The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1939
Page 5
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Both South Bend And Blytheville Employ Notre Dame System ,, ... ll.v J, !'. FH1KND U will be Nolvo Dame .system ver.sii.s Notre c>!). I-nilH,. night when the Hlylhcvillo Chictenw.s • u< c< ; m ;, uik;y HiKhSchooj wj|i|c « tsc °'"«i u in llioir tolorl nl intc'rseeliomil grid game lit Halcv Field Located at soulh Bend. 1ml.,*—- " home of Noire Dame University which h»s contributed much o Hie advnncoinoni of tho groat foot- Dull gmne. tint Wililcals run from till- traditional T followed by Die shift jusl. )i«c I heir oliicr "brothers" at (lie hWoric Catholic in- ome These Football Stalwarts" Mltulloii. as well as lUc Chicks. Tlielr attack is unmmk't! in the «uiir fundamentals of blocking utiil tiieklinu- employed by I hi; Iminor- uil Knult' rjockno. They go in for Dinners, reverses, on Ui'cklc .slants. <>"d in fact, (he whole "kaboodle" j»s( ns do Ibe Chiflta«nvK. So, 'lie winner will have lo do Hie ji'b nioie c,x|X'illy. •lln.- n-coi-ti o[ I he Wildcats rc- vral an abundance of power. They have scored 110 points to 59. 'Choir biggest offensive drives were (I| . ;,.,,, . !,,,! l,.,,t llt_..J I . £ 1 _ . - . . I VIIILtU against Worlhmglon in tho open- CT which they, annihilated, 32-0. Tho vlcliuis rcjjjslerod only two first downs and never got" paM the middle .stripe nil evening;, The next week they walloped Scott High of Toledo. O.. 1938 city champions, 18-7. On the first play Nick vodlck grabbed lhc kickoft "|i his own three-yard stripe ami raced tlie entire 07 yards for the first score, Sheridan fell !3-0.1 |lil ' es 'I'liclr most disheartening game ol , len!l >' lite season came in the U-7 to ilivansvillc). Statistics rrveiil iiu overwhelming superiov- ity. They drove down inside tho Passing items From Many Gridirons Passd On By Sports Scribbler iiv I.KSUI-: AVERV NEW YORK! Nov. 14 (UP) _ Notes from a football press box: "no's (wing to cntoh 'Pan Olu istinan's pusses next, year? Missouri's four best, etuis, tii c ' Orl Iwln.s, CtiiTOticc and Rouse seniors . . . Slip Martlgtm 'celebrates his 43rd birthday when St, Mary's Oitcls meet Foriiham fenlurdav . . . Slip's pontrnol «.\- »flcr' " c " ls this season and lie - 'o tail- the Rams | 0 , os!! -- bolster His renewal arguments stirs ° be l'cves the return of Ed Hof- reman led the Pacific: Coast in last year with 4( out of 76 41m -, , ...its 1 y^W'-n, • - *• . i , From Indiana where hfeh school football and offside penalties and dcprivct them of the. winning points. Mich R. E. Duffy, Jr., 0 [ N CW Orleans writes to keep nn eye on "Bubbcr" igan City was tiowiied 33-0 and [Ely at Tulniie nex'l year Smith Bend Central was easy, Ccnch Red Dawson ioid the" Moii- Uioush they won only 13-7. jdiiy Quarterbacks Club that lie While actual figures on the for- >vns saving Ely until next year wall are forthcoming, tliny .arc said to pack an abundance 'of beef in lhc lines ithcre arc three of them!. Assembling fur- wards are said lo be nn annual event at Riley high and this sea-1 son appears to be no exception,as ; imlipatci); by their impressive record. Tn 1337 they were recognized not only .state, but Mid- West, champions. Forrest \Voocl, a great Notre Dame linesman of .'iea- scns back, has been at the helm of the Wildcats since 1933 and has his team up around the toi). if not on the heap, year in and year out. Sport:; writers are beating the drums for Nick Vociick and Dick Allu wa Miclke as two of (he greatest backs | considcriii because lie was immature . . ;i«-o days later Uuhbcr was playing ou the third string team and touch- uncorked CD down runs ' II . UIU.