The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1936
Page 6
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PAUD SIX BLYTIFEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS IIGHT LIFE Main Street on tlic Last Fronlioi THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1936 Saloons and Gimbhng Den- Cal<n \Vor! ns on F'o.t Peck D,m J!y NBA Service WHEELER. Mont.—"In ) at the bintl of Ui2 river, dczsn EI^ODII.S njrlare, its gs. dens ariot.. its gramophones crim-rd with the crimes of the cltv, 'In-riddrn nnd bridled with ll:s, In the hush of my mountain vastnef.s, in She (lush of. my miJnlaht tk es Whoa, and hark up there, Jjibirl W, E^rvic-^l You wrote that about tlie roi!'h-and-tiimbl2 mlnliii* camps of the froasn Yukon, hick In 9Si Yome n"m s<.en Whe-lei'i Or K-v. D'al or U lano HeH ts j or Square Deal or Midwayl 13m you should have! Cliistsrhif; on the flats ol Hi? TdUtouri, a iort of overtlo-.v from th; ni'xl:! tc\vn built by the gov rrnmsnt for workers at Ft. Pock Dam. these piano-box and lar-pa- per towns are thc frontlsr revived. They arc a modern Tomustonc Dodge City. Ooldfleld. The mEiropolts of this gigantic Hooverville is Wheeler, where 3500 people live, and where CO .stores and business places line the main STORIES ! SKClAi THIS WEEK /FLAGSHIP COLUMBU A Good ALARM CLOCK B/ac<r Silk" STOVE POtlSH Jrue Value STOVE WICK A quick heating-easily cleaned favorite for every kitchen PRICE SENSATION ... Charrud, easily in serted. Replace LIMIT 3 TO A CUSTOMER street Wl ere a dozen nil-night saloons dispense unlimited rcd-sye wlilsky In open defiance of Montana law, ajid the dancing girls get a nickel tor every "glass of beer they can i>;rsiiade the tired pile-driver or shovel-runner 1 to buy. Where gaudy girls''cat?!- to the relaxing hours of tlic thousands of piek-and-shovel men over on the bi» job nnrt a baturda> night spree winds up in a mad 70-mlle-an-hoiir rush down tho main street In an open car Instead of In scooting up the town In old Arizona fashion. It will nil be gone In threeiyears, TO nobody cares much, and the wooJen shocks of old barnsldln" nim<\ boirclln; ind box bond the fals" fronts and hr jnpei roofs the converted aulo trailers, will be So now the worst of th« drunken drivers are haled before a j of the peace for n little llnln row of board shacks on the Hal' for single men. The dangers of! sailor, river bottoms, Is largely occupied nidi a boom town were well lllns-' plenty good tnrouah. to 1 last the boom OUTSIDU OF AUTHORITY rPerhaps Wheeler will be the last fronliT boom town It spiau? up ouhlde the irmy built government 'Main .Street" In last of the frontier boom towns. Wheeler, Mont., the unolllclal town that catches' the overflow and liangci's-on from Ft. reck Dam. The lower picture is another s.veet. devoted to the women who sell informal entert.ilnincnl In clam woiken, on their "nljia out." towns. drunken i justice. ilnj. jiirbs," a some workers continue lo prefer their own slmuk.s. where they on live cheiiply with their families. to the barracks-like quarters of the government town, largely designed lighthouse came inter tain on tl Its name. "Mount, by the hundreds of women who have drifted in to reap their share of the regular payroll of tlic dam workers. Conspicuous signboards offer to nil and sundry the hospitality of a dozen establishments devoted to light pleasures. the mainland and asked '•Mount, Nokoglrl," responded n. communications minister, irntcrl last spring, when u cloud- Keiklchi Tanomogl. Interjected loik-' washed away most, of Wheel- ingly; el". Tint the town was promptly rebuilt, as many of Its residents have no direct connection wl.Hi the work on the dam. arc simply on hand lo . , , in*.) mi. .