lous 3820 San Francisco 3499 Green Bay 3173 New Hrlpnn , VK7 Mrwrentn ?97Q Arizona X?? Detroit 2868 Rush 1160 1X4 971 1103 New York Giants -Philadelphia. Atlanta Chicogo- Tampa Bay Daflas -3169 .2850 -2833 -2774 -2759 -2340 -.2584 Washngton- -.2316 787 633 1031 1121 1058 87! 722 1270 764 972 Pass 2660 2195 2202 1964 2080 2085 2235 2)38 1779 1775 1903 2037 1070 1820 1344 Green Bay - Phftadeiphio Dales Tampa Bay.. TOTAL DEFENSE Yards 2439 2454 2515 -.,2626 2651 New York Giants -New Oriems -3079 San Francisco-Chic quo Washington- Atlanta Mtiiesofa Detroit Arizona Carofcno-. -2859 -.2875 -7915 .303 -1203 .3258 -3261 -3281 -386? Rush 735 810 1029 957 989 9?1 901 978 650 1160 1025 1119 1216 1186 1454 Pass 1704 1644 I486 1669 166? 2118 1958 1947 2265 1913 2178 2139 2045 2095 2408 SI Louts.. OFFENSE PER GAME Yards Rush Pass - - 474.4 178 9 7956 San franc rsco-Green Bay New Or learn.. Mtviesoto Arizona Detroit .ma .352.6 . 340 J -331 0 -319 1 144 9 743.9 107 9 244.7 1776 718.2 999 ?11.t 84 7117 -318.7 New York Giant.. PMortrtphtt A tksito . Chkuuo- T amoci Bov .. Dris. Wmhmgtan.. -3169 -3167 .3148 -Ml? ..1066 -.7600 -258 4 - 257.3 70.3 10.1 1 1246 1176 968 80? 141 1 76 4 1080 248 3 713.8 1921 197 7 2114 776 3 1189 187.0 149.J St Green IVlV . DEFENSE PER GAME Yard Rush PtKHphi - lunpo Bay New York Inteit New Or team SonfirnrKro , O nun 771 0 ,777 7 77V 4 ... 791 8 Wrnhinglgn,. AHrvtltl .. Minnesota. Delind. Artano (cvoj,. -- 7946 029 ,-1177 3194 .1719 414 3559 20 7 3 .46 .12 817 900 1143 IQAJ 1999 91 1 loot Ifni 77? 1789 1119 174 J 1351 1118 1456 Post 1893 182 7 1651 1854 1847 7M8 71 76 7)6,1 251 7 717.6 770 717 77 7 7t76 240 8 K. Brown, PM Vlnatteri, N.E.- Vanderlogt, Ind. -Stover, Bal. Lndel, Sea- FG ,24-24 20-27 26-26 18-19 21-21 17-20 .14-14 19-26 .25-26 14-17 ,.24-25 14-18 ,13-13 17-18 ,19-19 14 20 N.Y., in late February for training camp. The 14-game regular season runs April through August. The Dragons play their home games in the Nassau County Veterans Memorial Coliseum, home of the NHLs New York Islanders. Nagy, 23, is expected to back up Aaron Garcia, who was named the Arena League Most Valuable Offensive Player this season after throwing for 4,515 yards and 104 touchdowns in the pass-happy league. Danny Ragsdale is the other quarterback on the Dragons roster . I had some looks from some NFL teams and some Canadian teams, Nagy said Tuesday, but after learning about the Arena League and seeing what its all about it, Im very excited. This is a total passing league, so Im excited about that. Nagy had personal workouts for the Dallas Cowboys and the Jacksonville Jaguars. He also met with officials from the New York Giants and got a phone call from the Minnesota Vikings. In fact, the Giants made an offer to Nagy the day before the draft in April. But when New York selected a quarterback in the second round, the Giants called Nagy back and took the of fer off the table. After earning a degree in health and physical education last spring and working as a teacher in the Manheim Central School District this fall, Nagy has finally found a football home. New York, which competes in the Eastern Division of the National Conference, just completed its first season in the Arena League. The Dragons went 8-6 overall but missed out on the playoffs. The franchise was originally located in Iowa, where a famous NFL quarterback St. Louis Rams all-pro Kurt Warner led the Barnstormers to two Arena Bowl appearances before he moved on to bigger and brighter things. In fact, New York coach John Gregory who has coached the DragonsBarnstormers the last seven seasons compared Nagy to Warner. Thats why he was quick to offer the former Baron a contract after Nagy worked out for the team last weekend on Long Island. Words cant express how I'm feeling, Nagy said. I know this isnt the NFL. This isnt the Steelers or the Bears or the Vikings. But its pro football. And to be able to get paid to play the game youve loved your whole life ... Im absolutely thrilled. So is Gregory. Matt was in last summer for a workout and after seeing him last week, we thought he was very impressive, he said. He reminds me of Kurt Warner. Really, he does. He has nice size, exceptional feet and hes an accurate thrower. Hes very intelligent