The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1941
Page 3
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MAKOH 21* 1941 Turn Sivie Show Into Impressive Social Even! It's been many a year siuce evening- clothes dramatized legs or, in fact, even allpwed «ifeein r to be "seen at'all. la Mainbocher's spring: collection, however, there are striking-, gossamer sheer evening- gowns »ver dry-length slips. This one, of navy blue tulle with two-tiered skirt and little shoulder cape sleeves, is worn over a short slip of navy and white piaid taffeta. The giant rose at the waistline is of matching taffeta, covered with one layer of the tulle. Notice the long gloves. The famous designer shows gloves in this longer length wiih both day and evening costumes. RLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COUTUER NEWS e: k! Tevas Pri JlV '/e> !{ou<f|i-Ile\vii Times Reiniinler Fidel of 0 PAGE, .HIRES FUNNY BUSINESS The plain corsages and white are featured fashion news in the spring collection of Mainbocher. famed French couturier. The eves-ing gu\vn, left, shown at the spring opening- of the designer's new salon in New York, is of mulberry red and white crepe. it has a cascading- peplum at the front and a long-, graceful cape of matching print. The laurel green wool day dress, right, is finished with iwo funnel- shaped pockets and a cluster of tends to .show no dolman sleeves and no .shoulders that actually droop. Waistlines are slightly lowered. Skirts are moderately "full—never straight, -and tight, "suit jackets ore short. Ten-button-length "gloves crushed into fc!d.s above "the wrist, arc- shown with everything. Almost every evening gown has its matching cape. And there are quantities of capes among ihe daytime models as well. MRinfcccher uses artificial flow- trs with great dramatic eiiect. liny black ro;v s fasten dozens of "•*!" '-h-.sfers of yellow and white cow-slips to the front of fi black affcia evening dress with matching cape. Clusters of violets are t'sed similarly on the front of a .'Urn tlaek dinner dress. Bunches of plastic apple blos- -•cms fasten the front of a black crepe jacket ensemble. A bunch f violets are pinned at the waistline of a purple dress that looks two-piece but isn't. Bouquets of yellow and white narcissi are used down the front of a navy blue ccat with wrap-around skin. Skirts winch may be worn as dresses—wit}, only slips underneath— are news. One of these 5s in black and white printed wool. Another has a yn»y top and navy :-:kir?. and looks much, like- a simple .shir; and skirt outfit. This is to DP worn over both dresses and slips. 10,000 WOMEN TO BOWL LOS ANGELES.—Ten thousand 1 women bowlers are expected to | take part in the Women's Inler- ! national Bowling Congress to be- I gin here May 15. AUSTIN. Tex. vlll live lones ol a violin mul'iled by ihe dank ma.ssive walls the castle ol' Perote, prison iiuar- ior.s ol' eiipmred members ol Ihe ill-laled Mier expedition, .seeped •hroiuh u «.'•«! in; high up in the heavy cell door. Mingled with the sometimes oil- Uey scrapings c-ame the :.;hul'iliw. of feet and the burst oi jnalo voices as the ehoruy of a irontiei drowned out the imu;ic. Mexican suard.s rushed to the dungeon. Bin the Uu-k was eompli- caied. the door unweiUiy and when the guards entei'ed the cell they found -Jieir prison, r.s, suiely locked in their chains, chatting in groups or M.sleep on tin- Hour. There was no inu-e oi' an Instrument thai could have produced die forbidden mush 1 . That wa.s in 1843. Today the violin, made with bits of wood and a piece of soupbonc. rests in :i ^Inss case among the t archives, reminder ol the vv.-iUen by '2(i\ men who set. out to commo.r Mexico. .