\ v.n. HUILII V/tllUllllii tie against ils record Tuhiiic seems n, piny in Uie Sugar Bowl - Tins Green Wave meets I,. S. in the final game on the schedule, however, and the Dayou Tigers will, complicate things if uo.sAiule - . . LSU will try to bcunce back irom the Mississippi state defeat tins iveek against Auburn, the club chat gave the Tigers their worst icKiny in seven years last season, The National Footbnll League is - at work, player like Nile Kinnick would uiiiko geniuses out of a lot of eoiichc.s . . . The Dope Bucket By J. P. b'HlF.Nl) of Indiuna prep Taking into con- in (he history football history. sidcration there arc " 30H high schools and more than 4,000 athletes, as revealed by a recent address by Commissioner A. K TnvUcr, that, is complimentary. Especially is this boy Vctiik considered a comer. Ho weighs 175 ponds and is a fast, hard, elusive runner. He and Mielke have provided most of tlie. offense for th felines. ,7ne risk, fullback, is said It) be capable of satisfactorily holding his own in big lime compimy, while Harold Nelson, quarterback, is n capable path Mocker. Llkn thn Blytheville blocking backs, Nel- H;II seldom carries Hie ball but often goes otit for a pass. n filliping Ihnt his boys arc in f(jr anything but a picnic, Hnatl Coach Joe Oildy called for heiulgenrs yesterday and .sent Chirks through a lengthy -scritn- njage. The bi» chief is anxious tti hnve the nc'.v liackficld com- Mnimtinn of John Paulk, .Nornuin "Monk" Mosley, Hugh ffarborl nnd .Sunny Lloyd work as much io- ifilhcr as possible. This unili worked like n '.veil oiled machine against- .lonesboro. especially In 1hu last three riuailcrs nfter the lino br'gai) lo do its'slulf in front of Ihriu. Mot n single injury cropped out]sin of the Joursbaro fray which per-(the lhc the of n to doi'isc spe- and cial singe manngoi- produce appropriate entertainment. for pro fans between the halves • , • • • '''lie proposed "acls' r would visit each home stadium in the circuit during the scnsou navcy O'Brien of Philadelphia, Rddie Miller of New York, Hilly Patlcrson of the Chicngo Bears nnd Ace Parker of Brooklyn are the only players iu the league weighing less than no pounds . . They scale 150, Ilia, 1CB and 16B respectively . . . Tlic Waslnnstoii Red Skins, noted chiefly for their ~ •',- ">-j'vu v^un/.tj tut llic'r : "uii high .scorim; oilense, arc the best! They defensive club in the league, bav- | ins lield eislit. cpiiononts to an i crage of ISfl yards . ." . • Not, as famous as the Minnesota- i Michigan "Ultlc Drown Ju B ;' i, u i' as hotly ron|.csied is the Nflssissippi-Miwsi.ssippi Stale "Colden " TOUGIf—Tluu the Blylhcvlllc 3hicks are going to have plenty n their hinids Friday night >vhoii licy face Uie Ji!nic.<>' Whilcoinb Mlo.v high school wildcats South Bend, Iticl.. is reflected In tvo bits of first hand information concerning the nooslcr piepsters. Tux Necks ayo Saturday r.ishl vhilc spinning the dial 'on his radio at las home in O.secolii, ieorgc Doyle, former superiiitcii- leni of schools and an ardent octtell fan, picked up a brcacieabf of a grid game. Naturally, he \vns interested and kept in tune. To his amazement it \vns a play-by-play descriplion of the Rlley Higii- Micbigait City Uml.) game at. South Rend. Hilled as a contest "featuring two of the leading teams