and he has all the qualities to be an outstanding quarterback. Matt has the same aura about him as Kurt had ... how he handles things. I like that. Again, his arm is good, his feet are good and he can throw on the run. Just like Kurt Warner, who parlayed a successful three-year Arena League stint into a booming NFL career which includes a regular-season MVP award, a Super Bowl MVP trophy and countless television and radio commercials pitching soup. To be compared to Kurt Warner was like the best compliment I got in my entire life, Nagy said. When someone tells you that you remind them of Kurt Warner ... it just makes you want to work harder, because you see what happened with him. He started in the Arena League, and look where he is now. So this means a lot to me. This is very special. Gregory hopes he is inheriting a special quarterback. Nagy certainly has the credentials to be a pro. His name is all over the Delaware record book, where he holds marks for career completions (502), passing yards (8,214), touchdown passes (58) and completion percentage (.561). And in his senior season, Nagy passed for a school-record 3,436 yards and 29 touchdowns while leading the Blue Hens to the I-AA national semifinals. He also played under a living legend coach Tubby Raymond, who just so happens to know John Gregory. "We took a good look at Matts college films, Gregory said. WereaWy liked what we saw. And he played for Tubby, and Tubby and I go way back. I used to coach his Wing-T offense. So we knew Matt was coming from a quality background, and that helped." Nagy said the Dragons offered him a 3-year deal, but his agent, Art Weiss of Franklin Lakes, N. J., went with a 2-year package. I know I have the potential and I know I'm going to go in there ready to play right away, Nagy said. I will go in respecting everyone else, but I want to get in there and get some playing time. Im not going into this to sit on the bench all the time, so Im going to keep working as hard as I can There have been a lot of success stories coming out of a league like this. Like Kurt Warner. That keeps my confidence up and my emotions high, and if I can keep working hard and get some time, maybe Ill be that guy." Suzuki is voted MVP Continued from C-1 pressing voters with his speed and his strong arm. 1 1 is 242 hits were a nxkie record and the most for any player since Bill Terry's 254 forthe 1930 New York Giants. Suzuki insists he d tesnt need power and a slew of home runs to win the big awards. I'm slim, slender and dont have power, but I won the MVP today," he said. "1 f I tried to hit for power, Id probably lose who I am asa player. Suzuki has his own museum in Japan, Ichiro Museum in the city of Nagoya, which includes baseball memorabilia as well as toys he played with during childhood, the bicycle he rode to elementary school and his exams with high scores. His new trophy will stay in Seattle for a while before he considers sharing it wil h all of his homeland. Tm going to hold it in my house," he said. Manners manager Izu Iiniclla felt like he had two M VI 'son his team. "I thought both Bixine and Ichiro were very deserving," Iiniella said. 'I ni pleased to see Ichiro won. I le had an outstanding season. I le led the cague in hitting, stolen bases and was outstanding in right field. Bill I'm disappointed for Boonie. 1 le had an MVP-type season, also." Boone, who hit .331 with 37 homers and 141 RBIs, was third in the bal-oting with seven first-place votes and 259 points, lie was followed by ( leveland second baseman Roberto Alomar (165), Gonzalez (156) and Rodriguez (141). Boone is now a free agent, and it's unclear whether he will stay in Seattle. Because Boone was in the lineup, my role became very distinctive. Suzuki said. Suzuki, who got a $75, (XX) Ixmus for winning the rookie award, getsa $150.000 'minus for the MVP. Giambi gets $75,000 for finishing second. Alomar $100,000 Tor fourth, Gonzalez $100, (XX) for fifth and Rodriguez $.50, (XX) for. sixth. , V p mm w MO i? ,VPP'r'-l autos rn , ca3sifec3 careers Qte 17.93 a month lor reliable, unlimiledjnlernel access from Lancaster Nnwsnpers and ProLoq. Call BOO 604 5783-nd ask for special oiler NLC-43001.

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