\Ilicit- by New Yorker U looks like an ordinary fiddle that has seen rou^h use—the sound- in^ board cracked and scarred, a string ijone. the bow warped a little. It wits made on the sly in the Perote prison by a New Yorker who came to Texas in its lusty clays as n republic. San Antonio was a sprawling turmoil of adobe buildings and stone churches baking in the sun when Mexican Gen. Adrian \Voll invaded it in September, 1842. Pli.s men carried off tne personnel of a court that wa.s sitting' there—the judge, jury, memcer.s of the bar. and a couple of citizens besides— and returned to Mexico. Twelve hundred outraged Texnns assembled to take revenge. A lack o: supplies delayed their departure. Delay followed delay until only 231 men set out for the Rio Grande, determined to conquer a nation. Tne story they unfolded wa.s one of the factors that brought the , United States' attention lo the struggling republic and brought a com the Mexican Wai 1 . Kulh-f. Force Captured Met at tne little Mexican town of Mier by an army fur otitnum- rjermg them, the band was taken i prisoner after two days fighting ! and marched under #uard toward 1 Mexico City. At Salado they rebelled, escaped, and were recaptured- In retribution, they were forced to draw beans for their lives. The earthern ju^ from which they drew held one black bean for each nine white ones, and those, who drew, the black were placed a'gainst an' adobe wall and shot. A tenth of the Texans tell before the Mexican firing squad. The others were marcned to Perote. There they were put Lo work at prison tasks and one of the band. Henry Journeay, the New Yorker, drew an assignment in the castle's carpenter shop. One day he stole an old file, added smuggled bits of glass, a rnsior, and strips of wood, and nt night in the dark of the dungeon when he and other Texans were free from guarding eyes began work on the violin. The bow was made from a piece of wood left over from the construction in the carpenter shop of a chair of state for the Mexican president. Santa Anna, from whom Sam Houston wrested Texas' independence at the battle of San Jacinto. A bit of soupbone he u • chiseled into an arrow and n henn rtnii inlaid ihem into the tailpiece, l-'innlly i; wns camplete. .Music lielprtl I'seitpe i!.; mu.sli- relieved the tedium (if H'-on life and the prisoner. 1 ; who i'd their erude Kirks diuu'ed lo rhythm. Oilier:: ,snt and ;istened aiul iKTu.sionally joined in it diu- rtiN. A', the .sound o! Mexican t;u:n\is unbarrim-, (he door the room .slill- wnp i lul. shackles were replaced, rind (he violin uiekod into a secret hldinp, p!:ice lv \ never found by search in-.. 1 . Kuard.v KveimwlJy Ihey .stopped Mm the notes of (he Perote fiddle served for more than musk-. Ni:-tht after ni^hl while Die violin wailed and men .saiiu or raided ihi'ir chains, liie clink of ehi.sel on •stone went unheard Sixteen of the imsoiiers one ni^ht crawled out through a hole In the wall and were I'rec, Aiiiiiu, while the fiddle plnyed, anoilu-r group tunneled through the floor and under the iimln wall '.o the bottom of the moat outside. j Sixteen more escaped. Journeay refused to accompany either party, Two years later he and the few remaining prisoners were i;iven their jreedom and $1 ant! told to head for Texas. The New Worker mok the violin home with him. where It became a family heirloom and ultima t.ely found ius way into the Texas ar'l i-hives. Women Query Helena Mayor f'or Gold 7 HELENA- Mont. «UP» city's day as a minhu> sone. but the luure of yc powerful. Within a slone'.s throw o! the state cnpitol. workmen are driving n shaft in .search of ihe yellow metal that made Last Chance Gulch—now Helena 1 ;; Main .street —famous. The shaft was bo^un when a nugget and traces of color were discovered in an excavation for a basement of a building hous- Sii!j a coopei-iitive publishing company, Directors of the company quietly 1'ilcxl claims on the ground around the building, and then hired a crew to start diir;in'i a discovery shaft. They hoped l,o .strike a vein of gold ore :it about 70 feet from the surface. And mociern-chv prospecting hn.s tnken a turn that probublv would have .startler] U IP sourdouyhs who once roamed through the »ulch in •search of placer gold. Two women, who said they were "Any kind ol' a tooilihrush will do—1 just need it for YOU CAN FOR LESS WIT}! US Max. House Codec . Jh. 25c I>ET, a 01- 6 Cans ...... 22 KGGS, Gufiranteod, doz 17c IHTITKU/l-Vesh, Ib. . 29c ALL ({RAN, Hox . }2V 2 'c SALT, MATCHES, clc. 2Vzc Kxlru Fine (ifunulatcd > i.ix . . 2«c iX Lb. . l^a 'ulJes Cb. 7i>jc but ninblllons, \vj-ol i- M:>.Vor J. ,1. Huvlin Lln-y wnntod (o t.'iki- up prospect inn and would \w tell nl' some likely nl'K-cs n-'o'iiui MclfMnr? They s»i<l they hnd ln'iin) o!" Mont'-iii-i's cuuitfll us b-l tin- luvirl of (ho f.ukl cnunlv In women. of l s ovt Mr i -.. c;. W. , s, Wnsiv. n»nl i |<J M(ivt»d i . the example ol' cattle , CiilliOfnla iiphirlsts !5 ciHl swunns o! bco.s lo Uie })i'^h 1'or the summer Dead \viM'o sometimes buried in !\nwi'.s 50 to GO 1'cci deep in ihe fe'uut.h Auic'ricnu countries of Colombia :uul Knmdor. cnmp l.s U .--.tilt Is LIQUID,TAllLf 15. SALVC. M03E OKOP^ For A.Mr>rt»i:m. .1 K M' \V:\nl <for ill wonn.or>M full 7. vcnr term I (for unrvnt-*'' torm nr V? R .i DWTGHT RKNTl.FIY Ho fill unex»hvd term !«' Chop Suey Hoi Morning and Ni.uht ol TRIESCHMANN'S CAFE Trom City HaJ) y.i'.w Scars-Rocljijck RADIOS AT DISCOUNT FOR CASH! Radio Hospital Injjnun BHli;. 10^ E. Main BY MAR7AX YOUNG NKA S-Tvip« Cnrrcspondcnt i f NEW YORK.— The spring i lash ion opening at thej swank, .(rreen and white ^aloni of JMainbocher was more than! a Fhowin^r of the groat COM- I turier's«riis for spring ] and summer. It W as an im-j pre^sive social event. | Seldom i;efcn j — except on cpeu- 1 ins: nrht nt th? Metropolitan! Opera—have I seen move of the! serially incminent &alhereci to-j Aether imricr one roof. From \v!:Ue-haireei Mrs. Ccrnelivis Van- flntvlt (in that old red .suit anri t'vcn^clrier red fcx scarf) to Bren- ! c'« Fra^isr tin a black tri-cornc' : >nd a mink ccat'. sccietv turnec! "it s>n mars.? for Aiainbcchers nf- lemcon oppninn. Other ot)| durim Now York's -fashion lort- "iglu" have been for tl\e fashion prej-s only. This one was for both press and customers. On » dhan in the larcw of tho 5.wo showrooms el thp .salon \vcie. Mrs. Gilbert Miller. - A -hose name appears on all -best dressed" lists these oays. and Mrs. Cclavia Pro- 1 ensembles with! :^. Mrs MiU:r'si icppv.-rl bv ;l wisp ! enlirolv ol thro: ; asid frothv veit-i ing. Mrs. Prochet had on a plaid' fringed shawl, wrapped snugly around her shoulders. in chot— both rcur.aerl shoislri dress wiis blnc!c •'i » hat. insui pink camellia.s Mrs. Byron Fov wore a red straw pillbox, finished with clus- ti'rs of chrrriG.s. and a little cerise bow in the froth of white lace at her neckline. Mrs. Myron Taylor bad en a black felt sailor with a Icng ribbon-banded veil. Among the other bright and ooiniiij; lights of society who '•vatchrd the stylo parade of Maln- fcociisr'.s new spring clothes were: Mrs. ppu-r VVidener—in a henna red hat with green feathers; Lady RitbescJale. \vl:o is Vincent Aster's mother, in a black dress and f.r'.t ar.d spectacular psarls. Mrs. Ccle Porter—in a bei^e wool jcr- -ey dress, beaver coat, brown "alligator b;^ and black shoes—made vcluniincu.s notes on