Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island on March 19, 1965 · Page 18
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Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 18

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1965
Page 18
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NEWPORT, R. I,, DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, MAR. ]?, W5 Cancer Crusade Chairmen,!f Captains Named For Drive! f Mrs. S'imuel Adelson, chair- ing sale, of candy bars and tins man of Ilic 1%5 Cancer Crus.adci 0 ( can dy. Women in cliargc of in Newport has announced^ ^ ^ M , sdam( , s Don: .. .. . I I! °S" S " a m e l , - committee chairmen and ward captains for the drive, as well I ( as a calendar of events lo take James Kyle and Lewis Abram- place in April. son. JTrs. Clyde J. DcPlancho hasl Mri . j.;lizab?l!i c. M r i k l e : b?cn named co-chairman: Mrs. again be hostess for the Abbot! Minkin, clubs and ,,. , . , ,, , · ganization-:; Mrs, Adelson, me- annual silver tea on April 21 in morials; Dr. Paul C. Houston,,her home on Cliff Avenue, physician?.: Dr. Fred Alofsin.i Benefit tag days will be April dentists: Paul Burke, lawyers;'9 anc | io_ w j; n ji r 5 _ .Mabel Has-; Mrs. Theodore P. Grosvenor,' s c t t j n charge. ! special gifts; Janus _1.uth, in_H u m m a g c sa | es wi]1 be hcU ' dependent business; H a r o l d throughout the month by Miss · . _ . . L J I I VJUiiLyiu LtiL JIIULIIII in .iit^a Irish, treasurer and Sirs. An- G c r t r u d e Walters, and proceeds A C a u i u b l i c i . . I thony A Capuli publicity. JwJJi'go'to the'fund."" Mrs. Frederick A. Pcirce Is . , chairman and Mrs. Karl F.: Newport police wil d i s l n b - j retoVon co - chairman for a " r ""musters o local business| movie, "Forty Pounds of Trou-'" 1 *" 3 for donations. | Up." which will be shown a l l Mrs. George Gold is in . 10 a. rn. April 3 at the Opera charge of the hostess bridge House to benefit the drive, and coffee hours to b? held in There will be only one perform-. private homes d u r i n g the ance, willi tickets available. at:monlh. 50 cents for children and 75- Crusade Sunday will be April cents for adults. 125, when volunteers will visit A hootenanny Is planned for homes between 5 and 8 p. m. April 3 at De La Salle Acad- to collect donations. Crusade cmv at 7:30 p. m. James T. jSunday captains are Robert G. Tlouglas. a senior at Rogers |O'Loiii;hlin. first ward; .Mrs. Iliali School, is in charge. | Daniel J. McCarthy, s e c o n d Funds, will be. raised in other ward; (ho Rev. and Mrs. Wil- ways during Ihe m o n t h , includ-jlinm Cooper. Third Ward and Mrs. Donald Gray, Fourth 1 Ward. Mrs. Margaret Hetland] and Mrs. Helen A. Alexander! will collect at Park-Holm. | Those willing lo serve Rocket Transport 'Possible Soon' N O R W E G I A N OFFICER HERE -- Commodore S. S. Ostcrvolcl, commander of underway training of the Royal Norwegian Navy, is greeted aboard destroyer tender Yosemile yesterday by Capt. Leslie J. O'Brien Jr., ComCruDesLant chief of staff, and by Cmdr. R. R, Schnicdwind of Cruiser Destroyer Force staff. In addition to his visit to the Yosemite, Commodore Ostervold took part in a conference at CruDcsLant headquarters antl visited destroyer escort Dealcy. He is in Ihe United Slates to obtain information on precommiss- ionin", underway and shakedown training requirements and on antisubmarine warfare. ( N a v y Photo) WanFooEslate Before Court James Wan o! this city was