The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY,-AUGUST S7,-1954 BLYTkEVILLB, (ARJK.) COURIER NEWS ' .>AGE FIVE SECTION Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ni* per ant" roc COOKCUImerUoni: to (fin 0m time per lint. Two Ume« per IUM per n»y . Thm tlDM per Uoi per d»y £ix UBM p«r Bn» per d»y . »U per UM •••••"• th»rt» We rx We , oto •fc He Ada ortereO lot uit«e ot •uwet and stopped belore «plr»- ton wiU be charged for the number ol Umei the td appeared too adjustment ol bill made. An ciumea Ativciuang cops ciibmlUed by penooj restdlnc out- 'dde ot Uw-citj a tut be accom pioled by cash. Rates may be ttaiUy computed frrm> aboYt table. HO lespon&DUH? nffl be taxes icx more than ore Incorrect In leitlon o! an? clusifltd ad. Advertising oraeitc tor irrcgu iff insertions ;a&p the cue UBW rate. PHILLIPS' USED CARS AUTOSWllVE ' Save Time and Mwwjr >• ushis our compWe Ktock at Auto Rc[>lji.nwnt'Parts HUBBAKU llXk'DWAKE CO. ulomotlvc Dtpl, - - 1'heiR «ti 100-Mile Forest Strip Seen as Aid to Rain olOBy ul the UnlverMly ot Wichl- tn, believes. He pstimntcd Hie when Iliii foivsi is grown, will be its WICHITA, Knn. lUPI-A !00-|m»rh us 25 per cent, mile strip of foreM. across the, Tlie plan nlrendy has been tried ol 6c kS-tii WCEler11 P' n ' ns ' "°*' 'wing planned on the plains of lliuiKmy, t>;ist o I by relief agencies, should result in the Carpathian Mountains, NJc COAL & WOOD y Coal Is Black but I treat you Vihltr. fill up now. OHN nUCIIANAM - PHONE 181 H)B SALE a considerable increase In ruin- Donald pointed out. fall, Dr. Clinton C. McDonald, there me similar to t professor o[ botany and buctcri-j plains cast of Conditions on die Ini.s Ixen very .successful rind U nuikinu (he region moiu productive," lip said. 1 cxpiHiiu'it irct's cool i air by Iho exniwia- lion ol moldliire puiniied up by ,Mouliin:i the rixii.s [rum the ground uml { t] t, (Q evaiwratcd from Hie leaves. Montana Company Plans To Top Mountain of Ore HUD LODGE. (Jhrnine. Mont. tUP) — Inc., Is prepar- a<l other preliminary work' iuis|70 IX.T cenl, chroino unn nearly 30 ' been nnnpletcd nt llic ne-arly cC'inpany's claim on Mountain. Wllli this tons of I 1 * 11 ' r- CJW of ! llm | Ilell-lioarlnu - • ' ' • ' i 'The proposed Pan-American niBliwny is considered the longest work completed, 25,chrome arc In .sli;ht In the world chrome mid Mwl ofc near here. lilVc' B 7omidrnecorVmTg''to"'6'Kcetc"| c( ' ml)ll;t " 1 ' "• *' m Eusenc O'Kci'le, cuinpiiny sec- The secretary snld that "recent, Alaska to Hie southern clary, unnoiincnl Hint tiiiniplliiB ilosts showed (ho oro lo run iibout'Smith America. i from lip of OUR BOARDING HOUSE By UulU NE hnmi operated CALCULATOH. Call 3ros'. oflice. MONROE at Meyer CI.OSIWJ OUT Reconditioned and eleclilc rclrig- lators. Good court! t Ion -Sue cess - ul operation warranted, iiies, from 5 cubic feel food slor- ge space to 12 cubic feet. You may see these units today. