The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1941
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ctmpitaente A bridge luncheon given Tuesday by Mrs. Jack Brooks at ner home' complimented her houseguest. Mrs. Ciauae Tinsiey of Little Hock, Ei^nt guests were present . for the luncheon which was served at small-, tabies- Decorations in the Spring coiors and jonquils provided a seasonal sell erne for the party. Mi's.; James H. Bell was pre- leiibcu. rugii score pn^e and MVs. O- xi. ou-Uiliij^'J^m, • ScCOQU IHgil piize. ^us. luiaiey was ataO pre- » * 4 Son Born A sou was born to Mr. and Mrs- WlLuattl XfUiitlioOn Ui Oi. lAKUS \vcuiicliaay ac ot. Lube's no.5pjwU in uijitui cic,i>'. Tne oaoy Wcigiacd pounos. i. iiwjuxibn is the former Miss oi lius cioyv 'me n-o*>Jii- 1, WiiO is tare*. * * * Bridge Club Meet* iVicmwcid 01 tn\; Town and Country joiuu &nu cnrec; gutei-s wcj'e enter tainea at a pariy weunesu«iy ii» at tne uoine 01 Mrs, G. d-^ Jbangscon. (jutst-s vv«e Mrs. Marvin Nunn, Mrs., : Gorouwy roeijs ana ivus. jc'. xsv ijc\ r j- oi Long island, N. Y., jO 01 ivir. and Mrs. Cor'S . Modinger- were served after s. James B. Clark was .-ijigii ana Mrs. .t-oeifc, seeuuu scorer. Gives. Club Parly Joricjuas decorated the luncheon tao.e ' bi Mrs. narry W. names TnursQay aicernobu when she was hoiOcss i'or UVe Mid-Week Bridge uiuo .party. HayJvg with the members were .Mrs. Jack Brooks and her houseguest,. 'Mrs. Claude Tmsley of Little Rock, Mrs- L. E. Old, Mrs. Floyd LAST TIMES TONIGHT BARGAIN MGhTS lUc «!t 20c with MAUREEN O'HARA ADOiPNEMENJOU FAY WINTER HERBERT MARSHALL MKWYW1IITTT.MTOCKMWLES SISK. Direct by ROW. Screen Ploy by D.oUon Trvmbo. From the ploy by Clement* Don*. Also Comedy SATURDAY Carts en & serial "Junior G-Men" Continticus show Boxoffice open 12:45 to 10:00 SUNDAY & MONDAY THE HAPPIEST SHOW YOU'LL SEE THIS YEAR J Roland YOUNG • Alcn MARSHAL May WBSON •Klffi BURKE W ' 'RKO RADIO i* «» «TKW by HERBERT ¥fIlCOX Screen Q(BV fay Alice Duer M;n ef F r0 rn Jhe musicaj cornedy, -IRENE." Book bj Oe.,.« H. Monfgomety. Music end lyrics b r Harry nerney and Jossph McCar%. A'so Fox News & Comcdy -Continuous Show Suuday Boxcfficc open 1:45 to 9:30 Night Show Monday Eoxoffice open 6:30 to 9:30 Coming Soon: 'GONE WITH T! WIND 1 •ROXY-.THEATRE Thur.-Fri.-Sat. . March 27-28-2? Three Shows Daily 12:00—4;OQ--S:00 Admission :'"..'•'. MMinecs to 6::CO iioc & iOc (Tax incladed) Night after,6:00 AH . ' "-; ' f iaie : A. White, and Mrs. W. J. Pollard. Following lunch, bridge was played. Mrs. C. A. Cunningham received the club prize and Mrs. O]d, the guest prize. » * * Are Guests of Club Mrs. Sid Jones and Mrs. Ira Crawford were guests of Mrs. Dai- ton Tafl Thursday afternoon when she entertained the Y. M. B. Bunco Club for a party at her home. Prizes went Io Mrs. Benard Me- Farland for club high, Mrs. Frank Meyers for low, Mi's. Jones for bunco and Mrs- Crawford for guest high. Following the games, the hostess served a salad plate with coffee. * * » Spring Luncheon Is Given For Club A spring party was given nl. the home of Mrs. Edgar Borum Thursday afternoon for members of her Thursday Contract Club and two guests, Mrs. Samuel P. Norris, and'' Mrs. George M. Powell of Panama Canal Zone houseguest of Judge and Mrs. G. E. Keck. Pussywillows and jonquils were arranged about, the Borum home. A three course spring menu was served at the dining table which had a centerpiece