Crusade activities are asked to'Hanan Karolik, 74, of Haifa, Is- n = m ^ .rimtnMrsrnr of the es-' ca11 Mrs - Adelson at 816-3242. ;rad, to contest Ihe will of his named administrator ot t r i c e s Karolik Will Contest Barred volunteer workers on Cancer]- I The slate Supreme ,'J yesterday refused to C o u r t ing him since 1944 and that Max- permit ; ' m was ms so ' e support. He felt Maxim would never have brother, M a x i m K a r o l i k of AP,II.P.Hood GainAc(|uiltaIs BOSTO.X ( A I ) - The Great executed a will without making Atlantic Pacific Tea Co., Inc., provision for him. Evidence submitted to taurants, yesterday in Probate Court by Judge John F. Phelan. Bond was set at $5,000 and sure^ ty. named court was that Hanan Karolik i ;lc(t Israel Dec. 31, 1963. lo vis land II. P. Hood Sons, Boston the;milk dealer, have been acquit- HAMILTON Air Force Base, Calif. (AP) - "A ticket "to Tokyo." you'll say 10 years from now -- and rocket there in 30 minutes. Wild dream? Head on. Supersonic aircraft flying at 2,000 to 5,000 miles an hour ?re : m u c h too slow for one of the '.nation's lop Army missilemen, Maj. Gen. Andrew R. Lolli. \ "I say take the big step -skip the supersonic aircraft and ;go directly to missile Irans- iporl," declared Lolli, command. |er of Ihe 28lh Reqion, North 'American Air Defense Com-; ;mand. · Interviewed, at his h e a d q u a r - j ers, Lolli stressed that he is discussing possibilities rather than policies. Within a decade, he says, men 1 i a n d material could be rocketed, jsafely to any spot on the globe' j-- or around the world -- in less! |than an hour. The briefest j round-the-world trip would utilize counter rotation of the earth, j Impossible? "N'ot at all," asserts the general. But his timetable, he emphasizes, depends on the size and direction of the national cfforl. Aiming toward development of supersonic planes will simply postpone ;rockct transport a few years, i according to Lolli. I Air Force Gen. Bernard A. Schriever agrees the day will come "when we will be flying: missiles over the country ns we 1 j d o jet planes today." Schriever. heads the Air Force Systems! Command at Dayton, Ohio. ' Two basic barriers to rocket travel--excessive gravity forces. .'and noise--already have beenjtion at more than 17,000 mllei ·jlicked, Lolli said. "And Ameri-jan hour. '·--- genius and industry can do] The cross - country sections would be so far above the earth the rest." , Technological fallout from the /aerospace program will acceler- iate development of missile that sonic boom problems would be eliminated. Increasing speed, declares th» , -- -- .*..,,....*,,,. u t iiji^ui niLTi-abuig speea, aecjares ma ; transport, Lolli believes. general, is Ihe key to progress Extolling what tie describes,of this nation and the world, .as the phenomenal reliability! "Every step we take in thh ;and accuracy of modern U.S.'direction helps make and keep missiles and rocket launching!,.'America strong," he savs. Lolli insists t h a t they readilyj can be developed for troop and freight transport, then civilian travel. : He points to a concept devel- loped by Philip Bono and col- ; leagues of the Douglas Aircraft Co. Bono is project manager of the Douglas missile and space systems division's a d v a n c e launch vehicle section. The Bono rocket ship would take off and land vertically at spaceports no larger than present airfields. It would accel- Niw f ort'i Only Diop.r Smlti crate relatively slowly and gen- «,,,. , 44 . 