at least a dozen outfits. MaSnbocher. the American-born couturirr who became one of the ;cp-raiikinv dressmakers in Paris and who. last year, returned to this country lo open a custom- made establishment, has a spring collection that is ncthin* if not •xcilinK. There's real drama in the evening clothes—the kind of oramr: rhat inspired the Duchess of Windsor and other smart members of the International Set to buy their clothes -from him in Paris. i'»« daytime models ar* ricsitmcd to make Mainbocher'3 •'..'sr^ti-lc piotty as well as chic. .v i; uldcrs: in the collection are subtly rounded bin never droop- -H3. Mambochsr says that he 'is weary of high, wide, wooden- looking shoulders, but that he in- "Kentucky's Best Bourbon" Stottlefc Vote for UNSURPASSED IN FLAVOR AND BOUQUET StitzeVWeller Distillery, Kentucky Inc. Candidate for Mayor CITY ELECTION TUESDAY, APRIL 1st. Do Your Part to Help Give Ely theville A Progressive Business inistration If I become' mayor of HlylhovSIIu, I shall never lose touch \vith UK- police department." I will try lo see to it (luil ihcre is a Tearless, reasonable, hut AKSOUJTKLY IMPARTIAL enforcement of Ihc law. There will he absolutely no "bearing flown" on some people while others'elf* as Ihey please. The rumor that I have promised appointment as chief of police to someone is absolutely in error. I have not even hinted to anyone that he MIGHT be appointed. If I am elected, I will be absolutely free to select for all appointments the men best fitted for the places and most acceptable (o the people. I have no promise to make to any private individual except the promise I now make to the public i*eneral!y. That is, after seeking advice from as many people as I can reach about the fitness of various applicants. I will do my dead level best to appoint the person best sullen for the job. If I (hen find any appointee ne£lcc(iii£ his duty, playing favorites, or "picking" on any citi/ens of this community, I will demonstrate that I can "disappoint" as well as appoint. In this as in other matters. I will seek and appreciate the suggestions and advice of every interested citizen of this community. :, -IS Ibs. S.R.'. ...i)8c-' - 1/A'iD, I'urc, .1 Ibs. ... .34c- , 0<>ffo«, l'>c«h & Pure l2'/ 2 c •'' MEAL, Fresh, 24 Ibs. ..-tic fiber's Baliy Food 7c : • y ala.r! DroFsin^, pt 17 C ' 1'eanut Putter. j>{ ...12c '"• 'I'AMAUiS, i2's Can.!!!l4cJL Tl'-AS. (,'rccn. ciin lOc '• TOMATO SOUP, cun .;..5c " Hrooni & Dust Pan 4«c Toilet Soiip, ;j bars ! lit-. ASPIRIN, 12's, Pure ....5 C ; CJiO-OOAT, t l/» Vjni ..59c •- S»rnur Clean-up Time Is Here P. & G. Soup, 7 for... ,25c " PLANTS, Fresh . .5c &7Vz'c "!*. SRK1) I'OTATOES. sk. §1.05 SOTS, -I Ib. Gal ...25cT NAHY CHICKS, Heavy §7;50 ;.Chick Starter Mash . $3.25.,.;;; Assorted Slices Dold Lunch Meats 12 for 15o BACON. Veribest Sli. . 22c .^ HACON JOWLS, Ib. ..IZ^cl HACON SKINS, lb. ......5cS BACON SQUARES, Ib. . TOc '? Swift's Select, HraiKlcd K. C. . Tender Steak Ib. VEAL STEW, Ib MUTTON ROASTS, Ib. 12i/ 2C PORK CHOPS, Ib l»c SALT MEAT, Side, Ib. 12#c Hens & Fat & Fresh' .*•*.; Ib. 25c & 39C ~ SAUSAGE, Pure. Ib 15c PIGS FEET, 3 PC 10cT NECK HONES, EARS....5C CHEESE, Full Cream, Ib. 21 C LETTUCE, Jumbo, . CELERY, Crisp lie I CABBAGE, Green, Ib. 3 ! /:9 POTATOES, lo Ibs 21c ONIONS, 3 Ibs 10c ! CARROTS, Bch 5c I APPLES, Cooking, Ib. ...5c i GREENS, Loose, Ib 5e'T ! ORANGES, Sweet 5 for lac ? LEMONS. 6 for 9c GRAPEFRUIT, Large ... .4c DOUBLE BACK ERRORS Rite Price Store 111-113 E. Main—Phone 234 Best for Less Every Day Fancy & Staple Foods & Mdse. T.1I. VaiiBibbrr. Owner & Operator Check Your Receipts & See. We Deliver Anywhere

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