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 107 Main St. FOR SALE cheap—Large 2 door Gary Safe, M40 Ibs. 2nd Hand. Burke Hardware Co. 28-cfc-8-28 Overstuffed eliair priced at cost ol upholstering, at Parkhourel Co. 23-ek-28 KEAL ESl'ATB •33 FORD TUDOR SEDAN . •33 CHEVROLET COACH . '32 FORD COUPE. 9,090 Milts S34 '30 CHEVROLET COUPE .. $195 '31*DOD*GE "sEI>AN "T! ."." ---- S193 "2$ PLYMOUTH SEDAN ---- $125 TRUCKS and TRAILERS •32 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Hi Ton, Clostd Cab, Duil Wheels, 1ST Inch Whecl- . S365 '30 FORD TKDCK. 114 Ton, Clo^fd Cab, Dnii Wheels . S275 CARTER'S Dual Wheel Trailer. A-l Condition, 3i\6 'I'neu, Almost N«w, IB Foot Uody. A Bargain .............. S195 51 acres, on good highway, near school and chmcli. Black loam soil, two small houses. Land will produce bale and better this year. PRICE $45 per acre CASH & TERMS room stucco RESIDENCE. Good location on good street. Shade md shrubbery. Keplacemcnt value, 13.000. OUR PRICE $1250 'art Cash, Balance Terms. W. M. BURNS Grand Leader Building. NABOBS TKAILEii. Wheel S l>7 PHllilES' USED CAK LOT OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9:3(1 FOK KKNI room FURNISHED apartment, downstairs. Vacant Sept. 1. Phone 683, 108 W. Kentucky. 25-ck-28 MODERN 3 room tarnished or on- famished apartment ever Klrtj Drue Storr. F. Simon. Call 764. •• 30c ktl Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 1017 W. WaJnut. Call 102. / Ic kit Comer & 1st Sts. Pnoae 813 SMOF, REBUILDING 14 Years o! ijaUstactory ticcvice FKOGkESSlVE SliOb SHOP 103 S. Second, Blytheville, Ark. KCOM & BOARD GOOD Meats and RMBU. bte pricn. Mri. T. R. Watson 112 East Cherry, Phone SOi. 7c k9-20 I'OSITION WANTED Experienced Stenographer desires oflice work. Write P. O. Box 837. 20p k9-20 WANTED TO RENT Factor; Authorized FRIG1DA1RE SERVICE Factory 'Iraincd Mechanics Day 67—Phone—Mghl 5i« E. B. GEB SAI,KS €0. 4D7 Main St. TEKMITE Proof ins Insurance UNDER THE ANT1M1TE PLAN E. C. Kokuuon Lbr. Co. Phone IM W. i. KNOX Has repaired shoes here well foi i3 years. Reasonable prices. Free Home Loan Estimates Roofing. Painting, Repairs THE AKKMO LUMBER CO. inc. ko-i BUSINESS DIRECTORY TWO, THREE or FOUR UNFUR- N1SE1ED Rooms lor permanent •enters. Call 256-W. or 4 Room Apartment _or house, unfurnished. Phone 225 before 5 o'clock. • 23p k28 SCHOOL TEACHER and wife desire room and board in private Home. Address "D' 1 .% Courier News. . 23-ck-27 SALESMEN WANTED Wanted—AUTOMOBILE Salesmen, good popular car. ducers. Oive references, experiences in first letter. All applications treated strictly confidential. Write Box "LH", Care Courier News. •UK k28 PETER SCHUTTLER And MISSOURI MULE WINCHESTER Shot Ovn Shelb FEMALE HELP WANTED WANTED—White HOUKFXEEPER about 50 years old. Mrs. Frances Murphy. Holland, Mo. 2lck2<t Ikst Tjices On COTTON SACKS PAUL BYRUM Oppotiie uiu r'ostnfftcc B«ildinf Phone 252 Keep Kool irlth Honter EkctrK. TANS. Unconditionally (un HUBBARD HDW. CO. 6c k9-6 CLEANERS, TAILORS BE stnsibte — *oonott>lc»l. Have j««r Mt h»(s rtWorkrt now. The season approaches. Avoid tire rash, UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE FURNITURE n Chain Unpalntwt .............. fl.85 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c X8-2C AUTO ACCESSORIES Fraternity Fund | Treasurer Gone Gel ready for auturnn driving at bargain prices you probahly will never see again, Come In. Com' pjre our. prices on auto part*, tires, lubes, motor ol^ B gal 11.50. WOLF ARIAN We Sell Wfco>«^le »nd ReUU in - - m K, M«IP - auditorV • annoimelBJ.'.i' Elibrlage of .532.000"In thls'vac- courit?,-C. S. Dellbln- of'K»nus City, Mo., aliove. Is repbrted^mlss- Ing. DeRoin Is nitlonai;tr«asur«r of Dtlla Clii, nationar.leial'fra- lenilly, and Invfsllgalors'say used the money to. buy ^ . ".liitU decreased 1» T*lu«. r'j|n> The avciacc blrlli rule .sliips Is HO n year. CAN IT KB THAT IHNN'S .IKAI-OUS? POOR ALLEY* LOST IN A TEBRlBLt STpfZM.-EVEl* IF HE WAS &OINO TO HAVE TO M4RRY PRINCESS WOOTIETOOT, WAS THE BEST FRIEND EVER HAD - OH, I fEEL .- GO BADLY ABOUT IT j WELL.BROTHER EUEYVEWBE. WITH TOUR "BfTS/ N-R IN 0\- PICKING, DUKE, WHEN PUT S TINSER TH«V <3UV AS ') •BEING SOfT/ WOOD TO / HURDLE MOTEL BILL./ NOW"? THEY'LL WEEP US ON TH' VAOOPLt MU& AN' W\NS GT-F U& \N A5FELUNG -EOfmuEE-Lentu WORDS/ •PAYIMG IT \M 8ROU&H LITTLE 1 YOU RE A SWEET UTTl-e RASCAL,' JUST ONE THING Ryi.Martiji IV. 1 . "f**\\\ MOW wt KttE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ORWT OOWKi- WTO W?R\C^ , 6O AU. WE CAW OO WE * WASH T'TBBS HOT OMW THAT/ NEARLV DROWNED, AT'S WOT, DON'T STAMP THERE. YOU IDIOT?.' BUiLD A FIRE. CAN'T. Y M FREEZING? VVERE DtJMB TO STAND UP WHILE SHOOT- IMG THE RAPIDS. SUH, PUT THERE/S MV WATCH? WHY IM SAM HILL PID^T YOJ SAVE MY WATCH? Wf iAME HIS Ulf6, AN' HE car,gs ABOUT UlS WATCH. NO FOOD. WO BEDS, WOCHEF; HO-ELECTPIC LIGHTS, SMOKE, OR DRY MY CLOTHES' IT'S AM OUTRAGE. SALESMAN SAM SAM USES THE OH, ARE ^'COURSE TH' eus ) Ta)t^4TV MIMUTSS? \ STATIOW IM TW6MTV MlW— i WELL.Vfl GO ! FOi-LOCO K/ DIRECTIOWS, VOO CAW MflkB IT, EASY. IM WMTY MIMUTES? TOO? /TIOW' THENVfl RIGHT fVJPW If-/ F6R TUUO BLOCKS I > pxM' RIGHT ONCE / 'f MORE FERTWXD ( BLOCKS-TMEWLBFT I O.MB BLOCK AMD I \ RkSHT TtOD BLOCKS 1— COULDJA tELL ME ; OOtOU THAT (OAV Pea. HOW TPV GET THERE? _^THRtE BLOCKS AU TURN TO TH' PU&HT O see OTUER. stoe. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ON SECOND THOUGHT! SO»i?Y I ROBBED -rbui? TRAPS, CHASLIS.,.1 IT WASMT RK3HT...AK.D I PROMISED WONT TAKE MOTHIN' FROM AGAIN! I'M AWFUL SORRY.' THATS ALL RIGHT, BATEESE J...W51.L LET BYCOklES BE I CAN j ANY MAN WHO MAKES ANO TWEKl RE Tb CHAMGE.UIS WAYS! LETS PORGET IT!) GLAD YOU FEEL THAT VVAY, CHARLIE... SO LONG, AND COOO LUCK.' ! KJOW I'VE o SOME FAST WHAT MADE CHARLIE SUDDENLY ,' SPRIMG IMTO ACTIOH? MAS ME DISCOVERED

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