of jonquils. In the games which followed, Mrs. Henry Humphrey received the club prize, hosiery, and Mrs. Powell, the guest prize, cologne. * * » Virginia Little Honored At Party Miss Virginia Little, who is celebrating her birthday today, was guest of honor at a supper party at the home of Miss Nancy Kirshner last n.ght. Seven of her friends were present. for the affair. At dinner she was presented a gift of lingerie from the group. Jonquils formed the centerpiece of the dining table at which tho two course dinner was served. » * » Is Hostess to Club Mrs. T. J. Barnes was hostess to members of the Double Four Bridge Club Wednesday afternoon. and three guests, Mrs- Raymond Schmuck, Mrs. J. J. Cookston and Mrs. Bill Mai in. for a party at her home Wednesday afternoon. Jonquils decorated the home for the party at the conclusion of which pie and coffee were served. In the bridge games Mrs. John Foster was high scorer among the club members and Mrs. Schmuck, •Among th She (the Baby) Likes Men Best "i SP!ili;i^w!'l Senior Players Step From Behind Scenes Tonight To Present 'The Late Mr. Early 5 Begin Partfcs For Lois Ingram Hooper. ^ The first in a series of pre-nup- Lial parties for Miss Lois Ingram (I I l/l FRIDAY FLIGHT FROM , DESTINY '»4' .jjj crtr*iDir<r FHZGERALD THOS. MITCHELL * JEFFREY LYNN JAMES STEPHENSON WOM MUOS • KkhATHM Wlf fc^t«.k,wac|»ISHE»WArf A W4RNER SROS>n«i «^n>tcte. Rajr bj tony Trtian . Tn» a Sisry b> Anitwj e»rkj)r r Also Selected Short* SATURDAY PRAIRIE LAW 1 with GEORGE O'BRTEJC Cartoon & Serial "Winners of West" Continuous show Koxoffice open 12:15 to 1.0:00 fr'^*V t> , -, «iA Dcanna Jean Hall makes it no sec^^TwoTioTof'her tender »ge prefer gentlemen. Here she plays up io Richard Carlson while Anne Shirley, former diaper-clad star herself, gives Deanna Jean acivlce on h ow to act this scene from "Little Miss Muffelt " Bcopnr will be given Saturday night by Mrs. Jess Horner and Mrs. Raymond Johnson at the Horner home on Walker Park Drive. Miss Hooper will become the irridc of John Plummer Newell Jr.. of Memphis, this Spring. Sixteen guests xvill attend the! party which is to be a lingerie! shower at 8 o'clock. «• •> * •HI Club Members Attend Bridge Party. All members of the Thursday Bridge Club attended the party. ?iven Thursday afternoon at the acme of Mrs. J. J. Cookston. Approach of Easter was heralded by sring tallies and the bouquets of jonquils about the home. A dessert plate with iced tea was served. Prizes went to Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe for hijh, Mrs. George A. Hamiltcn for second high and Mrs. Chester Nabers for bridge. «- * • Entertains Club. Mrs. B. F. Brogdon Jr., acting a.s hostess for Mrs. Jess Horner. entertained the Thursday Dessert 71ub and one guesi, Mrs. Guy Rcdgers.. at a party at the Horner .omc. . Spring flowers decorated the en- "ertaining rooms where bridge was ~layed. Mrs. Rodgers was high and Mrs. Brogdon. second high scorer. Refreshments were served ut the cnclusion of the games. ^ * * Has I'arty For Club. Miss Nancy Kirshner, who plays iften with the Cee-Que Bridge Tub, had a party for its members Thursday night at her home. Sanwiches and iced drinks were ( served after the games In which | Yiss Jane Me Adams was hich and i 1 -r ' _ _ . ^ I Bits of News Mostly Personals Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson has gone to Louisville. Ky., to spend a few days with Mr. Thompson