08 S2 [tly, then streak lo its destina- · Diaparene Rime · Twice A Week Delivery · Complete Diaper Choice Why Nol Civ. A Gifl C«rtifiol. lor Ihi Hialth and Prelection cf toby TIDY-TOT tPd of ((vo c() , Jn ( s each c i, ar gj n g of anti-trust laws. A jury in U.S. District Court BRAIDED RUGS ( 9 x 1 2 ) .$39.95 SCOTT'S test the will probated Jan. 30,; brother on Jan. 16 and learnedjrelurncd Ihe verdicts Thursday. AUCTION AUCTION SALE OF FARM MACHINERY SAT., MARCH 20,1965, at 10:30 A. M. PERSONAL PROPERTY OF MANUEL S. FAGUNDES JR. West Main Rd, Little Compton, R. I. John-Defre A tractor; Farm a II B with snow plow; 1HC 2?-M tractor; Gchl nail chopper; Case silage blower; McCormlck hay rake; Massry Harris moivfr; Massey-Harrls 11" plow: J o h n - D f r r e 12" plow; Oliver 18" ploiv; Oliver harrow; 2-row potato planter; 1SJS Chev. Ion-truck; 16 It. silage trailer with push board; Judson lime spreader; Karmall cultivator; 14x26 silo; 18' C a r d i n a l elevator; 6' J H C wheel h a r r o w ; 1933 Chev. Ji-tori pickup; X. H. Baler and many other tools. TERMS CASH. AUCTIONEER--CHESTER R. WILKIE LITTLE COJIPIO.V/ P.. I. SALESMAN--ANTONE A. MEDEIROS TIVEHTON, R. I. -- TEL, S24-45SS Medeiros, 4 o\-a^,,lAt« ii'ifh hfiiu, - . , . fice. It transfers the lille I estate fs" e'stim'a'ted'^at u . vo Connecticut developers · $1500 Under the will, the en-jP l a n a multi-apartment tir,e estate goes to his widow, pr " ject ' upiluull . sdlu n a l l a n Aaroux Mrs. Viola Jordan .Medeiros. I According to the stamps on, na( i "slumbered on his rights." Adeline E. Fitzgerald, a;U l o v d «f.._ f TM m __Mfs L ,_Rafert[ T h c col , rt had reviewed evl- opinion s a d Karolik ( ' a - s before Ihe end of the 40- ton area and to monopolize in- day appeal period. Last April tcrstate trade in milk. rtutrntic TJ. j., « ; -- - 1 jut; L-LKH i imu i c v i e ^ L ' u tvi- daughter, was named conserva-j"-/ o l l n 8 to Richard hhlombergl den( . e of IIanan ' s trave i s and tor of the estate of Angela M.!^ Lester P Roth, both of a c t j v itj e s from the time of his 10, Hanan wrote to an executor Monticone. Catherine W. Bettyj was named appraiser. On the estate o( Elizabeth D. Anderson, a granddaughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Van Bryan, was named administrator with bond A brother, Jesse A. Coelho of 'ortsmouth, was named admin- named appraiser. A petition to invest funds of the ward was granted on the estate of Mary Elizabeth Van Rensselaer Cruger. asking for an appointment anil discrimination , and of giving ., · . a v u t i u c a ji um me lime UL itl _the purcnase brother's death. It denied Ihe he- appeal "because of acci- .(conference. Alexander G. Teiiz represented Hanan Karolik and W. Hood was acquitted of. price discriminatory discounts to milk dealers nenr C u m b e r l a n d Farms dairy stores. The gov- at $38,700. Shlomberg and Roth were interested parties lo the application of Mrs. Young to permit the building of apartment houses on the site. Nearby residents opposed the plan, appealed a Board of Review decision granting the p e t i t i o n . The Supreme Court upheld the board except that it required Ihe board to make specific, instead ot general, provisions for providing storm and sanitary smv-' er systems. ! cent, mistane or unforeseen cause." In his request lo make a lardy appeal, Hanan K a r o l i k said he had helped Maxim Kar- )lik become an opera singer, hat Maxim had been support- TOPS ANTENNA A N T E N N A S M InMMl Thrm. We lleimlr Tbrffl. Frrc i:.llnn(t SI7-1IM niiru narvey represemen tne ernment cnargea Jlooa with try- executors of the Maxim Karo- ing lo price Cumberland out of. lik estate. 