-iuii|jiy uu imutl w> jht pleasures. glll ., lei . wllllt ,,,,.„„[.,(,,, thc cftn I he main stieet or Whtelcr 1ms I of tl ic payroll money that, Is being a continual row of dusty - - parked in front of the row of stores, and nil night the light from the taverns and the music ol radios and pianos flood out into the street—the "spots" open lit 8 p. m and run until dnyllghL comes up over the butlcs. Drunks curom clown the .siclc- \valks as wildly-driven cars thunder down tlie unpaved street. HAS ITS AK1STOCKACY Even such u town as wheeler. jerry-built, and teni]wrary, and not yet, three years old, has Its aristocracy. Ruby Smith, who stark;:! ...... , - ..... „„ ......... ;„„. n restaurant along the road. Is town to ncconiinodile workeis who lcrl| ls the first penmncnt settler. couldn't' gel or couldn't afford plac- Ar< "»'d her eating place, Wheeler ' distributed. Far out In the desolate buUc country of northern Montana the lights burn brightly all night long In thc honky-tonks nnd hot-spots of Wheeler. It Is perhaps thu lust, of the "frontier boom towns." Office Holders in Japan "You have 11 poor memory, not lo be able to remember the namo of a mountain In your own constituency." Tnda was dismayed. "Please keep this confid.enlial" he pleaded, "if this Information gets out I shall lose at least 500 votes in thc next election." •"PIIK high-docked caravel. Santa .M;u1a, jay in tho ha:L)Or of 'jdo*, Sp;iin, when it v/as com- by order of Queen tsa- ln, In carry Christopher Columbus ;md his cicw over the new <1 passage lo India. 11 wns a 100-lon vessel, big enough :mly for Wi'dilcrranejin Irade, but Columbus picked it for its lotv ilraft and its ability lo no througli shallow passages in (he strange waters he was to visit. Tim Santa Maria was not to last Innccr th;m one way lo America. For, while Ihe flagship lay off (he coast of Ilispaniola, now llaili, II broke its mooring, \vns dr/.ihed iiimji a sand bank, and wrecked. The ship had lo be broken down and a blockhouse, called Ft. Na- livily, was built from its timbers. In this fort, -1C men were left \vilh supplies for one year, while Columbus returned lo Spain, on otic of his oilier ships. Tlie Sanla Maria appears on the 3-ccnl stamp of Ihe Columbian series issued by Ihe United States in 1893. THEDALLES, Ore. (UP)—Lauren Bennett, amateur photographer, made a bid for the record for long-distance remote control photography when he lowered his camera 080 feet down a well and - I fuapp-ed a picture which showed Fear Local Reaction ! llc i )OSltl °" of " i>h« which been lost during a drilling opera- lion, politi- es there, and " the "camp fol- , , D e camp o- sprung. up 'within 30 days. Now she lowers" who alwajs come to big] 1Lntl l ' lc Wheeler Inn keeps Droiul- constmction projects lo trad" with * n y lwllr s met lates as a promi- •inrt ou the woikers on the job '""' "'"'"•• Einlhtlon drinking uat"r and health conditions arc questiomble In contrast to the nearby government iQ\\n tint stinds up on the !>ml<"ui and looks down on both dam nnd Wheeler enforcement »as ne ll»lble ujitil iccentlj for the town and it'-siirroundiii' suburb., tvre out- sWe fcdcnl po\ernment jurisdic tjon and rcmot- from countv and stall authorilj Kobaeile^ wer« frequent lhou"h there wns little '^lootliir' imos CHIII. MrNAct jln a boom town wlier" hHi prices for food and lotting bring i har\est to those who provide them It pro\ ed easier to guc up the d ij s tiklnos than lo be si ot But nov there Is law in \\heoler represented by two Jus'.icos of the peace a deputj slierif i l« 0 1 constables It w'nsn't the, robbci r brought tlicm, though It, i r reclless drunlen drivni" c n full of red eye and o it ,01 n (tine Their \uld recklessn^s at lhr>. wheel .killed and injured