who is employed there. Jimmie and Jean Horner dnu»h- ters of Mr. and Mrs. Jes.s Horner who have been ill for a week, arc better today. Mrs. C- L. Nabers and daughter Miss Mary Ann Nabers, spent Wednesday in Memphis. Miss Nedra Berrvrmm returned the first of the week from Little Rock where she took training at the Singer Sewing Center. M.. E. Cook and daughter. Virginia, and Margie Bcvili are spending today in Memphis. Mr. Cook is attending to business. Mrs. Claude Tinsiey, of Little Rock; will return home this afternoon after having visited Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brooks and family here since Tuesday. Mrs. Tinsiey and Mrs. Brooks spent Wednesdav in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Langston have gone to Hot Springs for three week,- vacation. Billy Sessoms, a student in the Medical School of University of Arkansas at Little Rock, is spending today here with the Rev and Mrs. E. K. Sewell Mrs. Wendell Phillips and family will spend the week end in Little Rock with who is stp T. Robinson. Mrs. E. . Footlights and paint, traditional symbols of the Thespian art, will lure the talent of the senior class l.o the high school auditorium stage tonight for the i presentation of "The Late Mr Early." Senior students, who are staging i the show to raise money for their 1 |class memorial, have chosen n 'masterpiece of confusion- for the .script of their production. With two supposedly invisible characters hovering over a seance, H wedding and a double funeral, possibilities' for fiur are unlimited. '• The show which has a cast of i is under the direction of Mrs Charles G. Morehead. Her assistant director is Miss Tommy Dean Hatcher and the stage manager is W. H. Bohanning, Miss Patricia Wise and Bill Caruthersville Society—Personal The regular meeting of the B. evening at tne home OL Miss r^eae tiu. Mrs. Gertrude McEivaln was ap- pouucd cnuinnan oi uie "un to me meiiimu ^onvem*on" . wnicn Wul oe iic-id at LOS Aiigeies in i-uuis were made for the club to do special nea uross worn in co- operauon \vua County ueu cross ouK-e. Tne cuio pians to aict on a Sewing unit. A cuuinuuee composed oi" Mesdames Agawia Wass, juee wolf, and Kiivf i)Lroud, ana 'MISS t^auinc h.uura \vc.o uppuincea LO scuay a inn.-*national Keiauons Chairman, br. M.xiictc, on ".t-iuw 'i'o AIU in A nominating committee; of Mrs. W. o. mnofcn,, Mrs. Margaret #a- GCT, unu LVI.S. u.-tvoiiia j-afijincv was appointed to ormg a list of nominees Ociore tne ciao ac tne nt.xt meeting, wnen uie aniuul Ciecuon oi oaicers will ba heid. unarioice Kay Miner, tlr- ne^iiua Vvun-s, jjuciiie mrning and IVinicl'va i-iiiiuj.j were: iiKiilOi\rU in<.o ciub mtmoership. Miss i\elle 1 Lee Ijorrch was in caar^e of rue j inuiicnun ccrumony. Airs. AgULtm wuks and Mrs. Strouu presented a program i ot.iimg especially wnn civic gov- Chambling are the two "invisibles" about whom the play revolves The roles of their fiances who conspire against them are played by Miss Vera 'Elisabeth Goodrich and Charles Moore. Other friends in on the conspir- HEARTS AND FLOWERS FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 1941 CHILDS o , , . W. Powell. Bill Morse, Miss Sara Lou McCutehen. Miss June Rein- miilcr is the wealthy influence in ne play and George Hubbard is her faithful, monocled Englisliman. Miss. June Workman as a cook in the oeep Southern style, Miss Blossom Graham a« Irish woman with typical /Irish disposition, George Tnisty as the cook's boy friend, En n RCK ' S Smilh as ^ «oni- nini «?