in the state," according to the ainiunicer's .statement, tlic same developed into' a riot, lor Riley High which was lending 20-0 at the half. iThby won, 33-0). Mr. Boyle snid ho did not hear the .second half due to interference but the. first part came in as clear ns a ,x:ll. "I was not familiar with "the players and did ml remember auy of the names," Mr. -Doyle explained. "But f do recall that 'Dick' and -Nick' did a lot of tall carrying. used reverses and spinners on almost every, play, It seemed, and clicked ofl nnmc-mus loiif runs." YM, more thiin likely Mr. Doyle did hear n l:t about Dirk • nnd Nick for Diok MtclKc and Nick Vodick arc (h c riijhi hnlfljnri: and left halfback, respectively, und (he two lending ground gnlncrs.' Joe „„,, „ !^ ll .'.j.!'"'.! ncl: ' k I'W'f'Iwwl one of rquipmont. Krom the sliite.; Hill'- il-y tf the | UC al nixed in the local schools for it .r, provule nn nddcd ienturc lo lhc fllhlMtcjn-oarnm by which u uvcater number of students may and will lake purl in SOIIIB crgii'iiiHwl fnim of athletic nellvljy. it will proiidi- (>(Ic(|iinle nnd convenient, for iM.skelbiill, « mnj ol - s]101 -( wll(c |, lins .suffered isrciilly. by the lacK of fl Nelron is tho bl:cklng back. The nest dny after Mr. Doyls gave out this iiUcre»(lng Information (thanks to a Up from our friend. Joe Applcbnum) n salcsinnn dropped In «t the Highway Drug v „ al Nlili " »i«l Division and during from lhc c:m £e of the e(i)l Infofincd ' Barney Crook nnd (lie otlisr boys on duty there (lint he hud seen Riley High beat Soulh Bend Central, 13-7, - n tew nights before. lie aid that nilcy nnd plenty niythevllle for nilcv ] had three- '" 1 increasu with every seiixou will) tiddcd means of pviiollcu. 1! Is iin- fortiiiKite Hint ihe advj could not hnve been nvnlliiblc veils ago. 11 « INVIT.VITON—Mr. linv superintendent, ot Osccoln si-lio-'l'i' lins issued im InvHiillon thru this .comer to the Bljlhevllle fans to . : ](ikc part In ihp| r ig-jr, iidmecom- jii>S I'debriitlon which' will be ob- tough, jic wnnied" thnl hnd better ' be ready supervisMl by that unllrinii Kpnrts- maii. Joseph "Peter Piper" Applo- ! bamii • r - ... - enough ei-ouiKt"ngateVcenl'ni"\o!i,")V M " 1 H|IO '. 1 V"" TO1 '' '^ tllc lm ^ score nt least three more touch- i Si-mlnni*''' 0 |!?'*'"•> downs. Ccntrnl's score fiutit 1 nn tnr In . ',' ' ^ ! "' w.rd late hi I e B 'am- i en,'''-' 0 " 1 '' 8 !i l 8 " ra ' Maybe that's a lipoff I; a wenl- ' ...M?" '", B '" "™ , cvo of »>« >'"«'ness, coach Dildy! Bettor oil up i:'^" 11 " 1 clils » )"-Uveen the Blythc- your P.IS.S nttnck to be sure! responsi- f:mr!s by OOMPLETED-Peifions ble for securing nmple j which the high school Ki umnsiu,n will be completed slnrtliig to<!av ire k be eongi-attilulcd. The need of a gym here hns long been rceo»- launch right their goal line has been crossed but five limes :uul Ihey.lmve roll- Pti „„ :)70 „„„„., ,„ ojj'iwnents 1 - (i Coach FMl ; ' „ ,,,. in(c ,, sir ... „,,,. the brilliant i»iiu«i MIJU th,U the coaches lo into lhc heavy Iro.lnmg menu, Most of Ibe former ailments have „„ „„ alnwl. riisni||ic:in:ji and this we.ek- A , m , e||l mil thoiild hml them at lop form. son nt , 0 ^ „ "Wild nill" ' Godwin, the brilliant Chirk .Miapjicrhacfc. who playctl his Lireiitc^t (jauie of the .season in the Hurricane devastation. Mimvcd no effects of the bruised hip Mdlcrra in Hie Hope game. Buddy Hi'.strr's "charley horse" ha?