more P ople thin the freehand shooting of the bid men of the. old boom n?nl citizen So does"Joe'-Prazler. who homesteaded n big tract some years ago, but found It jrald better lo practice the barber trade in Glasgow, 20 miles away But It happened that Jos Fra- alcr'i land was the land needed lo build Ft, Peck Dam. Ha will do all right for himself before It's over, even though Ihe boom is short- lived. Most, of UH, people ot Wheeler and Its suburbs rent land from Joe. The government has made several ellnrts lo get most of the dam workers who lived In Wheeler before (he government (own was birv lo transfer to the model community built for their convenience where physical and moral conditions are on a high plan™ DON'T WANT TO SIOVE Hut not with entire success, for TOKYO (UP)—Japanese elans know what is necessary tn get votes and their sensitiveness to local reactions Is .similar In many ways to that of American campaigners In an election year. Mllsnnagiv Tadn, councillor for the department of communications, was crossing Tokyo Bay for a rens Colds ... Best treated without "dosing." ol Coliimoiis Jc orccit il. K'K, KNA Service, Inc.) NOTICE To Our Customers We; are now closing our repair department, and gas •.ti'.tlon at 0 p. M. each day. ho.wevcr we will maintain all night service at the Hlythevillc Mofor Sales Co. Phone 1000 for Service At Any Time Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Glossy stove — slicks-up the kitchen. Easily pu i Ij jff on 6-oz. con I ^f Wrecker Scrvirc Gns OPEN AM, NlttUT PHILLIPS SEHVIC15 CENTKU Phones 717 - 310 Job Lots & Close Outs Have Never Appealed to Us. Our slock (he inosl renutahle sinrt (Icpcndalile merchandise the market ill- fords was never as comiilete as il is now. Oiu prices arc as lo« as could he expected, considering quality. Our appreciation (o all our friends for bnsincss is too great to mention. Our entire efforts lo serve you better merchandise at live and let live prices has limit us a business we are proud of. Crosstown WHISKEY SHOP MAIN AND DIVISION ACTUAL EXTRA TIRE MILEAGE When we put Kelly (ires on your car we give you thousands 01 extra tiff wiles. The special Armo- rubber wear-resisting treads do the job! At all Lion stations. Shouse-Henry Hardware Co. J. W. Shouse "The Progressive Store" Phone .V) Wilson Henry ELECTION PROCLAMATION Notice is hereby given that a general election will be held in thc various precincts in Mississippi County, Arkansas on Tuesday, November 3,1936, for election of the following officials: One United States Senator. Nine Presidential Electors. One Congressman, (First District). One Governor. One Lieutenant Governor. One Secretary of Slate. One Stale Treasurer. - ; One State Auditor. One Chief Justice Supreme Court. One Associate Justice" Supreme Court. One Ailorney General. One Commissioner State Lands. One Prosecuting Attorney. One County and Probate Judge.' One Slate "Representative. One-Sheriff and Collector. One Circuit Clerk. One County and Probate Clerk. i One County Treasurer. One Tax Assessor. One Surveyor. One Coroner. Constables and Justices of the Peace in Each Township. Also to vote ou the following Measures and Ads: For County Road Tax. Against County Road Tax. For Initiative Act No. 1. Against Initiative Act No. I. For Initiative Act No. 2. Against Initiative Act No. 2. For Initiative Act No. 3. Against Initiative Act No. 3. For Amendment No. 2L Against Amendment No. 21. For Amendment. No. 22. Against Amendment No. 22. For Amendment No. 23. Against Amendment No. 23. For Amendment No. 25. Against Amendment No. 25. Given under my hand his 21st day of October, 1936. ClARENCE H. WILSON, Sheriff Mississippi County.

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