- ker com Pfcte the cast, .Dick White is president of the -senior class. Miss Luna B Welhelm or the sponsors. assisted by Mesdames Clyde Bailey vugii L.avi5 t ana beon i-uppen ami MJ«5 CTiaciys Nichols. Tne aevoiionai was given by Miss Mary IrjiKeJie. 1-OLo.vmg a brief routine business mecciiig prcsmed over oy Mrs. ^avis, tne mooting adjourned. Y. W. A. ^Eleven members of Uie y. W. A. of me uapusfc uhurcii met at tne nome 01 1Vi rs. d . ^ brown Jr.. sponsor, Motmay evening ior then rt-ijUirtr monuny business session. r.oucine committee reports were given una a review of me last uvu c/iapcers of cneir home M.s.sicn stuuy cook, -l-^e Trail of iced, 1 ' WAS givtn oy ivirs. jsrown. A nuaic A'ii&alwll OiicHug WdS aisO Idiici,. rne eiose of cue meeung Mr.v n servua cake ana hoc cnoco- IULC. * * .T Mr. and Mrs. Daulton Teroy are che p^renis of a oaoy naugmer, tmaifcu oUu»&a Lois. Miss iaea Judy Jenkins had gone io ner nouie ac ^ceeio. ^iie is on a iive uterus Vhcauun noiii ner au- ties ac me lo^ai ^/\n oi^ice. Mrs. v/. u. jjyaarc, ±igme Supervisor of tne iccai roA Oiiue, ieic fcaairoay ior Dexcer. Mo., wnere sac has been mxruuerrea tem^o- Relievg misery direct -without "dosing 77 . Use swift-acting •*?( w ^jf wuv. "f«iii>-aui/iiig VICKS VAPORUB K E Y S T 0 N E Field & Bu'k GARDEN SEEDS BABY CHICKS I'URINA FEEDS POULTRY LK.AshcraftCo. Ii2 E. Main Phone lot I ! t i , f GROCERY & MARKET , \ If 44 W. Chickasawba Phone 1133 Every Day In The Week! A HEART-SHAPED caladium * •* leaf, with a lovely pink camellia in the middle of it, dec- 1 crates the front of a smart spring suit of dark green crepe. The limply-tailored dress has a high ,ieckline, edged in white piquej file full-length coat has a'mod- erately flared hemline, softly ploused bodice. A fresh camellia' is pinned underneath the brim of !he wide straw hat. Interesting' corsages of this type may be sent .by wire. - J Ivu. and Airs. W. H. Johnson have gone to the LaKe of mu untiles, Wiiere they wui DC met by tncir .sons ai)ci ciaugncers-in-iaw, I Mr. anci Mrs. Kocerc and Mr. aim I Mrs. w. fi. Jotmson jr. Tney \vm : ix-mam mere cms week ior tne I ovcumg 01 me tisnmg .season. 2 L. uownuig o; i-ortagc- \vas in Caruuitrcjviiie on busi- of a moulded salad, : OrtSfce- cuc^c ruii5. rt na coueo j Wcie serveci at tao close 01 me j evening. Decora nons were of tne j .at. t- au'iCK's uay theme- Sunday-Monday BrendaMarshal! RALPH MllAMY . ALAN HAtE IK PATSICK ' AUOS JENICNS • went WATSON OirttW br UOYD BACON A WARNER BROS.-n.-,. w «,^, rw ^ Paramount >,"cws, & Comedy Continuous show Sunday open 1 :1S to 5) Bargain Matinee lOc .?•. Boxoffice open .1:-tf» to 3: Monday Night open 0:X() to 9: County Students In News At University Students from BIvtheviHe and | c'her parts of Mississippi County I are :vain in the news at t.hc University of Arkansas at Favotte- ville. Howard Moore was elected presi- J dent and Emmitt Co'vin, treasurer | of the new fraternity called the I Joseph T. Robinson Low Society. | which has been organised by law students at thr University. Scroritirs ;md frotrrnitie.s ro- "nUy-initiated a local group. Miss 'artha France;; Stevens of Del! nd Miss Marian Tompklns of "urdette became members of D:Ta eka Delta; Miss Wanda Smith nd Miss Mildred Whistle of D&l ere initiated into Delta Gamma: \issell Farr brcnme