'business. j Newport Aluminum Siding Co. 99 S P R I N G ST. T E L . 846 - 2525 NEWPORT, R. 1. R O O F I N G - A L U M I N U M S I D I N G - RU3EROID STORM W I N D O W S o n J D O O R S - D O B M E R S - P O R C H E S GUT1ERS D R A I N S - K I T C H E N S - FREE ESTIMATES Lenten Retreats Set For Pier Our Lady of Peace Retreat House in Narragansett has scheduled weekend retreats during the Lenten season. The retreats are held from 7:30: p. m. Fridays to 3 p. m. on Sundays. Other retreats are scheduled for weekdays. March 21 and 22 i are retreat days for firemen, 1 policemen, barbers, merchants and any other trades. The re treats will begin at 7:30 p. m. on the 21st and will close at 6 p. m. on the 22nd. Those who cannot attend (hose days may: attend at the same hour on; March 22 and 23. March 23 and 24, from 7:20 p. m. to 6 p. m. the following day, are set aside for physicians, dentist ami specialists. April 7, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., is Ihe priests' day of recollection with Ihe Rev. John McCall as retreat master. j Couples as well as individual; men may attend the retreat on' Holy Thursday from 10:30 a. m. to 4 p. m. Good Friday services from, 10:30 a . m . to 4 p . m . v.ill he limited to men only. The retreat i master will be the Hcv. W i l l i a m Connelly. j Chevrolet WHERE TO GO TODAY i Opera House -- "Hnsh, Hnsh, Sweet Charlotte." Strand Theater -- "My Blood Ituns Cold" and "In the Dog. 1 house." I'onla Drive-In--''Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" and "The! Visit" TOMORROW i Opera House -- "Hush, Itusn, Sweet Charlotte." Strand Theatre ~ "My Blood Runs Cold" and "In the Dog. house." Ponta Drive-In--"Hush, Hush,! Sweet Charlotte" and "The! Visit" BUY NOW AND SAVE AT BOTH J.T.O'CONNELL STORES ODORLESS! Interior Non-Yellowing White Regularly $7.35 Gal. Regularly $2.20 Qt. SC65 NOW NOW 5 5 175 ! workpower "walks" right over bumps and trouble ST. JOHN'S LODGE NO. 1, A, F. A, M. Emergent Communication Friday i:vf., March 19, I5SJ it 7:3) I'. M. Masonic Templr, Newport, R. 1. Masonic Memorial Services for nnr hie Wnnhlptul mother, 'Ullll.ini .M, Thompson at Ham* bU's Kuneral Home, tied C;os* Avo. at 8:»0 P. M. o'elocV. Mrin. hers And sojourning brothers In. ' i l i f t t lo altenii. Alfred A. Vlera Master Chester Siaals ' Secretary Independent front suspension takes the "track" out of truck ride. It smooths rough roads, protects truck, driver and cargo from excessive jolting. And on Chevrolet pickups it's a proved system with millions of miles of user experience behind it Try it out on one of Chevrolet's great Fleetside or Stepside pickups. It's one of the big reasons that Chevrolet is first choice with pickup users from coast to coast ' Te/epfton* your Chevrolet dealer about any type of truck BOVE CHEVROLET, INC. W£ST MAIN ROAD At On. Milt Corn«r, Middletown, R.. I. / or if you prefer, we have No. 35 interior GOLD BAND 45 Alkyd Flat Regularly $ $4.45 Gal. NOW Ots. Reg. $1.50 NOW $1.20 Semi-Gloss White and Colors 3 Regularly $5.70 Gal. NOW Qts. Reg. $1.80 NOW $1.45 SALE NOW GOING ON AT BOTH LOCATIONS! J. T. O'CONNELL, INC. TEL. 144-3600 89 Long Wharf 364 Thames Sfreet Tel. 846 · 2220 Tel. 846-7256

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