> silmost disaplicarcd. Another scs-sion i>f rou,':h .sliiif is likely for this afternoon with lapwing olf to begin lomonr..v. defense and work on the line will probably come in for sharpening, too. -„„ which will be on the block Saturday . . . The nation's two most publicized backs, Tom Harmou of Michiaan and Bill DC Covvcvcn(. will oppose Pnc h oilier nt Ann Arbor next year . . . Bradley Tech now has gonp 2(1 gamp? without defeat . . . That fj-f) tie Bradley played Illinois in the lir$t name of Uie season looks goud to I'wjtia fans now Hint" |hp [|Uin has lopped lUiclvigHn and Wisr.on- . . Since October |fl:n when Braves were defeated las!. We Arc Uiiycrs I-'or All Varieties ul fjoyhcans. 8ue or I'honc Us for Hijfhusl Daily OITcr. Blyihcville Soybean Corp. S«. U.K. -SI. I'honc555 • 9 ^r » w jr » Laundry-Cleaners Phone 186 Tnr I'roninJ snd Wert Optometn'sl "HE MAKES 'EM SKK" Otcr Joe Isaacs' Storf I'hone 540 Cc3 America lakes 1940 PACKARD to its heari! -*•——«-_ S"*-\. Y i;s. TIM; 19in PACKAHO pruvui ./» t>?i-rtii,zl'-t hit — and ilic thecrs (aiul ^ik*^) Am) NHiill wuinlL-r, ftir n t;ir .is (;0(>d us dii* ra-«- ,s[ic't'il-iirt-.iiiK;d J'iiLk.-iril sprc;niv il> own Mlt> n.-tord\ imlic;itc ihiit it's just isliiil pvoplc turned in ii price tbiuS tntli-r iluti riplil-llui l".'»i "f "11 fiiwihlc ruinous for (IruppJnj; ron-uf-ibf-roiul f;ir>. .Si)... lAc 1'nnc mil, If'rljiy, lo delight your scttd ^v('i tl'i* '"-"-V Patkitrtl's >[irriu^ r.i-w lines fiery ptrfnrmanci:, sirikiri}; crononi} 1 arul ;inn-cli:n'r coiuf(ir(. Vcs, you c;m Ktl 'jifoinpt dt'livtry! PACKARD Ask flc Wan Who Otvns One Sullivan, Bolt Win At Arena Hob Sullivan, Alabama hcayv- « S' ^'"fnngMoo kick, 'awl i body „!„ io p U t | hc HnW , tai( t.iichcs on Jack Dillon, 25<Mxjnnd lmit fro») Nw York.'i/oi/c of \UMtllug nintclics at (ho Le?,« 01 i' nlc ' m ,, ll(; ' <) 'nit ntgfy Dillon »w<l won (ho flist fall ftiu, Ws fnvoillc hold, tho hlmplc but elfce- Uve beat luig, and BullUan hod liyten the second with a body nin lime requlml Icr Dillon to'lvlp lih sing o mil was ten minute, mid fciilllv.iii's lime pn the Uo fol- K>*hi!? tumblcA «ns 12 and six mln-' utes, respectively. y noit stayed &i to)> l w i c ' 0 one fall (01 Dulldoj M n |] ory Bojlnn In (hell l^Ulc, sivjj)! , Ino Dukoi,i sioux miollici wpbi foi his giowiDK colletllon Uolt (wl , he flibt In 17 minutes ivith ,v eiKek and lug f| na ] (l , tvltli tho old leiinbio cub hold .Mnlloiy .scoictl with a \vhlp «|M lor-k In 12 minutes lo take Hie ttiwoixl r.ill, Woild phlintollsls oviKiu) $10.'00,000 nniuially lit ntirbtilng (heir ni) collecting .'hobby. vllle CUlcknsnws nnil Ihe WliiU'omb Hlley Wildcats South Homl, Ind., me Lolcbrntlrai ofrers an excc'llent publicity medium nnd lius pronilsiul to spn - (o islve lotnl officials Thnnksl In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, PRINCE ALBERT burned 86 mugs than (lie average of the 30 other ol the !arjjest-s(i|)||i K G oot smoking means smoking COMFORT — n feiiluro"inakin's" smokors, too, praise in Prince Albert. P.A,'ij choice tobaccos smofe MILD so that the rich, full-bodied taste comes through delightfully! ••FAST-ROLLING? You pel! Neater too.Thanksto P. A.'s "crimp cut," there's no snilHng or bunching. Ensier-drnwing too. For snjoke-joy, fiere's no other tobacco like "no- bite"Prince Albert! (New joy iti n pipe too.) Abovo' 1940 Poclprd One-Tco Touring Won, W5* {^fte"si</evvo/{ lirTt exfra; 319 W. Ash MOTOR SALES COMPANY l ' hollc ITS SWELL THAT SUCH A FAST, NEAT ROUfNG TOBACCO SMOKES SO MUD, VET SO'TASTY.'

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