a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Miss Tompkins. risunhU'r of Mr. ind Mrs. Chris F. Tompkins. was hoseu mode] pledge of her sor- rity. She i.s also a member of he Girls' Rifle team. Russell Farr. on of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Farr. *as honor pledge of the Sig Alphs. Miss Mavis Whistle of Dell is 'he new vice president of the Vaung Woman's Christian Association. The Women's Athletic Associa- .ion ;•; sponsoring n bowling tow- nfunrnt in which Miss Bcrnieco £\;m.s of Manila will participate. Thrpo student* will be awarded tor making "A v grades in military work U\sl sonirster. Thoy ore .T. R Fairly of Osceola. G. H. Kobxot! ol West. Ridgr niui F?.\i.v>oU Farr. Peggy Bujarski. of Osceola. will attend the Tri States Hairdresser^' convention in Jackson. Miss. They will go Sunday. Mrs." W. T. Oberc't will motor there with them to visit. her daughter, Mrs. Spurgeon Patterson, and family. Commandery Meets Olivet Corainandery No. 20 will meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock fit the Hall. Therfj will be work in the Uvri Cro?s degree. R, E. Blaylock, E C announced. Singers Will Gather ot County Singing convention will conduct its monthly ^itx; at the Nazarene Church ir* .ruther.svHli', M O .. Sunday at. in o'clock. All singers and others imm^rri arc invited. R, K L. Smuh, president, .stated. Matrons i members oi' the Past, Mairona- or^auutuion met at cne humd oi iVu-.s. i>. E. juocn, witn Mt\s. ! Mona nelm as assistunc hosi- tS5. Jvionu»-iy Hignt. A uvo-coiirsii viinner was served bunec 6i->ic iroru a taoie. wnicn was dccoraic-c! with the at. l j at- rtct's Uay tnerne. Favors of clay pipes weio given. uurmg cnc oiiomoss session plans were maae lor sponsoring a -rcn- ny fcooiai" lor me iviaoons ami members of die bastern .3 tar and tm;*r ;ainme.s, April z at tae Ma- son.c haii. 'me encertaimnent wul t\\srmcie a .sireer cat-niVcii. wun activities and reiresnmcius cosc-mg a i/cnny each. uics Juden and H- T. ^on. and \i.iss E.>sie .Johnston, cezeorace uiea- otrwdays in is , wei€ presented gifts from che organza c-ion. fouou'.n^ cue business meeting Mv.s. j. Tno.s. jVicUiccy }eo Cue . s\oiip in several earner with Mr«. Maud Jumper ami Mrs. , Long receiving iadiv.aual prizes i -viw Mrs. Lottie iNeuey's team win' a group prize. : iVcsl SiiJr Cluh s j Mesdamcs K. E. Kent. J. H- Van; .-vtisdatu O. \y. Chilton and J. T. ; .vlarnn v/ern guesus of tthc West j - ide Cluo when Mrs. Harry Ridg- ; .i\v entcrtamcd Tuosriny aaernojn. • The high score ciub prize, hosi- j *'ry. went to Mrs. p. \v. coleman, ; ..ic guest pnzc. also hosiery, to Mrs. Kent, and Mr.s. VanAtisdall ; ondgoec! to receive ousting pow- : dor. tvlrs. Martin rcccivcci a. jar of pickles for traveling prize. uc.resnmeuis of a sauul course, r;ike ana coiiee were served. MI.S.S ccima Cooperman and hiti-ma oo,,perman, Ucuumer and bvti or Pc-uy ^oojienium oi mis | ivu.--s.. 1:0 v.;jic tiitir ninu ana uncie, Mr. and Mrs. iam .aou«cior. t | rcuimeu nume '.rue.sciay out .-, j rurmuneo irierc to .serve as a onaes- jmctiu LO ner cousin, wnose marriage j Ceremony win caice piace cms wees. j iVirp. nene Cioom 01 Hayii was a business visitor nerc Monaay. I Mr. and Mrs. Ea Huiaiian are in Hor, apraigs, Ark., on a two weeks vacation trip. Mrs- L. n. Wilson, who is in the H'ospuai m Memprus, ^ a major operation cnere i lasi week, is reported improving. Mr. anci Mrs. Curtis Sawyer were in tot. Louis isunaay and Monday visiting wicn Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Grooms. i€K RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeSockTells of KomeTreatmentthat ft/Just Hetp or it Will Cost You Nothing have been sold for relic lot to or Upset »omach t ,»o r ". Sleeplessness, etc. S- for « C w-ii* C Jr tf - £,° Id on ^ days'' trial! fuuy KTJ?p.y BROS. DRUG CO. ARMOREL: IRMOREL DRUG CO. MANILA: PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE ONLY You'll say it's the best lipstick you've over tried! Why? Because it has the same "stay-on" beauty that makes Revlon Nail Enamel the most famous in the world . . . comes in marvelous shade's to match your Rev- Ion fingertips . . . never dries your lovely lips and is thriftily priced in this smart new case for only 60^1 (Revlon Jumbo Size Lipstick $1.00) Kirby Bros. Stores At The Hospitals Walls Hospital Mi's. Lester Wcuord, Holland, dismissed. beti.y Sue Davenport, Manila, dismissed Mrs. Jess C. Haggard. Manila, dismissed. Blytbeviile Hospital William Turner, Manila, dismissed. Memphis Baptist Hospital Mrs. E. C. Kitzmiller, Blytheville. admitted. Townssnd Ciub Meets i ! Town.scnd Club. No. One, will meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock 01 the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry O^le UO-9 SoiJtJj Lake Strcr!. I Cfficers arc urgins all members to be present, for this weekly session. Picture This Beautiful FLORENCE Oil Range in Your Kitchen COURTS 30 Mon-Twc-Wed-Thui'-Fri. entitled to vote arr Ihotc \vjtii ;i "gaiutul occupation." us Uuit jjivcn J. 13. Egbert. Mount Vernon. trrcker arrested last night bv 5; Policemen Eddie B. Davici ; Gene. Dickinson as his trurk \ •rrged from an alley betwrrn and Main streets on Division. ! ("cited a $12.75 bond in Mur'ir Coizri. today after hr was chin- wit h ovrrioodinc:. Thp (ruck was taken io !hr ; mil sfatum :U- t,hc sla'r lino, wi it. was founri that it wn? ovorinn by 3.800 pounds of y Ui.OOCKr, load. The trucker WMcJ he haci i ; . seven hordes fo Mariaunn. " t \ and purchabed » load of cotton.-. The members of the Una Roberts 1 •:>••* rave circle of iho Baptist <M\urr,h held a .special meeting Monday cvrning at the church for Uie observation of the Royal Sew- ivT Pi 02 ram. The program, winch was in -i'.arge of Mrs. 5. C- Stoplvin. was '•n "The Need of the Gospel in ;hc Home." Mr.s. strphan was LISTEN T 0 KLCN a.m, 12:43 p.m.. 4:30 p.m. *MOROL •.'Hey to avoid the ttate policnr,: • who were ai t-hi' corm^v of M HAIR an l. Dlvlfcl011 - Doyle in .HOK-s;Klp,MON' : SLIP"BOT7LE 1 "iB< pnl Courl - He ^'s diarged wi.j, • petty larceny, WE MAKE CONCRETE STORIV1 SEWER — ALL SIZES Osceola Culvert Co. Fhoues ^'53 & t?0 0. 8. laney Ed Wisema> Ark. on "Certain Days"? You women sutler functiotial monthly disturb- nxv ances which cause cramps, headache, backache, distress of "irrc^ilarities." weakness, ncn-ousncss, annoying bloating- should find Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound marvelous to relieve these symptoms. Famous for over 60 years-Pinkham's Coiruwuncl lias rnnarkablv helped fiundrcds of tl;nu$antJ$ of women. It's one medicine that can be bought today tliaf. Jielps build up resistaiice ngainst .vach s.vmp- 'cm?. Made especially for tcomen, WORTH TRYING! FILL ALt, DOCTORS PRESCRIPTIONS AND SJAVE YOU MONEY ^ Stewart-Robinson Drug Co. 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